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Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-18, 10:09 PM
Ok, if you just want to cut it the actual question, feel free to ignore my insane ramblings on the thought process that lead to the following questions. Warning, the following might be nonsensical, weird and might even be in-followable (is that even a real word :smallconfused:)

Earlier today, I was reading a thread that linked to one of Person_man's amazing list, right now I don't remember exactly which one, but then in turn that list linked to the increasing unarmed/natural attack damage & size. On that list he mentioned the King of Smack build; and I remembered liking that particular build. Cue my googling said build and obviously I found it.

After reading the post that explained the KoS, I read the other posts and someone said that the KoS was the first optimized build using the XPH, and for some reason I remembered that someone had mention in one thread something about a list of campaign smashers ( a list which includes many TO builds, such as the The Wish & the word, the nasty gentleman, Pun-pun, etc) and I began to wonder if the KoS would be on that list.

To my relief I didn't find the KoS on the list, but I a still wary of the power level of such a build, so here are my questions.

It is safe to read now if you just want to read the questions, and/or can't be bothered with my ramblings :smalltongue:

In a scale from 1 to 10, where 1=TWF non-intimidate using CW samurai, 5= a Sorcadin with a decent spell list and 10 is a Xoriat Shepherd.

Where would the King of Smack be?

Depending on that question answer I might starting to ask some other question on how to make a good King of smack build (I like to try to customize my build the more I can, with some exceptions obviously) so I don't want to rip off the guide that much.

2010-11-18, 10:12 PM
The King of Smack is a combat build. If your campaign revolves around punching faces off progressively tougher challenges, then you'll need to crank their power. If your campaign prominently features peaceful negotiation and night robberies, then it's going to be nearly as useless as a vanilla Fighter.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-18, 10:15 PM
Let assume a 60/40 ratio of combat to roleplay on the campaign

2010-11-18, 10:28 PM
About the only really broken thing about it is Metamorphosis. Take that away and it's just a build that's really good at hitting things and moving around.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-18, 10:30 PM
So playable in a low-mid optimized game?...maybe reserving metamorphosis till it hits the fan

2010-11-18, 10:31 PM
It's Tier 3. That's about it. Versions taken to the logical extreme are maybe Tier 2 but one you'd actually play is Tier 3. It's no crazier than Frenzied Berserker, Duskblade or Charger Warblade or something of the sort damage wise and something like a Warblade still largely matches them versatility wise.

They're no CoDzillas, that's for sure.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-18, 10:32 PM
YAY that means I can play it!!!

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-19, 11:12 AM
How would a combination of king of smack and Tashalastora work?

Something like Elan Monk 2/Psychic Warrior 5/Slayer 10/something 3

Feats would be something like
Monk 1: Combat Expertise (Passive Way Fighting style
Flaw Dodge
Monk 2 Monastic Training (Slayer)
3 Overchannel
Psy War 1: Psionic Meditation
Psy War 2: Talented
6 Linked Power
Psy War 5: INA (Claws)
9 Karmic Strike
12: Rapidstrike
15: ExK(Metamorphosis)
18 Improved Rapidstrike (Claws)

Assuming fractional BAB I get 17 BAB (if the something is 3/4 BAB) or 18 (if full BAB)
Monk 12 goodies.
Psychic Warrior 18 Manifester level.


Edit: Why the hell is intuitive attack an Exalted feat??

Keld Denar
2010-11-19, 11:34 AM
INA is not a [Fighter] or [Psionic] feat, so you can't take it as your PsyWar5 bonus feat.

Other than that, looks good.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-19, 11:36 AM
INA is not a [Fighter] or [Psionic] feat, so you can't take it as your PsyWar5 bonus feat.

Other than that, looks good.

Crap... I need to tweak that.... hmmm

Keld Denar
2010-11-19, 11:38 AM
INA requires a BAB of +4. With fractional BAB, you have 6 * 3 / 4 = 4.5 BAB at 6th level. Just swap INA and Link Power.

Also, you'll have 12 effective monk levels. That gets you up to 2d6 base UAS damage. 2x Expansion ups this to 3d6 > 4d6 base. If you took INA for your UASs as well, you'd jet up to 6d6, whereas Superior Unarmed Strike would only bump you up to 4d8 if you were to look at either of those.

I'd assume your basic flurry attack routine by 20 would be:


Correct? In that case, you might want to augement your UASs over your claw damage with INA.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-19, 11:40 AM
IIRC linked power is a [Metapsionic] feat, and psywarriors can't take metapsionic feats with their bonus feats.