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Sir Swindle89
2010-11-15, 06:00 PM
The prevelence of Truenaming threads in the last few days has inspired me. What if we incorporated Truenaming mechanics into other spell casting systems(namly the skill check part), i did some brewing on psionics

My thoughts on the matter:
-You get rid of the 15min adventuring day (to an extent) by making it a chance of failure system rather then a per day system
-chance of failure is a caster nerf from what i have read on the Truenaming threads so thats a bonus
-You'd have to ban the crap out of excessive +skill items and item familiars. (at least ones that add to casting skills)
-reduces the SAD if the casting skill isn't based on their casting stat (not sure it should be)
-depending on skill scaling can buff low level casters

Being a minor/theoretical fix i didn't know if this should go over in homebrew or not (i mean how many monk fixes do i see on this board?)

Psionics i actually thought of it first so i'm putting it before vancian.

Imagine if when you gained a psionic focus you gained power points to spend.
Thats my basic idea here, concentration becomes your casting skill and you add PP to your pool when you use it. now you can only spend your level in PP per manifestation, thats built in. So on a reasonable roll we would want you to be able to manifest the best power you can We'll shoot for a 15 roll giving you your level PP added to your pool.

We'll assume max ranks, 16con and skill focus (who in their right mind wouldn't take it.) thats a 9+level bonus to concentration at common levels (before you can spend money on tomes and items to buff a secondary stat you wouldn't start buffing it too early as long as you can cast a spell every round or other round or what ever)

ok judging from some rough math getting PP from a skill check could be (PP=(d20-10)/2) and be pretty ok the sweet spot is some where between -5 and -10 but we'll stick with 10 cuz it's rounder.

Couple final rules.
-roll under 10 just give 0 PP(not negative)
-PP go into yout PP pool
-PP empty from you pool at the endo of the encounter
-it is a move equivalent action to perform a concentration check to gain PP
-doesn't actually restore you psionic focus when you gain PP
-cognizance crystals are all manner of boss

2010-11-15, 08:48 PM
I don't really see the argument for the already most complex archetype in the game having to add an additional die roll to their turn and being unable to plan their move until that die roll happens.