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2010-11-15, 01:35 AM
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Hi playground,

I have a two prong issue.
I have been rereading the Sword of Shannara Series recently and got the idea to build this guy
Garet Jax, Weapon Master

I have been trying to find the class(base or PrC) in either 3.5 or Pathfinder(my party switches between the two depending on what will want to do/play) that would make this concept of a Weapons Master work. I've also looked at some homebrew things, namely Frank and K's Races of War(which has some promise. I intend on putting the Weapon Training feature from the Fighter into this build.)

The second are the balencing issues. My best current idea for a build is take a Ranger, give him BOTH the archery and the Two Weapon Fighting paths at the same time. So in a 3.5 game my level 2 character would have both the Rapid Shot feat and the Two Weapon Fighting feat. At Improved Combat Style he'd get both and so on and so on.

Now obviously as we all know TWF kinda sucks. Hard. That is why I feel it shouldn't be a terribly broken build. I have read Treantmonk's Guide to Rangers in Pathfinder and think it's a great resource but it really doesn't consider the idea of doing both (rightfully so, it's not a standard idea).

I consider myself an optimizer and my party mates are definitly are, bordering on min/maxers. We do try to keep the same level of optimzation but without tier restrictions it gets hard. I realize this isn't always going to be the biggest damage output but I like the character enough to keep in and once all the feats are said and done I feel he has a fighting chance.

So my questions to you playground are

1st-Do you think that this is the best way to achieve my goal of a Weapons Master? If not please feel free to give me ideas.
2nd-Do you feel this current build is overpowered?
3rd-Would you let this fly in your campaign, be it 3.5 or Pathfinder?
4th-I don't really know where this character is going after about level 11 or so. If anyone has any ideas to of things to take from there are much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

2010-11-15, 01:46 AM
Have you considered ToB? The magic-like sword abilities match him quite well, especially since he was as strong as Allanon (both die killing one of the super-gnolls)

2010-11-15, 02:11 AM
Have you considered ToB? The magic-like sword abilities match him quite well, especially since he was as strong as Allanon (both die killing one of the super-gnolls)

I am so glad someone knows these books too. I also have an Allanon build in the works but it's taking a backseat to. I haven't really looked at ToB much because my main two DMs are somewhat iffy on it. But are there any particular things in there? I'd assume..........Swordsage into, I have no idea.

2010-11-15, 03:04 AM
Fluff wise I would say Warblade; "The stronger the foe, the greater the glory."

Then concentrating within the Iron Heart discipline, wear medium armor and use the abilities that switch out AC for extra damage and to hit (you can use a shield and bas-sword, or a greatsword for this). Grab the feats Power Attack and Combat Reflexes right off the bat, and work your way up to Dancing Blade Form, which gives you +5 reach with a greatsword. You might want to ask people who spend more time with ToB, but I think Warblade is definitely what your looking for.

If not, I would make your character a human fighter/ranger specialized striker, who uses his multiple hits to add things like disarm and trip attempts. So for instance, Fighter 2/Ranger 3 gets 5 feats which with an int of 13 and fairly high dex you can make:
Combat reflexes~AoO heaven
Combat expertise~For improving things
improved trip~tripping out here
power attack~Damage
improved disarm~take their weapon away
TWF~Because they aren't going to disarmtrip themselves!

2010-11-16, 02:01 PM
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