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2010-11-16, 10:03 PM
Hello there,

My friend and I are working on a campaign set in Dominaria. For those who do not know of Dominaria it is a plane in Magic the Gathering. In that world, magic is drawn from the land in a form known as mana. It is in a way kind of similar to dark sun. The richer the mana of the enviroment (aka black mana is from swamps) the easier and more mana you can achieve.

We're looking for a mechanical way to reward that. Ie. Casting necrotic spells in an area close to or rich in black mana (like a large swamp) will make your spell better. We don't want to make the mechanic too noticably strong but we also dont want it to be easily ignored and reward people for tactically using the local mana.

Any suggestions?

2010-11-16, 10:04 PM
you probably want something similar to the planar effects from the Manual of the Planes book from 4e. They have various ideas for planar effects, it'd be something along the lines of what you want.