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2010-11-17, 10:36 AM
Hey all

So I am currently playing a level 4 Beguiler in a Pathfinder Eberron game.

Combat is really cinematic and full of action (Think old Errol Flynn Robin Hood)
Much swinging over lava pools, saving the damsel and stuff like that.

Anyway I have been useing the Beguiler spells as a kind of "Swiss army knife" of sorts. things like, Invis, Spider climb, Knock, etc.

Anyway the character is set up as a carefree social gambler, has money one day, looses it all the next. (Not that it matters for this post)

Anyway, my GM just approved Traits (we can take 2). And at 5th lvl I plan to take EWP Whip and use it with the Trait Prehensile Whip (works just like the old 3.5 skill trick)

I plan to use this mostly for Action stuff, not really to hit people. My GM has said that with the EWP he will let me use it to snuff candles, grab stuff, really most of what you could do witht he old Sword and Fist's Lasher's Third hand ability.
He will be having me roll Acrobatics checks to do it.

So what other Whip stuff is there to make this better?

What else can you think of to make this all work better?

Thanks all.

2010-11-17, 02:21 PM
Nothing? ok fair nuff.