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2010-11-14, 06:16 AM
Hi, first time poster here, asking politely to play in the playground.
I'm looking for some feedback on a home-brew Wild Shape Combat Style for Pathfinder's Ranger. Taking the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana variant as a starting point, where WotC evaluated 3 Combat Style Feats to be equal to Wild Shape (Small/Medium Animals only) and Fast Movement (as Barbarian).
Now, it could be argued (successfully) that this was more powerful than a standard Ranger, but Pathfinder has both upped power levels and down-graded Wild Shape.
Hence I got to thinking of a Wild Shape Combat Style. In order for this to work, I have created two 'virtual' feats, detailed below.

Druid Shape Prereq: Wild Shape Combat Style
Benefit: You gain the ability to Wild Shape as a Druid equal to your Ranger level, to a maximum effective Druid level of 4, or your HD, whichever is lower.

Improved Druid Shape Prereq:Druid Shape
Benefit: You may add 4 to your maximum effective Druid level for the purpose of your Wild Shape Combat Style. You are still limited by your HD if it is lower.

Wild Shape Combat Style
2nd level: Druid Shape, Aspect of the Beast, Improved Natural Weapon, Rending Claws.
6th level: Improved Druid Shape, Eldritch Claws.
10th level: A Thousand Faces, Multiattack.

The idea is that a Ranger who invests all his CS feats in Druid Shape will be able to Wild Shape as a Druid of his level, albeit in 4 level jumps. By taking Druid Shape as his 2nd level feat (noting that the Wild Shaping ability of a 2nd level Druid is none), and then taking Improved Druid Shape at each subsequent level, by 20th level he will have matched the Druid's Wild Shaping. A Thousand Faces is there exactly as the Druid ability.

I'm also taking into account Marc Radle's Spell-Less Ranger presented in Kobold Quarterly 11, which would allow the Ranger to buy other feats from his CS with Ranger Talents. (It's worth noting that Marc's Ranger is currently my favourite Pathfinder Class - many thanks Marc).

So, hopefully that makes some kind of sense. All feedback appreciated.

2010-12-03, 05:09 AM
OK, clearly that's not taken anyone's fancy. Perhaps it is a bit clumsy.
Basically, what I'm looking at is swapping the Ranger's Combat Style for full Druid Wild Shaping - is that overpowered? Should I limit it to just the Bestial forms?
Again, feedback appreciated.

2010-12-03, 10:43 AM
Just give them full wildshape. Rangers could use a boost.

2010-12-04, 08:06 AM
Thanks for that. It seemed like a fair trade, but I wanted some corroboration.

2010-12-04, 10:46 PM

It wouldn't be unreasonable at all to just give them full wildshape.