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2010-11-10, 05:56 AM
Long ago, there was a fun computer game called Moonstone where four knights went on quests, acquired gold and magical treasure, competed against each other, fought the Dragon, and so on.

And I've been thinking it'd make a fun lite PbP RPG/strategy game if some things were changed and some new stuff was added.

Here are my initial specifications for the rules:

The Map

There's a map with hexes (or squares if more convenient for PbP) and each square has a terrain feature or a special location
Terrain features affect your movement rate, monsters in random encounters and may give you an advantage or disadvantage in combat
Special locations include villages, cities, dungeons and such where you can buy stuff, gamble, challenge creatures to fight you, etc.
There are four starting locations for the player characters (or more, if the map is designed for more than four players)


The game is turn-based. Each turn you move a number of hexes determined by your movement rate and terrain, and may take other actions based on what hex you end your move in.
Normally, you wait until it's your turn and then announce your actions in the IC thread. Roleplaying is optional but encouraged. The GM tells you the results of your actions in a PM, though some things are announced publicly, such as completing a quest or slaying the Dragon or another knight.
If you don't intend to do anything that affects the other players directly, you may announce your actions before it's your turn if you don't mind the other players knowing them ahead of time. This is to speed up the game.
Moving into the same hex with a dungeon, another PC or the Dragon allows you to attack (or trade)
Your location is shown on the map, and the other knights and the Dragon can see where you are, but your personal abilities and treasure cannot be seen by other players.
The knights are controlled by players, while the Dragon is controlled by the GM. The Dragon is much more powerful than the knights initially, but it cannot gain XP or use its loot, so the knights may be able to kill it when they become powerful enough.


The combat system is fairly simple (maybe something like rock/paper/scissors with some tweaks)
If you win a fight, you gain XP. In dungeons, you gain random treasure and possibly one of the four keys you need to win the game. If you fight a PC or the Dragon, you gain some (if you wound them) or al (if you slay them) of their loot.
If you lose, you lose some health and possibly an item or some gold. If you lose all your health (i.e. you lose many fights without having the chance to rest or heal yourself), you die and the game is over for you.
You can co-operate with other knights to kill more dangerous opponents (or knights that have become too powerful :smallwink:), but in the end, there can be only one.


With XP, you can buy abilities that allow you to move faster, fight better, use terrain to your advantage, and so on.
Mundane and magical equipment gives you better protection and attacks, and unique abilities.

Ideas, comments? :smallsmile: