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2010-11-16, 08:31 AM
OK, I have my Evil Drow Cleric. They can cast Damning Darkness, and have the 'At Home In The Dark' feat (or whatever it's called). Can they still see?

What classifies as 'their own darkness'? Is it the innate ability only?

Last Laugh
2010-11-16, 08:34 AM
Sources for Damning Darkness spell and At Home in the Dark feat?

2010-11-16, 08:36 AM
Probably their SLA of darkness. However it could be amusing to say they will never have an emo/goth phase as they see through it :D

Also as he asked, source if you want more RAW clarification.

2010-11-16, 08:38 AM
Damning Darkness is in BoVD I think (4th level spell, hurts non-evil within radius)
At Home In The Dark is from either the Drow or Underdark sourcebooks