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2010-11-14, 12:36 PM
Well Im stuck, I want a half dragon sorceror with prestige// somthing
So Im gonna ask the play ground for its usual brand of optimisim
And no im not budging on th sorceror or the Half dragon,
Homebrew things that aply
Level adjustmant affects only 1 side (the non sorceror side)
no paragons.
Also scince this is a demigod campaign we all get domains (dragon) which you can use the powers in it as a spell like ability 1/day
Show me what ya got.

2010-11-14, 01:33 PM
Alignment restrictions? Character concept, got one of those? Books allowed? What power level does your group generally play at?

With that half-dragon template, you'll probably be looking at a gish of some sort, which are really easy to pull off in Gestalt.

2010-11-14, 01:42 PM
I would say you have the magic power, now you need the fighting power of a dragon... Maybe Warblade or Cursaider? I would also point out the item set for the Sorc in MIC (Bloodgift something?) that lets you boost your spell power for hp dmg.

If your Dragon focused, you need to be powerful in both physical and magical needs just like a true Dragon :smallsmile:

2010-11-14, 01:58 PM
Crusader, from Tome of Battle, is an excellent choice. You'll have great resilience and 9th-level maneuvers, plus good Charisma synergy. You could also take levels in Jade Phoenix Mage, alternating which side of the gestalt you take it on to keep full caster level progression if your DM allows that.

You'd benefit a lot from being large. Consider casting Persistent Enlarge Person on yourself for wings, better natural attacks, and more reach.

There are plenty of prestige classes that could be relevant for you. If you use Dwarf as your base race, you can go into Runesmith, which gains the ability to cast arcane spells in heavy armor at 1st level. There are plenty of other work-arounds to be able to cast in pretty good armor if you don't want to do that, such as taking one level in Spellsword and using mithral breastplate. Alternately, you can use the spell Greater Luminous Armor from the Book of Exalted Deeds, which is especially good if you take levels in Abjurant Champion, which is an excellent PrC in any event. Taking 5 levels in Abjurant Champion and casting Greater Luminous Armor effectively gives you +17 to your AC.

2010-11-14, 03:02 PM
Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but I've got an old gestalt BBEG (not originally half-dragon) that might work:
sorcerer 6/pale master 10/arcane prestige 4//LA 3/Crusader 3/Sorcerer +1/Crusader +13
BAB 18, full casting, 9th level maneuvers and some fun undead-related abilities and touch attacks. For the last 4 levels of arcane prestige, I'd say either abjurant champion for power or blood magus for some good fluff opportunities.

2010-11-15, 02:25 PM
yah all good ideas, can you suject any prestige classes from all books discounting faerun.

2010-11-15, 03:29 PM
Okay, Half-Dragon Sorcerer//Whatever...

Well, as stated above, Gish is your friend.

I suggest taking the following:

Race: Take Sand Dragon from sandstorm. I mean, a Sand Breath Weapon definitely benefits in my application. And for this, go with Desert Half-Orc, for +2 Con and -2 Int. Sure, no Strength bonus, but Half-Dragon covers that. and look! No -2 Cha!!!

Class Combo: Sorcerer 10/Sand Shaper 1 (+49 spells and no lost caster as long as you have sand on you, so fill a big gourd on your back and you meet the requirements)/Rainbow Servant 9 (More spells)//LA 3/Crusader 7/Dragon Shaman (Sand) 5 (Auras + Maneuvers. Good Combo here. Plus your BW upgrades)/Dragonkin (A rarely suggested PrC, but I feel that dragon-y flavor needs to be maximized)

So here's what you get:

Side 1: Full Casting, a dump-truck's worth of spells, two domains, and wings
Side 2: Very good BAB, Better Breath Weapon, Maneuvers, Auras (buff and BFC), and more dragon flavor

Total: A dragonspawn with the strength of 10 men and control over the sands themselves.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a winner!
And If you don't like it...

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2010-11-15, 03:33 PM
Abjurant champion from Complete mage advances casting, has d10 hitdie and increases the AC bonus from spell like Shield and Mage armor (doubles durations, let you dispell as a swift action. other goodies)

One level of spellsword reduces Arcane spell failure by 10% letting you wear some armors.

do half-dragons get another half?