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2010-11-17, 01:19 PM
Hi together,

the last few days I read up on warlock stuff in this and some other forums.
Of course every build I found was combatfocused, or at least combat heavy.
I on the other hand am trying to build an out-of-combat "optimized" build.
Somehow IŽm a little tired of calling out the greatest number in every combatsituation my group runs into. Makes me feel ashamed of being a powergamer :smalltongue:

My build so far is:
Binder 1/Warlock 5/Child of Night 10

He should become the unrivaled party face with a hint of sneak.
(Using child of nightŽs ability to only have to sleep 1hr/day or not at all heŽll sneak away at night robbing people, whilst being disguised).

He will start at around level 12 probably, but should be playable throughout the levels.

Binder 1: For binding Naberius. Mainly for taking 10 on bluff/diplo and Disguise self at-wil.

Warlock 5: For the invocations of course. Invisibility, flying, shatter, "smaller"-Dimensional door and UMD

Child of night: No eat, sleep, breathe is fun and the whole "night elve"-theme really fits the kind of character I have in mind.

So basically I want a thief at night and a Clooney during the day.

I ran into skillpoint problems and heŽll be of no help in combat.
Are there feats/equip other than nymphs kiss that help with skillpoints?

What kind of Scrolls/Wands would you consider for this character?
Is there maybe even a wand that helps with combat efficiency?

Thanks in advance

2010-11-17, 02:00 PM
I like Child of Night warlocks, but they really fly in the face of a party face type character. Children of Night start with everyone at least at Unfriendly, even other shadow magic users (ToM pg. 120), and with paladins, light-based clerics, parochial NPCs etc. even reaching Hostile. So you're setting up very needless hurdles for your PC.

You're better off choosing between being the suave, silver-tongued Warlock and the sneaky, creepy, paranormal Child of Night Warlock, than attempting to combine the two in one build. If you go the latter, you can then safely skip the Binder dip and gain more Warlock progression.

2010-11-17, 02:26 PM
In addition if you don't like the later you can perhaps keep the binder level in and eventually take anima mage. With anima mage you can advance both your invocations(Arcane advancing PrCs also advance invocations if I remember correctly) and also advance your binding. The downsides to this however are your eldritch blast will be crappy and I am not sure how some of the Anima Mage abilities function, if at all, with a warlock and his invocations.

Alternatively you are looking for a non melee focused warlock who has some long range power you may consider eldritch theurge with a sorcerer or some other cha based arcane caster class.

2010-11-17, 02:29 PM
Warlocks cannot enter Anima Mage without some way of casting 2nd-level spells. As for the abilities, the only one that would work with Warlocks would be Vesitigial Awareness I think. (+2 to intiative untyped.)

2010-11-17, 02:33 PM
Yeah. Sorry about that. Eldritch Theurge is still viable, though, and since you said you don't want to be melee focused it may work better then starit warlock. Also, Eldrtich Disciple is basically Eldritch Theurge but for cleric/warlock instead of any arcane caster/warlock. The only issue with that combination however is MAD. You CAN take the Dynamic Priest feat to help somewhat with the MAD but if no matter what if you don't have a high wisdom your DCs will suck and since you don't want melee the Cleric's buffs become less important meaning you won't have very many spells of use unless you want to use buffs on the rest of the party or....be a healer type of character. *shutters*

2010-11-17, 02:47 PM
ED Healers are lots of fun actually (Chain Healing Blast, or Healing Cone) :smallsmile:

I don't think that will fit the OP's concept though.

Child of Night is in a weird place mechanically; it gets nice bonuses to sneaking, but has nothing to actually do once hidden. It doesn't get sneak attack, can't find traps... can't be a skillmonkey at all really, not with an abysmal 2+Int skills. It gets some decent defenses but only a d6 HD and good will save to hold them up, and for a Warlock nothing CoN gets is worth losing Imbue Item for. The low skillpoints also make you a subpar sneak.

So you have your choice of watered-down tank or watered-down sneak, with everyone pissed off at you except other Children of Night. You get to hang out with a bunch of other emo people and you can all complain about your class features en masse.

2010-11-17, 04:53 PM
That calls for a sad smiley: :smalleek:

And here I thought I had a good Idea for once.
What to do, what to do.

I think IŽll first read up on CoN.
Though if I go CoN I could drop Cha, since I wont be doing damage anyway and everyone hates me.

More stealing for me... well kinda.
Maybe a good night sleep will help. Hope there wont be a lot of crying :smallbiggrin:

2010-11-18, 08:41 AM
I think IŽll stick to my original idea.
He may not be able to become the party face, but I think he will be a hell of a lot fun to play.
"Challenge accepted" :smallbiggrin:

IŽll ask my DM to give me dark wings for fluff reasons when I activate fell flight.
And then IŽll land in the middle of the town during brigth daylight, take 10 on my diplomacy check to convince the townfolks IŽm the good guy.

Might be fun.

So all I need to do now is get more skillpoints and ways to pump my diplo checks.
Well of course there is still the question about useful wands/scrolls/gear out there. Everything that helps fluffwise or combatwise (regarding wands).

I need your help once again superteam