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2010-11-17, 02:14 PM
I have been searching high and low for suggestions on feats to take with a GISH build, but, alas, have yet to find suggestions.

I am planning on either the classic Sorcadin or a Bard/Fighter build. Our group is usually very under optimized, so I am looking to fill in holes that always creep up.

Any suggestions on feats that I should look at?

NOTE: I know that Arcane Strike and Combat Casting(Spellsword) are a necessity, but where from there? Is practiced spellcaster worth it? Imp Init? Spell Pene?

2010-11-17, 02:18 PM
Practiced Spellcaster, Power Attack are obvious. Quicken Spell & Extend Spell are v. good for making most of your actions and buffing while fighting, and Persistent Spell [Complete Arcane] becomes good if Wraithstrike [Complete Arcane/Spell Compendium] is game. Persistent Wraithstrike is easily worth 8th level slots, and Persistent Alter Self + Swift Haste are nice too. Improved Familiar isn't terrible either, especially for Pseudodragon picking up Mindsight [Lords of Madness] through Psychic Reformation.

Knowledge Devotion [Complete Champion] is a great damage buff if you manage to keep all the Knowledges maxed (and occasionally even if you can only keep them half-way up there; as long as you're an Int-based caster, it's a good pick). Combat Reflexes, Improved Trip, Shock Trooper [Complete Warrior], Leap Attack [Complete Adventurer] and company are all fair too. AoO-line or charge-line mostly. Some more niché options like mounted charging and such if they interest you. You only have so many feats though, of course.

Oh, and if you want some offensive magic, Split Ray [Complete Arcane] is a very good pick since it's a huge damage boost for a small cost thus making it a great "only pick" for offense; just stick to Rays for offensive magic then. It's the most bang for the buck for a single metamagic feat purely damage-wise. Chain Spell [Complete Arcane] is a good option for buffing your Dispels, as is Planar Touchstone [Planar Handbook]: Catalogues of Enlightenment (Inquisition Domain Granted Power) which gives you +4 untyped bonus to Dispels (unaffected by the CL cap). Residual Magic [Complete Mage] is another one.

Oh, and Smiting Spell [Player's Handbook II] is a fine way to combine sword and magic allowing you to channel offensive spells through your attacks for +1 spell level cost. And of course, there's all the usual Wizard crap but that's a tad abusive for my taste (Alacritous Cogitation, Sanctum Spell, etc.).

Keld Denar
2010-11-17, 02:24 PM
If you are a Sorcadin, you'll probably have Turn Undead from SacEx. That makes various Divine and Devotion feats very tasty. I'm personally having great sucess with my Sorcadin and Law Devotion which is slightly less TU intensive than Divine Might unless you have a REALLY high Cha score (I'm talking 30+ or so last time I did the math). Other good ones are Travel Devotion, Chaos Devotion, and Animal Devotion. Knowledge Devotion is also good, but doesn't require TU attempts to power. If you have a great Cha score, Divine Shield + Animated Shield gives you a beefy AC boost, but AbjChamp + Shield Spell will probably be better for most of your career.

I'm also VERY fond of Minor Shapeshift. Keep a Polymorph spell (or Trollshape, if your DM is smart and bans Polymorph) in your selection and you'll have a pool of pro-active healing you can access every round as needed for the cost of your swift action.

2010-11-17, 02:25 PM
I'll be the first to call for more details so we have an idea for what you've got so far(stats, weapon,race etc.). But regardless,

POWER ATTACK. I once didn't take this with my Duskblade. I regret that.

You aren't a Int caster, but if you for some reason were to become one or you have the ability and skill points to spare, Knowledge Devotion(CC) is great. It will help with to hit and damage with the appropiate knowledge check. And if your DM is nice Bard will help with that.

Take Combat Casting for getting into various PrC. I heavily suggest Abjurant Champion.

Have fun

2010-11-17, 05:38 PM
Nothing is set in stone yet, as I am in the early planning stages. I like to start working on my next character at about 6th-9th level of my present character.

I was mostly thinking of playing human and we use a 32PB. Feats, skills, and really classes are open for discussion. We limit certain aspects of the game, but are very flexible with a couple of exceptions:

NO M.I.C. One of our players abused the hell out of the book in our last campaign and the DM put a solid lock on it.

Anything outside of core requires DM approval, and if you want to jump classes a lot, you better have good RP reasons for it, not just because they have cool abilities.

Also, no Eberron, mostly because we don't have access to the books.

Does that help clarify

2010-11-17, 06:09 PM
If you still have room for it, see if you can make your way into an Abjurant Champion/Jade Phoenix Mage combo.