View Full Version : A druid with an Urban Companion (familiar) and the Improved Familiar feat.

2010-11-10, 03:16 PM
Can a druid with a familiar, granted by the urban companion alternate class feature from the cityscape web enhancement, take the improved familiar feat? I don't know because the two abilities (summon familiar and urban companion) are not the same, but both grant a familiar. Also, a druid has no arcane spellcasting ability.

2010-11-10, 04:35 PM
An Urban Companion is better than a Familiar for a Druid, so I wouldn't allow it easily. As per RAW, the druid would not have sufficiently high arcane spellcasting level to get an improved familiar. If the player was a Sword of the Arcane Order Ranger then that would be a different story.


If you're DMing a game and the Urban Companion Druid wants to grab the Improved Familiar feat, find out what they want out of it and try to make an adjusted feat accordingly for an improved non-arcane themed urban companion.


Also, I had never really taken a look at the Urban Companion option before, but it's very biased towards Druids compared to the Unearthed Arcana Wiz/Sorc variant. In UA, a wizard or sorcerer can trade their familiar for an Animal Companion of half their class level. Granted an animal companion and familiar aren't on par for power when compared as class features, but it is annoying.

Weasel of Doom
2010-11-10, 07:03 PM
Technically they probably aren't but I'd allow it