View Full Version : Rich Burlew's The New World

Demon 997
2010-11-17, 04:43 PM
I'm planning to run a campaign based on this world. Has anyone run one with this world? How did you flesh out the world? What problems need to be solved? Ideas for adventure hooks?

2010-11-17, 04:45 PM
It hasn't been finished. I think Rich has said that he probably won't be working on it until after OOTS is over.

Demon 997
2010-11-17, 04:58 PM
I'm aware of that. That's why I was wondering if anyone had taken it and fleshed it out for personal use. I'm probably going to end up doing that myself but any help from the playground is very welcome.

2010-11-17, 05:27 PM
I remember some discussion, but if a forum search doesn't yield anything for you... :smallfrown:

2010-11-17, 05:29 PM
Try asking in the Homebrew section. The people there will know if anyone has done this, and if not, you are most likely to find someone who can do it for you there.