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2010-11-16, 10:46 PM
I am playing in a game this weekend that is a 3.5 gestalt, but we can bring in Pathfinder classes. We are level 25. We are hunting a Chaotic Good possible dragon. I am bringing an Human Antipaladin/Oracle (Battle) to the mix. I was looking at taking 5 levels of Divine Oracle and 5 levels of pious templar both from 3.5.

Also I took the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat allowing me to heal from Negative energy. I could use some feat advice. Also the antipaladin ability Touch of Corruption doesn't actually say he can use it on himself as a swift action like the paladin ability it is derived from, most likely because the only way for it to heal you in pathfinder would be to be an 8th level cleric with the death domain as a part of the antipaladin, but it makes sense for it to work that way if you so desire so I included that in the description of my abilities.

Stats are obscenely high at first level, nothing less than twenty and HPs are max per level.

Like I said I need some feat advice and equipment advice (2.1m gold as is typical for a 25th level character). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


2010-11-17, 03:59 AM
I would recommend spending feats on Extra Oracle Revelation. Class abilites are always more powerful than feats, or roll several into one, so take Revelations by spending a feat is a great idea.

2010-11-17, 07:42 PM
Combat Healer doesn't work and Skill at arms I already have that benefit from being an antipaladin. War sight doesn't seem all that useful either. As for other feats?