View Full Version : Savage Species Wish Transformation

2010-11-13, 06:39 AM
When using these to transform into a new creature, is this process limited by age categories, templates, and the like?

For example, Wizard Bob uses it to transform himself into a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon. These obviously have a lot of HD, many more than a 17th level Wizard does. Does Bob simply become a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon without the HD and keeping his standard Wizard HD, or does he actually gain the HD of the dragon as well? Or does he become a gold dragon with his age category limited by however many HD he has? In effect, he can't transform to an age category with more HD than he possesses?

Could he (in theory) use the ritual to become a Half-Celestial Great Wyrm Gold Dragon instead, with all the attendant bonuses?

Additionally, are there any limits beyond what is set by the transformation itself and DM fiat? It provides the option of a Spellcraft check to gain the abilities of the creature, but is that it? The hypothetical Wizard Bob could, if he knew enough about them, instead transform himself into a Great Wyrm Time Dragon (though I do imagine that any sort of Spellcraft check set to gain those abilities like the ritual offers as an example would be through the roof).

I know Savage Species is broken, and the rituals especially, but I'm trying to work out if it's really as bad as these questions would imply.