View Full Version : The Master Archivist

2010-11-13, 03:01 AM
Hey guys my buddy is rolling up a new character and he wanted to go archivist. He has taken 8 levels of it (and one of Bard for flavor reasons) But he really doesn't know what feats to take, and I was we could get some advice.

His stats are Str10 Dex12 Con12 Int22 Wis22 and Cha8, and he's a follower of Odin, if it helps.

2010-11-13, 03:27 AM
I am AFB but there is 2 feats Draconic Archivist and Archivist of Nature from Heroes of Horror. Draconic Archivist allows Drak Knowledge checks for dragons, and construct. Archivist of Nature allows Dark Knowledge to effects feys, giants, and something else. I believe thats how the feats work since I am AFB.