View Full Version : Shadow-Tainted: The Scourge of Existence

Gortog, SRU
2010-11-11, 09:55 AM
I'm not the most experienced person when it comes to thinking up D&D stuff, but I had an idea:
A dangerous plague has appeared on the northern coast of <continent>. It infects sentient beings, twists them, dominates their minds. Nobody knows where it came from- except the shadow-tainted creatures it leaves in its wake, who are even now causing untold destruction. This plague must be stopped, and fast, or else there could be untold consequences...
A powerful sorcerer (or wizard) finds a great source of energy and uses it to focus his malicious will into pure energy. This energy is in the form of a wispy gaseous shadowy substance or something along the lines of that. Whatever it touches, it seeps in and taints its essence, fading it to a dark purplish black hue. If it infects a sentient being, it can effect their mind as well as their body. If exposed to enough at once, they are overwhelmed by the evil (only if good or neutral alignment, evil is just stunned temporarily, though still enslaved by it) and must make a saving throw against having their mind instantly corrupted and their alignment shifted to evil. If they make the throw, they are momentarily- or even long term, depending on their level of success- incapacitated. Beings of pure law and good are more resistant to it, but are destroyed instead of turned. However, this plague gives the victim additional powers, such as greater healing powers, immunity to Justin Bieber's voice, and other magical abilities. Their weapons are effectively cursed, and are more effective against good-aligned beings. It can also create constructs or elementals from inanimate objects, with the same shadow-tainted properties. The easiest way to spot a shadow-tainted is to look for an aura of shadow about a person- when concentrated, it seems to form a halo of hatred about them. the only way to cure one is to expose them to bright light, like that at noon, or an spell like sunburst. torchlight is not strong enough to do the job, and holding them until the sun is up will be far harder than expected.
Do you guys like this idea? any suggestions? Comments? Complaints? I could use your feedback- I'm working on a campaign which will be largely centered around this.
Also, sorry about the wall of text.