View Full Version : BBEG build - need some help fleshing it out

2010-11-16, 08:16 AM
I'll be DMing for my group for a bit in the new year. They're in a low magic, slow level advancement E6 game. Current party is:
- paladin of kord 1
- druid 2
- rogue 3
- dragon shaman 3
- marshal 1

The marshal will not be appearing in my section of the campaign because it's my character. The dm will likely join the group at 2. not sure of his class.

i'm looking to run an adventure over 3 months (roughly 12 4 hour sessions). my BBEG will be a vampire, because i think it's going to be terrifying for them to take on at those levels and very satisfying when they win.

I'm thinking a human sorceror 6 with the vampire template applied as the BBEG. the matriarch of a small cadre of vampires spreading their influence over a valley near to the land the PCs control. she will be seductive while also vicious and her eventual goal is to carve a piece of this land for herself - infiltrating the courts to ensure they go undiscovered. while this might seem overpowered in a straight up fight, it's fitting with the campaign, and there are plenty of NPCs they can take along with them to even the odds somewhat. one or two of them are also very clever players, so i think it will be interesting for them. what i'd like is feats, ability spread (use the elite array), and ideas for a lair of sorts.

her lietenant will be a human barbarian with the feral and vampire templates added. think gangrel from V:TM. probably only with 2 or 3 class levels. i'm going to let the fast healing stack and unleash him on the party probably just after a fairly easy fight. again, feats and ability spread.

the second lietenant is not actually a vampire but a cleric, bound to the will of the matriarch. i might go with goblin, so i can have his clan run interference with the party and break up the monotony of undead fights. also ties in the with main campaign as the party is on semi friendly terms with another goblin clan near their lands that could do with some more numbers. also, vampire goblins are cool. i want this guy focused on raising and controlling the undead. i did think dread necromancer but e6 prevents him from doing it effectively unless he has a mcguffin with animate dead 1/day (doable certainly). also would like to make him level 6. he and his clan are the source of the matriarchs flunkies and fodder, so i'll be using them and undead types to build up to the vampire fights.

i appreciate this is little more than a skeleton (pun!), but i'd like to flesh it out a bit more.