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2010-11-17, 04:54 AM
HI everybody.

The title sais it all, but here some more text.
A freind of mine started The Curse of the crimson Throne adventure Path. We played it now for a year and as far as it seems we will play it some more.
Now to the term: I talked a bit to him and he and the otherplayeres would like to see me DM a game (not really sure why:smallbiggrin:). I thought it would be nice to DM one of the Pathfinder adventure Paths.
So now I would like to hear some oppinions about them, because the informations I got from the pazio HP are a bit to less.

Thanks in advance.

Aotrs Commander
2010-11-17, 09:35 AM
I've not played any of them yet, though I'm prepping to run both Rise of the Runelords and Shackled City next for our respective groups. Both I think are very high quality as far as modules go, possibly approaching the very high standards of some of the first edition Warhammer FRP modules. (Which stand out in my mind as being some of the best module's I've ever come across.) Of course, how they turn out in practise is another matter! For those two in particular, there's quite a lot of community tools and resources to improve on the already high standard (especially for SCAP).

So, I'd give them both a nominal recommendation.

2010-11-17, 02:13 PM
I've just about finished "A second Darkness" with my group.

Depending on your group this can be a pretty good arc or a very horrible one.

You start out in Riddleport with a very well written adventure and if they play their cards right they will end up with a very well paying gambling hall in the heart of the city. Giving the players an incentive to stay in Riddleport.

The second module again expands the involvement with Riddleport. Further entrenching the players in the political and economic life in the town. The problem begins when the players literally find out that the plot is about to smack them in the head and kill them all.

After that the arc makes a very dark, cataclysmic turn. If your players are into epic saving of the world (and who ain't?) stories, dripped with intrigue, plot twists, and sideways thinking. If they want to deal with sideways elven politics, and discover the history of the world. These modules are for you.

If they are into less than suddle ways of dealing with the bad guys. If they are the typical knock in the doors kill everything in site and take the loot. If they prefer to ride in on white horses and save the day. Or they are more straight forward black and white thinking people. Then these modules will drive them freeken' nutz.

I didn't like the dramatic left hand turn that the modules take. After the close of the second module, unless as the DM you allow them to head back to Riddleport, they will never have a reason to head back to Riddleport. As I thought my players felt a bit cheeted because they had a vested intrest in the town at that point. I'm assuming this is because their previous module was centered around a city and they didn't want to simply repeat the process. Just too bad that they made such an awesome city module, detailing the city it's players, how it came to be and stuff. Then play around it for a little bit, only to head away and never return.

Their were a few Dues X railroading points as well. As a DM I just smoothed them over by changing it slightly and making it look like they had options. One involved cornering the players in a tower, then shoving the tower off a cliff where they assumed they were rolling to their deaths. Why my players chose to interject reality into my fantasy at this point I'll never know. But it caused a major hate fest on the DM (me) and the time.

The worst plot point to me comes towards the middle of the arc when the players are asked to infiltrate a drow city. To a person no one, in character or Real life, has agreed to use a necromantic spell to "graft the flesh of a dead drow" over their own body. :smallbiggrin: Your mileage may vary but I had to cut that out and replace it with alteration magics. Was just to damm creepy for everyone.

What I did love was the Epic nature of this arc. The end of the world may very well happen were the players to fail. It is a very "grey area" type of arc as well. The elves wile on team "Good" are really jerks, and some are racist to a fault. The Drow are not much better, but at least on Golarin they are given a very good reason to hate and be all evil. And if you like killing Demons (and again who does not?). Your gonna love this arc. There everywhere :smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin:, and Pazio goes about making new ones as well. The end bosses to fight are truly nasty. Probably the toughest I've seen printed in a book. Their beatable, but players will have to think, and not just go in swinging and casting.

So in short. It's a great arc if they like to think. It really sucks if they don't.

2010-11-23, 05:16 AM
Thank you for the respond. I lost this thread due to much work.

The people who want me to DM are as yous said: The typical knock in the doors kill everything in site and take the loot. guys.