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Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-13, 02:12 PM
This is my attempt at an RPG that combines the several of the elements of the fiction from my favorite masters literature.



The eternal oblivion between worlds is known as the EverVoid, a madddening limbo without space or time, where nothing exists and nothing can.
But lurking just beyond this curtain of oblivion dark things wait, eldritich abominations of madness and alien arcana. They plot, they wait, they hunger.
EverVoid takes place in an alternate reality which combines elements of Steampunk and Cyberpunk, a dark future where the laws of reality are beginning to decay and society is rotting from the inside out. The world-spanning government is corrupt and democracy is a lie. Scientists that went too far in experiments have weakened the fabric of reality, eroding the laws of physics and opening the way for alien horrors from the EverVoid to enter our world. Supernatural beings walk among us, the dead do not always stay dead, and sometimes the laws of reality become loose guidelines rater than finite rules.

EverVoid uses many elements of D20 System (including the core mechanic), some elements of GURPS (such as advantages and disadvantages), and a few from the 4e system (such as powers and the simpler skill-system).
There are classes and races, but they make less difference the the character's abilities than in most other RPGs. Combat is more fast-paced and deadly than in pure D20 System RPGs, with simplified rules and fewer hit points at high-levels. It is also easier to GM, with simple encounter building and fewer things to keep track of.
The overall goal it to provide a frightening, fast-paced RPG focusing on heat-pounding horror and baffling intrigue.

In EverVoid, a player might take the role of a cyborg mercenary, a daring explorer, a gun-toting investigator, a half-mad professor with arcane abilities, or many other possible character concepts.
The game uses races and classes, but both of which are very loose and provide many character options within them, so there are many kinds of characters you can play within them. For example: the Gunfighter class could be a solder, an outlaw, a mercenary, a monster-hunter, a bodyguard, or many other possible concepts.

On our side of the broken window which is the border between the universe and the EverVoid is a bleak world of decay and corruption.
Society lies on the brink of collapse and alien horrors that have leaked in from the EverVoid stalk the lawless streets corrupting and praying on the weak and vulnerable.
The world of EverVoid RPG has a split technology level, very advanced in some respects and primitive in others.
The world has mechanical technology far far more advanced than our own, but with one exception: no computers. There are robots, flying trains, city-sized submarines, and entire civilizations inside immense zeplins but it is all powered by clockwork and steam.
Firearms are more advanced than the ones in our world, with plasma ammunition being nearly as common as lead bullets. And some weapons can fire rays of hyper-heated energy that can melt steel like butter.
Electricity is existent but rare, steam and gas being much more popular.

The geography of EverVoid RPG is like a twisted version of our own. Seas are polluted and murky, they sky is dark with smog and mist, and the forests are gnarled and bare.
The geological structure of the world is very identical to own own, and continents are in the same place, the only difference being a small, artificial island off the edge of Asia.

The world is ruled by one giant, corrupt government, democracy supposedly exists but every election is rigged. Slavery is banned in most places but exists in a few less civilized arias. Most cities are filthy slums, with tribal gangs run rampant in the streets killing, looting, and raiding.
A few more civilized city states defy the world government and have something like true democracy, but they must always be on the watch for the plague of corruption or they will become no better than the dictatorship that dominates the world.

In a bleak world of iron-fisted oppression and alien horrors heroes are scarce.
Weather they be solders of fortune or true champions of the right they must fight back the threats of the EverVoid for the sake of creation.
Humans are not the only intelligent species in the EverVoid RPG, There are stem-powered cyborgs, soulless reborn, and alien reptilians.
Humans are the most versatile and corruptible of the races in EverVoid RPG.
They are cunning and rash but easily tempted by the power the EverVoid offers.
Abilities: +2 to any 2 ability scores of your choice, -2 to any ability of your choice.
Speed: 6 (30 feet).
Senses: No adjustments.
Skills: +1 to all untrained skills.
Other Traits: +1 to all saving throws, +1 hit point per level, one extra advantage, one extra disadvantage.

Cyborgs are humans that have been altered, either by choice or because of injury. They have about half of their body replaced by stem-powered and clockwork machinery, making them durable and resistant to poison and disease.
Cyborgs are considered demigods or freaks depending on where you go, although the ladder is rarely said to their face (due to most people having self-preservation).
Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma.
Speed: 6 (30 feet).
Senses: No adjustments.
Skills: +1 to all trained skills.
Other Traits: +2 to saving throws against disease and poison, +1 to AC, +2 Fortitude.

Although the world of EverVoid RPG lacks computers, a sickly substitute has been devised by ruthless and ambitious scientists.
Reborn are human brains placed inside clockwork body with a sickly process knows as "rebirth". This involves the brain and spine being cut from a human body and "pickled" an a chemical which both keeps it alive and wipes of almost entirely of it's memories.
These "cleaned" brains are placed in a complicated clockwork body that can be controlled by their synapses. They are then trained and used as solders, slaves, or bodyguards.
Sometimes reborn escape and seek a propose, trying to piece together their remaining memories of their life and struggling with their existence.
Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, -2 dexterity.
Speed: 6 (30 feet).
Senses: Low-Light Vision.
Skills: -2 to all knowledge skills or interaction skills (your choice.)
Other Traits: Immunity to disease and poison, +3 hit points, does not need to eat drink or breath, +3 fortitude.

Never thought to exist until a century ago, reptilians were once tribal jungle savages but ow walk among humans and their kin as a part of society.
Reptilians resemble hunched, scaly humanoids with forked tongues, large orange eyes, and pointed teeth and claws. They are strong, sturdy, and quick but lack intellect, they also tend to be bloodthirsty and quick to anger.
Abilities: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence.
Speed: 8 (40 feet).
Senses: Acute Smell (+5 to track checks).
Skills: +1 to all wisdom-based skills.
Other Traits: +2 reflex, unarmed attack with a +2 prof bonus dealing 1d8 + your strength modifier damage on a hit.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-13, 09:52 PM
I added technology level to "The World".

2010-11-13, 09:53 PM
Nice concept so far.
I assume this isn't all of it :smalltongue:

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-13, 10:16 PM
Nice concept so far.
I assume this isn't all of it :smalltongue:

No, it's not.

Next I will add society and geography, and after that character creation rules.
Once all that is done I will release combat mechanics and GMing content.

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-13, 11:58 PM
I finished "The World", adding "Society" and "Geography".
Next is character creation. I will start with races, which are more powerful than the ones in D&D.