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2010-11-19, 02:43 AM
So I need help creating a pathfinder melee build. The situation right now is that I have already started as a lvl 1 half-orc barbarian with stats of:
Str 18
Dex 15
Con 18 (+2 racial bonus)
Int 14
Wis 13
Cha 9

Assume that the only books allowed are official pathfinder books but I will have to ask my GM if I can use other feats from 3.5, I liked the horizon tripper class I saw but I noticed that HW was a bit different in PF. What I am interested in though is for something that does alot of damage like the charger from 3.5 but I read that it was nerfed, just wanted a little help and thanks.

2010-11-19, 10:29 AM
If you go into fighter, I would look into the Advanced Players Guide (APG) for damaging character either the Weapon Specialist or the Two Handed weapon specialist. Both of these can increase you damage output with one weapon or a two handed weapon, but limiting you on damage with other type of weapons.

Power attack feat with the Furious Assult feat (APG) can be a nice combination at lower levels, and I think into some of the higher levels. If you are planing on doing any type of move and attack at 6 level you should really look into the Vital Strike line, unless you are going to try to get into Pounce some way.

Or if you would want to go into a tripper build go with the Polearm Specialist. It allows you use your polearm against adjacent foes at a penalty the scales down as you level, and not sure when you get it. With your dex you could go with combat reflexes and improved trip to be knocking people down with in your ten foot reach. Or if you get an enlarge potion or friendly magic user to enlarge you then you would be doing the cheese from 15 feet.

Looking at Barbarian your choices are bit limited on tripping, but there are some substition level things in the APG that would allow you be raging grappler. I would also look into the Invulernable Subustion line that would give you damage reduction lvl/2 min of 1. But my suggestions for Power Attack and Furious Assult still stand. At higher levels you might consider going with the Critical Feats that allow you to cause them to bleed, blind, or other status effect since there is the rage power that allows you to confirm one critical a day. If you use a high crit chance weapon most of your damage could be coming from your +4/+6 from strength so having a lower base line damage from weapons doesn't hurt you as much.

An looking at feat choices, really extra rage power never hurt any one. With the APG coming out with some better rage powers it does help quite a bit. If you plan to stay in Barbarian, I would look at taking one of the totem rage powers. They have some nice benefits. If an evil campaign, really look long and hard at the fiend totem. At first level it give you a secondary attack with horns. At higher levels anything hitting you with a non reach melee weapon will at take a 1d6 damage, and then the capstone of the ability is 2d6 slashing damage to any good creature plus the sickening effect, and just sickening effect on the neutral, and nothing on evil. If non evil would look at the haunted totem power.