View Full Version : speeding up encounters

2010-11-14, 02:45 PM
my group has difficulty getting through encounters in a timely manner (im a player) how can i get them to speed up its quite strenuos waiting for the encounters to end.
fyi im playing with them over skype, which is working out well


2010-11-14, 02:47 PM
(1) All dice are rolled at once. Or pre-rolled. Don't roll your attack, check if it hits, then roll damage. Roll them all at once and then check. Or for online, roll while the person before is resolving.

(2) Make sure everyone knows what to do on their turn. Put in a time limit if you have to. But players should have their actions ready when their turn comes.

(3) Have monsters share initiative. The mooks act on the same initiative. Speeds things up. Again, roll them all at once.