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2006-07-28, 02:03 PM
This thread is the place for you to post information regarding your character. Please separate your post into:

[Stats and Description]
Put your description here. If you have already done this for the book thread, I think it is reasonable to put a link. To keep from bulking the thread, please only include one standard avatar-sized picture that you feel is most representative of you.

Put your character's story here. Once again, if it is in the book thread, then a link is sufficient. This is OOC information! But it also helps in the town so we don't all have to type this in a million times. You can just do "Fenric tells you his story [link]" and be done.

[Common Knowledge]
Things from your story that people can be assumed to know without your telling them.

Anything else.

[Ongoing Storyline]
A summary of your current plot. Not to be confused with the book thread's "plots you are in", this is your story. Please keep it up to date.

[b]Character Directory

{table]Aakor|Aaluran|Abd al-Azrad|Ace|Acco Spoot
Aereshaa|Ahra|Ahron, Tom|Aikidu (old)|Aikidu (new)
Aimi, Inuk, Magician, Lirian, Anar, Ivellios, Zakziril, Ran, Yectas, Fendran, Thonar
Alick, The Commander, Drake|Aloysius|Alton Tealeaf|Amiria|Angelus
Anna|Antonio|Arc "Akazid"|Archon Pheonixtear|Argenteus
Arkarus|Arnok|Arthimus Lancer|Arthuai|Asgard/Lurch/Bugh
Asyth|Aterious Levicious|Athelis|Atreyu the masked LLama|Auneredra
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Bel'Gaer|Big S|Bing-Bung, Bung-Bing|Bjorn Torden|BlackFox
Blind Fury|Blinkbear|Blood|Blue Wizard|boneless lorebearer
Bookman|Brain|Brandmund Vahan|Bruno|Bry
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Various Fox Races (http://homepage.mac.com/stocksdale_tx/FoxInfo.html)

[Stats and Description]

Name: Fenric Elteron NorZilliar
Race: Shadow Werefox
Class: Avatar of Shadows (Priest 30 outside of the temple)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Mischievous (Good). Nervous, friendly, sincere, paranoid, and tends to be more than a bit impulsive.
Age: 333 (although he's been alive a lot longer than that)
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair colour and length: red-brown with black eartips, white chest and throat
fur, black "socks" on feet and hands.
Eye colour: black usually, glowing red occasionally
Weapons: Fenric generally relies on magic, but he has his "bladestaff" (I'm sure it has a proper term, but I don't know it) which is a slightly shortened quarterstaff with adamantite blades on each end making up the length.

Fenric was born in the domain of Balnaroth, in Ravenloft, on the Plane of Shadows. This domain is a bit peculiar in that they know where they are, and are more coexistent with the shadows than many of the other domains. Particularly, the mortal creatures there have shadow souls. The lord of the domain is a lawful evil lich werefox originally from Faerun (Forgotten Realms). A group of adventurers were passing through when one of the party was killed in a rather permanent fashion by touching an Orb of Annihilation. Fenric managed to attach himself to the party, and got to leave the realm when they did.
After a number of years of adventuring around the realms, Fenric found the lich werefox's spellbook. Unbeknownst to Fenric, the lich had left the book as a trap. Fenric was puzzling out the name of the owner, and said it out loud, triggering the trap - and was sent straight to the lich's dungeon. The lich was reluctant to dispose of such a useful tool, and forced Fenric into slavery, working as an underling mage. One day, during the chaos of an attack by vampires from the nearby domain of Barovia, Fenric stole a very special wondrous item from the lich's hoard: A Figurine of Wondrous Power in the form of an engraved crystal cylinder. This item has a permanent attachment to an also permanent Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion. Once inside, Fenric discovered that the door could be relocated. He used this to escape the land of shadows. Since Fenric believes that he can't say the lich's name without being captured, Fenric refers to the lich as the Shadow Fox. Fenric hides in the mansion every night (where he is completely invisible), but during the day he has to go out because he has discovered that time and life stop inside the mansion. The lich is eager to capture Fenric to regain his reputation of being "inescapable". When his hunters trace Fenric, the lich attempts to subvert the locals with promises of wealth and power, and hands out shadow-gems to anyone who seems willing. Fenric wandered many planes and worlds seeking refuge from the lich's hunters, who included Fenric's own half-brother Fendran, and a terrible Deflier Dragon (Dark Sun) whom Fenric only knew as Draco.
Fenric was an adventurer, yes: but he was not a good one. His marauding band was a terror to the wild lands south of Cormyr. It was by chance one day, after his band was defeated by a village that was actually a trap, that he fell into the care of a tenderhearted elf woman. She tended him with care and love, and the cold shadow from Ravenloft was tamed and he was won over to the benevolent lady of the rice fields.
His joy was cut short when the village he was hiding in discovered him and attacked, killing her and driving him out. It was not long after that he found the lich's spellbook and was sent back to the shadows. The seeds of good in that Fenric grew until he finally reached the state he is in now.
Since coming to town...
Fenric assisted Sneak in recovering Sneak's god powers from the assassin Artemis Enteri.
Fenric participated in the rebuilding of Trog's, and led the cooperative-circle that placed the enchantments that make Trog's indestructable.
There was a temporary "restraining order" against the Dark Powers made by Wukei while she was still Hel, but that was dissolved due to Hel's actions regarding Wukei.
Fenric, Llama, Kantur, and Bookman went to the Plane of Ice in a disjoint timeline recovering Fenric's body. Fenric was killed in the Temple of Bahamutte during an altercation with the god Loki (who was killed when Fenric chewed on his neck in blood-rage) on by flying into a Prismatic Wall.
Next, Fenric faced betrayal by the shadow fox Kirana. She was from his home town, and was in love with Fenric; but he never returned it at the time, being too intent on his studies. She found Fenric at the first Dionysus party, when Trog took a group there to incapacitate the god of wine. She followed the group back to Town, and she came to the temple. She sincerely followed Inari at that time and soon became the Head of Services. But she more sincerely followed Fenric... and he did not return her affections. Worse: he brushed her off, made fun of her, and generally was a jerk about the whole thing. That broke her heart, and drove her mad. Kirana attempted to assassinate Fenric twice, and Fenric hired Renrik to kill her. Renrik succeeded, but Kirana rose again as a shadow. In the initial burst of mirror activity, the blessed mirror-Kirana came to the Town and rescued shadow Kirana from her fate. Evil Fenric was killed in a burst of violence. Good Fenric bound mirror-Fenric's soul on the ethereal plane, and the good Kirana stayed there to try to rehabilitate the evil mirror-fenric, who had been her husband.
Due to his actions with Kirana, Fenric fell into disfavor with the goddess. After Kirana was redeemed by the assistance of mirror-Kirana, Fenric was atoned but the goddess altered Fenric, removing his wizard abilities and making him fully a priest, giving him a substantial wisdom bonus.
After a night at the home plane of Dionysus (the second visit with Trog), Fenric and Myobi had a litter of Kits. As a result, Fenric is now married to Myobi. As part of the deal with Myobu over the whole thing, Fenric has become the avatar of the shadow foxes. However, he does not come into his full power until his current life (with Myobi) is over. Fenric, being chaotic, breaks the rules sometimes: but nothing good ever comes of it.
The Dark Powers next tried to assert their claims to Fenric. It turns out that 800 years ago, the King and Lord of the Land for Balnaroth was a basically incompetent fop. The kingdom was run by the royal council, and they liked it that way. The Dark Powers did not. They acquired a werefox lich named Kalzarath from the forgotten realms and promised the domain to him if he would kill the king. The lich was no fool, and tricking a fox is never an easy task. He fulfilled the letter of the agreement, but used a powerful spell to block much of the downside of being a lord from happening to him. 800 years passed, the lich was killed by Phoenixineohp and Phoenix, and the domain started to fall apart. Finally, Fenric was chosen by the powers to be the next dark lord.
The Dark Powers gathered up a group of attackers including the gods Loki and Karai Tenjin, Fenric's brother Fendran, Gezina (under a curse), the mirror versions of Exachix, Krystal, and little-Kyrian (now known as Karl). Their own avatars: the Hands of Darkness lead the army and attacked the temple at a time when most of the Knight Defenders were away. They very nearly dragged the entire temple off to a new domain in Ravenloft, and captured many of the residents of the temple. Fenric's son Kazuki led the rescue attempt along with the rest of Fenric's kits, Elya, Kenyon, Atreyu, Gezina (now recovered from her curse), Exachix, Ilias, and Lillah. Other townsfolk hopped in and out during the course of the mission. They group faced the following Hands of Darkness: Deceit, Corruption (during which encounter it was hinted at that Kazuki was gay), Fear, Violence, and Death. They finally reached the temple and fought the principle avatar of the Dark Powers: the Hand of Mists. He was defeated and everyone was rescued.
Next, the powers inspired Fendran to try again. This time he recruited mirror-Exachix and mirror-Krystal to assassinate Fenric's father, and murder Krystal and Exachix. They succeeded in their plot, but Fendran was himself killed and his soul was captured.
Fenric grew tired of the attacks, led a group to the demiplane in an attempt to forestall the unpleasant situation of the dark power's attacks. They roamed around Ravenloft for a while, and eventually arrived in the Royal Palace of Balnaroth. There Aesa felt the powerful warping of fate that had gone on there, and she became irritated. Her irritation grew stronger as they neared the throne room. In the throne room, the group encountered the shell of the mighty Mundane spell. A number of goblins attacked from the far side of the shell. The group was at a loss for a time when faced with the loss of their powers, with the notable exception of Kenyon and future-Destro whose technological weaponry won the day. All during the fight, Aesa stood aside, becoming more and more angry at the dishevelled state of the weave of fate in the room. Seeing that the world itself was on the verge of destruction, she smote the weave with her rod, setting it right. This dismissed the "Mundane" spell. Unfortunately, it also forced the chain of lordship to follow through: Fenric was instantly made the next dark lord (anbd released Fendran). Fenric (and everyone else) was facing being trapped forever, when Kenyon finally exclaimed that he though Fenric was supposed to be "a god or sumthin or other". Fenric blinked in surprise and embarrassment. The solution had been there the whole time, and was trivial: As an avatar, the goddess could manifest up to five instances of Fenric. After a moment's prayer, the goddess manifested a second instance to take the place in Ravenloft. With the party attached to the incarnation of Fenric, everyone was now free to leave as the entrapment only clung to the lord himself. The new manifestation took up his rightful place as Earl of Norlath, and Fenric led the group back home. So now: one manifestation of the avatar is in Ravenloft as the dark lord. One is incarnated in Town. Three are available to the goddess for use on the plane of Shadows.
Karl hired Renrik to assassinate Mikhail, Kazuki's demon lover. Renrik caught up with Mikhail in the temple and attacked him there. Because Karl is a child of Inari, the priests and avatars had their hands tied: Renrik was formally an agent of the goddess. In the ensuing scene, the evil spellweaver Elric (an agent of Kalzarath) entered and killed Fenric with several powerful spells. Fenric is now bound by the limitations of the other avatars and rarely ever leaves the temple.
With his new divine knowledge, the mystery of why the lich was so determined to catch him has been solved. The crystal key that Fenric stole was also the lich's phylactery!
A group from the temple defeated the evil spell-weavers and destroyed the lich.

[Common Knowledge]
- Fenric enters blood-rage fairly easily in melee combat, so tends to avoid it.
- Fenric's soul is a shadow
- Fenric was a wizard, and Chaotic Evil, until recently. His conversion was accompanied by him becoming a priest.
- Fenric was married before, and has a young kit-fox named Krystal.
- It has since been revealed that Fenric's wife was killed by rampaging villagers at some point in the past.
- Fenric is now married to Myobi, whom he is rarely apart from
- Fenric was killed by the agents of the lich Kalzarath, and is now an avatar. As such he has trouble leaving the temple.

Werefoxes are based on elves, not humans. My alternate form is an elf of similar proprotions with tan hair and brown eyes. (The third being, of course, a standard red fox)
I'm a werefox, not a werewolf: I don't care about silver, wolfsbane, or the full moon. The three vulnerabilities of Werefoxes are: Juniper replaces wolfsbane, canine bone replaces silver, and the sound of a hunting horn replaces the full moon.
I run the Temple of Inari, and I do Inari's responses. I do try to answer folks who show up, so please be patient.

[Ongoing Storyline]
The Nogitsune
Name: Inari
Race: Goddess
Class: Principal Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 70)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good

Inari is the goddess of rice: The plant itself. The cultivation of it. The products made from it.
She has countless billions of worshippers spread across the various planes of existance. There are three avatars solely devoted to rice: The Traveller, Myobi, and the Secretary of Rice.
Foxes are her children. Inari created foxes to watch over the grain and eat the birds and rodents that would destroy the sacred plant. Kitsune are her especial messengers: sacred foxes endowed with the ability to take on human or elvish form. Myobu is the avatar of all foxes.
Werefoxes arose from the Iron Woods, when the great wolf Fenrir dwelt there with his mother. She experimented with various canid animals: jackals, foxes, hyenas... All of them are descended from the great wolf, and therefore from Loki himself. They are accepted by Inari due to their vulpine heritage.
After a large group of us migrated from Hel's domain to the Plane of Shadow, we took on the characteristics of that plane. Thousands of years of living there made us a distinct sub-species: the shadow-foxes. Fenric is the avatar of werefoxes and the shadow-foxes.
Inari is an agricultural and racial goddess. She is concerned predominantly with nurturing and growth. She is good, but it is the quiet good of the countryside rather than the formalized good of high society. We don't go on crusades. We don't try to win converts or convince people to change their beliefs. We don't really feel a conflict with "evil" beings at all, unless they threaten us directly.
Finally, since rice is a critical component in many economies across the multiverse, she is revered as a goddess of wealth and prosperity as well.
The worship of Inari is mostly personal. The sanctuary is open for prayer and meditation as you feel led.
There is a small ceremony at dawn every day, where the main sacred fires are lit.
There is a celebration at the full of the moon each month, and a quiet time of prayer at the dark of the moon.
There are major ceremonies and holidays at the times of rice planting, transplanting, and harvest.
The fox festival is held at the time when the wild cousins give birth. We feed them a special treat made with rice wrapped in fried bean curds.
Otherwise, the temple does not hold regular formal services.
Name: Myobu
Race: Celestial Kitsune (shapeshifting fox)
Class: Secondary Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 50)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good

Myobu is the avatar of foxes and priests. If he appears outside of the temple, he is restricted to the level and abilities of the priest who summoned him.
Name: Myobi NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Kitsune (shapeshifting fox)
Class: Secondary Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 50)
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good, tending toward Neutral Good. Friendly, tempermental, loyal.

Myobi was one of the celestial fox avatars, who through various means became incarnated and married to Fenric. *This has left her with exactly the same stats, skills, and feats as Fenric.

The avatar Myobi is the avatar of rice: cultivation, harvesting, and processing.
Liu, The Assistant Minister of Rice
Name: The Assistant Minister of Rice
Race: Celestial (appears human)
Class: Secondary Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 60)
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good

The Secretary of Rice is Inari's envoy to the Celestial Bureaucracy. He has stated that he reports to the Minister of Agriculture, but has authority in the Ministry of the Treasury and the Ministry of War. He appears as an ageless human in ornate chinese court robes with a mandarin hat and long mustaches.
Daisuke, The Traveller
Name: The Traveller
Race: Celestial (appears human)
Class: Special Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 70)
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral

The traveller wanders the multiverse spreading the knowledge of rice to places where it is not know. He appears as a venerable old man with a bag of rice over his shoulder. He has remarkably little to do with the Town, and only shows up if some major event brings all of the avatars together at once. It turns out that Daisuke is the original manifestation of the deity from the dawn of time.
The Kits
Krystal NorZilliar
Name: Krystal NorZilliar
Race: Shadow Werefox
Class: Wizard 27/Shadowcaster 5/Spellweaver 2
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good. Friendly, intelligent, helpful, but generally sarcastic.

Krystal is Fenric's first daughter, by his first wife. She is much older than she looks, having spent 340 years in an extra-dimensional space where time did not progress.

Krystal is very much like her father was before he became a priest. Impulsive, incautious, and too curious for her own good. She is fascinated by magic and is always seeking new things, especially if they are powerful.

Krystal is married to Exachix. She recently had a litter of kits, but refuses to speed up time: so they are unlikely to be a factor in town.

After having the kits, Krystal studied shadow magic and shadow weaving with Izumi. After the attack on the lich's castle, Krystal returned to loot the place and found a fragment of the [i]Weavegem. Working with Izumi and Ferdar, Krystal recreated small versions of the powerful item.
Kazuki and Izumi NorZilliar
Name: Kazuki NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Priest 16
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good. Reserved, insecure, but decisive when he needs to be.

Kazuki is a son of Fenric and Myobi. He has proven the most adept of Fenric's children at the priesthood, but he often gets in over his head. He is the high priest of the main temple on the Plane of Shadows, which makes his father the avatar he is responsible to. Fenric basically banished him after he released Loki from a gem-trap, so he is limited to shadow magic and is officially a native to the plane of shadow. He is married to Izumi, although mostly "in name only", as he somewhat prefers the company of other males.

Kazuki and Izumi seem to be getting along better than they used to, though they are anything but close.

Name: Izumi NorZilliar
Race: Shadow Werefox
Class: Shadowcaster 10/Child of Night 15/Spellweaver 5
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral. Cold, emotionless, direct.

Izumi spent a long time as a "channeller": she could draw on the power of someone else's shadow, but couldn't seem to do anything on her own. It was only after much study, and finally finding the underground temple of darkness, that she learned the true nature of her powers. She is married to Kazuki, although their relationship is rather strange.

Izumi has gained a great deal of power by absorbing the essence of her mirror-version.

Ferdar NorZilliar
Name: Ferdar NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Cleric 14
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Absentminded, polite, friendly.

Ferdar has heavily specialized in the crafting of items, making him of little use as a general purpose priest. He is rarely seen outside of his workshop.
Yoshiro NorZilliar
Name: Yoshiro NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Wizard 15
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral evil. Focused, helpful, "of few words".

Yoshiro follows the family calling of wizardry. He doesn't speak much, preferring to let his spells do the talking.
Ayame NorZilliar
Name: Ayame NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Cleric 8/Lawyer 5
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Neutral. High-strung, headstrong, and impatient.

Ayame gave up training for the priesthood earlier, focusing on law instead. She is inexperienced, however, and often gets her sisters in trouble.
Karina NorZilliar
Name: Karina NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Wizard 18
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral good. Intense, driven, and more than a bit selfish.

Karina is named after Fenric's mother, but she bears a much closer resembelance to Fenric himself. She focuses on her studies to the exclusion of pretty much everything else, which has made her a somewhat unpleasant person to be around.
Kirana NorZilliar
Name: Kirana NorZilliar
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Cleric 2
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral. A bit dumb, flighty, and emotional

In the words of Fenric: "Kirana is training to be someone's wife someday". She tries to study, when she remembers. She hangs around with Ayame most of the time, and gets in trouble because of it.
Karl Soulblade
Name: Karl Soulblade (Formerly Kyrian NorZilliar)
Race: Celestial Shadow Werefox
Class: Soulknife 12 / Kineticist 8 / Paladin 2 (Kyrian)
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Neutral. Friendly, loyal, headstrong, fearless

Karl is one of Fenric's sons by Myobi. He was an incarnation of the celestial guardian, Bishamon. He was originally named in honor of [the original] Kyrian, after Kyrian was killed sacrificing himself to defeat the Dark Saiyans. Kyrian came back, and Bishamon gradually asserted his control over little-Kyrian. Under the god's influence, little-Kyrian changed his name to Karl Soulblade. Finally, Kyrian confronted the god and wrested control of Karl from him. Karl is now a paladin of Kyrian.

2006-07-28, 02:30 PM
Oooh yay I'm the first one.

Oskar (PC) [Last Updated 9/18/06]
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 15/Ranger 5/Justicar Stalker* 1
Age: 19
Height: 5' 11&quot;
Weight: 120lbs
Name Oskar Terrawind
Alignment and Temperment: True Neutral. He tends to try and be helpful, but can be deadly when angered or when the Zergling is threatened or dying. Can also alternate from being a total ass to being kind and goodhearted. Honors the laws of his homeland, but values freedom over everything else.
Hair Color: Dark brown, but patches are lighter due to mud, length is down to middle back.
Eye Color: Bright green.
Equipment: See below for clothing. Carries a compass, and now two masterwork shortswords, and occasionally vials of home-brew herbal potions.
Oskar is a young human, wearing new, uniform brown clothing that covers him head to toe. His hair flows freely on his back, but his entire face is covered by brown bandage-like wrappings, except for his eyes. He has gauntlets that are leather, but lined with steel. His boots are all terrain and waterproof. He has also aquired a metal shoulderplate engraved with the emblem of a broken chain.
He grew up on a small thorp thousands of miles away. All was good, and one fourteen year old boy noticed the huge rock falling from the sky. When it landed it set the forest ablaze. He dared to go in and liberate 2 little eggs the size of chicken eggs. By the time the village dared to go near, he was at home in his basement. Weeks passed, and one egg finally hatched into a little orange dog liek creature with scales and claws. The other egg did nothing, but continue to pulse and slime over. He eventually tamed the big one, letting it eat rabbits and such. No one else knew about his creature which he dubbed a 'Zergling'. Later, he went to a nearby Metropolis to trade it, as it was getting so large it could eat several deer. Maybe someone else knew how to care for it properly. On the way he got attacked by bandits, and watched in amazement as the zergling tore them limb from limb and ate their corpses. The bandits had hacked some scales off of his hide, and so Oskar put them in a bag and decided to change plans. He was going to keep this zergling as a protector of the village. When he got to the metropolis, he sold the scales for 100gp, the vendor said they were as hard as Adamantine, but Oskar does not believe him. He bought some food and a custom saddle for the zergling with the intention of turning it into a steed.
It failed miserably.
Sadly, he bartered the saddle for some more food and a knife, and as an afterthought a rapier. When he got home, the village was burned down and the villagers mauled, some with missing limbs or heads. He saw huge footprints shaped like my zerglings foot coming from the forest. He brought his zergling to the crash site of the meteor, and this is where it gets plain weird.
He saw a field of eggs, green, and pulsing, just like how my zerglings egg was before it hatched.
The field of eggs hatched at that moment.
He had a good 32 or 34 baby zerglings on him at that moment, as 2 hatched from each egg. It took much struggling, but he finally got out of it once an animal cry for help came from the village. He had to grab his zergling to stop it from answering too. Then he realized his zergling didnt help him. It couldnt hurt its own kin.
Resolving to avenge his town, he tied the zergling to a tree and put the egg in its care. He went and eventually killed the remaining zerglings in the town.
When he went back, the zergling was gone, as was the egg.
Over a course of 5 years on foot, he had trudged through the wilderness, spending one week at a Rogues Academy, dueling a mind flayer (which he killed), and generally getting driven out of villages since a year ago, before eventually coming to the Town, looking for his now dead zergling, and the unhatched egg (which is now hatched, and fully grown).
One chapter of his five year trek involves a Lich, a sword, and speaking to the gods themselves.
Common Knowledge
He knows about his pet zergling, he knows alot about behaviour and growth patterns of it. He can stomach 6 DBLs and have a clear head. He cant read, but still seems to have a notepad which contains names of people, race, profession, and their cause of death (One such entry is written in Elven saying; &quot;Name: Unknown. Race: Mind Flayer. Profession: Bandit. Cause of Death: Brain Removed.).
His 'orange critter' has fully grown, and is a loyal mount with a particular appitite for human flesh.
Oskar abides by the laws of his long gone home.
Oskar never seems to have fear when it would make sense to.
Oskar does however have a great fear of undead.
Ongoing Storyline
Mourning the death of his brother, Taklinn. Also wrapped up in Friore's death, and is currently gone to hunt down other Justicars.

Taklinn (PC) [Last Updated 9/18/06]
Name: Taklinn
Class: Ranger 1/Wizard 2
Race: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5' 9&quot;
Eye Color: Navy
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Good. Tries to be helpful and stay out of the way, but often forgets things and changes quite often.
Equipment: Standard issue level 1 Wizard gear, earthy-green robe. Knife in boot.
Description: Taklinn, being Oskar's younger brother, looks remarkably like him. Except no facemask. He wears his wizard robe, boots, shirt, pants, and gloves when the weather gets rough.
Ongoing Storyline:
Currently dead at the hands of Friore.

Mechanus (PC/NPC) [Last Updated 9/5/06]
Name: Mechanus
Class: Former Deity, probably Artificer.
Race: Human/Construct
Age: Millions of years. He was a God once, remember?
Height: 6' 1&quot;
Weight: Est. 450lb
Eye Color: Natural Eye; Grey. Robotic Eye; Red.
Hair Color: Bald.
Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Neutral with Good tendancies. Obey most laws without question, but enforces none. Tends to be quiet, and avoids the subject of magic.
Equipment: Cybernetic body parts, longsword, self-reloading pistol.
Machinery was always the specialty of Mechanus, seeing as he was the God of it. Over the centuries, he'd been tinkering with his cybernetic arm, giving it features such as searchlights and minor weaponry, using the ever-powerful Machine Spirit to turn it into a fully functional part that worked just as well as a normal limb. Then, he sort of expanded it. At the present, his entire left side is mechanical, including half of his brain.
However, many thousands of years ago, most of his followers died out. Magic was overtaking the mystical forces of the Machine Spirit. The Spirit died out completely, and Mechanus lost his God status. Now, he is a wandering cyborg, not really caring if he ever achieves Godhood again, mostly just wanting to find out of the Machine Spirit has been reborn with the powers of another Divine being.
Common Knowledge:
-Was once the God of Machinery.
-Dislikes and avoids magic.
-Calls himself a 'mortal' despite the fact he will never die of old age.
-Likes to talk about creating a giant war-machine/construct known simply as Deathbringer.

Qui (NPC) [Last Updated 8/10/06]
Name: Qui (pronounced Kwee)
Class: Familiar
Race: Mouse
Age: 3 months
Length: 5&quot;
Weight: 4oz
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White with tan patches
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Neutral. Sort of rude, proud, and looks out for herself... except when ordered to do something for Taklinn, that is.
None. She's a mouse!
Common Knowledge:
-She is a familiar to Taklinn

*Homemade prestige class. Maybe I'll stat it out eventually.

Ryshan Ynrith
2006-07-28, 02:38 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Ryshan Ynrith
Race: Human with aquired Half-Dragon template
Class: Sorcerer10/Fighter10/Dragon Disciple 20
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good. Calm, orderly, friendly, and occasionally aggressive.
Age: 31
Height: 6 feet, 11 inches
Weight: 295 lbs
Hair colour and length: Black hair, shoulder-length.
Eye colour: Bronze, including the whites.
Weapons: Light magic, but primarily an extremely powerful sword called Bamahut's Talon.


[Stats and Description]

Name: Iridar Ynrith
Race: Changeling
Class: Rogue 40
Alignment and Temprament: Nuetral. Slightly impulsive, greedy, and prone to gamble (both in games and in risk). Appears friendly to most.
Age: 28
Height: 6 feet, 1 inch, but variable with form.
Weight: 195 lbs , but variable with form.
Hair colour and length: His 'normal' appearance has brown hair, kept in a braid that comes down to the middle of his back. Subject to change without warning.
Eye colour: Normal persona has grey eyes. Subject to change.
Weapons: Iridar has several powerful shortswords and daggers, but is more used to stealth and opportunistic battle than a stand-up fight.


2006-07-28, 04:22 PM
[Stats and Description]

Captain Wukei Shipmaster

Name: Captain Wukei Shipmaster
Race: Human (ex-demigod)
Class: Swashbuckler/Dread Pirate (think the Pirate King more than Wesley)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral
Age: technically Wukei is only 10
Height: 5'11&quot;
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair colour and length: black, midback
Eye colour: purple
Weapons: blunderbuss and cutlass along with several daggers

Wukei's original memory only consisted on sailing on the seas as the great captain Wukei Shipmaster of the Starsail. She and Loki sailed together, avoiding a man that followed her constantly, trying to capture the lady o'fortune.

She first appeared on the shores of the Town selling portraits. The first she ever drew for the Town was Sneak's.

She agreed to aid the non-existant mafia in a few things, though. She shipped in illegal alcohol for Grievosi, and killed a few spies at the abandoned house.

Recently she's become a cop, a 180 to what she was before. But seeing the corruptability in law she still only wears the badge to fight against wrongs rather than anyone breaking the law.

[Common Knowledge]
Wukei is a piece of Hel, daughter of Loki
Wukei has a family consisting of two brothers (Jormungandr and Fenrir), she has two kids--twins--(Alex and Mhina) and is married to Hawkeye.
Wukei is being hunted by three gods: Hel, Chaos, and Camin (though Camin is more after her daughter)

Though Wukei herself is only technically ten years old, she has the memories of Hel, who is thousands of years old.

Alex is the reincarnation of the chaotic god, and Mhina is the reincarnation of a goddess of law.

[Ongoing Storyline]


Jormungandr, Hel, Loki, and Fenrisulfr (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/family01.jpg)
Wukei Shipmaster (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/WitG01painted.jpg)

Mhina Shipmaster

Name: Mhina Shipmaster
Race: Demigod/Werewolf (human)
Class: Psion/God
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good
Age: 4 months-ish
Height: 4'9&quot;
Weight: 80 lb
Hair colour and length: silver, down to knees
Eye colour: ice blue
Weapons: powers

[list] Suzaku Seikon
Feng Huang
Seiryuu (Long Wang)
Qi-Lin (Byakko)
Gui Xian (Genbu)

Mhina's Wedding Dress (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/Mhina01color.png)
Mhina and Lykan (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/Lykan_Mhina01.jpg)

Suzaku Seikon (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/Suzakucolour01.png)
Mirror Mhina (ex Suzaku) (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/dMhina01.jpg)
Mhina and Alex (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/Mhina_Alex01.jpg)

2006-07-28, 04:45 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Kantur VoRebrend
Race: Tiefling
Class: Rogue 16/Cleric 11/Tiefling Paragon 3
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good
Age: 29
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair colour and length: Black, shoulder-length
Clothing: Typically a courtiers outfit with appropriate jewelry in the colours on my avatar.
Eye colour: Blue, though Red when his fiendish blood takes control.
Weapons: His family sword - an epicly powerful longsword. A +4 Short sword that prevents resurrection by normal means. A shocking rapier, a whip and a plain dagger.

A Tiefling from the blood of a demon of no known demonic name, nor known true name, Kantur was a rebel to his parents strong beliefs. He didn't see why elves were to be hated, he saw no joy from stealing, and he took the path of shadow where others chose poison. He left his home at 15 and walked roughly east, always into the light, though still plagued by darkness surrounding him. He met his sister several years later to be told that their father had died and his estate was to be divided, and that a truce was offered to him for a tenday to settle things. He returned and recieved two letters and the VoRebrend Longsword, which was lost to a cunning dragon a year later. The letters were never opened, but never destroyed either, still sitting in his bag of holding. He travelled some more, using his talents where he could and eventually ended up at the Town. Since then, he's kept to the fringes of events mostly, though finds himself helping more when the opportunity arises.

[Common Knowledge]
Kantur was a Barman at Trog's and an experienced Rogue to boot, as well as a priest of Tymora.


[Ongoing Storyline]
Kantur's still trying to escape the evil of his blood and family, though he's beginning to accept that soon he'll have to deal with it. Especially as he's beginning to realise some of his Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather's threats, promises and foretelling's weren't entirely untrue. And, despite not being named in them, he's a big part of them, the 'White sheep from the sixth to follow' is said to be part of something to splinter the family and bring about VoRebrend again to re-unite the bloodline. He knows the artifacts of VoRebrend must have something to do with it, and that it's probably not good if he gets his hands on them again, but at the same time he knows he struggles when great power is in his hands...
He completed his quest, save two members of his family, and returned to the town, more powerful and corrupt than when he left. He cheated on Hoseki, played mind games with Illuna and generally enjoyed the power and it's evil source his blood gave him. Hoseki returned and made sure he paid the price for his cheating, by letting Gatamu eat him. Eventually he returned to the land of the living and since then has been dating Lorrian, Exachix's sister and helped the NorZillars loot various places.

2006-07-28, 04:47 PM
Stats and Description

Name: Hawkeye
Race: Was a tiefling, but now is a pure blooded human
Class: Fighter/Deepwood sniper
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good, has been other alignments in the past, mostly LN. Logical and straightup. Doesn't show much emotion on the outside.
Age: Looks mid 20's, but is older than that, has lost count of his age.
Height: 6 feet 1 inches
Weight: Average for that height
Hair colour and length: Brown, quite short.
Eye colour: Changes. Normally blue, but can change to an all blue or all red (think &quot;dune&quot; for the last two)
Weapons: Expertly made bow made by one of the finest elven bowyers. Also has a longsword.


Common knowledge

Was a detective in the police force
Had an alterego, a demon called Merant
Is married to Wukei, father of twins Alex and Mhina


Did share a body with a demon called Merant. He did take control of Hawkeye's body on several occasions in Town when the conditions were right. First it was the proximity of strong magical devices and then it was great emotional strain. Merant has been evicted from Hawkeye's body when his soul was shattered by a dwarf god, but he has the possibilty of returning.

Ongoing storylines

Nada, all done. Possible things in the pipeline for the future, nothing going at the current time

Alex Shipmaster

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-07-28, 04:49 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Captain El Jaspero, the Dread Pirate King
Race: Pickled Human
Class: Bard/Unfettered/Dread Pirate 10/Drunken Master. Most levels yet undetermined, but total somewhere in the 22-28 range.
Alignment and Temperament: Easygoing and optimistic; slow to anger, but vicious once that point is reached. Technically Neutral Good (but showing Lawful tendencies of late), but those sensetive to Tenebrian magic can sense a faint taint of it in El Jaspero.
Age: Unknown, likely mid-30s.
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 168 lbs.
Hair color and length: Sandy brown and straight, starting to show just a few strands of silver if you look closely. Usually pulled back in a queue and tied under his bandana, but if worn loose it comes well past his shoulders.
Eye color: Brown flecked with gold.
Garb: The Pirate King now wears a fine red coat trimmed with gold and a tricorner hat. His wedding ring is masterfully cut from a single sapphire.
Weaponry: "Mr. Stabby", a flaming cutlass and another yet-unnamed frost sabre. Often uses improvised weapons as well; he was given an elegant flintlock pistol as a wedding present, and wears it proudly.

The Dread El Jaspero's origins are a mystery, but he was for many years a pirate know across the seas of the world. Famed for his mirth, skill in battle, and honor, he preyed particularly on the vessels of tyrants and evil demihuman kingdoms. His reign came to an end a few years ago when his frigate Liza Jane was captured by the battleship Warsong, commanded by his former apprentice. El Jaspero somehow escaped and came to The Town to enjoy a quiet retirement as Trog's bardtender, assuming the Navy would never think to look for him here...

[Common Knowledge]
-El Jaspero is involved in an epic The Feud with BlackFox. Neither manages to gain the upper hand for long.
-After being killed in the destruction of the first Trog's Tavern, he returned as Saint Jaspero, the ineffective patron saint of the Town. He has since returned to his mortal form.
-Before the settling of the town, El Jaspero once took the name Mauron, Lord of the Hats and engaged the world in the epic Third War of Haberdashery, searching for the powerful artifact known as The One Dashing Straw Boater To Rule Them All. He wore the Boater as Saint Jaspero, but its present location is unknown.
-It's possible that El Jaspero is fond of drink.
-El Jaspero has demonstrated proficiency in Celestial and Cat, and likely speaks Pirate (http://talklikeapirate.com/howto.html) as well.
-The Pirate King is also Master Herald of the Town College of Arms (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17691), the institution responsible for creating and registering the coats-of-arms of the Town's citizens.

-El Jaspero lost his eye in the battle that cost him the Liza Jane. Its replacement gives him permanent 120' darkvision and allows him to use any detect spell or true seeing once per round, at will.
-The Pirate King is the former apprentice of another of the Town's famed pirates.
-The Unfettered class is from Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved variant PHB.

[Ongoing Storylines]
-El Jaspero, with the help of a band of friends, recaptured the Liza Jane from a band of goblins; after being repaired and refitted in the harbor, she pursued a course of privateering against the Black Kingdoms under a Letter of Marque from the regional Admiral. The Letter has since been revoked, so the ship and crew have turned full pirate once again.
-The Pirate King himself, however, seems to be spending most of his energy lately pursuing the plotline simply titled "The Pirate King in Love". He lives in the gemshop's upstairs with Alarra and they have semi-adopted the elf orphans Ala and Kint.
-El Jaspero and Alarra were married Sept. 23, and their daughter Agneta was born in January. Somehow Kyrian is also their son. Get your head around that one.
-His former apprentice Ceika Ceiblayde was once an Admiral in the Navy; their first bloody duel resulted in his being thrown into a wall and knocked out. A second meeting was even nastier, resulting in Ceika's near-death and a startling revelation for El Jaspero. Their third meeting, though painful for the pirate, brought them to a reconciliation. El Jaspero used the plotline-completion XP bonus to pick up Dread Pirate level 10 and the title Pirate King.
-El Jaspero and Renrik are presently on a voyage to the Northlands; their intent is yet unknown.

-The Liza Jane is inhabited by various crewmembers, but they are almost never seen in Town. One is most likely to meet his First Mate Janae or his bo'sun Dovis while ashore. Those visiting the College of Arms will almost certainly encounter his assistant Ioren there.

2006-07-28, 04:59 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Alarra
Race: Human (former celestial aspect)
Class: erm....I dunno
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful good. Insecure, trusting, overly helpful, and tends to blame herself for everything.
Age: she doesn't know.
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair colour and length: Long blond hair, usually braided.
Eye colour: pale blue
Weapons: Alarra has a small magical crystal knife for dire situations, but has never used it. She uses magic when she must, but rarely as a weapon, more often to heal or shield herself or others.

Alarra was born human, but has no recollection of a life prior to that as an aspect of law. She is starting to recall memories of this life now. She was until recently one of 3 aspects of law, restoration to be specific. She resigned her post because of a large disagreement with Camin, the most powerful of the three, over the manner in which she was running the domain. Camin does however still have some power and control over her. Alarra was very close to Sylitha, the third aspect of law who was killed. She has a background in jewelry crafting and magic item creation.

Update: Camin is now trapped in a small crystal box at the bottom of the sea which occurred following her becoming a demon. Alarra trapped her there and lost her immortality in the process of sealing the box. Alarra is now married to El Jaspero and runs the gem shop. They recently had their first child, Agneta. They have also traveled to Dossin to learn of Alarra's former life and discovered much regarding cultist activities. (story to be posted eventually) They have also recently learned that they are Kyrian, who is here from the future,'s parents. They have 'adopted' two elf children who live with them in their shop/home, along with Atreyu (occasionally) and Blood.


[Ongoing Storyline]
El Jaspero's run in with the Navy.
Dealing with Dossin
Daily living.

Brin (leopard)

(town avatars in sig)

Thes Hunter
2006-07-28, 05:01 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Thes Hunter
Race: Just a Normal run of the mill mortal human, Though, Thes was once a God (http://www.hwmud.org/immortals/immortals.htm) this will normally not come into play, unless a plot demands it.
Class: Fighter, with a little dash of Ranger (High level... but not Epic Level Munchkinism) *Note I take a very Amber level approach to Thes in most town interactions, only when I need to 'roll some dice' do I start to qauntify her stats, which could change from situation to situation (partially because I forget what I said she had the last time)
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Bitter. Cold and intense. Though there is a rumour that she is actually Neutral Good, her bitterness won't let that show through very often though.
Age: early 40's
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 190 ish lbs.
Hair color and length: Mouse brown and cut in a short bob.
Eye color: Regular ordinary brown (Even though my sheet says blue eyes)
Weaponry: Noticable, a HUGE sword. It is a quasi-artifact level weapon, sooo it's bad... ya know.
Armour A beaten and battered set of half plate, and ragged clothes. Is also quasi-artifact level. It provides her superior protection from most forms of attack. She also appears to have a pair of firey wings that change her in some visual way, and make her more powerful, but she doesn't wear them all the time.. she knocks over too many drinks that way.

Thes stepped into town in a fugue after passing through some swirling mists. It is an easy guess that her arrival in town had something to do with the plane shift.

Thes grew up poor raised by her father in a small fishing village, because her mother died in childbirth. She killed her father after an altercation. (More details if you PM me)

She then ran off and became an adventurer for many years. Eventually she was noticed and offered a position in a respected policing authority/Assassin hunters (The Angels of Fire). She raised to great heights within the organization eventually leading it. However, it was learned that she was wanted for the death of her father, and she fled in disgrace instead of trying to clear her name.

After a few years of wandering she took a position leading an army for the Kingdom of Corrigyton. She quickly found herself heading up all the nation's armies. The country was at war with two of it's neighbors, so Thes was respondible for killing thousands in only a couple of years.

She took to drinking heavily and became cocky. She started losing battles, and to compensate she started to take more risks and wade too far into the thick of battle. She was fired because the Kingdom could not only support her loses, nor could the fund her ressurection bill.

She wandered for some more years, but finally found a small fiefdom, in the far corner of her world, of the random dimension she came from. The man was mean and cruel and didn't pay her very well. However, something happened to place her in a walking catatonia that she arrived in town in.

[Common Knowledge] .
- Seems to have the feat Legendary Drinking, the way she can beat back the DLB's and the CCC's in Trog's tavern.
- Has paid Trog over 1 million gp for a bar tab. Still wishes to see him dead.
- Bet the mayor she could out drink him if he paid off that tab, or she would owe him 6 months servitude as his personal assistant.
- Died to the undead Trog, tried to go get him resurrected so she could kill him again, and ended up in a bit of a 'sticky' situation.
- Looking for a way to defeat Dionysus for the tortures she suffered.
- Still wishes to see Trog dead.

In the Amber type scheme of things Thes would be 1st in Strength and 2nd in Warfare. What this basically means she has Conan level strength. Strength to the point it would be legendary on a given world, and hard to beat outright against the strongest of many worlds.

2nd in warfare can be interperted to mean that she has excellent military stratagy, good enough to win MOST battles, but if she goes up against someone like Sun Tze she will lose, but give him one hell of a fight.

Thes has been a career solider, hunter of assassins and the undead, and military general who led from the front lines. Killing has always been Thes' profession and she is very good at it.

[Ongoing Storyline]

- Thes has discovered the answer to those perviously rethorical questions like, how much is the cost of 729.5 sneak on the beaches.
- Thes is alive and looking for revenge.

2006-07-28, 05:07 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Captain Supagoof (Pictures 1 (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/wolfshonor/gifs/supagoof1a.gif), 2 (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/wolfshonor/gifs/supagoof1b.gif), 3 (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/wolfshonor/gifs/supagoof2a.gif))
Race: Human - Were-Fox (see Fenric)
Class: Cleric (Protection Domain)
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Good (Optimist)
Age: 35ish
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair color and length: Brown, short, spikey
Eye color: Brown
Weaponry: Wand and Legion Shield

Captain Supagoof has been around Town since it was created. He founded the GUFIPOLICE - Guards United For Immediate Protection Of Law Investigating Crimes Everywhere - to deal with the corruption of towns ever growing crime problem. Since that time he has served as captain of the force, recruiting new officers and promoting current ones who have shown exemplary loyalty to lawful citizens. He has taken on problems created by a non-existent mafia, shipping issue created from a band of actors, and multiple town invasions, along with the everyday killing/destruction that finds itself in the town.

Supagoof was born Serpa Geoff, but through the effect of many mispronuciations and spelling, he changed it to the more popular spelling. He studied under the knights templar for his knowledge of spells. The knights instilled both the courage to do what is right all the time, and the knowledge to uphold the laws. After turning of age, Supagoof joined the knights for years as they traveled the lands, bringing peace and serenity through their determination crusades. The lands they visited were ravaged with war, crime, and evil. They fought many battles to uproot this evil and send it back to the hells from which it came. In one such battle, Supagoof found himself the unwilling recipiant of his own misjudgement and of the enemies skill. It was here that he fell victim to the enemies blade and trickery, and along with losing something (to be disclosed later), he received the scar that currently occupies his face. At this time, he was the last standing member of the knights templar. He kept the scar as a reminder to be careful, and stay vigilant.

It was in the land of Essembeegee that Supagoof met with Raven-GM, an unfortunate victim of many stabbing attempts. Supagoof spent his time honing his spellcasting abilities while protecting this being of unfortune circumstance. Other joined, and GUFIPOR was formed. After time serving him, the group known as the Legion arrived. This band offered Raven a haven for his disposition, and through them Supagoof formed the Gufipol, a group for the protection of Legion members. At this time, a community was forming around a historic battle site. This community was growing into the very corrupted, greedy, and lawless civilization that Supagoof and the knights had fought so long against. Fearing that this place would develop as such, Supagoof made his mark in establishing the first police station ever in this town. However, due the ties with the Legion, many members of the community gave little or no approval of a legitimate law enforcement agency. Sensing this would disrupt the very foundation of what he was attempting, Supagoof cut the ties with the Legion, wishing them well as they spread throughout the land, and he settled in this town to serve the members of the community. He has been there/here since.

Supagoof has participated in the prevention of the masked Llama's turning into a dragon, the stop of the drow under armies invasion of town/the rescue of the librarian, he died in Trog's abberation's nightly re-appearance for what else, cigarettes, and the building of the Sneak Milk Bar Restaurante - the town's high class restaurant.

[Common Knowledge]
Likes to use fireballs. Retired Captain of the Gufipolice. Favorite drink is Purple Worm Pinot. Manager of Sneak's Milk Bar Restaurante. Come enjoy a Sneak steak!

Tink'R Bell - other NPC played most often. She has no voice, and writes notes with amazing speed. She left town after getting fed up with Supagoof's obsession as Captain of the Gufipolice. Recently while he slept, her kiss wasn't the one to wake him. Supagoof still searches. Winner of the arena, Battle Royale.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Supagoof is not currently in a storyline. He is more of a supporting cast member of the town. ((Since I can't devote enough time to start, follow through, and end a story arc.)) He'll be seen around town, helping with activies, keeping the restuarant open for buisness.

Tink'R Bell - 1/2 Elf, 1/2 Fairy - Pics 1 (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/wolfshonor/gifs/tink1a.gif), 2 (http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/wolfshonor/gifs/tink2a.gif)

2006-07-28, 05:07 PM
Name: Bookman

Race: Human

Age: TPA (probably early 20's or maybe a little younger)

Height: 5' 10&quot;

Weight: Average

Hair colour and length: Shaggy black hair

Alignment and tempermant: NG and he's relaxed

Eye colour: Varies depending on the light usually green

Weapons: All he carries in the way of weapons (vaugly) is his book which he can pull things out of any written text

Backstory:Not much

Common knowledge: He's witty though occasionally quiet. He disappears for long times with no one around. He wishes the town was more fun.

So far Bookman has assited in rebuilding Trog's for the (hopefully) final time and summoned many of the building matierials for it. Helped search the GERBIL camp when it exploded because of Destruction

Ongoing storylines
So far he isn't involved in any current storylines



Race: Jack Russil Terrier

Age: Dog years

Height: Dog height

Weight: Average

Hair colour and length: Short white heair with spots.....also a small paw spot on his ear

Alignment and tempermant: CG :D

Eye colour: Big brown Puppy eyes

Weapons: Whatever Wishbone wants

Backstory:None yet but I have plans.....oh I have plans

Common knowledge: You're his best firend for life if you give him food.........except cats........he can't STAND cats


Ongoing storylines
So far he isn't involved in any current storylines

2006-07-28, 05:12 PM
[Stats and Description]

Art by Ink

Name: Baroness Amiria of Irvin
Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Transmuter) 3 / Master Specialist 3 / Metamuter1 13 / Archmage 3 / Ruathar 3
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Good; impulsive, friendly, vivacious, bountyful, spirited
Age: 20 ?
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Weight: 109 lbs
Hair colour and length: black, short, wavy.
Eye colour: Jade-green
Weapons: Amiria generally relies on magic, but she also has her elven cold Iron longsword "Firaniell" ready to hand.

Amiria is the daughter of Count Harrodin of Irvin. She has two elder siblings, her sister Cithra and her brother Turin who are both also adventurers. Amiria is the Baroness of Silverthorn and Oakenford. She was tutelaged in the arts of magic from an early age on, since her amazing talent for arcane things was also discovered very early. At the age of 17 she began to adventure with some companions and they became quicky involved in an epic quest to find the the ancient Transmuter Academy which was lost during the Mage Wars more than 1.500 years ago. During their search they had to compete with some evil groups who also searched for the Academy. After many adventuers they found and entered it, albeit at great cost. They were able to steal many lost transmutation spells and epic spellbooks before they were forced to flee before the might of the ancient arch-lich who lived in the Academy since the Mage Wars. With the loot of her adventures Amiria built the Silverthorn, her magnificient magical tower which now floats above the Town's lake.

[Common Knowledge]
- Lives in the Silverthorn, the tallest building in town
- Sings and plays the lute very good for a wizard
- Is dating Trog

1 = custom prestige class, kind of a hybrid of Incantatrix and Master Specialist (Transmuster)

[Stats and Description]

Art by Kord

Name: Rakhsicz Ka'Ryssol
Race: Drow1
Class: Ranger 3 / Swordsage 2 / Warblade 20
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good; friendly, bored, wry, mondo wacky fearless
Age: 84
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair colour and length: White, long, wavy
Eye colour: Red
Weapons: Rakhsicz is never encountered without his two longswords, "Iljaquil" and "Iljasil"


[Common Knowledge]
- Is an adventuring companion of Amiria
- Is dating Mirage

1 = Lesser Drow (PGtF)

[Stats and Description]

Art by Ink

Name: Mirage Do'Lassar
Race: Drow1
Class: Bard 14 / Mindbender 1 / Lyric Thaumaturge 10
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good; friendly, curious, wry, mischievous
Age: 84
Height: 4 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 89 lbs
Hair colour and length: Iceblue, long, wavy
Eye colour: Red
Weapons: Mirage has some magic weapons (a shortsword, a light mace and a shortbow) but she is no fighter and rather supports others with songs and magic.


[Common Knowledge]
- Is one of the best bards in town
- Is dating Rakhsicz

1 = Lesser Drow (PGtF)

Counnanh the Old (Library Staff)
Gloria the Guard (Guard Staff)
Nyarly (Mischievous Elder God that lurks in the secret cellar levels)
Turin (Amiria's elder Paladin brother)

2006-07-28, 05:35 PM
Name:Renrik Tiberic Bersain (Commonly known as Renrik)
Titles: Rat King, The Slayer, the Fugitive
Profession: Asssassin
Race: Human Wererat
Class: Rogue 7/Ranger 7/Assassin 11
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Evil. Tends to be rather sharp-tongued and rude when annoyed, but other times is an almost pleasant individual. Of course, he is usually annoyed. Is very much a professional when it comes to his buisiness, but can occasionally use his kils for his own purposes as well, though rarely.
Age: Unknown, probably in his mid-thirties.
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Dead grey, shoulder length, filthy.
Eye colour: grey, usually bloodshot, deep-sunk.
Weapons: Daggers, Crossbow, and multiple tricks, incluing a vast array of poisons.
Clothing: Black cloak and tunic. Black trousers. Grey wrappings. Black mask.
Other Features: Has a wirey mustache and a short beard. These are rarely seen beneath his mask.

Renrik looks signifigantly older than he is on account of his stay in Carcerri.

Renrik was born in the Northlands, in a large port city. He was raised by his father and mother until the age of eight. At this point, his Mother died in childbirth and his father was killed by local thugs for money he owed. Renrik was unable to care for his brother, and so he left him on the steps of the local temple. The young boy then started over as an urchin, a guttersnipe. He learned much about the ways of theft, stealth, and sleight of hand. At the age of 14, however, disaster struck when he angered the wrong person and his entire gang was brutally massacred by the authorities of the city. Fleeing, he vowed revenge. He spent the next five years of his life in exile in the Northland wilderness, learning the lore of the woods and the way to hunt and track. He lived by ambushing travelers and taking their posessions. he learned much about the art of killing.
He returned to the city at the age of 19, and took his long-awaited revenge, killing the most of the police force, a large amount of the aristocracy, and anyone that stood in his way.
Finally satisfied, he realized that he had to once more flee his city, for the king of the nation had put his greatest agents to hunt the assassin down.
Renrik stole a ship, and, with the help of a few trusted contacts and other fugitives, he sailed away into the ice-bound North Sea, where he spent a short time as a pirate an fugitve, fleeing the fast ships of the King's Navy.
He lived as a travelling adventurer for many years, taking marks and taking lives wherever he went. At last he came to The Town. In the time since, he has done many things.

[Common Knowledge]
1. Renrik is an assassin-for-hire.
2. Renrik was at one point posessed by The Draegoth, a draconic death-god.
3. Renrik was killed as the Draegoth, and sent to Carceri. While, there, he escaped, finding his way back to the Material Plane, in a living form of himself.
4. Renrik owned a bar called The Den, now the Black Dragon's Den.
5. Renrik is from the Northlands, and recently killed his brother, Rennir. He is attempting to find a crew to return to the Northlands.

Renrik has contracted lycanthropy. He is a wererat. Very few people are aware of this.

His journey to the Northlands is for the purpose of vengance. He holds his former king repsonsible for the death of his brother.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Renrik first arrived in town and started a group called the masked Troupe. After Renrik was posessed by The Draegoth, this group fell into shambles. Renrik has since returned, having escaped from Carcerri, and restarted his group under the moniker of the Rat King. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep the business alive, and o now works as a freelance agent.

Renrik has one hell of a time avoiding all the people who want him dead, including gufipolice, numerous citizens, demonic bounty-hunters, and the agents of the king who's ports he terrorized as a younger man.

Renrik recently killed his brother, Rennir, who had been sent after him by King Raust of the Northlands. Renrik has since sworn to kill Raust, and is currently looking for a crew to take him north.
Profession: Police officer
Race: Goblin
Class: Rogue 12
Alignment and Temperament:Neutral Good. Usually a happy person of easy disposition, but becomes enraged and depressed whenever someone he feels loyalty to is hurt. He is very loyal to his friends, to Gufipolice, and to his people.
Age: 15
Height: 3'8''
Weight: 50 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Black, short.
Eye colour: Red
Skin color: Green
Weapons: Shortsword, Dagger, and hand crossbow.
Clothing: A worn, patched jacket and ratty breeches and shirt. A paddy cap and threadbare bandana.
Notes: One fang slightly longer than the other.

Need an avatar.

Narfang was born to a broken household in The Docks. He went through the beginning of the town, hiding from the warring guilds and factions. He grew up as a petty theif. During the riots, he was injured by an explosion.

He decided that his people were too distrustful of the authority, and that the authority gave them too many reasons to be distrustful. He decided to become the first goblin cop the town had ever seen. He did so.

[Common Knowledge] *
1.Distrustful of the Bounty Hunters. Refers to them as Vigilantes.
2.Idealistic at times. A moderate reformist as far as goblins go.
3.Incredibly loyal to to the Gufipolice.

[Ongoing Storyline] *
Narfang takes all cases the gufis give him, and follows them to the best of his abilities.

Ego Slayer
2006-07-28, 05:45 PM
Name: Ego Slayer
Race: Elf
Class: Sorceress/rogue
Alignment and Temperament: C/N - usually friendly, but likes to see to herself.
Age: [Need to look that up..]
Height: 5' 4''
Weight: 105lb
Hair colour and length: Very dark brown (almost black), long (past her shoulders)
Eye colour: Vivid green
Weapons: Magic, Flaming +2 Elven thinblade, and gnarly old wooden staff with gold runes eched into it.

The most unususal and noticable feature is here ususually pointy teeth.

Backstory: I'll figure something out..


Shhalahr Windrider
2006-07-28, 06:04 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Shhalahr Windrider
Race: Air Gensai
Class: Transmuter 5/Elemental Savant (Air) 8
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good. Friendly, easygoing, likes to build things. Terrible to have as an enemy.
Age: 30
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair colour and length: White, shoulder length. Closely trimmed beard
Eye colour: blue
Skin: Pale flesh tone with sky-blue tint
Weapons: Keen intellect, alchemical goods, shocking crossbow +1, dagger +1, baleful polymorph, flesh to stone, summon monster, and many Energy Substitution-altered blasting spells.

Spent the first 10 years of his adult life as a wandering adventurer. Between quests, he would support himself as a travelling magical weaponsmith and alchemist. Three years ago, he and his companions learned of an attempt to summon four evil elemental paragons and use them to destroy the world. After much effort, they managed to stop this plot, destroying the Fire Prince and the artifacts necessary for summoning the others in the process.

Since then, Shhalahr has felt it best that he settle down. He decided to support himself solely through his &quot;between-adventures&quot; trade. Only this time he intends to take the travelling element out of it.

He has decided that the perfect place to retire is The Town.

[Stats and Description]
Nothing yet. He's just arrived in Town.

He keeps a mule named Gusty. Gusty was responsible for toting his weaponsmithing and alchemy tools around the countryside. Without this task anymore, Gusty will eventually need other opportunities for exercise.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Currently, Shhalahr is staying at the Sleeping Elf while working on setting up his new shop.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-07-28, 06:21 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Atreyu the masked LLama
Race: Llama (stats made up)
Class: LLama 3rd level/ Rogue 2nd level/ Cleric 1st level. (llama class also made up.)
Alignment and Temprament: *Chaotic good. Trusting, usually cheerful, very friendly. not terribly bright. *
Age: unknown (awakened approx 1 year ago)
Height: average llama size
Weight: average llama weight
Wool colour and length: He has primarily white wool along his face, front legs and lower torso, but most of his torso as well as hind legs are covered with brown wool.
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: *Hoof, Hoof, Bite. *He is also proficient with the scythe due to his training to be Death's stand-in. *He has a mean headbutt too. *

A farmer once bought Atreyu from a passing merchant who convinced the farmer that Atreyu was a magical horse. The farmer was displeased to learn that Atreyu was simply a llama; a creature unknown to the area. *The farmer made the best of it and Atreyu was put to work as a farm animal. *One day a wizard, known as Merlin and a knight showed up at the farmer's house. They needed a horse quickly. *The farmer had only the strange creature called a llama to give them, so Merlin bought Atreyu. *A llama used only to farm makes a poor mount for combat, so Merlin awakened the beast and Atreyu carried Sir Tristian into battle. *Atreyu returned with Sir Tristian and Merlin to Camelot where he served as a reserve steed. *He lived in the stables with the rest of the animals, but he was the only awakened one there. *Merlin knew the Camelot stables were not where he sould be, sand his magic has revealed to him a town that was beginning to grow and would be home to a variety of sentient creatures. *Merlin dropped the llama off and sent him to a milk bar that had just been built. *

[Common Knowledge] (as done with a gather info check.)
-DC 5 "there is a strange creature called a llama running around Town. *He usually sleeps in Inari's temple or the Gem Shop and wears a black mask. Also, he can talk but he's not very smart."
- DC 10 "The llama isn't much use in a fight, but he'll do what he can to protect his friends from harm."
- DC 20 "My brother delivers ale to Trog's and he says that the llama that hangs out there is actually an agent of Death. *The bartender says that the llama once signed a contract of the Reaper's and spent 2 weeks collecting souls. *Also, the llama can sense the undead and talk to them because of this. *Apparently, he's been marked with an invisible black collar that appears whenever Death needs him to do something."

-The two children with llama are named after two family members of Tony's that are special to him. That is why Tony is very protective of them as a player. *
-The llama always wears a blask mask.

[Ongoing Storyline]
- LLama is babysitting 2 elven kids that he rescued from a cult until he can find a way to rezz their parents.
Blanket-A gift from Phoenixineohp. *Its enchanted to protect him while he sleeps from anything that would cut him.
Enchanted helmet from Rouk-
enchanted hoof guards from Rouk-
Enchanted Mask from Bri'el and bros- Allows him to turn invisible at will and use Charm Person 3 times a day.
Kintaro Alaneen
Character for mirror world
The Godruped

(( In the mirror world, the llama was not awakened by Merlin as a mount for Sir Tristian. *In fact, a desperate Morgana Le Fay, fleeing from an angry Lancelot stopped by a farmer's and stole the strange horse like creature that he had. *The beast was too stupid to help her escape, so she tweaked its mind, giving it intelligence so it would know the best way to hide from the angry knight. *

Morgana ended up keeping the animal as a pet. *It became a trusted advisor because of its cunning and deceptively cute nature. *She didn't realize that when she tweaked its mind, she flooded its brain not only with intelligence, but with anger as well. *One night, the llama drove an enchanted dagger through her chest, draining her magic into him. *He then headed to Camelot, and through trickery, he slew Merlin in the same fashion. *With the power of both magicians at his disposal, he trotted into a gathering of the Knights of the Round Table. *4 minutes later, only the llama emerged from the room, he was bleeding from many wounds, but he was victorous and now armed with the skill of the knights as well. *He found King Arthur alone and they dueled. *The llama gravely wounded the king and soon Arthur was spirited away to Avalon. *The Dark LLama (as he was being called) had snuck on board and after reaching the Isle, his dagger had plunged into the hearts of Oberon and Titania as well as Arthur. *Sadly, slaying Gods did not contain this creature's lust for power, it merely amplified it. *The llama sought out other deities and powerful beings, slaying them with his vampiric dagger. *At one point he used it to slash a being of pure chaos known only as The Snarl into tiny bits of string. *The power this granted him stunned the llama just enough for the spirit of Merlin to appear and place a magical mask around the eyes of the Godraped! *Then the soul of Morgana weaved some more magic into it. *

Dark Llama awoke from his daze in a strange town. *He started to leave and found that some strange piece of cloth around his face caused him great pain and agony at his attempt. *It also nullified his mighty powers. *Through intense training he has weakened the enchantments on his mask so that he can now access most of his power as well as leave the Town for small periods of time, but if he stays out too long or uses too much power the agony will begin until he returns or stops using the power he rightfully earned.

The Dark Llama has recently pledged to follow Inari in hopes that she will help him slip free of the wretched mask. *He suspects she won't do so willingly because she knows that an unrestrained Dark Llama would kill her and everyone else, but hopefully she'll make a mistake and he'll capitalize on it. *In the meantime, he enjoys her sacrifices and will often partake of any leftovers. *The whole experiece has twisted his body to match his tainted soul.
Character for Modern Town

Simply designated as "L"

L was kidnapped by an organization and transformed into a pseudo-stealthy killing machine. *He was trained specifically to obey a man he called "Mr. Wa-shing-ton." He was trained by a woman called "Doct-or Rose-ann." *Probes into his mind showed a great fear of Mr Wa-shing-ton but a love and loyalty to Doct-or Rose-Ann.
After a year of intensive cybernetic surgery he looked like an ordinary llama except for around his eyes where he had a visible slit between his eyes for an extendable knife blade to slide out of as well as some circuitry to allow him to activate it by thinking. *They solved this problem by wrapping a mask around his eyes, hiding it. *A few more commands later and he is now very very ashamed of that exposed circuitry and wants to keep it hidden at all times. *This ensured that he wouldn't remove the mask and let anyone see his "enhancements'"
They would send him into public locations after showing him who his target was. *He would mill around until he spotted them. The next step was to get in close, preferably by nuzzling them, activate his blade to pop out and slash the startled victim's throat with it. *If they ran, his forelegs have been modified to shoot bullets. *Each leg holds 3 rounds, but they are powerful rounds. *The shots hurt him so he doesn't like to use them, but he will if neccessary.

Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-07-28, 07:12 PM
The new me
The old me

Name: Mortia De Luna Draco (translated: death by the moonlight dragon)
Race: Human, believe it or not
Class: Sorcerer-10, Dragon Disciple-10, Dragon heart mage-5
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good. Tends to be patient and kind, but has a tendency to go into rages, and has a violent temper.
Age: 210
Height: 12'5&quot;
Weight: 523
Hair colour and length: Blond hair, cropped short and even.
Scales: Platinum and cover most of body. (though most are small enough to just look like platinum skin.
Eye colour: Deep blue
Weapons: The Draco ancestral Scythe, spells, breath weapon, bite and claw.

More detailed stats (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1154060494)

Mortia looks like a platinum half dragon. he has wings that are 5 feet taller than him, normaly folded up against his back. He is in increadable physcal shape, as he constantly trains for battle. His normaly bare chest and arms have shifting tattoo's all over them, some say it is the source of his magic. He has 10 small horns encircling his head like a crown, and his normal clothing is a silken pleated skirt.

[Back story]
Born on another plane, similar to this one. He was born to a noble line of people, known as the bahamu, the dragon worshipers.
[Family History]
23 Generations ago, there was no draco line. The queen of the Bahamu fell in love with a dragon who was in the shape of a man. The dragon loved humans, and wanted to be one. The Queen got impregnated by the Dragon, and had a son. The son was a true half dragon, and the King, being both wise and merciful decided that this child could never rule the kingdom. He set the son aside, and had his best warriors train him how to fight. The great Dragon learned of this, and felt saddened that his son was living the life of a warrior. The dragon crafted from his own bone and scales a mighty scythe, that his son might cary him with him where ever he went. The Half dragon son became so effective at fighting, that the King named him and his line protector of the bahamu royalty. To serve the second son of the queen, who was born of the King.
[young age]
By the time Mortia De Luna Draco was born, the Bahamu race was at a shadow of its former self. They had moved from their ocean side pallace to the middle of the desert. There were only a few towns left for them, and only one city. The Line of kings had been missing for over 100 years. Mortia was born human, and at this time the Draco line was more basic nobility than protectors. The Powerful Draco scythe had been passed from oldest son to oldest son, but the powers and magics of it were dormant. His father was an ambassador for other nations, and his mother was a high priestess of bahamutte. He has an older brother, and two younger brothers. When Mortia was 25, he met, and fell in love with a Mist Elf, and eventually married her. three years later, the Bahamu were attacked by a powerful nation, the reasons are still unknown. Mortia wife was killed, and after the battle, Mortia found out that his wife was pregnant. Mortia's older brother had also been killed, and so the Scythe passed on to Mortia. (at this time, the blade of the scythe remained inside the handle, so everyone just thought it a rather large walking stick with a dragon at the top) Mortia felt his first bought of uncontrollable rage when he first grabbed the Draco scythe. He ran off, determined to get strong enough to come back and defeat the army that had his people prisoners in their own land. The protector was born again. Mortia went off alone, but he met some others along the way.
[middle age]
Mortia's power grew, and he found himself able to call magic to his will with out any training. He also heard about these things called the dragon scrolls, that were supposed to unleash the potential of anyone that read them Long story short, The dragon scrolls were what changed him into a dragon disciple. He deemed himself powerful enough to go home at age 38. He had been gone too long. All of his people had been killed, and his town was covered by the desert that once surrounded it. Mortia tracked down the army, and killed them to a man, all except their leader, Kell. a half undead insane warrior, who's power exceeded Mortia own. Kell managed to escape from the carnage, and Mortia has been seeking him ever since. When Mortia went back to where his city had been, he noticed a giant cave in one of the mountains that hadn't been there before. When he went inside, there was a great wyrm gold dragon, who was waiting for him. This dragon taught him the finer points of what a servant of Bahamutte does. Mortia's eyes began to open, and he learned of all things dragon. he learned to control his rage. He learned more powerful spells. He became the man he is today. One day, when he came back to say good bye to the dragon, the only family he had left, to go in search of Kell, the gold dragon was gone, and in its place was a platinum dragon. Bahamutte himself had been teaching Mortia, and was now putting his blessings upon him. Mortia became a Chosen of bahamutte, Knighted by Bahamutte's own hand.

[Common Knowledge]
-Mortia is a deadly and vicious enemy, but normally his Noble roots show. He is well spoken, intelligent, and very charismatic.
-Mortia is the Mayor of the town, by popular election

Mortia still wishes to find Kell some day, but has recently found a peace here in the town.
he recently has been blessed again by bahamutte, and is considered an Elite of Bahamutte now. Occasionally he will disappear for days at a time to fulfill his obligations to his god.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Mayor of the town
Arena Champion
Having conflict with his god in the temple of bahamutte.

2006-07-28, 07:32 PM
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New Character for the Murky_Pool account

Name - Frisp Ellon
Race - Human
Gender - Male
Class - 16 Druid / 10 Shifter
Alignment - Lawful Neutral, but thinks he’s True Neutral

Description - Blonde hair, sandy coloured eyes, slim build, 5 foot 8 inches tall. Slightly ragged fingernails, lightly tanned skin. Wears good quality, but old and much washed clothes. Appears to have three sets, two of which are normal travelling outfits and one of finer material and cut for use in towns and cities.

Age - Looks to be around late thirties

Abilities - As a Shifter 10 he can transform into pretty much anything of any size including, but not limited to - Elementals, Plants, Abberrations, Oozes, Outsiders and Dragons.
Frisp has druid spell casting up to level 8 as well as the std druid class abilities. He is especially knowledgeable about plants and has a stock of seeds gathered from various areas.

Weapons and Combat - Frisp normally fights in a form chosen based on the opponent (although a Dragon generally sees off most things, Frisp likes to keep in practice). He generally keeps his changes as low level as possible to avoid attracting too much attention. Frisp has not fought in human form for several years, he keeps a couple of masterwork daggers concealed since the time he encountered an anti magic field.

Common Knowledge
Frisp is a druid and very free with the wild shape
He is more comfortable around ‘civilization’ than you might expect of a druid
He has a small garden of exotic plants growing somewhere hidden away
He always has a hip flask on his person which he occasionally drinks from. The contents do not smell like an alcohol liquid though.

Nothing specific to the character at this time
Not currently included in anyone else’s storyline


The sins of the Mother are visited upon the Daughter until the Seventh Generation. The sins of the Father are visited upon the Son until the Tenth.
Sometimes life just deals you a bad card in your otherwise ordinary hand. Frisp’s parents are retired adventurers, in their time they uncovered many a treasure and killed numerous powerful bad guys. One of these bad guys was more forward thinking than the others and laid a curse on the duo that would affect their offspring, not them.

Frisp was born a weak and sickly baby who didn’t seem to have the life force necessary for a proper life. After exhausting their own knowledge, his parents took him to the local church. The priest claimed the baby was cursed with a life draining spell and would need powerful magic to cure.
The powerful magic affected a partial lifting only and required Frisp’s parents to bring him back repeatedly for further castings over his first few years of life
Tiring of the repeated failures, Frisp’s father sought other cures and after several weeks of search and research found an aging druid who could help.
The druid spoke to the church and examined Frisp and came up with a medicine that could hold the effects at bay. The medicine was less powerful than the church’s spells, but much easier and cheaper to produce.

This set Frisp’s path in life. He studied with the old druid, travelling between forest and town and gaining an appreciation of both lifestyles.
Upon learning his first wild shape, Frisp discovered that the curse only affected his human form, as an animal he was immune to it. This information was a godsend to Frisp, who failed to credit any Gods for it, freeing him from his parents garden where they grew the medicinal herbs.

A discourse on Frisp’s entire adventuring life would take too long, but he has fought on every side and in numerous environments. He has been a protector of Nature and has helped farmers and loggers in their work. He has spent time posing as an Urban Ranger’s animal companion to fight crime in a city, and has been a one man/creature shape shifting guerrilla army harrying an enemy force out of territory.

Frisp likes to think of himself as a balancing force, but bouts of laziness can make him overlook a potential imbalance if it’s small scale.

Frisp has drifted into Town as a result of it’s location, having gained full mastery over his shapeshifting abilities (lvl 10 Shifter) he is at a semi loose end and feels a period in a civilised area will give him a break from nature and chance to examine his situation.

2006-07-28, 07:53 PM
http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/chrishattink/Black-Fox-standing.gif http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i311/ChimeraHybrid/My%20avis/Blackfox3-3.gif
[Stats and Description]
Name: BlackFox
Race: Elf, who managed to get polymorphed into a fox. She was in fox form when the Town started up, and recently was changed back into her natural form.
Class: Rogue/Shadowdancer/Feuder
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic... something... an impulsive kleptomaniac. Has a short temper. Can be somewhat mischevious. Loves cats. Hates anything that ticks her off.
Age: 115
Height: About 1'6" tall, 3 feet long counting the tail, in fox form. 5'2" as an elf.
Weight: 15 pounds as a fox, 120 pounds as an elf.
Hair colour and length: Shortish black fur (2 inches long or so) as a fox. Black hair to her shoulders as an elf.
Eye colour: Green in both forms.
Weapons: A Dagger of Firey Death and Destruction +5 (looks like it sounds), a Dagger of Stabbification (looks black), a vampiric dagger (glows sickly green), a crossbow that has been modified to shoot daggers. She also uses magic, but only off of scrolls, which she seems to have an unending supply of. They're probably all stolen.

BlackFox was born into the ruling house of an elven kingdom. As a child, she was a mischevious little brat, sneaking around and stealing things from her siblings and generally getting into a lot of trouble until she learned to keep herself out of it. When she was 75 (human equivalent of 12 or so) she joined a thieves' guild in the capital city that mostly focused on espionage. ((Yes, I was 12 when I fell into the pit of geekdom. :smallamused:)) Spying perfectly suited her abilities, and she continued to work for the guild anonymously.

A year ago, a certain ship, carrying a certain pirate, came into port at her city. BlackFox had been collecting information for the guild about a possible plot against herself. This certain pirate thought such a plot would be a hilarious prank. The pirate set a cunning trap for BlackFox, which she failed to notice and set off. She managed to get away without being hurt, but has dedicated herself to beat the crap out of this pirate for humiliating, hopefully without killing him, because it's more fun that way. The story got around eventually, and now The Feud is widely known, although no one ever figured out who 'BlackFox' really was.

The plot against her, however, is a different matter. When she was still a child, at the age of 10, a relative of hers, the second in the succesion for the throne, was poisoned by the one who was third in line--his younger brother. He managed to make it look like the second-in-line had died of a wasting sickness. He waited for a long time, making sure he hadn't been noticed, and started to collect followers, among them BlackFox's older brother, Erevan. BlackFox figured out the workings of the plot, though it took her a long time. The guy who was third-in-line figured out she knew, though, probably because of Erevan. BlackFox had to leave the Town. She told her parents she was going on a diplomatic mission, and left the city after nightfall.

Since she didn't particularly know where to go, she stowed away on a certain pirate ship that had recently come into port and was just about to leave. El Jaspero and BlackFox Feuded for quite a long time on his ship, under certain unspoken rules--no killing, no sneaking up at night and stabbing people, no throwing BlackFox off the ship because that would be a cruel, heartless thing to do to a poor child like her. Once El J and the Liza Jane reached the next port, BlackFox was put off the ship. She fired a baleful polymorph at El J's back, meaning to turn him into a fish or some other slimy sea creature, but one of El J's magicians managed to reflect the spell at her, turning her into a small black fox. She wandered in the wilderness like this for days until she finally reached Town.

She managed to stay unnoticed by her family in the Town for half a year or so, though she made an enemy of Gorutharamus, an evil god. She was dragged by her cats to his temple for healing, because it was the nearest to Trog's Tavern, where El Jaspero had just thrown a hand grenade at her, seriously injuring her and blowing a huge hole in the wall. Gorutharamus told her that he would heal her if she would help him take over the Town. He would also give her a special dagger attuned to her--he called it her 'twin sister'--and command of an army of his minions, if she wanted it. She turned down the army, saying she wasn't fit for a commanding job, then sent the dagger away sealed in a lead box to be dropped in the ocean. Then she told a bunch of people about Gorutharamus's plan and went into hiding for a while, during which time another power usurped Gorutharamus's station.

When she went back to her hometown a week or so later to check out the situation there, she removed the polymorph spell on her. She spent two weeks at home, undercover, before Erevan recognized her and tried to kill her. She managed to get back to Town through a permanant, hidden teleport circle in her rooms with a tendency of making people trip over plows. She hid her identity, allowing people to think she was a mysterious moody hippie teenaged ninja elf who happened to hate pirates. Erevan didn't find it out until very recently. When he did, he came to Town to kill her.

BlackFox eventually dealt with her evil psycho older brother and is now dealing with a crapload of useless legal paperwork at home, which is why she never has time to go to Town anymore.

[Common Knowledge]
--BlackFox and El Jaspero hate each other's guts. Each tries, usually ineffectually, to stab the living daylights out of the other. They call it... *drumroll* The Feud. It's possible that their hatred for each other is dying down, however. This would be a catastrophic occurence for BlackFox, as she just spend upwards of a year hating on El J, and she'd have to completely change her lifestyle if they were to call off The Feud.
--BlackFox is accompanied by 6 cats that pretty much just make trouble (no pun intended), beg for attention, and mooch off tavern-goers.
--BlackFox appears to have a particular fondness for daggers. This, however, is unconfirmed.
--BlackFox can also get unnecessarily sarcastic/cynical when she's in a bad mood, from, for example, history class or something equally evil.
--BlackFox is good friends with Kyrian, especially because she's on the run from Gorutharamus. She doesn't know that he's dead yet, but it's likely that she won't take it well.
--BlackFox is quite talented musically, and she can (so she says) play five different instruments, although the one she favors is a piccolo of pain. The name says it all.

The 'Feuder' class is an overpowered prestige class I made up as a joke/specifically to annoy El Jaspero.

[Ongoing Storyline]
BlackFox's evil psycho older brother has been locked up in some elven city a long way away from here, and BlackFox is now busy trying not to get killed by El Jaspero.

[Stats and Description]
Name: Le'Kian
Race: Drow
Class: Cleric/probably some PrC.
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Evil. Racist and bigoted.
Age: 511
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color and Length: White hair to her shoulders.
Eye Color: Blood-red.
Weapons: An enchanted mace. This is her only weapon.

Coming soon!

--Mirror BlackFox? Never! ;D

[Ongoing Storyline]
Le'kian is a Fezgul for Mauron, the Lord of the Hats.

All of the following are cats.
Trouble -- Trouble pretty much lives up to his name. He's sarcastic and mischevious. He's also not the smartest cat in the world, he learns best by imitating Jack.
Jack -- Jack is the brains of the cats. He likes to sit around and talk. He cares a lot about his littermate, Wynter.
The Highwaycat -- The Highwaycat is your generic jerk. Um, cat. Jerkish cat.
Wynter -- Wynter is a nice cat, with what is usually a slow temper, until someone cracks a lousy pun. She's as intelligent as Jack is, and cares a lot about him. She is also even more of an attention-seeker than the rest of the cats.
Raccoon -- Raccoon is like Trouble and Jack put together: a smart troublemaker. He prefers catching (and eating) small animals to making trouble, however.
Rocky -- Rocky is lazy as heck. He loves being petted. He usually doesn't really care one way or another for anything, unless it directly affects him. And did I mention that he loves being petted? He's also not the smartest cat in the world. One of his favorite things to do is play Chicken with anything large and fast-moving.

2006-07-28, 08:14 PM
Does NOT look like current avatar at all. Instead, here it is:

Name: Chaotik Urskrac Lovidicus L'Awfull III. Also goes by Chaotik the Orange.
Race: Human
Class: Wizard 16
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Appears to be in his early twenties.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lb
Hair colour and length: Unkempt, shoulder length dark brown hair. Also has stubble on his chin.
Eyes: Light blue. Also wears a pair of goggles to make him see things better at a distance.
Weapons: Liberally applied spells. Also carries a personally crafted Wand of Chain Lightning.
Clothing: A black robe of the Archmagi, with a red rim designed to look evil. Also has many silvery buttons with various features to enhance dramatics.
Religion: Follower of Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Destruction, Ambition and Revolution.

Chaotik was born in the kingdom known as the Nether Lands as the son of the third earl of Slydrake, and a very distant relative to the royal family. After a pampered childhood he was sent to the prestigious Hogwash' Academy for Arcane Castery, from which he graduated *** laude as a wizard. Afterwards, his father sent him on a travel as a rite of passage of sorts, which caused him to first arrive in the Town, originally as a mere pitstop.

Description: Chaotik can be seen as a bit of an idiot savant. Though he has a great aptitude for wizardry and other such intellectual matters, he lacks any sort of common sense or social grace, and puts little thought in his speech, often ending him in unpleasant situations. He has a minor case of megalomania and on occasion speaks in parentheses. His mother is the only person he wouldn't kill if he thought it'd profit him or if he felt like it. He also remains blissfully unaffected by the love-plague sweeping through the Town.

He is currently dead and residing on the Ethereal Plane.

Common Knowledge: The short man who dresses in orange is an arrogant wizard.
He has been attacked by a tentacle monster of some sort once after tempting the fates by saying 'Quiet' one time too many.
He doesn't have a lot of morals and even less ethics.
He lives in a tower on a cliff at the edge of town.
He's generally seen as a sardonic man with no friends or a megalomaniacal nutcase.
He was recently killed in a large battle outside his tower.

Plots Involved In: Was approached by a Mysterious Figure to [s]steal recover some items for him in exchange for a large amount of money and keeping whatever else he stole recovered.

Quotes:&quot;Am I surrounded by idiots, or do the idiots surround me?&quot;

&quot;Indignity after indignity.&quot;


Name: Lhawful Sucidilov Carksru Chaotique III.
Race: Human
Class: Paladin 16
Alignment: Lawful Stupid (Good)
Age: Same age as Chaotik.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170 lb
Hair colour and length: Roughly the same as Chaotik, though a bit better groomed. Unshaven.
Eyes: Light blue, still sharp, usually slightly glazed.
Weapons: +2 Axiomatic Holy Greatsword.
Clothing: Full Plate that redefines the word 'shiny'.
Religion: Follower of Mehrunes Dagon, lord of Protection, Humility, and Justice.

Description: Chaotik's complete opposite. An intellectually challenged, rule-abiding, and selfless paladin, Chaotik encountered him in the Mirror Town, and it seems the two possess some odd link that will make them share their pain. For this reason, Chaotik tries to keep his double under control.

He died when Chaotik did and is wherever stupid paladins go when they die. Much to Chaotik's joy it's not the same afterlife as he.

Quotes: &quot;This [insert anything here] has a Sense of Evil about him/her/it!&quot;


2006-07-28, 08:24 PM

[Stats and Description]
Name: Trog
Age: 30
Height: 5'2&quot;
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair color and length: No hair, he's a troglodyte. He has a crest which is dark green but has been dyed to be orange on occasion
Eye color: Gold
Facial hair: None
Distinguishing marks: Some spots
Scars: A few, but nowhere in particular.
Other: Eyebrow piercing.

Stats: Nigh-preternatural dexterity.

Class Levels: A couple levels in cleric, the rest is classified.

Possessions: A mithril cigarette case of holding, A Dragon Bane Spear (of presumably +5, though I don't really get into numbers), A stone mace. Armband of Bouncing, Brooch of Whispering (tm), Eyebrow Ring of Odor Cancellation (made especially for Trog by Amiria), cigarettes (Trog smokes Coffin Nail Brand Cigarettes, exclusively), and a nigh unlimited supply of gold and gems ('cause I hate keeping track of money, but love spending it), Umbrella of Flying (now slightly damaged. Used mainly to get to threads that state their location is up in the air.).

Name: Clovis (Trog's original name)
Age: 30
Height: 6'3&quot;
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair colour and length: Bald
Eye colour: Gold
Facial hair: Goatee
Distinguishing marks: 6-pack stomach, horns
Scars: A few, but nowhere in particular.
Other: Eyebrow peircing

Clovis was born the son of Dionysus. He worked in his father’s tavern until an unfortunate series of events caused him to fall out of his father’s favor. During this time he was transformed into a Troglodyte named Trog. He had a series of adventures that landed him in the Well of Lost Souls under the Town. He eventually escaped, and to guard the Well he built Trog’s Tavern over it. The Well itself is located in the back room.

[Common Knowledge]
Trog owns Trog’s Tavern. Trog is dating the lovely, talented and wickedly smart Amiria. Trog is a lecherous drunkard at his worst and a noble hero it his best. Most of the time he’s in between. Due to Eyebrow Ring of Odor Cancellation HE DOES NOT STINK. *ahem* Trog is one of the members of the Town Council. Trog smokes (the Eyebrow Ring cancels that smell out as well).

For the noobs: His name is not Thog.

[Ongoing Storylines]
Currenly in possession of an amulet that holds the secret to turning him back into his old satyr self.
Currenly on trial for burning down the Police Station.
Currently drunk. Further sobriety updates as events warrant.

2006-07-28, 08:29 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Lykaea eos ye Vilako we lea Remus [a.k.a. Lykan] *
Race: Werewolf Lord
Class: Ardent 16/ Artificer 10 [4 racial HD]
Alignment and Temprament: True neutral; Lykan often puts an effort to uphold peace and goodness in society, though tends to be reckless and violent in trying to do so...
Age: 25 [15 in body]

Next section will include Human then Hybrid traits.

Height: 5'9", 8'7"
Weight: 147 lbs, 224 lbs
Hair color and length: Black, 3 1/2 inches; Dark grey and white, average 2 inches all over his body
Eye color: Right eye completly red, left eye completly blue, in both forms

- Soulblade [Weapon of choce, a transperant blue sword 7 feet in length, and 9 inches wide at the hilt]
- Dawn and Dusk [2 transperant purple and navy katanas. Only used on extremely fast opponents]
- Guardian [A grand reddish spear that orriginally belonged to Remus]
- Knives [Lykan has a multitude of knives on hidden sheaths inside the lining of his cloak]
- Mage's Cannon [A thick barreled musket that fires balls of force. Unlimited ammo, but requires time to recharge after every shot]
- Elemental Bombs
- Oyi Seleay (Mountain Rythm) [A martial art that is a tradition in Lykan's home village. In an RL sense, it combines techniques of Capoeira and Zui Quan Wushu]
[s]- Golemic Arm [Lykan's leftarm is a prosthetic made of adamantine that functions just as well (if not better) then any other arm. Within the arm lies several other weapon, such as a larger version of the mage's cannon and three sickle claws that pop out from the knuckles]
- Psionics [if you've been here longer then 10 minutes, you know what I'm talking about ;D]


Coming soon!

[Common Knowledge]
- Lykan likes to blow stuff up. Alot.
- Lykan has crystal effigies of everyone he's seen fight, which can animate and do combat with one another. However, he lacks one of himself.
- Lykan, in a sense, is alot like a mad scientist...
- Lykan owns an airship akin to those in both the Magic the Gathering and Final Fantasy series.
- Lykan built the tiger Rain, and is now conducting expiriments in order to turn her into an actual [or extremely similar version of] tiger
- Lykan was once the proud owner of a magic items shop, but it was blown to bits by Des.
- Lykan is engaged to Mhina, daughter of Hawkeye and Wukei


- Lykan isn't actually wearing armor, it's just an image brought up by his ring of protection
- Lykan is distantly related to Remus, son of Mars
- Lykan has the ability to see divine auras, though he hasn't ever revealed this ability to anyone
- Lykan's immune to poison, for you would be assassins.
- Lykan currently holds possition as the incarnation of dread

[Ongoing Storyline]


- Lykan plans to attain two powerful lenses in a small series of major artifacts called the eyes of god
- Lykan has to relocate the powerful demonlord Pazuzu and send him back to the lower planes
- Lykan needs to clean out the temple of Remus of *any remaining infected by a disease-curse that turns the afflicted into demon creatures


- Helping to get back Kantur's sword, which was taken by a dragon.


- Kreph, Lykan's cousain
- Asi, Lykan's sister
- Demetrius, Lykan's second son
- Antony, Lykan's first son

More to come, trust me. *evil grin*

2006-07-28, 08:47 PM
Alignment/Temperament: Neutral Good, Alderain is the least powerful aspect of an Over God. He doesn't let evil get away with anything!
Species: Human Small God(Path of Faith)
Wizard/Cleric Gestalt 32(conjuror)
Fighter 17
RedWizard 10
Archmage 5

Domains: Good, Magic, Knowledge

Alderain was one of the first mortal humans to exist, tens of thousands of years ago. He gradually became an immortal simply by not dying. The only way for an immortal of the old days was to die, so Alderain simply avoided trouble.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-07-28, 11:58 PM
--==Death ==--


Stats and Description: Black robes, tall and intimidating (depsite Llama's attempts), has a one touch kill abilty, carries around his scythe that reaches it's full potential only in his hands. Often seen with a ginger beer in hand, or playing his evertuned guitar+5.


[Backstory] Death has been around for a very long time....

[Common Knowledge] Enjoys a ginger beer and sometimes can be seen with his friend Captain Jack Sparrow.

Death's Steed: &quot;Binky is Death's steed. He is a real horse; Death tried a skeletal steed, but kept having to stop and wire bits back on. Death also had a fiery steed, but that one repeatedly set his barn on fire.

Binky is more intelligent than most horses and is a pure, milky white (it is noted in some novels that Binky is an exception to the usual equestrian rule of all pale-colored horses being officially 'grey'). He can fly, as well as travel through time and across dimensions, sometimes leaving glowing hoofprints in his wake, but is in all other respects a perfectly ordinary horse. He's well-treated, and loyal to his master and Susan when she's filling in for him. His shoes are made by Jason Ogg, the Lancrastian blacksmith of mythical skill, and he is probably immortal.&quot; ((Terry P))*

In the modern town Death rides a pitch black lamborghini with the liscene plate Binky.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Captain Jack Sparrow pops up everynow and then, mostly out of Town. Has a few apprentices....

...Likes cats.

2006-07-29, 01:03 AM
[status and description]
Kipper CabbageTheif is a Kender cleric of about 20th level. the character has a specific gender, but due to mass confusion over the nature of this gender it now resides as the Towns 'vaarsuvius'. it is 4 feet tall, but will insist that it is a little taller. its hair is gray, and goes to about the waist but is normally up in a ponytail.it owns a pair of shades that it bought from sneak, and behind those shades are brilliant green eyes. its skin is pale, and cloths are often earth-toned. it tries and stays out of fights, but when it gets into one it ussually uses its cleric spells to assist teammates. its weapon is a holy towel of fharlaghgn.
dex 20 str 12 con 16 int 13 wis 20 cha 16

kenders detest the term theif. their natural curiosity leads to having many possessions of others wind up in their pouches, but it is purley curiosity. a kender never takes something with a thopught of worth. so, when Kippers grandfather stole a cabbage to feed his family, the kender community punished him by giving him the surrname that our hero has today. since then, the CabbageTheifs have been trying to redeme themselves by being clerics. and, naturally, they all are clerics of the god of travel, Fharlaghgn. Kipper has, in its journeys been a pirate (level 1-3) a normal wandering adventurer in elflands (4-10) a leader of a rebelion against a tyrant baron (11-14) training with the samuri (15-18) and a bartender (19, 20)

[common knowledge]
Kipper is very open, so all of what is above will have been told at some point or another. it has no secrets to hide, and is very trusting.

the kender race is very curious, absent minded, childish, innocent, cheerful, curious*, and completley without fear.many kenders have died by being eaten by a dragon, because it wanted to see if a dragon was ticklish**. kenders have for racial abilities most of the skills that a first level rouge would have, except for appraise. kedners are intuitive, and use this ability to pick the perfect insult to throw at an opponent. this ability is called 'taunt', and when initiated, an opponent needs to make a will save. failing makes them instantly and wildly attack. the kenders idea of ownership is that everyone owns everything, and therefor a kender will take anythign that catches their eyes.

[current story]
the kender has no real story, no curses, no one is out to get it. a little while back a mindhunter came for its greymatter, but that matter has disipated. a hobby of the kender is to pop into other peoples stories at just the right time to be annoying, then cast a few helpful spells.

Iris the waitress
occassionally her twin sister, Siri
and the silent bartender, Joe, doesnt speak.

*i know i said curious twice. i ment it.
**untile recently, this was still a mystery. but CT managed to tickle a dragon under its wing by using a roc feather on a standard ten foot pole. the kender survived with this information purley because the inside of a dragons mouth is also ticklish

2006-07-29, 10:41 AM

[Stats and Description]
Name: Gwen the wxdruid
Race: Elven
Class: Druid 15/Stormlady 10
Alignment and Temperment: NG, even-tempered and patient
Age: 150
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair colour and length: red hair down to her ankles, kept in a braid most of the time
Eye colour: green
Weapons: Staff, Scimitar

Rain the tiger
Weight: 350lbs
Alignment and Temperment: NG and playful
Weapons: teeth, claws and she can exhale lightning bolts

[Common Knowledge]
Gwen is a judge at the courthouse and has a house in town. Her house has large gardens that are deadly if you try to enter uninvited.

You can usually find Rain with Aramir. Rain and Aramir have two children-Bolt and Jesion.

2006-07-29, 11:58 AM
Name: Ajax
Race: Polymorph, takes forms of various people and animals
Class: Rouge-ish, with a spot of magic
Alignment and Temprament: Neutural. Will lie to strangers, but will not shrink back on promises he origionally intended to keep.
Age: unknown, definitely&gt;60, probably at least 100
Description: varies from form to form
Weapons: can form tools and weapons with body, but does so rarely.

Ajax has no memory of his orgin. In fact, he has very few memories from more than 50 years ago. Occasionally, he remembers things when present events remind him, but such occourances are rare. Ajax does not believe there was any particular amnesia-inducing event, he just attributed it to bad memory and frequent form-shifts. He lives life as a drifter, works when it suits him, is not afraid to steal but is loyal to friends.

He would tell you that it's unfair to call any of his forms &quot;fake&quot;. In fact, unless he is actively trying to decieve someone, his appearance is usually more acurate than any &quot;plain 'oll self&quot;, most people show their emotion in their face and action, he shows it with his entire self. So, he is always being transparently honest, or lying through his teeth.

No matter what form he takes, he always retains his intelligence, and is slightly stronger than is normal for what he is emulating. Example, as a child he would be nearly as strong as an adult, as a full-grown woman he rivals a professional body builder. Despite this, he rarely confronts trouble with force, prefering to use stealth, guile, cunning and resourcefullness.

He considers himself male, usually takes male form, but can play a female role equally well.

When he takes dammage in combat, he can change form to close the wound, but still retains a negative effect on his stamina. Blow a hole in his chest and he will survive, but will likely be too weak to fight back.

Common knowledge:
Those who know of Ajax know he is a shape-shifter, but he changes form on whims, so is dificult to recognize. He particularly favors the form of a tall young male in his 20s, 6'3&quot;, blonde with blue eyes.

Ongoing storyline:
Ajax has joined the pirate crew, and has taken the personality to heart.

2006-07-29, 12:55 PM
[Stats and description]

Name: Dr. Jibar-Cat
Race: Cat-muffin (or British)
Class: Barbarian 10/Wizard 10/Bard 5
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic (impossible to tell). paranoid, easily amused, very easy to anger, prone to demanding power over non-koalas.
Age: As long as baked goods have been about, so has Dr. Jibar-Cat.
Height: 3-4 inches, depends on heat.
Weight: 1 lb.
Flavour: Double chocolate with chocolate chips (chocolate sauce in the middle as well.)
Equipment: I'm a cat-muffin. We ain't designed to be carrying stuff.
Dr. Jibar-Cat is quite simply put, a muffin with ears and a tail, and one hell of an ego. It talks, it walks, it fights and it argues. And it doesn't even know how.

Since the first baked good was made, Dr. Jibar-cat was there. However, when he was baked into a world with magic, his consciousness could finally give him the ability to move. Forcing himself through sheer will power, he began to move, walk and talk. He quickly searched for an army to take command off, and chose the koalas. Growing ears and a tail later, and giving himself a doctorine, Dr. Jibar-Cat was truly born.

[Common knowledge]
He's one of a kind baby.
He's big on euaclyptus and cat nip.
He's a talking muffin! There's nothing common about him!

Leaves the Cardboard Castle very little. Usually sends koalas to do anything outside.

[Ongoing storyline]
None currently.

2006-07-29, 02:33 PM
Yordan the Cabbage grower
2nd level Commoner
alignment &quot;simple good&quot;

Back story
Yordan comes from a long line of cabbage growers, who for some reason always survived through droughts and famines, still looking fairly well fed. he recently moved to the town from another town, not to far off, for reasons that he is simply not saying.

Common knowledge
a &quot;simple&quot; man who will sell you a cabbage on a moment's notice. (read as int 8 or so)

not all as is it seems

2006-07-29, 09:03 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Phoenixineohp
Race: Half Elf, half Phoenix (Phoenix species is homebrew)
Class: Known as a Sorceress, perhaps there is more to be discovered. A rather high level.
Alignment: True Neutral. Has appeared mostly Chaotic Good while in town.
Temperament: Tends to be happy, cheerful and friendly. However she does have quite the temper as a few things tend to push her buttons.
Age: Old for an Elf, somewhat young for a Phoenix. She has never said a number but looks similar to a 28 year old human.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120, slim build but strong.
Hair: Her red hair falls down her back.
Eyes: Brown.
Skin: Very pale white.
Wings: 5 foot wings that are comprised of red feathers. 10 foot wingspan.
Weapons: Magic and a known dagger user. Others may not have come out yet.
Familiar: Asher, who is usually around her neck but appears to be a necklace.
Common appearance: She wears a black shirt, black pants and a pair of belts crossed across her waist. She has red shoes and wears her hair down. She has one silver ring on her right hand.

Very little is known about her before she came to the town. She has said that she has a Phoenix and and an Elf as parents and that her culture is very strong. She was raised by her parents and community and has spent a lot of time adventuring. She seems to be familiar with several planes and knows Ravenloft rather well. She keeps at least one home outside of town (and off the boards).

[Common Knowledge]
- She has been around the town since the first milk bar but spent a few months away in Ravenloft.
- She has a great affinity for fire and can sometimes be seen covered in flames that do not damage her or anything on her.
- She does not worship or align with any of the God's or temples in town.
- Kyrian and Phoenixineohp have had an odd relationship for quite some time. It was romantic at one point but things are complicated.
- She seems to have quite a thing for Atreyu. She has saved his fur a few times. They are now openly together in a relationship.
- She has a spell that seems to heal, restore and rejuvenate people. She has used it frequently (especially on Atreyu) though not much is known about it. It does seem to wear her out though.
- It has been said that she doesn't deal well with death. This is a little odd as she is also known to use necromancy spells.
- She has been known to shapeshift.
- She often teleports places.
- She is also an 'interesting' drunk.
- Her mother has appeared in town twice.

- Her name is Phoenixineohp, and it is Phoenix forwards and backwards, rotating around the 'x'. A palindrome. It can also be typed as Pxp for ease. However, it is still thought to be pronounced the whole way through. Please don't call her Phoenix, as that gets confusing with another character.

[Known Possessions]
- She wears two belts that have various things attached, including may bags of holding.
- She has numerous daggers that are made of different substances.
- She never seems to have issues with money.

[Ongoing Story Lines]
- She has been dealing with her teachings and culture vs. her choices for quite a while now.
- She has been trying to figure out her feelings for Atreyu for a very long time. Recently her mother came by to talk to them. Apparently she approves of a choice that Phoenixineohp is going to make. Later on Phoenixineohp finally realized that she loved Atreyu, and on Valentines Day told him so after channeling her feeling for him to him.
- She has brought her friend Phoenix over from Ravenloft to visit the town.

[Stats and Description]

Name: Asher
Species: Coral snake
Alignment: True Neutral
Temperament: Very loyal and loving. However, he tends to speak his mind and has sharp views of people sometimes.
Colour: Red, yellow and black.
Length: About 3 feet long.
Usual appearance: Coiled around Phoenixineohp's neck, looking like a necklace.
Weapons: Natural venom and shared spells with Phoenixineohp.

[Common Knowledge]
- He quite likes and respects Atreyu.
- People's actions tend to determine his views on them.
- Phoenixineohp does consult him for advice and help. She has also trusted him to 'babysit' for some of the others.

[Stats and Description]
Name: Peck
Species:Half Common Bird, Half Phoenix
Alignemt: Unknown
Temperment: Very happy, friendly, and playful. Generally she is carefree though she is very protective of people she likes.
Size: Tiny
Colour: Red with yellow feet and beak.
Age: A middle aged bird, very young Phoenix
Weapons: Natural abilities

[Common Knowledge]
- She came to the town after being asked by Phoenixineohp to look after Atreyu while she was away.
- Seems to have the same healing, restoring and rejuvenating spell as Phoenixineohp.
- Really enjoys drinking and food.
- She does not talk at all. She makes bird noises but no other forms of communication will work with her. Not even spells. This does not mean that she isn't smart though. She often will try very hard to communicate even a small point or message.

[Stats and Description]

Name: Phoenix
Race: Unknown though she appears to be part elf.
Class: Known as a Sorceress. Rather high level.
Alignment: True Neutral
Temperment: Not completely known yet. Seems to be all over the map.
Age: Unknown. She appears to be similar in age to Phoenixineohp.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 in all the right places.
Hair: Her red hair falls down her back.
Eyes: Varying degrees of red. She has black dripping scars running down her cheeks from her eyes.
Skin: Usually a very pale white. However it has changed to be rather red before.
Wings: She has 5 foot wings made of fire. These seems to combust whatever they touch if she is not careful. However they are not visible all the time as she can retract them into her body.
Weapons: Magic and perhaps other things. She used a 20 foot whip made out of fire the first time she was seen in the town.
Familiar: Sirius. He has visited her in town but has been staying in Ravenloft.
Common apparence: She wears a black dress with red stitching. She often has a large black cloak with her and usually wears it with the hood up. She has a few bags of holding attached to her dress and wears black shoes. She always has a necklace on that has two rings strung on it. She sometimes carries a black carved cane with her.

[Backstory and Common Knowledge]
- Besides Phoenixineohp or Sirius who know her quite well, only Fenix and Aesa have really heard anything about her or her past.
- She recently came to town to see what Phoenixnieohp kept talking about. She is from Ravenloft and finds the town to be a very different and new experience.
- She was supposed to only stay for a quick visit, but she enjoys the open nature of the town and has started a relationship with Fenix. However, she still goes back to Ravenloft frequently.
- She has a great affinity for fire and can cover herself in flame just like Phoenixineohp.
- She also uses many necromancy spells.
- She has some succubus in her. When she first got to town she had an encounter with Kyrian that apparently was to teach him a lesson as well as her seeking justice for Phoenixineohp. Since then they have been civil and nice to each other.
- She can shapeshift and often teleports places.
- She has a large marking on her back that takes the shape of an abstract bird. It is coloured red and looks like it has been carved into place.
- Is dealing with issues surrounding a war in Ravenloft, her role in the war and her Sire's role. There seem to be complex issues involving her Sire.
- Has also spoken of Vistani and a Wolf like Tribe that she is fighting.
- After deciding to stay in Town with Fenix, her Sire punished her by torching her with a destructive fire. She is unable to use magic to heal her wounds and Pxp's hand was burned when she tried to help. Sirius was also burned. She is slowly recovering but is covered head to toe in burn scars. To hide this fact she has a constant spell up to appear how she wants.
Other Known Appearances:

[Stats and Description]

Name: Sirius
Species: Golden Eagle
Alignment: Unknown
Temperment: Unknown
Weapons: Unknown

- Very few people have seen him so far.
- He appears to be a very proper, loving familiar.
- Like Phoenix he was burned by her Sire and left covered in burn scars. Phoenix uses the same spell on him as she does on her to make him appear like he used to. His actual feathers are slowly growing in to cover the scars.

[Stats and Description]

Name: Referred to as "The little one"
Species: Dragon
Alignment: Unknown
Temperment: Mostly unknown but appears very playful.
Weapons: Unknown

- Phoenixineohp accepted a dragon egg and promised to raise the dragon inside. Shortly after it hatched and has begun to grow and develop under her watch.
- Atreyu is a parental figure to the little one.
- Asher or Sirius will occasionally babysit the little one and Peck.
- Is still very young and small. He has yet to learn how to speak but it working on flying.

2006-07-29, 11:44 PM
Completely new character! Will start posting as him soon.

[Stats and Description]

Name: Sifer Muri Al'Quandan AKA Deckmaster
Race: Human
Class: Deckmaster 5 (Made-up class)
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good, although some might think he's chaotic. Most of the time he seems to be a bit of a goof and a simpleton. But when he starts drawing the cards, he becomes no-nonsense.
Age: 22
Height: Above Average
Weight: Average
Hair colour and length: Blonde, shoulder-length.
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Deckmaster usually relies on the &quot;luck of the draw,&quot; but he also has a scimitar for when that fails.

Sifer is the descendant of a powerful wizard named Quandan. He is a member of the Northern Line, which is from Quandan's first wife, Muri. Like most of Quandan's descendents, he is a powerful wizard. Over time, the Northern Line channeled their magic into cards, while the Southern Line relied on the same ancient spell magic Quandan used. Sifer was destined, like all of the Northern Line, to use his deck to protect the King of Avenlo. But the current king of Avenlo was a corrupt man that Sifer hated. So he decided to move south and live with the Southern Line. But on his way there, he somehow got derailed and ended up in the Town.

[Common Knowledge]
Sifer can't hold his liquor.

Sifer's father is seeking him out, and so is the King of Avenlo, who believes Sifer has some valuable information that could be used against him.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Sifer made a brief appearance in Trog's Tavern before passing out. His current whereabouts are unknown.


2006-07-30, 01:57 AM
[Stats and Description]
DesInsanely High. No specifics, really.
BarnabasInsanely Low, except for his INT.
DesDes is tall (6'6&quot;) with fiery red hair. He has a very solid physique (broad shoulders, big chest...etc). Normally dressed in a white button up shirt, and brown pants, he could be found attractive in a rugged, outdoorsish, kind of way.
BarnabasIs a well-kept German Sheppard of average height.


Destruction was one of the Endless (Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, Destiny, Delirium, Destruction [read Neil Gaiman's the Sandman]). One day he decided he was tired of causing pain and destruction so he lay down his warhammer and retired, leaving behind his family. In his travels he met Barnabas a lovable talking dog, and the two hit it off immediately. Ever since they have been travelling the lands looking for places to stay for a while, before they move on to another town.

[Common Knowledge]
Des is VERY powerful, and older than most gods. Barnabas...loves Steak!

I don't actually have a character sheet for Des, so asking for stats, isn't going to help. I'd like for people to assume that he's ALL-POWERFUL. I won't be a bad guy for much longer, and any attempts to fight him will be met with much pain for your character, though I'll refrain from killing you (unless you want me to). [I know I sound egotistical, but if you'd read the Sandman, you'd understand how powerful he really is.]

[Ongoing Storyline]
Des, after a rather unpleasant meeting with Wukei/Loki, ran out of Trog's. Since then he has been seen a few times, always followed by something blowing up. He has taken out a few buildings which hadn't been hurt. He nearly blew up Llama's kids and Dryken's box when he took out the camp, and odds are something else is about to go sky high.

2006-07-30, 02:38 AM
Name: Vindemiatrix *
Height: varies
Weight: none (incorporeal) *
Hair Color: N/A *
Eyes: Yellow
Distinguishing Marks: Other than being a large number of ethereal black dragons, no. *
Scars: Used to have a bizarre green tattoo back when he was an elf; the form change removed it. *
Alignment and Personality: NG; somewhat introverted. Gets annoyed at judgemental people (especially paladins, with the exclusion of Lord of Narf and Libris) who decide that he's evil just because of his form. Tends to walk on the fringes of society, making it so that very little is known about the character himself.
Weapons: Natural weapons due to ghostly and draconic forms, Blessing of the Void, spells
Method of Entry: One or more Aspects materialize or drift in.
NPCs: The Faeries Three, a trio of normally cheerful, CG sprites, who are currently under the control of the Witch of the Woods; and Mirror Vindemiatrix, or mVinde, for short.
Major Plots (Past):
--Once an elven druid; turned into a black dragon by Raven-gm. Was eventually corrupted by his power, becoming NE, and joined Don Sneak's mob.
--Repented at the Temple of Bahamut, becoming Neutral Good once again. Now an dislikes Sneak (at least, in the Town).
--Working hard to earn soul back from the rather ticked-off Bahamut.
--Toured the extramultiverse with Lord of Narf to the Void to check on soul, the side effects of which included losing massive amounts of XP (restored by Level Up Liqueur; thank you Trog!) and Lord of Narf's edification.
--Attempted to use a spell to allow himself to carry around his soul in a an amulet (but without being freed) for reasons of sanity; this met with criticisim from Bahamut and was immediately dismissed.
--Breifly became insane, leading to his fragmentation into a number of ghostly apparitions of himself, colloquillly known as Aspects. (There are four types: Lesser Aspects, holding 1/20 of his being; Aspects, holding 1/4 of his being; Greater Aspects, holding 1/2 of his being, or an Aspect Prime, holding his entire being. Each appears more solid than the previous one.)
--With Gwen's assistance, saved Mortia when the Temple of Bahamutte was destroyed.
--Recently discovered that, during his brief insanity, he became incorporeal intentionally. He did this by making his proverbial &quot;mask&quot; so impervious that in order for one to harm him, one had to have intimate knowledge of him. Unfortunately, this also made him incredibly vulnerable to the power of his mirrored version. This vulnerablity was decreased dramatically when he recieved a gift from Mortia in the form of &quot;armor&quot;--a permanent plane of force enveloping him like skin that can be turned on and off at will, with control over what parts are on and what parts are off. (So he can claw you with a solid claw, but still remain ethereal with the rest of his body.) Additionally, it lets him release his anger (DBZ style), but he is reluctant to use it because that is what landed him in this situation in the first place.
Major Plots (Current): Trog's Witch of the Wood's plot, in which the Faeries Three are featured as the Witch's dominated puppets. Fights for the town in the Mirror Universe plot, although he is having considerable difficulty overcoming his more powerful alter ego, although he now has somewhat of a chance against him. Taking part in the (unofficially named) Dark Mortia story arc.
Mirror Form: A Neutral Evil, but quite sociable, solid black dragon.
Common Knowledge:
--Goes to the Temple of Bahamutte frequently. The exact nature of that is shrouded in mystery (except to those who didn't read the Plots section.)
--For some reason, appears as a series of Aspects. (The reason why is not common knowledge.)
--Has a great love for music; in fact, the only time in which he seems truly at ease is when music is playing.
--STRONGLY dislikes needless violence, and will attempt to stop any and all fights he considers ill-conceived.
--If forced into a fight, he will almost always attempt to demoralize and confuse his opponent into submission instead of going straight for the jugular, due to his aversion to violence.

2006-07-30, 09:05 AM

[Stats and Description]
Race: Sayian
Age: Between 25-30
Class: Um...Sayian?
Alignment and Temperament: Don't piss him off
Height: 6'0"
Weight: About 250
Hair: Blond
Skin: tan-ish
Other Features:
Equipment: Renegade (Buster Sword)
Ebony and Ivory (Twin Colt .45s)

Put your character's story here. Once again, if it is in the book thread, then a link is sufficient. This is OOC information! But it also helps in the town so we don't all have to type this in a million times. You can just do "Fenric tells you his story [link]" and be done.

[Common Knowledge]
Things from your story that people can be assumed to know without your telling them.

Kyrian is the current God of War, having defeated his mentor, Ares, in battle. Don't piss him off.

[Ongoing Storyline]
A summary of your current plot. Not to be confused with the book thread's "plots you are in", this is your story. Please keep it up to date.


[Stats and Description]
Race: Half-Dragon/Half-Drow
Age: N/A
Class: Monk
Alignment and Temperament: LG, though there is Chaos in him
Height: 10'0" at least
Weight: About 350-500
Hair: White
Skin: Black and Red
Other Features:
Equipment: Twin buster swords


[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]


[Stats and Description]


[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]


[Stats and Description]


[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]


[Stats and Description]


[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]

2006-07-30, 09:38 AM
Sar'Pynestae (Red)
Race: Tiefling (3/4 elf, 1/4 Succubus)
Age: 117
Class: Ranger 8/Tempest 4
Alignment and Temperament: Everywhere but the fiendish planes - CG, slightly shy, fan of animals, a tad unpredictable especially when confronted by anti-tiefling prejudice (may run away in tears, go quiet and blush, be perfectly cheerful, or attempt to slit the bastard's throat, according to mood).
The fiendish planes - N/C E/N (hasn't come up yet, so haven't decided), focused on the issue of survival, mercenary, severely self-controlled with a hint of barely-restrained insanity, callous almost to the point of sadism.
Height: 5'8&quot;
Weight: ~200lb (rather dense bones)
Hair: Bright red, generally just barely restrained beneath a headscarf.
Skin: Pale, subject to blushing.
Other Features: Pointed teeth, two small black horns. Has a Tiny black and red viper, but is considering letting her go when she gets somewhere warm and finding herself something ridable, perhaps with horns. Enjoys making lovely jewellery.
Equipment: Reasonably spiffing long- and shortswords. An impressive set of bone-studded leafweave armour with half a demon skull on each shoulder (a present from grandaddy). If not wearing armour, probably wearing her snazzy formal outfit - dark red velvety dress with matching silver jewellery, dark red boots and red gloves.
Backstory: (It's late, so quick version) Grew up in a fairly isolated elven village until kidnapped by a demonic recruiter to participate in the Blood Wars. Torn from her beloved forest, her mind almost completely shut down except for those parts needed for her survival. Made a few (highly distrustful) &quot;friends&quot;, eventually rescued by a party headed by her succubus Grandmother, Zethinine. Once home, threw herself into nature and into how to protect her home from any other such extraplanar incursions. An important part of her learning took place at Mongomery Snake's Aerial Academy, where she and several friends founded the League of Steely Mettle. After various adventures and some expansion, the League has more or less settled down into a respectable business. Sar'Pynestae is more or less taking a holiday from its administration.
Common Knowledge:
~ The League of Steely Mettle may be known, and Red freely admits to membership.
~ It's reasonably obvious she's a tiefling.
~ Obviously a ranger, tends to go somewhat wild in combat.
~ Generally prefers the company of animals to that of humans.
~ Is a little iffy of extraplanar beings, whatever their alignment, but is willing to get to know just about anybody.
Notes: empty right now
~ Harbours a burning need for revenge against the demon who tore her from her home.

2006-07-30, 11:16 AM

[Stats and Description]
Name: Hellion is known as Hellion. His birthname is unrevealed.
Race: Human
Class: Ex-Paladin/Blackguard
Alignment and Temperament: Insidious Evil (LE) - Hellion has his own code of morals which he adheres to. He does not kill in cold blood, nor does he perform any random acts of chaos. He also strongly abhors demons, which the exception of those within demonic items.
Age: Unknown. Looks about 32.
Height: 6'2&quot;
Weight: (No idea)
Hair Color and Length: Brown hair, spiked.
Eye Color: Brown. Staring into them gives you a headache.
Weapons: A demonic greatsword that screams when drawn. It absorbs part of the target's soul on impact.

Unknown. Hellion simply appeared one day in the Temple of Banjo, denouncing all gods. After a rather dramatic level-up (about 14 levels at once :D), he left the temple and has been causing trouble ever since.

[Common Knowledge]
--Hellion is a member of the Order of the Dark Blade, an evil organisation crumbling from within.
--Hellion is being hunted by a Man in a Suit for his crimes. The Man in a Suit looks remarkably like Hellion...
--Hellion likes to try and start fights and prides himself on his ability to taunt others.
--Hellion spent a short time demonically possessed. In this time he leanred how to control possession of all kinds.
--Hellion hates Renrik and plots to one day eliminate him.
--'Friends' with Kantur.

--'Hellion' means &quot;A mischievous, troublesome, or unruly person.&quot; How fitting.
--Hellion is protected by plate armour inscribed with demonic sigils.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Hellion is being hunted by the Man in a Suit and frequently causes trouble within Trog's. He also started the Muffin Craze.

[b]A Man in a Suit
[Stats and Description]
Name: He has no revealed name.
Race: Human
Class: Unknown.
Alignment and Temperament: Unknown. Seems to dislike all alignments, especially Chaos and Evil.
Age: Unknown. Looks about 32.
Height: 6'2&quot;
Weight: (No idea)
Hair Color and Length: Brown hair, spiked.
Eye Color: Brown.
Weapons: A briefcase capable of launching an attack of solidified light. It can also shrink targets so that they may be placed inside the briefcase. It is extremely light and has infinite holding space because it uses planar storage. It is also capable of allowing the bearer to teleport, if they know how to use it.

Unknown. Appeared one day declaring Hellion was being hunted for crimes.

[Common Knowledge]
--Is hunting Hellion to administer his punishment.
--Looks remarkably like Hellion.
--He speaks his mind, no matter what.
--He manipulates law and chaos to his whim.
--Hates Kantur but has warned him of a mysterious &quot;Scion of Balance&quot; that may soon begin hunting him.

--The suit cannot be damaged in any way.
--Has no true alignment.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Hunting Hellion.

[Stats and Description]
Name: Divenion Trothguard
Race: Human
Class: Metallic Monk (Custom Monk Class)/Urban Ranger (Custom Ranger Class)
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Good. He is calm and collected at all times.
Age: Unknown.
Height: 6'2&quot; outwith armour, 8'2&quot; in armour.
Weight: Very, very heavy in armour.
Hair Color and Length: Unknown. He does not remove his helmet.
Eye Color: His helmet's eyes are yellow, but his true eye colour is unknown.
Weapons: An assortment of mundane weapons, ranging from rifles and chainguns to grenades and power fists. His armour is referred to as &quot;Power Armour&quot;. It greatly increases his strength, AC &amp; constitution, and dexterity; due to the servo-motors, nigh-impregnable plating and targetting mechanism respectively.

Divenion appeared in the Town as a monstrous figure of a man in giant armour. He suffers from amnesia, but is part of a large off-continent military/research organisation called the Brotherhood of Steel.

[Common Knowledge]
--Despises Evil characters.
--Completely fearless when within his armour.
--He never removes his armour (there are filter systems for that sorta thing, by the way ;))
--Divenion is not allowed to use magical or demonic items, weapons or spells, according to Brotherhood policy.
--Very technologically advanced. Has much expertise with computer systems and electronics.
--He is a member of the Brotherood of Steel, a military-based organisation dedicated to technological research and the conquest of Good.

--In his armour, he is a Large creature, not Medium.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Divenion is trying to discover who he used to be.

[Brotherhood History] (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1160670483;s tart=330#332)

-=Hell Out=-

Darius Midnite
2006-07-30, 04:30 PM
Darius' profile is on this (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1154053427;s tart=195#195) page.

EDIT: Begone typo devils!

2006-07-30, 09:10 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: magic8BALL
Race: Human Lich
Class: Wizard 3/ Cleric 3/ Psion 9/ Mystic Thurge 6
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Evil (a more Lawful Branch of his Chaotic Evil church)
Age: Unknown. See Background.
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair colour and length: None. Yet.
Eye colour: black with glowing red pupils
Weapons: - Spells and Powers up to 5th level.
- Draining touch


magic8BALL was once a human. This he knows. He was killed. This also is fairly apparent. His corpse was animated as a zombie. This is easily deduced. What nobody knows is what his name, age occupation, anything was when he was alive. He figures, now that he has magical knowledge, that he was somehow awakend from being a mindless undead into being a zombie with thinking capacities.

The thougfht capable zombie set out to find somewhere to begin an eternaty of slowly decomposing. He arrived at many towns, only to be kicked out. Nobody likes zombies that can talk. He gave himself the nickname magic8BALL becouse he could predict when he was going to be thrown out: immediatly. Eventually, he stumbled upon the Town. Here, he was not regected, but not exactly met with open arms.

magic8BALL learnt much from the Town, and eventually made a series of wishes to prevent his eventual decomposision.

His first wish was that he was a ghast, not a zombie. This was granted. His second wish was that he had two heads. This also was granted, but the second head (his left one) would be a Magic 8 Ball.

His new apendage could now talk, answering any question asked of it with a degree of cirtanty. Whether the 8ball is right or not is totally unpredictable. Just as unpredictable is whether the 8ball will talk in a way that you can interpret what its is saying.

More recently, magic8BALL joind the Following of Baa'Te, and has risen far in the ranks of his church. His diety has granted him the honor of being a Lich, and the protection of a body Guard named Vragan.

[Common Knowledge]

- magic8BALL is a Lich with moderate casting abilities for every type of magical manipulation: Arcane Magic, Divine Magic and Psionics.

- He is very powerful in his church.

- He travels accompanied by his body guard Vragan, a zombie.

- He is an aprentice to Death.

- He has been missing for a few weeks now.


- First Darts Champion of the Town.

- Advisor to the Overlord of the Following of Baa'Te

[Ongoing Storyline]

magic8BALL has been missing ever since Wukis death.


none as yet.

2006-07-30, 10:56 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Suburri The Gentle
Race: Kobold (Possibly of Infernal Origin)
Class: Bard 7, Champion of Tiamat 8, Beguiler 1(The Champion is one of Rich’s creations. It’s on this site. The Beguiler is in the Player's Handbook II.)
Alignment and Temperament: Twisted Good. Suburri is a shy, often easily frightened kobold… though he feels his race has been underestimated too long, and wishes to prove himself and his race to the world. He is easily emotionally hurt, and though he is often quite nice, he is easy to hold grudges and seek vengeance. Though he tries to be good, he is quite greedy. As a scavenger, he’ll search through things in order to find what people don’t want, or what he believes they won’t realize is missing.
Age: 23
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 63lbs.
Hair color and length: Unheard of for a kobold, Suburri has brown hair to his shoulders, braided in a single braid. This is strange, for kobolds don’t normally grow hair… at all.
Eye color: Suburri has crystal blue eyes, which often have a slight glow to them… yet only in the dark.
Weapons: He has a short sword, and is quite good in wielding it with his dexterity, but he prefers to talk or enchant his way out of fights. He has several daggers on him, because f his tendency to be disarmed.

Suburri was born under normal circumstances to the Mirage Tribe of kobolds… as such, he was exposed to illusions at a young age… and soon grew bored with them. He wished for something grander… always, he wishes for something grander… sadly, his wishes were heard. The Dark Queen, also known as the goddess Tiamat, saw his wishes with glee and granted them… making him her Champion… he shifted to a horrible monstrosity, spreading chaos in his clan… he was finally stopped by a kobold maiden, dumping water on him.

Ashamed that his wish was twisted, he left the tribe… living off of scavenging for many years of his life. From Tiamat’s blessing, he grew stronger… and taller than normal kobolds… and he grew hair, a full head of brown hair. He does not deny that this is because the Dark Queen willed… he prayed to Kurtulmak every night, hoping his prayers would be answered… nothing aided him.

He has lived in the guise of an adventurer for many years... latching onto adventuring parties, and writing many ballads. He enjoys his bardic lifestyle, and has learned many songs… and often crafting his own songs on what he sees. He’s been a help to one clan of elves, earning the Harp… he aided them in pushing a load of drow back to their hole.

[Common Knowledge]
-Suburri the kobold is about dwarf-sized, and muscular. He has glinting copper scales, and a braid of hair.
-His harp is of obvious elven quality, and has many jewels. It radiates magic.
-His cloak, likewise, radiates magic.
-Has a complicated aura. Mostly good, yet he seems very deeply in quite evil.
-Is currently in possession of the legendary Big Tailz issue, #48

He’s a scavenger, and he’s likely to take ‘unwanted’ items that aren’t strapped down. He currently has a box filled with Lykan’s gems because of this.
His Champion form is called the Voice of Tiamat.

Half-Chiang Lung , hald elvencreature in the woods.

2006-07-31, 12:00 AM
[Stats and Description]
Indurain is a Monk 24/Aristocrat 1/Bard1. His charisma is through the roof (24). Ladies swoon in his wake, especially those in the food service industry.

Well...it starts like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd_ZyLqTd-Q)

Indurain was the lone survivor of the disaster. He fled and searched the world far and wide until he came upon the Town. His natural charisma and winning smile soon won him the Emperorship.

[Common Knowledge]
Indurain is the town nudist, as well as the Town's Emperor as officially decreed during the first battle (I was the first town official). There was a brief stint where after a jilted lover crossed his path Indurain became a cow. This was remedied when he faced down the possessed Librarian in the Cemetary. However his victory was short-lived as the Librarian tricked Indurain into thinking he'd won, and then promptly placed her sword into his back. Since then, Indurain has been living it up on the Ethereal plane with his hula girls and Fishbowls full of tequila. Occasionally he's called back to Town for a routine prophecy delivery or to rule over the battle arena.

Until one day, when the Emperor's dear friend, Atreyu the Llama, decided to hold Nude-Fest as a tribute to his fallen pal. Nude-Fest was a success with the majority of the town showing up in their birthday suits. As Nude-Fest drew to a close, the Llama headed to Indurain's grave to pay a last tribute, but was surpised when a large leafy being floated above the grave. The being introduced itself as Obad-Hei, Indurain's god, the god of nature. He declared that the Llama had organised such a display of 'natural' beauty, that he would be rewarded. With a brilliant flash of light, Obad-Hei was gone, and Indurain stood in his place...alive and well.

Ladies love the Indurain!

[Ongoing Storyline]
None at the moment.

2006-07-31, 12:29 AM
. .

2006-07-31, 02:00 AM
Name: The wandering Rogue
Race: human
Class: Rogue 10 Ranger 5 Horizon walker 5
Alignment and Temprament: NG
Age: 20's
Height: not all that tall
Weight: resonably light
Hair colour and length: brown short
Eye colour: green
Weapons: longsword, buckler

The wandering rogue lived in an elven town as a child and learned the ways of stealth and survival sence leaving he has traveled the world righting the wrongs he sees fighting of evil and saving towns.

Along the way he has made many friends including a dwarven warior named Durrin Ironaxe a powerful dwarf warrior who traveled with him through a swamp.

Also he has made enemies such as the demon lord Litho Laura whos invasion of the town of Buckwallow was thwarted by the wandering rogue.

&quot;I shall wander for eternity!&quot;
[Common Knowledge]

nothing local as he leaves too soon.

Evil is all over and The wandering rogue must travel forever and destroy it

((He is a character I use often for random things, he started as a comic book character I made when I was 10))

2006-07-31, 03:38 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Gratia &quot;Ruby&quot; Gemhardt
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue 1
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Neutral. She is friendly with good-aligned creatures, but follows her own agenda and code of conducts. Usually a happy, bubbly, and very outgoing girl as long as she doesn't give away anything important
Age: 23
Height: 2'3&quot;
Weight: 22 lbs
Hair colour and length: Long brown hair with dark black highlights running vertically. Usually kept in a ponytail.
Eye colour: Varies upon situation.
Weapons: She carries a total of five weapons...
Her normal armamants include a Masterwork Rapier and a Short Sword, usually wielded together, they present a threat to almost any opponent. She carries a light crossbow for those moments when she just can't get in close, and always has two Masterwork daggers hidden somewhere on her person.
Armor: A simple set of Leathered Armor, although none know that it has been Glamered... and is calpable of appearing as any simple set of clothing while retaining its stats.

[General D&amp;D stats]
STR: 12
DEX: 18
CON: 14
INT: 18
WIS: 16
CHA: 12

Still in Progress

[Common Knowledge]
There is more to her than meets the eye...

[Introductory Description]
Thin and strong, this smaller-than-average halfling is built for speed and agility. Her common travelling clothes carry no adornments save for a small ruby hanging from a silver chain around her neck. At her side is an intricately decorated and battle-worn Rapier, a weapon of speend and dexterity fit for such an agile combatant. Its deadly twin is sheathed next to it, a no less decorated and battle-worn short sword. Although the blades appear weakened with time, they are well taken care of and still pose a formidable threat to unwary foes. Alther her weapons carry many scars, her face is a vision of simple, wild beauty, carring an ever-present smile that makes her eyes shine with unmatched radience, lending a brightness to her demeanor. Sunlight falling upon her long brown hair seem to accentuate the veins of black that run through it.

[Ongoing Storyline]
No story-line to date. Still waiting for the game to start.

2006-07-31, 01:53 PM
Spook[Stats and Description]
Name: Amelia "Spook" Marsh
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22, although she seems younger due to her curiosity.
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Social Scientist

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 111 lbs
Eyes: Bluish-Green

[Special Gear]

[Common Knowledge]

And insatiable curiosity and a lack of social inhibitions tend to get her into a lot of trouble.

[Ongoing Storyline]

[Stats and Description]
Name: Muska [Kitten]
Muska [Humanoid]
Race: Muskkitten
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Muskkitten

Height: 6" [Kitten]
Weight: >5 lbs. [Kitten]
Eyes: Golden Orange


[Ongoing Storyline]

Irené[Stats and Description]
Name: Irené
Race: Viera
Age: 13
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Thief

[Common Knowledge]
Weight:100 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Red and blind

Is techinically an albino, but Viera often have white hair. Uses her sharp ears for echolocation which more than compensates for her blindness, allowing her to see behind her and in the dark.

[Ongoing Storyline]
After having been kidnapped from her bed late at night, she found herself dumped down a chute at the Orphanage.

2006-07-31, 03:03 PM
Stats and Description

Name: Valis Wolf
Race: Half-Elf Vampire
Class: Druid/Rogue/Thief Acrobat
Alignment and Temperament: TN - Revels in balance and harmony in all it's forms, and isn't averse to a bit of backstabbing.....
Age: Looks 20-ish, but is in fact over 250 years old.
Height: 6'0&quot;
Weight: Average
Hair Colour: Blonde, reaches down to just past his shoulders.
Eye Colour: Icy Blue
Weapons: Before being bitten, and infected, he used a Quarterstaff of Disruption. Now, of course, that would be impossible, so uses a Quarterstaff of Thunder and Lightning.


In his Half-Elf days, Valis spent more than enough time in the forest. Some said his Elven roots were deeper than any normal Half-Elf. Anyway, he discovered a Druid camp, and stayed. No word was left to his remaining adopted family. 'He just upped and went!', his foster mother wailed. He stayed with the Druids long enough to learn their practices, and then decided he wanted a bit more adventure. He went to the nearest large city, and practised his roguery. After busting himself out of jail five too many times, he decided to tread more carefully. He wasn't caught again, but made off with more than enough cash.....

Common Knowledge

All of the above.


Sometime after his 27th birthday, he felt the call of the Druids he had once served with. He searched them out, and discovered the camp decimated. He found more than enough clues to point to the Undead. He went searching for the Undead group that did it, and attacked them. He was knocked out, and wasn't too lucky....

Ongoing storylines

To discover the identity of the Vampire that turned him.....

2006-07-31, 05:05 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Graklok
Race: Half Orc/Ogre
Class: Barbarian
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Dumb
Age: 22
Height: 10 feet, 6 inches *
Weight: 345 lbs *
Hair colour and length: spotches of untidy hair, gray and black.
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Giant club.


[Common Knowledge]
He's dumb, and gives people names based upon description. He has learned a few names since he joined Indurain as guest annoucer in the battle royale. Wukei flashed her chest at him to prove a point in court, which is oddly a place he keeps ending up. He stowed away on the liza jane escaping a murder charge which he was found not guilty of, and became a "piwate"

He is Supagoof's second PC, which was unknown until the arena battle royal match needed a spur of identity to help Supagoof out of a precarious predicament.

Playing dumb takes up too much time.

2006-07-31, 06:32 PM
Earin Goldshadow aka The Face Ninja
Class: Rogue/Shadow Dancer/Telepath/Defender of the Faith (homebrew)
Race: Human-Elan (homebrew)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Earin is gracefully built man, somewhat slender and slightly shorter than most men. He is well muscled, but his strength is normally overlooked due to his reflexes, dexterity and mental prowess. His hair is a rather vibrant red/orange and his eyes are hazel. He wears a bright blue cape on most occasions, the clasp of which is a locket given to him by Elya. He alos tends to wear a dark grey shirt and flowing white pants. Though this is his normal appearance, his mastery in the area of disguise allows him to take whatever form he pleases. Occasionally he takes the form of a white skinned/haired man with dark, almost black eyes, complete with black ninja suit. This guise is the Face Ninja.
Personality: Earin is a rather mischevious but well-meaning man, fond of sarcasm and delighting in friends and conversation. Occasionally he crafts poetry when the mood strikes him. When need be, he has iron control over his emotions, and can put everything aside in order to concentrate on the task at hand. He is extremely defensive of his beliefs, his friends, and the town in general. When provoked, he can wax philosophical, though he is a bit out of practice.
Equipment: The most noted of Earin’s possessions are his holy rapier (enchanted by Inari herself), his psionic icestaff, a locket from Elya, a dagger of some psionic endowment, and the numerous portable holes that never seem to be in the same place twice. However, as a master of disguise, he carries many other smaller items as well, such as an assortment of helpful wands.
Backstory/Town Story: Currently what is known of Earin is that he was once the apprentice of a master assassin (Vael, though he didn’t know it at the time), and though he felt some qualms about his job, they were slowly put to rest by Vael’s poisonous influence. However, Earin was given a new target, Elya, whom he stalked for quite some time before attempting to assassinate her at a noble’s party. The plan backfired on him, and they quickly grew to be friends, and then more. Elya eventually learned of Earin’s trade and convinced him to abandon it and his master. They fled, and were happy for a time. Vael, unfortunately, tracked them down and confronted Earin alone without Elya’s knowledge. With powerful warping psionics, Vael removed all of Earin’s memories of Elya and melded him to his assassin training (making him the Face Ninja) Eventually, after hundreds of years of existence this way, Earin made his way to Town, the psionic warping having dissipated ever so slightly over the years. He assassinated Kantur for Renrik, and suddenly, he began to slightly remember his old nature. Some small part of him was disgusted by his deeds. After a time, he regained his memories at the Temple of Inari and atoned for his crimes. Inspired by the love of the temple, he later joined as the first knight defender of the faith. (For the continuation of this storyline, see Elya, below)
-Earin is the arena judge.
-Earin is married to Elya.
-Earin was the first Knight Defender of the Faith.
-Earin is now absent from Town, having left with Elya to serve their new goddess, Aroha.
Current Plot(s):

Elya Goldshadow
Class: Telepath/Cleric/Psychic Theurge
Race: Human-Elan (hombrew)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Elya is easily as graceful as Earin, but with a slight and slender frame. She has blue eyes, long straight brown hair, and a fair complexion. Lacking muscle, she makes up for her lack of physical prowess with a mighty strength of mind, far greater than Earin’s. She tends to wear light colors, with the occasional green and blue thrown in.
Personality: Elya matches Earin in his mischevious nature, if not surpasses him. She has an innate kindness and empathy that overrides almost all of her other tendencies, and it takes a very, very deep wound to her to make her hold a grudge. Her entire life is set around the idea of redemption, so she forgives often and readily. Some would call her trust fool-hardy, and perhaps it is, but it does not negate her benevolent spirit.
Equipment: Elya normally carries her holy symbol of Inari, and a small enchanted dagger.
Backstory/Town Story: Elya was the only daughter of a noble family in a far off land, and lived a rather unremarkable life. She dabbled in mental healing psionics, which made her quite well-regarded, and she was also fairly religious and involved actively in the small church nearby, which was thought of as a pecularity, but one that well suited her and recommended her gentle nature. After meeting Earin, convincing him to run away with her, and adventuring with him for a time, she came back to their camp find him inexplicably missing (taken away by Vael). Certain of his love for her, since they had gotten engaged a small time ago, she waited for days, but he never returned. Heart broken, confused and alone, she returned home, only to find herself disowned by her family for abandoning them without warning. She traveled for a time, taking up the worship of Inari, and met Vael, Earin’s master. He was in his persona as an arena champion, and befriended her and commiserated with her, while in fact trying to figure out how he could shape Earin further to his will. After a time he lead her to believe that he had found a trace of Earin in a very dangerous area, and she followed his clue and was slain still trying to find him. A long time later (after Earin’s atonement), Earin summoned her spirit and explained it all to her, but she was little more than a spirit at that point. From time to time they met, until one fateful day. Earin was granted a wish by a powerful artifact in the midst of a battle, and he used it to resurrect Elya. Thrown back into life, her own and his, she was a bit stunned for a time, and then relaxed into town life with her fiancée, later to be her husband. (For a continuation, and for now, the final bit of the story, see Vael, below).
-Elya is married to Earin.
-Elya was at one point the Head of Healer’s at Inari’s temple.
-Elya has left the Town, traveling with Earin to serve the will of their new goddess, Aroha.
Current Plot(s):

Vael Solus aka The Untouchable now known as Firolon
Class: Kineticist/Meditant/Wizard/Cerebremancer
Race: Gray-Elf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: Vael/Firolon is much taller than a normal elf, and slightly taller than most humans. He has a distinct lack of muscle, long silver hair, amber eyes, and a very regal look to him. His clothing tends to be old fashioned and elaborate, not to mention heavily endowed with psionics and magic.
Personality: Vael was formal, polite, and prone to be friendly, if a little stiff. He is a bit uncertain of himself, mostly because he is still adjusting to not distrusting everything and everyone, and actually putting value on lives and people. He has a strict moral code, but one that seems to have some holes where he forgot to fill out the ‘persona’ of ‘Vael’, since he is adopting a personality of someone he made up, rather than searching for his own.
Firolon is more relaxed that Vael, but still follows a strict and disciplined path. He has no memories of Vael, but is horrified of Vael's evil.
Equipment: Vael has LOTS of items. He has a plethora of magical protection items, deflecting mundane attacks, magic, and energy. His mind is extremely protected, and it is rare that one finds a person more ready for any situation than Vael.
Firolon seems to have lost most of Vael's items, but possesses a staff that generates magical energy and a circlet that greatly increases his intellect.
Backstory/Town Story: Vael’s past is largely unknown, but what is known is that he is a master assassin, well trained in the arts of silent and unknown deaths. Also, he is well known as an arena champion, namely the Grand Champion of the Five Star Arena (a widely known arena that spans several planes). He was Earin’s master, and after stealing him away from Elya and training him for a long time, he declared his work finished and sent Earin out into the world, still watching him. In truth, this was the final test for Earin, the test to see whether he would join Vael in the ranks of the Masked Council. Vael has only dropped ominous hints about them, but it is known that they are all as well trained and as skilled as Earin and Vael, and manipulating the world for their own gain. When Earin failed the test and was redeemed by Inari, the council was furious and sent Vael after him, with the goal to either bring him back, kill him, or be slain. Vael bowed to their will and spent a long time in watch, slowly gaining information and slowly poisoning Earin’s mind. Finally he entered town under the pretense of challenging Mortia to an honorable duel and furthered his attempts to shape Earin, and eventually subdued his will and changed him back to being the Face Ninja. It was about this time when Vael met Seren, and Iames. Vael was entirely confused as he began to fall in love with Seren, trying to deny it, and use it as a tool, but ultimately failing. Iames befriended Vael, and for a long time attempted to make him tell the truth of why he was in town, and what he was hiding. Utterly dismayed at his lack of resolve, his actions, and his apparent transparency, Vael finally gave in and revealed the truth that he was an assassin. He attempted to redeem himself by telling Elya about his crimes, and that she could save Earin, and was very nearly killed by her. Eventually Earin’s mind manipulation fell away, and he was again redeemed. Vael turned his back on the Masked Council, and eventually gained Elya's trust, though Earin never forgave him.
For a continuation of the plot, see Fenix. To learn about Firolon, keep reading.
After his death, Vael was reformed on Dios's homeplane and soon contained by the combined power of Dios and Fenix. For a time he was trapped, but finally he broke free and challenged Dios, only to be humilated and defeated instantly. Dios, however, took pity on him and recreated him- albiet with none of his memories. Recalling himself only as Firolon, a man with discipline but with no history, a man of power without a past, Firolon returned to Town unknowingly and began to learn of his past.
-Vael is a very well known arena champion
-Vael has everything you might ever need. Everything, you got that?
-Vael defeated Mortia in the arena. Twice.
-Firolon recalls nothing of his former life.
Current Plot(s):
Class: Paladin of Freedom
Race: Phoenixborn
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Fenix is Vael's avatar, and therefore looks quite like him. He has more muscle, red hair and eyes, and wings of fire that he can create at will.
Personality: Fenix is a very outgoing and kind person. He is truthful to a fault, perhaps putting things more bluntly than he should. Fenix helps almost anyone, and gets involved in situations and people's lives deeper than most.
Equipment: Fenix has Vael's equipment, along with two flaming katanas.
Backstory/Town Story: Fenix is a celestial from a little known section of the heavenly realms associated with fire and redemption. His race binds itself to others in order to improve the life of that particular mortal, and the people and world around them.
Fenix first came to town, bound to an odd, spherical ruby that Vael found. Eventually Vael activated it by accident and became bound to Fenix. Fenix declared himself, and was almost instantly rejected by several people in the town who knew Vael and decided that Fenix's possession of Vael's body was something they did not approve of.
After finally getting somewhat established in town, and accepted by people, the Masked Council finally tracked Vael and attacked him. Fenix and Vael began to fight them off, aided by several townsfolk, but the leader of the Council turned on the rest and absorbed their power.
About this time, Vael revealed a bit more of his past. Apparently during his earlier years he learned of a plane known as Dios. The plane was named after the god that had created it. This plane was extremely susceptible to psionic influence, but psionics were unknown there. Vael decided that having the power of a god was too good to pass up, and so he went to Dios's plane and engaged the god in an epic battle, taking advantage of the plane's nature to help him win the fight.
Using the techniques of the Masked Council, Vael had taken Dios's power and contained it, but never had used it himself, fearing that the council would learn of it and take it from him.
However, now that Ayral was the only member of the council left, Vael took on Dios's power and fought Ayral. Oddly, Ayral went down without much of a fight. Fenix and Vael were concerned by this, and Vael puzzled over Ayral's last words, which seemed to imply that he had not fully died.
Soon, one of Vael's avatars collapsed and died for an unknown reason. It recreated itself using traces of Dios's power, reforming the entity that many knew as the Masters. They now claimed to be Dios's avatars, who had been left on his ruined plane and driven mad by the death of their deity and their inability to act or escape. They plotted to kill Fenix and Vael and reclaim Dios's power for themselves.
Vael then found a book that detailed the location of a place known as the Hall of Time and Mist. He remembered this location as Ayral's haunt, and the fact that psionicists could come back in a new form after death. He gathered forces to aid him kill Ayral once and for all, and challenged him in his lair. Ayral warned them constantly that they were walking into a trap, but finally they found him and killed him. With his last energy, Ayral snatched the Third Eye that contained Dios's essence away from Vael and flung it away from him. Before Vael could get it back, the Masters appeared and took it, and Vael and his allies fought the Masters and eventually slew them as well.
Vael then reclaimed Dios's power, and took Ayral's power (along with the Council's) and that of the Masters'.
When he gained the power from the Master of Time, he recalled his entire past, and that one memory he had erased from his memory- the fact that he had foreseen everything that had happened since he had come to town, and planned up to this moment. He gained his old, evil alignment and turned on his allies in an attempt to take their power as well.
Before he could finish them off, however, Fenix became dominate and possessed him. He claimed that there was only one way to redeem them both, and then slew himself and Vael with his sword.
Later, Fenix returned, no longer possessing Vael, but in his own body. This return, however, came with a price. Having been remade by Dios, Fenix had abandoned his celestial form, and because of the nature of that form, his duties. As this was also tied to his oath as a paladin, he lost his paladin nature, and is a fallen celestial.
He is, however, unrepentant and embraces his new life with fervor, dedicating himself to Phoenix, who he sacrificed it all for.
-Fenix has lost his paladin powers and is currently adrift, searching for a new life.
The Dancing Man
Class: Unreality Shaper (Homebrew)
Race: OMGWTFBBQ. In other words, he appears human, but decidedly isn't.
Alignment: Chaotic.
Description: The Dancing Man always wears a black tophat, grey sport jacket, fashionable black dress pants and shoes that are perfect for tapdancing. His tophat is often pulled down over his eyes, and he wears an insane, fun loving grin.
Personality: The Dancing Man is crazy, always looking for fun, and always finds it, since he can enjoy nearly anything.
Equipment: The Dancing Man is never without his cane, which is indestructable, perfectly balanced from every point, can be gripped from every spot while also being smooth if need be, can be summoned to his hand no matter what, has a variable weight, is immune to transformation effects of any type, and is immune to anything else that the Dancing Man might be decide it to be immune to. It is also magnetic and conductive whenever he wants it to be.
Backstory:He randomly dropped out of the sky riding on his cane. Thats all that is known, and probably all that you will ever know. He is just that strange.
-The Dancing Man seems to be the Gentleman's mirror version.
-The Dancing Man HATES muffins.
Plots are not for the Dancing Man. They aren't Chaotic enough

Class: Enchanter/Warlock/Eldritch Theurge
Race: Maalborn
Alignment: Lawful Unknown
Description: Maal has pale, ivory skin and grey-blue eyes. He wears dark, blue tinged clothing and a silver amulet and ring. He is not muscular, but he has the build of an acrobat and the dexterity to take advantage of it. His skin is oddly cold to the touch, but his touch is comforting, and his eyes sympathetic and understanding.
Personality: Maal tends to take apparently random likings and dislikings to people, but those he takes likings to he tries to help and comfort as he can, as well as offering them his abilities in a more or less literal sense.
Equipment: Maal has no equipment of note.
Backstory: According to him, Maal is the son of Sea Elves on a far away plane, but that there was something unusual in his bloodline. Because of his warlock powers, one might guess he has a fiendish heritage. He has been wandering the planes searching for more magic and people to help.
-Maal does not spread the fact that he is a warlock.
-Maal does not appear to be very skilled in wizardry
-Maal is teaching Cassandra the arts of eldritch magic, though their relationship goes a little further.
Race: Malformed
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: Shade is perhaps one of the most bizarre beings in Town, appearing as an insect, a dragon, and some odd beast from nightmares and a Lovecraft novel. He has six golden eyes, horns, a dragon's crest, chitinous scales, rubbery and scaly wings, two tentacles, six clawed arms, a long, thick, yet flexible tail, mandibles AND vicious teeth. He is a dark shade of gray all over his body, and only wears two belts, a single black gauntlet, and ragged pants.
Personality: Shade is very secretive, yet polite and formal in his own fashion. His customs are strict and he holds tightly to them, disdaining those who do not bother to learn them and therefore violate them.
Backstory: Unknown.
VerdandiRace: Valkyrie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valkyrie)
Class: Fighter / Kensai
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Hair and Eye Color: Blonde-gold and light blue
Equipment: Her magical armor, and her sword, Defender.
Backstory: Verdandi is the daughter of Skuld (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skuld_%28Norn%29), one of the valkyries (Skuld is also a norn, by the way) Unlike her mother, Verdandi is not confined to Valhalla (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valhalla) and roaming the battlefields, and instead wanders the earth freely. She came across the town by sheer chance while searching for ways to serve her cause and oath- to defend others with all of her ability.
Verdandi has a constant, supernatural Trueseeing effect on her. She also understands any language.
Verdandi is engaged to Iames.
Speaks in Green.
AesaRace: Valkyrie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valkyrie)
Class: Vala (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%B6lva)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: A few hundred years younger than Verdandi
Height: 5'8"
Hair and Eye Color: Black and yellow.
Equipment: A magical rod of unknown but great power.
Backstory: Aesa is the younger sister of Verdandi, born in order to keep Verdandi from reweaving the tapestry of fate.
Aesa has a constant, supernatural Trueseeing effect on her. She also understands any language.
Aesa is skilled in the art of Seid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seid), which, while similar to magic, is not magic in the least. Anything affecting spells does not apply to Seid, even antimagic fields and dead magic zones. Furthermore, Seid uses so many different energies that is nearly impossible to predict what energies any certain Galdr (spell) will consist of. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to counterspell a Galdr in any way, even should you be able to manipulate Seid. Note that "real" Seid is quite a bit different than my system.
Speaks in Purple.
Catherine BeckettRace: Human
Class: Expert/Transmuter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Hair and Eye Color: Red and blue.
Equipment: Her MAGE system, which allows her to manipulate sub-atomic forces. It appears to be a glove. Also her SEER system which works somewhat like a 'detect magic' spell except she can see technological manipulations as well.
Backstory: Catherine Beckett is a stranded soldier in the Avarian army. She says she is in the ARCANE division, which apparently deals with technology allowing the manipulation of many, many things. It is similar to magic, but entirely technological.
Her formal title is Mercury Gamma Echo Beckett. Mercury refers to her scout class, Gamma is the third of six ranks (Alpha being the highest) and Echo means that she is a reserve troop that goes on active status once every four years unless needed.
Catherine was pulled off of inactive status a year early and was not given a true explanation of why... after that she was teleported into town after her 'relocation specialist' apparently got the wrong coordinates.
While she is in the Avarian military, she lives on one of their colonies on Iari.
Speaks in Deep Sky Blue.
SvalaRace: Apsaras (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apsaras)
Class: Bard/Expert
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7"
Hair and Eye Color: White-blue and gray-blue
Equipment: Nothing of note.
Backstory: Svala's past is for the most part unknown. What is known is that she fled the court of Indra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra) and joined the valkyries after winning a bet with Loki.
Svala has the ability to teleport and change shape, but otherwise seems to be without magic.
Speaks in Royal Blue.
Grif and Charis
Race: Humans
Classes: Expert and Expert
Alignments: Lawful Neutral and Neutral
Ages: 35 and 21 (with 9 years of experience :smallwink: )
Heights: 6' and 5'8"
Hair and Eye Colors: Brown/Brown and Blonde/Blue
Equipment: They are both equipped with strange metal bracers that have so far been shown to summon things, create portals, allow telepathic links between members, and keep small bits of information readily available for them.
Backstory: They were both employees of Vael, but after his death they were hired by the Gent, and provide him with interesting items from time to time.
They speak in Dim Gray and Royal Blue respectively.
Race: Human
Class: Wizard/Tainted Sorcerer/Mindbender
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Unknown- appears maybe forty or so.
Height: 5'11"
Hair and Eye Color: White and crimson.
Equipment: An amulet that protects him from the own twisted nature of his taint and from scrying, and his staff, which holds souls.
Backstory: The master of Arha, later defeated (even killed), but by no means finished yet...
Vahlziir manipulates Taint magic, which warps the soul and turns those it affects more evil. It also allows him greater power with his mind influencing magics.
Vahlziir speaks in crimson.
Race: Er... funky abberation?
Class: Shaper (most likely)
Alignment: Chaotic... something. Either Neutral or Evil
Age: The void has no age.
Hair and Eye Color: None and Three blue and one red.
Equipment: Robes. Woot.
Backstory: The void cares not for the passage of time.
Banatin is the one and only power in his sanctuary. Mess with him there at your peril.
Banatin has four eyes that are positioned in a cross patter, with the single red eye on top. She has three arms- two on the left and one on the right. Its skin is clay-like white, and it has no mouth, hair, nose, or ears.
Banatin speaks in a kindly feminine voice, a powerful, distant male voice, and both at once.
Race: Half-Vampire, Quarter Valkyrie, Quarter Fiend.
Class: Most likely Shaper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Appears to be ten and has ten years of memories- false memories.
Hair and Eye Color: Red and blue.
Equipment: An amulet that lets Aesa know where she is and how she is.
Backstory: The daughter of Aesa and Rafael. Aesa, not wanting to have to go through pregnancy and labour, created an entirely new body for her, transferred her soul into it, and gave her ten years of false memories so she wouldn't be a child in said body.
Notes: Signy likes creating glass, and has an odd connection to the old church that use to house Heaven's Exiles.
Signy speaks in Medium Turquoise.
Race: Ice Elemental that appears human.
Class: Sorcerer/Vala/Frost Mage
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: apparently as old as Aesa.
Hair and Eye Color: White and ice blue.
Equipment: A staff of ice that aids her in her magic.
Backstory: During one of Aesa's odd moods, she decided that no one understood her, and so she went back to the old norse myths and created someone like herself entirely out of ice. This person was Idis.
Idis then beat her back to her senses, and has been hanging around ever since.
Idis's ice magic is charged with energies that are quite like ice and frost and cold, but are not entirely affected by immunities to such things.
Idis speaks in navy.
Race: Intelligent Axe
Class: ...death incarnate axe?
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Who cares?
Hair and Eyecolor:... it is an axe. Though it does have the imprint of an eye on it.
Equipment: It IS equipment, as much as Zchiz hates to admit it.
Backstory: A strange item belonging to Destro, later purchased by Aesa and soon locked up again.
Zchiz is shocking crazy, and will lop off your arms while talking to you. It believes it is death incarnate, and can throw lightning and various other annoying spells at you.
Zchiz speaks in Dark Slate Gray.

2006-07-31, 07:39 PM
Deadly Raccoon

Race: Raccoon
Classes: Psion (telepath) / Metamind / Soulknife
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 12 years

Art by Ceika

Details coming soon...

Muffin Raccoon

Race: Raccoon
Classes: Unknown
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: Unknown

Art by Ceika

Details coming soon...


Race: Celestial
Classes: Soulknife / Master Thrower
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Unknwon

Art by Vael

Details coming soon...


Race: Lupin
Classes: Paladin / Soulknife / Illumine Soul
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 29

Art by Vael

Details coming soon...

Chiran aka Chi

Race: Lupin / Phoenixborn
Classes: Ranger / Assassin / Shadowdancer
Alignment: Neutral Evil, bordering True Neutral
Age: 27

Art by Vael

Details coming soon...

Calisaphe aka Cali

Race: Living Android
Classes: Artificer / Nanoshaper / Time Traveller
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Unknown

http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/cali.gif (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/cali_l.gif)
Art by Vael (click image for larger version)

Cali looks a lot like a human woman from a distance, except for her green skin. On a closer look it's obvious that she's more than a simple human. She seems to be made of a green metal, and what might look like armor from afar is actually an integral part of her body. However, she seems to be moving and talking much more smoothly and gracefully than you'd expect someone made of metal would do. In fact, upon very close inspection it's obvious that while she may be made of metal, the outer layer is actually just as thin and flexible as human skin, and should you touch her you'd find that she even feels much like a human would. This is because she's not just made from plates of metal or some such thing, but rather from billions of microscopic nanorobots simulating cells, DNA strings and other such things.

Cali is friendly and thoughtful. Those two words sum her up pretty well. She takes her quest very serious and can be very lawful at times, but she is no crusader and dislikes prejudice. She is also a firm believer in second chances, as she better than most knows that anyone can make mistakes, even great world shattering ones.

Cali wears a golden medallion around her neck. This is in truth a tiny robot dragon possessing the soul of a long dead dragon. This robot takes the form of a medallion when it rests.

Other than this, Cali carries nothing of note on her person.

Cali comes from a distant alternate realm which is now quite thoroughly annihilated and dead, beyond any hope of restoration, and her story is closely tied to the destruction of this world.

Aeons ago on that world, the humans had reached an unmatched technological height. But this artificial evolution took it's toll on the environment, to a point where the world became uninhabitable to humans, and many other creatures. Seing this future in advance, the humans chose a drastic solution: Using advanced cybernetics and nanoscience to transform themselves into something greater, something which wouldn't have the same basic needs and weaknesses, allowing them to survive the harsh climate when all else died around them.

As the world grew hot and dry, and most life had died out, leaving only a barren desert behind, the post-human beings known as the Artificers continued to expand their empires. Free from biological needs and feeding directly off the fundamental energy of the world, they reached unbelievable heights in technology. Slowly, through aeons of evolution, they evolved into completely new lifeforms, no longer just artificial creations. Cali was one such Artificer. Not one of the first, she was born an Artificer, not created.

But it did not last. As the Artificers continued to expand their impact on the world, and drain it of energy, the world eventually collapsed. The stars died one by one, leaving the former desert world a freezing globe of ice, and in time even Time itself collapsed. All that remains is a perfectly still and unmoving world of ice, like a picture it is completely without any energy or life.

What exactly happened after Time collapsed is not clear, but somehow Cali survived, outside Time itself. Since then she's travelled the boundaries of Time and Space, seeking other worlds on the edge of destruction in the hope that she can prevent something similar from happening again.

This quest has led her to the Town, convinced that this is one world about to collapse...

- Both Cali's race and class is officially 'Artificer'. In Cali's case, Nanoshaper and Nanoengineer might be more descriptive terms. Her time travelling abilities are more a side-effect than an actual focus.

- Cali doesn't use any magic or psionics. Her powers are entirely natural and follow the laws of physics (or are atleast supposed to, my grasp of physics is too poor to defend such a claim). What she does is in theory nanoengineering on a rather ultimate level, changing energy and matter on an atomic (or even subatomic) scale and with lightning speed.

- Cali's concept is based on the philosophy of Block Time (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_time), or Eternalism, as well as the paranormal phenomenon of Time Slips (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_slip). What this means for Cali is that she can slip in and out of Time itself. While outside Time she can observe it in it's entirety and slip back in wherever she wants - past, future and present, or even in alternate times.

- Cali is a very complicated creation. She is not just a robot, she is the pinacle of nanoscience and cybernetics, all of it taken to it's absolute extreme through aeons of evolution.

- Medas is the name of the dragon around Cali's neck. It was the last dragon to survive the world's destruction. As the world grew hotter, dragons and other lizards were some of the only creatures to survive. As the stars died, however, they all succumbed to the cold. Cali found Medas long after the last dragon was thought dead. She kept him alive for a while, but eventually he too died. Cali created the artificial body his soul now inhabits.



Race: Kitsune
Classes: Shugenja / Erudite / Psychic Theurge
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Unknown

Art by Fenric

Details coming soon...

Tamiya aka Kio

Race: Ghaele
Classes: Fighter / Mindspy / Cleric of Angharradh
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: About 5000 years

Art by Ceika

Details coming soon...

Other Characters

Achim [Avatar (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/achim.gif) by Ceika]
Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Andracil [Avatar (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/andr.gif) by Ceika]
Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Arslan [Avatar (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/arslan.gif) by Ceika]
Details coming soon...

Ayame [Avatar (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/ayame.gif) by Fenric]
Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Jadic [Avatar (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/jadic.gif) by Vael]
Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Mirror Arslan
Details coming soon...

Mirror Ilias [Avatar (http://www.tangveje.dk/oots/milias_old.gif) by Ceika]
Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

Details coming soon...

2006-07-31, 08:44 PM
Name: Bjorn Torden &quot;Bear Thunder&quot;
Race: Human w/ possible Firbolg heritage everyone seems to call him one.
Height: 7'7&quot;
Weight: 500 (built but not ripped)
Age: At time of Death 28 but in Valhalla there is no sense of Time
Class: None, not from a D20 World. Siggursdottir Fighting School in 7th Sea though. Approximate D20 Classes Fighter (All 2 Weapon Feats/ Ranger (Non Magic Complete Warrior alternate, 2 weapon path) /Bard (Skald) /Bearsark (Deities and Demigods Asguardian section)

Stats: Brawn 5 (Str 25) Finesse 4 (Dex 20) Resolve 5 (Con 25) Wits 3 (Int/Wis 15) Panache 3 (Cha 15)

Image: http://img.sheezyart.com/art/image/25/256560.jpg

Here is the first story of him http://www.sheezyart.com/view/250708/
He died to save his friends and his culture. His death story can be found here.http://www.sheezyart.com/view/655324/
His death brought about the return of the old gods on Theah and thus earned him their respect, as far as any mortal man can recieve. He was given the ability to walk back out of Valhalla and told that any time he died he would instantly return to the hall.

He was given new axes to replace the ones he lost in his previous life
-Krieg &quot;The Warrior&quot;(7th Sea one free raise to all attack Rolls) D20 +5 Keen w/ special gift of Lightning damage and Thundering on critical
-Vilskap &quot;Fury&quot; Twin of Krieg

He has other runes of the Laerdom magic inscribed upon his chest
Nod- Intensity
Lidenskap- Passion
Storsaed- Greatness
Styrke- Strength
Sterk- Wholeness
And on the back of his head deep within his hair is a mystical rune
Fornuft- Gateway, which is his way to and from Valhalla.

Common Knowledge
-He is BIG
-I mean Really Big
-Has a minimum of 3 handaxes (battleaxes to normal people) on him at all times
-Does not respond well to Threats or the word &quot;Barbarian&quot;

-Was cured of Giantism by Jado Piddowick a Kobold Giantslayer. Because he humbly declared defeat to the slayer, the disease (in game curse) was killed not the Giant.
-Friends and accuaintences lovingly would call him Firbolg cause he was so big at a time when average height even for men was 5'7&quot; or 5'8&quot;.

2006-07-31, 09:07 PM
Stats and Description

Name: Athelis
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter 20/Ranger 1
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Good, will do whatever he feels like doing but prefers to stay on the side of the law with occasional exceptions.
Age: 235
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair Color and Length: Blonde hair down to his back.
Eye Colour: Emerald Green
Weapons: Twin Masterwork Rapiers, scarred with the wear of many clashes. A Masterwork composite longbow, although Athelis prefers to use his rapiers. He aslo carries a Kukri as a sidearm.

Backstory: (working on it)

Common knowlege:
- Athelis loves the ladies
- He is the only elf he knows who'll drink ale and eat meat
- He is a total free spirit
- Athelis prefers melee combat over ranged

Ongoing story lines: none yet

2006-07-31, 09:44 PM

[Stats and Description]
Name: M
Race: Murimus (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=homebrew;action=display;num=11543009 90;start=0)
Class: Artificer/Rogue
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Good, He's just around to have fun, and give fun to others.
Age: 31
Height: 3 foot 6 inches
Weight: 56 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Short white fur
Eye Colour: blue
Weapons: Small explosives, wands.

M is a toymaker from a long line of tinkers. He was raised in his rural home with his large family, all of whom were somehow part of his father's toy buisness. When his father died, the family went their seperate ways to find their own place in the world. M still keeps in touch with a few of them. He developed a love for candy while trying to become a famous alchemist, and still makes batches daily.

M got the knick in his right ear while trying to steal a map from a group of angry kobolds shortly after his arrival in the Town.

[Ongoing Storyline]
M is currently trying to find a lost Toyfactory near the town, which he hopes to take over and make his own so that he can spread his toys more easily.

Mr. Moon
2006-07-31, 11:04 PM
In order of creation, not of usage. >.<

Moon Called

Stats and Description

Name: Moon Called Whiterose
Race: Half Drow, Elf (following D&amp;D rules for Elf, but not Drow. If someone could get me the race info for Drow, then I would be very happy.)
Class: Socereress, with some knowladge of the Glaive (see below)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good, kind, freindly, slightly sarcastic around people she knows and trusts, but always lonely.
Age: 115
Height: 5&quot;3' *
Weight: 100 lbs *
Hair colour and length: Long and black easily reaching halfway down her back.
Eye colour: Large, bright blue eyes that betray her inner lonelyness, if one cares to examine them long enough. *
Weapons: Normaly Moon Called relies on her magic, mostly centerd around the Dark Arts, She also weilds a glaive, a long spear-like weapon, with a three-foot curved blade and two long red and black ribbons flying from where iron meets oak. The oak staff part of it is easily as tall as she is, however she keeps this weapon locked in her house, and only uses it when she must.


Many years ago, a small village named Ra'ka played hoast to the beautiful Wood-Elf maiden Starsong. One day, a Drow warrior named Adar, unlike his peers Chaotic Good, enterd the village on his way to the capatial.
It was then that he met Starsong. The two began to talk, and soon fell in love. Two months later, a wedding was arragned, and twelve years latter, a child by the name of Moon Called was born.

As she grew, her freinds and peers learned of her parenthood, of how her father was of the hated Drow race. By the time she turned 50, a teenager in Elvish terms, any freinds she had once had now scorend her parenthood. Her only compainion, her younger sister Breaze, died of plauge in Moon Called's 63'rd year.

When she turned 100 and passed the Sorcerer's Test, she left the village without saying goodbye.

Now she enters this town. A new town, a new home, and a new start are what she hopes await her.

Common Knowledge
Everyone knows she's new to the town, and some rumors hint at her twisted race.

Ongoing Storyline
Moon Called has taken up resedince in an old house on the outskirts of Town. One night, when the moon was full, something very intersting (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1157512924) happened...

Recently, Moon Called's drow form broke out of Moon Called's house, and went on a rampage. No one was hurt, save for sevrel NPCs.


Race: Human
Job: Forger, Shopkeeper
Age: 19
Height: 5'1
Weight: 104 lbs
Name: Karin Tsuki
Alignment and Temperment: Neutral - More likely to lean towards good then evil, although she is mostly concerned with running her shop and perfers not to get into much conflict.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: light Brown
Equipment: Enough to fill a weapon shop.


Her brown hair comes down to her shoulders, framing a tan face with a small nose and almond shaped eyes. Her brown kimono top is held closed with a large, red silk band, and she wears a pair of bluish pants, as well a pair of traditional looking Japanese sandles. Although she seems frail, her arms are well developed from her lifetime of working at the forge. Not only has she inharited the Karin Family nack for shop-keeping, but her father's skills at the forge.


Emproium Karin has been in Tsuki's family for generations. All goods sold by the shop are made by the Karin family, and no other, and bear the Emporium Karin symbol - a fox holding a dagger in it's mouth. For many generations, Emporium Karin had only one shop, located in a city four days by horse back to the East. Buisness was doing amazingly well for the bast ten turns of the seasons, so Tsuki's father decided to open another shop, and sent his oldest son to open shop in a nearby city. That one did just as well. So he sent his oldest daughter to open another shop slightly farther away. Daughter did just as well as father. Now her father turned his gaze on Tsuki, sending her forth to this town. Here, Tsuki faces the greatest test of her life: Will she exeed, and further the Karin reputation, or will she fail and bring shame to her family? Only time, and a lot of hard work, will tell...

Common Knowledge
Ongoing Storyline


[Stats and Description]
Name: Damian
Race: Elf
Class: Cleric to Banjulhu
Alignment and Temprament: Nuetral Evil, shady, sullen and slightly sadistic, he doesn't say much.
Age: 128
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 136
Hair colour and length: Black hair that goes down to his shoulders
Eye colour: Green
Weapon: A huge greatsword. I'm not kidding. This thing is as long as he is tall. Maybe even longer.
Aperance: (working on an avatar)

Damian arrived in the Town several years ago, but didn't do much upon arrivle, apart from suppervise the construction of the Temple to Banjulhu. No one knows where he came from, save for the members of AMEN. And even they don't know much about him. He tends to keep to himself.

[Common Knowledge]

Many poeple see Damian as untrustworthy, and maybe he is. But no matter what, it is well known that he'll let anyone enter his temple who wishes to make worship to his patron god.


[Ongoing Storyline]

Damian has recently opened the Church of Banjula to the public.


(My appologies to the Giant if I got this wrong, but it's what I see him as.)

The god of Puppets and Manipulation, Banjulhu, is Lawful Evil. He is known as the Puppetmaster and the Stringdancer. His worshipers include necromancers, tyrants and those who manupulate others in any sort of way. The domains he is assotiated with are Evil, Knowledge, Trickery and Law. His favored weapon is the greatsword.


Name: Silverdew
Race: Fim (search for the only thread I made in Homebrew)
Class: Bard
Age: 6
Height: 5 1/2 inches
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Alingment and Temperment: CN, waaay to chearful, and very stupid. Ignorince is bliss, they say.
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Equipment: Small, golden necklace


Silverdew has long, blind hair, oversized blue eyes and too-long fingers. Poking out of the back of it's turquose-green shell are two large, butterfly-like wings, grey with brown markings.


This is just an annoying little bug who showed up in the town square a few days ago, letting out a terrible shreak it called "singing". It really doesn't seem to have a backstory.

Commen Knowladge

The little bug has shown a bizzare afixiation with bright, shiney things. And it loves to sing. As many will learn the hard way, it is a horrible singer.


Name: Crescent
Race: Elf/Drow
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter
Apearince: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h24/solarturtle/drooo.png
Weapon: Greatsword
Alingment: NE
Personality: Crescent is a cruel, evil monstor, who claims to act that way for a reson that cannot be helped.


((Up in a bit, I’m pretty sure I have it saved back at home.))

[Common Knowledge]

A newer member or AMEN, she seems very eger to prove just how evil she is.

[Ongoing Storyline]

None yet, but I have plans.

2006-08-01, 06:10 AM
[Stats and Description]
Current Name: Mic
Real Name: Micterensovil, commonly Midnight
Race: Black dragon
Class: Sorcerer/archmage
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: While often callous, Mic has grown bored with true villainy; he is current working on developing some &quot;virtues&quot; of his own; first up is charity. This may take some time.
Age: Looks in early 20s when in favorite form. Actually about 200.

Mic did all the normal things that young black dragons do; pillaging, plundering, raiding, razing, and occasionally a simple bit of mayhem. He left this phase about fifty years earlier than most black dragons do, due to a combination of boredom, rebellion and a company of soldiers with both a vendetta and several ballista.

After learning sorcery from his uncle, he absconded with some of the elder dragon's more powerful magic items; Rarcorethtis makes periodic attempts to retrieve said items. Ancient scrolls and devices taught Mic more about sorcery, and he has now earned the title of archmage; however, his attempts to contact those of the same status as himself have ended badly.

He now wanders through human society, and has become not friendly, but less hostile with several humans, mostly lesser magicians or antiques dealers. He has gained a small reputation as an air guitarist.

Common Knowledge: Half dragon, has cheek horns. Skilled with a guitar, reputedly has an invisible guitar.

Notes: Will attack mimes on sight, and intensely dislikes the colour yellow. This dates back to the 17th Annual Fun and Frolic Faire, remembered for its elephants, facepaint and 3rd degree burns.

Ongoing Storyline: Mic is attempting to find something interesting to do, and to gain respect among the draconic community, all of whom (chromatic and metallic) regard him as an adolescent, despite his age and power.

2006-08-01, 08:58 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Caleb Micheal
Race: Half Giant
Class: 18 Psychic Warroir/4 monk/2 Paladin
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good. He loves a good spar and will willing fight to test his strength and to test the strength of others. He prefers not to kill but will if he has to. He has no deity that he follows but he just follows his heart for he loves to protect anyone. He hates evil and will not tolerate the defenseless being harmed. He trusts everyone once but those who he has fought beside him he will die for and if you trick him once…..may the gods help you.
Age: 25
Height: 8 foot
Weight: 275
Hair colour and length: Short Spiky Jet black
Eye colour: Silver Eyes
Weapons:On his back he wields a greatsword that is as big as him.

Caleb was a wonderer who was shunned in society for being a half breed and everyday people picked on him. He was not accepted anywhere he went until he found a Monk’s shrine that would let any one in to a limit. He was greatly welcomed there and he started training as a monk.

One day as he was training he realized that if he focused his mind hard enough he could make things happen…that was not normal. He brought this new discovery to the elders and they seems interested in this new found power. They asked him questions for what seemed like hours and then in the end Caleb was told that he would have to leave…not because these powers scared them but because they did not have the training to teach Malichi how to harness that power. They sent him to a psion all the elders knew could train him.

Caleb met his mentor and turtor…Shelbie. She was a beautiful psion who was a tough teacher but also gentle. He liked her more everyday but felt that it would be wrong to feel such feelings for her so he kept them bottled inside. When Caleb finally finished his training he was given a choice. He could fight with his bare hand like he has been doing or he could train more and learn how to fight with a sword. He liked her and wanted to stay with her so he chose the sword. Shelbie then gave Caleb a large greatsword and they began training.

He hoped that being with Shelbie would never end…but that day came sooner than they both expected. While they were training they were ambushed by a cult that have been watching them for weeks. Caleb was holding his ground and killing things that dared try to harm Shelbie when suddenly from behind he heard he scream in pain. He spun around only to see a sinister smile on a halfing. Caleb mind exploded and he cleaved the Halfling in half (or would you say in quarter…..lol) He then went to Shelby to heal her wounds but he found that the blade was poisoned. As she laid there dying in his arms he confessed to her his feelings and swore that he would never let anyone die again. When she finally passed he got up and buried her….and then went cult hunting

[Common Knowledge]
He is big….really big

He considers battle a place that will show a person’s characteristics. He will trust them more or less depending on there actions

He is beginning to fall in love with another....but he feels it is wrong to betray his love of Shelbie

[Ongoing Storyline] --UPDATED--
Looking for the cult that killed Shelbie. With the help of a person named Saurous he found out what cult killed Shelbie. He doesnt remember the name just the eyes.... He met with a drow called Castaras who was being hunted by something from her past. He agreed to protect her from whatever was after her. Later he finds out they are after a dagger that can suck the souls out of people. He now holds onto that weapon for Castaras.

He is now in Castaras' "hometown" because he was worried about her. She came back to find out how to destroy the dagger. Caleb still fears that the drow that attacked her before are still after her

2006-08-01, 11:29 AM
Name:Lysian ec Deros
Class:Psion(Shaper) 25,Psion Uncarnate 10,Metamind 10
Alignment:Neutral Good,However, regardless of his alignment he will not tolerate anything standing in the way of him gaining more power(which he is seeking for a quasi-good cause).
Age:7843 but appears 20ish
Height:Six-foot four-inches
Weight:123 pounds
Hair color and length:White hair,going down to his knees in Elan form;while all around him about three inches long in werewolf form.
Eye Color:Red
Weapons:His own mind,the basic make-up of the astral plane

Elysian was born in the large city-state of Deros on the astral plane, and he was born as the heir to its throne.He was raised knowing that one day he would take the throne and never liking the idea.For he had a gift,something that set him apart from every other child in the city.He had the power of psionics.Though he had undergone the regular screenings for magical or clerical gifts when he was born as were all children when he was born,no one ever thought to test him for the &quot;third gift&quot;,the &quot;forbidden gift&quot;.So he grew up as prince of a small city,everyone else beleiving him to be the model of excellence,he beleiving himself an abomination.For the society of that town utterly hated psions,how could they have any other response,when the only psions they had ever seen in countless millinea had been those of the Githyanki and Illithidae.Thus through the first quarter of his mortal life,he beleived himself an abomination,but never dared tell anyone,for the punishment for anyone found to have the third gift was immediate execution

As he was exploring the lower chambers of the castle which he was future owner of,he discovered a small panal in an unused room.The panel was about seven feet high,and about three feet tall.It was made of a green crystal.as he approached the place of wall he heard a faint voice.&quot;Come to me my child.&quot;Intriguid,Elysian placed his hand upon the crystal surface,and was rewarded with the slow evaporation of that segment of wall.He walked through the opening that was left, and saw a small,circular room.In the middle of that room there was a pedastal,and on that pedastal was a small crystal,about the size of a man's hand.&quot;You have finaly come young one.My name is Annais,I have much to teach you.

And teach the crystal did.It was under Annais' voice that Elysian first learned how to use raw power to break through the laws of nature,and how to be subtle when power was not enough.It was under his voice that Ey first learned to use his powers to defend himself,and where he first learned the glory of exitinghis own body.And then passed the first half of his life,still alone, save for his teacher,but no longer thinking himself an abomination.

Then,one day many years later,after Annais had used all of the energy left for him by his creator and had passed from existence.Elysian met another like him.He first started feeling her presence many weeks before they actually met.Intriuged by her aura,he began sending out little bursts of personality from himself,bursts that only another psion could have picked up.Then one day as he was lying alone in bed,he felt a message probing through his thoughts,it was simple,and yet it was all-inclusive.&quot;I wish to meet,come to the northern gate of the city after sunset two days from now.&quot;

And thus did Elysian meet the first one he ever found like himself.slowly they grew to know each other and they quickly fell in love,however that put them in quit the pickle.for Briexana was only of minor nobility,she could never marry the heir.Yet Elysian would have no other and so one day deep below the castle he did as Annais had instructd him years before,and ripped a hold in reality leading into the material plane.As Elysian and Briexana were leaving,they realized that there was one thing they had not counted on.There were psionic defenses inherrent in the castle itself,and when they felt a portal being ripped open from the castle they immediatly retaliated in a mental assault.Though Elysian was strong enough to resist the onslaught,his beautiful Bri was not,and so she was trapped,a prisoner inside her own mind.

When Elysian awoke on the material plane,he found the motionless body of his beloved lying nearby.Though her body seemed undamaged,her mind was surrounded by defenses more detailed then anything he had ever seen.He thought back on his training,and tried to mentally contact her,but no matter how hard he pushed, the walls in her mind pushed back harder.So he incased her in a solid crystal that he made from ectoplasm,and then filled the crystal with Quintessece,the raw material of the time continuim.The material would literaly remove her from time,until such a time when he could retreive hermind from the walls the castle had built around it.and so passed the third quarter of his life,leaving him more lonely then ever.

Elysian spent every waking moment,and most of his sleeping moments,in an effort to gain more power.He sharpened his mind,enhanced his stores of energy,and in the doing so,changed the very nature of his body itself.And so passed his mortal life,and began a life ike no other.

[common knowledge]
none of the above(as of yet)
He seems to have givenup on life and trying to find a purpose
He acts cold around almost everyone.
He appears to have more power then he ever uses


Deros no longer exists.(cities tend to go bye-bye after 8000 years)

[ongoing storyline]

2006-08-01, 04:25 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Up
Race: Human (see background)
Class: Ecclectic mix
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good (see background). Friendly, often looks lost, non-confrontational. Most of the time he is distracted at others his focus is uncanny.
Age: Appears to in his early 30s
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Build: Muscular verging on wiry
Hair colour and length: short unkempt mousey brown
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Anything to and though it tends to be thrown in a vain attempt to run away.

His full background is unknown even to himself. However there are a couple things that he holds onto from his youth. As an orphan in a small farming town he was raised by the community. However even then he was unable to truly focus on anything for any length of time constantly being distracted. He was therefore passed from family to family genrally being kicked out to the sound someone screaming at him he was a &quot;complete &lt;insert invective&gt; up and that he would never amount to anything&quot;. Needless to say this is where his name came from although he would never admit to that to anyone but a friend.Eventually he grew tired of the village and its (lack of) opinion of him. He set off to wander the world picking up skills in a haphazard fashion.
Unbeknowst to him at this point armagedontm happened and everything was destroyed including the gods of his world. However if it's one thing he knows how to do it's survive. In his drive to live he attracted portions of others being essences to himself, not the least of which were parts of the gods thenselves destroyed during the armegeddon tm and created the new being that is the new Up.

This fracturing and recombining has left a rather confused and distracted individual.

There are currently 2 'godlike' aspects that subconsciously manifest (He is unaware of and cannot control them), these are those of luck and time. Luck is always active and helps him in general ways (think of it as convenient coincidences). The aspect of time (so far) stops his body from aging and enables him to heal more quickly than regular human.
He has one skill and that is fixing and making things. In fact he has found he has been able to make anything he has set his mind to, under the one condition that he has been able to study the object to be created previously in some way. ie he is incapable of the creation of something truly new. In fact he is completely unable to even master the basics of anything that would be artisitic (eg. drawing, dancing, music). This means everything he makes though functioning with the same efficiency as the original is always unadorned and plain. This has also left him with a very large and totally (at this stage) unfulfillable desire to learn to sing.

[Common Knowledge]
-He can fix anything and if there's nothing left to fix he can build something just like it
-He is distracted most of the time except when making/ fixing something
-He has a handcart that has tool for every occaision
-He can't sing...at all....never...no not even one note
-Anyone capable of perceiving souls will see a kaleidoscope of colours and broken patterns.
-Anyone capable of perceiving alignment will get a burst of different alignments one after the other (though CG will dominate).

He is basically still left with a secret desire to find his niche in life and to find a true home. Hence whatever happens he is always driven to centres of humanoid life.

The 'godlike' aspects are a work in-progress

[Ongoing Storyline]
None yet

2006-08-02, 04:42 AM

The Librarian

Full name: Keffren Libris
Age: 23
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Ginger
Height: 5' 9"
Allignment: NG

Began life as a rogue, became a paladin at the age of 15, and fell recently, defaulting to a basic fighter. Retains aspects of all three classes - is more agile than some might expect a fighter to be, maintains a strong sense of right and wrong and, despite the academic title, is prone to waving a sword around instead of talking sometimes. Currently has a scar running down the side of her face.

Often equipped with Shelver's Bane (a very, very sharp sword), the Phoenix Blade (given to her by Lykan, and capable of blasting enemies with fire 3 times a day), and a small knife left over from her rogueish days, rarely used. In her bag, she carries a few useful things such as money, bandages, a bottle of water.

When in armour, her chest, back, fore-arms, calves and outer thighs are protected. She wears leather bracers on her forearms as opposed to plate elsewhere, and these show signs of having been gnawed upon.


Full name: The Greeny Wolf
Age: about 84/85 in human years, equivalent to his early 40s in wolfish years.
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair/Fur colour: Green
Height: as a wolf, head is just slightly above the Librarian's chest (around the 5' mark); as an elf, about 6' 2"
Allignment: CN

Greeny arrived in the town shortly after the librarian and has accompanied her ever since. Through a bond he shares with her, he has the ability to speak and cast a couple of basic, but effective, spells (a healing spell 3 times a day, and a binding spell once a day, only ever used on dragons). Has a fear of ginger catgods.

Unknown to the librarian, Greeny was in fact a key player in a plot to bring down the city of Clawgrave. Over time, however, the wolf grew fond of the librarian and instead advised on how to destroy the threat. He is generally good, but will poke fun at people (in particular the llama), or else point out unpleasant truths. In combat, he often defaults to group healer, but has prven himself an able fighter in his own right. His aim, in a fight, is to pin his prey to the ground and then choke them. If defending, he will attempt to bite any soft, fleshy part he can, often the arms.

In an unfortunate incident, Greeny was bitten by a were-elf, something he finds rather humiliating. As a result, it is rare to see him in elf form, except when he really, really needs hands to achieve something, such as locking a door. As an elf, he is far from the graceful, light-footed stereotype; he is rather stocky and would fit in well as a club bouncer.

His armour protects his back and chest, and consists of blue dragon scales. He is protected from certain types of evil (specifically created by Jacklu) by a pendant worn around his neck.


Full name: Kratos Razortooth
Age: 13 months (born March 2006)
Eye colour: Yellow
Hair/Fur colour: Green
Height: as a wolf, head is around the 4' mark; as an elf, about 4' 3", though growing in both cases.
Allignment: CG

Kratos Razortooth is one of the Greeny Wolf's cubs. He followed Greeny to the town when the latter returned briefly to his pack. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister, who remain wild and with the pack, as does Kratos' mother. He bonded with Asirem, Lykan's sister, and gained the abilities of speech and spell-casting. Though he longed to be a big fighter like his father, Kratos is heading towards being a wolfmage instead, and can already cast the healing spell 4 times a day.

He was named by Atreyu the Llama, and gets very angry about people who threaten him. However much the cub wishes to help out, he will often dive into situations which are well over his head.

The Rogue

Full name: Stran Libris
Age: 27
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Ginger
Height: 6' 6"
Allignment: Unknown

The rogue is the librarian's older brother. He assisted her in escaping the executions of the librarians in Clawgrave, and is an active member of the resistance there. He usually turns up in the town in response to a cry for help from his sister or the wolves. He primarily keeps things in order when the librarian is absent. He and Greeny tolerate each other, but Stran is definitely more of a cat person. He has a grey tabby called Fitz back in Clawgrave.

Usually armed with two daggers and a rapier.

2006-08-02, 05:30 AM
Name: Deric
Race: Eludian
Class: Monk 6
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 83
Height: 5'7
Weight: 128

Physical Description
http://www.freewebs.com/fingon/Deric.gif A blonde blue eyed fair skinned man who has been repeatedly mistaken as an elf. He wears a black hood and cloak concealing himself as much as he can.

Attempting to avoid all contact with people he has practicaly no known background. Over several decades he has wandered about in search for a reason to fit in with everyone. Even in childhood he had been outcast by all but his mother. When he had grown up she left one day never to return. He has since been searching for her, and a true life of his own.

Public Ideals
Attempting to avoid all contact with people he has practicaly no known background. Word of him spreads quickley and people find a strange interest at the back of their minds about him for reasons they themselves do not realise.

As an Eludian Deric cannot control his ability to adapt to every hazard that faces him. Should he fall off a long cliff, wings will grow in his back and rip out of his skin until he meets the ground safely. Should he be caught underwater too long his arms grow Fins on their sides and his neck grows Gills. The effects last as long as it takes until he is out of known danger.

Searching for his long lost mother, he still has hope she is still alive, along with a wish and a prayer that he might find her.

Jack Skellington, Pirate King
2006-08-02, 09:25 AM
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/doth_margul/asmal.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v609/doth_margul/PirateJackSkellington.jpg)
Don't just look, click it.
If anyone needs a copy of some of this information they can PM me, since I had to turn it into an image due to unforseen formatting errors. I still have all the original text though, so no problem there. Also, I can edit the text in the image whenever, so there shouldn't be any complications on that either.

2006-08-02, 10:55 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Malmagor Andrigal
Race: Human (shapechanger)
Class: Bard 6/Druid 18/Geomancer 10/Master of many forms 10/Warshaper 4
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good. Jovial. Has trouble expressing his emotions (the “right way”). Daydreams a lot. In a good temper most of the time.
Age: 18 (body)/+900 (soul &amp; esscence)
Height: 5'3&quot; tall
Weight: ((unknown))
Hair colour and length: uncombed black hair, around 3 inches
Eye colour: Dark Brown
- Judge [Weapon of choice]: Defending, Dancing, Merciful, Sizing sentient Falchion (lost in the battle vs Possesed Libris)
- Executioner: Keen, Vicious, Wounding, Brillant energy, Sizing, sentient Falchion, Mal only uses this sword under extreme pressure.
- Multi-guitar: Mal’s guitar, capable of reproduce almost every musical instrument.
- Bard/Druid spells: i don’t have to explain that, do i?
- Natural weapons: due to Improved Wild Shape abilities


[Common Knowledge]
- Mal’s a sad drunk.
- Mal knows some complex rituals that can fuse the essence of many creatures.
- Mal was the owner of The Underhill Fortress inn, but he closed it due to low income, now it serves at his headquarters.
- Mal’s animal companion, a red eagle named Leilah, likes to lurk around town.
- Mal managed to capture and channel some of the power from the Flame of Destiny, an Uber Artifact made of a dead Ubergod’s eternal energy and known to be one of the many keys to achieve epic power.
- Mal dissapeared for some time while running away from the higher powers, who were angered (or afraid?) of Mal’s nerve to stole The Flame.
- After his second arrival, Mal’s body was heavily scarred and in their last days; he challenged Possesed Libris and was slayed, due to his heavy wounds and doomed disposition.

Most of Mal’s power (and levels) is currently beign repressed by ancient magic, he’s also looking for a good archenemy.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Mal was waiting for his sister to help him in a reborn ritual, but she didn¡t appeared and he decided to search her himself. He has recently returned and is laying uncouncious on the ethereal plane.

[Stats and Description]
Name: Rennard the Corsair
Race: Half-ogre/Half-dragon (bronze)
Class: Favored Soul 17/ Barbarian 7/ Rogue 2
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Mostly calm and easy-going, but when things get in his nerves, he can be pretty insolent.
Age: 25
Height: ((unknown))
Weight: ((unknown))
Hair colour and length: doesn’t have
Eye colour: Black
- Crabhammer: Speed, Bane (constructs), Throwing, Defending maul; has a lot of engraved pictures of giant crabs and krakens.
- Natural weapons: Claw and Bite

2006-08-02, 02:36 PM
I'm new here, so tell me if i've done something wrong)
Bookoo de yoo (beaucoup des yeux)
but most people will call him beholder, as not many would ask him for his name.

[Stats and Description]
An average looking beholder, he sometimes wears a floury apron.nobody asks him why

Bookoo fled the great holy paladin massacre of 67' when a paladin ambushed and slaughtered a group of peaceful, but evil,monsters.He and his family fled to the town, where he has opened a bar, and all night reptillian-curry house.
[Common Knowledge]
He doesnt want any trouble, and is peaceful.in fact some of the younger teenage hotheads have taken to teasing him (maggot-face,freak, I think i hear paladins a-comnig!! )just becuase the normally feared monster has a peaceful, shy streak.He holds darting, archery,curry eating, and one misc. contests at his bar weekly.
Has a strange-italian-french accent.plays the harmonica
[Ongoing Storyline]
None yet

Abd al-Azrad
2006-08-02, 05:01 PM
Name: Abd al-Azrad
Race: Human (extraplanar)
Class: Diviner 23/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 7
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Neutral. Paranoid. Not a terribly good public speaker. Possibly mad.
Backstory: Abd comes from a world overrun by hideous beings of nightmarish power. He once dedicated himself to somehow stalling these forces, and protecting his world from these beings which constantly tore away at the fabric of reality holding them at bay. However, his efforts were rewarded only such that, with all his power, he survived to watch his home consumed by madness and destruction.
Abd travelled from plane to plane, acting as a herald, trying to warn others of the devastation visited on his world. Though few listened, he was moderately successful in preventing further attacks by these monsters, and eventually grew confident that he could singlehandedly assault the beings. He was nearly killed by the godlike beings and fled through the planar tears they would leave in their wake. His arrival in the Town was unplanned, and Abd is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to the relatively chaotic life here.

...Consider that life in this Town is, in Abd's mind, more chaotic than a world overrun by gods and monsters of destruction.

Appearance: Relatively short, somewhat frail, generally a bit haggard, quite tanned.

2006-08-02, 10:14 PM
Name: Drackcove Karog
Race: White Orc
Class:Spirit Shaman 12/ Samurai 3/ Binder 5
Alignment and Temprament: He is Lawful Good but doesnt always say the most appriate things...though he always mantains to be a gentlemen
Age: 53 (though through complicated reasons he has seen 300 years go bye)
Height: 6' 5&quot;
Weight: 287 lbs
Hair colour and length: Black, long in pony tail
Eye colour: Blue eyes
Weapons: His Ancestors sword is merely a +1 Katana

Former cheiften of the Skull Crackers Clan. Karog at a young age gained the title drackcove, or high king, taking over the entire clan. But not much more is known about his past except that he lost control of his clan and that it disintigrated.

[Common Knowledge]
-He runs the gentlemens club and is very wealthy
-when dealing with spirits and spiritual entities can destroy spirit stuffs.
-Can talk to the dead.(one of the rare living that can speak to the dead)
-is currently mia...aswell as his entire staff.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Ever since he arrived Drackcove has been attacked by a strange shadow. After one attack drackcove went missing.

2006-08-03, 02:31 AM

appeared suddenly in a flash of light in town square curled up in a ball whimpering in fright. for reasons read the notes on character sheet. character is from toril.

common knowledge
is a kobold
appeared in a flash of light recently
building a mine and ski lodge north of town
is seen mostly trudging into alarra's gems with large sacks of gems


frick main office clerk 1
frack storage vault clerk 1

2006-08-03, 12:16 PM
Name: Mario Hovchekes( originaly Plutunni)
Weight:190 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Age: 23
Race: Human/Giant
Class: Fighter
Aliance: Chaotic Neutral

Weapons: Big Boots

Back Story: Born In Italy, Mario , At the age of 8, started his Journey Leaving Italy ...forever.... He Traveled for three years and he ended up in the western europe. He did not know where he was, it was a big beautiful land. Trees Grew Majesticly and Mario knmew he hadnt seen anyything more beautiful in his life. In the distent he saw a large amount of trees in a row making a wall.. in between the trees where wooden Man made walls to cover the wholes, combined it was a large Majestc Wall...Mario traveled down to the wall. When he came closer to the wall, huns swooped in setting the wall on fire they rampaged into the city killing all Tree elves in the way. Shrieks Came form the burning city as the Huns left them to die as they rampaged ack they picked up mario and brought him back to Hungary.

Mario was brought to the King of Hungary's Palace where he grew up as the prince of Hungary. He really did enjoy it in Hungary. It was a very nice place, but he still couldnt get the &quot; Moment&quot; out of his head. Years passed and Mario know considered the palace home, but the terrible moment was still there, at the back of his head.

A few Years Later There was a Festival in the city to welcome home the soldiers from War. Mario Was enjoying the Party Greatly. When Near the End of The Party Rusian Communists Raged into the city. The Huns Began to attack the commies, but they couldnt off the enourmous army. The commies assasined the king and kidnapped Mario.

Mario was turned into a communist but he really did not want to be he knew he was Hungarian-Italien, but not a communist he struggled to get away from the commies.
Then in a war against the Polish he sneaked away from the army and hiding in an ally way he put his suit to flames and led his life as a polonia, a couple years later he started back to travelling and came to where he is now.. and where he wishes to stay for the rest of his life
There is no explanation to why he is a giant.

Ongoing story: Mario keeps on the low. He doesnt really show up very much. He might sometimes be found at Trogs, he might be helpin out or just staying for a drink.

Common Knowledge:
- Mario has constent mood swings
-Mario Is Strong
-Mario can go into a Major Rage if annoyed

2006-08-03, 01:08 PM
Name: Cardel
Race: Human (Half-blood Merian)
Class: Fighter/Swashbuckler, also has small amounts of magic on hand due to Merian heritage.
Alignment and Temperament: Generally Lawful Good. Cardel is good natured, but feels guilty about almost everything and is fairly paranoid, though he tries not to show it.
Age: Late teens
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair color and length: Dark brown, fairly short.
Eye color: Dark blue
Weaponry: An enchanted sword, several concealed knives
Armour: Full light plate armour, Battered two-tone shield.

Cardel Asiria, named after his grandfather, is a half-blood Merian. The Merian people were a race of humans that had magic almost litterally flowing in their veins, and had the potential to wield vast amounts of power. His grandfather was the last true Merian, in the sence that he was the last survivor with training. However, due to an event known as &quot;The Cataclysm&quot;, all the Merian people were wiped out, eventually including Cardel's Grandfather. His daughter, Cardel's mother, was the last surviving full-blood Merian. However, with no master or any hint of knowledge, she did not learn how to harness her power, at least not fully.
She married a sea captain, Captain Skies, and their child was Cardel. Eventually in this land, when Cardel was very young, there was an invasion, and Cardel's mother was killed. His father sent him away on a ship bound to a distant port, to get him away from the fighting. Cardel travelled from port to port on various ships for many years, until he was old enough to try to take responsability for himself. He has been trying to sail back to his homeland ever since, but ended up on a ship called &quot;Starlight Victory&quot; for several years, which was sailing around the Town's waters.
The ship was attacked one day, and everyone on board presumed it was just poorly trained pirates. But instead were hooded and cloaked figures, insanely good with their blades. With some help from a passing ship (Captained by Admiral Ceika), the figures were defeated and they retreated back. However, several nights later the figures litterally materialised on the ship, killing a lot of the crew. The captain was getting suspicious of Cardel, and after the third attack dumped him off on the nearest shoreline, which fortunately was near the town...

Common Knowledge
- Cardel has only become part of the town's cast recently
- He enjoys his evening's at Trog's Tavern
- He was attacked there by shaddowy figures who were very hard to kill

-Technically he is Cardel the Second, but he doesnt know it, nor particularly care.
- He has been away from his homeland for over fifteen years. He presumes everyone there dead.

Ongoing Storyline
The shaddowy figures are tracking Cardel, wanting to destroy him and anyone around him. He is now fairly sure that he is being tracked, after the recent fight in Trog's Tavern. He has yet to work out why he is being tracked, however that is perhaps something he will find out in the coming months....

2006-08-03, 06:42 PM
Name: Mister Fry
Race: Simulated Human
Class: Chef
Alignment: Neutral/Unfocused looking into the distance
Age: 47 approx.
Height: 5'9&quot;
Weight: 380lbs
Hair: Black handlebar moustache
Eyes: Swirly rainbow colours. Often goes cross-eyed or unfocused-looking-through-you
Weapons: Large frying pan

Mister Fry was spawned from a dandelion seed carried on the back of a one-legged frog into the middle of the largest Tango tree and consequently sat on by a Dodecahedrapus (like a hexapus but with more legs).

Mister Fry has three brothers who were spawned in the same fashion, Mister Bake, Mister Grill and Mister Roast. He has no knowledge of them apart from that they exist somewhere. Fry began work at an early age, in fact the same day he was spawned, Fry started working for the one-legged frog that had carried the dandelion seed to the Tango tree as a chef, as all born like Fry are.

Soon he became popular with the local town in the surrounding vegetation and was soon famous. His skills were quickly bought up by a famous actor for a *****rdly sum, but Fry knew nothing of life or money so he didn't care.

He was content with his existance, mainly because he knew no different, until he was suddenly sucked into a passing wormhole and transported to The Town.

Common Knowledge
-Fry treasures his frying pan above everything else. He has no plausible reason for doing so, but he does it anyway.
-Fry rarely needs to use the bathroom, say, once in a month.

-Fry is a simulated human. This is because his race is so rare it doesn't officially exist and human is what he is closest to.
-His age can only be counted approximately because of his travel through the wormhole, Fry has aged 47 years himself although it is possible that he is actually several hundred years old, or young for that matter.

Ongoing Storyline
Fry has two objectives:
To cook; and To find the one-legged frog that carried him as a dandelion seed many hundred miles to the centre of the largest Tango tree.

2006-08-04, 06:14 AM
Tiffa Fellwyn
&lt;- avatar, better once I get around to making a new one.
Human CN female sorcerer/rogue with a penchance for charm, evocation, and the social skills.

Originally from Faerun, she's the daughter of Grant Fellwyn, and heir to the House Fellwyn estate in Waterdeep. Grant, her father, is a noble-merchant, traveling all along the Sword Coast. Deals in a variety of wares, with a niche market in foreign liquors. Her brother, Seith, is a well-known paladin in Waterdeep, and they come into conflict quite regularly. Her traveling companion Veraiste, LN wizard, is regrettably not with her at the moment.

She is quite attractive, with fiery red hair and an excelent tan. She's also not shy about saying so. Wisdom isn't her best stat, and it generally shows through a bit. However, she is an excelent judge of character, and is quite adept at working with people. Also has a penchance for booze and men, though would not allow either to control her. Quite the opposite, actually. Her personality is flighty at times, and can switch between happiness and anger fairly quickly. However, she has a hard time taking much of anything seriously, and tends to view most (if not all) of her interactions with others as an ongoing game of sorts.

She just arrived in town just today, still clad in her traveling clothes.

2006-08-04, 11:57 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Pandaren
Race: Unknown(some sort of panda humanoid)
Class: Paladin/Monk/Drunken Master/Sorcerer
Alignment and Temprament: LawfulGood ,quiet, loose knit,
Age: Unknown even to him
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 152lb.
Hair colour and length: None(but fur is black and white)
Eye colour: Solid Black pupils
Weapons: Quarterstaff, Fists, Barrel (is staff is unavailable)

Was born in the wild but went to “The Town” to make money
And socialize with normal/semi-normal people(animals)

[Common Knowledge]
-Panda humanoid
-Owns a bar
-Opened an adoption center

-Uses Fire and Earth elements to fight.
-Has a Clone

[Ongoing Storyline]
Quite owner and caretaker of his tavern and the towns only Adoption Center


Red (sorta)
[Stats and Description]
Name: Blue
Race: Unknown (Panda Humanoid)
Class: Monk/Drunken Master/ Sorcerer
Alignment and Temprament:
Age: Unknown(but young if you consider that he’s a clone….hmmmmm)
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 152lb
Hair colour and length: None(but fur is black and white)
Eye colour: Solid Black pupils
Weapons: Quarterstaff, Fists, Barrel (is staff is unavailable)

Was cloned by Pandaren but some thing went wrong and now
Pandaren lost the ability to control water and air so now
Blue controls air and water and Pandaren controls Fire and Earth

[Common Knowledge]
-Panda humanoid
-Helps Pandaren with a bar
-Helps Pandaren with adoption center
-Is a clone splitoff of Pandaren

-Uses Air and Water elements to fight.
-Is a Clone

[Ongoing Storyline]
Does water Pandaren does, exept he gets drunk more
and like to play arcade games(don’t ask)



2006-08-04, 06:04 PM
Name: Nailo (The Mercury Dragoness)
Race: Half-deity. (Other half = unknown.) Has a bit of a shape-shifting ability.
Class: Sorcerer/Rogue, levels unknown but high. (Sor is higher)
Alignment and Temperament: NG, leaning towards Chaotic. Nailo is normally fun-loving with a slight cynical streak, but she sometimes has a short temper with those who try to order her around. She much prefers the company of mortals, as gods can have conversations that last for decades without saying a word.
Age: Unknown, but less than one millennia. Looks to be in her mid-to-late-twenties.
Height: 5'8&quot; as human.
Weight: For your own safety, don't ask.
Hair color and length: Usually dark brown, with a slight silver sheen and a few silver hairs.(They look grey from a distance.)Hanging into the middle of her back, it's almost always bound into a ponytail at the base of the neck.
Eyes: Silver in all forms. Occasionally seen to have a second, serpentine pupil in each eye.(Main ones are normal for her current form.)
Clothes: A long-, wide-sleeved pale blue blouse with laces at the neck, and long medium-dark green pants with some small white embroidery at the ankles and waist. Plain, well-worn traveler's shoes. Not-too-thick brown cloak, backpack, and sometimes a large leaf-green hat with a white feather(shade of green is lighter than pants, but goes nowhere near white or yellow.)
Weapons/armor: She wears a belted longsword, which looks normal to a casual glance when sheathed, but closer inspection reveals that both the hilt and the blade are split down the center into black and silver/white halves, the color of the hilt opposite that of the blade on the same side. Nailo also carries many hidden knives and daggers about her person, *and in one hand she holds a thin wooden staff, exactly five feet in length. Beneath her blouse is sometimes seen a shirt of the finest mithril mail, seemingly forged from the stars.

Nailo is a tall, beautiful young woman with a look of age in her eyes. Normally appearing human, she sometimes reveals a pair of long (wing-span-wise) silver wings and a long, thick tail to the outside observer. (She otherwise still looks human, and there is no hole in her pants.) (Not hidden under her cloak, just not there.) On some occasions she appears as a mercury-scaled dragon about the size of a cat, usually for the purposes of either stealth or agility. Regardless of form, her gear is of high quality but a bit worn from use. It should be noted that her tail is at least as dexterous as her hands, and is often used in place of one. Also, she is a superb shapeshifter within her common forms, and can change from one to another seamlessly and without apparent concentration. A calico-tabby cat sometimes follows her around town.
*Note: The staff, armor, pack, and cloak are hanging in her room.

Nailo was raised as a mortal on a distant material plane until the age of 23 years, when her father (an unnamed elder god) came to claim her. At this point she was dragged off to the outer planes (completely without consent) to acquire &quot;the tastes and refinement (Read: arrogance) suited to a being of her station, and the mastery of the abilities that are derived from that station.&quot; She was then bounced around the multiverse for nearly a century, learning magic, history (mythology to mortals), and a few other talents that would not have made her mortal foster parents proud. During this time, she searched for news of who her real mother was, but was told that Mom was dead and turned back at all attempts to get more information. At the end of a century, Nailo was brought before assorted high deities and ordered to swear an oath to not interfere directly in mortal affairs. She refused, citing many instances of gods interfering directly, and the fact that, by definition, she was a mortal herself, and thus the oath would prevent her from taking part in her own affairs. Nailo was promptly exiled from the cosmology due to &quot;mortal stubbornness.&quot; She will remain in exile from her home plane(s) until her mortal blood has &quot;simmered down&quot; and she agrees to swear the oath. (Not likely to ever happen.) She has spent the past few centuries wandering around the multiverse, picking up knives and anything else interesting that comes her way. She even has her own demiplane, complete with cat portal. (Most of her stuff is there. Someday I'll do a write up for it.) Now she has stumbled upon the Town in her ramblings, and thinks it might be an interesting place to stay for a while.

Common knowledge:
-Nailo can occasionally be muttering about &quot;cousins&quot; and &quot;exile&quot;, particularly when angry.
-She has set up her demiplane portal in an alley near Trog's.
- Nailo carries many hidden knives, which do not even make bumps in her clothes no matter how she moves.
-Nailo runs the Town daycare!

Nailo cannot actually get drunk on alcohol of any kind. She does, however, get very drunk on sparkling cider. (She carries a vial of the stuff at her belt.)

Rhyana, Nailo's kitty. (currently in demiplane, watching the small ones.)
Fur: Long-haired, calico tabby pattern.(Calico patches on legs.) White ring around her tail, near the tip.
Other&amp;notes: Can understand many languages, but can only speak cat.

Current plots:
None, but prone to jumping into stuff in the middle and stopping before the end.

2006-08-05, 02:40 PM
Name: Razik Darkstorm
Class: Tiefling Paragon3/Monk5/Fist of Zouken 10
ALignment: LN, with cynical tendencies
Race: Tiefling
Height: Tall
Weight: Light
Equipment: Double Scimitar of Coolness




Rivik lived in a monastary near The Next Town Over. He lived peacefully with the locals and other Monks, using a large cowboy hat to disguise his fiendish heritage. However, one day, a gust of wind blew the hat off his head. He was immediatly atacked my an angry mob, whom threw stones at him, and tried to lynch him amid cries of 'Kill the Demon'.
Then, everything exploded into black, glowing flames. The whole mob was incinerated, as well as everything near them, leaving nothing but ash.
Rivik cannot control his strange power, and it only activates when he is in extreme danger or in peril of his life.
Rivik came to the Town, trying to make a living here.

Common knowledge
Rivik is a tiefling, and a fairly powerful one
He uses a Double-Scimitar in combat
He likes tequila

NotesIf seriously threatened, there is a small chance of trigerring his pyrokinetic powers.

2006-08-05, 04:39 PM
Metakirbs town characters, now with personal quotes ^^
Gaia avatars used for general appearances because they are accurate to what i have in my mind of their appearances

Metakirb Draconis
oh god, not again...
Race: Dracorion
Class: Dracoknight /dragon tamer
Alignment and Temprament: good but becomes enraged easily
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Age: 18
Hair: Dark brown/Black, long at front, covers his left eye occasionally
Eye colour: Dark Blue
Gaia style appearance: http://public.tektek.org/img/av/m12/d01/9/b1aa38.png

Re-incarnant of an ancient warrior, he has forgotten all memories of previous lives, all warriors, and wonders who he really is
So i ditched that backstory, time for a revised version
As far back as he can remember, he has been without a home, travelling for several years with his friend, Terran Bloodrage, he was always accompanied by his dragons, Kalessin and Drakkon, eventually he ended up running from Terran when his sister disapeared and Terran blamed him for it, ended up in the town.

[Common Knowledge]
His wings are normally spread
Currently without a weapon, other than his hands, which can become dragon claws

Has two dragons called Drakkon, a fire dragon, and Kalessin, a chaos dragon.
Wields the sword: the dragons fang, forged from the hardest dragon bones
likes swords, Nemesis of Terran Bloodrage
Good friend of Martini
is good friends with serra bloodrage, doesn't realize too much how she feels.
One of few remaining Dracorions alive, Prince of those who remain.

[ongoing storyline]
After battling his nemesis Terran, Metakirb was forced into his half dragon form, a human shaped dragon looking form, his sword is now merged to his right arm, his left hand has become a large claw, his armor has been covered with black and red scales and golden wings have appeared on his back.
Metakirb is currently affaected by Phazon and his wings have expanded, and he glows a faint blue, his sword has morphed into a more curved shape and phazon can be seen all over it, his eyes are covered with the blue glow of phazon. After having it drained from him metakirb remembers nothing of what happened while phazon infected, in order to become strong enough to storm coros temple metakirb has accepted phazon, and returned to his phazon corrupted form, died at the hands of coronus, but projected a form long enough to ensure coronus' sealing, upon coronus' death, he was freed from the seal sphere with him, now he needs to deal with coronox, Trying to finish pyrolox he was trapped with him in the pyren realm, Metakirb is at a serious disadvantage here, with pyrolox in his element, and running out of food, Escaped when Pyrolox seemingly let his guard down, really pyrolox split his essence, and took metakirb as a host, after being discovered by Who and Estran, he discarded the body, taking metakirbs life essence and mind with him, Freed by Edsern, he retook his body, later discovered the other half-species the dracoorions are, and also why it was forgotten, they are half corolox

Intresting fact: Led a small band of his people in the war against the corolox at only 8 and a half years old

Dracorion/corolox war history

((it should be noted that all speach is in the Dracorion language))

As this is written the corolox slaughter many fellow dracorions just outside, We've lost...

It began when they first arrived, a small band of "flammalons" raided a small village, all to test our strength. We fought them back, at little cost. soon they sent the corolox, Aqualox and Shadelox were first to attack, we underestimated the threat that the two presented, and lost many lives to hold them back, Then Boltlox showed up, and smashed through our defenses, My own son, Metakirb, Took charge of a small band of elite warriors, including His friend Terran, And headed off to strike the core of the enemy, coronus... they gave us valuable information, but still failed, and my son and terran were the only ones left alive, as they left the capital, they recorded a journal:

We Left today, Me, Terran, Sethral, and Geros, The corolox aren't expecting a small attack, so we should be able to sneak past them, Geros is up ahed, scouting for 'lons

so... we take out thier leader, get back to the capital, and watch them crumble without a leader

sounds good, we should be able to do it with ease

Sethral flips his dagger, whistling, then he stops

It might not be as easy as you think m'lord


they attack in small numbers, Most of thier army is probably left to defend thier leader

perhaps... still, it's your call meta

we keep to the strategy, yes, it will be risky, but theres always a back way in.

Geros then came back

clear path, we should be able to get a whole days travel unhindered

then let's get moving

We took flight, a day passed, burnt villages, smoking forests and dead bodies were all around, after a few hours rest, and a small meal, Geros went ahead to scout our days path

those savage monsters...

Terran, clam down. we need to keep our heads straight

How can you talk like that?! for all we know, right now, those bloodthirsty beasts are slaughtering YOUR people Kirb!

Do not talk to your prince in such a way Terran!

Calm Sethral, Terran is right, those beasts may be slaughtering my people, our people, right now, but we must remain together!

hmhm, it's impossible to stay mad at you...

Well... here's geros

Geros came back, and another day passed unhindered, We woke to a unusual sight, black smoke covered the area for miles and miles

Geros! Are there any villages around here?

none sir, I think this could be the black winds

((the black winds: An incredibly thick Fog, sight is restricted greatly inside it, Travels at a similar speed to a strong wind, occurs once every three years on Dracorlon.))

Terran smiled at this

'bout time we had some luck.

We should go now, the wind is moving the same way we are, it'll cover us for a day or two

And so we kept moving for three more days, the winds lifted and we continued scouting, two days later we came upon the corolox stronghold

You sure we need to scout for a way in?

yeah, we rush in, we'll be swarmed, we find a back way, we get through with minimal effort

Geros came back

an unguarded tunell lies round the back, it looks like it goes in pretty deep

And so we snuck in, made our way to a large chamber, with what looked like a larger one further back

Wait... someone's...

Geros fell, bleeding


[B]Now now, you'll be joining him soon

We turned to the voice, Shadelox.


You... you killed him!

aren't we clever...

Sethral lunged at him... only to end up like Geros

Meta... this isn't good...

we should...

there's no escaping.

yeah... Bloodrage Blinder!

A large flash filled the room, Terrans trick, we ran, escaped, and made our way home, however we managed to find some texts in the stronghold, relating to coronus' powers.

This is where my sons journal ends, As does my life, three days after my son's last entry, they made a full scale attack, and now, they lie outside our city...

Post-Town Events:

Project Omega mkII
We've travelled miles searching for that renegade mech, Estran, Terran, Edsern , Sentra and i have Got together to take him out.

good to see everyone's here...

it's been a while...

so what's the problem?

You remember Project Omega?

The reprogrammed cyber?

yep, turns out, whoever reprogrammed him, took plans on his construction, improved them, and constructed a second Omega, much more powerfull

so powerfull that you need all of us?

yes, sorry i needed to disturb you all for this, but he's incredibly dangerous

You wouldn't call us all if you didn't need us...

thanks, last i saw of him, he was headed north from here

what're we waiting for then?

And so we headed north, Sentra began tracking him, and we followed his path for three days without incident, eventually...



lost him, there's no sign of where he went from here...

Edsern was the first to spot them


We turned, A group of incredibly strange creatures were running towards us, they looked like a hybrid of a human and some animal, but cybernetic.

heh... it's been a while since i've fought...

Terran Dashed forwards, slashing at them, he injureed a few, but no serious damages were caused to any, Sentra begun scanning, Estran fired off spells, Edsern Started stabbing at them wherever possible, And i followed a similar tactic to Terran

Just like the corolox war, eh kirb?


We managed to take down a few, but still weren't doing any serious damage overall

got it!, aim for the tails! Their power source's are there!

shouldn't be too hard

Edsern took down several alone, Terran and i took down a few, Estran took down some, and Sentra picked off the survivors

What were those?

Their programming calls them Cyblades


yep, created by Omega, we follow where they came from, we find him

And so, we followed the trail back to Omega's base

he's in there

probably guarded by more Cyblades

i'll take care of them.

we all know the plan?

i take care of the Cyblades

i scan Omega for any weaknesses

and the rest of us keep him distracted...

good... let's go

We headed inside, a few Cyblades attacked, but we got to Omega relatively unhindered.

it's about time you all showed up...

Omega, we'll make sure to shut you down permenantly!

I doubt that... Cyblade Gigas, meal time...

Several Cyblades appeared, only they looked much stronger

Cyblade or Cyblade Giga, it's still gonna die!

I charged for one, And almost shattered my arm blade

scan commencing...

We took a defensive formation round Sentra, and fended them off, trying to get in some good hits, Terran made a bit of a gamble as usual... he lunged at one, Landed on it's back, waited, the Creature raised it's Scythe-like Tail, and skewered itself when Terran moved out the way

i think i found it's weakness...

yeah, These things are made of Omega alloy, virtually impenetrable, though oddly weak to contact from itself...

alright, so all we do is make them kill themselves...
((and will continue later))

Metakirb talks like this, due to a little help from his friend, Who, All languages are telepathically translated in his head
Theme music: Soldiers of the wasteland (http://youtube.com/watch?v=nvrHklGOLEM) and Fury of the storm (http://youtube.com/watch?v=JazPSCoUYmE)

Kalessin: chaos dragon
Drakkon: fire dragon
Now individual chars
Kalessin talks like this
Drakkon talks like this
Both dragons only speak Dracorion
Introducing serraleth, baby gold dragon
serraleth talkslike this
Also only speaking Dracorion

Kemros Lumeron
Silvros, SHUT... UP!
Race: Shadowlander
Class: Mercenary/Lunar Knight
Alignment: Neutral
Temprament: good
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Long, Dark brown (almost black)

Backstory: A Young Mercenary, always accompanied by a small silver serpent with wings named Silvros, he has recently gained a strange sword of unknown origin, not much else is known
Kemros (or rather Silvros) has revealed that he was a mercenary for the three lunar gods, Lunos, lunar god of life, Soren, god of pain and Meros, god of battle, he spent four years serving them, acomplishing tasks given by Lunos and Soren, but Meros never gave him any tasks, then Meros told him to search for Luner cave, inside he found two swords, a silver sword, sword of the lunar gods and a strange sword covered in black vines, Meros warned Kemros that his task was to purify the cursed sword, while trying to do this he would not feel pain or life, he could not talk or sleep, but he took the task, So Meros sent his servant, Silvros, to talk for him.
Upon finding a wealth of lunar artyefacts scattered around the area Kemros has recovered his emotions and his voice, he remains, however, still trapped by the curse of the sword

Equipment: light armor, covers all but head, Dark brown coloured, Sword of the lunar gods, Strange sword, covered in black vines (currently does not use)

Kemros talks like this
Silvros talks like this

Sentra Aran
Nice one Meta... Nice one...
Race: Human/Alimbic
Class: Bounty hunter
Alignment and Temprament: good but becomes enraged easily
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 135 lbs without power suit over 300 lbs with
Age: 25

equipment: a chozo power suit, augmented by alimbic defensive technology and an arm cannon made to adapt to an enemies weakness

Backstory: when Ridley and his space pirate army attacked K-L2, two children were all that survived, one child was found by the chozo and raised as Samus Aran, the other found by the Alimbic, years after the chozo found samus, and thought her the onl;y survivor, his name was Sentra Aran. He was raised an Alimbic warrior using a Chozo power suit the alimbics had gained through trade agreements with the chozo, augmented by thier defensive technology and equipped with an adaptive weapon system to find a foes weakness and exploit it. He proved his skill and prowess during the first great war on Alinos, proving himself to be a skilled tactician, causing his foes to chase alimbic warriors and rush straight into an ambush. When gorea attacked he could not defeat him, however he managed to lure him into the seal sphere, however he was also trapped and as long as Gorea existed Sentra was trapped. When Samus defeated Gorea she released Sentra, he now resembled one of the alimbic he grew up with but a black colour with red trims, With the Alimbic Having vanished seemingly from existance he set off to find his sister and the Alimbic that remained.

Sentra talks like this

Coronox Coreth
Race: human
Class: lesser Pyromancer
Alignment and Temprament: neutral
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 150lbs
Age: 17

equipment: a few daggers.

bakstory: once a normal human with lesser powers over fire he set out on a journey to seek greater power, as he searched he came across a group known as the coronas, lead by an evil being called Coronus. Coronus granted him the power he saught, but at a price, his human body was twisted into the form of one of the corolox, elite guards of the coronas, becomming the most powerfull of the five corolox he became leader, a year later Sentra Aran landed on the planet and defeated him and the other corolox, a year passed and the corolox were revived by the remains of coronus' strength, and by the force of eight new corolox, Sentra returned to defend the planet and defeated them once more, Coronus was destroyed for good and the corolox were thought dead, to the pain of coronox's sister, Estran, however, Coronox still survived and has arrived seeking freedom from the corolox form, or revenge for coronus' death, which one is unknown, recently separated from pyrolox, is now human again (if anyone wants the full story behind it PM me and ill try and send what ive got)

Coronox talks like this

Waddle Dee
Wanna buy something?
Race: Waddle Dee
Class: none
Alignment and Temprament: good
Height: 0'8"
Weight: 30lbs
Age: 12
appearance: http://kirby.webcindario.com/informacion/enciclopedia/enemigos/-w-/waddledee.jpg

Backstory: Normally a race of minions this waddle dee and some others have escaped to live a life of freedom, is clumsy and enjoys floating around using parasols and other things, generally enjoys finding "stuff" as he calls it.
Ongoing storyline: opened Waddle Dee's stuff shop, later upgraded it from a hut to a megastore, once a member of the GSA or Galaxy Soldier Army

Intresting waddle dee facts: Waddle Dees travel in large flocks, and, if given food and a place to stay, they will stay to serve that person to repay them (in short, they will obey anyone who feeds them.)

Though Waddle Dees have no visible mouths, they can eat; someone once gave a Waddle Dee a cookie to see how they eat, and the Waddle Dee absorbed the cookie through the spot on its face where its mouth would be.

Waddle Dee speaks like this

I will protect this tower...
Race: Cyber
Class: Lunar Robot
Alignment and Temprament: good
Height: 8 Feet
Weight: 300Lbs
Age: Unknown, at least 10000 years

Backstory: Originally built as a War Robot to defend the tower he began to learn, Spending hours in the libraries of the tower he learnt all about human feelings and emotions, As he learnt he began to question why he was built for war, Before the tower was looted he was de-activated for re-programming, which was unfinished due to the seige, found by Kemros he was reactivated and has vowed to protect Kemros for his kindness

Cryon speaks like this

Mia Mitrantha
Anyone seen a chaos dragon?
Race: Human
Class: Archer/dragontamer
Gender: female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: average
Hair: blonde
Eyes: bright blue
Equipment: Dragontamer flute, Dragonbone bow, a dull silver coloured light armor, chaosbane shortsword, various types of arrows including a sortof boomerang arrow
Backstory: A young girl, brought up as a dragontamer, her family killed by chaos dragons, she trained herself as an archer to avenge her family, after discovering she had a talent for cybernetics she created Komos to protect her on her travels, she came to town discovering that one of the chaos dragons that killed her family was nearby

Mia speaks like this

Komos Katheran
Current objective, protect creator
Race: Cyborg
Class: Defense mech
gender: male
alignment: Whatever he's programmed for
Age: 10
Height: 6'
weight: 250Lbs
Hair: none
Eyes: red
Equipment: Multi function rockets, piercer blades, machine turrets
Backstory: A cyborg created by Mia to protect her

Komos speaks like this

Estran Coreth
Aww... what a cute chocobo

Race: human
Class: Black mage
gender: female
alignment: chaotic neutral
Age: 15
Height: 5'8"
weight: average
Hair: Long, Dark brown
Eyes: silver-blue
Equipment: A powerfull rod made by her brother before he became a corolox, a seemingly unlimited supply of ultima knives
Backstory: A young girl who grew up on Coros, her brother became one of the corolox, she trained herself as a thief, years after the coronas were hought destroyed she trained with the archsage on coros, becoming a mage
She now wears a more of a traditional thief garment since her mage robes were destoryed by a voilon, replaced with a blue top, skirt and ribbon

Estran speaks like this

it's peaceful here...
Race: Dracorion/Corolox Hybrid
Class: Dragon tamer/warrior, pyromancer, swordmaster
Alignment and Temprament: neutral good
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 135 lbs
Age: 18
appearance: identical to metakirb with fire burning off various parts of his body
Hair: Identical to metakirbs
Eyes: Dark blue
Equipment: same as metakirb and coronox
Backstory: A being caused by the merging of coronox and metakirb, he wished to return the two making him to existance but to still exist in the process, having some help from waddle dee they found a way, at the expense of an NPC
Metaflame talks like this

Come on Prof, wheres the damn phazon?
Race: Space pirate
Class: Weapons technology tester
Alignment and Temprament: chaotic evil
Height: 7'
Weight: average
Age: 20
appearance: Metroid prime 2 space pirate
Hair: none
Eyes: deep silver
Equipment: whatever he's given to test
Backstory: A space pirate designated to test weaponry, he has been assigned to the towns hidden research lab
Skrall talks like this

Yeah... anyone here have pure intentions?

Race: Dragon
Class: Dragon
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good
Height: 20'
Weight: average for a dragon
Age: 20
appearance: Pure white
Hair: Silver mane
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Equipment: An as of yet unused set of reins on his back
Backstory: A white Dragon cast into the wild when born, left with a pair of reins that change to his size, he seeks a rider of noble intentions
Sendras speaks Draconic and common like this

Tral Sha'leth
I NEVER miss a shot...

Race: Kriken
Class: Elite
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic neutral
Height: 5'
Weight: average for a kriken
Age: 20
appearance: http://metroid.neoseeker.com/images/uploads/unknown_bounty_hunter_2.jpg
Equipment: An Elite issue Imperialist laser sniper
Backstory: A kriken Elite sent to find "The Hunter" or Sentra Aran, sent by Empress Kriken herself, he is the best kriken elite there is
Tral speaks Kriken and common like this

Kertath Seraph
ifyou don't shut up within three seconds your soul is mine...

Race: half-seraph
Class: Seraph Knight
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral
Height: 5' 12"
Weight: average for a half-seraph
Age: 18
appearance: http://public.tektek.org/img/av/m11/d05/15/9ccc45.png
Hair: Short Black
Equipment: A Seraph Longsword with ornate carvings on the hilt, was a cermonial sword in his tribe, but on his exile he was given it for protection by the priests
Backstory: Exiled from his tribe at the age of five, he went mad, found three years later by an old man, he was trained to become a soul knight, harnessing others souls to strengthen himself, ten years have passed since he was found but still his sanity is not what it was
Soon after having his need for souls removed to save his life his mind was too fragile and broke, somehow it managed to repair itself, and he spent over a month training in the woods, recently finished
speaks common like this

Ω or Project Omega
I will crush you all...

Race: Mech
Class: Defense Mech
Alignment and Temprament: Evil
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 300Lbs
Age: 4 years since creation, Modification from Sigma to Omega, recent
appearance: A metallic human, Outfitted with cybernetic armor
Hair: none
Equipment: an unknown number of hidden weaponry, main weapons: A pair of blades, chain-shurikens, the blade of death a sword with such a thin blade it is invisible to human eyes from most angles, but is devastatingly sharp
Backstory: A mech designed to be the perfect defense mech he was named Project Sigma, A small error in his programming gave him free will, eventually he betrayed his creators after they had upgraded hiom to the greatest he could be, he then arrived at the town to seek a worthy master, Was ambushed and taken to a lab somewhere, where he was changed to Project Omega, Upgraded for powerfull close range combat, and his capability for speed was also increased, Has been reprogrammed to Destroy
speaks common like this

Get that spire out of my void!

Race: Corolox
Class: Void mage/blade master
Alignment and Temprament: neutral
Height: 7'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: unknown
appearance: similar to coronox, though he is a purple colour instead of red
Equipment: A strange rod with a blade fitted onto the end
Backstory: The true leader of the corolox, Volox was the first to be formed, hidden away after coronus was sealed he was granted powers of the void
speaks common like this

cool it fire boy...

Race: Corolox
Class: Aquamancer/blade master
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral
Height: 7'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: unknown
appearance: similar to coronox, though she is a blue colour instead of red
Equipment: A small fountain, thought to be a keepsake from a long lost lover
Backstory: The corolox of water, killed by Sentra twice on planet coronus, almost ended the group when she claimed to be acting like she worked for coronus, casted charm spells over the entire group, and almost had them kill each other, stopped by the unaffected Estran, she has recently been resurected
speaks common like this

Neross Mendarol
so... what are the laws concering necromancy here?

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Necromancer
Alignment and Temprament: Lawfull neutral
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: 23
appearance: Average human, covered in a balck cloak
Equipment: Blood covered knife, and a staff
Backstory: As a young boy he was fasinated by Necromancy, not for the minions, but the general studies of death itself, on the death of a loved one he vowed to study death untill he found out how to stop it, or prolong life.
Travels with a Greater Marid named Therlan, who prefers the form of a panther to any other form
speaks common Like this
Therlan speaks just about any language like this

Serlan Shaldur
Kemros, where are ya?

Race: Shadowlander
Gender: Female
Class: Shadow knight
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: 17
appearance: Mostly she hides in shadow, but when talking to Kemros she generally ditches the shadows revealing that she wears a shadowknight suit of armor
Equipment: Twin Shadow blades
Backstory: Childhood friend of Kemros Lumeron, When he left to serve the lunar gods she was left to defend the village, becoming a shadow knight she repelled attacks until the attackers realised Kemros had gone, and attacked in full force, overpowered she had no option but to find Kemros
speaks common and Sharnos like this

Dark Metakirb/Malos
The guy Admits to a Million murders and you arrest ME?!

Race: phazon/Dralmer
Gender: male
Class: phazon-Draco knight
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic evil
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: A few months, gained sentience when the silver phazon formed inside Metakirb
appearance: Like Metakirb in a more Dark Samus colour scheme in his Dmeta form, in his natural form, a five year old boy with a small pair of dragon wings
Equipment: Phazon Blade
Backstory: Once a young boy about five years old, He and his race, the Dralmers, were slaughtered by Metakirb in a blind fury at the deaths of almost all other dracorions, somehow he found his soul encased in a dracorloth stone metakirb carried with him, Eventually he formed as silver phazon inside metakirb, he bided his time and eventually set himself seperate from metakirb, vowing to kill metakirb, After summoning a leviathan to the town, he was defeated in a battle Against Ser, During which he created another copy of himself, when the leviathan was destroyed, his new unstable form split into three parts, His anger, which takes his usual form, unable to talk, attacks almost anything on sight, His mind, Which takes the form of a ball of phazon, generally harmless, though has powerfull psionic phazon abilities, and his humanity, which takes his true form, A five year old boy, possibly the most powerfull of the three
speaks Common and Dracorion like this

Shas'Ui (meaning Fire veteran) Kerlos
Shal, what are you on about?

Race: Tau
Gender: male
Class: Fire Warrior
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful good
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: 15
appearance: This (http://img527.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kerloscolourshemehw8.png)
Equipment: Photon grenades, EMP grenades, Pulse Rifle
Backstory: A young fire Warrior from the Icius Sept, accompaniedby his personal Gun drone, Shal. Shal has been programmed with intelligence, unlike other gun drones, he can make a good conversation
speaks Common and Tau Like this

right, let's go
i despise working with you...

Race: Dracorion/acsended corolox fusion
Gender: male
Class: Dragonknight pyromancer
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral (a fusion of CG and CE, so he's CN)
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: unknown, sofar he's appeared for all of about an hour...
appearance: Metakirb with huge infernos raging on him
Equipment: None, all weapons are merged into thier form
Backstory: A fusion of metakirb and coronox in his ascended corolox state, the two often argue about general control, causing them to make mistakes, a common example is when the two want to dodge in differant directions
speaks Common and Dracorion like this and this (silver is metakirb and red is coronox)

The Seal

Race: Seal
Gender: male
Class: Seal
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: Billions of years overall, current form is about 13
appearance: Average human, doesn't look anything special
Equipment: None
Backstory: An unusual being, created from a seal sphere, very rarely talks, in combat can defend himself by sealing his opponents abillities and natural talents, causing them to have the power of an average NPC, but he never fights back
speaks Very rarely like this

Kyumu Draconis

Race: Dracorion
Gender: female
Class: dracoknight/ dragontamer
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral
Height: 6'
Weight: 150Lbs
Age: 25
appearance: Similar to metakirb, though her armor is a blue colour, her eyes green
Equipment: same as metakirb
Backstory: Metakirbs older sister, went missing at the age of six, along with one of the dracorion kings servants, thought dead, raised outside the dracorion empire, she grew a warrior, however, as she landed in the town, an odd creature attacked her, draining her of her memories
speaks common and dracorion like this


Race: Cat
Class: ninja/thief
Alignment and Temprament: yoink
Height: 0'8"
Weight: 30lbs
Age: 12
Speaks common like this

2006-08-05, 05:56 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Devious
Race: Metahuman: Elf [3E Shadowrun Universe]
Class: Runner/Novice Decker
Alignment and Temprament: Mischievous. Friendly, though sometimes more than a little annoying.
Age: 21
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair colour and length: Light Brown. Spiked and brushed forewards.
Eye colour: He wear sunglasses 24 hours a day, so you cant see his eyes.
Other Physical Charactersistics: Devious has a black tattoo of a Spade [as in the card symbol , not the shovel] around his right eye, and has very pale almost white skin. He wears a long black leather trench coat and dense but light chest body armour undernieth. Arround his nec hangs an elaborate white gold crucifix on a silver chain.
Weapons: Twin Berettas [model 101T] each with a 12 round clip, and silencers, as well as twin di-coated katanas. The pistols are holstered in concealed hip cases, and the Katanas in cases accross his back, which protrude from a hole in the backof his long coat.

Danny Larmour was still in elementary school when both his human parents died, leaving only his big sister looking after him. They scrounged by, selling their home to make ends meet and taking up residance in little more than a shelter. That was untill his siter became the new look-out for a group of Runners. The moths passes and their living conditions increased slightly with each passing year. When Danny was arround 16 he was finally introduced to his sister's partners. As it turned out they had done quite well for themselves over the years, but kept low profiles untill everything was bought and paid for. The entire team had erected a labratory and bio-ware facility within an old delapitated building in the middle of downtown Vancouver. And he was to be their newest recruit.
Danny soon found himself imersed in Runner intrigue and surrounded with powerful connections. His sister's friends outfitted him with neural implants increasing his auditory and visual senses and encased his skelital structure with a material harder than the purest steel. He trained in both martial arts and ranged combat, finding that he was quite acurate and skilled with using two weapons at once. Whether it was from the implants or just a natural skill he didnt quite know, or even care for that matter.
As his training went on, he helped out with the odd run and gaining his own reputation for doing things which arent always apart of the plan but seem to work out anyways. Which lead to his gaining the Runner alias [b]DEVIOUS.

[Common Knowledge]
- Devious has strange eyes and ears that allow him to view and hear things from afar and can remember almost anything seen and heard. So keep your secrets to yourself.
- Devious dosnt necisarily have to look at you to know where you are or aim at you, his pistols seems to aim on their own.
- Devious never talks about his family or the crucifix arround his neck. Asking about either of these things makes him angry and possibly hostile.

Devious is by no way a Cy-Borg or robot, or anything. He appears just like a normal elf/person would, the macinery within his body is bienith the skin and cannot be heard or senced. If magic is used to see what he really is... he really is an Elf... plain and simple.

[Ongoing Story Line]
Devious was the target of a magical mis-hap and has been sent to a place unlike any he's seen. His team-mates are now searching for a way to bring him home.

2006-08-05, 07:49 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Thiel
Race: Human
Class: Monk 20 Drunken Master 10
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Random. Silent and contemplating when sober. Happy yet short-fused when drunk.
Age: 32
Height: 5'1&quot;
Weight: 161 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Long orange-red frizzy hair surrounds old scars on Thiels head.
Eye colour: Left eye is grey rigth is green. He is cross-eyed.
Other Physical Charactersistics: Lean and scarred are the words best used to descripe Thiel. His head is covered in an asortment of scars that stops at his eyes. Belov this point he is odly enough completely devoid of any scarring at all. Cuts that should leave large scars simply grows back together as if nothing had happened.
Weapons: Beat-up Quarterstave of unknown quality.

Little is known about Thiel life before arriving in the Town. The scars on his head suggest he has been involved in an accident involving fire, electricity, cold, blunt force traumas, a fishing rod and a flight of small birds.
[Common Knowledge]

-Thiel knows allmost nothing about his past.
-Thiel almost never speaks when sober.
-Thiel takes insults badly, especially if they refer to his mental capabilities.

Due to his lack of memory and structured thoughts, any attempt to read Thiels mind will at best fail and at worst the chaos of his mind will render the scryer/reader/whatever completely insane.
[Ongoing Storyline]
Lost memories. Thiel has no recollection of his life before he arrived in the town.

2006-08-06, 11:54 AM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Gengy the Great
Race: Gerbloid ((Original Creation))
Class: Warrior 9/Ultimate Barbarian 5/Gerbil Horde Leader 1
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Deceptive (Thoughful, typically quiet, but easily willing to break your spine if he feels like it)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5 feet 1 inch (tall for a Gerbloid, where short is 3 feet 4 inches)
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair colour and length: Fur is a very light brown with a few very light tan spots. Covers face and neck. Typically kept short.
Eye colour: Black on a good day, Red when angry
Weapons: Gengy normally has anywhere from three to ten daggers on his person, and a personalized, thin short sword. They are typically hidden under his long purple cloak.


(still in works)

[Common Knowledge]
-Gengy runs the Summer Camp outside of Town
-Gengy may or may not have made a deal with a cat that may or may not be inchage of a mafia that certainly doesn't exist.
-Gengy is tough, mean, and has a large amount of small HD NPCs that will gladly die for him.
-Gengy is deffinalty NOT a gerbil horde leader in the disguise of a Camp Director. That would just be stupid.
-Gengy has a smooth, almost alluring voice.
-Gengy is never without his dark gloves or long purple cloak, hood, and shirt. Pants are most often black, but it is rumored he has a blue pair.
-Gengy loves his six whiskers to be precisely a foot long.

(none at this time)

[Ongoing Storyline]

&quot;Overrunning the Town&quot; - Gengy has been planning all summer how to use his horde campers to raid shop the Town dry. He has brought in a lot of NPCs and may eventually attack the Town. But first, he needs more reliable people.

&quot;Mental Fencing with Don Sneak&quot; - Gengy and Sneak have a mutual like for each other. That is, they both like to try to one up each other. So far, Gengy is losing badly.

2006-08-06, 01:05 PM
Name: Wolfe
Race: Human/Were-Cerberic-Wolf
Class: Expert 10/Wizard 19
Alignment/Temperament: Senile Good/Chaotic Neutral (In human form he is old and rather insane, anywhere from harmless to helpful. In his wolf form, however, he regains much of his intelligence and his old Piracy alignment.)
Age: 73, but mental age of about 28 in wolf form.
Height: About *5’11” human form. 4’11” high in wolf form, but about 7’10” long.
Weight: About 130 lbs. in human, about 400 in wolf.
Hair color: Hair absent save for a white goatee in human form, greyish hair in wolf.
Eye color: A disconcerting yellow in both forms.
Other: Wears green sackcloth robes with a rope belt and a pirate hat in human form. Three heads with spiked collars in wolf form.
Equipment: Spell component pouch, A Bigg Nife, Moneypouch, a big backpack full of lemons, and a Gnarly Stick (Quarterstaff) in human form. *Afformentioned collars and Adamantine claws as a wolf.


Wolfe was once a successful young *pirate king. He was a terror of the high seas and had about as many ships in his fleet as any country’s navy. He looted and plundered from anyone and everyone. *He wasn’t exactly a ruthless killer, but he was certainly a ruthless thief. After he plundered a ship he would give any passengers or crewmen the option to join his fleet as pirates or die. The split up was about fifty-fifty.

One month during the summer of his twenty-eighth year he and a select group of trusted crew members took his personal schooner to find the treasure of an assumed dead sea witch. However, the sea witch wasn’t dead at all. She killed all of Wolfe’s crew, burned his ship, and took him as her personal guinea pig/consort. Since the mission was a secret many of his crew assumed that he had simply retired.

During the large amount of experimenting that was performed on him Wolfe gained the ability to transform into his current wolf form. Though, due to an abnormality in magical currents, his fresh young mental state was frozen into the wolf form. Ergo Wolfe’s wolf form retains all of his memories and skill (despite his lack of thumbs) even as his human form becomes senile and decrepit. He also eventually learned the arcane arts from her over time. Due to his current senility Wolfe transforms seemingly at random, rather than at will.

After spending so many years with the young sea witch Wolfe fell in love with her. After a quick grassroots wedding ceremony performed by an intelligent mould on the wall they quickly created a family (in the normal way). Wolfe lived many happy years with his wife and kids, until all the kids went off to college and his wife died of scurvy (go figure). Having no reason to stay at home Wolfe set out to reclaim his former piratey glory.

About a year into his quest for piratey glory Wolfe suffered a mild stroke and mild blunt force trauma and mild constipation all at once, this fluke group of events pushed his already deteriorating mind over the edge. He lost most of his memories and much of his mental faculties. The only things he is sure to remember at any given moment is how to work a boat, what end of a spyglass to look through, the fact that he is a pirate, his hatred of scurvy, the only way to stave off scurvy is lemons, and his name. On a good day he may remember how to cast spells as a fifth-level wizard and that he has wolf transformation abilities (though he won’t remember how to activate the transformation).

[Common Knowledge]
-Most have heard the legends of *Wolfe the Pirate King, but none actually believe Wolfe to be the fabled sea-thief.
-Wolfe is a crazy old man who might have once had SOME glory.
-It is rumored that the old man has wolf powers, but few have actually witnessed them.
-Despite his basic incompetence at life Wolfe is actually a pretty good sailor.
-Wolfe has this thing about lemons…


A true seeing spell reveals Wolfe’s wolf form transcribed over top of his human form. A subsequent Read Thoughts spell will target the wolf’s mind. Due to a number of feats human Wolfe is too senile to use wolf Wolfe can cast spells at his full class level. Lemons double Wolfe’s strength *(from 8 to 16 or from 22 to 44).

[Current Plotlines]

Currently he is simply bumming around at Trog's.

Emperor Demonking
2006-08-06, 01:23 PM
Race: Saran. (apears human)
Class: Wizard 15/ Monk 5/ rouge 5
Alignment and Temprament: Le Cunning, calm and sometimes angry.
Age: 666
Height: 6 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair colour and length: Black and short.
Eye colour: black, though she can change it.
Weapons: Magical staff, with imbued properties and rapier.

Psylycopa was always trying to scheme for influince, since she was very young. Soon one suceeded and she was appointed a high position under the king of the realm.
That not being enough for him she eventualy hatched a plan to get herself the kingdom. It worked though it costed her two of her three pairs of arms. As queen his life became greater, though soon age crept up on her, and she feared her death coming. She didn't want to become undead, as her species has a hatred of undead, so she came to the lower realm, and made a pact with a powerful devil.
Now for immortality, she is forced to do certain things for her master.

[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]
Is trying to find out about everything.


Silver- an imp that can turn into a fly and elf.
Gold- an imp that can turn into a human or hawk.
Bronze- an imp that can take the form of a cat or goblin.

2006-08-06, 02:34 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Belak E. Lantra
Race: Gray Elf
Class: Druid/Ranger
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Neutral. Kind, can be angered easily, mood can change easily.
Age: 160
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight 115 lbs
Hair: Silver. Straight down to a few inches past his shoulders.
Eyes: Amber
Weapons: He carries a elaborate scimitar that he inherited as a prince, but he prefers his livewood longbow.

Belak Lantra was born in Xen'drik to the King of a Gray Elf city. He disliked the arrogent and aloof people, so he ran away at the age of 27. It was on this trip that he found Farsight, a falcon that now follows him everywhere. Still very young, he was lucky to survive long enough to reach the trade city of Stormreach, were he was taken as a slave to Aundair. His master was killed in The Last War, so he decided to travel the world.

Common Knowledge
-He had a permenant form of Speak to Animals cast upon him, but it only allows him to talk to his animal companions.
-He distrusts gnomes bacause his slave-master was a gnome.
-He has a Falcon called Farsight who he considers his friend, not his pet.

Ongoing Story
Belak wishes to someday return to his home and make sure they are never found by the explorers of Khorvaire.
[Stats and Description]

Name:Nysang G. Lantra
Race:Gray Elf
Class:Bard with a few levels in Monk and Cleric of Inari
Alignment and Temperment:Chaotic Good- Kind, sincere, fun loving, easy going, peaceful
Height:5 feet, 3 inches
Weight:98 lbs
Hair:Gold. Waist length. Often tied in a ponytail.
Weapons:None. She is trained in self defence but prefers to not fight.

Nysasng ran away with her brother, Belak, When she was only 12 years old. He protected her as best he could, but she was taken as a slave with him. They both traveled to the Town together.

Common Knowledge
-Sister of Belak
-Loves animals

2006-08-06, 04:58 PM
Name: The ZombieRockStar
Sex: Mostly male, but since he's also channelling the spirit of certain female rock stars, he has gender confusion issues.
Race: Zombie
Class: Epic-level Bard
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Neutral. Fight the machine! As he's channelling different spirits, he acts schizophrenic a lot. One moment he may feel the groovyness of Hendrix or Lennon, the next he'll be violently rebellious like Sid Vicious. You never know.
Age: 27 (What age did you expect?)
Height: Average, about 5'9
Weight Sort of skinny, roughly 150
Hair: Long, rotten green
Eyes: Just whites
Other Characteristics: His style of dress changes from day to day. No style less than 10 years old, though. He looks like a generic 27-year old with long hair. And he's a zombie.
Weapons: He has perfected the art of the guitar smash. Ehether an electic, an acoustic, or even a lute or mandolin, the ZombieRockStar can do some serious damage with a 6-string.

So many great musicians have died before their time: Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Jim Morrisson, Janis Joplin, Sid Vicious, Jerry Garcia, Freddy Mercury, Kurt Cobain, and many, many more. The world is forever wondering what these rock stars could have done if they had just lived a little longer. The spirits themselves lived on, until the gods of music decided that these spirits should live again, in one body. From the ground rose the ZombieRockStar, an amalgamation of all these geniuses. His destiny: to continue to create the greatest music that can be heard by mortal ears. Of course, he doesn't know this. To him, he's jsut a zombie who likes music and can play an electric guitar like a god even in a quasi-medieval world with no electricity.

Common Knowledge
He's schizophrenic.
He can play almost any instrument and sing really, really, REALLY well.

His specific personality at any one time has no relation to which avatar I might be using.

Ongoing Storylines
None yet.

2006-08-06, 08:43 PM
Name: Divinely Flawed
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Cloistered Cleric 20/Healer 8
Alignment and Temperment: Neutral Good. Pleasant demeanor, if somewhat reserved around people he doesn't know well. Tries to be kind and helpful as much as possible, fears taking violent actions
Age: 24
Height: 6'
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair: Semi short red hair. Has a chinstrap style red beard
Weapons: Carries a for emergency uses of Staff of Miracles for emergency castings of the Heal spell

Backstory: Divinely Flawed (or DF for short) carries a great burden on himself. He had always served his home town as their cleric, administering to the ill and providing guidance. He had never been needed to defend the town, as the military had been very able in that area. However, when a rogue summoned demon beset the town, only magic could stop it. In attempt to slay it with a Destruction spell, DF discovered to his horror the flaw in his ability to channel divine magic. The spell went wild, and not only outright slew the demon, but magnified itself to such a degree that the entire town perished, save him. DF fled the location in horror, swearing to never again even prepare another harmful spell, lest his flaw manifest again. He seeks to redeem himself by saving at least as many lives as he took that day, which is the condition for his Atonement.

His Flaw:
DF is flawed in such a way that any attempt to channel spells such as Inflict or Searing Ray goes horribly awry. This is due to the fact that his mortal soul is unbalanced. DF can feel neither anger nor hatred. Instead, his emotions that deal with care, love, happiness, etc are all much stronger. Emotions form the anchor that his spells need when he calls for them from the Divine. Cure spells and the like have a stronger that normal average, and thus are channeled much more strongly, making them difficult to disrupt or dismiss. Offensive spells, from Hold Person to Destruction have no anchor at all, and thus the energy of the spell mutates and shifts wildly, and is even open to manipulation by malign forces, such as an evil deity or strong demon. To fix his flaw, DF must find a way to either restore the balance in his soul and emotions, or change himself in such a way that he becomes something more than a mere mortal, such as becoming a celestial or Risen Martyr, thus providing a new form of anchor.

Common Knowledge:
He is a follower of Orram.
He is paying a personal penance for something in his past
He never uses offensive magic, even in his own defense
He is very skilled in healing, both with magic and mundane means

Ongoing Storyline
DF has taken up residence at the Temple of Inari, lending a hand in the healing work done there. He recently traveled to Waterdeep with Fenric and Kantur, and witnessed Kantur's acceptance into the priesthood of Tymora.

The Lord of the Healing Winds, The Healer, The Gentle Light
Lesser Deity
Symbol: An open hand with palm facing outwards with a red cross, even on all sides, on the palm’s center.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Purification, Travel, Knowledge

Orram is a young deity concerned with healing and guidance. His church is small, and has only a few temples, all of which are in the same area. He is part of no pantheon. Orram’s personality is one of a loving father. He keeps watch over his followers, and is said to cry when they are hurt, and to laugh when they are joyful. He is speaks often to his clerics, but always in a private, personal nature. Rarely is his voice heard by more than one person at a time. He uses the wind to carry his words to his faithful. Most of his clerics are cloistered, remaining in the temples to provide healing and divinations. Occasionally, Orram’s winds call one of his clerics to depart as a traveling healer, to provide healing in areas that need it. These clerics often place small shrines and altars along the roads they travel, where other travelers may pray or place offerings of incense and rolls of bandages or other first aid items, which Orram may occasionally imbue with a Cure Light Wounds that triggers when the item is applied.

Inspirational pic for Orram (http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/s/h/shaepixar/white_mage.jpg.html)

2006-08-08, 01:17 PM
Dib - Alive
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 33
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Fighter/Magic-User
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 221 Ibs
Hair: Brown, messy
Eyes: Deep blue
Skin: Pale tan
Personality: Modest, helpful, kind, generous, giving, brave, courageous
Story: Dib was an outcast from his homeland after he was found to be practising Necromancy. He now lives in the town with his long time friend, Saam who has recently become his partner.

Saam - Alive
Race: Elf
Age: 32
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Civilian
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 198 Ibs
Hair: Brown, long
Eyes: Bright green
Skin: Average tan
Personality: Outspoken, squeamish, resourceful
Story: Saam was the person who got Dib into necromancy when she wanted him to get banished so that he would not have to be married and he could be hers.

Desire - Alive
Race: Spagon/Succubus
Age: 1 month
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 112 Ibs
Hair: White, short
Eyes: White with red glow
Skin: Pale grey mottled black
Personality: Hating, spiteful, generally unfriendly
Story: Desire is the last of the Spagons and the most recent of Clarabell’s (mirror) children. He has a deep-rooted hate for the town which is unexplainable.

Dream/The Sandman - Alive
Race: Unknown
Age: Infinite
Alignment: Neutral
Class: The Sandman
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 213 Ibs
Hair: Black, shoulder-length
Eyes: Black sockets with small yellow glow inside
Skin: Chalk white
Personality: Strong and silent, withdrawn, depressing, quiet, peaceful
Story: Dream originally came to the town to find beauty, after only finding pain for himself he wiped his mind and renamed himself ‘The Sandman’

Clarabell - Alive
Race: Nymph
Age: 42
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 178 Ibs
Hair: White, long
Eyes: Greenish brown
Skin: Pale tan
Personality: Stuck up, snobbish
Story: Clarabell is a nymph and sister of Dib’s now deceased wife.

Cheese Golem - Frozen - Plane of Ice
Race: Golem (cheese)
Age: 7
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Golem
Gender: Male
Height: 8’4”
Weight: 432 Ibs
Hair: none
Eyes: empty sockets
Skin: Yellow (cheese yellow)
Personality: Happy, playful, warm, friendly
Story: Cheese Golem was one of Dib’s early experiments in magic. As the magic holding him together wore off, he was frozen in the plane of Ice until Dib can make him better again.

Zim - Alive
Race: Irkin
Age: 78
Alignment: Lawful evil
Class: Invader
Gender: Male
Height: 4’5”
Weight: 112 Ibs
Hair: 2 Antennae
Eyes: Large (very large) red
Skin: Green
Personality: Suspicious, paranoid, megalomaniacal
Story: Zim is an alien from the planet Irk and he has dreams of one day taking it over for his Tallest.
Gir - Alive
Race: Robot
Age: 3
Alignment: Neutral
Class: S.I.R.
Gender: Male
Height: 2’6”
Weight: 97 Ibs
Hair: none
Eyes: Turquoise (sometimes red)
Skin: Metallic
Personality: Childish, unreliable, playful
Story: Gir is Zim’s S.I.R. robot. It is however not an actually S.I.R. but instead a pile of junk that obeys his masters commands very erringly.

Mai-Tai-Naan - Alive
Race: God
Age: Infinite
Alignment: Variable
Class: God of balance and equality
Gender: Male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 431 Ibs
Hair: none
Eyes: stone
Skin: stone
Personality: variable
Story: God of balance and equality, Mai-Tai-Naan has come to the town to try and restore balance as there is too much good in it.

Perito - Alive (or undead)
Race: Troll (skeleton)
Age: 789
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Skeleton
Gender: Male
Weight: 698 Ibs
Hair: none
Eyes: none
Skin: none
Personality: Bold, evil, obedient
Story: Perito is a reanimated Troll skeleton and Mai-Tai-Naan’s head of warriors.

Spagon Queen - Dead
Race: Spagon
Age: 2001
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: Queen
Gender: Female
Height: 18’11”
Weight: 1,086 Ibs
Hair: White, waist-length
Eyes: Red glowing
Skin: Pale tan and Coal black
Personality: Luring, deceitful
Story: The Spagon queen was the queen of Spagon’s much like in a colony of ants until she was killed.

Dead King - Dead
Race: Human (skeleton)
Age: 2073
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Fighter/Magic-User
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145 Ibs
Hair: none
Eyes: none
Skin: none
Personality: Bold, courageous, protective
Story: The Dead King was once a powerful king who stood up alone against the threat of the Spagons and trapped them deep under the town.

Dib (mirror) - Alive - Mirror World
Race: Drow
Age: 33
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Fighter/Magic-User
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 221 Ibs
Hair: White, messy
Eyes: White
Skin: Coal black
Personality: over confident, cocky, homicidal
Story: Dib (mirror) is Dib’s mirror counterpart and was once a general in the Drow horde of the mirror town. He was banished for certain reasons and fled to the Town.

Delirium (mirror) - Alive
Race: Drow/Succubus
Age: 15
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Magic-User
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 213 Ibs
Hair: White, dreadlocks
Eyes: White
Skin: Coal black
Personality: slightly insane, overly flirtatious
Story: Delirium is the son of Dib (mirror) and Clarabell (mirror). He came to the Town with his brothers (Dibson and Thorgrab) to find their father. He now lives in the town and must eat an awakened cow once every year so as not to attack people.

Clarabell (mirror) - Alive - Mirror World
Race: Succubus
Age: 42
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Succubus
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 178 Ibs
Hair: Brown, long
Eyes: Red glowing
Skin: Average tan
Personality: kind, flirtatious
Story: Clarabell was once an agent of Mai-Tai-Naan. She took the place of Clarabell in the Town in hopes of getting hold of an urn of ashes for her master. She later turned to good after seeing her folly before going back to the mirror world.

Dibson (mirror) - Alive - Mirror World
Race: Drow
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 219 Ibs
Hair: White, long
Eyes: White
Skin: Coal black
Personality: violent, talkative, cocky
Story: Dibson is one of Dib’s (mirror) sons and came to the Town to find his father, he then went back to the mirror world afterwards,

Thorgrab (mirror) - Alive - Mirror World
Race: Drow/Troll
Age: 13
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male
Height: 7’4”
Weight: 342 Ibs
Hair: White, short spikes
Eyes: White
Skin: Coal black
Personality: idiotic, alcoholic, violent, cheerful when drunk
Story: Thorgrab is one of Dib’s (mirror) sons and came to the Town to find his father, he then went back to the mirror world afterwards,

Marionette - Alive
Race: Unknown
Age: Infinite
Alignment: Evil
Class: Nightmare
Gender: N/A
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 0 Ibs
Hair: none
Eyes: none
Skin: wooden
Personality: no personality
Story: The Marionette is the physical form of nightmares and seeks to consume the souls of all those who sleep by bringing them to the Plane of Dreams and feastong on their ethereal bodies,

2006-08-08, 01:43 PM
[Stats and Description]
Gavin is massive, standing at 7'3&quot; and weighing in at over 400 pounds of battle-hardened muscle. Mis typical dress is his plate mail, which if examined closely actually appears to be made of solid platinum, the scales underneath the plates a deep blue. He wears a long, flowing cloak with a snowy white hem, completely covered on the back by a midnight image of stars in the night sky, and a greatsword taller than most halflings, complete with marble white blade and an image of the rising sun on its hilt.

Of course, the most distinctive feature is the fact that he is no longer human, having become dragonborn in service to Bahamut. His head is reptilian, though his face remains friendly most of the time, and his eyes are like pools of molten gold, staring with unmatched intensity from a face too used to war. Concealed underneath his cloak are a pair of majestic gleaming wings he can use to fly at a moment's notice.

He is dragonborn, and the aura of sheer, controlled power and utter grace that surrounds him is almost palpable.


Gavin was raised by a loving father and mother in a massive mountain castle where his father, a noble paladin beloved by his people, ruled over a large fiefdom. His father was a warrior of great renown. He was gifted with the blessing of Pelor, a mighty warrior in his own right devoted to the God of the Sun, as had been his fathers before him as far back as he could remember. His son was destined to inherit the divine powers that his entire line possessed, and his greatest wish was to live to see his son finally manifest the grace of Pelor in an act of healing or of bravery.

During a fierce war with the foul evil half of dragonkind, his father Gareth's armies were attacked by no less than 10 of the beasts in the hours before dawn, unprepared, without warning, and in too small numbers. Gareth's thousand men fought valiantly, but were badly outmatched by the sheer power of the dragons. Half his legion already killed or scattered, Gareth rallied his men on a rocky hilltop, lined them up, and ordered every one of them to fire on the same dragon. Not even a dragon can withstand 500 arrows at the same time. By the fifth volley, two of the dragons had fallen prey to the assault and the remaining 8 were finally shaken from the cocky and overconfident foolishness that had led them to believe they could destroy them without effort. The battle continued in earnest.

Within an hour, Gareth's brilliant tactics had led to the death of every one of the dragons, and the cheer went up just as the sun rose over the horizon. His men loved him even more, following the battle. After the war, Gareth returned to his wife and newborn son.

Through the next years, age took its toll on Gareth's king, and the king succumbed to death's waiting embrace. He declared Gareth his heir, and Gareth became king. He took his son, now 19 years of age and trained in the use of every weapon Gareth had available, and his aging wife with him from their castle, and arrived at the royal palace.

Gareth's kingdom, however, was attacked the same year. The creatures of evil dragonkind had heard of his victory, and had spent near to 20 years plotting revenge. They descended on the kingdom with a vengeance, tearing it apart with their blasting breath and tearing claws.

In the last days, Gareth realized he could never stand against the draconic armies tearing his kingdom apart. He had to leave something for his son, some way for him to reclaim his birthright. So he had the mightiest mages in the kingdom build for him a citadel in the mountains. They exhausted more magic in the next two weeks than any of them had ever used in their lives, but it was finished. The fortress was formed of pure white stone, pulled straight from the mountains themselves and made as one solid formation, rather than a formation of bricks. The tower was massive, built in connection with the nearby caves that riddled the chosen mountain and made absolutely beautiful. It put the royal palace to shame.

His son had developed a preference for fighting with two-handed blades, usually greatswords for their keen and deadly blades. So as his final gift, he sealed his mighty blade Dawn somewhere in the castle, and told no one, sealing it away where they could only be found with one, last enchantment. He gave Gavin a ring, the symbol of his house and marked with a ruby carved into the shape of the rising sun, and told him that when the time came a paladin of true heart and power could use the ring to locate the weapon and use it to restore the kingdom. Then he sent his wife and son away, and prepared his armies for a last stand against the draconic armies that, even then, were mere hours away.

Gareth's forces were utterly annihilated. Gavin was almost out of sight of the fortress and deep in the moutains with his mother, 5 elite guards Gareth had sent, and a yound wizard's apprentice sent to help as best he could. He turned back and watched a red dragon tear his father, glowing bright as the sun and trying to rally his troops, from the walls and burn him to death. The light went out...forever. The red dragon was young, by draconic standards, which even Gavin could realize from its size. It was scorched by his father in that last attack, and a jagged black scar now tears angrily across his otherwise perfect belly.

Gavin sought vengeance. His mother and the small company stayed in a small village, though he left to seek out training, and found a way to achieve his vengeance and finish the path his father had started him down. The red dragon, he found out, claimed the castle by right of conquest over Gareth, and resided in the lowermost floors, expansive enough even for it. In fact, the only reason it succeeded in its claim was truly because none of the other dragons could fit through the door.

Over the next year gavin trained, practiced, and learned. Exactly one year, to the day, from the day his kingdom fell, he found himself approached in a dream by a beatiful elven women who introduced herself as an emmisary of Bahamut. She said Bahamut would grant gavin the power to destroy evil dragonkind if he were to swear allegiance to the Dragonlord. Gavin did, without hesitation, and became a paladin of Bahamut. He eventually travelled to his keep to vanquish the red beast, but before doing so he underwent one last rite. After spending a full 24 hours in contemplation of his humanity, he surrendered it to bahamut and became the mighty and regal creature he is today - a dragonborn, true son of Bahamut and powerful knight in his service.

The red dragon, vain in his power, thought the keep's magical defenses would destroy any intruders. he didn't expect someone to return with the key - the ruby ring - that would bypass them. After locating his mighty greatsword Dawn in the king's chambers at the keep's upper limits, he went to do battle. He harried the beast, striking from every angle, even climbing onto it's back to hack off it's mighty wings. When the best finally fell, the keep belonged to its rightful owner, and he began to rebuild his kingdom.

[Common Knowledge]
Gavin is a king and loyal and mighty servant of Bahamut. His kingdom is prosperous and wealthy, it's people kind and hapy with their ruler. he leaves most of the administration decisions to his loyal friend the mage, governing larger tasks and wars himself. He has gained a legendary reputation as a war commander, and his troops would follow him to the gates of hell if he commanded it.

He's also very fond of drink and is known to have drunk the stoutest dwarves under the table and managed to walk upright afterwards. The only time he isn't friendly to everyone nearby is when a spawn of Tiamat approaches. He's also managed to turn a few chromatic wyrmlings to the service of Bahamut, though, so he isn't completely unreasonable in treatment towards them. Dragons, even evil ones, deserve respect in some form, and towards them he is typically cold, calculating, thoroughly alert and prepared to fight at a moment's notice.

Gavin is a Dragonborn ((Oh I give up. I'm making his character for the arena, and his &quot;second form&quot;. I'll detail these eventually.)) His exact stats other than that are relatively fluid, but he is very good at what he does - that is, lead armies and slay dragons.

His pack is a Heward's Handy Haversack enhanced by his mage friend (now a mighty archmage) that holds several hundred thousand gold worth of minor wondrous items. His ruby ring, in addition to providing access to his keep, is a ring of protection +10 as well as a ring of air elemental command, and his sword Dawn a +8 dream silver holy flaming burst dragonbane weapon. [Dream silver is a material described in Arms and Armor that serves as both cold iron and silver for purposes of DR.]

[Ongoing Storyline]

Relatively new to the Town, Gavin is currently seeking to rebuild the Knights of the North Wind, a holy order of knights in service to Bahamut.

Fualkner Asiniti
2006-08-08, 04:29 PM
[stats and description]
Name: Flaukner Asiniti
Race: Spiderlike Teifling
Class: Swashbuckler 15/ Rouge 20 / Shaper 20/ Wizard 50/ Archnomancer 20/ Monk 1
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Nuteral. He sometimes helps people,if they are in need or he makes some profit, but has not respect for authority. He is merciless on his enemies. despite being chaotic, he is fiercly loyal toward his allies.
Age: 26 (since his rebirth.)
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Teal
Eye color: Irredestant, so it's hard to tell.
Weapons: Loves webbing traps, and frequently sets some up to help guard something. +5 shock spiderkind greatsword that aborsbs his natural poison. +4 Frost Daggers, that he often throws and retrieves using a string of webbing. anything mechaical in nature has Fualkner's name written all over it. And he has a whisle that summons Cruthamire, a chelicera. All spiders are at his beck and call. He has recently obtained a needler. (HALO 2)

Fualkner was a swashbuckler that enjoyed killing people for the blood and wealth. He killed many men, and left towns in utter ruin in his wake. He was wanted in 4 countries. Then, when he was wanted the most, he vanished.

or so many thought. really he had gone into a cave to rest for the night, and had stumbled into a chelicera's nest. He was intombed in webs, and his body started a trasformation.

while he was stuck in his cucoon, he thought about his life. He vowed to reform himself, and return life to the towns he had destroyed. When he hatched, he was totally different, in body and mind.

He had grown two more arms. He grew a spinerette in the center of his stomach, and his hands had a hole that dripped poison. He stayed with the chelicera until he got used to his new form. Then he left and made amends for the crimes he had committed.


[common knowledge]
- he is the same criminal that used to destroy towns.
- he wanders from town to town, looking to help.
- he is the only known person to live with such a metamorphisis.
- he will take almost any request of service.

[current story]
New to these parts, he wants to earn some allies. He has met ZombieRockStar, and is already a huge fan of his music.

2006-08-08, 06:37 PM
Ach, great, I step out for a month or so and you not only rearrange the boards, but think up a great new game. Right, that's it, Dark Stalion in having in on this right now!

[Stats and Description]

Name: Dark Stalion
Height: 8&quot;
Weight: 4lbs
Hair: White, fluffy
Eyes: Green
Race: Rabit demigod
Age: 6 (what? he's a rabbit, that's quite old for a rabbit)
Classes: Sorcerer/Cleric/Barbarian
Alignment/Temprement: Chaotic Neutral. Sure he blows up people and raises them as zombies, but he blows up people and raises them as zombies indescrimiately, plus he's as likely to raise you as you were orriginally as a frog or a zombie or a tyrantfrog zombie.
Equipment: Equipment? What equipment? He's a Freaky rabid-rabit-sorcerer-demi-god. What use has he for a sword when his bite is deadlier than a hundred, when a meare twitch of a whisker can cause the earth to shake in it's foundations. That said he does have a strange penchant for catnip, so does carry a pouch of that arround with him as a sort of snuff-pouch.


There is a reason for the peculiar name that this fluffy white bunny bears and for it's unusual tendancies for chaotic behaviour. As you no doubt know, all animals are neutral. They are too stupid to know the difference between law and chaos, good and evil, they mearly try to continue to exist. Most believe that Dark is the result of terrable wizardly experiments conducted high in some dark Wizard's tower in a land of evil. Nah, nothing like that. You see what actually happened was this...

Dark was oce a Nightmare, a creature of Darkness, capable of galoping on air like a baby swims in water. Indeed babe he was, as he was mearly foaled days before the incident. Cavorting through the air on his sparking hooves (they weren't yet capable of being fiery, he was that young!) when suddenly a great comotion went up among the herd and all was confusion. Flashes of blinding magic were going off left right and centre and then suddenly a stray spell colided with the frightened-to-death foal who suddenly found himself plumeting at terminal velocity (in more than one sence of the word) towards the ground. All Dark could do was close his eyes and curl up into a little ball, something that would have given him pause at any other time. Needless to say he survived the fall. Indeed, it was the very wizard who cast the spell that changed him who caught him.

What followed were years of servitude of a sort, at least a couple, during which Dark learnt much about magic and the world. Already more inteligent than any normal animal, Dark became the Wizards familiar and, by the time the wizard was killed in a *ahem*freak*ahem* landslide knew enough t keep himself more than safe on his lonesome in the big wide world. His transformation left him frustrated at ties, though, as he still remembered his first few days, amazingly, capable of flying as a proud stalion foal through the sky on sparking hoves, and he found a way of chaneling this agression into rages which caused dramatic alterations to his strength and physique, making him into a sort of Hulk among rabits.

It was not long before Dark found religion, or rather religion found Dark. After one particularly violent &quot;Hulk&quot; attack upon a village the villagers of a nearby village who had been waring with the first village started to worship him as a protector of the village while those of the other village began to worship him as the devil, sending him sacrifices every fortnight to keep him sated amung the fruit and vedge baskets.

Already acostomed to Arcane energies, Dark found it easy to convert the belief these people had in him to magic, and so ended up as a kind of Demigod.

Common Knowledge...

It's a little fluffy white bunny. Everything else happened on a relatively small scale, so you're unlikely to know anything else.


None yet...

Ongoing Story...

None yet...

2006-08-08, 10:49 PM
Name: MET (My Evil Twin)

Race: Awakened Steel Golem

Class: Fighter

Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good, with a side of Chaotic Confused and a dash of Lawful Gullible. Generally inclined to be friendly to anyone who is friendly to him first.

Age: 0?

Height: 5 ft

Weight: 150 lb

Appearance: A shiny-skinned metal man. He wears a loose white tunic and pants, and tries to look normal. A longsword hangs from his belt and a light shield is slung across his back.

Backstory: Was he the servant of some forgetful wizard? An experiment gone awry? A cruel cosmic joke? MET doesn't know, and he doesn't particularly care.

What he does know is that not too long ago he achieved consciousness in a forest clearing and began walking in a random direction. He spoke Common, and knew that his name was &quot;My Evil Twin,&quot; but had no idea whose twin he might be and didn't feel particularly evil. In a few days' walking he came across the Town, and decided that this would be as good a place as any to try to fit into.

Common Knowledge: MET has no history to speak of. His manner suggests a general unfamiliarity with just about everything, although left to his own devices he manages to intuit his way around town.

Notes: If there is an actual steel golem somewhere in the D&amp;D rules I'm not aware of it. MET is simply an elf-sized steel humanoid, something like an Asimov-style robot.

MET's lack of memory or backstory is my clever ploy to disguise the fact that I'm not quite sure what I'm doing yet.

Ongoing Storylines: Nothing yet.

2006-08-08, 11:21 PM
Wow I just found this, sorry I took so long so here's Illuna:

Name: Illuna
Race: Pirate with abilities
Age: about 23
Description: a very pretty young girl, black hair and an awesome smile

Illuna was born in a town where every 7 years the gods blessed the first child born on a certain day with &quot;abilities&quot;. (It had something to do with the moons.) Illuna was the first born on this day, and even though she was a pirate she was still blessed. Unfortunately, on that same day a few hours later a pirate hunter had a child, who wasn't blessed. This of course made all the pirate hunters angry and wanted to kill Illuna. They thought that if they killed her that the child would get the powers. Oh yeah the powers: well her name is Illuna, she has the power to control light. She could make all the lights in a town go out or make it so bright she could blind everyone. Its helpful when your a pirate. She could also light the way for a ship out on the water. Any light anywhere she can control. So she was in hiding for about 10 years underground and her parents taught her everything. But when the hunters got close her parents helped her run away, but in the process were killed. Illuna has been running for about 13 years. A few years ago she killed the ones who were hunting her(the parents of the child not blessed). She does not know where the other child is, so she continues running, but she is tired.

Illuna's skills: sword fighting, shooting, pirating in general, she is also skilled in her ability with light.

Notes: Illuna is not here to look for trouble, she will help anyone who needs it, but is just looking to make friends for the first time in her life. She has been running for so long that she has never really gotten to know anyone. She just wants a new life.

2006-08-09, 05:39 PM
Stats and Description


Name: Nuntius
Race: raccoon-man
Class: Bard
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Neutral ( Carefree, Careless), Almost always in good mood.

Age: 24
Height: 1 ft
Weight: 22 lb
Hair color and length: Black, gray and white fur.
Eye color: white
Weapons: Returning daggers.

- As a little raccoon-man, Nuntius knew that life were more than his hometown, so he left his home and family and started an endless journey. He wants to make songs about great events and facts that change the course of history and the people who made them happen. He don't let his feelings interfere with his quest.

Common Knowledge

He lives on a trash can on the town streets.


Ongoing Storyline

Stats and Description


Name: [B]Canodruvinoph
Race: Troll
Class: Fighter
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Evil

Age: 31
Height: 15 ft
Weight: 1359 lb
Hair color and length: Green/Long.
Eye color: Black
Weapons: Claws.

He is a thrall of a powerfull mindbender.

Common Knowledge
He lives on another plane, he only apears on the town when he is sleeping in his ¨real¨ life.


Ongoing Storyline

2006-08-09, 09:58 PM
Name: Tursho, &quot;The Chill Master&quot; (prefered), MALE
Race: Elf
Class: Bard 10/Wizard 2
Alignment: Chilled
Age: 300 or so (he doesn't really care about the exact date)
Height: 6'
Weight: 145
Hair: shoulder length, white of the with age type, seems to brush itself
Eyes: green
Stuff: potato sack looking bathrobe, a number of self-made wooden flutes, a guitar, bag of spell components, and most importantly, a very nice all purpose Dwarven Army Knife

Tursho's parents were very smart and decided to go to taking down traditions, so they went all nomadic, and started tagging along with gypsies on the Mainland, because home never was good enough for them. So he was born and raised in a caravan. He didn't really like it, but at least he got to know his musics pretty well, but then the normal stuff started to bore him after a while. So he started playing really crazy experimental stuff. So they all lived in various caravans. After his parents were killed by a xenophobic mob, he decided it was time for a change, and settled down in The Town. He wastes his time and talent experimenting with sound manipulation spells, mostly of his own, rather crude invention. And he spends some other time meditating, though in rather odd ways. Essentially, he chills, very much, due to which he refers to himself as &quot;the Chill Master&quot;.

Common Knowlege
If he's playing really weird music at you with an odd looking small flute in one hand and banging a makeshift drum with the other, he wants you to give him money
He is a freeloader
If anyone chilled more than he does, they'd have to not breathe
He takes not the alcohol, nor any other thing of the mind affecting nature

Common Unknowledge
Where he lives, if he lives in the same place
Why he doesn't get a job playing reputable music
How his hair brushes itself, and why, and uh

Current Plot
Trying to be John Cage, Autechre, and god(s) know(s) what else, while in a Medieval to Early Renaissance setting

2006-08-10, 03:13 PM
Personal Stats

Name: Case
Race: Human
Class: Fighter as well as Cleric
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Neutral, often does whatever he wants just for the heck of it, but still has enough sense to not go overboard.
Age: 27
Height: 6ft. 4in.
Weight: 245 lbs.
Hair color and length: Dark brown a bit long but its kept under his bandanna at all times.
Eye color: Brown


large steel shield
a flintlock pistol
a throwing axe
a few small throwing daggers.


A chain shirt he wears under his regular clothes.


See my avatar.

Spent a good part of his life sailing the seas and tring to make money through piracy to start his own business. (Thats it really)

Common Knowledge
He is a dirty fighter, willing to use sneak attacks, ambushes, and low blows whenever possible.
Has a sea dragon tattoo on the side of his face that creeps people out for some reason whether it has some significance nobody knows.
Trying to start up a Protection agency call the Pirate Protecion Agency, the along with working in protection, as does other things, in essence a mercenary business.

2006-08-10, 05:12 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Count Vanghar, aka the Dungeon Master
Race: Vampire (Antediluvian)
Class: Artificer 20 / Ninja 20
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral (Evil).
Age: Appears to be 28 (ish), actually nearly 2000 years. He's lost count.
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair colour and length: Dark(ish) brown, middle length and unkept.
Eye colour: red
Weapons: Occasionally his silver ninja-to, but more commonly now his traps. Uses a magic black polyhedron.

During the Antediluvian period, Vanghar was embraced by an Elder Vampire, and became cursed. Lacking anything better to with his un-life, he gathered masses of supporters and minions, and set about conquering neighbouring kingdoms. After a while this got boring, so he settled down in his fortress and waited for adventurers to arrive to kill him, before they fell victim to his traps. He spent much of the next 1000 years developing even more fiendish traps and implements of death; when there were no adventurers, he always had minions to &quot;test&quot; them.

More recently, he has grown tired of bating adventurers to his lair, and fewer and fewer are coming. He decided to put his skills to honest work, and set up a chain of dungeons around the world, where he invited adventurers to hone there skills their, fo a fee. Of course, there were... accidents. He has recently developed dungeons which change randomly, to provide a new challenge each time, for return visits of those who survive. His next location; &quot;The Town&quot; (but you didn't expect that!).

[Common Knowledge]
- Is one of oldest vampires remaining (honest)
- Tries to be good, but is fundementally evil.
- A skilled ninja and swordsman.
- Not above &quot;participating&quot; in his dungeons.
- Can shape-shift into a weasel.
- Possesses preternatural beauty.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Has just arrived.

Many numerous minions etc.

2006-08-10, 10:37 PM
Lord Xerillum

Ftr25, Sor10
31 years old
250 pounds
TN, fight-prone, occaisionaly ignorant, vengeful
shoulder length brown hair
green eyes
WEAPONS: a jet black vorpal, brilliant energy longsword, also known as the Sword of Kalryin, two Discharge longswords, and a cold iron dagger.

[backstory] Xerillum was left on a noble's doorstep when he was just a child, orphaned by a massive war between two religious factions.The nobles nraised him to be a strong warrior, and, as they had no children of their own with them, when they died, he got the throne. But a neighboring country raided and destroyed his fortress and exiled him to the town. he forever looks for a way to return to his home.

Part II
After the two goblin wars ended, Xerillum returned to his hometown, now a bustling port, and was shanghaied. He sailed on a pirate vessel, and was injured in a gunpowder explosion that damged the back of his head, and blew his arm off.
[commmon knowledge]
Xerillum loves to fight
Xerillum owns a small navy
Xerillum hates pirates
Even though he is exiled, Xerillum still holds political clout. more so than any member of the Senate.

salty (ressurected)

Warmage 20
40 years old
150 lbs
LN, friendly, grudge holding.
Cropped graying hair
green eyes
WEAPONS: +2 rapier, musket

Saltie has only had one long-term stay at land in his life, and that is in the town. He lived on a boat as a child, and he was drafted into the navy at age 7. when he returned to his home, at age 20, he found that his entire famiy had been killed by pirates. he swore an oath to kill all the pirates on the high seas.
[common knowledge]
Saltie has a deep-seated hatred for pirates
He is a brother of Xerillum


3 yrs since activation
500 lbs
Shiny steel
Shiny steel
Weapons: Repeating Assault Laser, machete
Ealendros is a warforged sent to the town to study life here by a research ship. it can be homicidal when provoked.

Dwarf soldiers speak in pale turquoise
Miners speak in Dark slate blue
Sailors speak in Dark orange

2006-08-11, 06:05 AM

Race: Shifter
Class: Druid 8/ Moon speaker 10
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Weapons: His cool augmented shifter claws!
Cool Items: Necromantic research book, by Dr. Ian Patrick Blood. Cool staff that can spontaneously turn into a tree-ent.

Back story:
Rusty Treebranch Is a druid straight from the Eldonreaches. He was the spiritual leader of a small enclave of shifters until he decided to go off exploring with his trusty animal companion, a wolf named Barker, in true Eberron fashion. Since then he’s busied himself saving the world and being the highest level character in his campaign setting.

Common knowledge:
Rusty has broken about every druidic code. He even taught druidic to a squirrel. Any rational DM would strip him of every ounce of druidic power…to bad in The Town, there is no DM…

2006-08-11, 06:21 PM
name: nosta, but he hopes to one day prove himself worthy of a true warrior name that he aspires to gain through battle.
race: human.
class: barbarian 5.
alignment: neutral good. a true warriorn in heart, nosta is always on his guard and unlikely to trust strangers, but loyal to the ones he cares about.
age: 3 (in his tribe it is custom that people start counting their age from the day they first kill some one)
height: 6 feet, 3 inch.
weight: 163 lbs.
hair: long, dark brown hair bound together in a tail with a piece of rope made out of vine.
eyes: very light blue, almost grey. they are almost always moving, looking for a possible threat.
weapons: unlike the other members of his tribe that mostly carry two-handed swords or axes, nosta uses a hand-axe, slightly lengthened to how he likes it, in combination with a round wooden shield, braced with iron. he also carries a small crossbow alongside his left leg for hunting purposses.

nosta, wich means fire, was born in a small remote warrior village named ghan, located far to the north. growing up in a village that was frequently fighting other tribes, he learned not to get attached to people to closely, in fear of losing them. after his parents were killed when he was still young, he was raised by one of his tribe's elders, geddon. he has gone through many battles against the lesser tribes that inhabit the region, but he longed for more. that's why he decided to roam through the world, searching for a more worhty opponent to test his limits and finaly earn his warrior name.

common knowledge
-nosta is not likely to trust other people, or get attached to them.
-nosta does not consider himself to be &quot;good&quot; in such an abstract manner, but he does live by a moral code wich holds, among other things, not to: kill women or children, steal, fight some one who is unarmed (unless he/she uses magic to fight, wich is considered a weapon).

ongoing story
currently in an sleap/trance/vision quest, induced by a gnoll shaman. his body is deteriating and it does not seem that he is going to wake up soon.

2006-08-11, 06:50 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Lord of Narf
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good, Fights Evil but gives every enemy a chance for surrender and everyone a chance to redeem themselves
Age: Nobopdy Knows
Height: 6'7&quot;
Weight: 184 lbs
Hair colour and length:Brown, close cropped
Weapons: Lance, Smite Evil attack, Blasts of Holy Light

[Backstory] ((Paraphrased in third person from here (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1154059391;s tart=60)))

Lord of Narf was once a great paladin champion in a lost ager of man. he was a major servant for a great deity, but fell out of favor when, in ridding a great evil from the land, killed a major city of worshippers to that deity. The deity took half his soul in pennance, but the remauining half started to grow back to a full soul. Over time he angered more gods while seeking the greatest good for the greatest number or people. Each took portions of his soul for his deeds. Eventually, his mortality waned as he had more soul in the void than on earth. he continued seeking the greater good, forgetting everything else about life. In an act of final severance to any diety, he severed 90% of his soul away an began worshiping himself since the beleif of one man over millenia created a psudo-godhood in him. Regulary culls portions of his soul away now.

[Common Knowledge]
Worships himself
Psudo-diety (no divine power whatsoever)
Was a major force in eliminating the instgators in the goblin riots.

None right now

[Ongoing Storyline]
none as of now, been away for awhile

2006-08-11, 07:41 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Evelios D'Rtan
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger (Bow Combat Style)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but far from Chaotic Stupid. Carefree, and concerned mostly about himself, he isn't above a little trickery to get his way.
Age: About 119
Height: 6'
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color and Length: Black, and down to his shoulders, mostly unkempt.
Eye Color: Green
Weapons: Bow, Arrows, One Hot Tempered Bear Animal Companion

Evelios is a young Elf, but the slightly sarcastic grin he bears hints that he's seen more combat then most Elves his age. His shoulder-length black hair is straight, but could use a good combing. His long ears have a few nicks and cuts in them from battles fought long ago. He dresses in a black coat and pants, but wears a green cloak, presumebly for camoflauge. His brown boots seem well worn, and appear scuffed and dirty. A bow and quiver are strapped to his back, and a brown bear the size of a human stands on all fours at his side.

Evelios grew up in the wilds of a nearby forest, whose location has been unknown to most humans for centuries, for reasons Evelios does not know of. He was trained by his father, the ranger Luet D'Rtan, and has fought in numerous battles against bands of goblinoids, dragons, and undead. He wandered into town one day, and decided he liked the place, so he'd up and stay a while.

[Common Knowledge]
Evelios is an enigma, of sorts, and little is known about him. The only thing known for sure is that he appeared several months after the disappearance of the bard named Ramza. Rumors continue to circulate that perhaps his alias and identity were changed after a posting hiatus, but these reports are still unconfirmed.

None yet.

2006-08-12, 12:45 AM
I thought I might finally get in on this

(Description and stats)
Name: Mr. Samedi
Race: Human lich
class and levels: dread necromancer 20/beguiler 10
Alignment: Nuertal evil
Age: Not certain anymore...
Height: 6&quot;00
Weight: 60lb (what, I'm a skeleton for crying out loud!)
Eye colour: glowing red
Hair colour: none
skin colour: none
typical clothing: Samedi's hat of magnificence , Samedi's tux
Weapon: Samedi's cane a +4 defending, wounding frost burst club


Samedi is a lich of indeterminate age (even he doesn't know how old he is) and a master of voodoo magic. No-one really knows where he came from, but he claims to be the first practicioner of voodoo magic, passed down by the gods of death and trickery millenia ago. He roamed the earth spreading destruction and chaos in his wake before he came acroos the town and was humbled by its inhabitants. He has settled down and hasn't actually been this peaceful in centuries.

(Common knowledge)

@ Samedi hates Indurian, after the scuffle between the two which soon turned into a riot at the Lykan/ Mortia fight. Samedi will do anything to ensure his foe's demise

2006-08-13, 08:27 AM
Name: Aaluran Craskenral
Race: Human
class: Sorcerer
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 28
Height: 6' 1&quot;
Weight: 178 lb.
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Hair colour: Black
skin colour: Fair
typical clothing: dark shades (see pic below)
Weapon: +6 Magebane Flaming Frost Crossbow (&quot;That arrow is freezing hot!&quot;)

Aaluran (or Al as his friends usually call him) has short black hair, dark brown eyes, and a constant &quot;I own the place&quot; smile on his face. He usually wears comfortable clothing (explorer's outfit) not so bright as to attract attention and not so dark as to attract attention (although he always keeps the outfit and jewelry to make the right impression on nobles in his backpack). Still, whenever he walks into a room everyone seems to notice him. That's probably due to the fact that he always walks, talks, acts and sometimes even thinks as if he has everyone in his back pocket.

(Below is a pic created for Aaluran)


Aaluran was the only son of Victor and Maria Craskenral. Victor was a merchant and was often away from home, which led Aaluran to mature a little earlier than his peers. As a boy, he always felt something was missing in his life. He enjoyed almost everything he did but thought that there was something more. He found out what that something was when he was almost 13. During a petty argument with his mother he got extremely mad, at which time his amulet (a small golden rhombus amulet incrusted with a ruby gem - a gift from his grandfather, whinch he never too off and still never takes off) suddenly burst into flames, lightly injuring his chest, burning through his shirt and a nearby book. He was very scared of what happened spent the next week in his room refusing to leave. When he finally let his mother talk to him, she explained to him what happened and about his grandfather, who was also a sorcerer.

Over the next few years his powers and his control over them grew. His peers noticed the change in him and it somehow worried them. They started to keep away from him but he didn't mind that. He had finally found his calling in life and he needed lots of alone time to understand and learn to control his powers. During that time he rather accidentally managed to attract the attention of the local nobles. Since they needed someone who would fit in with the commoners and find out if there was anything they should know and who would have talents of use to them, one day the mayor of his home city quietly invited him to an &quot;informal meal&quot; to propose a sort of freelance contract. Basically, he would go about the city and the neighbouring towns and villages and do whatever he wants, but would listen to local talk to find out anything that would be of interest to them. Also, they might call for him if they needed an occasional job done. In return, he recieved a large payment and favors among the local nobility.

Named after the god/dess of passion and lust, Aaluran has specialises in those fun spells that can only be found in the &quot;Book of Erotic Fantasy&quot;

[Common Knowledge]
Everyone whose ever talked to him knows that he is prone to using huge and/or obscure words especially is he's angry.

[Onging Storyline]
As per the terms of his &quot;contract&quot; he would sometimes go into a new pub, spend a couple of hours buying drinks for everyone and then say something like &quot;You know what really annoys me? The nobles in this town. They care nothing for the commoners whose sweat earns them their money.&quot; or something - basically fishing for rebelious individuals. He doesn't put a lot of his energy into it though.

2006-08-13, 06:31 PM
Name: Alraune Co'Malan(Deceased)/Aikidu Veneanar
Race: Canii
Class: Cleric 12/KDoF 6
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 17
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 115
Hair: Cropped short and auburn-brown in colour.
Eye Colour: Violet

Weapons: Alraune: Soulbound Katana.
Sacrilige Bladebreaker: A +1 Merciful Greatsword of Wounding. Notches in one side, winged hilt, one bony, one angelic.
Sylva: +1 Masterworked Longsword of Fey Bane Depicted here:


A cleric and a Knight of Inari, his sole quest in life is to help people when he can. Though he is only Seventeen, he is of remarkable power and prestige. His abilities rival some of the older clerics of his order.

Once followed by a small army of foxes, Aikidu now roams alone, without brother, or companion. His Katana, Alraune, was forged by his brother, and contains a piece of the older fox's soul. It is the only thing connecting Alraune to this world still, however the rest of his soul is believed to have been drained by another blade, making him unable to return to the mortal realm, or exist ever again.

Aikidu carries this blade with a heavy burden, but presses on.

He is recently accompanied by a silver dragon the size of a small dog which is known as Argen. The dragon protects him when needed, and is his loyal friend and companion.

[Common Knowledge]
-His affinity for art is renown.
-His care for his friends is legendary.
-His strength of will is inspiring.
-He has no family living.


Name: Alraune Co'Malan
Race: Fox/Human Hybrid (Considered Fey)
Class: Cleric 10/ Rimefire Witch 10 ("Rimefire Warlock")
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 131
Hair: Snow white. He ties it back in a ponytail much like Aikidu, except his reaches to mid-back length. He dyes sections of it purple, thin strands, for an added effect.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Skin: Ice Blue
Weapons: +1 Holy Blue Ice Trident of Elemental Bane. It is a blue trident with a suggested triangle in the centre prong, extending outward. It has his holy symbol with the "suggested Triangle"

Alraune was removed from his family at the age of seven. His family, fleeing the frostfell, changed their name to avoid a tyrranical dictator. Alraune escaped and found a church to the winter goddess Hleid.

Thinking his family dead, he shut himself off from the world. He worshipped his deity and one day was visited in his dreams by his Eidolon. The eidolon told him how to reach it, and upon reaching it, it placed a mark on his cheek, the mark of Hleid and promptly changed shape to match that of Alraune.

He died in a skirmish with a follower of Iborighu, and his soul, through act of his goddess, was placed within his brother's three year old mind.

After resurfacing as an alternate ego of Aikidu, and becoming separated, Alraune helped bring the temple of Inari out of debt. He headed the first expedition from the town to the city of WinterHearth, and brought back the blue ice so cherished from the glacier.

In a subsequent skirmish, he died again, this time however his soul was absorbed by his murderer's weapon. He died defending his brother, who struck the man down after watching his brother fall.

[Common Knowledge]
-Alraune has an affinity for sculpture.
-Alraune was separate from Aikidu when Aikidu was born. He is approximately seven years older.
-Alraune's Trident is called Rime, and he is on an endeavour to make a complimentary weapon called "Frost"
-For his age, Alraune is quite immature, however high level nonetheless.


Diety Stats: Grworll
Title: The fox god of knowledge
Domains: Good, Life, Knowledge, Animal,
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Typical Worshippers: Foxes, Werefoxes.

Grworll is a rival, yet friend, to most of the gods in the Fox Pantheon. He is a dedicated leader to those who worship him, and has two avatars. The golden-furred male werefox Alrue, and the silver-furred female werevixen Inaya.

His holy symbol is a right angle golden triangle with a smaller right angle silver triangle connecting.

General Leitmann
2006-08-14, 11:13 AM

Name: General Marius Leitmann
Race: Human
Class: Fighter20/Kensai10
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 32
Height: Six feet, one-and-a-half inches.
Weight: 195 lbs, muscular, not ripped.
Hair: Just about a handfull, satin blonde, though he tends to shave his head.
Eyes: Mid-atlantic ocean blue.
Weapons: Empowered and Enchanted Greathammer (Greatsword w/Bludgeon and x3 crit.)
Armour: Heavily enchanted Breastplate w/ chain shirt and a pair of heavy leather boots. Bracers.


Comes from the Northlands originally, but has arrived in Town from the South-West, where he served in several Orc-Slaying campaigns.

Common Knowledge

- Can sometimes be over-Zealous
- Very honourable, disciplined
- Can sometimes be a little bit of a drinker. He loves wine, and Ale is like a brother of his.

Ongoing Storyline

Just arrived in Town, and is trying to land a job, possibly something more combat-oriented.

2006-08-14, 11:46 AM
Name: Commander Ninja Kitsune
Age: 74
Race: Kitsune
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Nuetral; Tends to get his job done, regardless of the cost. He likes to presertve the lives of his commrades, but if their death should further the mission, he is all too willing. Likes to hide in meetings and almost never reveals himself in person.
Height: 4'7&quot;
Weight: 98 lbs.
Hair color: Red-brown with a white tipped tail.
Eye color: Black
Weapons: +5 vorpal ninja-to; 20 shuriken
Class: Ninja 20; 24 Ki Ninja (For those of you who saw this PrC by me in the D20 section.); 5 starfleet officer

Backround: Born as one of 24 kits, the commander hated not being noticed by his mother. She was so busy taking care of all the others, she had no time for him., Before long, he saw this as an asset, and began training in the art of invisibility. He became a ninja of great skill, but still found that he wanted to be noticed. So once the borg wars never happened, he signed up with starfleet and was promoted to commander of his own starship. He now eagerly awaits his promotion to captain.

Common Knowlage:- He is a kitsune, ninja, and starfleet commander.
-He has a hot kitsune girlfriend secretary at his ninja shop.
- He has many ninja at his disposal.
- He never meets people in person. He always creates a shadow clone for such things.

Kitsune are mythical, oriental creatures that resemble fox-human mixes. They are known for being tricksters, and master's of illusion.

Storyline: Commanding a personal Starship and a ninja shop all at the same time isn't easy. Currently protecting the Temple of Inari.

NPC's: A limitless army of starfleet officers and ninja.

2006-08-14, 11:36 PM
Name: Destro Yersul
Race: human
Class: wizard 30/rogue 3/archmage 4
Alignment and Temperment: Chaotic Neutral. Even temper, hard to make angry, and an unholy terror to anyone who manages it.
Age: 42
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 142 lbs
Hair colour and length: no-one knows. because no-one has ever seen it.
Eye colour: grey
Weapons: carries several wands. also has a crossbow, because it doesn't require strength.

Destro was born in a small town called willowvale. shortly after his 15th birthday, he left for the city to begin training as a wizard. He quickly showed aptitude towards necromantic magic, but had trouble with even the simplest illusions. His destiny as a necromancer was set in stone when he recieved news that his entire village had been destroyed by orcs. as the only survivor, he felt it was his duty to avenge his family and friends on the orcs that had killed them. How ironic, he thought, to allow them to avenge themselves. he traveled back to willowvale and began to rise every body he could find as a skeleton. with his new "army" he set out to seek revenge on the orcs. his skeletons killed all the orcs, and he released them to their final rest. After that he became a wandering wizard, but almost never told anyone about the destruction of his home.

He settled in the town whe he was 42, building a house with money from his adventures. he still goes adventuring occasionally, but he realizes that life is too short and his most recent forays have been entirely focused on extending his own life magically. The concept of evil is blurred for him, and due to his already natural affinity towards undead he is leaning towards becoming a non-evil lich. he has developed several spells for his own personal use, most of which involve new ways to summon and control undead more efficiently. He has a small but profitable side-business in forged documents and obscure knowledge.

[Common Knowledge]
- Destro is a master forger. anyone who wants a fake document can get it from him. for a price.
-lives in a floating house at the edge of town. claims this is because he didn't want to have a lawn
-likes to take potshots at random objects with lightning bolts fired from a platform on top of his house.
-collector of knowledge of all types. Destro doesn't know everything, just close to it.
-slightly forgetful. this is to be expected, due to the sheer volume of knowledge stored in his mind. refers to anything he can't remember the name of as a "thingummywat"
- favourite drink is Cormyrian Fireamber
- Is now Necromancy, following the Death of the previous Necromancy. This brought his troubles with the Nine to a close.

-Destro doesn't have a well defined concept of good and evil. Extremes still fall into their respective catagories, but something like stealing is simply a way to make ends meet
-will never fight in melee, citing "weak little wizards wrists" when asked
-has every craft magic item feat concievable to man
-Has a raven familiar named Hrafn. Hrafn speaks in blue.
-Destro has one brother who survived the destruction of his village.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Has found how to become a Lich. Now waiting for the opportune moment. Finished.

Fighting in the resistence against the Masters. Finished.

Training Oskar's brother Taklinn as a wizard. ((On hold))

Being hunted by a group of wizards known only as "The Nine." Finished.

Assisting with various plots, still searching for the Wraith of Necromancy and his Evil self

2006-08-15, 11:14 AM
Name: Jarulf Zodd
Race: Human
Age: 24
Appearance: Your typical guy in a dark robe. Very tall (I never include exact height), wears a dark robe, as stated, with a hood. When he occasionally DOES pull back the hood, his face is revealed to be very pale and his hair to be shoulder-length and black. A sword and an axe are crossed in their sheaths on his back and he wears a black-tinted breastplate under the robe. On both hands, he wears obsidian rings. On his right he also wears a ruby ring, and on his left he wears a jade ring.
Equipment: Mysterious rings, a book with a strange seal on it that he can not, for the life of him, get to open, and everything mentioned in the description.

Jarulf Zodd was born at a small backwater village somewhere. What happened in his childhood is of no consequence. What DOES matter is that time when a robed figure, much like himself today, walked into the inn. He overheard a conversation about the man's beliefs and way of life. What he heard that day has left an impression. Nothing has ever been the same again. He left home as soon as he could, and began his quest for power... Power of all types, by any means necessary. Eventually his travels brought him to this strange place known as &quot;the town&quot;...

[Common Knowledge]
-He likes being alone
-He usualy doesn't unless necessary
-He is not exactly what can be referred to as a &quot;moral&quot; person.
-He abides by no laws except those which he chooses to accept.
-May sometimes forgive someone who swings an axe at him, but slay someone who interrupted his reading on the spot. A very volatile person, usually.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Well, as mentioned, he is on a quest for power. [s]Right now he is looking for any way to open the strange book he carries. He's staying at Amiria's tower until the tome's mysteries can be deciphered.

2006-08-15, 04:02 PM
Name Tel-dor (Hawk)
Race Tel-Halfling
classes Rogue 10/Swashbuckler 8/ Dervish 2/ Fighter 2
alignment/temperment chaotic neutral. hovers between good and evil. quick to temper and possesed of a sharp tounge.
age Unknown
height 3' 4
weight 30lbs
Hair Black, close croped
eye all brown.
Weapons A magical scimitar, two magical curved daggers, musket, two pistols, and a large assortment of throwing knives.

[common knowlage]

Used to be a masked troupe member. Is trying to find a mind healer. Can sense auras like life, psionic, and magic. Fights with an acrobatic style combining his wings, grace, and mobility.


Tel-Halflings are a magical race created by elven wizards to fight as scouts. Thus Hawk moves very fast and can fly in any halfling or hawk with retractable wings in his halfling form. He also has talons on his hands rather than his feet in halfling form.

2006-08-15, 07:50 PM
Jake Payne


Build: Based on his body alone, some would swear Jake is a monk, long lean, but most certianly strong.

Genral Apperance: Blonde hair, Green Eyes, and a intelligent and casual arua.

Personallity: Always blunt, casual, and good with people, Jake finds his niche with uncanny speed. Never one to suffer fools, he pushes past formality and gets the job done. Some would say that he doesn't have the patience for some things, but he tends to cut to the heart of a problem in a heartbeat. He finds gossip idotic, fashion crazy beyond belief, and pacifism stupid. He is incredibly perceptive, however, and has a tendency to cut into a person and expose there inner problems. This can cause a violent response from the individual, but usually they realize what titanic misconceptions they have.

Gear:(this isn't all his bells and whistles, but the main stuff)

2 Bastard Swords, both heavily enchanted. one is cold iron, the other Alchemical silver. Can mold together to form one greatsword.

2 Crossbows. Seeming to be a mix between a hand crossbow and a repeating crossbow, these small shooters have no crank, never need reloading, and have a switch on the back. when the switch is to the left, they fire heavily poisoned bolts. when to the right, they fire bolts that blow away almost anything, making a loud bang on impact. Both are heavily enchanted.

Bombs, likely in infinite supply, which can stick to things at Jakes wish.

2006-08-16, 04:44 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Mountain
Race: Warforged
Class: Warblade(15)/Reforged(2)
Alignment and Temperament: Seems mostly neutral, mostly cold and distant. Actually has strong morals and is a good conversationalist, but has trouble starting conversations.
Age: 10
Height: 6' 2&quot;
Weight: 342 lbs.
Hair: None
Eyes: Deep Green Crystals
Weapons: A massive Great sword. While not magical, Mountain is quite protective of it.

Mountain is young, and as such has little of a life to speak of. He only knows that he awoke one day, and served his creator for most of a year. The wizard that granted him sentience died, and Mountain took up adventuring to satiate his need for something to do. His last traveling companions left him at the end of his last outing, and Mountain wandered. In his wandering he stumbled across the Town

[Common Knowledge]
-Mountain is an adventurer who stumbled upon the area one day.
-Can eat or drink (despite not needing food or water) and seems to enjoy doing so.
- Is quite long-winded and cheerful for a cold hunk of metal, stone, and wood.
- Likes Sculpting and carving.

-Mountain is a Warforged, a living construct, as such he doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breath. He's immune to quite a few things that humans generally find painful or unpleasant.
-Speaks in a [b]Deep Gravely Voice

Looking for new things to sculpt/carve.


[Stats and Description]
Name: Hammurandi ‘Hammith’ Kain
Race: Human
Class: Wizard/Archmage
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Neutral, Hammith is difficult to place in temperament, and seems to have a different personality from one minute to the next. Hammith can go from Paladin to Evil Overlord in 3.5 seconds.
Age: Looks in his mid-30s
Heights: 5’4”
Weight: 160lbs.
Hair: Shaggy and silver. (But changes often)
Eyes: Silver (Also change often)
Weapons: Magic

Was born under extrodinary circumstances and lived a strange life with events that would have driven most people mad (not that the event didn’t drive Hammith slightly nuts). He
Has met and slain people, monsters, and everything in-between. His history is vast and adventures many, but his exact story on his origins changes each time.

[Common Knowledge]
-Is a magic user of high power, and can even use cleric spells.
-Has a list of titles, honorifics, and given names that is 7 miles long.

-Speaks like this.

To Fight a God!

2006-08-17, 01:40 PM
(Cathrindir by Ceika)
[Stats and Description]
Name: Cathrindir
Race: Human
Class: Cleric 29
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Deity: Zamrel
Weapons: +3 Holy, Spell Storing Mace, +2 Holy Dagger.

Upon arriving in the Town, he decided that it would be the near-perfect place to create a Temple to Zamrel.
He took part in a small group exploring the Ruins of Taleivandor, lead by Destro. A month into his stay, he was killed by the Masters, and stayed dead for a week, until resurrected by Fenric. After the Snowstorm of the Oracle, he was in a large group sent to destroy the Masters, which they eventually did. He then created a Temple to Zamrel, which he is currently High Priest of. Soon afterwards, he invited in Clover von Fortunis, a young woman who had seen her future and witnessed dark acts she would commit. She fled the Temple after being overcome by her future. Afterwards, he was in a small group sent to destroy the Spagons when they became a serious threat. After this, he took place in a minor battle with the Skye Armada. He later took part in a battle against the Fortunian fleet, aboard the Liza Jane. Eventually, he left the Town, only to return in order to finish the Temple with funds he had been given from a wealthy 'relative'.

[Common Knowledge]
-He's currently the High Priest of the Temple of Zamrel.
-He is still undeniably obsessed with the spell Create Water.

Ongoing Storyline]
Currently, he seeks to recruit more followers for his Temple.

Cathrindir speaks like this.
__________________________________________________ _


(Daerbain by Lykan)
[Stats and Description]
Name: Daerbain Bloodleaf
Race: Human
Class: Blackguard 16/Cleric 12/Rogue 9
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Height: 6'2
Weight: 232
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Deity: Erythnul
Weapons: +2 Crossbow carrying exploding bolts, +4 Wounding Returning Vorpal Broadsword, (used with other numerous enchantments) +1 Dagger of Poison, one jewel embedded in his skull that gives him numerous psionic and magical powers.

Daerbain, the son of a powerful and evil bloodline, was born in luxury, and lived for his whole life in this way. After his Father, the late Julius Bloodleaf, died, he discovered papers and scrolls detailing an artifact which belonged to his family, but was stolen by several townsmembers. Of what town, it was unknown. After searching four years for the artifact, (though he did not know what the artifact was, save that it was powerful) Daerbain arrived in the Town just after Cathrindir's death. Hoping to lay low for a few weeks until he could discover where the artifact was, he found that it was buried beneath the streets of the Town. Unwisely, he decided to hold the Tavern hostage until they could tell him why they stole the artifact. They knew nothing about it, and he foolishly revealed his intentions to them, which were to take over a large area around one part of the sea using the artifact. Realizing that he could not now escape, he was attacked by the Townsmembers, causing him to flee. He now is still searching for the artifact. Later, he attacked the Beholder, only to be apprehended by the GUFIPOLICE. He instead created an illusion of himself to serve time in prison, rather than being held prisoner himself.
While searching for the artifact, Daerbain was imprisoned in a rockslide in a very small area about a mile underground, where he lost his arm beneath a rock. It was there that he found the first, unnamed artifact, the broadsword, which was the tool he used for escaping his imprisonment. After he was free, he attacked the Town yet again, sneaking into the Police Station in the body of a helpless NPC, this time being Mind Blasted until his mind was separated; one half of it acquired a good personality, but was frequently attacked by seizures from the other half. Fenric underwent an operation that separated the bodies of the two, and Daerbain was thrown from the Temple of Inari, while Dareln, the other half, was proclaimed blind. After Dareln left the Town, he was attacked by Daerbain, beaten into submission, and fused back into his body. The minds rejected each other, however, and so Daerbain clasped them together with the other unnamed artifact, the jewel. The jewel separated his mind from his body, so he could take enormous amounts of pain at one time; it also allowed him to rebuild his body using the muscle, bones, and nerves of unwilling donors.
He most recently attacked the Town Police station, (hiding in the body of a helpless NPC) where he killed numerous NPCs and was almost sucked into a rift leading to hell. Since then, he has vowed to capture the Town.

[Common Knowledge]

Ongoing Storyline]
-To take over the Town.

Daerbain speaks like this.

2006-08-18, 12:02 PM
Name: Exachix Prolari NorZilliar ((Ex-Ah-Chicks Prol-ahh-ree Nor-zil-ee-are))
Gender: Male
Original Race: Elf
Templates: Werefox (see Fenric). Shadow Soul.
Classes: Wizard 5 / Cleric 5 / Mystic Theurge 10.
Domains: Healing and Knowledge
Familliar: See Karsen. None At the Moment.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, tending towards good though. When Shadowed, this tends to Evil, but stays Chaotic Neutral.
Personality: Kindly and will help out, however is vicious to those he's upset at.
Age: 131 (Birthday is the 25th of July, if he remembers)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 90 lb

See Second Avatar.
Elf: Tall Elf, Long Black Hair, reaches down to his waist, sometimes ponytailed, sometimes tucked into robe. Deep Blue Eyes.
Hybrid: Red Fox, tall, (about same size as Elf). Black tips to ears with spread when he's in Shadow-Form. White Chest and throat.
Fox: Red fox, white ended tail and White Socks. Black tips to ears.
Has a red robe with a hood, concealing other items of clothing. Black Gloves.
Also, to the shock of all, has a blue priests robe! Wears only on special occasions.
Also, wears a very smart red robe with no runes on it for in the courtroom.
Although he has a rapier, it's usually not used as he uses a Sprirtual Quarterstave summoned before battle. He has a few throwing daggers, but recently these are left in a drawer in his room. He also owns a longbow and a sling.

((See Zephyr Story (further down) for more info))
Exachix was born a Zephyr, in what seems like an insignificant elven village in some insignificant wood. His father was the village mage, and so, Exachix discovered simple cantrips early on in life. However, he had a darker side, and at times stole from other villagers. Even if it were minor items such as potions, thus began his life and training as a rogue. Howeverm he wasn't the perfect theif, and so soon his fellow villagers routed him out, and cast him out, only when exachix was 50. Upon the night he fled he dropped and smashed his crystal amulet, which his bretheren found much later on.
However, Exachix was running, and soon, after being in the wild for a very long time, he found Karsen, who became his freind and his familliar. Both of them were like brothers to the other, helping and supporting the other through the time of termoil that was going on for both of them. Much later, they found a small town, and began to steal things there, before running away.
80 years later they came to town, and Exachix, feeling very sorry for himself after them, atoned for his misdoings and cast away thiefery.
Soon after, he helped a certain Lykan fight Monoliths. By help I mean 'got beat to a pulp by one'. The Smoke Monolith is still wandering around, somewhere, and characteristically, Exachix has forgotten about it. That incident resulted in his death, and so, after being ressurected by Holy Myobi, he felt bad and wanted to re-pay the temple and Inari for what they have done, in the best method he could think of. He became a priest of Inari then.
Exachix found out about his sister much later on, Lorrian Zephyr, and around this point became involved with Krystal NorZilliar, a Daughter of Fenric. Later he became married to Krystal.
Lorrian (Vamp) attacked him within the temple of Inari, but got forced back. She died then and was ressurected as normal.
Soon, Exachix and Krystal, a long with a group of Fenric's Kits, ventured into Ravenloft for a 'break'. Here Exachix and Krystal were killed by their mirrors. They were ressurected again soon later, but this forced Fenric into a precarious Situation. See his story for more details.
They returned and Exachix continues his work in the temple, and plans on developing both his Arcane and Divine Skills. After Fenric was attacked but the spell weavers, Exachix became the High Priest of Inari's temple.
Exachix and Krystal have 3 Kits, 2 male, one Female. There's something special about the Female one, but Exachix doesn't know much about that yet.

He speaks in the text colour #FF0000 (Hex RGB) (Red)
Exachix has got some Inherited Powers because He is, or was, a Zephyr, but these are not the normal Air Aligned powers, rather his favoured Element: Fire. These still have to be worked out, but They are likely to be Minor. They can only be used when he has his crystal. (which he had)
He is the Head Priest in Town's temple of Inari.
He is also a Judge in town's courthouse.

Lorrian Zephyr - Vampire -> Humanoid
The Fiendish Hideout
- Ravenloft Adventure(s) w/ Fenric etc
Elemental Crystals of .
Exachix's and Krystal's Kit's Prophecy's Plot's storyline. ('ses galore!)
Urm... anything else? =)

Name: Karsen
Race: Male Kitsune
Class: Spellthief / Knight of Inari
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral tending to true neutral and Good.
Height: 5' 2&quot;
Weight: 85 lb.

Karsen was Exachix's familliar, however, after he was married to Gezina, Exachix's wedding gift was making him a Kitsune. He trained at this point to become a Spelltheif, however, upon Gezina's disappearance, he became reserved. Exachix made him a Knight defender to take his mind off things.

He just helps where he cans.


Lorrian Zephyr



Karaki Molari
(arena Stats: lv 25 (Ylarra[/url))

has a wings of flying (robe)
a longbow
and a longsword



((NPC Priestess of Inari. | I adopted control of her =) ))



Tessa is the She-Wolf.



Temple Healer (Cleric 13) (Aryn)
Black Hair with blue eyes.
Long hair.
Age: 121
height: 5'0"
Weight 89lbs.

Usually garbed in:
Blue Robe

Worked in the temple at Aryn for a long time, until the anarchy anyway, at that point, he stayed for as long as he could, and when fleeing the city, he sustained a fair number of injuries before he came here, as healed as he could with only the limited spells he could cast.

[WARNING: under renovations]

2006-08-18, 01:10 PM
Race: Elf
Class: Magister
Age: 42
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs
Alignment and Temperment: Neutral Good He is not very aggressive, unless negotiations are quite disastrous or he has a personal reason to hurt or kill. He will not steal from the dead, even if they are enemys(he has necrophobia), due to an encounter with a lich.
Hair: Blackish Blue, long at the front and shortish at the back.
Eyes: Grey-Silver
Equipment: Glaive(spear with a sword-like blade), dagger,
flask, blue robes with sun brooch.


The apprentice of a dwarf wizard, Nostradomus is a magister of moderate talent, due to his laziness. If he puts his all, he is quite powerful. But anyway, this dwarf was murdered for a scroll by a petty thief. Enraged, Nostradomus electracuted said thief untill he exploded.
The elf was chased out of the neutral city(dwarves,elves,and men living together) by a mob and the town guard until he went beyound their reach.
He then met a lich posing as an elf, and the lich almost turned Nostradomus into a zombie, and the young elf
defeated the lich, but now has necrophobia( fear of the dead).

[common knowledge]
1.Last descendant of a long-dead kingdom, which has no hopes of ever being reknewed.
2. Necrophobic.

Totally Guy
2006-08-19, 12:25 PM
Name: Glug Decanter
Race: Elf
Class: Potioner
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ((Good vs Evil depends entirely on the company he keeps))
Age: 20
Height: 1m 60
Weight: 55kg
Eye colour:Blue, wears large glasses.
Weapons: The contents of various flasks and a gauntlet.

Backstory: Glug recently lost his master, loyal to the point of fanatacism he is now at a comlpete loss of what to do for a living and headed to town in order to find out his true purpose. Glug does not know where his old master was on the good to evil scale as questioning never entered his head, master was always right. This attitude left him fairly gullible and naive.
To his master he was the Butler, errand boy, potioner/alchemist and head lackey.

Common Knowledge: Glug's appearance is that of a bookish weakling, any perceived threat would come from a wry smile indicating some form of political advantage.

The gauntlet worn looks a bit like an evil washing dishes type glove which is hard to take seriously.

Notes: Problems with certain etiquette, unable to swear, sheltered life living only to serve.

Ongoing Storyline: Simply dealing with the loss of his former master and adjusting to the town.

2006-08-19, 11:34 PM

[Stats and Description]
Name: Exidios
Race: Demon Of Zazumir
Allingment: Chaotic Evil.
Class: Shadow Knight 78/Necromancer 27
Age: 602
Diety: Zazumir, God Of Domination.
General Apearance And Description: Exidios has black hair black skin and red demonic markings, He wields a large schythe. His high level in necromancy combines well with his diety: Zazumir God Of Domination. As well as the fact that he is a high level Blackguard AKA Anti-Paladin or Shadow Knight, He has a short temper and shining red eyes.

A half demon with the markings of his god [b]Zazumir, The God Of Domination. Zazumir Is an evil god with demonic powers Exidios Is a cold hearted Shadow Knight AKA Anti-Paladin. As a demon he as well has demonic powers such as telepathy, fire control, fire breath, demonic rage, And more still unknown to many people. He wields a scythe with red inscriptions on the edge. His knowlage of war and death is great, As he was a great Warlord once who had crushed empires with his bare cold bloody hands. He dose not feel many emotions exept, Anger &amp; Rage. He is also a high level necromancer. He has no family, All of his family where killed by a dark warrior who was killed shortly after the death of Exidios parent's.

[Common Knowledge]
-Exidios Is a master of death and life manipulation.
-Very short tempered
-Very high IQ
-Very good looking ;)

2006-08-20, 10:11 AM
Name: Hacktor

Race: Warforged

Sex: Male Personality Warforged (No clear phisical evidence)

Class: Fighter 1

Alignment and Temperment: Lawfull Good.

Age: 2 (Warforged do not age)

Height: 6'2

Weight 300 lb

Hair &amp; Skin: N\A

Eyes: White-Blue (Arcane Magic)


Weapons: Skilled in all martial weapons plus the spiked chain (Ex weapon feat).

Backstory: He just came off the House Canith Asembley Line

Common Knowledge:
- Warforged Are living Constructs
- They don's need to sleep or eat

Ongoing Storylines: searching for something to do!

2006-08-21, 04:52 PM
Name:boneless lorebearer
class:rouge 10 /wizard 20/maestro 5/ effigy master 5
Alingment and temperment:LG Boneless is very peacefull and believes that the only true evil in the world are the people that kill innocent people.
Height:quite short for a gnome.

weight:very light

Hair color and length:bald but has a black goatee.

eye color:blue

equipment:pistol, magic bullets that turn into the weapon the shooter desires, red bullet with blue runes, and a chemical anilyzer.

background:Boneless was born into a village of very lawfull, studious gnomes, and was taken away from home at a young age by law too train too be part of an elite squad of inventors that work under cover as thieves for their government, when the government wanted him too assasinate an ex-convict he refused and was put too a death sentience, he later escaped and is now on the run from the police of his home town, he later stumbled upon the town and began his new identity.

common knowledge: there is something moaning under the ground that sounds beastly yet human, rumors point too boneless's hidden labrotory.
He was currently away for a while sopposidly working on a project in his rumored secret labrotory.
there is something weird about his red bullet with blue runes. mainly because there has too be a reaon why he put it in the fore head of that metal gnome that follows him.

Notes: Boneless stole that red bullet from his old town, it acts as a power source, but he doesn't now the bullets other power, the power of the bullet is that when the owner dies his soul is put into the bullet, the bullet gains the ability too fly and can posses anything that he is inserted into.

ongoing storyline:building the first genetic being.

Npcs:the metal gnome that follows him around.

2006-08-22, 01:18 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Torch (real name unknown)
Race: Male Xeph
Class: Soulknife / Pyrokineticist / Wilder
Familliar: Psicrystal named Ember
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 30
Height: 5' 0&quot;
Weight: 130 lb.
Torch is an average-looking specimen of the Xeph race, when he isn't on fire that is. His clothes are of simple, earthy tones, and the extent of his fanciful adornments are a simple medallion and an emerald cloak clasp.
His mindblade, various fiery abilities, and a handful of psionic powers

I am not aware of much of my Master's history prior to my creation, but I shall tell you all that I know of it. Back before my existance, my Master was what you would likely call a 'scoundrel'. He apparently was able to avoid being caught by the authorities by hanging out in an arena, engaging in battles with all sorts of opponents while he was there. An 'incident' forced him to leave town, and he took refuge through a portal to some bizarre plane. It was on this plane that he created me. I know not how long he was there before my creation, but he was able to escape the strange place shortly after creating me. In any event, we were able to leave the plane by entering some strange multiplanar inn. It was an interesting place full of interesting people. In particular, there was a tatooed man who claimed to have a miniature giant space hamster. I had some enjoyable conversations with him, although his name escapes me at the moment. As to how we arrived in this town, we were attempting to locate our room at the inn, and we apparently found a 1-way exit. I ended up in Trog's Tavern, and my Master ended up trapped until a spilled container of muffin dolls.

[Common Knowledge]
He likes fire.
He has psionic capabilities.

Note at this time.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Ember's hunt for Torch.
&quot;Why am I here?&quot;, Torches hunt for how they ended up in the town instead of their room at the pan-dimensional inn they were at.

Ember, his Psicrystal.

2006-08-22, 02:43 AM
Gerzok (PC) [Last Updated 8/21/06]
Race: Half-giant (enlarged permanently with enlargement spell)
Class: Monk 24
Age: 63
Height: 12'10&quot;
Weight: 1810lbs
Name Gerzok (last name unknown)
Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Neutral. Tends to be very barbaric at times but not in a chaotic way.
Hair Color: Really Dark Grey
Eye Color: Steel Grey.
Equipment: Wheres a soft grey cotton tunic with kmee-length pants, as well as a grey feathered cloak (wings of flying), a yellow headband (Headband of health +6) and belt (Belt of giant strength) along with a pair of very magical gauntlets (+5 gauntlets of wounding, shock, frost, bane) has 3 ion stones circleing his head (dusty rose, irridescant, pale blue)
And also a vest of natural armour +5, Amulate of mighty fists +5, Bracers of armour +8, Boots of speed, Ring of invisibility, Ring of Protection +5, 2x immovable rods, eyes of the eagle, 3x Bead of force, Broach of shielding, 2x Javalin of lightning
Various potions and oils- 5xOil of darkness, 5x Cure moderate wounds CL30, Resist fire, resist acid, resist frost, resist shock.
Born in a unknown mountain villiage of giants Gerzok was shunned from birth by his giant parents. So at age 20 he left home to become an adventurer. A month later he crawled starving onto the doorstep of a Monastary and he was trained in their ways. He learned to fight and all of that cliche stuff.
Gerzok left the monastery at 38 (which was later than most as he had a very chaotic streak in him) to go adventuring and perfect himself.
During his adventures he
-Destroyed the evil cleric Narsa- gained his gauntlets
-Survived a pilgramige through the Abbys
-other things- will decide later.

Gerzok then came to the town because after 22 years of constant fighting it would be a good place to retire.

2006-08-22, 05:33 PM
Stats and Description:

Name: Loren Ashbrand
Race: Human (with a vestige of Justicator (MMII or III, I can't remember which) heritage; not enough to give her special abilities or change her appearance significantly, just enough to influence her personality a little).
Class: Nyari Druid 20 (basically, she's a normal druid except she can be of any alignment, can speak with her animal companion (although that doesn't mean he has human intelligence), cannot spontaneously cast Nature's Ally spells, does not have Nature Sense, Trackless Step, A Thousand Faces, or Resist Nature's Lure, and instead of plant and elemental wild shapes, she gets dragon wild shape in place of elemental (for medium dragons only))/ Nature's Hand (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=homebrew;action=display;num=11561985 88) 10. Loren's Hand of the Wild (left hand) is that of a deinonychus (giving her Warm Forests as a Native Habitat), and her chosen domain is Knowledge.
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Good. Despite being Lawful, she's somewhat of a feminist, and will sometimes go against custom if that custom oppresses women in a major way. Also, it should be noted that, unless angered, she tends to favor intelligence and cunning over brute strength.
Age: 46
Height: 5'7&quot;
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Straw blonde, about to the base of her shoulder blades
Eye Color: Reddish brown
Other Physical Features: A slightly silver-blue scar that wraps around her neck; it's a mark left from when she fought Laurin.
Equipment: A short sword, a Xendrik boomerang (basically a boomerang with three blades), leather armor fashioned to look like scale mail, and a darkwood shield of elven make (embossed with a scene showing a tree with the sun setting behind it, and an eagle flying overhead)
Her character stats (which I am still working on) can be found here (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=33693).

Loren talks like this

Stats and Description (Kivsith):

Name: Kivsith
Race: Forest tyrannosaur (a sub-race of tyrannosaurs that are smaller and more slender than average, and have pine green and pale yellow tan coloration; the pine green on their back fades slightly to the pale yellow tan on their belly)
Class: None
Alignment and Temperament: True Neutral (although, if it weren't for the stipulation that animals have to be true neutral, he might fall somewhere between neutral good and chaotic good). He can understand Loren, but only on a purely instinctual level. In other words, he cannot understand anything that an average animal could not understand. He is naturally curious, and easily distracted. Loren has managed to instill in him enough sense not to harm most humanoids, but his curiousity can sometimes lead to dangerous situations.

Kivsith make meaning-sounds like this

Backstory (Loren):

Loren grew up in a poor family on the outskirts of the Town. Her father and brother hunted game to provide food, while Loren and her mother sold herbs for money. A grey elf named Darai, under the belief that Loren was destined for great things, sought her out and inducted her into druidic society. Once her preliminary training was complete, Loren set off for adventure, taking with her a family heirloom (a sword) which was intended for her brother Seth but which she had cleverly tricked him into giving to her. However, being lawful, once she could afford her own sword, she returned that which was not hers.

Later on in her travels, Loren came across a dying tyrannosaur, injured by the villagers of a nearby village. She did all she could to heal it, but to no avail. As the creature died, she spotted its eggs, of which only one was left un-smashed. She took it to raise as her own, and named the hatchling Kivsith.

When she again encountered Darai, years later, he challenged Loren to a duel to test her strength. She did not beat him, but fought cleverly, and he deemed her worthy to join the Nature's Hands, an elite sect amoung the druids, of which he had long since been a member (his Hand of the Wild creature was a bobcat, and his left hand was the one affected). He also offered her a cryptic quest. &quot;Where salmon swim, where eggshells lie, there you must make peace.&quot;

Loren eventually figured out at least part of what Darai had said. Salmon swim to their place of birth, and eggshells remain where the eggs had hatched. So she was to go back home. But why? That, she did not know.

Common Knowledge (as provided by a Gather Information check; thanks to Llama for the idea):

DC 10: Loren is a member of the Nature's Hands, an elite sect of the druids (if someone has heard of the Nature's Hands, they can deduce this bit of information without knowing Loren very well, because she doesn't typically try to hide her hand)
DC 15: The Ashbrands (Loren included) are fairly well known for their Justicator blood and lawful bent
DC 30: Loren's animal companion, Kivsith, is not as dangerous as he looks, although it is still unwise to get too close to him
DC 40: Loren has returned to the Town from years of adventuring because of a quest, riddle, or maybe a prophecy that sent her back home

Ongoing Storyline:

Loren is in the Town because of the grey elf's riddle, which she is still trying to unravel. Kivsith typically stays outside of the Town's boundaries, only coming into Town when he's needed (or when he smells something good enough to overpower his fear of getting rocks thrown at him by the Townsfolk- again).

Recently she had a dilemma about a mining operation being built in Kivsith's territory. Everything worked out in the end, though, and Loren even got a job as manager of a ski lodge. However, said ski lodge has not been built yet, so Loren is looking for employees to speed the process of it getting built. She's been putting up flyers around the Town, which look like this. (http://www.geocities.com/sjunderw/YMFlyer.gif) Credit to Faceninja for the awesome flyer.

Loren recently met her mirror counterpart, Laurin, and they fought each other. Laurin came very close to killing Loren, but Kivsith came and turned the tables, and Laurin was forced to flee back through the mirror. Both of them bear scars from the encounter; Laurin has a scar on her left cheek from Loren's Xendrik boomerang, and Loren has a silvery-blue scar around her neck from Laurin's silver whip.


Seth (Loren's brother):
Seth is a Lawful Good ranger of fairly low level. He's mostly concerned with helping take care of his family, and can sometimes be a little arrogant. He and Loren never really got along very well, and he still resents that she took off adventuring and forgot about her family. Seth talks like this

Darai (the grey elf from Loren's backstory):
Darai is old, even for an elf, and he has accumulated quite a vast amount of wisdom. He's always rather cryptic about it, though, for he feels that wisdom is not something that can be simply given; it must be earned. He's a Chaotic Neutral high-level druid and Nature's Hand (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=homebrew;action=display;num=11561985 88), and his hand is a lynx's (he has cold forests as a native habitat). His domain is Earth. Darai talks like this

2006-08-22, 05:56 PM
Name: Burning Man
Description: Commoner 1 (?), human male.
This poor fellow is constantly on fire. He never seems to succumb to the flames, but he nevertheless feels the burn at all times. Never sleeping, eating, or even making meaningful conversation, this man simply runs around burning and screaming.
Backstory: Perhaps he is a victim of a terrible curse, or the unlucky target of one of The Town's more pyro-inclined occupants. Maybe he insulted a red dragon, or a mighty demon prince? One thing, however, is certain: he is on fire.
Common Knowledge:
- It is unknown why the burning man is on fire.
-The flames seem to harm no one but the burning man.
-He is very annoying, but one can learn to tune his screams out over time.
-He has been killed several times before by annoyed people. Everytime such an event comes to pass, he simply rises from his own ashes in about six seconds.
-He seems to possess nothing of value, save for a silver key tied on the back of his belt.
-Periodically, comedically large objects fall on the burning man.

2006-08-23, 05:41 PM
Selveris von Nase



Compared to his familiar (more on that later), von Nase seems relatively normal. A thin, balding old man, von Nase seems happy with his place in the world, and is always willing to help. He wears a robe of deep green, with several pockets (in which he keeps his collection of pocket-sized spellbooks), and it has a hood... not that he needs it.

For appearance is deceptive with von Nase. A doppelganger, he rarely ever keeps his natural form, and although the figure of the old man (he is really quite young) is his preferred look, he has been known to take any form that takes his fancy.

Sometimes, for example, he appears as a young, golden-haired elf, and others he looks like a grizzled warrior, veteran of many wars. He enjoys fooling those around him, and often uses his disguise to escape from the various... difficult situations he ends up in.


Von Nase's real parents vanished soon after his birth, so he has no memory of them, and although he has attempted to find out more about them, it is near-impossible to track down one that changes so easily as a doppelganger.

When very young, he was found balanced precariously on top of a narrow rock spire by a family of nobles. Not realising what he was, they took pity on him, and took him in. He grew up among nobility, but always had a passion for adventure, using his shapechanging ability (which he managed to keep secret) to make sure no blame came to him.

It seemed that he would have a very happy life indeed, until an event happened that he shudders to remember even now. It was during explorations in the foul reaches of the Cave of Darkness (20gp for a tour), that it happened. His entire family, mother, father, and annoying little sister fell afoul of a dreadful beast, one that's very name would send shudders down many a travellers spine.

They were eaten by a grue.

Von Nase only escaped through liberal use of shapechanging, appearing as one of the foul beasts himself. When he finally escaped from the cave (a scheme that involved manipulating a dragon, three beholders, and a gibbering mouther in such a way that the cave was henceforth purged of grues), he knew that he could never again return to his family's home.

Setting [s]forth fifth for a disant land, he slowly learned more of the arts of magic. Studying the arcane arts led him into great riches, especially as the people could never find the seller of the counterfeit item worth the majority of their fortune. It was at this time he gained The Familiar.

The Familiar
Various, including “That weird lurching thing”, “Familiar”, “Oh my god, it hasn't got a face!”, “It”, and “Rodent Operated Disguise Mark III”
Familiar to von Nase
Rodent of unknown species
Clockwork mechanical human disguise (which is what is usually seen of him)
The Familiar is never seen, but for the occasional arm carrying out repairs in the case of damage to its disguise. It appears as a normal, rather rich human, although rather nondescript... until it moves. Lurching around like a drunk, it lifts its legs near-straight, and very high, stumbling around in a haphazard fashion. An ingenious clockwork creation, RODmkIII is controlled entirely by the rodent in its head, and cannot communicate, relying on its master to get it out of difficult spots. It is prone to accidents, and can be quite a hazard to people unaccustomed to its ways.


Common knowledge regarding the pair...
-Von Nase is a noble.
-He comes from somewhere to the south.
-Von Nase knows a lot about magic.
-Little else, as they often look different.

2006-08-24, 04:27 AM
He'll look like ^ most of the time

[Stats and Description]

Name: Dispozition J'akir
Race: Half Celestial
Class: Fighter 12/Rogue 11/Bard 7
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Happy go lucky and always ready to lend a hand to those in need.
Age: 18
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 58 kilos
Hair colour and length: Short, Redish.
Eye colour: Olive.
Weapons: Holy No-Dachi, Infernal Longsword, Horns.

At the age of 8, Dispozition was a well known criminal throughout the lands. His quick wits and intelligence helped him through many spots where a lesser theif would have died. Then, one day while poaching in a neighbours forest, an angel came down from the heavens and talked to him. She told him that he would never get far down the path that he was now walking, that he would die if he did not repent. He scoffed at her words and walked off.

A week later, while residing at a local tavern, the city guards raided the tavern and killed young Dispozition. He lied there, in a pool of his own blood for nearly three days before anyone bothered to move him. Since he had no family left, he recieved no burial, and was just tossed into the forest.

He lay there for weeks, not decomposing, and still having some sense of his body although he was dead. After three months, the angel returned and said to him "Have ye learned thy lesson, my son?". The awareness of Dispozition sobbed and nodded. "I now know what it is like to be dead. It is lonliness." The angel, seeing Dispozitions true feelings, had pity on him. She bought him back to life and regarded him for he now had wings and a new face. "What have you done, oh being of pure light?" He asked, surprised at her reaction. "I have given unto ye the greatest gift known. Life. I bought ye back as an angel, although not one of pure light. Ye shall be involved in a never ending battle between light and dark. You are positioned inbetween those two." she replied to him, full of happiness, yet also sorrow. With these words, she ascended into the heavens, leaving the reborn Dispozition alone in the forest. "What will I do...Do I take the path of the light, or that of the dark? I do not know. I must find a place where I can be myself. But what is 'myself'. I ahve no memories...I cannot remember before this incident. Do I have parents or siblings? Or am I an only child?" he said, putting his head into his hands and sighing "I will not persue answers in this, for they may lead to the lightness or darkness prevailing, and I have a strong feeling that if that were to happen, I would come apart."

After contemplating his fate for many hours, Dispozition decided to make his way to a place where no one would judge him, and he could live in peace. It took him several years to find such a place, but one stormy night, he approached an establishment called 'Trogs Tavern'. When he went inside, no one was judging of him for his wings or looks, nor did they mind his obvious struggle. They welcomed him with open arms and he accepted.

[Common Knowledge]
- Has a high stamina and can fly for long periods without rest.
- Can carry heavy loads while flying, but prefers not to.
- Is looking for a significant other to come along in his life.

- You can commonly find him roaming the town or inhabbiting Trog's tavern. You may aslo find him in other various locations about, but be warned that he will not take kindly to other's intruding on his private buisness.
- He is highly loyal to friends, and will never leave a man behind. If anyone he like's is insulted infront of him, he will react strongly to the insult, and most of the time, the insulter will suffer greatly.

[Ongoing Storyline]
- I have one of these?


[Stats and Description]

Name: Hideki
Race: Celestial
Class: -To be decided-
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral, Laid back to the extreme.
Age: 23
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 80 kg
Hair colour and length: Black, shoulder length
Eye colour: Black
Weapons: None

2006-08-26, 03:21 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Mundel
Race: Halfling
Class: Mid Level Warlock
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic, struggling between good and evil.
Age: Young adult
Height: Halfling Sized
Weight: not a lot
Hair colour and length: Shaggy black hair
Eye colour: brown
Weapons: eldrich blast, a halfling great sword, magic wands
[backstory] Mundel was born to a poor halfling girl with and unknown father. he scraped by, until he was an adolescent, and developed his strange warlock powers. he was hated and feared because of them, and he resented them, but he used them as a useful tool. he left his home because of the predjudices against him, and gecame an adventurer. Over time, he found he had become merciless and violent, and driften into the ways of evil. However and old diviner saw great promice in him, and helped to reform him. He decided he wanted to become good, but he to so much pleasure out of violence, that it has always been a great struggle to keep his tendancies under control.
[common knowlege] Mundel is a generally good hearted halfling, though he struggles with inner demons, which comes out in his mild paranoia, and his episodes of violence.
[notes] Despite his primary martial talent being his ability to expell blasts of dark energy at will, he carries a greatsword on his back. He is almost never seen using it.
[ongoing storyline] None, as of yet.

2006-08-26, 08:31 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Archon Pheonixtear
Race: Human(Augmented)
Class: Paladin 3/ Favored soul 20/ Divine Oracle 10
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good. Honorable and Kind, Gentle yet fierce.
Age: 22
Height: 6 feet, 1 inches
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair colour and length: Well kept hair that almost appears like fire.
Eye colour: Deep fire
Weapons: Weapon of Legacy (Merikel). 2D6

Archon is the reincarnation of the first true human king from over Two-thousand years ago. Sharing the heart with the phoenix and ruling over all the human nations he died on the death of the phoenix’s 500th year of living. Twenty-two years ago in the main city of the dwarves the herald of Moradin found a child in his forge wrapped in a red blanket in the middle of the fire. Taking him out he raised the child up in the ways of Moradin and fighting and divine magic.
[Common Knowledge]
Archon seems to know a lot about the past in ancient times more than most sages and bards. More strange yet is this human follows Moradin and was raised by Moradins herald himself since he was a child.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Arriving in town and enlisting the aid of Gwen the druid he was shown around town. He came to town by request for a young child had contracted a magical disease and it needed cured. Not only that but Archon used his Divination to detect where the disease came from and went out to destroy the beast that was spreading it. Now Archon lives in town in the Inn till he can find a more stable home.

{Description) Charisma is a 42 via items, levels etc
This man looks more suited to a court of royalty than a man of arms but you see an astonishingly attractive and striking human standing around six feet tall and around two-hundred pounds but just as lofty is an enormous buster sword wrapped in fabric that is tied to his back along with his Hewards Handy Haverdsack. Ornate armor of full plate, with a head of hair and well-trimmed beard that looked rather like...well, fire. When the man turns, his eyes are shown to have a similar quality and tan skin. Most notably are his red eyes that share a warmth and noble prestige about them united with the looks of a nymph. Archon has taken up the talents of a Divine Oracle in his travels using both his powers in divinity and his strengths in combat together. Little is known that Archon Phoenixtear shares a heart with the phoenix itself.

2006-08-27, 02:44 PM
Name: Marcus Demthien
Race: Human
Class: Fighter(15)/Ranger(15)
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Neutral, Easy going but likes to keep to himself
Age: 18 though he is in reality over 180 years old
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair color and length: Brown, cut short but if he lets it grow it’s very curly.
Eye color: Hazel
Battle Axe - Strapped to Belt
Shortspear - Slung across back
Greatsword - Slung across back in sheathe
Dagger - Left boot
Throwing Knives - Everywhere else

None as of yet, but it'll get updated I promise.

[Common Knowledge]
- Marcus is an easy going person that is generally not prone to violent outbursts.
- The great sword strapped to his back is either heavily enchanted or more likely cursed.
- Marcus has a soft spot for women who see more in men than just their looks.
- Marcus is an honorable man who will almost never strike a foe that is at a disadvantage.
- Marcus is rumored to have spent a great deal of time living in solitude among animals.
- Marcus is a crackshot when it comes to throwing knives.
- He is quite the linguist. Speaking over six languages fluently. (Common, Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, Orcish, Giant, and Undercommon)

- (OOC Info)The great sword bears a curse that causes Marcus to age one year for every ten, however, if the great sword is ever taken from Marcus with his permission, and he does not obtain it within a week, he immediately ages to his actual age. If the great sword is taken without permission it immediately appears at Marcus’ feet as soon as whoever took it isn’t looking. If it is forcefully kept away from its carrier for a week it instantly winks out of existence and reappears at Marcus’ feet.

2006-08-27, 05:30 PM
Yarram Fearcry

Barbarian 21 Barbarian 1, Monk 2, Ranger 1, Fighter 1, Frenzied bezerker 10
((good god I wish I'd propperly read the monster characters part of the DMG Properly earlier...
And yes, that is alot of classes. But I do get alot of Strength and resistances to different stuff))
Minatour Half-dragon(red)

Yarram has possibly the biggest muscles anyone has ever seen. Even so though, Yarram is one of the gental happy and prone to conpulsive acts of stupidity, giants of the world though he is prone to large violent explosions that come from his minatour heritage. With him he carries various magical items including the intelligent Blade Azamath, a chaotic good greatsword he found after fighting off the adventurer Marshall. He has large redish wings which he generally covers with his cloak of etherealness.
A large belt on his waist obviously gives him some of his strength and his gloves and amulate constitution and dexterity

As a child Yarram was part of a regular minatour family, except for the fact that he was draconic. Bscause he was different from his siblings/family he was often rejected and hated. Of course noone outrite attacked him as his halfdragon heritage gave him much more power than his oppressors could fight. Yarram Loathed this situation so he fled his community, full of anger with the world at an early age. For the next 6 years he created a small fortune by waylaying adventurers investing his strength and skill into becoming the most fearless-powerful creatre he could become.
During one particular battle, he killed an adventurer named Marshal who he obtained his blade from.
Azamath changed Yarram completely. Seeing the potential in him, Azamath turned Yarram to good. Yarram became a decent person under Azamaths instruction, and dispite him being of red dragon heratige, the blade slowly turned Yarram to good.
He then went on to do propper adventuring. During his travels he met Narcille and he and Yarram worked together fr a long time, before Yarram split up with him to return to his family.
When he arived to his old home, he found it destroyed. One of his old adventuring enemies had tracked them down and killed them a year before Yarram had come.
Yarram greived for them but returned to search for Narcille. He couldn't find him. After a year of searching Yarram gave up. He went into the town thinking he would retire.
There he met Narcille again...

Current story arc
Yarrams possesion....
Yarram is being possessed by the sword Azamath which has turned evl after contact with the black half-dragon Moon-Dark.

-Ego 56
-18 int, 18 cha, 10 wis
+5 adamant, brilliant energy, shock greatsword (huge)
-Heal 3/day
-Detect magic at will
-Bless 3/day
-invisibility purge 3/day

To fulfill the wishes of its creators closest descendant.
special abilityies.
-Wave of Exaustion


SoulKnife 25

A generous two blade fighter, Narcille has a mild and happy temperament.
She has thick black hair and a lightly tanned skin.
She generally wears a set of blue leather armour improved upon by a belt with a large green stone in its centre. She also wears a black cloak and deep blue leather boots.
Her eyes have turned bright green by her psionic abilities.

Narcille was born in a small villiage of psions.
Unfortunately for here she didn't have any propper psionic abilities for some reason. She just had the ability to create a small peice of pure psionics wich represented a blade.
When she reached adult-hood she remained at the villiage for a long while defending it against bandits, Gizeraki, etc.
After 7 years of defending her home though, she strove off to make money and create a name for herself.
for 7 more years she went adventuring before meeting Yarram. They did stuff together for a few years before he left to meet his family again.
She returned to the villiage for another year before the urge for something new overtook her again.
She left home and found the town....

A Small White Kitten
What should I say? Its small, cute and bent on world domination.

2006-08-27, 06:19 PM
Mahrilek Thandeyn

Stats and Description:
Class: Fighter1, Wizard 5, Blood Magus 1
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Mahrilek is a gray elf with amber-hued eyes, and silver hair kept in a long single braid. Standing five feet, eight inches tall and weighing around one hundred fifty pounds, he is lean and muscular and wears a hooded black cloak. Beneath his burgundy and black clothing can be seen a chain shirt of silvery, glistening metal. His forearms bear bracers of evident quality as well. The elf bears several weapons, including a dagger and twin rapiers of high quality at his belt, and a composite longbow, quiver, and morningstar on his back.

Between the implements of war at his belt are three pouches, and when he is traveling he bears a leather backpack, upon which are strapped what appears to be a torch with a black leather cover, a coil of silk rope and grappling hook, and a bedroll on the pack's underside. A black velvet bag is also attached.

Put your description here. If you have already done this for the book thread, I think it is reasonable to put a link. To keep from bulking the thread, please only include one standard avatar-sized picture that you feel is most representative of you.

Mahrilek is originally from the Free City of Greyhawk, recently come to a city by the name of Cauldron, where he has joined with a band of adventurers calling themselves Serenity.

Common Knowledge:
He is an elf who carries several weapons.

Mahrilek is convinced that this &quot;town&quot; he sometimes finds himself in is a figment of his imagination which he apparently &quot;visits&quot; from time to time in his elven &quot;reverie&quot;. No matter how much time appears to have been spent in this &quot;town&quot;, when he comes out of his reverie, it is as though time has passed normally.

Ongoing Storyline:
n/a presently

2006-08-29, 06:23 PM

Name: Polydeuces "Pollux" Junoevich Traxyus
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Height: 6'6
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Weapons: Longsword, Kraznayan Legionaire Plate Mail, Shield, Dagger, Holy Hand Grenades (x2), The Holy Milk Carton.


Pollux dresses plainly, prefering to go about in the standard wear of his country: Light brown long sleeved shirt and breeches, worn under a darker brown tunic that extends halfway to his knees. In cold weather, he dons a fur greatcoat.


Pollux was born nineteen years ago, and, a mere fifteen seconds after he was born, due to a drunken obsertican, was dropped on his still bloody soft underdeveloped baby skull. Not unsuprisingly, he seems to be a bit...dotty...

After drinking a single light beer watered down in fifteen gallons of water at Ye Grande Olde Pub when he was sixteen, he got completely and utterly drunk. He fell in a drainage ditch and soon believed that he was on a quest for the renowned Holy Milk Carton of Olde Times.

His adventures took him far and wide, to the Castle of Virginly 18 to 18-and-a-half-years old girls, to the Realm of Breakfast Cereals, to the Street Corner Five Blocks Down from Jerry's Bait Shoppe.

He believes the Holy Milk Carton to be somewhere in the Town, and is searching for it rabidly.

After attempting to kill several patrons of Trog's Tavern, believing them to be hiding the Holy Milk Carton, and failing miserably, he made one last attempt and tried to cleave apart Cathrinidr and Cath. He was swallowed up by a strange portal that appeared out of nowhere.

Several minutes later, he emerged, seemingly a complete opposite of his former self.

The evil Pollux, in a stereotypically stereotyped fashion, proceeded to attack the Temple of Inari, and got his ass handed to him on a silver plater with encrusted rubies.

Wounded, the evil Pollux swapped places with the regular once again. Strangely, the good Pollux now seems to be slightly more intelligent and competent, though he is still a complete idiot.

It is theorized that every time the mirror version of Pollux swaps with him in this manner, personality traits are exchanged with each other on a progressively larger scale with each swap.

Pollux finally managed to acquire the Carton, and returned to Kraznaya. There, the gods cured him of his abject stupidity.

Powers of the Carton:

A single drop of milk from the carton, once ingested or daubed on an affected area, may heal any wound, negate any poison, and cure any disease. It can even cure lycanthropism.

A drop can also turn any liquid into another one. (water to healing potions, for example.) Those wishing to use this attribute must clearly state what they are turning it into five seconds or less before they deposit a drop of the liquid on the object. (Water to Wine!)

In addition, drinking the milk also temporarily surrounds the drinker with a shield that effectively makes him invulnerable for about a minute. This shield manifests itself as a white sphere with black spots and the occasional large, pink udder.

If the milk is spilled upon the ground, that patch of ground and everything in an area extending 400% around where the milk is absorbed by the ground is sanctified.

The milk loses its magical properties if it is out of the carton for more than 10 seconds, and reverts to regular milk. The milk may only be ingested every 10 minutes, or else the creature drinking it will violently explode. The milk does not spoil no matter where the carton is carried, and it cannot be permanently destroyed - it can be disrupted, however, by smashing it. It appears to be constructed of mithril. It will regenerate after a week in another, random location.

Refilling the carton is an arduous process, as it can only be done every 12 years at the summit of Mount Lh'owon, a treacherous mountain filled with deadly creatures, at the stroke of midnight.

These are only the carton's known properties. It seems to have a mind of its own, and may manifest or lose some as time passes!

Common Knowledge:

Pollux was an idiot and is fairly incompetent. He still has a reputation as such in some places.

Ongoing Storyline:

Pollux has returned to the Town and is currently in possession of the Holy Milk Carton.

Notes of... Note:

Speaks fluent Kraznayan (Russian).


Name: Castor Velavich Tycho
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Black
Weapons: Shortsword +1, Staff of Generic Magicks (+2 to Magic Missile, +3 to Magic Bolt* (and all variations thereof)), Knives.


Castor, unlike his brother, dresses fairly richly, wearing a rather nice black robe with gold embroidery, and a leather belt. He often walks about with his hood up.


Castor is Pollux's "older" brother, though he is a complete opposite of him.

Little is known about him, since he hails from the far-off land of Kraznaya.

What is known that he is supposed to be 23, but an unfortunate accident in a laboratory at the Kraznayan Academy of Magicks reverted him to the state of his body 7 years ago, as well as completely altering his alignment. He appears frozen in his current state.

When he arrived in the Town, he brought several score Kraznayan Mafiosos with him. What purpose they are to serve is, like so much else about him, unknown.

Common Knowledge:


Ongoing Storyline:

Castor's objectives and motivations are, like so much else about him, unknown.

Notes of... Note:

Speaks Fluent Kraznayan (Russian)


*Invented Spell

2006-08-30, 10:30 AM
Name: Marrik G'Rakh
Race: Half-Ogre Entomanthrope
Age: 22
Profession: Mercenary Archer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

In his natural state, Marrik is a hulking 8'3" tall and almost 6' across the shoulders in pure brawn. Upon closer inspection, a shrewd observer would notice that the musculature of his shoulders is, in fact, lopsided; the result of a lifetime of archery. Marriks size belies a lithe grace, his impressive frame taut as a whipcord, able to spring into action at a moments notice. His brown leathery skin is rough, with wiry hair. His facial features are craggy with a heavy brow and large tusks, even for a half-ogre, that protrude from his wide mouth. In short, he's not an attractive creature.

Unlike most inflicted with the curse of changing form, Marrik prefers to spend most of his waking hours in his hybrid state, so it is relatively rare to see him looking like the above description. More likely, he will be encountered in his guise as a 9'6" tall, 7' wide, black chitinous-plate armoured creature with huge mandibles and glossy black insectile eyes. His curse is to assume the form of a giant stag beetle on the advent of the full moon. His blessing is the ability to assume the strength and impenetrable hide of that same creature.

Marrik wears very little in the way of clothing, little more than a rough woollen kilt and leather sandals to protect him from the elements. Clearly visible, he carries his bow; a monstrous curve of bone and a large quiver on his back and a wicked looking club at his belt.

Marrik possess a herculean strength that surpasses even that of many of his ogre forebears. In his hybrid form, this raw power is amplified even further, such that he can bend iron bars with ease, lift rocks the size of horses and pull entire trains of wagons single-handed. In combat, he is easily capable of crushing a mans skull with a single blow from his fist or tearing them in two with a single bite of his mandibles.

The primary use that he puts this formidable strength to is, however, to use the gargantuan bow he carries with him everywhere. The draw on the bow is such that even he, in his natural form, struggles to fire it. Only in his hybrid form does he possess the strength to string and draw it properly. The spear-like arrows propelled from this bow often pass straight through their targets, leaving a gaping wound and hitting anything behind. Not only does Marrik posses the strength to use such a weapon, but he also possess the skill to make the most of it. A keen eye and steady hand, combined with endless hours of practise has gifted Marrik with an almost unparalleled marksmanship.

To complement his archery skills Marrik, like many professional marksmen, is a fine bowyer and fletcher. His craftsmanship, whilst not decorative, is of the highest quality and he knows some techniques and methods that are considered almost mythological to the average village or town weaponsmith.

Marrik is a typical mercenary; he goes where the profit is and he always collects on debts due. Though not, by any means, particularly smart or persuasive, he knows his profession and knows the value of his services and it's a hard negotiator that can get a better price out of him.

Marrik has a pragmatic outlook on life; he sees no gain in serving idealistic principles nor does he see the point in exploiting others for all they have. His only concern, really, is to make some money and reap the benefits of wealth. Power, prestige and the trappings of high society are far beyond Marriks idea of what is good in life. More to his liking is a hot bath, a full belly and the satisfaction of a game of dice.

Raised, unusually, by his Ogre father, Marrik never learned who or what became of his mother. His childhood was spent among the brutish culture of his father, forced to fend off those that ridiculed his 'weak' human heritage. After years of being bullied, Marrik had become strong through necessity, but still didn't fit in. So as soon as he was able, he left the tribe of his father and went to find his fortune.

Marriks fortune was apparently to be mauled by a giant black beetle only a few miles from his home. Scored by a dozen wounds and with a broken leg, Marrik could only wait for death at the jaws of the monstrous insect, when he was fortuitously saved by a small troop of mercenaries that was passing through the area. Before losing consciousness, Marrik pleaded with the men to let him join them, to which they agreed.

(to be completed...)

[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]

2006-08-30, 11:19 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Azaroth
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment and Temprament: Mischeivous, friendly, and an all around good guy. He's got a very small temper, but if you set him off, he gets bad.
Age: He looks around 30. He's been around for a long time.
Height: A square six feet. Exactly. It's eerie how exact it is.
Weight: 160 LBS.
Hair colour and length: Dark brown ponytail.
Eye colour: An intensly deep green color.
Weapons: Azaroth is a mage first, but he carries a very peculiar staff. It is as tall as he is, and has metal designs laid over the wood, it comes to a hollow metal diamond at the end, with a green and red gem in the middle. The &quot;Staff of Ages&quot; is very special to him, and he keeps it in hand at almost all times.

Azaroth would like to say he's mysterious and a shadowy figure, and at one time he did. But now he knows better. He's been around for a long while and has quite the story to tell. So listen up kiddies, and have a seat, it's time for a story.

Born in the western lands of Greyhawk, (OOC:Yes, I've ben playing for that long) to the west of the mountains. For a long time history itself wasn't recorded well, not until several hundred years after the great migration of the Suel people after the great war. It all started when the power of the gods became corrupt. I'm sure that most of you have heard the story, one god broke off of the rest, made his own creations and waged war against the humans, elves, dwarves and other good creatures. Eventually the evil god was beaten and imprisoned in a magical mithril cage. Anyway besides the history lesson, here's where Azaroth came into play. A group of powerful mages were assigned to banish the rest of the gods from this earthly world and leave the humans to themselves. Luckily the gods saw what there presence on the prime material plane had done, and left on there own, leaving only fragments of themselves behind. No, Azaroth will say, and outright refuse and deny any conception that he was one of them, but he does seem to know to much about what happened that day.

After the great wars, Azaroth came into the knowing. He spent most of his time wandering the wilderness, living by himself, and beeing quite happy. Very a few times has he had to rely on his power to actually solve a dispute, as he has grown to wise and has an immense distaste for thoughtless violence. Well that's not true. At all. He doesn't mind it, and thinks it necessary, just doesn't voice it completely.

Azaroth will never tell you his age either. Only what he is. He understands that it's not a valid answer, but a man's got to have some secrets. I mean, c'mon where's the fun in a man that lets himself hang out in the open about everything.

A warning to those who interact with him. Azaroth is a lot wiser than he looks, and has eyes in many places. His familiars are very dear to him, and a special bond has grown between him and them over the years.

[Common Knowledge]
- He is a very calm, and almost never acts violently
- He never lets his staff out of site
- Yes, he is a wizard, and yes he will use spells to his benefit.
- He was married several times. Although he only talks about the odd number marriages. He particularly likes regailing about his 5th and 7th.
- He has 3 familiars, a chipmunk, a raven, and his shadow.

I'm a wizard. Plain and simple. And yes, I can fight, so don't try and boast that over me. I own a sword, and a good one to boot, and I know how to use it.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Currently, he's drinking in the Trog's Tavern.

Not Applicable.

2006-08-31, 01:18 AM
My Town Characters

Name: Blood (pronounced Blood as in the word "blood")
Race: Cat
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 5 years
Gender: Female
Height, Fur Length and Weight: About Average for a cat
Fur Color: Black
Eyes: Black
Languages: Cat, Common
Image: Displayed avatar (by Ceika)
Home: Alarra's Gems***************

Name: Rell (pronounced Rell as in "bell")
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 27 years
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Common
Height, Weight: About Average for a human
Gear: OmniShop uniform, with Police Station badge pinned to chest. A small watch, given to him by Gent, which cancels antimagic. A small, carved wooden door, given to him by Fydan, which teleports one a short distance when "Aryonalel" is whispered into it.
Other: Rell was once blind, and also has a superior command over all light. The magical light that he creates and manipulates is purely white.
Images: (by Vael)http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h107/sjunderw/rell-1.gifhttp://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h107/sjunderw/Badge.png


Name: Silem (pronounced Si as in psionic, lem as in lemming)
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 22 years
Gender: Female
Height, Weight: Slightly taller than average, slender
Hair, Eyes: Brown (shoulder-length, straight), Green
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic
Description: A slight human girl with large, white feathery wings that are usually folded against her back. She has straight, shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes. She is slightly taller than your average human, and is extremely pretty. Silem wears casual traveling clothes with holes for her wings to come through. She seldom uses her minor-demigod-powers, preferring to cloak them under her beauty and gentle, often fearful outlook.

2006-08-31, 12:11 PM

Ekrath Wardric

Drow/Elf Paladin/Favored Soul
[Stats and Description]
Race: Drow/Elf *
Class: Paladin 20/Favored Soul 20
Age: 28 (in Drow years)
Height: 5"7
Weight: 132 lbs
Name: Ekrath Wardric
Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Good. He follows the paladin laws but he also is easy to get along with and generally lighthearted
Hair Color: white (Now red)
Eye Color: White (No longer white)

Ekrath was left in the sunlit realms as a baby. He was found in a cave very young. He was raised by elves and believes he is a dark skinned elf. His elven family was slaughtered by drow, the only survivors being Ekrath and his brother Estone (a bard) Shortly after the attack Ekrath and Estone were separated and Ekrath devoted his life to pure good. Despite his loss he always maintained a positive outlook on life. During his time in the Town he discovered his real brothers, Scath and Bri'el. During this time a demon accidently summoned by Bri'el was slowly gaining power. After a while it had recieved divine status. As the three Wardric brothers set out to vanquish the demon they met a LN Kobold monk named Calwreith. He joined their party and then continued to press onward. As they came to the lair the fighting began. However, as the fighting continues Bri'el, Scath, Calwreith, and Ekrath began to unleash the elemental properties withing them. Scath became as a living wind, Bri'el as a flame, Calwreith as the earth, and Ekrath as water. They mustered their powers and overcame the demon. However, mortal bodies can't control powers like these. Bri'el, Scath, and Calwreith all began to die. Ekrath was saved only by the intervention of the diety Saito Jaishan. The spirits of the others were also saved by sealing them in the gems on the demon's sword. When Ekrath awoke he was back in the town with just the sword. He had also lost the memories of everything he had. His drow body had also been changed into that of an elf. His soul had been saved, but his body and memories were the price. He struggles to remember and only 4 things are remembered. His home at Wardric manor, His name and abilities, the Omnishop, and Gongjin. He has since recovered his memory. He recently "snapped" and went Blackguard. He atoned and life is more or less normal again.

Ekrath weilds a very powerful sword. It's name is Reflection and it can tune into a person's feelings and heart. When Ekrath is casually dueling or fighting, it is a skinny, golden longsword. When he is fighting really hard or under a lot of stress, it becomes a cleaver-like greatsword which he uses with suprising speed. When Ekrath was evil, it was a black rapier. Although it isn't sentient, it does have control over who can use it well. When a stranger is using it, it functions as a masterwork longsword. But when Ekrath or a close friend like Catherine or Gent is using it, it works normally. If Catherine or Gent were to use it, it would obviously change shape like it does for Ekrath, the change being affected by their feelings and heart as well.

[Common Knowledge]
He definantly has memory issues and is a skillful warrior.
He is a demigod, capable of unheard of things.

Chazz Gavin

Avian-Human Hybrid Wizard
[Stats and Description]
Age: 27
Height: 5"10
Weight: 110 lbs
Alignment and Temperment: Neutral Good. He's a bit of a jerk sometimes, but he's a good guy.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: N/A

Chazz was a very carefree child. He was a normal human, but was very bright. He mastered many magics and even was creating his own spells by the age of 7. However, the town where he lived thought he could become their "secret weapon". They used a crazed mix of science and magic to implant bird DNA into his Genome. However, the science/wizards didn't think it all the way through. Bits and peices of the bird DNA got shoved into the middle of his Opsin genes. The scientists wanted the changes to become prominant right away, rather than waiting for a few years for Chazz's changes to gradually express themselves. They used magical components to make the changes instantanious. Chazz developed wings before their eyes and his hearing improved tenfold. However the bits of DNA that infiltrated his Opsin genes caused him to lose his sight. The scientists considered him a failure and he was cast out of the village. Many times, a wandering priest or druid tried to heal his eyes with a Cure Blindness spell, but because of the components, his eyes revert back to blind in a matter of nano-seconds.

[Common Knowledge]
His eyes look normal, and with his superhearing he is fairly good at navigating his way around. When he doesn't wear his cloth, it's hard to tell he's blind.
Less important characters


No avatar
[Stats and Description]
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Age: 23
Height: 5''11
Weight: 132 lbs
Name: Nameless
Alignment and Temperment: TN
Hair Color: Long Black
Eye Color: Green

The nameless one lost his name long ago when he lost a lot of other things. He keeps to himself, not wanting to reveal his past. If anyone ever got past his defense, he'd open up to people and share his story with them. But until then, he has none. He has, since arriving in the town, renamed himself Laif, meaning Bladesong in his native lanuage.
[Common Knowledge]
He rarely speaks, but plays beautiful music. Gods are envious of his musical skill but he is very shy and secluded and doesn't like talking about his past.


[Stats and Description]
Race: Half-Red Dragon Drow Werewolf
Class: Ranger
Age: 21
Height: 5''7
Weight: 119 lbs
Alignment and Temperment: TN
Hair Color: Long white with a redish tinge
Eye Color: Red
Karina was "bred" for the sole perpose of being a war machine for Lloth. Her mother was a powerful cleric that had allowed herself to become afflicted with Lycanthropy. Her father was a powerful Red Dragon. She was to be the greatest fighter in the Underdark. However, when it became obvious that she prefered hunting and stealth to killing and war, she was exiled. She made her way to the town and lives there now.
[Common Knowledge]
She rarely speaks, partly because she doesn't know commen.She has a hatred for dragons and is a good stalker. She prefers to hide her nature, preffering to be cloaked or in wolf form.

Race: Half-Fiend Mind Flayer
Class: Sorcerer 30
Alignment and Temprament: A passive NE but when he gets really angry his fiendish side comes out and he is a cold killer
Age: About 30
Height: About 5"6
Weight: 140Lbs
Hair colour and length: No hair
Eye colour: Red. He only has 1, as the other was slashed out in a fight with Ekrath.
Weapons: He carries a super sword capable of transforming into any weapon. It was created from purple dragon scales and when Deigrian becomes incredibly angry, the sword tunes in on that and glows with pure energy. Deigrian can then unleash bolts of pure energy of of the sword. However, due to not being proficiant in swords, he uses it as a short spear.

Race: Human
Class: Bard 20
Alignment and Temprament: CN. He's a bit annoying but a good enough guy in the end. He has a crazed desire to sleep with everywoman in town
Age: He's 19
Height: 5"11
Weight: 160
Hair colour and length: Short brown hair
Eye colour: Black
Weapons: He has 2 enchanted shortswords but prefers to use his magic to fight.

Race: Half-elf
Class: Fighter 20/Duelist 10/
Alignment and Temprament: NG. She's very nice and very mild. She gets exited easily. She gets along well with everyone other than orcs or half-orcs. She is a little shy around new people.
Age: About 25
Height: 5"7
Weight: 120
Hair colour and length: medium length dark red hair
Eye colour: Black
Weapons: She fights well with any weapons but her most used weapons are her rapier and her longbow. She doesn't wear any armor.

Race: Bronze Dragon Wyrmling
Class: None
Alignment and temperment: LG. She's curious and friendly. She is in love with Mychasi, Baeleck's dragon.
Age: Wyrmling
Weapons: Claws and teeth.

Rakil and Plendex
No avatars
Races: Half-elf and Tiefling
Classes: Rogue/Scar Enforcer and Rogue/Assassin
Alignment and Temprament: NE. They are cold, but Rikil is a bit more sensetive to outcasts.
Age: About 27 for humans
Height: About 5"10
Weight: 140
Hair colour and length: Long brown and short black
Eye colour: Green and blue
Weapons: Rikil uses a shortsword and a dagger but also carries a variety of other weapons like a spiked chain, a whip, a shortbow, and a spear. Plendex carried a pair of poisen-coated daggers.

Race: Elf
Class: Fighter
Alignment and Temprament: TN. He's a bit crazy and cold.
Age: About 30 in Elf years
Height: About 5"4
Weight: 110Lbs
Hair colour and length: short black
Eye colour: Black
Weapons: He weilds a long spear with great skill.

Race: Human
Classes: Knight
Alignment and Temprament: LN. She's a stickler for rules and regulations.
Age: 23
Height: About 5"7
Weight: 115
Hair colour and length: Medium length blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: She uses a magical longsword, but doesn't like to fight very much and rarely uses it.


Race: Elven
Class: Monk
Alignment and Temperment: LG. She's pretty diciplined, but is a spoiled brat.
Age: About 19 in Elf years.
Faith: Aryn, Elven god of ice.
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic
Height: Slightly shorter than regular elves.
Hair: Dyed red , naturally brown
Skin: Palid complexion.
Weapons: Fists, feet.

Alternate forms
http://i6.tinypic.com/66o2ohf.gif http://i6.tinypic.com/6308n69.jpg http://i9.tinypic.com/4lsdsnk.jpg http://i2.tinypic.com/4qz1tf9.png http://i5.tinypic.com/54is01s.png http://i6.tinypic.com/4l48lzc.png http://i5.tinypic.com/54d64hl.png http://i7.tinypic.com/52yg1le.gif http://i4.tinypic.com/4kur6og.png http://i2.tinypic.com/5373img.png http://i9.tinypic.com/6bwrvde.png http://i7.tinypic.com/4yj7rph.png http://i5.tinypic.com/4q6c6eo.gif http://i2.tinypic.com/6ajfynk.gif http://i4.tinypic.com/4tgeewz.png http://i9.tinypic.com/4y5jfco.png

Top to bottom, left to right: Goth/Emo Chazz, Ekrath: Drow Fighter, Ekrath: Drow Paladin, Ekrath: Elf Favored Soul, Ekrath: Elf Blackguard, Gender Bended Ekraths (all second line), Broken-Hearted Valentine's Ekrath, St. Patrick's day Ekrath, Llamarath, Ekrath: Elf Paladin (Pre-divinity), Ekrath: Half-Fiend Warlock, and Ekrath the Pirate.

2006-08-31, 09:56 PM
Name:Surnamed aka mervik
Class:18 wizard
Alignment:chaotic good
Weight:the same as a pencil
Hair colour:none
Eye colour: red
Description:He once was a a steady and well thought out wizard which loved to explore the land and beyond untill one day he explorying a dungeon was cursed by a figure most foul with a terrible curse which turned him into an imp and the cure was unkown and perhaps lost forever as he wanders on.
Common Knowledge:he is easily angered and well spoken
notes:has a pocket which contains a mini dimension that holds everything that he had at the time of transformation
ongoing storyline:his curse.

2006-09-01, 03:22 PM
Stats and Description:

Name: Chunklets
Race: Kobold
Class: TBD
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Amiable. Chunklets is generally an easy-going sort, if a tad cynical sometimes.
Age: 35 (kobold years)
Height: short
Weight: not much
Hair Color and Length: hairless
Eye Color: black
Other Physical Features: The orange scales which are Chunklets' pride and joy.
Equipment: The shirt on his back, and a bundle on a stick (and the stick).

Chunklets talking.


Chunklets has led a vagabond existence, although he claims to have been, at one time, &quot;First Citizen&quot; of someplace called Koboldia. Whether this is true, where Koboldia is, and why Chunklets is no longer First Citizen, well, Chunklets is kind of vague on that. Anyway, he recently arrived in town in response to a mysterious summons, and is just getting his bearings.

Chunklets is generally an amiable type of kobold, although he doesn't hesitate to use his shiv (it's in the bundle) if the occasion requires it. He is easily confused however, and when this happens, he tends to wander off to the pub until whatever it was that was confusing him has stopped. He also, for some reason, tends to twitch violently when the words &quot;punt&quot; or &quot;football&quot; are uttered in his hearing.

Ongoing Storyline:


2006-09-01, 05:58 PM
Some information for those wishing to write IStLY-'ship-fics involving Ghost Warlock:

Ghost Warlock (OotS-style portrait)

GW Facts/Plot-Hooks

'Ghost Warlock' is actually a title, though he typically treats 'Ghost' as if it were his given name. His 'real' name is Simeon, the former Tsar of Bulgaria and Peter's father.
He is an elan; having undergone a psionic ritual to shed his humanity for a 'psionically-energized' existance.
Ghost is quite tall (6'5"-tall), wiry, has dark eyes and pale skin. He is bald, though he wears a short goatee and a mustache.
He is a psion who specializes in psychometabolism powers, although he is apparently also fond of energy ray (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kOIZkUD1Lo). Some of his prominant abilities include: healing others (although it causes him injury to do so), healing himself, teleporting short distances, creating globes of energy centered on himself, reading the surface emotions of others, anticipating others' actions seconds before they act, telekinesis, sending visions to others in their dreams, preventing others from remembering his presence so long as he doesn't attack them, and returning dead souls in the body of a living person.
Ghost is quite difficult to spy on via clairvoyance or other means of scrying.
Apparently, he spends a lot of time lurking around on rooftops and making snide comments (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7UGrQtFfBU) when spying on people of interest.
Ghost has undergone training as a 'ghostbreaker', which gives him some degree of power over/defenses against undead.
He has little respect for Tsar Peter, or his reign, and may be harboring a vendetta against Peter for attempting to poison him to seize the throne.
Ghost cares deeply for his sister,Ina, who is currently serving as Peter's favored servant girl and confidante. Ghost will go to great lengths to see to her safety and is currently helping her devise and execute a plan to become a god (of disease). Recently, he gifted her the Unholy Grail; a powerful artifact through which she has become invulnerable to harm and possibly immortal.
He sees his niece, Rabbit, as a kindred spirit, although he fears growing too close as it may jeopardize his ability to assist Ina. He will be exceptionally cautious and on guard around her and recently burned down the paladin Mordokai's house and allowed himself to be temporarily destroyed in order to avoid a conflict with her.
Ghost will not hesitate to simply kill someone who has become physically aggressive with him or someone he cares about (usually Ina) or someone who tries to physically impede him. He cares nothing for the lives or well-being of anyone but Ina and Rabbit and will happily use or abuse others to see his agenda is completed.
He claims to 'suffer no masters;' mortal or otherwise; apparently a reference to his dis-avowal of his paladin oaths to Tyr.
He has a soft-spot for 'a pretty face;' he will be more easily manipulated by women than men (although he will not willingly betray Ina in any way). He is sometimes quite shy around aggressive women.
Although he strives to be light-hearted, Ghost quickly becomes frustrated with the ways of the world and is very secretive about his past. He often feels that Ina is the only person he can truly relax around and, as such, tends to go a bit overboard when around her; becoming downright silly or giddy.
Close to a year ago, Ghost's wife died as a result of a horrible disease. Ghost is unlikely to share anything about the situation and, although she knows what happened, neither is Ina.

Reference Section/Reading Room (fics featuring gw):

Last Moments (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5317097&postcount=422)
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Wanderings (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5268420&postcount=293) written by Gezina
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Whisper, Part 7 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5414741&postcount=847) written by Dirk Kris
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Ghost Warlock and the (Un)Holy Grail, Part Six (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5454909&postcount=1311)
Whisper 10 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5487556&postcount=513) written by Dirk Kris
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Uninvited (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5520975&postcount=771)

Associated Tropes (not at all exhaustive)

Anti-Villain (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AntiVillain)
Back From The dead (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BackFromTheDead)
Despair Event Horizon (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DespairEventHorizon)
The Dragon (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheDragon)
Fallen Hero (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FallenHero)
The Heavy (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheHeavy)
The Juggernaut (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheJuggernaut)
Kill It With Fire (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KillItWithFire)
King Incognito (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KingIncognito)
Knight Templar Big Brother (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KnightTemplarBigBrother)
Out Of The Inferno (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OutOfTheInferno)
Psychic Powers (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PsychicPowers)
Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is For Kids! (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids)
Villain Protagonist (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/VillainProtagonist)
The Unfettered (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheUnfettered)

Just-For-Fun: King of Swords Caricature :smalltongue:
Physically he is usually tall and relatively slim. Sometimes bearded and with piercing eyes, either blue or black. He sometimes gives an austere appearance. He may look like he doesn't smile too often. He may not age well and could tend to look rather weathered or older than he actually is, even at a young age. Mostly he would have dark hair. Conservative in attire most of the time. Serious manner in appearance and clothing.

Personality: Can be abrasive, tactless and have a harsh attitude towards life and his efforts for survival. He may have fought various battles, personal or in times of war, that have left him feeling empty and scarred. He may even have a physical scar on his face or hands. He tends to treat people abrubtly, as if they annoy him just by their presence. He is serious and often secretive. Often, what he doesn't say, says it all. His look can condemn. He likes to be in charge and in control of his life and his environment. He is generally in business suits or a uniform of some type. He appreciates the discipline of keeping up appearances and likes his boots polished very well. He may actually collect old relics or swords as a hobby and enjoy cleaning and polishing them and putting them on display in his home. He is generally tidy by nature, methodical and despising clutter and useless items. He believes that life is meant to involve hard work and he would not like to be unemployed at any time, as he likes the structures of time and discipline in his well-ordered life. He would appreciate a good steak. He dislikes waste and frivolity.

He has the gift of intelligence, commonsense and foresight. He likes to have well-defined plans and goals. He is a stickler for rules and doing his duty. He is a born leader. He appreciates time. He is capable of being the instructor.

Occupations suited to him would be the head of a company or large organisation. Also he would make a great surgeon, doctor, police officer, dentist or anything that involves the use of sharp items or weapons. He would make a good soldier, warrior, fighter or leader of a revolution.

His future lies in being more open to others if he is to feel fulfilled at the end of his life. He could fall in love again, or renew his vows with his wife if already married. He is faithful though observant of the beauty of women. He especially admires women of grace and good manners. He is as vulnerable as the next man, but rarely shows it. He will have a relationship if she shows enough direct interest in him.

Message to GW: Now is the time to make a clean break with what you have been doing up until now. Sever the past and start anew. You can heed the challenge. You are brave and can face anything the future holds. Just say yes!

Message for Others: I suggest that you allow this person to be themself. Do not stand in this man's way, he will rollercoaster over you without even noticing you were stood there in the first place. He can be the most sincerest friend, only after you have proven your friendship to him, never before.

Hosted character sheet (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=98131)

2006-09-02, 12:18 PM
Sariah Le Suna Draco
(Serenity under the sunlight dragon)


[Stats and Description]
Name: Sariah Le Suna Draco, most call her Sariah.
Race: Human, draconic ancestry
Class: cleric(bahamutte)10/vassage of bahamutte10
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Extremely patient, kind and quick witted. Sariah makes friends quickly, and enjoys the company of others, but she is a real stickler when it comes to rules.
Age: 28
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 123 lbs
Hair colour and length: Blond, down to the middle of her back, usually worn down.
Eye colour: Emerald green
Weapons: Double sided Holy dragons bane broadsword.
Clothes: usually clad in white priests robes, but when battle time comes, the armor in above picture comes out.

[Back story]
Have been involved only in Temple of bahamutte until recently. She was orphaned when she was a small girl, as her entire people were destroyed. She was left on the door steps of a temple of Bahamutte, and raised as a priestess. She recently found out that she had a brother, another who survived the attempted Xenicide of her people, and made contact with him.
More recently, she has found out that Mortia, who she believed to be her brother, is actually her father.

[Common Knowledge]
Sariah is Mortia's daughter
Sariah is the head priestess at the temple of Bahamutte.
Sariah is known for being able to talk with Bahamutte with great ease.
Sariah spells words much better than her father... ;D

Currently Sariah has something trapped inside her, weather it be demon, or just MPS, no one yet know.
She often talks about herself in the third person...

[Ongoing Storyline]
She is currently involved in the Dark Mortia saga, as he is starting to call it.
She is interested is being in others, as people are willing to have her.

2006-09-04, 01:09 AM

[Stats and Description]
Name: Cesium
Race: Gnome, now acquired the outsider template
Class: Warlock
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Neutral. Absolutely out of his freakin' mind. Not necessarily a &quot;kill everybody&quot; kind of crazy, but he is one very confused gnome.
Motivation: Not even the gods know.
Age: Actual age is 54, but he says he's 2546 years old.
Height: 3 feet 10 inches
Weight: 87 pounds
Hair color and length: brown hair, cut short and styled in a sort of caeserish fashion.
Eye color: Orange. The glow an even brighter orange on certain occasions
Weapons: He carries a small sized mace on his belt that glows as if enchanted with a Light spell.

Cesium's true past is unknown. Sure he remembers all of it but one can be sure anything he tells is made up and probably not even remotely true.
Cesium's story begin back in his little gnome clan. He was born relatively normal with the name of Yammy Poppynoggin. He started off as a rather mundane gnome, going about his mundane gnomish buisness until he began to enter his teens (or at least what the gnomes consider to be the teens). This was the moment when he began to develop.... issues. At times he would have violent out bursts while other times he would be as peaceful as a kitten. His powers began to show themselves during these violent outbursts. Clay pots and wicker baskets had an odd trend of bursting when an angry Yammy Poppynoggin was around. Once he shot a ray of pure chaotic energy at a nearby hut, bursting it into flames. That was the day that his family disowned him and his gnomish clan exiled him. He simply did not fit in and they were simply afraid of his destructive potential. So the gnome wandered across Faerun until he came to know an odd group of people... a rogue, a ranger, a half-orc, and a dwarven cleric. He did what he calls 'adventuring' with them for awhile, almost getting squashed by a mean ogre, and chasing assassins down the streets of a shady town. Overall he got rather bored with it all and decided to leave. He felt these people were not good enough for Cesium, Mage Most Magnificent, as he called (and believed) himself to be.
Unfortunately, he found that even The Mage Most Magnificent could not escape the vile plot he was embroiled in and through a series of events so lengthy it would take years to recount, Cesium met his untimely end at the hands of the ogre who had nearly squashed him many years before. Most would call it an untimely end, but for Cesium it was only the beginning. He died as a minor warlock of little power, but for some reason when his spirit left his body it found a crack in the weave of Magic that allowed him to slip through and wander the planes. No one knows what happened to Cesium, not how long he has been wandering the planes of the multiverse, but somewhere along the way he picked up what he refers to as &quot;Ultimate Cosmic Power&quot; though surely this is not the case. It is doubtful Cesium has any more power than when he left... he just might be even more unstable if that is at all possible.
Finally, after however long of roaming the Cosmos, Cesium slipped through yet another whole in the Weave and he found himself somewhere strange... a town it seems. this could prove to be Interesting......

[Common Knowledge]
*Cesium appeared out of no where, absolutely flabbergasted
*He seems odd, a few cards short of a deck.
*For some reason, he doesn't know how to walk up stairs (or down them apparently)
*His feet are bare, odd for anyone except a halfling (which he is not)

Nothing I can think of yet.

[Ongoing Storyline]
None as of yet, he just arrived!

2006-09-04, 12:05 PM
Pic thanks to Veera
That's how she usually looks, anyway...

[Stats and Description]

Name: Hoseki Darketh-Shiryl
Race: Dimension hopper
Class: N/A
Alignment and Temprament: TN. Don't mistake her for one of the wishy-washy indesicive TNs, though: She values freedom, but her word means everything to her. She is unlikely to be caught following regulations to the letter, but the spirit of the law is something she can respect.
Age: Older than you
Height: In her usual form, 6'6&quot;
Weight: 176 lbs in usual form
Hair colour and length: Usually blonde, with her hair in a ponytail. Ponytail reaches mid-back.
Eye colour: Usually blue
Weapons: Whatever she wants to have. So don't tick her off.

Hoseki defies all attempts to stat her. She can adjust her physical scores at will, give herself racial immunities to whatever she feels like, and has no natural form. She also has a 'hopper sense'. That's why she will never fight non-freeform. However, I have to seriously dum her down even then if I don't want to godmod. ('Hoseki whacks the other guy with her sword' 'Stop godmodding, Hoseki' 'No, seriously. Her weapon is +185 and she has a strength score of 90. She cleaves your guy's head off and does a happy dance.')

Hoseki doesn't have much of a backstory. She travels the infinite dimensions, rarely settling down in one place for more than a syzygy. For personal reason, she has relationships with natives, something other hoppers find perverted and gross.

[Common Knowledge]
-Hoseki is the bouncer at Trog's Tavern
-Hoseki was dating Kantur, a bartender at Trog's
-Hoseki can grow any item, including magical ones

Hoseki has a 'hopper condition called breshwenn that makes her unable to take a hopper lifemate. She has a bit of a temper. If she attacks someone in Trog's she will throw herself out once she remembers to do so.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Hoseki is back. Yipee!


[Stats and Description]

Name: Gatamu Darketh-Shiryl
Race: Dimension hopper
Class: N/A
Alignment and Temprament: CN. Will eat you if you look tasty.
Age: Older than you and Hoseki
Height: In his usual form, 90 feet long and 50 feet tall.
Weight: It's rude to ask that sort of question to people that size.
Hair colour and length: Orange, black and creamy off-white
Eye colour: Yellow
Weapons: Claws, bite, crush, wing slap, tail sweep. Think dragon, only fluffly. He also has whatever weapons he wills himself to have.

Gatamu's usual form it that of an Aswarian, which is best described as an unspeakably large tiger/roc hybrid. Is basically a tiger with wings, bird eyes, birdy back feet, and a beaky upper lip.
He is as unstatable as Hoseki.

Gatamu is the eldest child of Darketh and Shiryl, and continues the family trait of eccentricity and mental unusualness. He has a deep love for Aswaria, where he was born, and he usually takes Aswarian form even when not there. He cares little for keeping the existance of his race a secret, although he is perefctly capable of impersonating a native effectively.

[Common Knowledge]
-He is Hoseki's brother
-A while ago, he filled in for Hoseki as bouncer while her brother was sick
-Has sworn to eat Chaotik the Orange
-Likes eating and threatening people. And threatening to eat people.

Gatamu does not presently have a lifemate. However, he does not have breshwenn. He is considerably smarter than he may at first seem.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Gatamu is wandering the Town, looking for nutty people to eat.


[Stats and Description]

Name: Atani Darketh-Shiryl
Race: Dimension hopper
Class: N/A
Alignment and Temprament: TN.
Age: Older than you, younger then Gatamu and Hoseki.
Height:5'3&quot;, usually.
Hair colour and length: Blonde, shoulder length.
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Whatever he wants.

In the Town, Atani takes the form of an elf wearing generic green and brown clothes. Recently, the took the form of an Aswarian and is staying that way.
Again, no stats.

None to speak of.

[Common Knowledge]
-Gatamu and Hoseki's younger brother
-Is normal

Has a lifemate, Elahizdon.

[Ongoing Storyline]
He's having a reunion with his lifemate.

Pic here (http://www.mikekaplan.com/nss-folder/pictures/166CD1211%20adjusted%20lioness%20jpeg.jpg).

[Stats and Description]

Name: Yandaha
Race: Werefox Lion
Class: N/A
Alignment and Temprament: CN
Age: 27 in kitty years
Height: Lion-sized
Weight: As heavy as she is.
Hair colour and length: Her fur is tawny, and her twitching tufted tail is a good bit darker on the tuft.
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Claws and bite

[Common Knowledge]
-Once ate Atreyu the llama
-Once attacked Kezo and Illuna
-Might or might not have something going on with Brin, Alarra's snow leopard.

Yandaha once made a promise to her mother that she would never harm another cat. She was ashamed when she was forced to break this promise when Aramir and Rain attacked her because she ate Atreyu. She isn't aware that some might perceive her actions when she's around Brin as flirting: in her pride, such intimacy is commonplace.

I originally made Yandaha because the other cats: Rain, Aramir, Sneak, and to a lesser extent Brin, Blood, Blackfox's cats, and Zalasta, seemed to me to me more 'humans on for legs with arrogant tendencies and a fondess for fish' than true cats. This isn't meant as an insult to their respective players, but I've personally always seen cats, paticularly the big ones, and a good deal more savage. A lioness raised in a pride wouldn't automatically thrive on pre-killed bamhacon.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Nothing, really.

Pic thanks to Aikidu. That's her old look, though.

[Stats and Description]

Name: Valathe Janini Hyate
Race: Halfling werefox
Class: Wilder 20/ Favored Soul 7
Alignment and Temprament: CN
Age: 26 in halfling years
Height: 3'2&quot;
Weight: 32 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Waist length, fine red-gold slightly wavy hair
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Her brain. Also has some weapons stashed in her trench coat in case of an emergency.

A common sight around the temple of Inari and sometimes at Trog's, Valathe is a distinctive person. She wears and enormous trench coat that used to be her father's and a perpetual scowl or glare.

Extensive. If you want a list of the woes Valathe has had to endure, PM me.

[Common Knowledge]
-Valathe is a violent individual
-She doesn't tolerate people who do nothing about their problems.

I was unbelieveably close to making Valathe Gatamu in disguise. I tossed the idea though, after Valathe complained. Does that make any sense?

Valathe lost the ability to turn off her Charisma. It's on all the time now. Yes, she's hot. Deal.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Currently just hanging out in the Temple of inari and reflecting on the fact that no one ever tells her anything.

Coming SOON!:

Veg Sorbet
2006-09-04, 07:20 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Valthreborn 'Val' Valthera
Race: appears to be human - technically Kroizian (see backstory)
Alignment and Temprament: some variant of 'good'. Determined, but not single-minded. Extremely loyal. often appears overly serious, but is surpressing an acute sense of fun.
Age: 32
Height: 6ft
Hair colour and length: dark brown, shoulder-length.
facial hair: smart, neatly trimmed beard, which is greying slightly.
Eye colour: deep green.
Weapons: 'magical' gauntlets known as The Cousins' Gauntlets, a rather nasty looking knife known as a Black Blade, a large, two-handed sword he created using energy absorbed by the gauntlets during an attack by The Masters; it is made of an unusual metallic blue substance.

coming soon - i need to reduce it from being over five pages long!

[Common Knowledge]
[Ongoing Storyline]
Currently MIA

[Stats and Description]
Name: Anna Jiboveraque
Race: appears to be human - technically Kroizian
Alignment and Temprament: chaotic good. nervous, jittery and over-emotional. brave when she has to be, extremely stuborn.
Age: either 30 or 32, depending on whether you count the two years she spent being dead or not.
Height: 5ft 6ins
Hair colour and length: thick, black, runs down to her hips.
Eye colour: lime green.

In life, she was Val's fiancee. since her death two years ago, she has been following him around constantly, trying to persuade him to still hold the wedding, despite there being a law in their homeland which specificly prohibits people from marrying ghosts.

proper backstory coming soon...

[Common Knowledge]
[Ongoing Storyline]
Ended up on the Ethereal plane trying to escape from some other ghosts from her world. she is now stuck there, but doesn't seem particularly bothered about it.
After Val died, they spend a very short while together, before asking Einkil to teach then to manifest on the material plane.
When Anna manifested, she became disorientated, and Val asked Einkil to take her back up.
When she had recovered, she waited for Val to return, but to no avail. Eventually, she realised that Val wasn't coming back, and is now trying to master the art of independant manifesting.
{section missing}
Resurrected by power from the portal Val created to get himself home, Anna woke up in Inari's, believing that Val's attempt to get home had been successful. She also immediately jumped to the conclusion that Inari had been the one to resurrect her,and made a very quick decision to devote her life to the Goddess.
She is now the Secretaryat Inari's.

Anna speaks in navy, or [B]limegreen when 'spirit-morphed'*

((*I really need to find a better term for that...))
[Stats and Description]
Name: Quollar de Warbmiz
Race: unknown
Alignment and Temprament: lawful good, appears friendly.
Age: unknown
Height: 7ft 9ins
Hair colour and length: silvery-white, reaches half-way down his back
Eye colour: light grey
Weapons: pretty much anything he wants, prefers machetes

[Common Knowledge]
- mirror version of Zimbraw par Rallouq
- the first known non-kroizian to be granted the ability to spirit-morph*
[Ongoing Storyline]
Appeared in town to continue monitoring his mirror, but ended up working with him instead, after Zimbraw managed to convince him that he was no longer evil.
He befriended Val, Anna and Pelmurei Jureik during a trip to Jureik's plane, in which he was accidentally imbued with extra powers.
Almost as soon as this ended, he helped fend off foul creatures that attacked Val's archway, but was wounded in the process.
Currently, he's been stripped of his new powers by Val's old enemy, Xer Dzu, and is being kept as a prisoner in Zimbraw's cave.

2006-09-05, 06:00 PM
Stats and description

Name: Sillyphia Bean
Race: Human
Class: I have used the GURPS system but Sillyphia is a pirate. (407 points)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - she is impulsive, a daredevil but also loyal to her crew.
Age: 21

Appearance: She is beautiful, slim and average height for a lady. Her hair is long and red, but usually tied up, and her eyes are green.
She has an air of elegance about her, and when she speaks she is extremely well-spoken. In fact, it would not enter many peoples heads to even consider her to be a pirate.

Personality: Sillyphia can fit into most social situations and is comfortable in any company. Her travels have taken her to many weird and wonderful places, which has consequently resulted in a nonchalant attitude towards things or situations that would usually scare or intimidate normal people. Although she desires adventure and treasure, she has a certain amount of honour and will not actively ruin people for personal gain. Most of the time. She can be reckless and will rarely back down from a challenge, but will rely heavily on fortune to get her through. She lives by the pirate’s code of honour, defending her crew and friends, avenging insults and honouring the duelist’s code.

Weapons: A cutlass (her fathers) kept at her side and a set of throwing knives tucked in her belt.

Back-story: Sillyphia’s mother, Alice Bean, was the youngest daughter of a wealthy merchant and had been kidnapped by a notorious pirate named Cut-throat Pete. However, the pirates plan backfired when he found himself falling for the young woman, and she expressed a desire to remain with him rather than return to her family. Sillyphia was born and raised in Port Demor, a merchant town famed for it’s links with pirates and smugglers, where she was educated in both the ways of elegant society and, well, not so elegant society. From an early age it was apparent she had inherited her father’s sense of adventure, razor wit and intelligence soon becoming a favourite of his and accompanying him on some of his adventures. Whilst other girls her age would be attending balls and searching for suitable husbands, Sillyphia was seeking treasure with her father, battling sea monsters trying to sink her ship or frequenting less reputable bars to learn if any merchant ships would be carrying precious cargo into open waters. She became his official eyes and ears in ports he was unable to enter for fear of capture; after all, who would suspect a well-spoken young lady with an air of elegance not commonly found even in the upper classes. She gained a reputation of being impulsive and daring – like her father - but at the same time she could be understanding and compassionate. At least to those who deserved it.

One night, during a highly charged storm, she was washed over board. The next thing she knew, she was falling. Looking down she could see a town and the blue-green of the sea……….

On going story

She finds herself in the sea by the docks.

A couple of days later, her ship and crew landed on a flop house in old town. She is now in the process of turning it into a 'legitimate' buisness.

The above is now a hotel called the Slanty Shanty.

Here is a link to the D&amp;D version (for reference only - am playing GURPS as far as I can)


2006-09-06, 03:27 AM

Name: Thecla
Race: Hound Archon
Class: Cleric 6
Alignment and Temprament: LN and enjoys wiping out evil by smashing their faces in
Age: 20
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye colour: green
Weapons: Mace called the Holy Devestator

Thecla was human, she was killed by an assassin in the town of Cauldron and was reincarnated as a hound archon. She is deeply religious and has a close relationship with St Cuthbert. She strives to find the good in the world and destroy the evil. She is stayed at the Temple of Remus learning more about her wolf form. She also enjoys visiting the tavern and meeting new people by laying on their feet.

They were away from Town experiencing new and exciting adventures with Mik. They have since come back. They are now married.

2006-09-07, 08:01 PM
Stats and Description (Laurin):

Name: Laurin Frostvale (Loren Ashbrand's mirror counterpart)
Race: Tiefling, with Succubus heritage. Like Loren, it isn't enough to influence her appearance to any great extent.
Class: Sorcerer 27/Exotic Weapon Master 3 (her exotic weapons of choice are, naturally, her whips)
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Evil. Enjoys provoking people, seeing how much they can take before they fight back. Seems to automatically distrust any creature that doesn't look human enough for her, with the notable exception of her familiar.
Age: 46
Height: 5'7&quot;
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Pitch black, about to the base of her shoulder blades
Eye Color: Icy blue
Other Physical Features: A scar on her left cheek, left from her encounter with Loren.
Equipment: Two whips; one made from silver dragonhide (it deals cold damage), the other made from black dragonhide (it deals acid damage). She prefers the silver one, because she loves the idea that she's beating people with the skin of a dragon that once stood for all that is good. She wears no armor, but she usually wears a long, black tunic with dark silver trim.
Her character stats (which I am still working on) can be found here (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=34774).

Laurin talks like this

Stats and Description (Sikthiv):

Name: Sikthiv (Kivsith's mirror counterpart)
Race: White persian cat
Class: None
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful evil. He is very intelligent, and disdains his 'lesser kin' (normal animals). He loves to plot and scheme, and often helps Laurin with strategy, one of her weak points.

Sikthiv talks like this


Laurin was a typical tiefling, if any tiefling can ever be typical. Her father and step-mother tried to raise her in the ways of good, but she would have none of it. Her parents lived in fear of their own child and her inborn talent for magic, until finally they moved out while she was sleeping. She's never seen them since, but she doesn't care.

She spent a good many years of her life as an adventurer, honing her talents, spreading evil throughout the land. It was during this time that she met Sikthiv, residing in the house of some rich family she murdered. He had already been a scheming, dastardly cat, even before his intelligence was added to the mix. He and Laurin soon became inseparable. He had his penchant for scheming and evil plans, and Laurin had her powerful magic and love of power and destruction. They were the ideal pair.

There came a day when a powerful silver dragon by the name of Vaetheldion learned of Laurin's ways, and he went out to stop her. By this time, Laurin was an extremely powerful sorcerer, and the battle between them was long and fierce. By the end, both were weak, and Laurin finished off Vaetheldion with a Power Word Kill spell. It was then she had the insideous idea to construct a weapon from the dragon's flesh. A whip; the classic weapon of torture. How wonderfully ironic, she thought as the idea occured to her. She cut a strip from the dragon's underside, where the skin was more flexible, and cast Disintegrate on the rest of his body, making sure Vaetheldion's soul would have no place to rest save for the whip. At least, that was the idea.

She worked for days getting her whip just right; curing it so it wouldn't rot, finding just the right spells and alchemical substances that would bring out its natural cold energy properties, and contructing a handle so she could hold it without those properties affecting her. Yes, it was the perfect weapon.

Her black whip was aquired in a much less spectacular manner. She was in a fetid, dreary swamp, and saw a cave, in which she saw a wyrmling black dragon guarding a very small and rather pathetic pile of river pearls. Just the same, Laurin wanted them. And she wanted another whip, so there was no question about it. Laurin killed the dragon, and made her second whip, once again disintegrating the body.

As time passed, Vaetheldion's spirit began to grow angry. As Laurin had hoped, he was indeed imprisoned within the sole surviving fragment of himself, and he was sickened with Laurin's evil ways. But he was powerless, all he could do was watch as his hide was used to strike down the innocent, and feel their pain alongside them. For years, he worked on preparing a spell that he would be able to cast in his present state, a spell to punish Laurin for all her misdeeds. Summoning up all his mental strength, Vaetheldion cast the spell, taking away the arcane powers that Laurin had used so recklessly. She was left without any magic at all, not even the smallest of cantrips, and there was no way to reverse what Vaetheldion had done. She was, naturally, furious, and beat the innocent all the harder.

But there was an unforeseen flaw in Vaetheldion's plan. Laurin discovered it one day as she came upon what, at first glance, seemed to be an ordinary town. But this town had such a unique magical aura that it could supress Vaetheldion's spell. So, as long as she stayed within the Town, Laurin could cast her spells, and be as powerful as before. But she was effectively trapped by her own power, and seeks a way to permanently rid herself of Vaetheldion's curse.

Common Knowledge (as provided by a Gather Information check; thanks again to Llama for the idea):

DC 10: Laurin is a chaotic evil tiefling, who wields a pair of whips as her favored weapons
DC 15: Laurin's whips are made from silver and black dragonhide, and have properties of cold and acid, respectively
DC 30: The spirits of two dragons are imprisoned, one in each of Laurin's whips; one of these dragons is the legendary silver dragon Vaetheldion, who was killed by Laurin in an epic battle many years ago
DC 40: Vaetheldion put a curse on Laurin for her wickedness, taking away her magic powers, and she has only recently found a way to regain her former power

Ongoing Storyline:

Laurin is searching for a way to reverse Vaetheldion's curse, but currently has come up with nothing.

Laurin recently met her mirror counterpart, Loren, and they fought each other. Laurin came very close to killing Loren, but Kivsith came and turned the tables, and Laurin was forced to flee back through the mirror. Both of them bear scars from the encounter; Laurin has a scar on her left cheek from Loren's Xendrik boomerang, and Loren has a silvery-blue scar around her neck from Laurin's silver whip.

Laurin recently joined the ranks of Mauron's Fezguls. She signed her name in blood, and currently holds the rank of &quot;the sexy one.&quot;



Vaetheldion (the silver dragon from Laurin's backstory (deceased)):
Vaetheldion is, like most silver dragons, Lawful Good. He was once proud, a noble knight of justice and protector of the innocent, but now he is but a shell of what he once was. He has grown cold and distant, and has often wondered why fate has been so cruel to him. The spell he cast on Laurin used much of his strength, so he's just barely clinging to his pitiful fragment of life. Vaetheldion talks like this
Attaeim (the black dragon from Laurin's backstory (also deceased)):
Attaeim still has the mind of the wyrmling dragon he was when he was slain. He, unlike many black dragons, is Chaotic Neutral. This may be in part because he was still very young, still innocent, not yet Evil. He tends to be slightly more friendly than Vaetheldion, but only with people he trusts, and he is never quick to trust anyone. Attaeim talks like this

2006-09-07, 08:48 PM
((Fenric, I'll delete this post later, but here's a healthy reminder to fix the links.....I'll try and help if you need any.))

2006-09-08, 03:32 PM
Name: Cain
Race: Changling (Perfers human form)
Class: Fighter
Age: 20
Hair: Changes (but most of the time black)

Backstory: Be a changling he is never in one place of too long. He does not remember is home town, nor much about his family, so to pass the time he works as a sword for hire.

Alignment: CG

Name: Tai
Race: Half-dragon (black)
Class: Wizard
Age: 25
Skin- blackish scales

Tai is CN

Appearance: Tai is about six feet tall, large wings on his back, his face is more dragon then human.
He is normally dressed in red-robes with the hood draw up.

Being a half-dragon Tai has been shun from the world, but he continues to live, and takes comfort in his spellbooks, and in other magical studies. Also not evil he has developed a temper, but rarely does he lash out at people.

2006-09-09, 10:31 AM
Name: Daishi
Race: Githerzia
Age: 16
Apperance: Like a Githerzai, with a long coat like Neo.
Stats and Description:
Very catlike (Racial +6 dex), but not all that smart. Takes long strides, and has a pessimistic outlook on things. Very cynical.

2006-09-09, 01:00 PM
Name: Murvana Leggo
Nickname: &quot;Mur&quot; or &quot;Spidery&quot;
Race: Common Giant Spider
class: none
Alignment: lawful neutral
Age: 23
Height: 1'4'
Weight: 20 lb.
Eye colour: y red
Hair colour: Black
Tattoo: A large skull
Weapon: fangs, web, poisonous venom (only if he manages to bite you), and stubby legs
Font Color for spider language: Brown
Font Color for common language: Green
Font for thoughts:Gray


Murvana's short thick black hairs cover his body, has y red eyes, and a regular appearance of a large vicious spider (although he isn't vicious in nature). Tries to wander unnoticed, doesn't like attention, shy when confronted with large crowds. If faced in confrontation will try any means of escape before actually fighting. A bright spider, learned all his spiderish techniques and knowledge of the world from his mother. And also learned common knowledge about the world (like the different races, cultures, magic, a few common words, who to avoid, where babies came from, and his basic skills in science, math, and history) from a bandit wizard who keep him as a pet at a very young age. Made a picture below:


When born, he hatched with two hundred bothers and sisters (all his lost contact with). His mother raised them for about one hour before they started to become increasingly annoying. When she finally reach her level of annoyance she began consuming them, that's when Murvana set out on his on life adventure. Few of his brother and sisters survived. They tried to stick together but soon became independent from one another. They each grew aggressive of their companions and finally decided it best to seperate. Murvana when south of his mother den, and separated only five miles from it. Alone, he realized he was nothing without someone as a companion and nearly died of wild attacks, starvation, and lack of shelter. In the darkest period of his life, when he knew he would probably die, he was saved by the unlikelyness of people. A caravan of bandits crossed him on an abandon forest road. The first response was a scream, followed by, &quot;Kill it!&quot;, but that's not what happened. Instead a bandit wizard captured him in a straw basket and vowed to take him under his responsibilty. Murvana's love for the newly found friend was instant and concerte the moment the wizard(whom he only called &quot;master&quot;) treated him to a freat of assortments (the mice that took over his wagon...his failed first pet). At last Murvana felt special and unique, and where ever his master went, he was sure to follow.

It was from this bandit wizard that Murvana got a proper education. Also where he got his fierce skull tattoo. Although Master's spider language wasn't as good and native as Murvana, they still communacated very well. He learned all kinds of things, but the main things that caught his interest was the stories of the Town. A place of trade, life, and begining. Where you enter as nothing and come out as something. That's exactly what Murvana wanted to do, but it was left in the back of his mind. He didn't want to end a good friendship, but the smarter he got and the closer he grew to Master the more he understood how broken he would be to loose him.

Sadly, good things even come to a horrible end. At the age of 16, children started to become missing. It was tragic, and everyone was considered a killer. But only Murvana was banished for being the monster that he was. Master was outraged and demanded Murvana . Sadly, when people started trying to turn evidense on him, he too knew the spider had to go. The Master and Murvana took their last walk together, they entered a clearing and the Master told his pet what needed to be done. Murvana, after loosing spirit to complain and argue, reluctantly agreed. The friendship was torn, and ever since Murvana felt alone.

That's when he met a little . She lived in a tiny human settlement, without a father or a friend. She met Murvana while she was playing in her mothers garden, and on sight she did something so unexpected to Murvana that he was surprized even to this day. She didn't scream, she didn't freeze in place or automatically go in attack position. Instead she cried with joy, &quot;Wooow! A Doggy! Play Play Play! Come ere doggy.&quot; Murvana was filled with joy and, kept secert from the rest of the town, played everyday with the little in the garden. She sometimes brought him food, but as kind as the offer would be, he'd refuse to eat it. Instead he kill cats, large rodents, birds, and other small prey. He was happy agian, and he knew, like before, it wouldn't last.

One day, while commonly playing a game of fetch, he got a close scent of the little s leg. He didn't know why he felt the need to bite it, and even felt guilty afterward. But, nevertheless, he sank his fangs into her frail skin. The screamed, yelled, and cried in a combination of the three. The mother ran outside immedently and saw what was the most awful sight a parent might witness. A large monterous spider five feet away from her crying, bleeding daughter. Murvana fleed, and never looked back. He ran to the only placed that he though could accept him, the mysterious &quot;Town&quot;.

New to the town (first character). Don't realy know the complex things about D&amp;D, only know the basics.

[Common Knowledge]
Shy, vicious looking, and depressed.

[On Going Storyline]
Crossed the mountains and entered the streets of the town. Made a home and several Friends at the Beholder's Pub. Searched for the Lykan that kill the Beholder's kin. Discovered it was not the Lykan but the Lykan's mirror opposite. Joined the Beholder's attempt to destory the mirror world. Face his own opposite, Alaria. Was stopped and ran when Beholder was captured. Left the Town and went deep into the woods. Discovered the Hidden Elven Town.

[b][Mirror Opposite]

Name: Alaria Cestia
Nickname: &quot;Mother Spider&quot; or &quot;Mama A&quot;
Race: Giant Spider
class: none
Alignment: lawful neutral
Age: 69
Height: 6'4'
Weight: 322 lb.
Eye colour: White
Hair colour: Hairless, smooth Maroon Body
Weapon: fangs, Thick webbing, poisonous venom,

Font Color for spider language: Green
Font Color for Telepathical speech: Blue


Size of a wagon, a mean and yet beautiful looking spider. Eyes are seemingly unblinking. Uses Telepathical Powers regularly to communicate.

2006-09-09, 01:40 PM

Stats and Description

Name: Drobo
Race: Draconic Halfling
Class: High level Rogue, Shadowdancer, Hoardstealer, Epic Infiltrator, Perfect Wight and Agent Retriever
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age:Drobo is 134 years old though he looks and runs like a 32 year old as he stopped his agig proces (by accident) at 32
Height: 2'8&quot;
Weight: 30lb
Physical Appearance: Drobo's physical appearance, even race and gender, change quite often but this is his 'true' appearance:-
Drobo is very short, even for a halfling. He has slanted, copper eyes which always seem to be open. His fingers are long and slighlty scaled towards the tips which end in claws. His face is pointed with accented cheek bones and a scattering of copper scales. He is lithe and quite strong. He moves as very gracefully, he is a very accomplished dancer, and his reflexes are almost Jedi-like.
Appearance: Drobo, when he appears as himself, is almost always dressed in expensive looking tunics and leggings of various shades of black, dark green and deep blue. He wears fingerless black gloves, a long dark green cloak that seems to change hues slighlty as he moves, Black boots and a hat, black obviously. Strapped around his body are two black bandoliers from which several dagger hilts poke. Finally at his waist is an innocous black bag that functions as a handy haversack.
What you can't see are the daggers strapped to his wrists and inside both boots. The final piece of equipment is a small pouch strapped to his waist, under the clothes, which usually seems to blend into the skin. ll his equipment and money are in either the handy haversack pouch or in portable holes carried in the small pouch. The single most odd thing about theis stylish get up is that, although most of the gear is quite clearly magical, it gives off no aura. If someone were to take more notice they'd realise that he cannot be detected in anyway save by sight, and hearing if he chooses.
More often than not Drobo appears to be wearing very expensive multi-coloured clothes. This is misleading as, in the blink of an eye, he can change tham completly.
When he fights he uses daggers in both hands which he throws or uses in melee. His incredible reactions allow him to dodge attacks from larger, slower people and he often hides himself in shadows, tumbles, disappears and generally puts of his opponent until he can sneak attack them.
Weapons Drobo has 28 daggers of varying powers and types. He seems to be able to make them appear in his hand and can juggle with all of them.

Telling the whole history of Drobo's long and hectic life would take the space of several novels so here are the outlines:-
Drobo was born to parents who were both sorcerers in a travelling show on a world with little remarkable about it. Drobo grew up juggling, dancing and generally everything that trains someone for the life of a petty thief. Which is what he became and, until the age of 32, he dreamed he would die of. He was, by this time, a respected member of the thieve's guild of the largest city on his homeworld with dreams of becoming the next guild leader. What changed his life however was the backlash of a magic trap which he didn't quite disable. The spell miscast and fired him into a limbo between the planes eventually he landed in the plane of shadow with a damaged mind and little memory of his former life. Here he learnt to conceal himself in shadows. He found that he could, quite literally, dance into the shadows. Eventually his sanity and memory returned although he can be quite unstable. He determined to go back to the real world which he eventually managed.
Back on the material plane his career really kicked off. He became more than just a petty thief. He stole hoards from dragons, magic items from epic wizards and even an artifact from a God. In short he became one of the greatest thieves in his universe. Due to his time trapped in limbo he seemed never to age and for another 100 years he plagued the universe. He became known as a procurer of any item.
Eventually the Gods became angry and even he couldn't hide from their combined wrath. He was almost caught but in the struggle managed to escape down a route which nobody expected. He moved universe and found himself battered on the road to the Town. He's come to have some fun...

Common Knowledge
Very little as he is completly unknown, even to the gods, in this universe. Talking to him for a while you get the sense that he isn't completly sane. He seems to know a lot about human nature but often finds the most obvious things or manners very strange. He also speaks any language that he ever hears or heard perfectly. He seems more than confident with his weapons.

Drobo is from an Epic level campaign i played a while ago. He died in the campaign and his soul was destryed-i've changed that here. I am copying his stats to Sylnae but very slowly.

New guy in town, just drinking at the moment. ;D

2006-09-09, 02:36 PM
Name: Sovelliss
Race: To all outward appearences unknown but in reality elf
Alignment: Chao neut
Class: 2 ranger 18 fighter
Age: 135
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Hair: black
Eyes: green
Weapons: +3 Holy Shortsword and +4 Rapier of wounding

Description: Sovelliss is a hard character to miss. What stands out most about him is his black leather mask he ALWAYS wears. The mask covers three quarters of his face (both eyes and and left side) but has no noticable nose. He has long hair that is rather unkept and flows freely where it is not restrained by his mask. He is dressed all in black with black gloves and black boots with the exception of his cloak which has an odd camoflaging effect that blends into the background. Other than the mask, the most noticable thing about Sovelliss is the way he moves: He has an odd gliding aspect about him which is the result of his exceptional dexterity.
Below his cloths Sovelliss wears a set of celestial armour although this is never seen and indeed it appears he has no armour at all.

Backstory: Sovelliss was raised in a Traditional elven stronghold that still believed in the old ways of beauty and segragation from the outside world. Trained as a ranger, Sovelliss had the responsibity, as other with his training did, to protect the borders from the intrusions of other lesser races into his homeland.
One day when out on patrol, Sovelliss and his troup came upon signs of a small group of trespassers. For Three day Sovelliss' group tracked the interlopers until cornering them against the banks of the river. During the battle that ensued, Sovelliss was gravelly wounded by an acid orb tossed at him which distroyed his face and nearly took his life.
Sovelliss survived the battle but because of the ruin to his body which no amount of magic could remove (although his wounds were healed) the elves were disgusted. Equiped to the best of their ability, Sovelliss was expelled from his homeland by his kin and has since been wondering the realms seeking to find a place where he can be excepted. Sovelliss has never forgiven the spellcasters of the lesser races for what was taken from him and has always hated them, although he has occasionally learned to tolerate them when nessessary.

Common Knowledge: Nothing. Sovelliss does not talk about his past so nothing is known about him so far.

2006-09-09, 11:09 PM
Name: Iris Strider
Race: Human/Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, easily angryed and has a short temper.
Age: 43
Height: 5'6'
Weight: 185lbs(muscle)
Hair color: Blond, long beard and mustash.
Eye color: Brown
Weapons: Pistol, steel battle axe, iron hachet.
Font: Navy

5'3' human/dwarf with a muscular figure and long blond beard. Rough face, scarred and wheathered like worn leather. Although he has a brutish face, he has the eyes that seem to hold wisedom and knowlegde of battle. He also has a large bushy mustach and beard. Some have even made the comment of him being, &quot;A tall Dwarf&quot;. He has a short temper and is angered easily to insults. Pic below:


Iris was born in a human village, but he learned most of his teachings from a nearby dwarven settlement. He was fasinated by their race at a young age. His human peers would sometimes call him a &quot;Tall Dwarf&quot; or a &quot;hybrid&quot;, this is where his aggresive behavior developed. Instead of releasing his anger, he bottled in up. Over time it built and swelled, but he always managed to show no signs. His mother was a Human Washwoman, who made a poor living. His father died when he was six, and although his mother says he was human Iris always secertly believed (almost hoping) otherwise. In a childhood without a father he seeked a male guardian to guide him. That guardian was a Dwarven Fighter by the name of RedBeard Widehammer. Redbeard taught him lessons of dwarven tradition and Iris couldn't have been more interested. He would sneak off after school to attend Redbeard's lesson. Fearing what his mother's reaction would be if she dicovered he spent more time with Dwarves than humans, he kept their meetings secert.

When he was 13, a rebelious drunken dwarf happen to insult a human's mistress. The human pulled a knife and killed him for such an insult. Little did the man know the dwarf was the brother of the dwarven Elder. When the Elder demanded justice the humans offered none in the defense that the dwarf had always been crazy and stupid. Thus began the war between the once peaceful settlements. Swords clanged in the streets, houses burned, many men died, and all because of a disagreement.

Iris was torn apart from his mentor, not by choice but by force. One day, while sneaking off in mid afternoon (even during the war he wished to rather be with his Guardian), he was caught by the human guards and forced under house arrest. His mother had a sixth sense of what he was doing, she had seen him slowly change from a human into a dwarf. She confronted him about the matter, and argued, and fought. No matter what she or Iris did nothing solved their different views. When he coldly stated he'd leave, she spilled the truth. She was married to a weathy human merchant and he died of sickness; but the man wasn't his father. His father was a dwarf in fact, but it was because she was raped by him. She never told anyone, not even her husband. Iris was crush, inside all that bottled up anger and haterd erupted, and he left his mother to live in the wilderness. He never trusted nore liked humans since...

For 29 years he lived with a distant dwarven community, were he trained to be a fighter and taught other young dwarves the same lessons Redbeard taught him. He also fell in love with pistols and always keeps one handy on his belt (along with some form of a blunt weapon). No one questioned why he was taller, they merely accepted the fact. Iris never told anyone he was half human and dwarf. If you ever asked him today his answer would always be &quot;Dwarf&quot;.

He left the dwarven village and spent a year crossing dangerous environments to get to the Town. No one ever knew why he abrutly left his paradise...

[Common Knowledge]
A tall Dwarf, hates humans, and has anger problems


New, first guy.

[Ongoing Storyline]

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Name: Samson O’Riely
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 179
Age: 17
Class: Gunslinger 12
Weapon: Revolver and 300 rounds, Black Time-Slow Pistol, Shotgun, bowie knife.
Description: Samson is of average build, his short brown hair covered by his “Cowboy” Hat. His light-brown trench coat covers his charred, Gray Skin. On his belt is a Bowie Knife, sharpened to perfection. His leg is metallic, seemingly made from plumbing.

Backstory: Samson was born in a town very far from The Town, called The West. He grew up, his father being a sheriff, learning how to use his revolver well. However, as children are, he grew up rebellious, and it never went away.

[Common Knowledge]
-New Guy In Town
-Leader of the Order of Anarchy


[Ongoing Storyline]
-In Jail

Name: Xwell Hess
Race: Breedling
Gender: M
Height: 2'3" standing.
Weight: 19
Age: 10
Weapon: Light Repeating Carbine, Electro Dagger.

Description: Xwell is a short, Gray skinned humanoid creature with four small, golden eyes with feline pupils aligned in a Spider-like fashion. His head is abnormally large for his size, which houses a super-computer like brain. His fingers are long with large bulbous ends to them, which are the ends of long spindly fingers. His chest is tightened, his spine easily seen from all sides, as it seems he has no organs in his abdomen. His legs are covered with black leather pants, which have small orange lines down the sides. Across his back is a large Rifle, which looks nothing like you have ever seen.

Backstory: Born in a small cylinder of medical juices, Xwell was created from the DNA of many creatures. As he was ejected from his cylinder, his brain seemed to click on almost immediately, and realized that he was not a normal being. As the White-Coats wrote notes, he planned his escape. As they kneeled towards him, a needle in hand, he ripped off the metal of his clipboard and lunged it towards his head, and then he ran, far. He killed many people along his path, and for 6 years, he did so, Until he found a ship. Now armed with a Carbine and a Dagger, he killed to pilot and set a course for the nearest planet, “The Planet”.

[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]

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Name: Weebl
Age: n/a
Weight: In proportion
Height: 7ft 7in
Hair: Long Blonde
Eye colour: Hazel
Self Protection: Mainly magic sometimes fists.
Backstory: His only event worth knowing is suddenly appearing in the town with no memory of where came from or his relatives.
Criminal record: 1 arrest and 6 hours jail time.
Common knowledge: Weebl owns a pet shop and has dragon called bob who is sarcastic as well as being six inches long. Weebl spends a lot of time in Trogs and has long sleeps after having a couple of DLBs.

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Name: Arthimus Lancer
Age: 26
Race: Human (potentially)
Height: 6'2&quot;
Weight: 124Ibs
Class: Fighter
Eyes: unknown
Hair: unknown
Alignment: Lawful Good

Arthimus lancer was once the captain of the royal guard of a country named Croo. After discovering the threat of Gure against his homeland, he resigned so that he could quest across the world in search of Gure.

Common Knowledge
- Will help wherever possible
- Is kind
- Can easily fight with any weapon
-Can take a lot of damage

Is an adopted Orphan from a small village after it was destroyed by his adopted families town. Doesn't like talking about this.

Ongoing Storyline
Has arrived in the town hoping to find Gure, or a lead.


Name: Hamus Gore
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 8'6&quot;
Weight: 275Ibs
Class: Fighter
Eyes: blue
Hair: Long, ginger
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Accompanies Arthimus as party member and best friend in search for Gure.

Common Knowledge
- Can out-eat and out-drink you.
- is unimaginably strong.
- nothing has ever survived a direct hit from his battleaxe.
- has a Scottish Accent.

was raised in a country known as Rin. He was chosen to be the 'Chosen' one to stop the evil enemy, which Rin beleived was croo, but is in fact Gure. He was banished from his moeland after becomg friends with Arthimus.

Ongoing Storyline
Has arrived in the town with Arthimus hoping to find Gure, or a lead.


Name: Zamatamunga (Zamu)
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 5'11&quot;
Weight: 111Ibs
Class: Fighter
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, dreadlocks
Alignment: Neutrall Good

Once first-mate on the ship of the pungent dwarf, captain Bile-Beard, Zamu and Hamus caused a Mutiny which left his as captain for a time. Later on he met Hamus again and eventually left the pirate ship to take up a life of adventure and cookie baking.

Common Knowledge
- Always has some kind of new wierd cookie with him and likes wearind fun clothes

now travels with the other heroes of Kalion to try and stop Gure.

Ongoing Storyline
Has arrived in the town hoping to find Gure, or a lead.









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Name: Julian Bael, The Draconic Lord only for those who know his profecy.
Race: Human
Class: Fighter 3/Cleric 5
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Although Julian looks somewhat intimidating on the outside, those who know him understand he is one of the kindest man they ever met. His anger is only for the wicked.
Age: 18
Height: 85 Kg
Weight: 1.90m
Eye Colour: Black.
Hair Colour: Black. Julian has short air and beard around his chin connected to his mustache. (It's exactly like Obi Wan Kenobi or Count Dooku)
Weapons: One Handed War Axe customized for Julian. It's grip has a small dragon head with ruby for eyes. It's blade has small red runes all around the sharp point of the axe. Besides this, he also carries a one handed mace. His shield looks like it's made of bone and resembles the head of a Dragon.

Background: Julian had a happy childhood. He was raised by a loving mother and father. Her mother was Jeska Darkstar, a waitress at one of the village's tavern, and his father was a retired adventurer. His father, Carth Bael, only gave up adventuring when he reached the small village where he met Jeska. Because of this, Julian was taught everything his father knew, but like he always said, only by fighting, one could improve.
On the night of his 10th aniversary Julian had a vision: The Time of the Rogue Dragons was arriving. If they couldn't be stopped, their madness could destroy the World. The Chosen would be able to remove the Madness from any Dragon's mind, be it good or evil, because their purpose is to save Dragonkind from eternal madness.
From that day forth, besides showing considerable talent with a blade, Julian felt a connection with the Gods. He joined the local Temple and began learning how to increase this connection.

At the age 18, he said goodbye to his beloved family and friends, under the pretext he was going to improve his skills, adventure and do good. All this was true, but what he didn't tell, was that he had to search for a way to erradicate the comming madness.

[Common Knowledge]
- When in battle, Julian carries a very intimidating armor. All of it is black and red, silver runes are etched on his Black Cape, the shoulders resemble Dragon Skulls with with long spiky horns where human/humanoid skulls are empaled. Several chains also are &quot;tied&quot; to 2 of the horns, every one of them ending in a sharp looking talon. Those make a very enervating sound when he walks calmly heading for the fray. It is his way to say: &quot;I am comming for your head.&quot;
His helm resembles the skull of a Dragon aswell. In his chest 2 Dragons are carved.
Just because he is all good, that does not mean he has to show it to his enemies.
- When not in battle, he wears white pants, a green linen shirt and a pendant of his God on his neck.

- Julian will ALWAYS attemp to do the greater good.
- He likes to hang around places with people to talk and gather information.
- He loves to read.

[Ongoing Storyline]
His first stop on his quest was The Town. Surely a place like this holds information. He remembers his vision, where it was said he would know what he was close. That &quot;tingling&quot; sense leaded him here.

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Name: Ingenua
Age: 110
Race: Elf
Height: 5'
Weight: 100 lbs
Classes: Some kind of druid/sorceress. I don't DnD (yet), I just roleplay.
Alignment: Lawful something :P

Sparkling blue eyes meet your gaze with a constant air of amusement. Somehow, they seem to be trying to hold you, attempting to prevent you from looking too closely at the rest of her. If you managed it, you would notice her elven ears and slender shape, but still nothing that particularly caught your eye.

She'll tell you something when you meet her. Whether it's true is another question.

Common Knowledge:
Very personable and friendly.
Wears a neckchain of small sapphires.

Current Storylines:
Ingenua is currently trying to find out why an orchard is dying. Of course, that was before the snow (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1158118396) killed everything ((drat :P)).

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[Stats and Description]


Name: Lord Arkaine
Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Evoker/Transmuter) 5 / Red Wizard 10 / Archmage 5
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Evil; deceitful, suspicious, cautious, impatient, vengeful
Age: 31
Height: 6 feet, 10 inches
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair colour and length: blond, shoulders, wavy
Eye colour: Piercing blue-grey
Weapons: Typically relies on magic alone, but carries an Unholy Longsword +3 of Brilliant Energy

Lives recluded in his tower, but has been seen on a number of occasions chasing myth and lore.

[Common Knowledge]
- Quick to anger
- Elemental affinity: fire
- Lacks Necromancy, Enchantment, and Illusion

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[Name:] Horus-Re (pronounced "Horus-rah")

[Description:] http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i311/ChimeraHybrid/My%20avis/Horus-Re2.gif

Age: 30
Race: half-elf
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs
class: rogue/bard
alignment: Chaotic neutral.

Personality: Horus is a pretty quick-witted guy. he's quick with a sarcastic remark or a spur-of the-moment plan, but he has no common sense. In fact, his common sense (or lack thereof) put him in his current predicament,though he insists it was all part of some grand scheme of his. He has somewhat of a mixed outlook on life, not really pessimistic or optimistic. He is, however, an existentialist. He believes good and evil are far too complicated of concepts for the mortal races, though he understands why people devote themselves to them. He just does what he sees as right, taking what he needs.

[weapons:] horus wields a rapier in his right hand primarily used for defense. On the off-chance his rapier beaks, he has his trusty dagger at hand. His primary weapon, however, is his demonic left arm. Warped through foul magicks and curses, it has grown to twice the size of his right arm and sprouted bony spikes. The arm possesses an unholy strength unmatched by most mortal weapons and heals Horus upon killing a foe, though it has all the weaknesses of a normal arm (can be broken, sundered, etc.). However, upon falling unconscious, the malign energies cause a bony blade to extend from the back of his hand, allowing him to stand up and fight until death. due to its demonic nature, he cannot enter holy places. Horus has little understanding of the arm or the energies that fashioned it, but he does know that it is a powerful weapon, and doesn't hesitate to use it in combat, uncaring of what end it may lead him to.

[History:] Horus was born to an elven man and a human woman in a small city. He had difficulties fitting in with other children (as he matured slower), though he was able to overcome this and make some decent friends. he never really felt able to devote himself to any cause, not quite "getting" the concepts of good or evil. He did, however, enjoy the teachings of Oliddamara: take what you can, give nothing back. He took to a life of cutpursing in his adult life, dodging the town watch and the occasional angry adventurer. on one such day, after narrowly avoiding an elven wizard's wrath, he ran into the ranger Anubis. the two made friends, due to Anubis's neutral nature and Horus-Re's friendly nature. After a few months, the church of Heironeous sought out a group of adventurers to investigate the disappearance of a noble. Anubis and Horus thought of this as a great idea to make some quick coin, with no idea what they would get into. Accompanied by the monk Bel, they searched the lake, hoping to find some clues and experience. what they found was a vampire spawn and a small band of skeletons. They dispatched the spawn and her minions, then searched her remains. On her, they found a black amulet. Horus picked it up, the amulet binding to his soul. After this, they went to the manor of the noble, only to find it infested with undead, being fought off by a paladin named Osiris. They dispatched the creatures with the newcomer's aid, then walked into a courtyard filled with tombstones. One such tomb pulled the magical amulet from horus, breaking its bond. The same spawn they had killed at the lake pulled itself from the grave on the back of an enormous golem made of bones. As his teammates fought the duo off, Horus-Re's left arm began to throb with agony. in 30 seconds, his arm doubled in size and musculature, grew spikes and was fused with unholy energy. Horus pulled himself to his feet and charged at the vampire spawn, knocking her from her mount and into a wall. He dove upon her and brought his fist through her chest, killing her instantly. He still continues to delve into the mystery of his transformation and of the noble's dissapearance.

[Common Knowledge:]
-Horus-re is marked by a malign power

[Notes:] He can translate ancient abyssal (a language from my friend's campaign), which is closely tied to the dark tongue, and unknown by all but the most ancient fiends and their consorts.

[Ongoing storylines:] After defeating the ressurected vampire spawn, horus and company ventured further into the manor and found the noble, Lord Balin. apparently, he had become a vampire at the hands of Count Lichtenstein, one of the elder vampires with ties to an ancient evil known simply as "The Demon God." Balin noticed Horus and told him he had been marked by the demon god, and he eagerly awaited the study of his corpse. They fought him and his minions, nearly defeated, when the tide changed in an interesting manner; Balin knocked Horus to the ground and laid his axe into his chest. It seemed he was done for, But he changed again. He sprouted a bone blade from the back of his hand and stood, controlled by the malign forces of his limb. his strength increased twice more, and he laid into Balin with savage fury. The vampire fled, swearing revenge for the attack, but not before biting the paladin, who became a vampire, but for some reason, Osiris's alignment remained unchanged, due to an ancient helm he wore, said to be the bane of undead. Still wounded and weary, the party found an elevator that led to a desecrated temple of Heironeous, with a scroll detailing the last stand the paladins and monks made before forces of the demon god overwhelmed them. They left the building, heading back to the current church, only to find that Lord Balin had been spotted in an abandoned mansion across the lake. The party made haste, eager for both revenge and answers.

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Name: Kerigan Lin'bardi
Race: Halfling
Class: 10 Rogue, 12 (Epic) Shadow Dancer
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral, Does her own damn thing, sways from being good to being evil, she has no set morality.
Age: 19 (Roughly, Humanwise, halfway between 17 and 18)
Height: 3'1&quot;
Weight: 27 lbs
Hair: A firey red
Eye colour: Her left eye is green, while her right is blue.
Weapons: Magical heavy crossbow, Magical Scimitar, Unknown boomerang, A few rods, Her freaking arm.

She seems to have the looks of a normal adventurering halfling, She seems very nimble and dexterious, however not as muscular as a Strongheart or other counterparts, while being very pale like most Redheads. Her hair is let loose, kept cut to her shoulders, with her face being fairly thin and small, her green-blue eyes easily noticable. Her right arm is replaced with that of a warforged equivilant, and it doesn't seem to slow her down any, its bronze sheam of &quot;muscle&quot; easily noticable, even while its covered with a few iron plates. She has a large crossbow and a scimitar strapped to her back, with a boomerrange on her side and a small pack with a few rods straped to it on the other side, she general wears a light vest and pants, in a black color, with light blue designs that almost look like dragon marks.

Credit to the very uber Faceninja.

In acuality, she hails from the world of Eberron. However, She was plane walked a great &quot;distance&quot; to the world that the The town (Whatever it may be) is centered in, and she receives orders to do jobs and make certain people disappear. Anything else is completely unknown, even to you, Oh ever reading user.

[Common Knowledge]
- ... Had a accident, which intitled her losing her arm, or something, because she has a FREAKING WARFORGED RIGHT ARM!
-Probably fairly easily tellable that she is a extreme to extreme type, she can be very cheerful, but also very serious.


Her entire right arm, right to her shoulder socket, has been replaced with a warforged arm. It has been made to suit her arm perfectly, and she can use it with very little differnce from a real arm. It uses electcricity and magic to operate nervous functions, and when using it to lift things and such she can lift/whatever like if she had a 22 strength.

Franz Ferdinand's &quot;Take Me Out&quot;... Seriously, tis perfect.

[Ongoing Storyline]
-Kill Mortia and Lykan. Save Eberron.

-Kill Llama again and make him into a bag of Holding

Ice Oracle

Character sheet:


The Lady Auneredra
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Name: The Lady Auneredra aka The Lady
Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: The Lady never tells!
Height: 4 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 79 lbs
Hair color and length: Long, Curly, Auburn
Eye color: green
Weapons: We'll get to that at another time.

Not on our first date, sweetie. Coming later.

[Common Knowledge]
The Lady is what you call &quot;Ambiguously Naked&quot;. See, her shoulders and neck are bare, but she's always hiding behind something that keeps her out of sight. The question remains: Is The Lady really naked, or does she just dress kinda floozy?

The Lady and 'Emperor' Indurain have this little &quot;feud&quot; going on between them. They constantly banter and argue, and will insult eachother without the slightest provacation.

[Ongoing Storyline]
The Lady is more of a looming presence; she hasn't actually been in too much, but people know about her.

OOC: ...and seriously, Nudie Man...

Ladies love the Indurain!
...you wish!

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Jeder Lokh

[Stats and Description]
Name: Jeder Lokh
Race: Half-orc
Class: Ranger/Tempest
Alignment/Temperment: Neutral Good. Generally calm though he can be rather tempermental at times. Serious and focused most of the time, unless he's had a few...
Age: 25
Height: 6'3&quot;
Weight: 240lbs
Hair: Nonexistant, he ritually shaves his head
Eyes: Black and beady
Weapons: A bastard sword, two axes, and a longbow. Each is at least a little bit enchanted.

Character sheet (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=38792)

Jeder's appears to be a middle-aged half-orc, his many wary years away from civilization making him appear older than he is. He wears a stiff-seeming suit of studded leather armor and a pair of plain-looking brown boots. A green hooded cloak falls over his back, which he generally keeps clinched shut to hide the very nice looking axes and sword hanging from his belt. A few pouches hang from his belt, and a backpack bulges out from under the cloak. A fine composite longbow is usually strapped behind his back, with his quiver crossing it. His head is shaved bald, and his face and arms are riddled with various scars, in which he takes great pride. He is missing the ring finger of his left hand, though it doesn't seem to bother him much. His faithful hawk Shirik is never far from him.

Jeder, unlike most of his kind, was not the product of a foul meeting between a terrible orc and his helpless victim. No, he was actually born into a peaceful village where many races, including such commonly evil races like orcs, goblins, and a host of other humanoids, lived together in harmony. His father, the orc Jedic Lokh, was the most powerful warrior of the village and Captain of the town's gaurd. His mother, the human Dilunia (Cartswold) Lokh was a powerful druid, and successor to her uncle, Eliac Cartswold, as chief diplomat to the Deep Forest.
Around the time of Jeder's 12th birthday, the peaceful village was attacked by a small band of ogres and evil worg-riding orcs. The invasion was easily quelled under the leadership of Jedic, the small remaining force of ogres and orcs being chased out of town. Jedic led a hunting party after them, but after a few days, a sole member of the hunting party returned with horrible news. They had been led into an ambush of much more powerful foes being led by a particularly vicious stone giant. Everyone that went was thought to be dead. Little did they know that the mastermind of the ambush was an evil wizard who took the majority of the party captive, including Jedic.
Three years past. Jeder was destroyed by the loss of his father, but turned his rage into fuel for revenge. He studied the art of combat diligently from his father's brother, the new Captain of the gaurd, and learned all he could of the natural world from his mother and uncle Eliac.
During this time, the evil wizard had been busy. He recognized Jedic as the most powerful of the orcs he had at his disposal and quickly went to work magically infusing his dna with that of an especially dreadful ogre. The product of this unholy union was a veritable killing machine, the half-orc half-ogre Gric. To the wizards great distress, though, Gric was not inherently evil, and it took much conditioning to get him to the verocity the wizard desired. As well as creating a host of other such dread unions, the wizard was able to magically brainwash his captives, Jedic included.
The day before Jeder's 15th birthday, the village was once again attacked, but this time the force was much more powerful than that of the previous attack. And it was led by Jedic. The battle raged, and a host of the villagers perished. Finally, in a horrific act of civil duty, Jeder himself took his father out with a well-placed shot to the heart. After their leadership was taken out, the war party started to crumble. Most fled, and this time no hunting party was sent after them. The monstrous Gric was captured and caged, set to be burned the following evening as a tribute to Jeder's courage and will. But there was something nagging at the back of Jeder's mind about this particular creature. He spent the night at the cage door, studying Gric, and very quickly the rage burnt out of the beast and Jeder could see. This creature was his half-brother, it's resemblance to his father almost uncanny. He couldn't stand the thought of it being burned, but knew there was no way to convince the town council to free him, not after it had caused so much damage and death to the people. So that night, Jeder decided to do something that only he could understand. He freed the creature, and fled out of his home with it, vowing to take revenge on whatever it was that had perverted his father so.
Over the course of the next year, Jeder and Gric came to know beyond any questionable doubt that they were brothers. Gric related to Jeder as best he could the many tales of torture and horrible training the wizard conducted on him, and the way that he slowly brainwashed their father into leading an attack on his own home. They went to the place the wizard had been, but it had long been abandoned.
The next ten years of thier lives were set soley on finding this fiend that destroyed their lives and bringing him to bloody justice. And just as Jeder was begining to give up hope, he found the evil wizard and his stone giant bodygaurd, not to mention the legion of forces that he now controlled. With the help of others who had been similarly wronged, Jeder and Gric were able to defeat him.

[b]Gric Lokh
[Stats and Description]
Name: Gric Lokh
Race: Half-orc Half-ogre
Class: Fighter/War Hulk
Alignment/Temperment: Chaotic Good. Two emotional extremes: happy and angry. He loves to fight, but will most often look to the approval of his brother before entering combat.
Age: 13 (Though through magical means he is fully grown)
Height: 8'9&quot;
Weight: 740lbs
Hair: A long mess of unkempt black hair.
Eyes: Large, mostly black pupils, with just a tint of red in them.
Weapons: A Huge (actual size category) Greatsword and large boulders (contained in a magical bag he carries with him).

Character sheet (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=38793)

Gric, despite his giant size, appears very similar to Jeder in physical appearance. It is obvious that his orc side is much more dominant than his ogre side, except for the fact of his Large size. Gric rarely wears a shirt, but when he knows he will be going into heavy battle, he will don a suite of specially made chain mail. He is bare-foot, the only clothing adorning him is a pair of black breeches. A huge sword is strapped to his back, it's handle well above his head and it's tip nearly touching the ground. He almost always has his trusty sack, a large brown bag that looks as if it will burst any moment from the pressure of it's contents: a 50lb boulder. (This is actually a magical item. The bag will always have a boulder of the same size in it. Once one is removed, another appears in it's place.) He, like his brother, is decorated with many scars, which he proudly bears. His grin is missing a few teeth, and he walks seeming to favor his right leg, though it doesn't slow him down.

2006-09-14, 11:49 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Zarkovnix Jalio
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Gender: Male
Alignment/Temperment: Chaotic good. Sways either way depending on the circumstances and the personal gain of the situation.
Age: 149
Height: 4' 6&quot;
Weight: 87 lb
Hair: Short and white, usually covered by a small hood.
Eyes: Bright blue. Often hypnotic. Not DnD-wise, but very pretty to look at.
Weapons: A longsword at his hip, a bow and quiver on his back. A dagger also hangs from a shoulder-sheath.

Zarkovnix was born in a bandit camp to his mother Julie and father Gregoroth. Gregoroth often went on trips with the bandits to steal food, weapons, gold and other provisions whilst Julie stayed at the camp and looked after Zarkovnix. She was very nice to him, giving him treats even when he didn't deserve them, giving him just that little bit more food, etc. For his third birthday he was granted his first sword. It was wooden toy, but he loved it all the same. Every day he would play with the other kids, practicing with their swords. It was a tradition in that camp that all children be granted thier first sword at three. He was often teased, however, for being the only Elf child in the camp.
The bullies were not that much older than him, five years old. It was not actually physical, just names like &quot;Loner&quot;, &quot;Reject&quot;, and worst of all for him, &quot;Weakling&quot;. He hated being called a name that demoted his strength in the eyes of his peers. When he told his father, Gregoroth only answered with:
&quot;Prove to them you're not.&quot;
After trying this a few times, he decided to take the advice. For three whole years he trained with his little sword, bashing trees into bark, windows into shards of glass, and straw dummies to sticks on the ground. One day, when he was six and one fifth years old, the sword snapped.
Twing! it went. He screamed in delight. Most kids didn't get a new sword until they were eight years old, let a lone younger than seven. His father was very proud of him. Not only did Gregoroth carve him a new, longer sword, but he also stole him a steel dagger for accomplishing that feat so quickly.
The next day, he went into the forest near the camp to play on the branches. Of course, the other children were there and teased him. The fattest one, another Elf, started it off.
&quot;Hey, fellas!&quot; he said in a high-pitched voice. &quot;Guess who's here for another playtime!&quot;
The others replied with a cheer.
&quot;So, Elf,&quot; he said repulsively. &quot;How should we torture you today?&quot;
Zarkovnix pulled out the dagger from a sheath on his hip. He pointed it to the fat Dwarf from a high branch.
&quot;Shut your mouth you fat lump of lard,&quot; he said with a deathly tone. Clearly the Dwarf did not get the idea when he replied with:
&quot;What? Stole daddy's dagger, did you?&quot; A quiver was let into the tone, but it was almost unnoticeable. But almost didn't get anyone anywhere.
&quot;Scared, tubby? Maybe you want to go eat something before having a rest to relax your tired little fat rolls you call feet?&quot; retorted Zarkovnix with a grin. This was going to be fun.
&quot;That's it! Come on, fellas, let's have some fun!&quot; shouted the child Dwarf. The five other children held up their little wooden swords, barely splintered, and began hacking at the tree. When it was three quarters of the way chopped, he laughed.
&quot;Idiots!&quot; he yelled. &quot;Look! The tree is going to fall on you!&quot; Zarkovnix broke into a hysterical laughter. His shoe dropped from the tree and hit the fat Dwarf on the head. &quot;Oops,&quot; he said sarcastically.
The fat Dwarf, whose name was Harmon, threw the small wooden sword at Zarkovnix. He caught it, reaching out to a full arm's length to catch the badly-aimed makeshift missile.
&quot;Take this!&quot; shouted Zarkovnix. He pegged (and by that I mean actually pegged, it's a type of throw over the shoulder and hasn't got that big of a swing) the wooden sword at Harmon. It rammed into is oversized stomach, sending him to the ground.
Then the tree collapsed.
It swayed one way, then the other, then decided to go straight on top of Harmon who was still lying down eyes closed on the ground, holding his stomach. Zarkovnix swore loudly and debated in his head what to do. It took half a precious second. Reaching his decision, Zarkovnix lept from the tree and landed light-footed on the ground. The tree was only a meter and a half above his head, about two meters from Harmon. Zarkovnix grabbed Harmon from beneath him and threw him out of harm's way. This, therefore, put him in full range. The tree came down with a loud Thump! on his back, before bouncing off and landing on his leg.
&quot;AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!&quot; screamed Zarkovnix in pain. In fact, this seemed like such a good idea he screamed it again. &quot;AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!&quot;
The scream chilled the blood of Harmon and the other children. They, being rather nasty in doing so, left him to scream and possibly have his leg crushed.
&quot;No!!!&quot; yelled Zarkovnix in pain. &quot;Don't leave me! HARMON YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE LUMP OF LARD! I SAVED YOUR FREAKING LIFE!&quot;
At that very moment Gargoroth entered that section of the forest.
&quot;Watch your mouth, young m- Oh dear lord! What happened?!&quot;
During that time the other children bolted from the area, but Harmon wasn't fast enough. He was grabbed by the scruff of the neck and brought up to Gregoroth's eyes.
&quot;You little bastard!&quot; were the only words that escaped Gregoroth's lips before Harmon was thrown against a nearby tree, knocked out. &quot;What did he do to you?&quot;
Zarkovnix explained what happened. There was an awkward silence afterward.
&quot;I'm proud of you, son... very proud. Risking life and limb for vermin like that...&quot; whispered Gregoroth.
&quot;Well, that's very well and good, Dad,&quot; said Zarkovnix with a strain. &quot;But maybe you can get this stupid thing off my - ARGH - leg?&quot;
A week later, the leg had healed and Zarkovnix hated Harmon more than ever. No, more than hatred - loathing. He had risked his life for the little slimeball and his repayment was to leave.
Over the next few decades. th hatred grew and grew. At one point, Harmon and the other tied and gagged him before throwing him into the compost and setting it on fire. Luckily, Julie managed to get him out before the flames reached him.
One hundred and eighty. The coming of age for an elven bandit. And the time he could go on his first stealing trip with the other bandits. Problem was, Harmon turned one hundred and eighty the week before, so he had to put up with him while they were out.
On the night of his birthday, after the party, he donned a dagger and steel longword. He was beyond toys. They left with a feeling of anxiety. Harmon was at the front, followed by Harmon's father, a man, Gregoroth, two more men, Zarkovnix, then another man. Their first stop was at a small adventurers camp. It was quite scary, to Zarkovnix.
He watched in quiet horror as the bandits stormed a tent quietly and slit every throat. They were all men. The second tent came, and the men inside were also slaughtered. There was a woman in this tent, and she was bound and gagged, then taken into the darkness by one of the bandits. He heard some sikening, muffled screams within seconds.
The third tent held three children and a man. The man was intantly killed, and the children were taken outside to be gagged and bound, then left to rot alive. The gold an weapons were put into a bag and given to the recently-returned, recently-exhilerated bandit to be taken to the camp.
The next adventure camp held only two tents. The first held the women and ther second held the men. The women were gagged and bound in the same way as the other woman.
On the way to the next encampment, Zarkovnix threw up into a bush. Wiping his mouth, he was sickened at what he had seen the others do. He had not taken part or made any interaction with the others during the time they'd been out. He made a resolution: to leave. Leave it all behind. Just go and have a normal life, without... without this.
With that, he snuck away from the party and went to the first camp. He found the woman dead, an arrow through her skull. The children were crying and struggling. They screamed louder through thier gags when he approached.
He shooshed them and assured hem he wouldn't hurt them, then set the two children free. The stood watching him, with their scared, scared eyes.
&quot;Okay...&quot; he mumbled quietly in Elvish. Then he continued in fluent Common: &quot;I am not here to hurt you... I just want to know something.&quot;
The children took a step back. One burst our crying again. The child crumpled to the ground in a heap. The other bolted to the tent. Zarkovnix sighed. Now what...?
However, the child who went to the tent bolted back again, this time holding a small crossbow loaded with a single bolt. There were three more across his back in a small quiver. The child spoke over the other in a quivering voice.
&quot;Wha-what do you want...? Hurt me and I'll fire this thing into your left temple, bub!&quot; he added furiously as Zarkovnix stepped closer. The crying child screamed louder.
&quot;Okay!&quot; retored Zarkovnix, stumbling backwards. &quot;I just want to know which way the town is-&quot; A twig snapped. Several twigs. And laughter, as well. And worst of all, the clinking of metal.
The bandits were coming back, including his father and Harmon.
&quot;Quick!&quot; exclaimed Zarkovnix. &quot;Hide!&quot; The children hesitated, then ran into the tent.
His father stumbled through the bush.
&quot;There ye' are!&quot; he said. &quot;Wonderin' where you were. C'mon, time to go home with the loot!&quot;
&quot;NO!&quot; yelled Zarkovnix. &quot;NO! I won't let you.. you sick, wrong, bastard!&quot;
&quot;Oi! Don't speak to your mather like tha' young man!&quot;
&quot;You aren't my father! I used to look up to you... but now I know! You're just as sick and wrong and ... sick as Harmon! You will never be my father!&quot;
Gregoroth looked dumbfounded.
&quot;Wha... what the...?&quot; he managed.
&quot;Just... leave me alone! Which way?&quot; added Zarkovnix, looking at the child he had asked earlier for directions. The child raised an arm, aiming directly at Zarkovnix. Zarkovnix nodded and sprinted in that direction. He ran, jogged, and finally walked. He walked some more. He walked until then sun came up and the birds were chirping. Then he walked until midday. Finally, he burst out into a clearing to find...
A stone ruin. Zarkovnix swore loudly. He was not at the Town, he was at the ruined temple of the Bandit King Riorka. He stormed off in the same direction he had been going all this time, but as he passed the temple he felt a strong presence where the main chamber used to be. There was a twinkle there. He clambered over, hoping for some money or even jewels. When he got to the shine, he found a little, rusty dagger. He picked it up, examined it, and threw it away. It wouldn't leave his hand. The dagger was literally stuck to his hand. He tried to pull it off, but the handle seemed to be apart of his hand. He ripped and ripped. His skin started to bleed.
&quot;I wouldn't do that,&quot; said a childish voice from the edge of the clearing. Zarkovnix looked at the child. It was the screaming, crying child he had scared earlier. &quot;It is a magic, godly weapon of such great importance you have yet to know of. Actually, you will know of it as soon as you count to nineteen.&quot;
Zarkovnix hesitated, thought about it, then counted to nineteen. Clouds appeared in the sky, and rain began to fall. The child stood motionless.
Zarkovnix watched a strike of lightning fall from the sky and hit the child directly in the head. The child rose up into the air and grew to the size of a small castle tower. He now resembled a half-bird, half-kobold. Zarkovnix didn't know what a kobold was, so he just saw a giant monster with feathers. The monster spoke.
&quot;Zarkovnix!&quot; it said. Zarkovnix almost ran, but didn't. He was scared to the point of fainting, though. &quot;You have been selected by the Elder God Majiko to go to the nearby Town and rid it of all-&quot;
&quot;Evil?&quot; Zarkovnix couldn't help himself. He wasn't pure good, and therefore could crack wise to even a messenger from an Elder God without regret. &quot;Come on, stereotypical describes this Elder God completely.&quot;
&quot;Actually, wise guy, I was about to say rid it of all mattress cleaners. Mattresses make her sneeze.&quot;
&quot;Pfft. Find another mattress cleaner purger, buddy. I'm not looking for that sort of life.&quot;
&quot;Alright. You have made your decision. Goodbye, man who will now miss out on a life of gold, riches, and dead mattres cleaners.&quot;
&quot;See ya!&quot;
And with that, the wierd kobold-bird flew away into the sky. Zarkovnix kaughed for a while, then continued to head in the direction of the town. The dagger had disintegrated.
It took Zarkovnix five days to reach the town, but he did. He bought a new longsword, new dagger, and a new fully-stocked quiver and bow.

[Common Knowledge]
-; Zarkovnix will often feel a great need to read when he needs to calm down.
-; Zarkovnix is a decent shot and as an Elf can use a longsword well and can see in the dark proficiently.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Zarkovnix has only recently entered the Town looking for a new life, so he has no current storyline.

2006-09-15, 10:12 AM
Source: D&amp;D character, Summer 2005 (Levels 5 to 13)
Name: Korith Dar
Age: Mid-30's
Race: Tiefling

Heritage: Tiefling mongrel with a wide-base heritage including predominantly Orc, Elf and Human ancestry. Korith's dominant strain comes from an ancient forward-thinking Chain Devil named Barzubelog, who sired Korith's long-lived ancestor of 7 generations, Faenad.

Description: Reflective of his Chain Devil heritage, Korith has a primarily albino skin tone. Additionaly, Korith's skin hosts a network of animate Infernal runes, reflective of his current mindset and mood. Korith is one of nearly a dozen children and is typically considered the family &quot;runt&quot;. His lack of familial status has prompted him to find his fortunes elsewhere with his legitimate franchise of the Fiendish Arsenal.

Business: Korith is a Wizard by trade with a strong focus on crafting niche magic items. Most of the items he sells are actually manufactured by chain devils in the lower planes, several of which arrive pre-enchanted. Korith's expertise in niche item creation allows him to convert basic +1 swords to match the specifications and needs of the buyer.
Magical Signature: Korith favors Electricity spells and makes frequent use of Energy Substitution: Electricity. Typically, he uses these electric spells to hedge out disguised demons - effectively using their immunity against them. Korith is never found without a two wands on hand, although his rare use of them makes their spell content a matter of very uncommon knowledge.

About the Fiendish Arsenal: The Arsenal is about more than distributing the gifts of hell to other planes. Skilled vendors of the Arsenal use their connections to ensure that the factions Hell wishes to win, win and that those out of Hell's favor will remain under its control.

An example of this strategy can be seen in Koriths dealings with the ogre mage Brath the Lesser (from the Fallen Angel adventure). To win the favor and business of a nearby village, Korith dealt with Brath by appearing before him and making an offer: In exchange for the hostage and Brath's voluntary relocation, Korith would make a favorable arrangement with the Fiendish Arsenal for the standard commission. Brath received the weapons he desired, the village was saved, the hostage returned and Korith walked out both with the contract that would win him a franchise, and the newfound trust of the local villagers.


2006-09-23: Korith levels up (Level 14!) from crushing a hatching nest of Spagons in a Force Cage.

2006-09-15, 04:54 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Rouk
Race: half-elf
Class: fighter
Gender: Male
Alignment/Temperment: Chaotic good. somewhat wierd.
Age: 28
Height: 5'
Weight: 140lb
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weapons: wears a ornate greatsword on his back but doesn't often use it, and even then only in defense. Also has a pair of small daggers that appear to be made from the teeth of some long vanquished monster.

Born in a small mountain village he was raised by his Elf father and human mother. They, along with his elvish older sister and the entire village, were killed when he was just a child. For many years he wandered, joining various groups from time to time until he stumbled across the Town during a blizzard. He is always looking for information about the person who killed his family.

[Common Knowledge]
He is easily side tracked and seems to like collecting teeth and bits of fur. Talks to the sword he carries on his back and blames it for any trouble he causes with it.

Wears a small medallion around his neck. He is terrified of fire.

[Ongoing Storyline]
he is currently a mouse and trying to find a way to become his normal self.


[Stats and Description]

Name: Trogdor
Race: red dragon
Class: -
Gender: Male
Alignment/Temperment: lawful evil. very mischievous.
Age: less than a year
length: six feet(head to tail)
Eyes: red

He hatched from an egg that Rouk was carrying with him. Shortly after hatching a symbol on his back started glowing. He grew to almost twenty feet long in less than a minute and set about destroying everything nearby. He has since been reduced in size to about six feet long.

[Common Knowledge]
He like pulling pranks and wants to be returned to his original size.

He has a symbol on the back of his neck that seems to be the source of his power.

[Ongoing Storyline]
He's burninating the countryside, burninating the people. Burninating all the peasents and their thatched roof cottages.

2006-09-15, 08:24 PM
Personal Stats

Name: Kenyon Trammel
Race: Human
Class: Rifleman
Alignment: Neutral Good
Temperment: Very casual, Kenyon remains calm under most stressful situations.
While capable of holding his own in any confrontation, he'd sooner drink a beer with his opponent than shoot them. However, when he sees someone doing something that "just ain't right", he has been known become highly aggressive and confrontational.
Age: 24
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown, in a military-style haircut.
Eye colour: Light Brown


-"Soulstriker," Kenyon's rifle, given to him by his father. Based on local military muskets, but improved to give better range and accuracy. The barrel of the rifle is made of an odd mithril/adamantine alloy, to help prevent damage from within and without. Equipped with a bayonet for close-quarters combat, and a steel-reinforced stock for those who get too close into his personal space. Able to be armed with several types of shots, depending on circumstances.

-A modernized pistol, given to him by former Machine God, Mechanus. Modified with a telescoping sight, and able to fire the same rounds as SoulStriker.

-Chainsword - A new invention made by Kenyon himself, based off a weapon he saw Mechanus using in the fight against The Master. Essentially a military shortsword, modified with serrated teeth around the outside of the blade, which rotate around when powered by an engine located where the handguard would be. When revved up, using a throttle on the handgrips, the teeth fly unbelievably fast, tearing through almost any material.


Formerly seen wearing a light grey military coat over a grey, short-sleeved tunic, black pants, and black leather boots, but has recently abandoned the uniform for a more casual blue tunic and black pants. Has a bandolier, with several types of bullets and shots, draped across his shoulder, and a medium-sized satchel at his side. Also wears a pair of flight goggles regularly.


The land where Kenyon comes from, Sarundia, is an interesting place. Interesting, in the case that they've been unable to learn how to use magic. There's been many legends as to why. Some say Sarundia was cursed in ancient times so that no one born on the land would learn the arcane arts. Others say the first people to settle here were refugees from another land that exiled all non-magic users. Whatever the reason, the culture of the Sarundians has centered more around mechanics and gunpowder than magic.

The same went for Kenyon's father, Darryn Trammel, one of the land's greatest gunsmiths. Darryn designed much of the weaponry designed by the Sarundian military. When he was finally old enough to carry a weapon, young Kenyon would help his father demonstrate the newest tools he had developed.

As he got older, Kenyon showed a great deal of skill with much of his father's equipment, especially the difficult to use long-range rifles. It was at this time that Darryn, noticing his son's affinity to rifled weaponry, made &quot;Soulstriker,&quot; his greatest development to date.

After a brief stint in the military, Kenyon was bitten by the Adventurer's bug by age 22. With only Soulstriker, a sword, and his technological knowledge, he went out into the wild to make a name for himself and the Trammel family.

Common Knowledge:

-Speaks with a Southern American accent.
-Despite his tall frame, Kenyon is surprisingly agile.
-Loves a good drink. Give him a beer, and he'll be your best friend. However, don't give him a Dragon's Liver Buster if you wish for him to stay conscious.
-Due to his Sarundian heritage, Kenyon is an avid tinkerer. He is enthralled by anything mechanical.
-Since nearly all Sarundians are unable to perform magic, enchanting weaponry is an expensive business there, left generally for elite warriors and the nobility. Due to that, Kenyon and his father invented several new types of shot for Sarundian muskets and rifles. Using their chemical and mechanical knowledge, they were able to create shots that could engulf their target in flame, encase them in ice, even directly attack them without killing. Kenyon keeps many of these shots in his bandolier and satchel.


-An apparent side effect to the Sarundian curse, Kenyon seems to have strange reactions to healing or buffing magic that is cast on him. Drinking a simple healing potion has been known to make him violently ill, and healing spells seem to cause him as much pain as the wounds they are healing. As such, he avoids healing magic as much as possible, preferring non-magical alternatives, despite the fact that they may hurt or leave scarring.

Ongoing Storyline:


2006-09-17, 04:31 PM

[Stats and Description]

Name: Argenteus a.k.a The Silver One
Race: Elf Half-Dragon (Sliver)
Class: Sorcerer 20, Ranger 6, Fighter 4
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral, loner, good hearted, likes a good fight.
Age: 91
Height: He's tall
Weight: He never checked ;)
Hair: None
Eyes: Gray
Weapons: Black Cold Iron Anarchic Icy Burst Sabre +6, Silver Anarchic Keen Short Sword +6, Natural weapons (claws, bite, breath), spells
Armor: Mithril Chain Shirt +5, Cloak of Greater Fire Resistance
Description: Tall, muscled, covered with shiny silver scales. His face has some elven features, he also has pointed ears although they are smaller than those of an average elf. He has a pair of black bat-like wings. Argenteus wears chain shirt, and a red silk cloak. He carries a saber on his back and a short sword at his belt.

Argenteus was born in a small elven settelment. His mother died at birth. growing up as an orphan wasn't easy as most of his peers made him fell as an outcast. During his early childhood he discovered that he had a talent for magic. At the age of 20 Argenteus left his village and began the life of a wandering mercenary. Chaotic in nature he started a few rebelions and uprisings and took part in many others. Some of those were successful and some failed but thanks to them The Silver One gained the reputation of a fearsome warrior (and a death sentance in many kingdoms). During that time he met a strange enity that called itself Nemesis. It is unknow what Nemesis was or where it came form but
it held somekind of grudge twards Argenteus. Taking various forms and shapes it attacked on every occasion and if it wasn't able to reach Argenteus it would try to hurt those that were close to him. Argenteus left the material plane but Nemesis followed. This situation continued untill Argenteus accepted the offer of a powerful Demon prince and he joined the forces of the Abbys that fought the Devils in the Blood War. The wings on his back are a reward for the service to his fiendish &quot;allies&quot;.

[Common Knowledge]

- Argenteus is left handed.
- Argenteus is a loner
- Argenteus dislikes all forms of authority
- Argenteus is a good hearted person but somtimes he can be rude and cruel

[Ongoing Storyline]

The Silver One was thrown into the town by an ancient and malfunctioning portal. Upon arrival he starts to feel Nemesis's presence again...

[b]Rutilus (mArgenteus)

Same as Argenteus except:

Name: Rutilus a.k.a The Red One
Race: Elf Half-Dragon (Red)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Weapons: His weapons are Axiomatic insted of Anarchic and his sabre has the Flaming Burst ability.
Armor: He has a cloak of Greater Cold Resitance.
Description: He looks like Argenteus but has red scales and his cloak is dark blue. He's right handed.

Argenteus and Rutilus are connected with a permanent telepathic bond spell.

Nemesis (NPC)

Nemesis is a mysterious and powerful enity of unknown orgin. He wants to kill Argenteus and Rutilus for a reason known only to himself. He was very weakened when he arrived in the town and still hasn't regained his full power. Recently he has united with his counterpart from the mirror world and they have become one being. Nemesis usualy takes the form of a dark transaprent shadow or a tall dark haired man.

Pinky and Brain
2006-09-17, 06:23 PM
Race: mouse
Class: evil genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: unknown
Weight: -
Hair colour: white
Eye colour: redish
Weapons: Big brain

Name: Pinky
Race: mouse
Class: Stupid sidekick
Alignment:Chaotic Dumb
Age: unknown
Weight: -
Hair color: white
Eye color: Blue
Weapons: Random acts of stupidity


Brain is a small white lab mouse with an enormous head. Pinky is taller than Brain and has a glazed look in his eyes.


They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
One is a genius
The other's insane.
They're laboratory mice
Their genes have been spliced

They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Before each night is done
Their plan will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun
They'll take over the world.

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
Their twilight campaign
Is easy to explain.
To prove their mousey worth
They'll overthrow the Earth
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Common Knowlege:

Brain has a tendancy to be condisending. His high intelect is aperant to anyone who meets him. Pinky is always in a daze, his mind wonders and Brain wishes his body would follow it. Pinky uses word with no meaning such as Narf, Poit, Troz, and occasionally Zort.


Though they are not to be feared, they are definately to be ignored.

Ongoing stories:

They are currently trying to take over the world.

2006-09-17, 06:42 PM
Characters Played by Sophistemon

The Distinguished Gentleman


[Stats and Description]
Race: Unknown, though appears human.
Age: Unknown, though appears to be in mid-thirties (for a human).
Class: Unknown.
Alignment and Temperament: True Neutral. Friendly, though reserved.
Height: Six feet, six inches tall.
Weight: Unknown, though appears to be around 200 pounds.
Hair: When not hidden under hat, dark brown.
Eyes: When not obscured by hat, dark brown.
Skin: Caucasian.
Other Features: Oddly difficult to notice; tends to merge with (and disappear into) crowds.

Very little is known about The Distinguished Gentleman as he is unusually silent about his past, his present, what he does, who he is, what he is, and his real name.

[Common Knowledge]
The Distinguished Gentleman dresses impeccably in a light-gray suit with gold buttons, dark-gray trousers, shiny black shoes and a top-hat, the brim of which is pulled low enough to obscure the top portion of his face. He is also fond of carrying a black, silver-topped cane. He is a gentleman to the core and is polite and well-mannered in every situation. He is also generous, perhaps to a fault. This generosity manifests itself in the way he runs his store, the OmniShop.

The Distinguished Gentleman seems to have no problem casting either arcane or divine magic or even manifesting psionic powers. This is due to his knowing, in full, all of the rules that govern the universe. He is thus able to Bend (see below) these rules as he sees fit. This power has been constantly added to throughout his life, giving him now what is theoretically an unlimited ability to do whatever he pleases with the fabric of existence. Though it would appear otherwise, his cane is actually a formidable weapon in its own right, capable of acting as a blunt weapon normally and, after unscrewing the top and drawing the blade, a slashing weapon as well. It may have other, as of yet unknown, abilities. He is aware that saying "The Distinguished Gentleman" can become tiring and so he allows people to refer to him as "Gent".

Gent’s ability to Bend the rules of the universe (a power that he shares with the Dancing Man, his mirror) is theoretically unlimited, thus giving him powers far beyond that of any god. This would be greatly unbalancing to the Town if it weren’t for the fact that Gent forces himself to abide by a very strict moral code: he refuses to Bend sentient beings and very much dislikes Bending living things in general. This code, perhaps more than anything else, shows his devotion to true neutrality. This also means that even though Gent is theoretically the most powerful being in all of creation, you don’t have to worry about him willing your characters out of existence. Should Gent be entangled in a fight, he will create a doppelganger (see below) of himself to battle in his stead. This copy, while powerful, lacks the capacity to Bend and is thus a fair opponent.

[Current Story]
The Distinguished Gentleman is the proprietor of the OmniShop, a duty that he is now focusing on exclusively. If for some reason he is needed outside of his he would send a Teng (http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m278/Sophistemon/The%20Town/teng.png), a clone that is physically identical to the Gentleman but lacks the ability to Bend. A Teng's clothes are also more suited to adventuring, and he does not carry a cane. A Teng's character sheet can be found here (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=6808).


[B]Jacky Knives


[Stats and Description]
Race: Human.
Age: 21.
Class: Street thug.
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Evil. Prone to fits of barbarity and violence.
Height: Five feet, three inches tall.
Weight: 100 pounds.
Hair: Dyed acidic green.
Eyes: Predator yellow.
Skin: Pale Caucasian.
Other Features: The thin scar across his throat, which is evidence of his suicide.

Jack Golgatha was a no-good street thug from New York City, our world. Life on the streets was hard for young Jack, and he quickly dropped out of school and into a gang, where his propensity for knives earned him not only a nickname, but respect. Jacky became well known in the inner circles of the NYC crime barons as a man with a penchant for sadism and a love of murder. Unfortunately, Jacky Knives made the grave error of assaulting, raping and murdering the mayor's daughter, which brought down on his head not only the authorities but also his former allies, dead-set on collecting his bounty. Jacky, not being comfortable with the idea of rotting away in a cell, took the only escape fate offered him: using his favorite knife, he gave himself an underchin smile. He closed his eyes as his life, red and hot, poured down his chest. He thought that he was closing them for the last time. When they opened again, he was in the Town.

[Common Knowledge]
Jacky Knives dresses in a gray tee-shirt, black trench-coat, and dark bluejeans. His hair is dyed an acidic green, and he can always be identified by the scar on his throat, which never fades.

Upon his resurrection, Jacky discovered that not only was he in a different universe, but also stronger and faster than he had been in ours. Now capable of jumping over buildings and disappearing into the shadows, he uses his new abilities to enjoy his only passion: cold-hearted murder.

[Current Story] Jacky appears to have developed a rudimentary conscious, and wants to atone for his evil deeds.

Jacky, the evil portion and Jack, the good portion, have been melded into a singular identity that calls himself John Blades (http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m278/Sophistemon/The%20Town/johnblades.png).

2006-09-19, 12:55 PM

Name:Selrahc (The Eternal)
Race: Undead Flying Hippo
Class: Interdimensional traveller.
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Age:Several times older than the universe, but with significant memory gaps.
Height: 6'(More when rearing)
Weight:3000 kilograms
Hair colour:None
Eyes: Glowing red orbs
Skin: Blue
Other Features: Dragon wings, gaping holes in flesh from rot, smells of embalming fluid, small red bird peched on back


A flying hippo is created as a being carrying a message of love. With feathery woings and pink skin they are designed to be as adorable as any of the other denizens of the dimension of happiness and cuteness they originate in. They are granted interdimensional powers to travel between the dimensions and spread the message of happiness and love. In one case however something went horribly wrong.... As he carried out his messages one day the hippo was caught within a dimension of suffering. Trapped and tortured he realised that there was only one thing he could do. Go to the Immortal being that ruled this world and spread the message of hapiness. He managed to escape the dungeons using the interdimensional talents of the hippos. He wandered into the fortress of the Overlord Selrahc he walked into the midst of a powerful ritual.... and with foolish glee jumped into the middle of it. Disrupting the energies flowing through the hall caused the overlord and the hippo to merge into one body, a merging of the souls and the powers of them both. Suddenly the Hippo found himself in possesion of both malice and good attentions, and surrounded by people who just saw their glorious overlord destroyed.

He went on the run. Angrily travelling the dimensions, furiousa aat the universe. Eventually he attempted to conquer the home dimension of the hippo side of him but was cast down by the combined forces that they had gathered to stop him. He was cast adrift into the timestream, and when he came too he was on a godforsaken rock in the middle of the interdimensional nexus without his powers, and looking like a normal hippo. Trapped there for millenia he eventually became mad, and lost his sentience. He would have stayed that way too if not for the sudden appearance of transdimensionals. They cpatured him and brought him back to their creature pens as a sideshow. After awhile he regained his cognizance and voice and managed to negotiate for his release. He would lead them to some of the interesting monsters, creatures and distractions he had found in his years. In return they gave him a transdimensional craft and sent him on his way. He came to a nexus hub in the interdimensional fabric... and became the barman for all manner of creatures there. Selling draughts of souls as commonly as beer and ale. Soon he came into contact with a dark old organism, much Like Selrahc before the merging. And the two concoted a plan to regain the powers lost to them both over time. To cut a long story short it failed. The other being was trapped in the body of the red bird Geoff. Selrahc regained flight and interdimensional travel, as well as true immortality. But at the curse of undeath.And now in the course of his travels to find a cure hes stumbled upon the town.

[Common Knowledge]

Hes undead, hes looking for a cure. He has a pet bird, and he occasionally blips into nothingness and reappears minutes later and he claims to be an interdimensional traveller.

[Ongoing Storyline]

Nothing yet... just looking for a cure.

2006-09-19, 04:37 PM
Stats and Description]
Age:around 230 (looks 25)
Class:Has shown signs of magic prowes and philisofical training.
Alignment and Temperament:Quite and friendly, seems well educated. Willing to help those around him. Slow to anger.
Hair:fades from white to dark blue.
Skin:Light with a very very faint blue tint
Other Features:A tattoo over his eye.

Midos has no memory of who hs is or where he came from. His first memory was of wakeing at the door of a monastary high in a mountain range. The monastay of the four winds. The monks of the monastary belived that he had fallen unconcious after braveing the climb to the site. The Monks of the four winds teach four different ideas - Midos joined th Arcane monks of the order. He learned to uses his phisical training in tune with that of the arcane. He learned all he could from the monks - becomeing one of the greatest masters in their art. He left the monestary to help the people of the world he has been seperated from for to long.
[Common Knowledge]
He has only just reached the town.(will be added to) when people find out.
Does not like to fight.(but will if he see no other option.)
Has a flying intelegent carpet.
Trys to help others as much as he can.
[Ongoing Storyline]
None as of yet.

2006-09-20, 04:57 AM
Name: Blue Wizard {real name: Unknown}
Race: Human
Class: Wizard- epic proportions
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Varies
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair color and length: Brown short beard
Eye color: Green
Special Weapons/Items: Staff of power, dark sun glasses of All Sight

On-going Storyline: Currently, in the IC thread, he is stuck as a O-level wizard in his astral home, taken out of wizard school, to watch the massive abode of his older, and future self.

Blue's Employees that have visited the town or may:

Eilonel- elven swashbuckler {ElJaspero's old PC abandoned in my world}
Princess Vellona- elven priestess of Ehlonna
Misty- Priestess of Bahamut
Karia- Priestess of Isis
{from my wife's old PBP game here}
4 halfling brothers: Wippit, Levitt, Royett, and Digger

Blue's Backstory
Blue is a time and planar traveller, he may be at various ages when you meet him in his visits about the town.

He makes his home deep on the fringes of the astral plane, near a rarely known point of entry to a multitude of Prime material planes. There exists the Akashek Vaults. A library with a deep wealth of knowlege is kept within it's god-guarded halls. A variety of arcanists and diviners seek out this little known spot to aid in their quests, and a small city of scholars has risen around it to accomidate.

One particularly endeavorous young, but good, epic archmage has settled here and started an Inn to house the many travellers who come. His age is indecipherable, but this relatively young human has achieved a wealth of power in a rapid period, and has allies in many planes.

Dressed in blue, with silver trim, his dedication to an old, arcane draconic god of his homeland, he is a lord of his manor. He decorated the Inn with these impressive themes of the dragon, and as it became profitable, the decor became more lavish. Soon another certain clientele was expected, and catered to.

Yes, this is when the Wizard opened what is known today as Blue Baths of the Wizard.

Imported stone was brought to this floating citadel of knowledge, and built into blue and white marbled steam baths, with magical man-made streams of water. Surrounding the now built-up blue stone walls of the Inn, are a variety of flora and fauna all blue. Even the birds have a even a hint a blue. Several monkeys with blue color on their rears hang from trees. Several high level rangers are employed to maintain this growing magically-man made 'wildland'. The blue 'forests' are now a major sight outside the Vault's tall metal halls. It is only a bit of the allure that attracts visitors to this astral rest stop.

{As long as no ill will is meant to employee or guest, no ill will will come to he; some how the BlueWizard is always prepared should guests become unruly} Once a traveler of any alignment passes through the blue painted trees, and obviously dyed blue horses, he sees that no expense was spared to bring in all sorts of exotic blue sights.

The entry way is magical blue marble, swirled with silver. The hall has a variety of tables, and drinking bars, and many gambling stands. On a busy night the stone halls can house 300 people, and more employees come to work always convientently. The backwall displays a stage, which usually has some show. During late hours adult shows are done with the brothel staff.

This brings us to the blue paradise's true attraction today. With many temples to the gods and goddesses of love, the blue wizard has found a way to blend their art with that of his blue silver gods. So, Isis, Aphrodite, Cupid, Freya, and the rest all are hued in silver and blue. The ceiling houses a blue sky with a glittering representation in silver of the whole night sky in the form of a magical planatarium {magically tuned to the guest's plane}. The constellations can be seen of your home land.

As you make your way through the temple altars, all with gorgeous men and women draping them, waiting for offerings, you will then come to the famed Baths.

The back of the great columned hall is connected with the surrounding plant life of the grounds. Several pools, many private, and some for groups, decorate a landscape of nooks and crannies of magically made nature where one can partake in more adult affairs. There are streams, and even warm waterfalls. One could get lost in this ever growing expanse that is the Blue Wizard's. The wizard is often seen forever expanding his blue garden.
He no longer deals with the affairs of his profitable business and has left it to several well-paid celestial immortals.

Among the many games, and drink available from almost any world, (and games will be made up if not available) the feature of the bath is the variety of the women and men in the brothel.
Mostly catering to men, the blue wizard has brought into his employ a variety of sexual, sentient beings, from mermaids, feys, elves, tritons, dwarves, halflings, even celeatials to half-orcs and half-giants to 'gasp' good fiends? They act as waiters, cooks, performers, masseurs, and prostitutes. For a price any could be yours for a night, including the priests and priestess of the love gods for those who seek sexual healing.

He will possibly start a tavern in the Town, with a Gate to his Planar Pleasure Palace.

2006-09-20, 11:17 PM
Name: Null Corran
Race: Human
Age: 18
Class: Sorcerer6/ForceMissleMage5
Alignment: NG
Height: 5'11&quot;
Weight: 172
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Slightly tan
Other Features: Heavy green Robes and Mage Hat.
Backround: Corran lived on the streets for most of his life he developed his sorcery at a young age. At the age of 14 he left his town to explore the world. At the age of 16 he insulted an archmage and was chalenge to a duel of magics. Using only his mastery of the magic missle, and chain missle spell he won the duel, winning him a small amount of fame with local wizard apprentices who alway hated the arcmage for lording his might over them.
Note: Will do any thing to protect orphains, clerics of pelor, and dogs.

2006-09-21, 07:24 PM
Name: Tank

Race: Warforged

Class: Fighter4,Barbarian1,Jugernaught5,Stone Blessed(Dwarf)3

Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Neutral, but friendly and loves shiney metals(i.e. money)

Age: Hundreds of years, had no concept of time for most of it.

Height: 7'

Weight: 500+lbs

Eye colour: Red

Weapons: +2 Thundering lightning great sword, cross bow(regenerates 25 bolts per day), Great ax

A really big really intimidating living construct born to kill. His only turn ons are blood and money, but he tries to be friendly to everyone, ecept Zombies, mummies, vampires,lyches, and elves

Backstory: For hundreds of years he wondered around the labratoty where he was created. The only surviving person of the attack on it by elves, he had nothing to do but follow the last orders given to him which were to gaurd the lab. A group of adventuerors found him and were able to persuade him that the war is over and his creators are all dead. So he leaves with them to find a better life. On his first adventure with the team he tied a chain to himself and jumped off of a cliff to kill a wil-o'-wisp that was floating in mid air just out of reach. He ran off the cliff hit it with both fists, throwing it into the opposite wall of the canyon then catching it and slaming it into the wall again. Another time he had to fight off a vampire lord that had killed all of his party mates. He ran into the kitchen of the tavern he was in, covered himself with garlic and grabbed silverware and attacked the vampire and won. He is fearless in battle (low int) but hates vampires, lyches, mummies, and zombies and tries to avoid them when possible. He Seems to have a tendency to get randomly transported to different plains, the first was from Eberon to Forgotten Realms, and now to here.

Lord Iames Osari
2006-09-22, 02:05 PM
[Stats and Description]
Iames Osari
Male Human
216 lb.
Eyes: Green, violet, or yellow
Hair: Black
Class: Monk 20//Telepath 10/Metamind 10//Wilder 10/Thrallherd 10
Alignment: LN//CE//NG (Iames possesses all alignment subtypes and divine rank 21)

Iames was orphaned by a blast from an ancient magical superweapon. He was adopted by the Osari family, who ran a general store near an adventuring school. Iames grew up alongside the children of the most famous adventurers of the region, unaware of the prophecy (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=homebrew;action=display;num=11566972 20;start=0#2) that was shaping his life.
After attending the school and learning basic martial arts, Iames lost his friends on his first mission. The pain of the loss awoke his dormant psionic potential, and the Dark rose up and took vengeance. (Click here (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?action=display;board=arts;num=1155156328;s tart=0#11) and/or here for details (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=homebrew;action=display;num=11566972 20;start=15#18).) The discovery of such wanton cruelty distressed him, and so the Dark Lord Xarakh Nam was able to trick Iames into becoming his servant.
Iames recently broke free of his oath of service and defeated the Dark Lord, and is now traveling the planes doing penance for the evil deeds he committed in the Dark Lord's service.

[Common Knowledge]
Iames communicates primarily through telepathy. It works exactly like normal speech (others can &quot;hear&quot; it besides the person being directly addressed) except without sound. Iames the Light speaks in purple, the Dark in red, and &quot;just-Iames&quot; speaks in a soft, raspy whisper because of throat damage. When communicating telepathically, his eyes glow in a pulse in rhythm with the words.

Notes: Though now a deity himself, Iames will sometimes invoke the Gods of his home plane because of the habit he developed while a mortal.

Current Story:
Iames is involved with Vael's storyline. Vael is one of Earin's characters.

Iames has fallen in love with and proposed to Verdandi, which is awkward, because he was already engaged. He has returned with his first fiance Aerin, who speaks in orange.

2006-09-23, 11:34 AM
Name: Clover
Age: 15
Height: 5’3”
Weight: erm…
Race: Human
Class: Priestess of Zamrel/Fortune teller
Secondary Skills: painting

Backstory: A ‘Magus Precognitive’ from the land of Fortunis, Clover has left after seeing a dark future for herself in her Glass Ball. She seeks to make amends for what she will do by doing great deeds wherever she goes…

Ongoing Storyline: Clover has arrived in the town and has decided to take an interest in the Temple of Zamrel, hopefully she can be of help there…

She confronted Cathrindir and has joined the Temple of Zamrel as a priestess and is being taught the ways of Zamrel by Cathrindir...

2006-09-23, 11:47 AM
Name: You! Imp over there! (Formerly Bob the Corn Farmer. You can also call me &quot;Imp&quot;)
Age: 941
Height: 22 inches
Weight: 7 1/2 pounds

Formerly a Corn Farmer in a distant province, he was the (un)lucky villager who got selected for sacrifice to Barzubelog (a Kyton) in order to ensure that the crops would survive a horiffic windstorm. After his gruesome sacrifice, he spent a couple of decades as a Lemure on petty errands for the delusional Kyton. Some time into the process, Barzubelog had his first half-mortal child in order to settle a pact with a royal family (as well as ensure someone to avenge him should his upcoming schemes go awry). Imp, then called &quot;Clumsy Puss-ridden Flesh Worm&quot;, was promoted to Impish status as a part of a present of 12 servants to the young Half-fiendish infant Faenad. Since then, he has run mundane errands for the heirs of Faenad. Presently, Generic Imp is assigned to serve Korith - though he sometimes does a crummy job at it, and Korith tends to call him only as a last resort.

2006-09-25, 05:49 AM
Name: Rumda
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Abjurer/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil
Alignment: NG
Age: Looks young for an elf
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: Average for that height
Hair colour and length: Black shoulder length
Eye colour: Green
Equipment: A white robe with a headband and belt coloured in the 7 colours of prismatic magic.
Weapons: A staff made of 7 pieces of wood coloured in the 7 colours of prismatic magic.


Was once a formidable and well respected spell duelist on his home plane untill an incedent with a half-orc evoker, hes was thereafter shunned by the entire comunity he got taken in by a group of silver dragons , then years later he emerged in to teach in a peacefull city famed for the quality of its arcane universities and millatry acadamies , untill one day while he was training one of his more able students a prismatic spray periced his defences and catapulted him through the planes and he landed dazed and confused in the town.

ongoing story
helped destoy the spagon queen
is in possesion of the magics to recreate the spagons
founded the Town Times newspaper

Common knowledge
weilder of powerful prismatic magics
Indepted to silver dragins and there desendants
editor in cheif of the times newspaper
Name: Clix
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter
Alignment: CG
Age: young
Height: 3 feet
Weight: Average for that height
Hair colour and length: long teal coloured
Eye colour: blue
Equipment: Chain mail
Weapons: A shortsword that she is very protective over

none that has come to light

onngoing Story
Currently working as a receptionist at the town times

common knowlage
very sensitive about her height
Other characters

Porg: Male half-orc none too bright but increadbly loyal
Notto: vamparic artist
misc. dwarven printers

2006-09-25, 09:57 AM
Name: James Mild.
Race: Human.
Age: Appearance suggests around 30.
Class: Civ.
Alignment and Temperament: True Neutral.
Height: Just shy of 6 Foot.
Weight: Underweight.
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Cloudy Blue.
Skin: Caucasian.

The pages of James life past and present will be written during his adventures in the town. Just ask him.

[Common Knowledge]
James wondered into town oneday with and nothing more than the clothes on his back and a jar of colourful pebbles.
Despict his lack of funds and even fresh clothes James has an pleasant demeana, and is currently always optimistic.
James seems to have no powers or obvisous weapons.

James perfers to sleep outdoor and can often be found at night at the beach 'under the stars'

2006-09-26, 04:02 AM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Felix
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic good. Felix is very friendly and likes to help people. However, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he almost always acts before he thinks.
Age: 27 years old
Height: 6'1&quot;
Weight: 174 lbs
Hair colour and length: Blond hair just a little shorter than shoulder length
Eye colour: blue
Weapons: In combat he relies on his elven longblade. However, in society he uses his sharp wit, charming personality, and ridiculous good looks.


Felix is the youngest son of a wealthy spice merchant. He lived an easy life of freedom to do just about anythng he wanted. His skill with the longblade comes from his need to defend himself from the vistims of his pranks or insults. This life of his came to an end with the death of his father. His eldest brother inherited everything, and left Felix and his brothers with nothing. The night of his expulsion was spent getting drunk. This nearly caused his death when he insulted a far better swordsman who was not dangerously drunk. After this he vowed never to partake of alcohol again. He made his way by traveling around showing off his sword skills and performing lively jigs on his fiddle. In his travels he saw the evils he had missed in the world beforehand. He knew he could not rid the world of these evils, but he tries to help those it is in his power to do so. His travels have now brought him to the town.

[Common Knowledge]

-Felix will not drink alcohol. Not because he finds it bad, but because he nearly died in a swordfight while drunk.
-Felix is very lucky.


-Felix is not a bard despite the fact he likes to sing and perform. He has just put ranks in perform.

[Ongoing Storyline]

None, as of now, due to just joining

Shiny, Bearer of the Pokystick
2006-09-27, 07:11 PM
Salusvarien Valus Sanctus
Played by: Shiny

Stats and Description:
Race: Lantern archon, exiled.
Age: Unknown, but possibly millenia; given the breadth of his skills, it's possible he spends a century or so re-learning how to balance them all.
Class: Monk/Soulknife/Soulbow/Order of the Bow Initiate/Rogue/Shadowdancer/Epic Infilatrator.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Height (Anthromorphed): 5'6&quot;.
Weight (Anthromorphed): Below-average.
Hair: Light silver-gray- almost, but not quite, the shade indicative of human age.
Eyes: Particolor; left gold, right blue.
Skin: Pale side of human-normal.
Other features: Dueling scar across one cheek.

Exiled from his home plane of Celestia (where he worked for Erathaol as a librarian's assistant) after a misunderstanding with an amorous bronze dragon, Salusvarien took up the life of a 'wandering adventurer', perhaps inspired by tales he had read of similar sorts who went on to fame and fortune.
His adventures have stretched, very quietly and in a low-key fashion, across most of multiple human lifetimes, including, but not limited to, a stint as an ascetic in Limbo, a long-lived career as a do-anything mercenary whose clients inhabited an out-plane metropolis (rumored to be Sigil of song and story), and afterward, a conversion to the path of a professional soldier, utilizing his exceptional skill at archery and stealth, along with a certain facility for bending the truth, to gain high rank and position as well as more material rewards.

Of late, and subsequent to his advent as a town-goer, Salusvarien has taken up his nickname of &quot;Shiny&quot; and dedicated himself, after so long chasing skirts, fame, gold, and position, to finally experiencing all the range of human emotions he's so far failed to know in their entirety. He's also expressed (though only very privately) a desire to become a hero in the truest sense, celebrated in tale and tacitly acknowledged as 'one of the greats'.

Common Knowledge:
Salusvarien's nickname and preferred title is simply 'shiny' or 'lightball'. While he can appear humanoid at any time, he prefers to remain in Archon form because of its superior manouverability; also, Archons don't need to bother with eating, sleeping, pooping, et. al. and he finds this convenient. Shiny is capable of teleporting more or less anywhere in the town that is not magically shielded against such magic, as an innate racial ability. He speaks all languages via a continuous, supernatural tongues effect. He is a superior archer, but may not necessarily be the best in Town. He's lazy, has a taste for women of any species at both ends of the fiestiness spectrum (though not so much the middle) and has an unhealthy predeliction for Trog's swampwater.

Salusvarien is an extremely high-level character, but since character optimization is kept to a minimum and he's multiclassed so many times his penalty is nearing 100%, he's not likely to be a serious contendor in a major town-on-town battle. Any less serious engagement, however, and he is formidable.
Anyone who doesn't wish to be hit on should watch Shiny very carefully, and attempt to slap his gaseous form on occasion.

-Town Ball
-Subsequent Search for Nethylerie
-Troglodyte Fight in Trog's Tavern

2006-09-28, 09:50 AM
[Stats and Description]
Race: elf
Class:wizard lvl 23
Alignment:lawful good, though not like that poser Miko
Weight:120 lbs
Hair:light brown/dark blond
Skin:nicely tanned
Other Features:looks like an old farmhand, but actually has the equivelant of 2 million dollars (seeing as a silver piece is 1 days work, and mc Donalds employees get 80 dollars a day)

William the skilled is a person not to be tampered with, he comes from a magical faraway place called New York and is one heckufan arcane spellcaster

[Common Knowledge]
he is a big fan of root ale and explosive runes. i quote 'i find them exilarating'

a master of both wizard spells, the katana, and the composite longbow

[Ongoing Storyline]nun yet

2006-09-29, 12:51 PM
The Death of Rats is based upon the character of the same name from the Discworld Novels by Terry Pratchett. He is an anthropormorphic personification, which basically means, he exists because people, or in this case rats, believe that he exists.

He is a six inch tall skeleton rat. He wears a black cloak, the same length as his body and it is clasped at the neck with a silver skull motif clasp.

He carries a scythe, it has a six inch long handle and a blade that can be folded against the haft. The edge of the blade is so fine, that it becomes impossible to distinguish it from the air around it as it gets thiner.

He lives with Death in the house of Death, the house in on a different plane to all else and the rules of time and space do not apply there.

Contrary to popular belief, Death does not kill you, people (or rats) get killed, and Death simply takes over form there. The scythe severs the soul from the body.

With any luck, The Death of Rats should be getting involved in a storyline fairly soon. I have big plans for him.

2006-09-29, 12:54 PM
[Stats and Deskription]
Name: Offikially, “Lord Reeksofdung, Most Wretkhed Master of Offal and Keeper of All Things Rankid” or you kan kall him Jorge.
Rake: Outsider (similar to an extraplanar otyugh) .
Klass: Hexblade/Sorkerer (dark kompanion &amp; metamagik spekialist variants).
Alignment and Temperament: Khaotik neutral. Generally happy-go-lukky so long as he’s got lots of garbage to eat. Kan sometimes be a bit of a megalomaniak, though, so look out!
Age: Who kan tell with an otyugh? Possibly as old as garbage. Looks like an adult otyugh.
Height: 600 lbs.
Weight: About 6 feet tall with eyestalk, about 9 feet in diameter.
Hair kolor and length: Brownish-greenish-blakk, but only grows in patkhes.
Eye kolor: Bloodshot
Weapons: Tentakles
Portfolio: Garbage, exkrement, aberrations, other ikky stuff.
Domains: Aberration (see below), Khaos, Slime (Spell Kompendium), Sloth (Spell Kompendium).
Home Plane: Limbo.
Holy Symbol: A fish skeleton.
Worshippers: Otyughs and other aberrations. Those who make a living off of fertilizer. Tekhnikally, anything with a Konstitution skore and a digestive trakt.
Prayers: Reeksofdung isn’t partikular about the kind of prayers he is offered. He konsiders any akt that seems to fit his portfolio to be a prayer to him.
Rites: Same as for “Prayers,” above.
Favored Weapon: Tentakle (morningstar).
Herald: Reeksofdung typikally either sends Kassandra or an exkremental (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=39250 ) as his herald.

Reeksofdung was onke an elf but that was a long time ago. After many adventures, he ended up bekoming half thri-kreen and, eventually, half kender, too. His mortal life probably doesn’t matter so mukh bekause he’s been a god mukh longer and doesn’t really remember mukh about being mortal other than that he likes khokolate pudding.
As a god, he exists somewhat outside the normal konfines of time-spake, thus he is older than he really is if you kalkulate his age based only off of his time as a mortal until the present.
Now, as a god, he travels the land promoting and khampioning the kauses of garbage, otyughs other aberrations, and anything else that seems like a good idea at the time.
Reeksofdung smells very bad. In fakt, he smells so bad that his Stenkh has bekome sentient! It usually hangs about bekause it kan't leave. :(
On his most rekent quest, Reeksofdung was in the Underdark, fighting drow who were attempting to enslave his people, the otyughs. Now, he’s kome to the town looking for some aktion and some tasty garbage!

[Kommon Knowledge]
Insists that he’s kalled “Jorge” when not on offikial business.
Has a speakh impediment, and kan’t pronounke or write “k’s” (writes them as “k’s”).

[Salient Divine Abilities]
Kan awaken aberrations (type doesn't khange).
Also, a number of powers related to his portfolio that you probably don't want to know about and will probably never kome up in play anyway.
Move it along, people. Nothing else to see here.

Reeksofdung travels with his high priest, the Prime Minister Kassandra (see below for stats).
Reeksofdung is very mukh assokiated with life. Henke, his kleriks khannel positive energy and turn undead.
Reeksofdung speaks in bold brown.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Not involved in any storylines yet.

Name: Prime Minister Kassandra
Rake:awakened Karrion krawler.
Age: Adult. Looks like an adult karrion krawler.
Klass: Klerik/kontemplative (very high level – he’s the high priest, after all!)
Alignment and Temperament: Khaotik neutral. Kassandra has a somewhat weary attitude, whikh he has pikked from his many years serving his god. Still, he is faithful to Reekofdung and the kause.
Height: About 497 lbs.
Weight: A little shy of 10 feet long.
Hair: None
Eyes: Bright red.
Skin: Green with sikkly green tentakles.

As a karrion krawler, Kassandra has eight tentakles on his fake that he kan use to paralyze opponents. He also uses these to gesture and manipulate objelts.
Kharakter Sheet (under konstruktion) (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=38995 )
Kassandra speaks in green.

Name: The Stentkh
Rake: Living smell
Age: Really, really old
Klass: N/A (is really just Reeksofdung's Dark Kompanion with a kouple extra perks).
Alignment and Temperament: Khaotik neutral. The Stentkh is somewhat irritable bekause it doesn't really have mukh of a life of its own - it is tied to Reeksofdung as if it were a smelly shadow.
Height: N/A
Weight: Kan reakh a distanke of about 120 ft. but usually lingers around 10-20 ft.
Looks: Like grayish-blakk smoke tinged with green.

The Stentkh has has the ability to open or klose doors and move objekts weighing up to 5 lbs.
It doesn't speak but it kan konvey its emotions by smell. Noone knows how smelling The Stentkh kan tell you how it feels, but it does anyway.

Key to The Stentkh's Emotions:
Angry: Like rotten eggs.
Exkited: Like buring hair.
Fearful: Like raw sewage.
Happy: ? (no one kan remeber the Stentkh ever being happy).
Sad: Like rotting fish.

Mixed emotions are represented by mixed smells.[hr]
Aberration Domain
Granted Power: Onke per day your arms or tentakles lengthen (arms bekome tentakle-like) for 1 minute. While in effekt, your reakh inkreases by 5 feet.
1. Grease
2. Fearsome Grapple (Spell Kompendium)
3. Stinking Kloud
4. Blakk Tentakles
5. Krawling Darkness (Spell Kompendium)
6. Hungry Gizzard (Spell Kompendium)
7. Repulsion
8. Maddening Skream (Spell Kompendium)
9. Otyugh Swarm (Spell Kompendium)

2006-09-29, 04:06 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Seren
Race: Star
Height: 4 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 83 lbs
Hair colour and length: Shoulder length white blond hair.
Eye colour: pale blue
Weapons: No one has seen Seren use any weapons or attack anyone, but that's not to say she doesn't have any. She generally uses magic of a sort. Actually, she appears to have powers over light, and some other new interesting things going on lately power wise.

Seren was knocked out of the sky by something angry. Further plot exposition throughout her time in town has shown that this angry presence was Lord Orcus, demon prince of the undead. She fell onto the beach of the town. She has been stuck here, trying to make it back to the sky, since. Except for the time when Orcus chose to possess her, and then she died and had her soul trapped in hell for a spell. She's back now though.

[Common Knowledge]
She is a star
She is staying in the inn
She has a tendancy to fall for multiple guys
She is...was....has been...seeing Vael.

[Ongoing Storyline]
nothing major...I mean, Orcus is still about somewhere and Vael's lost all his memories, so I suppose she should see what she can do to help with that.

2006-09-30, 11:14 AM
Last updated 12/11/06

Name: Ilev
Race: Human
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 120 lbs
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hair colour and length: Light Brown, short.
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Ilev carries an axe which he uses with extraordinary skill.

Ilev was born in the remote village of Brugoc, with his parents and older brother. At the age of two his parents seperated. He and his brother lived with his mother, while his father left the village (he never heard of *him again afterwards). When he was 14 his mother fell ill and died, leaving him to be looked after by his older brother. A year later his brother mysteriously disappeared. Not wanting to go to the orphanage, he ran away from the village. To survive he did odd jobs in the towns he visited. As a blacksmith's apprentice he crafted himself a set of blue platemail and the axe over a period of many years with many mistakes before finally getting it right. He still carries the same armour and axe today. He started an adventuring life when he turned 18. At that age he started to hear a strange voice called Veli. While they are not 'friends' Ilev does not hates this voice.

[Common Knowledge]
Ilev tends to help out where he can.
The strange and annoying voice in his head apparantly wants to help him find his brother.
He is in love with Clover.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Ilev is searching in The Town because the 'voice' told him to look here for his brother.
[s]Ilev is helping Clover overcome the darkness she sees in her future.
Ilev is now trying to find and help Clover, who has turned evil.
Ilev currently has no quests.

2006-10-01, 12:02 AM
Name: Sinoda
Race: Human
Clothes: Tattered, old and dirty.

BackStory: After the Third War of the Hat, Sinoda turned to videogames as a mean to forget the horrors of Evil, and what he was forced to do before he joined the Companionship. He lost everything, and his wife left him. In the end, he was found half asleep having a seizure playing World of Warcraft. After that he went into a rehibilitation clinic to try and recover. Now he has returned to his hometown to try and find out what has happened since the War.

Common KnowledgeOriginally worked as a FezGhoul for the Lord of the Hats. Eventually betrayed to become the Companionship of the Hat's Pathfinder. Has been gone for a long amount of time. Wears Boom-Headshot shirt. Often confuses RL for IG.

NotesWears Boom-Headshot shirt. Often confuses RL for IG.

Tell me if I did anything wrong.

2006-10-01, 09:44 AM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Mauron, Lord of the Hats
Race: unknown
Class: Evil Overlord
Alignment and Temprament: Evil, in all its delicious flavors.
Age: ancient beyond words, or something like that.
Height: 8 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 330 lb.
Hair colour and length: unknown
Eye colour: red
Equipment: The Lord of the Hats prefers to let his minions do his dirty work, but if pressed he wields an enormous mithril mace in combat. He always wears a suit of spiky, terrifying mithril armor, so be careful giving him a hug.

The dreaded Lord of the Hats is a fragment of El Jaspero's soul, powered by the evil One Straw Boater to Rule Them All. He is bent on recovering his Hat, as it is the source of his power and might.

[Common Knowledge]
-Mauron is, in fact, not all that great at this Evil Overlord business. He lost the Third War of Haberdashery for any number of reasons, most of them his own.

-Mauron's Forces of Darkness are actively recruiting. He can typically be found in the Mirror Town Tavern; talk to him or his chief lieutentant, Malachi the Lich King.

2006-10-01, 01:58 PM
Name: Malekith
Race: elf
Gender: Male
Level: Fallen paladin 8/blackguard 10
(yes technically that makes me blackguard 18...)
Title: the necro-knight
not much has happened to him yet, except the reason he came to the town, he used to own a shop where he sold zombies, until a cleric came in and went turn undead crazy and wrecked the whole place with his warhammer, of course malekith immediately killed him and zombified him, but his shop was in flames and his reputation for low, low prices burned with it, so he set out across the plains, enslaving small communities as zombies then sending them to gather food, until paladins came and he was forced to flee, (repeatedly) he has come to the town to make a NEW necro-shop.

2006-10-04, 06:46 AM
Name: Bruno
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 22
Height: 5'6&quot;
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, Short
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: Bow and arrows
Companions: Flash, his lovable and fiery horse

On-going Storyline: A freelander ranger, Bruno is just trying to make his own way in the world.

Bruno's Backstory
At a young age he ran away from home, leaving behind the dreadfull farming life the rest of his family had accepted. Not able to find the fit life for himself, he resorted to pickpocketing and learned a great skill from it. One night in a tavern close to The Town he accidentally pickpocketed a high ranger, but was caught in the act.

The ranger was impressed at the young Bruno's skill and offered him a hard and risky apprenticeship of the ranger life, or be handed over to the guards. Not wanting to be in any sort of custordy, he apprenticed the ranger and learnt skills he never dreamed of as a pick-pocketer. He was given a bow, which he trained with vigorously. Though he found the ranger's ponies small and puny.

One day, after many years of training, he graduated, and was relieved of his master. Believing that the ranger life was full of too many rules, he didn't continue in their order, and also left his pony. He became a freelander ranger, helping those in need to gain respect and his gold.

Through travelling, he stumbled across a trainer who was hunting a flame covered horse and her calf. He watched from a distance, not wanting to interfere, yet. He saw how roughly the trainer was beating the mother and calf, and he interefered.

The trainer thought that Bruno had no business interfereing, and attacked him. Bruno easily shot him down with a quick arrow, and hurried over to the mysterious horses. The mother was beyond helping, but the calf showed hope. At first the calf would burn Bruno, but after much soothing he allowed Bruno to help him.

Thus started the great relationship between Bruno and Flash, in which he named the horse. Bruno found that the fires on Flash, were tolerable only to those it trusted.

Travelling together, they eventaully came to the busy and danger filled area of The Town, and decided that such a place always needed heroes.

2006-10-04, 12:05 PM
Name: Alton Tealeaf

Race: Half fiend halfling

Class: Ranger

Age: Early twenties

Alignment: Chaotic good

Personality: Alton is a loner, although he is very loyal to the few friends he have. He is quit and every word he says is very well considered. He trust few and fewer yet trust him. He tells his tale only to the people who have earned his trust.

Looks: Alton stands about three feet tall and appears slim. He is wearing a rather thin leather armor allowing him complete freedom of movement. A couple of red, scaled wings springs from his back, and on his scaly, red face is a couple of horns about 1 inc in lenght. At his side left side hangs a sling and on his right side a shortbow of elven making. If one spent a few minutes looking at him, they might notice a couple of short scimitars strapped to his wings. His eyes are blue and very halfling.

Backstory: Born into a hafling village Alton was always a little stronger, a little smarter, a little &quot;ahead&quot; of his friends and never liked it much. When the halfling village moved on he carried even more than the adult halfling. The first twelwe years of his life was any other halflings. But shotly after his 12th birthday He started to develop wings and horns, even his skin started to become scaily. The other halflings started avoiding him and talking behind hi back. The word &quot;demon&quot; was on the lips of everybody in the village. The other halflings fear soon became anger, the anger soon became bloodlust. One week before he would celebrate his 14th birthday he sat with his mother in their small hill. She told him why he was... As he was. She had been in the forest gathering berries, when a demon had appeared. It had raiped her. She newer knew why. Suddenly the door had been swung open, and an angry, heawily armed mop had stood outside. &quot;Give us the demon.&quot; Alton reconigsed the voice of Osborn. His best friend for years. &quot;You cant hurt my son.&quot; Then the sound of a weapon being drawn, moments later the dampened sound of his mothers body hitting the carpet. Alton maked his escape through the back door. And has been traveling the world thin ever since. Avoiding company of thoose judgemental of him.

Common knowledge: Nothing my friends

Ongoing Storyline: Nothing at the moment..

Posts in red

2006-10-04, 02:31 PM

Name: Machinus
Race: Construct
Class: Fighter
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Good; sad, feels lost, friendly, loyal, honest
Age: Unknown, approximately 10 years, but could be as much as several thousands
Weapons: Machinus uses his fists as weapons mostly, as his immense strength alone can cause serious damage. He does have a mechanism that allows him to temporarily exchange his right hand for a blade.

Machinus looks like a man made out of rusty metal. He often creaks while moving, though he doesn't have much difficulty doing so. His eyes look surprisingly human, though sad. He also speaks with a realistic, though deep human voice.


An abandoned project of an unknown wizard, Machinus doesn't know much of his early life. In the beginning, he was nothing but an automaton, but his creator decided to grant him the gift of intelligence. Machinus was eventually discarded, as the wizard had more pressing issues.

He found himself in a forest, and eventually stumbled into the city. Here he has survived, working as a freelance bodyguard, for about 10 years.

Machinus feels a great emptiness in his life. He has always been a loner, but not even knowing who granted him the gift of life greatly increases the feeling of loneliness. He sometimes questions how he can be a thinking individual, and sometimes even his very existence.
Machinus has yet to find someone he is truly comfortable being with.

[Common Knowledge]
- Extremely strong, and an excellent warrior
- A construct, though no one knows who built him


Speaks in grey.

2006-10-05, 01:30 PM
--see Vael (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=1384321)--

2006-10-06, 02:49 PM
Name Elvenbane
Race Half Human/Half Elf
Class Warrior (Denies his wizard abilities but they are there and very strong)
Alignment and Temperament Lawful Good. Untrusting of elves, otherwise friendy, slow to anger. Will die to save any woman in duress.
Age 30
Height 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight 180 lbs
Hair colour and length Strawberry Blonde, always covered by a crown.
Eye colour Vibrant and deep blue
Weapons:Sword forged from star metal of an unknown age. Has additional surprising properties not associated with star metal. Named Kulak meaning the fist.

His mother, a human queen ruling the land of Vyborg, was traveling the forest with her army when they were ambushed by an army of rogue dark elves. Their leader took a fancy to Elvenbane’s mother, and forced himself upon her. She eventually escaped, but had no where to return to, her kingdom having been destroyed by the elves. She became lost, and lived many months alone in the forest. Knowing of her pregnancy, and her impending delivery date, she searched for any civilized group of people. When labor hit, she was alone in a small clearing. The gods had mercy on her, and sent an unlikely aid, a female Ogre. She cared for the woman and her baby until the boy was old enough to fend for himself. The ogre was old, and passed away. The other ogres chased the boy and his mother from the area. Elvenbane, who was named Illiad at birth, left his mother in a quiet town and began his life quest to punish the elves who were responsible of his very life.

Illiad swore an oath to kill all those evil elves, the gods changed his name to Elvenbane and sent him on his first adventure where he won the sword Kulak. Living with the ogres, Elvenbane is very strong, having had to defend himself from the ogre children.

His mother was a sorceress, and his elf father a warrior wizard, Elvenbane is cursed with powers that he shuns. Elf magic can not harm him only affect the space around him. All elves recognize this but do not understand, and invariably test their theories without first checking to see if it is ok. Because of this, and because of his life quest, Elvenbane loathes all elves.

Elvenbane was recently in a fight to the death with an elf who was part of his “father’s” army, and who would be able to lead him to his father. Before Elvenbane could deliver the killing blow, the elf ripped a hole in the fabric of space around him and sent him to the Town.

One of the powers that Elvenbane has is the uncanny ability to locate precious gems, and is therefore very wealthy.

Elvenbane is being cautious in this new land, he does not know anyone, and therefore trusts no one, other than the chosen ones of the gods, he himself being able to sense their presence.

He also has a very strong sense of humor, and a mischievous streak which sometimes gets him in trouble.

2006-10-06, 06:52 PM
[Stats and Desciption]
Aterious Levicious
Vampire (former human) [Undead]
Paladin 6/ Fighter 2 (ECL = 16)

Alignment: LN

28 Str +9
17 Dex +3
-- Con
15 Int +2
17 Wis +3
22 Cha +6

Base attack bonus: +8/+3

AC: 37 =10+10+3+10+4

Hp: 57

Fort N/a
Ref 12=+2+3+5+2
Will 10=+2+3+5

Initative mod: +7


Silver: +2 Holy Silver Undead-bane Greatsword +20/+15 2d6+13 (+1d6 to Evil)(+2d6+2 to undead)

Slam attack: +17/+12 1d6+9 deals 2 negative levels

Wisp +2 Ghost touch Mighty Composite longbow (strength bonus+6) +13/+8 1d8+8 (incorporeal)

Grapple +17

+2 Mithral Plate of Speed

Ring of protection +4
Ring of Evasion
Amulet of natural armor+4
Vest of resistance +5
Cloak of Shades
Belt of Giant Strength (+6)
Portable hole
Arrows 200 (50 in quiver)
Scabbard of Keen Edges
2 Potions of Inflict Serious Wounds


Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
Power Attack
Mounted Combat
Ride-by attack
Great Cleave
Combat Reflexes
Improved Initiative
Lightning Reflexes


Diplomacy 15=9+6
Heal 8=5+3
Sense motive 19=8+3+8
Ride 9= 6+3
Intimidate 10=4+6
Bluff = 0+6+8
Hide 11=0+3+8
Listen 11=0+3+8
Move Silently 11=0+3+8
Search 10=0+2+8
Spot 11=0+3+8

A grey skined man, swathed in a cloak of shadows stands before you. His eyes are cold, dark and feral, but somehow, maybe it's just the light, there is something good in them. A large sword, with a cross as it's pommel is straped to his back, next to a leather quiver that seems full of every projectile imagined. His hair is black, matted, coarse and brittle; His cold skin is pulled gauntly around his cheaks. His clothes are tatterd and weathered, like the rest of his body. His stare is cold. This is Aterious Levicious.

Aterious Levicious was, long ago, a human paladin. Coming from a long line of noble knights and chivalric champions, he was a paragon of justice, piety and love. He left his town and barracks and traveled the world seeking to set right injustice and to serve as an example of good life. He joined and lead a party of like minded fellows to help purge the world of evil. They called themselves the Rods and Axes.

Through the years he fell in love with a fellow party member, a human sorceress, Rebbeka Heidale, and the two were soon married. He was a good man, a courageous fighter, and most of all a loving husband. However, love comes with it’s price.

Not long after their marriage, an ancient vampire lord, Lucious Liephier resurfaced from a long stint in the Underdark, and began enforcing his iron will on the land. Aterious, Rebbeka and the other members of the party reunited to fight this horrible evil that was sweeping their land; they had no Idea what they were up against.

After months of hunting and defeating group after group of Lucious’ undead minons, the rods located Lucious’ lair and began the arduous trek to his mountainous keep. When they arrived, they were met by an army of the strongest ghasts and wights that could be found. They hacked their way through the crowds, defeating scores of undead. But the charge was no without loss, Thime the Elvin rogue died, drained of life force, on the cold stone steps of the Vampires inner keep. The Rod’s meddle was hammered thin.

They were unprepared for the Blackguard who lay inside. Though nearly defeated, Aterious faced the lesser knight down, and in his last burst of strength, fell his opponent before falling unconscious. The other party members, Rebbeka included were soon after captured and imprisoned as fodder for Lucious. Aterious, through his divine aura was too dangerous to imprison, and yet too powerful to let live. And so he was left unconscious on the hall.

When he awoke Lucious stood before him, holding a key. He spoke in cold verse:

“One hour you have to save them
To a key their locks do bend.
One lock leads to Rebbeka,
The other ensnares your friends,
Or you can try pursue me,
A witness to both their ends.”

He droped the key and vanished into thin air before the paladin could stand.
Lucious grabbed the key and hurried in search for his imprisoned companions. He found them, with not more than ten minuets left in the hour. The prison block they were in was slowly filling with water, and as the vampire’s riddle announced, only one of the doors could be opened. Distraught, Aterious tried to free his companions, but could not. Frought with the hard decision, he choose to save Rebbeka, and then, with cold deference, he turned his back on the last breaths of his other companions. From then on, his holy radiance faded.
The pair of Aterious and Rebbeka then sought out the vampire lord, finding him in the inner sanctum of the dark keep. It was here that Aterious died. Without his aura of rightousness, Lucious was quickly able to handle Aterious’ martial skill. But it wasn’t until he held Rebbeka as a hostage that Aterious finally relented. He was defeated.

Lucious wasted no time replacing his former Lieutenant. Aterious became a vampire. In his reawaking, his blood lust was insatiable. Yet chained to the wall he was tortured by his new, darker self. After 3 days of eternal hunger, Lucious, his master returned to him, bringing along a fresh meal—Rebbeka. Standing just out of reach, Lucious slit her throat, allowing her warm blood to sprinkle on Aterious. Overcome with dark lust for blood, he ripped out the chains from the wall and leapt towards his former love. She died in his arms, as he lapped her blood from her neck.

For hundreds of years Aterious has lived this life, of shame and darkness. Wishing in his conscious hours only to give in to death. But he couldn’t; the beast within him wouldn’t die so easily. Eventually Aterious grew accustomed to his new self, and repressed his dire urges for blood. He managed to help a party of adventurers kill Lucious; the group spared Aterious after he begged for the sword. They left him there, in the keep that ruined both his lives.

Now he travels the world, trying to atone for his past sins, and the lives that he destroyed, including his own. He wishes only to be allowed to die, to perish and never return. But some wishes never come true.

[common knowledge]
Aterious is a vampire, who seems oddly neiter afraid of the sunlight, nor evil. He is quite the enigma.

His cloak of Shades constantly wreathes him in shadows, allowing him to stay out in even true sunlight without any harm. Without the cloak however he is as limited as a normal vampire.
He carries his coffin in his always partially open portable hole.

[Ongoing Storyline]

Renegade Paladin
2006-10-07, 11:04 AM
Lord Gaheris Trollbane of the Church of Tyr

[Stats and Description]


Name: Gaheris Trollbane
Race: Human, with faintly elven build and facial features
Class: Rogue 7/Paladin 11
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Easygoing, detests the Lawful Stupid stereotype.
Age: 29 years
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Red, shaggy but not too long.
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Holy longsword, composite shortbow, blackjack, thrown knives, iron bands of Bilarro.

Gaheris was born to unknown parents in Westgate, on the plane of Abeir-Toril. An orphan, he grew up on the streets and in the slums of the city, fending for himself through scavenging and petty thievery.

This all changed one day when he made the mistake of burglarizing a shop at the same time that a crew from the Night Masks thieves' guild, which had recently gained control of the city's underworld after a decades-long shadow war, came to shake down the shop's owner for protection money. Gaheris managed to kill the Masks, and was forced to flee the city a hunted boy.

Stowing away on a ship to Sembia, the young Gaheris soon found himself pursued across the Merchant Kingdom by assassins. They caught up to him in the northern grasslands as he fled from the coast. An all-night chase followed, culminating in Gaheris falling outside a small stone structure, a crossbow bolt lodged in his back.

He should have died, but he did not. His eyes opened the next morning to take in the beautiful stone form of a perfectly shaped sculpture of an astral deva gleaming in the morning sun. Raising himself up on his elbows, he saw that he was within the stone walls of the building he'd fallen outside, and was surrounded by men in armor, their tabards marked with a set of scales balanced atop a warhammer.

He had come to the Chapel of Resounding Justice, and it would forever mark his life. He was taken in by the Chapel, and was trained as a warrior. He earned the moniker of Trollbane when he first displayed the potential of a paladin, channeling the righteous wrath of Tyr into his dagger out of sheer instinct as he leaped onto the back of a massive troll that had attacked the shrine.

He was trained further in the path of the righteous warrior, but never forgot his roots. Uncomfortable in plate mail, he took up his old leather armor and set out to wander the world. After a rather typical adventuring career spanning about four years, he decided that it was time to take up a more concrete duty to Tyr than haphazardly taking the fight to random evil creatures. Evaluating his skill set and the needs of the church, he hit upon the idea of a new kind of holy order: One to bring justice to the streets and back alleys of cities. A typical paladin, while well suited to ride down enemies in the field and to provide just rule and judgment to the common folk, was not at all adept at fighting a shadow war, and that was just what was needed to bring down entrenched thieves' guilds... like the Night Masks. And the Shadow Thieves, and Shadowmasters, but although he barely admitted it even to himself, his reasons for wanting to create such a tool to battle insidious evil were not entirely selfless.

He petitioned the high justiciars of Tyr's church to allow the creation of his order within the church hierarchy, but was refused by the orthodox clergy, though some of the more broad-minded clerics were not unsympathetic. Gaheris, having long before decided that his organization must become a reality for the good of the downtrodden, didn't take long to go over their heads. He created the Vara'Dome, literally meaning Guardians of the Night in the tongue of the elves, through appealing to the churches of other gods in the pantheon, bringing together a wide array of misfit paladins of all faiths as well as men and women of other professions and good heart, and effectively creating a broad-based interfaith knightly order, forcing the Tyrran heirarchy to accept it as a fait accompli.

Chapters were dispatched in secret to all manner of cities across the continent, but though Gaheris helped several in turn, it did not take him long to assume personal command of the chapter in Westgate.

The Vara'Dome's Westgate chapter was one of the biggest and most effective in the order, but it was against a frighteningly competent thieves' guild, and could not imagine at first what it was really facing. The Night Masks were a front and a tool for a coven of vampires, long since taken over from the inside as a tool to advance the Night King's agenda of bringing about a kingdom ruled by the creatures of the night, where the living would be used as mere cattle. Gaheris and his closest companions penetrated the Night King's plots after many years of investigation, but in the battle with the vampire, who was a powerful archmage in his own right, Gaheris was exposed to a teleportation circle forced awry by the vast arcane might being thrown around the sewer lair, and was transported to the Town. He does not know where he is, but he is determined to get back to whence he came. While here, though, he will not shirk his duties as a paladin.

[Common Knowledge]

* Gaheris does not hail from this area, or perhaps even from this plane of existence.
* He is a mysterious figure, though it is possible to get to know him.
* Watch the skies if you end up fighting him. His mount is a gryphon named Percival, and he's fond of diving out of the sun onto his enemies.


Gaheris has the following capabilities:

* Class abilities as an 11th level paladin and a 7th level rogue. In simple terms, this means that he is adept at avoiding damage from most magical sources, is immune to disease, can heal himself and others by touch, is very difficult to take by surprise, and has great skill at picking out and attacking vulnerable parts of an enemy's anatomy when fighting.
* Summoning of his special mount, in this case a powerful gryphon.
* Capable of limited flight, thanks to his winged boots.
* Great skill at parrying the attacks of his enemies, represented in D&D game terms by the Dodge, Mobility, and Combat Expertise feats.
* Limited spellcasting ability, with a favorite being a teleportation variant that whisks him behind an enemy in the blink of an eye.

A very important note: If anyone tells me that paladins cannot be rogues or that a paladin cannot use sneak attack without falling from grace, we need to have a talk.

[Associates and Agents]

Gaheris now has a small contingent of agents and knights of the Vara'Dome in Town and at his disposal. These include the following individuals:

Kern Longstrider (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3306): A ranger and paladin of Mielikki, Kern hails from Starmantle in the Realms. He's quiet most of the time, but quite friendly when among those he trusts. Kern is exceptionally agile and fleet of foot, able to outrun almost every non-monk in the Vara'Dome. While an expert shot with a bow, Kern specializes in fighting with his paired short and long swords. Lawful Good.

Aleena Brightstar (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3564): Aleena is a cleric of Tymora as well as a rogue. She is quite cheerful, with a ready laugh, and is fervently devoted to Lady Luck. She is a skilled cardshark and gambler, as are many of her faith. Aleena is Gaheris' current love interest. She is very skilled at getting information out of people without resorting to intimidation, or indeed often without them even realizing that they've given anything away. She is never without her augury chips, and will use her divine power to confer with Tymora when unsure about the auspices of a course of action. (In other words, she's fond of casting augury.) When she needs to fight, she uses her short sword, backed up by her clerical magic. Chaotic Good.

Borin Hammerbammer (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=5208): Borin is a skilled blacksmith and metalworker, possessing a shop (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37199) in Town that also serves as a safehouse for the Vara'Dome. The dwarf is also a masterful second-story man. At a young age, he was trained as a divine seeker for the dwarven god of nonevil thieves, but he converted to Moradin's faith and now will not use his skills for theft for personal profit, though the Vara'Dome finds plenty of work for him in breaking into the installations of their enemies for surveillance or sabotage. Borin owes Gaheris a life debt, but it isn't something the two of them often bring up. The dwarf doesn't fight with the traditional weapons of his people, preferring the short sword and hand crossbow to the warhammer and thrown axe. Lawful Good.

Earin Duskwalker (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=4467): A bard of no small ability, Earin hails from Shadowdale and is a devotee of Milil, Faerûnian god of music. He specializes in flutes and other wind instruments of that nature. He makes a living as a freelance performer, occasionally in the company of Mern Gerling, using both mundane and magical means to eke out information useful to the Order. When he must fight, which isn't often, Earin relies on his rapier while using his magical skills to misdirect the enemy long enough for him to make his escape. Neutral Good.

Garnoth (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3571): This half-orc is a street thug by birth and trade, though he is a highly unorthodox one. He pretends to be stupid even though he is not, to lull those he is seeking information from into believing him easily fooled. Like Aleena, he specializes in information gathering. Unlike the soft-spoken and friendly cleric, he uses brutally direct methods, never torturing, but quite willingly putting the fear of the gods into whatever hapless fool has aroused his ire. Garnoth is a nonstandard devotee of Tempus, following the war god because he's left with no one else to follow. He possesses a masterwork battleaxe that he wields two-handed, but often leaves it behind in the safehouse in favor of carrying a less conspicuous, but more magical, club. He conceals daggers on his body. Neutral Good.

Joros (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3667): An Ilmatian monk, Joros is a devoted follower of the god of suffering and perseverance. He has a supremely serene demeanor, and lives to relieve the suffering of others. To this end, he fights to free the oppressed, and joined the Vara'Dome as the best means available of achieving that goal. He is an expert at close quarters combat, specializing in tripping and grappling his opponents. He fights with no weapons, using only his mighty fists and skill at unarmed combat. When he must meet an opponent at range, he uses a sling that he carries, but it is not often that he meets an opponent that he cannot catch on foot. Lawful Good.

Kaer Andorsal (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3560): Kaer is a brash young junior operative, a devotee of Tymora and almost reckless surveillance expert. Known for taking chances in the field that usually pay off for him, Gaheris tends to compartmentalize him out of any sensitive plans unless he absolutely needs to know, for fear of his capture, which the paladin lord thinks is bound to happen sooner or later. Kaer thinks Gaheris worries too much, and refers to him as "the old man" when he thinks his boss isn't listening. The teen is working on building a network of informants in the slums like the one he had in Westgate, and is well on his way to reaching that goal. Kaer's job doesn't involve much fighting, but when he engages in wet work or is forced to defend himself, the young rogue relies on his short sword and crossbow. Chaotic Good.

Mern Gerling (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3565): A devotee of Sune and a paladin bard, Mern is an extreme rarity in his combination of skills. In fact, he, Gaheris, and Erek Fletcher, the Vara'Dome's Knight of Song, all agree that most such examples fall within the ranks of the Vara'Dome itself. Mern recruited Earin into the order and the two still perform together more often than not. Mern foregoes instruments in favor of singing when he performs. Mern's spell selection is geared more towards combat than Earin's, with magics that distract opponents to leave them vulnerable and that give him insight into making critical strikes against his enemies with his rapier. Lawful Good.

Zian Tasck (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3612): Zian is a half-elf and a minor noble of Silverymoon. He is both a sorcerer and a consummate ladies' man, frequenting noble parties whenever possible. His spell selection is geared towards surveillance and disguise, with a few hampering spells thrown in to ease any escape should it become necessary. He packs heavy firepower among his scrolls, however, so his enemies would be well advised to not trifle with him. Lawful Good.

[Ongoing Storyline]

After helping to track down the serial killer of the Slums, Gaheris dropped out of sight. He took on the guise of a rogue and assassin, calling himself Gar and joining the Mafia. From within the ranks of the criminal organization, he worked to thwart their ongoing jobs and ultimately to bring down the Family itself. Unfortunately, his cover was blown during a hit, though he is not sure that word of Gar's actual identity made it's way back to the rest of the Mafia, as the avatar that Iames the Dark had been using was retaken by the Light aspect of the deity almost immediately afterwards.

Gaheris helped Iames' cleric, Lyrak, hunt down a foul warlock named Vahlziir who had been indirectly responsible for the serial killings in the Slums, though the fiend-spawn escaped them. He then actively sought a means to return to Westgate, finally hitting upon hiring El Jaspero's ship to take him to Baldur's Gate. Once there, he found that the Night Mask menace was truly finished off in the fight he was teleported away from, and returned with Vara'Dome agents to establish a presence in the Town.

Not long after his return, cart bombings started to occur in the Town with startling regularity, some of them heralding the establishment of a new thieves' guild calling itself the Stiletto Guild. Alarmed by these developments and fearing a third guild war, Gaheris secured the assistance of the Lady Amiria in constructing a portal back to Faerûn so that he could quickly move more powerful members of the Vara'Dome as well as equipment back and forth between Town and the Realms if need be. The portal was recently completed, allowing several of the Vara'Dome's high-ranking members to come to Town and join in their commander's efforts. (See below.)

D&D 3.5 stats (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3127)

The beginnings of a short novel I'm writing starring Gaheris. (http://libriumarcana.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2287)

[B]Erek Fletcher, Knight of Song

[Stats and Description]


Name: Erek Fletcher
Race: Half-elf
Class: Bard 7/Paladin 5
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good.
Age: 35 years
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Blond, shoulder-length. Usually worn in a ponytail
Eye colour: Blue
Weapons: Keen rapier, composite shortbow

Erek, a native of Baldur's Gate, is the Vara'Dome's Knight of Song and second in command. (The two positions are unrelated; the second commander could as easily be any of the other head Knights.) He is devoted to Sune, Faerûnian goddess of beauty. He maintains his personal appearance even more carefully than his cover, despite being nearly fanatic about the latter as it is.

Erek is a veteran infiltrator and undercover operative, despite being the least skilled at combat among the Order's leaders. He commanded the Vara'Dome's expedition to Dambrath for some time, despite the fact that as a non-drow half-elf, he would be killed on sight if recognized for what he was. His magic combined with his more ordinary skill at disguise allows him to pass as almost any variety of humanoid. His most frequent pursuit when information-gathering or simply laying low is to seek work as a musician. He's quite daring in this; in Dambrath he often disguised himself as a Crinti half-drow and performed in upscale establishments catering to the Crinti nobility, any of whom could and would have had him killed if his disguise was penetrated.

The expedition to Dambrath ended in partial success in the Year of Rogue Dragons. The Order had managed to severely disrupt the Crinti government, but could not topple it, and many of the agents were forced to flee the country as hunted men after a failed attempt to kill the country's queen. Erek, along with Bearach Weir (see below), were among those who escaped before being captured. Erek went on to take command of the Baldur's Gate cell of the order. There he oversaw low-level operations against the Shadow Thieves until Gaheris called him into service in the Town. He has just arrived, and intends to find out as much as he can about this strange place before taking serious action.

[Common Knowledge]

* Erek is new in Town, and is a very skilled bard. He seems outgoing and friendly, and often spends time talking to appreciative members of his audiences after he has finished playing.
* He tends to avoid confrontations, usually attempting to talk down anyone who's aggressive towards him rather than going for his blade.
* He is usually friendly with everyone he meets, even after they have given enough reason for most people to not be. He will frequently dispense advice on aesthetics and fashion to any who will listen.


Erek has the following capabilities:

* Class abilities as a 5th level paladin and a 7th level bard. In simple terms, this means he is a skilled performer, in his case with the lute, and can work magic with his music. At the most basic level, he can fascinate crowds and exercise limited ability to alter thoughts and implant motivations. He can also inspire individuals to great acts of heroism and skill. He can also detect evil within others, inspire courage with his mere presence, smite the wicked with holy wrath, drive off undead creatures, and heal with his touch.
*Summoning of his special mount, a light warhorse named Finola.
*Skill at disguise, oratory, the arts of persuasion, and double-talk.
*Spellcasting abilities as a bard; favorites include spells of disguise and concealment. He casts undetectable alignment every day.

[Ongoing Storyline]


D&D 3.5 stats (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=15561)

[B]Bearach Weir, Knight of the Hunt

[Stats and Description]


Name: Bearach (BAHR-akh) "Barry" Weir
Race: Human
Class: Paladin 7/Ranger 6
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Taciturn with strangers, grim towards enemies, and confident in his own abilities.
Age: 27 years
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 189 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Brown and messy, tied back with a simple cord.
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Flaming composite longbow, longsword, lance.

Bearach is a native of Cormyr who follows Mielikki, a Faerûnian goddess of forests and forest creatures. He's unusual among the Knights in that he doesn't command any specific city's chapter; rather, he nominally commands those who track criminals between cities, hunting bandits and fugitives alike. He personally usually operates in the North of Faerûn, opposing bandits, Zhentarim agents, and the machinations of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan.

He accompanied the Dambrath expedition until 1373, lending his expertise in horse handling to the mission in a country that depends on the horse trade. He is an expert archer, adept at firing his bow from horseback. He's by far the most independent of the top-ranking knights, as befits the nature of his station; he will often engage in outside work unrelated to the Order. He came to Town through the portal with Erek, and is currently engaged in learning the ways of the wilderness surrounding Town along with his subordinate, Kern Longstrider.

[Common Knowledge]

* Bearach likes to disappear alone into the wilds, sometimes for days at a time.
* When in Town, he frequents taverns, where he typically drinks in silence.
* When not otherwise occupied, he is willing to put his skills as a scout to work for the right client. He carefully evaluates all potential employers, and will not take any jobs that might potentially serve evil.


Bearach has the following capabilities:

* Class abilities as a 7th level paladin and a 6th level ranger with the archery specialization. He's an able tracker and a master archer, able to hit his mark even from the back of a galloping horse. In addition, he has all the paladin abilities described for Gaheris.
* Summoning of his special mount, a light warhorse named Whitehoof. Whitehoof has all the abilities of a ranger's animal companion as well as those of a paladin's mount.
* Skill in animal handling, as well as expertise in combating undead and evil outsiders.
* Limited spellcasting, mostly focused on spells to enhance his speed and the deadliness of his weapons.

[Ongoing Storyline]


D&D 3.5 stats (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=15795)

[B]Quinlan Lyall, Knight of the Spirit

[Stats and Description]


Name: Quinlan Lyall
Race: Human
Class: Monk 8/Paladin 5
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Serene and friendly, always willing to help those in need.
Age: 31 years
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Shaved
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Unarmed fighting, sling

Quinlan hails from Calimshan, where he was trained as a monk at the House of Bound Hands in Calimport. He came to oppose Calimshan's entrenched system of slavery, and found himself driven from the country after his outspoken public views on the subject drove him to take personal action at the beginnings of his calling to paladinhood. Fleeing north, he changed his name to a Northern one to avoid having his past come back to haunt him and took up the life of a wandering Ilmatian monk.

He met Gaheris when his travels took him through Sembia. At the time, Gaheris had no conception of the order he would one day found,

[Common Knowledge]

* Quinlan is a skilled healer and a compassionate soul. The only thing that seems to anger him is suffering inflicted on others. He spends most of his time in the slums, aiding the poorest of the Town's citizens with food and medical attention.
* He seems to project an air of serene calm at all times. This is completely nonmagical; he simply has a strong calm and calming personality.
* Quinlan never seems to carry weapons, though any who think to attack him in the back alleys of the slums quickly discover that he is never defenseless.


Quinlan has the following capabilities:

* Class abilities as an 8th level monk and a 5th level paladin with the charging smite alternate class feature. In simple terms, this means he is adept at unarmed combat, moves with great speed when he wishes to, and has a variety of abilities related to self-protection, purity of self, and stealth. He can also channel holy wrath to smite his foes, heal others with a touch, and inspire courage in those around him.
* Possesses magical items that aid in healing.
* Has an extremely forceful personality when angered, though no one in Town has witnessed it yet.

[Ongoing Storyline]


D&D 3.5 stats (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=15796)

[B]Ciaran Roche, Knight of Shadows

[Stats and Description]


Name: Ciaran (Kieran) Roche
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 6/Paladin 6
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Coolly professional.
Age: 23 years
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 171 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Black, cut short.
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: Keen rapier, array of magical daggers, composite shortbow of frost, and a grapple-launching crossbow

Ciaran hails from Waterdeep, where he grew up in the Dock Ward. He was taken in by the clerics of the Hospice of St Laupsenn in the North Ward of that city after nearly being crushed to death in a dockside accident involving some mis-stacked cargo crates. He took up Ilmater's faith after that incident, though it was not until years later that the Broken God chose this unlikely man to stand among his paladins. He is unsure of just why Ilmater selected him for such a lofty calling, but he is beginning to believe that the Vara'Dome is that reason. Erek recruited him soon after the Order's founding. He quickly rose to lead Waterdeep's fledgeling chapter, and though he has earned the title of Knight of Shadows, he still struggles to establish his chapter in the rapidly changing landscape of the City of Splendors' underworld, a task made far more complicated by the recent split of Waterdeep's Harpers and the decision of the leader of the faction loyal to Twilight Hall to move to open operations.

Since Gaheris' initiative to spread the order into Town, Ciaran splits his time between the Town's slums and Waterdeep, facilitated by the portal in Borin Hammerbammer's basement.

[Common Knowledge]

* A new cloaked figure haunts the alleys of the Slums. He seems to have a primary interest in opposing the Town's organized crime elements, though no one has thus far divined his identity or true motivations.
* Ciaran frequents several of the Town's taverns. He acknowledges no connection to any of his cloak-and-dagger activities in the slums, and seems to all appearances to be just another adventurer and possible sword for hire.


Ciaran has the following capabilities:

* Class abilities as a 6th level rogue and a 6th level paladin. See Gaheris' list of general abilities above for further details.
* Ciaran has no mount. Instead, Ilmater has blessed him with a guardian spirit. This celestial entity can heal wounds or imbue those it touches with holy fervor, though it cannot attack or be attacked itself.
* Like Gaheris, Ciaran has a defensive style of fighting, represented in D&D terms by Dodge, Mobility, and Combat Expertise.
* When Ciaran uses his smite powers and strikes a vital spot with the same attack, the holy energies entering into the target's vital organs can stun the creature temporarily.

[Ongoing Storyline]


D&D 3.5 stats (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=15797)

[b]Amargein Ross, Knight of the Spell

[Stats and Description]

Name: Amargein Ross
Race: Human
Class: Paladin 4/Sorcerer 10
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Good. Inquisitive, slightly arrogant, and possessed of an extremely forceful personality.
Hair colour and length: Intense blonde, not quite shoulder length. Usually tied back.
Eye colour: Brilliant green
Weapons: Quarterstaff

Amargein is a devotee of Mystra, though he traces his sorcerous heritage back to a gold dragon servitor of Torm, and hence pays homage to the god of duty as well. Unlike all of the other ranking Knights of the Vara'Dome, Amargein started off as a paladin; his sorcerous potential did not manifest until later in his life.

The sorcerer commands the Silverymoon chapter of the Vara'Dome. This position doesn't entail much in the way of duties within the capital of the Silver Marches itself; Silverymoon's chapter spends more time opposing Luskan-based bandits and the Arcane Brotherhood.

Gaheris brought Amargein to Town after the disappearance of the KNAVES stronghold. He is working on magically tracing the destination of the organization responsible for bringing the Fourth Empire's attacks upon the Town, and in the meantime is assisting in the effort to find the Slums' latest serial killer.

[Common Knowledge]

* Amargein seems like a typical arcanist at first glance. He is supremely confident in his magical power, almost to the point of arrogance, though he is still a charming individual for all that.
* He bears a strange, black staff inscribed with patterns of daggers, domino masks, and symbols used to leave back-alley messages in graffiti. The staff seems to have no bearing on his demeanor or activities; if anything it seems likely that he captured the item.
* Though he is obviously a sorcerer or wizard, someone skilled at judging combat ability might notice that he carries himself like a warrior, and that the grip on his staff is that of someone ready to use it as a weapon, not a walking stick.


Amargein has the following capabilities:

* Class abilities as a 4th level paladin with the Mystic Fire Knight substitution and a 10th level sorcerer. In simple terms, this means that he can smite his foes with holy wrath, detect the presence of evil, heal with a touch, inspire courage, and is immune to disease. He also has a wide selection of magical spells, in his case focusing on spells to enhance himself and his allies and that enhance his own mobility.
* Trademark spells include an incantation that causes him to sprout dragonlike wings and fly, a conjuration that encases him in mithril plate, and a teleportation spell that permits him to make many small teleport jumps over a prolonged period.
* Amargein possesses the runestaff of the shadow war, a formidable item that permits him to use magic of disguise and stealth, including a powerful spell that gives him several of the abilities of a rogue for a short time.
* In addition to his spellcasting, Amargein is a skilled combatant with the quarterstaff. In addition to it's spell-granting properties, his runestaff is also a formidable weapon, and he is skilled in using it to both attack and defend himself.

[Ongoing Storyline]


D&D 3.5 stats (http://thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=16676)

[B]Gror Hammerbammer

[Stats and Description]


Name: Gror Hammerbammer
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin 15
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Personable for a dwarf; enjoys his ale.
Age: 70 years
Height: 4' 4"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Hair colour and length: Red, midlength on the head, long beard.
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Holy warhammer, lance, composite shortbow of frost.


Gror is a cousin to Borin Hammerbammer

[Common Knowledge]


* Class abilities as a 15th level paladin.
* Gror's special mount is a black gryphon named Gorewing. Gorewing is an even more formidable specimen than Percival, Gaheris' mount; the two gryphons often work together.

[Ongoing Storyline]


D&D 3.5 stats (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=15798)

2006-10-08, 01:24 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Asyth of the wildshapers
Class: 7 Druid/5 Warshaper/5 Nature's Warrior
Race: Halfling
Alignment: True Neutral, impartial with most things that happen around him unless directly connected to him.
Age: 38
Height and Weight: 4'1&quot;, 49lbs
Eye Colour: Yellow
Hair Colour: Brown
Weapons: Almost always has hands formed into Claws (warshaper ability). Mouthpick/Shock Scimitar. (Mouthpick lets him wield his sword in his mouth when he forms it into a bite attack or wildshapes into an animal with a bite attack.)
Animal Companion: Herryn, a Hawk which is now large size (he can ride her, yay!)

Asyth was always interested in Nature. As a child, instead of roaming the streets with the other halfling and human kids he would run through through the forests, making animal friends and climbing trees.
He grew apart from the halfling society as he lived more and more among the trees.
He hardly visited the village anymore as a young adult.
He became particularly good friends with a Hawk which he gave the name Herryn.

They went on adventures together and grew experienced in fighting together. Asyth developed his abilities over time, and now stays in the shape of a wolf quite a lot, when not in this shape he rides on Herryn's back.

After many years of adventuring together, Asyth and Herryn found their way to The Town and are living in the outlying forests...

[Common Knowledge]
Asyth never goes anywhere without Herryn...
He is short
He isn't bothered by many things...but he is bothered by, and will get extremely angry about, the destruction to, or corruption of, any form of Nature.

Don't kill plants...(??)

Ongoing Storyline:

Tussy the Druid
2006-10-08, 03:13 PM
Name: Tussy the Druid and Argrek Shadowscale (the snake)
Race: Lizardfolk (and a snake)
Class: Druid 20.
Alignment: Neutral. He'll do what ever he wants, act however he wants. Sometimes can be kept to himself, thinking to himself, other times, is a very outspoken and is crazy.
Age: 35
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 224 pounds of pure muscle.
Hair: None, but he has spike-fins going along his spine.
Eyes: Dark red, when casting spells, they start glowing greenish white.
Weapons: Tussy's weapon is magic. If his magic fails, Argrek comes in to do the damage. Also, Tussy has magically enchanched teeth and claws that do lots of damage. Tussy also is a weretree. Able to command all tree in almost an circumstance, and able to shapeshift into a tree at will.

Tussy was born by the trees. He has no parents, and he is of the trees. The trees sent him to the Strongscale tribe so he could learn the arts of the druid and protect those who birthed him. Even Tussy doesn't know the location of his birth.

Tussy The Druid was high druid of his tribe, the Strongscales. Tussy's formal name is Tusserte Strongscale. He was the leader's chief spiritual advisor. he always led his tribe towards victory when attacking enemy tribes, and kept his tribe at peace when needed.
One day, a band of trolls raided Tussy's tribe. He tried to fight and defend his wife, Raklia Strongscale, but the trees grabbed him and shoved him into the trees, protecting him from the onslaught. Tussy watched helplessly as the trolls killed every single one of the tribe members. Except his wife. The trolls took his wife and showed her to all the trees, trying to provoke Tussy to come out. Tussy tried and attempted, but the trees held him back. The trolls walked away with his wife unconcious. The tree told Tussy that the trolls were after him, and if he hadn't stayed in the trees, he would have been slaughtered. Accepting the trees wisdom, he still valued them highly and set on his mission to rescue his wife.

Common Knowledge:
-Tussy is a powerful druid and isn't afraid to use his powers.
-Tussy has a strong prejudice towards trolls, but is not completely blinded by it.
-Anyone who harms his trees in a great measure (such as cutting an entire forest down) he will try to hunt and kill.
-Tussy does not mind a tree or two being cut, as he understand the circle of life.

Storyline: After destroying a tribe of trolls, and nearly loosing his life, he found that they killed his wife. Dismayed, he wondered the forest, and eventually he stumbled upon Town, where he hopes to settle down from his long quest of hunting trolls. Tussy spends most of his time in his tree, wandering to the streets of town, or enjoying some alcohol in the tavern. He doesn't belong to any particular storyline.

2006-10-08, 09:21 PM
[Stats and description]

[space reserved for future art]

Name: Cherry Vannusi
Genre: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rouge 3/Figther 2
Alignment and Temperament: NN / friendly, very distracted when not in a mission, very dificult to see him angered but can become a cold blooded psicopath when the time needs (and have fun with it)
Age: 20
Height: 1,75 m
Weight: 69 kg
Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, Short and Spiked
Eye colour: right Brow, left Yellow
Speaks in: Blue
Weapon: Gatsukamui, a magical weapon he got afther his first mission. (see stats on final part of post)

Armour: None, he usualy try to find magical itens and try to dispose his target in a simgle bow.


An &quot;information mercenary&quot;, usualy spying someone and selling information specialized in what he like to call &quot;trades spy&quot; because usualy he steal some secret rotes, goods and documents for merchants and business man (Heh, this profession has too much future ahead! is what he say all the time) to sell on black market and goverment but some times he work for wizards and do some Dungeoncrawling.

His searching skills are a little low because (at least he says) something always happen, making the search much slower.

Started to train by himself after he got his sginature weapon, and seens to have some sucess.

He don't like to talk about his past or himself, and his friends only know he are the only survivor from his city and that's all.

In one mission he managed to help a child red dragon named Fayani to befriend again with her mother and earned her thanks, learning Draconic and a bit of red dragons habit. He treat her as if she are his younger sister, altough they have about the same age (he get's mad when someone say they are a &quot;couple&quot;).

His best friend are a alchemist called Albert Elfridge, a true genious at inventions with machines and &quot;tecnoblable stuff&quot;. Altough he are not a alchemist, he usualy undestand what his inteligent, yet a little crazy, friend says and what he can touch or not.

He like to say his eyes are &quot;magical&quot;, but acording to his friend, it's just a &quot;genatilicalsomething damage&quot; whatever it's means. Well, maybe the only &quot;magic&quot; the eye have are to atract woman attention to him (not that he will complain...)

[Common Knowledge]
-Fayani own a restaurant where he usualy go to eat.
-He are new to the town
-By some weird reason he can't taste pepper unless in ultimate cosmic epic levels (his alchemist friend have the recipe)
-He like to try to find a girlfriend to his alchemist friend

Damage: 1d8 +2
AC bonus when used as a shield: +2
Especial: Indetectable (and don't looks like) as a weapon until activated, can use Detect evil 3 times per day. Can not be activated by anyone other than the actual master, if he die the first one who put the weapon becames the new master. Unless put on the right arm, it's only an piece of worthless metal.
Notes: Looks like the weapon Chipp use in the Guilty Gear series(tm), but when are not in the weapon mode looks like a silver armband. Also, thanks to Dalmarian_Ranger (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=viewprofile;username=Dal marian_Ranger)
for some tips in the creating the weapon.

His D&amp;D stats (http://www.sylnae.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=14634)

[Ongoing Storyline]
He just dropped (literaly) in the Town. And he's hungry.

Albert Elfridge

2006-10-10, 10:27 PM
So after a long break I am back, maybe. All old characters gone most likely. A write up of new ones or one should be here shortly.

Age:87 looks like 17
Race: Some rare demon type
Alingment: NCE... (I hate the bi-axle alingment system so she is more neutral then chaotic and more chaotic then evil.
She has a blue green mermaid like tail, but not replacing legs, she does have legs. She also has unnaturally long and fin like ears. Her skin is well tanned and on the whole she is pretty damm attractive, if your into tails. Her left arm seems to have something wrong with it, she doesn't seem to want to move it if she can help it. She tries to hide this fact whenever she can. Her left hand has obviously been severaly damaged and never allowed to heal correctly as it has been reduced to uselessness.
Weapons:She carries a small blade that looks more useful for cutting food then people. Other than her clothes on her back she doesn't seem to have any equipiment.

2006-10-12, 11:48 AM
Rapheria Lethanti



Class: Rogue/assassian

Alignment: CN, slightly leaning towards evil. She's more likely to slit your purse (or throat) than help you unless the price is right.

Appearance:Rapheria stands an unimpressive 5’3”. Her grey body is typically covered in a dark array of material. A black robe flows around her shoulders and waist. Her porcelain-white hair flows down to the small of her back when fully unbound. Typically, she wears it braided up near the center of her head underneath an ashen veil. Underneath the robes, Rapheria is actually quite lithe and limber. While her displayed physique discourages interest, underneath the costume her body exudes a raw beauty. Above her heart, one may find a distinct blue, star-shaped birthmark.

Skills:Rapheria’s small frame enables her to slip in and out of places many would overlook. He nimble fingers enable her to pick almost any common lock. For the more resilient locks she carries a small tool kit. The grey tone of her skin helps her fade away into the shadows. Her magical abilities are limited to rudimentary spells of concealment, opening locks, and mild mind control. Her ability to control minds extends only to making others slightly more open to suggestion and amplifying existing emotions. She has not had any formal training in fighting, but has developed her own forms of dueling including with daggers and unarmed combat. She possesses extenisive knowledge of alchemy and potions, but rarely takes the time to make them.

Personality:True to her drow upbringing, Rapheria shows little mercy and be quite cruel. She is willing to talk and take on jobs if the price is right. She lacks social graces and is quite commonly caustic and crude in her remarks to others. Simple minded beings annoy her. Rapheria hardly ever acts in rage. She is cold and calculating; she strikes from the shadows when it is least expected. She has a hatred for many people seriously involved with religious orders.

History:Rapheria never knew her mother. She died bringing Rapheria unto the world. Left only to her brusque father, she never learned proper manners. They lived a harsh life out in the streets. A drunken band of humans chased them down one night. Her father died while trying to defend her. She ran to a temple in hopes of a rescue, but her cries were to no avail. None issued forth to save her. From that day on she has hated the church for bring hypocritical and not helping in a time of desperate need. In order to survive, Rapheira used the only coin she had to earn food, her body. The harsh life as a harlot only increased her revulsion with the religion. This abhorrence lead her to a life of crime. She soon learned ways to get many men to do as she wants. Her experinences with a few kind souls has somewhat diminshed her blind rage towards religion, but she is still particualrly quick to anger.

Weapons:Rapheria conceals three daggers upon her body. One was within her left sleeve; one was strapped to her right leg, and one on the coil around her neck. The one around her neck is slightly coated with a potion of her own creation. It amplifies the feeling of physical attraction. By using it her victims become extremely happy; so much so, that in extreme cases hearts have burst. Oftentimes she considers her body to be a weapon of distraction.

Other:Rapheria cannot swim. She has an inordinate fear of drowning

Common Knowledge: She is willing to do almost any job if the price is right.

Gnome Barbarian
2006-10-12, 08:44 PM



Class: barbarian/fighter

Alignment: CG; he maybe crazy and looking to fight but all in all he has a good heart/

Appearance: J'gorl stands about 3'4&quot; and weights about 40 lbs. He defitnly looks more like a short dwarf than a gnome. He has blonde hair and blue eyes but a crazy look in his eyes.

History:J'gorl was actually orphaned as a baby. His parents were traders who were killed by a group fo bandits if it wasn't for a barbarian tribe fighting away the bandits J'Gorl also would be no more. He grew up the same as any other barbarian, making him very competitive and loving the call for battle. Even though he was looked down on alittle for his small size he worked hard to overcome this.

Weapons: J'Gorl duel weilds a Hammer that is obviously to big for him but he holds it as if it was a perfect fit and a long sword. (IE Oversized TWF + Monkey Grip))

Motto: &quot;Crazy beats strong any day.&quot;

2006-10-14, 07:57 AM
Stats and description:

Name: Jim Rellington
Race: Human (although a bit elvish)
Class: Cleric 5
Age: 24
Height: 186 cm (6 feet, 2 inches)
Weight: 68 Kg (about 150 pounds)
Allignment: Lawful Neutral

Basic physical/metal abilities:
Quite unwise, but quite agile and intelligent.

Notable features:
Scruffy browny-reddy hair, quite messy.
Hazel eyes (A brown/green colour).
Middle finger missing on left hand.

Slightly damaged clothing.
Chain mail armour protecting most of his upper body.
A white cloak that looks like it's worth more than the rest of his attire combined.
A blessed hand-crafted wand.
An uncursed (yet possesed) mace.


Ever since childhood Jim's been curious. That curiousity has now become a &quot;rush in to trouble&quot;-like behaviour pattern that becomes quite obvious after spending a few hours with him.

He got in to the cleric &quot;business&quot; because healing spells are very interesting to him. The spells also prove useful when running out of recently-ran-in-to trouble. Many of his friends think he wouldn't of survived to see adulthood without the spells of other clerics and later, his.

This is also why he has 9 fingers. He's known never to pet a kobold for 10 years now.

He came to &quot;The town&quot; when he turned 23, after studying the priestly ways for 6 years and learning a few spells.

Common knowledge:

Jim Rellington has never been married, he's never been the greatest relationship-starter.
He knows very few spells but healing or HP related ones.
He is rarely in the same place doing the same thing for long ammounts of time.

Current storyline:

Jim is investegating Clover's wierd behavior, and may participate in the great battle that's about to commence.

2006-10-14, 04:53 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Zimbraw par Rallouq
Race: unknown
Alignment and Temprament: chaotic evil
Age: unknown
Height: 7ft 9ins
eye colour: white with pin-prick black pupils
Hair colour and length: unknown, hidden beneath balaclava.
Weapons: unknown
clothing: Zimbraw wears a simple sand-coloured tunic underneath a green lizardskin cloak. He also wears a sand-coloured balaclava at all times.

Zimbraw was born in another world, the son of two eccentric wizards who's life revolved around trying to travel between worlds.

When Zimbraw was only thirteen, one of their experiments went wrong, and their home was destroyed. In the process, Zimbraw and his parents were thrown out of their world, and into three totally different ones.

When Zimbraw came to, he found himself in the care of a kindly elderly gentleman, who also happened to be studying the field of interdimensional travel.

The man took Zimbraw on as his assistant, and together, they made various attempts to return Zimbraw to his own land. One particularly disaterous attempt left the two stranded in a strange world, with the man lying severely wounded.

As the man lay dying, he confessed to Zimbraw that, when he had first appeared, he had run tests on Zimbraw, and discovered that he had dormant powers that would allow him to create portals to other worlds of his own will. He handed over a list of instructions on how to access this power, and promptly died, before Zimbraw could react.

Angry that the man hadn't mentioned this before, Zimbraw turned his back on the instructions, and left the man's body to rot, intending to remain in that world.

However, he was shunned by their society, and became increasingly bitter and twisted. He fell in with a group of thieves, who taught him how to survive through thievery. Over time, he became a very proficient thief, and developed a rather disturbing level of greed and lust for money.

After a few years of this, he became so greedy, that he began working for his own means, rather than those of the group, who had always encouraged supporting each other. Eventually, he became so selfish that the group threw him out.

By this time, however, he had grown tired of the meagre amounts he was able to obtain anyway, and began reconsidering those dormant powers. Using the old instructions, he learnt to use the powers, and became an interdimentional thief, roaming from world to world stealing from the richest people he could find.

Eventually, his undoing came when he attempted to steal from a very powerful wizard, who caught him, and cursed him. However, this wizard wasn't particularly vicious with the curse, and simply turned him from a thief into a trader, at the same time chaging his greed to generosity.

Zimbraw then continued his travelling, using his powers to trade between worlds, and eventually established himself as a succesful trader, famed for being able to locate whatever anyone asked him for, specialising in rare and powerful objects and artifacts.

Many years later, the curse began to wear off, and his methods of obtaining objects became less honest, though he remains generous.

After a while, he began to attract the attention of several Authority figures, and decided to chose a location where it would be less likely for him to be traced. He selected a world with unusually high levels of evil, the mirror world's Town, and set up his base there, in a mountain cave. Over time, he learnt of the 'mirror world' situation, and set up an identical cave in the 'real' town as well, creating it in such a way that it was linked directly into the original, making it pretty much an extention of the world.

Since then, he has used this as his base of operations.

[Common Knowledge]
[Notes] Lives in a cave in the mountains.
[Ongoing Storyline] none so far.

2006-10-14, 05:23 PM
[ Stats and description ]

Name: Zed (pc)
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard 20, Rogue 5

Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good , doesnt like to be commanded, has a good nerves ( its hard to make him angry), likes helping people and making friends

Age: 40
Height: 3 feet, 4 inches
Weight: 100 lbs

Eye coulour: green
Hair color: dark brown

Equipment: Robes, leather boots and gloves, helmet,
battlestaff, magic bag, 5 scrolls of healing, 5 scrolls of mana, personal journal


Zed was raised in the gnome village Antora. There he learnt the ways of magic. Since gnomes have some very deep connections with dwarfes, he believes in a dwarf god Klunx, keeper of all low height races, also including short humans. In Antora academy, he had showed as a great wizard. He also likes some ways of a rogue, hiding and waiting for a right time to attack with his battlestaff .He learnt the rogue skills only by practicing it alone, without any academy. He survived many encounters thanks to his great tactics and sneaking. When he was 20, he started adventuring. Humans didn't liked him at all, like most of other gnomes. But he made some money robbing people in woods by sneaking on them. He decided to come in this town because of stories of its kind people who accept all races.

[Common Knowledge]

Zed uses enchanting spells oftenly, Strenghtening himself to fight better with battlestaff. He uses attacking spells to, but it wastes a lot of energy for a wizard to do this. Sorcerers are specialized in this. And, he only has few attacking spell per day.


Gnomes are separated class, often not liked by others. Most of them are magical users with no real friends, but Zed tries to be friendly

[Ongoing storyline]

Another reason of his arrival is Legendary Red tiger.
Xavier is his chief, giving him tasks to do when he need some gold.
This is the biggest task yet. Xavier hates this tiger because he killed his family. Zed will get over 10 000 gold for bringing its skin.
The problem is this tiger has been seen in this part 2 years ago. It will be hard to find information.


Name:Xavier (npc)
Race: gnome
Class: Sorcerer 20
Notes: Xavier is 60 years old, and needs some1 to work for him. That is you. His biggest sorrow is death of his family by legendary red tiger

2006-10-15, 06:32 AM
Stats and Description:

Name:Tharielle Machie
Class: Mage 5
Allignment:Lawful Neutral
Age: 24
Height: 94cm (3 feet 2 inches)
Weight: 26kg (57 pounds)
Appearence:Eye colour: Blue Hair colour: Brown
Attire:Staff of Wizardry Very clean clothes

Tharielle is one of 13 siblings and had to live on the street for 9 years. she tried to make money by studying under a wizard of high power to start a career as a wizard for her 12 younger brothers/sisters.

Once she became a wizard at the age of 16 she stopped her studies to gain money as an entertainer, entertaining the townsfolk with various cantrips.

When her siblings were old enoughto take care of themselves, she decided to come to the town to persue a better life.

Common knowledge
Tharielle has little money
Tharielle knows the cantrip spell
Tharielle is good at surviving without neccesities.

Current story/quest

2006-10-15, 11:13 AM
*Played by Cathrindir
Random NPC Cleric #213

[Stats and Description]
Name: 213.
Race: Human.
Age: 26.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Height: 5'11.
Weight: 175.
Class: Cleric 11.

Random NPC Cleric #213 was one of the Clerics transferred from Cathrindir's old Monastery to Zamrel to the Temple of Zamrel after he created it. He lived happily for a month or two, until having a knife held against his throat and several threats directed at him by Traven, clearly stating that he would have a six-inch dagger in his heart. Realizing how dangerous being an NPC was, he left with another Temple-Goer, 166, to fight for NPC Rights.
((More to come later))

2006-10-16, 05:11 AM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Sapphire Re'Drack
Race: Fallen Angel
Class: Paladin 15/Blackguard 10
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Evil.
Age: 15
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 48 kilos
Hair colour and length: Long Ponytail, Black
Eye colour: Light blue
Weapons: Magic and Enchanted Bastard sword.

-It's on it's way!

[Common Knowledge]
-Be here someday ;D

-See above

[Ongoing Storyline]
None insofar.

2006-10-16, 12:17 PM

Name: Arha
Race: Human
Class: Wizard 5/Blood Mage 10/Cleric 5/Soul Knife 5/Cleric of Iames 1 (domains, Destruction and Passion)
Alignment and Temprament: NE-N, completely out for her own gain and of course she likes to twist men around her little pinkie finger
Age: 25
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye color: green
Hair Color: red
Weapons: Daggers of life stealing

Arha was traveling and was set upon by bugbears. A group of do gooders came along and rescued her. She traveled with them for a while for safety and aided them in their quest so long as her life was not endangered. She found that they were traveling to defeat the Black King, she thought that concept was interesting so stayed with them. After one of their battles she animated a hill giant and several other monsters to do her bidding. They entered the Black King's demesne and defeated the undead surrounding the castle, the Black King came out. She saw just how evil he was and desired to join him and started to attack the druid in her party. The other members of the party attacked the Black King. Eventually Arha was killed by the druid and the Black King was killed by Grundar (1/2 orc sorcerer).

Arha corrupted Kyrian, convinced him to kill people for her, including Lyrak. She left him once he was caught, soon after that the Town Police captured her as well. She served her time, and has since fallen in love with Lyrak. She gave up her True Necromancer class for the Soul Knife class and has gained a level of Cleric (Diety-Iames). She lived at the Temple of Iames with him until they both died. They were killed by Lyrak's undead father and they both ended up in Iames' Planar Realm. They were given a house and Tehanu promptly took him inside and they haven't been seen since. The door is locked and the curtains are all closed.

Iames returned them to life and Tehanu paid for the rebuilding of the Temple of Iames. Lyrak asked her to marry him and she didn't respond for several days. She finally responded with a "yes, just for you." They were married by Lord Iames on the 18th of May 2007.

Lord Iames Osari
2006-10-16, 09:39 PM
Human Male
Psion (Clairsentience) 9/Cleric 5

Lyrak is the founding (and only) member of the Iames Fanclub. Feel free to harass him and perform minor acts of vandalism on the clubhouse, which is also the multiverse's first Temple of Iames. Iames won't mind too much, I promise.

Lyrak was intended to be very much the annoying sidekick comic-relief type of character, forever tagging along with his hero and ending up in situations far beyond his abilities. Unfortunately, he has morphed into a more serious character, despite my intentions.

2006-10-17, 10:38 AM
Name: Mystweaver
Race: Halfling
Class: Sorcerer lvl17
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 19 (Going on 119 from his looks)
Height: 2' 4";
Weight: 78 lb.
Eye colour: Faint Red
Hair colour: Brown
skin colour: Fair
typical clothing: Red and Black robes
Weapon: A Staff of Ultimate Cosmic power. Offensive and defensive capabilites are generally turning people into frogs.

Mystweaver is a nasty looking halfing who has only just come to town as a result of a malfunctioning teleport spell. He is dressed in a red robe with black trimmings and carries a staff that glows with powerful magic and backpack. His face looks old pale and gaunt. He does not look like a nice guy. Around his neck hangs a skull amulet that pulses with evil.

Mystweaver is also exceptionally short, even for a halfling. He used to be called halfpint at school, even by the other halflings. That was until of course his father taught him baneful polymorph and he turned them all into frogs.

Mystweaver is young but not without power. He was born into the bloodline of Ixtrandrix - that of an Evil sorcerer from a long ago age. This bloodline is cursed by the laws of heaven as Ixtrandrix was the bane of the forgotten ages. All that is known of him is that every few decades he returns in one form or another in attempts to recruit or slay his linnage and conquer all the free peoples of land. His recent incarnation was that of a powerful Lich King. Mystweaver tracked him down and defeated him, but never found his phylectary.

Mystweaver was trained by his father, a powerful and wicked sorcerer who taught him all he knew. He grew up in the town of Sandroc. Sandroc was near the coast and the sorcerers tower claimed tribute from a few small villages and towns local to it.

Mystweaver was always in two minds about his father and never really liked the nasty things he would do to the peasants. However, he learnt without question and the powers he gained were invaluable.

Only two years ago, he set out from his home as he was told that to learn more he must experience the real world and the dangers there in. Quickly he found himself in the company of a group of other young adventurers and they in turn sought out riches, power and all sorts of funky magical items.

For these years he plotted ways of becoming even greater than his fellow travellers. This came to fruitition quicker than he expected however when they crossed a Red Dragon who was not too happy to see them. Its hoard behind bedazzled his &quot;friends&quot; but Mystweaver was not stupid and proclaimed obediance to the dragon. At this point, the half orc went into a crazy rage and beat Mystweaver to an almost bloody pulp.

Fortunately his contingency went off and POP! He ended in a cemetary far from home in and unknown place.

This is a character I have played for over a year in table top dnd 3.5.

[Spell List]
0: Acid Splash, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Message, Flare, Detect Posion, Mending
1: Sleep, Magic Missile, Expiditious Retreat, True Strike, Shield
2: Flaming Sphere, Pyrotechnics, Web, Cats Grace, Alter Self
3: Fireball, Haste, Hold Person, Invisibility Sphere
4: Greater Invisibility, Polymorph, Scrying, Stone Skin
5: Cone of Cold, Dominate Person, Hold Monster, Baneful Polymorph
6: Chain Lightning, Disintegrate, Contingency
7: Bigby's Grasping Hand, Teleport Object, Greater Teleport
8: Polymorph Any Object, Moment of Prescience

Spells per day:
0x8, 1x8, 2x8, 3x8, 4x8, 5x7, 6x7, 7x7, 8x5


[Common Knowledge]
People see him and think he is a necromancer. He looks like one but does not act like one. Although he ommits great evil, he done nothing to suggest such. If you ask him he might tell you what the deal is with that...

[Onging Storyline]
Mystweaver has just been transdimentionally brought to town by a teleport spell that went drastically wrong. So far, he does not know where he is, what plane he is on or what time it is. He is, at present confused as to what in heck happened but is happy to be safe.

2006-10-18, 02:01 AM
Race: human/ were-raven
Class: sorcerer 19
Alignment and Temprament: gone mad. Which makes her chaotic neutral, bordering on evil.
Age: 25
Hair colour and length: Black with silver highlights, shoulder-length.
Eye colour: black
Weapons: magic, talons, beak, and daggers.

Kaki is now usually found in half-breed form, lurking in the shadows of the streets. when she has to deal with humans, she shifts into her original form, a stunning lady clothed in blue with a turqoise bracelet decorating her right wrist. occasionally, she flies in her raven form, which is simply that of a raven with a bright blue band around it's leg.

Backstory: Kaki was born in a small villaige secluded from most society. when she was but five years old, she was afflicted with the lycanthropy curse and was run out of town, to live in the woods. there she stayed, keeping to raven form, for seven years. she roamed the woods, looking for some sign of a human who would not shun her as a monster.
eventually she happened upon an old sorcerer who recognized the silent raven for what she truly was, and invited her into his home. he was kind and gentle to her, and grew to respect him as her own father. under his tutelage, she learned how to use her (up until then) latent powers, and came to be a strong spellcaster.
for the last three months she has been quietly going insane, looking for a gemstone necessary to free her old master from a deadly prison. she has not shown her face in town since the day she came there, for a strange reason known only to her. now, though, she has discovered that her master has died waiting for her action. that was the stroke that set her sanity to it's grave. She looks only for revenge, on who she knows not. if someone could show her compassion, she might regain some of her lost sanity, but she values no human life now that her only human friend has met his end.

2006-10-18, 11:40 AM
[Stats and description]
Name:Giravon Dragonstone
Class:Sorceror 7, dragon disciple (black)2
Alignment:Chaotic neutral
Hair colour:Black
Eye colour:Almost black
Weapons:Longsword, longbow

56 generations ago, an elf villige was destroyed by a black dragon. For reasons unknown, it left one female alive and took her back to his lair where she was raped. Somehow, this woman escaped and found a small elf village. She began to live there and gave birth to twins. Because they were half-dragon she kept them secret. When they were discovered, they did not leave, but took over the village. Soon everyone in the village had dragon blood in them. They took the last name &quot;Dragonstone&quot;.

Then, 52 generations later, Giravon was born. He hates all evil dragons, though not the epitome of good himself, and wants to kill them all. He has started training as a sorceror, and when he is powerful enough, wants to go on a quest to kill as many evil dragons as possible. He is not above using his own dragon blood to accomplish this task.

[Common knowledge]
Dragonstone family are related to black dragons

All his sorceror spells are evocation or necromancy, except for summon monster II and explosive runes.

[Ongoing storyline]
None yet.

2006-10-18, 01:08 PM
Name: Jimbal Jambal
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue 10/ bard 10
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 19
Height: 3' 4&quot;
Weight: 78 lb.
Eye colour: Light Green
Hair colour: Green hair
skin colour: Fair
typical clothing: Black cape with a dark brown top and greyish trousers
Weapon: Piccilo(flute) blue/green short sword

Jimbal Jambal is a cheery looking halflin with loud spikey green hair, he likes to dance and and play his piccilo and he's always got something to say about nothing at all.

Aiding a fellow adventurer, he got caught up in something he didn't want to be dealing with, But due to skill and loads of luck he's ended up in the taven.

[Common Knowledge]
He has just fallen from the sky at the door of the taven lookin burnt clothed and like he's been to hell and back. neither the less he's still cheery

[Onging Storyline]
Myst is brand new to town.

2006-10-19, 04:26 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Centurion, Book Slayer
Race: Human
Class: Fighter 7
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good.
Age: 29
Height: 6 FT, 4 IN
Weight: 187 Lbs
Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, Long-ish and Spikey.
Eye colour: Green
Weapons: Greatsword, Heavy Crossbow

Centurion was born to Hansel and Loretta Fitzgerald but was put in a forest at the age of 2 monthes where he was found by a tribe of Wild elves and was raised there for 3 years when the tribe got slewn by Hansel when he was coming back for his child after loretta died, he was braught back to the town where he was put into Fighter Training at the age of 6 and has been training ever since, Hansel Died shortly after his 10th Birthday so he then lived with Brother Swarncen Hanker until now.

[Common Knowledge]
Centurion learned to not Sleep as the Elves did when he Lived with them.
He speaks Common and Elven

I have no Notes

[Ongoing Storyline]
I do not Have one at the moment

2006-10-19, 05:13 PM
[stats and description]

Name: Aereshaa Watson I, Animar of the north wind.
Race: Lampade (when in solid form)
Class: Fighter 15/Sorcerer 10.
Alignment and temperament: Neutral Good. Vengeful, Judgemental, and easily made angry.
Age: looks 30, is 6,000 or so.
Height: in solid form, 6 feet.
Weight: In solid form, 20 pounds.
Hair color and length: Black, goes down to shoulders.
Eye color: yellow.
Weapons: a +5 masterwork bastard sword, a staff with a sapphire on top.
Aereshaa, when he was first living, was the lord of the realm of Tieragua. He was a just, but vengeful leader, with a taste for demon blood.

He was one of the magical Lampades, who were master sorcerers, long-lived.

When he was in his 3000's, a demon onslaught came to his realm, headed by the newly-reborn Xtchlt spider. He died fighting for a good cause, and for that he was given immortality, as a creature on the wind, whispering, chanting; but also the wind is his blade, and he can cut through evil flesh as easily as a knife cuts through butter.

When he chooses to take a solid form, he appears as he does in my avatar, in his mortal form. Otherwise, he is an invisible force, driven by his lust for demon blood, and his urge to protect the realm.

He left the realm after the coronation of his son, and wandered through many multiverses, chased by angry demons. When he visited Eberron, he managed to shake them off his trail.

[Common knowledge:]
As an animar, Aereshaa can be killed only by one thing, and only he knows what that is.

2006-10-20, 12:04 AM
[stats and description]

Name: Xevic
Race: Kobold
Class: Expert 4 (focusing on knowledge skills, hes a bookworm)
Aligment and temperament: Lawful Neutral, with true neutral tendencies, laid back, doesnt get aroused to fight much, likes to talk but knows books are good freinds too, would rather go with the flow then fight for his own ideas
Age: 28
Height: 4' 1''
Wheight: 97 Lbs.
Hair Color and length: ... hes a kobold. Has deep red orange scales and a lengthy 2 foot tail, but his scales are generally not kept in impeccaple condition and so are dulled.
Eye color: deep green and glossy
Weapons: doesnt fight much, when he does he uses darts.

Xevic is a run down little reptilian with peeling scales and torn clothing, after his immagration to the town. He swears hell clean up himself, but never gets around to it. If he did he could be quite a good looking kobold.

Xevic was born to 2 reformed kobold parents who had broken away from their tribe. His father had shockingly managed to overcome the stigma of being a kobold in a human world and beecome a teacher for less prejudiced humans. His son Xevic is named for the cleric who cast atonement on Xevic's mother and father whereas the clan name was dropped due to a hate for their brutal and evil ways. He has taught his son to love books and the message stuck. Xevic never goes anywhere without a book. His parent's preachings about good never took, but he isnt evil either.

When Xevic came of age to leave the house (15) he went off to the nearest city where he thought he could buy a book or two. He experienced rampant racial stigma there working for uncommonly low wages in the worst of jobs. He still managed to buy himself a few new books though. However he managed to spark the ire of a noble as he shopped, and was chased out of town. Not wanting to go home, he immagrated to The Town. Here he hopes for nothing more then to lead a simple, comfortble life with his reading and occasional game of darts.

[common knowledge]
Most people can quickly tell from the book he is carrying that he likes to read. Other then that not much is really known about him since he is a new comer.

Xevic is currently reading A Laymans Guide to Herbs, Plants, and Fungi hes about half way through.

[Ongoing storyline]
none yet

2006-10-28, 10:09 AM
[stats and description]

Shiver Hymn
Species: Human - Ice Subtype
Alignment: Why spoil it? Fine. Neutral Good with chaotic tendincies
CR: 3-4 (he is better described as a monster than a PC)
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Height: 4’0
Weight: 75 lbs.
Hit Points: 15
Strength: 11
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 12

A young bleach-white skinned human seemingly devoid of pigment except for grey-blue eyes and light brown hair. He is dressed all in white except for his light brown boots, light grey backpack, and a jade snowflake pendant hanging from a silver chain around his neck. The white clothes he is wearing are a wool cap, a linen shirt, a sash, and thick pants.

Natural Abilities:

-dr/5 against Cold
-Takes double damage from Fire attacks
-+7 Balance on snow and ice
-Cold Natural Defenses- 1 Cold damage is added to a successful unarmed attack if Shiver isn’t in negative hitpoints.
-Cold Natural Defenses- When in negative hitpoints, wounds freeze over and stabilize automatically but further action still causes damage.
-Cold-Based Breath Weapon 5/day- Stream of cold 30 ft. long and 1/2 ft. wide causing 2d6 Cold damage, +3 bonus to hit, works like normal ranged attack.
-Cryokinesis- up to 20 times a day: create 1/2 lb. snow or 1/4th lb. ice at will in crude shapes or cause 1 telekinetic damage to unmoving ice.


40 gp in a pouch
Winter Blanket
Mini Chalk Board
2 Pieces of Chalk
2 Pieces of Charcoal
Trail Rations
A Large Amount of Fresh Fruit
Flint and Steel
Blue Ice Jug (usually filled with water)
Masterwork Ceremonial Blue Ice Dagger with blood within the ice (additional +1 when used as Slashing)
Hand Crossbow
Foldable Table
3 Large Bowls
2 Large Spoons
1 lb. of Soap
10 Dish Rags
1 lb. Jar of Honey
20 feet of Twine
20 Clay Cups


Shiver was the sole survivor of an accident that occurred while his human tribe of barbarians were crossing a great glacier in the northlands. He was found by the so-dubbed ice gnomes and was raised in their strange and wild ways. An evil human frost mage set a great ice elemental upon the lands of the ice gnomes and their greatest shaman, not yet being able to defeat such a foe, was able to bind it to the young human by performing a ritual deep within the caves of blue ice which involved stabbing the dagger both into his and the child’s heart. The ritual, designed to permanently banish ice elementals from the area, instead drew the powers of the ice elemental through the shaman into the child. By some miracle, the child survived, forever changed to a being with supernatural powers even he has yet to fully master. His mind also seemed expanded as if his instincts and intuition were heightened to those of a cunning warrior or an old sage. These instincts and intuition slowly turned into a whisper in the back of his mind he would hear in times of great danger, such as when he was attacked by a bear. His powers were unnatural, and made the very nature-tuned ice gnomes uneasy. Being that the gnomes of the ice are poor at hiding their emotions, Shiver eventually left of his own free will to seek out a place more accepting. After searching for a year he came across the Town, where a new chapter in his and many other stories begin…

[Commonly Known]

Shiver heavily prefers cold drinks and food.
Shiver never complains of being too cold.
Shiver likes puzzles, especially physical ones, and solves them as a past time.
Shiver likes to draw a lot, especially animals from the frozen north(if our character can identify them as such).
Shiver reads lots of books.
Shiver seems less shy around gnomes.


Shiver talks like this or some close variant because I am partially colorblind.

[ongoing storyline]


2006-10-31, 10:32 PM
Stats and Description

Name: Gegiet Zzyxzy
Race: Elan
Class: Psion (Shaper) 25
Age: 100 (B-Day is Nov 18)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight 138 lbs
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Nutral: dillegent, hard working, very focused and observant.
Hair: Short, Dark brown, slicked back hair.
Eye colour: A odd deep green
Weapons: Mostly powers but just in case he has a magic Quarter Staff
Familiar: A crystal named Ivere. This crystal is like a normal psicristal of a 25th level psion.


Gegiet sits down at the table and starts conversing with the person that asked him about his history. "My name is gegiet, an Elan that recently got his human memories back. My name was Ivere, the same name as my psicrystal right now. Ivere was a wizard of quite good standing but he realized that eventually he would get old and die from age. He heard that there was a way to make someone immortal against the effects of time so he demanded that this happened so he could be a wizard that lives forever and can gain immence power. He ignored the Elans warning that he would remember very little and he would basically start a new life. He changed into Gegiet, the person you see now. Named by my clan Gegiet I grew up in a small elan populated town, Erannion, and grew up learnig the ways of a psion, naming my psicrystal Ivere because it seemed familiar. I grew up to become a high standing but always wanting to figure out my human memories so I came to town in search of that and found it."

Common Knowledge
-Gegiet psicrystal plays a big part in his daily life
-Gegiet has a thing for green stuff
-Gegiet's psicrystals name is Ivere
-Gegiet has been many places and seen many things
-Gegeit would rather watch a fight then be in one

-Gegiet speaks like this while his psicrystal talks like this
-Gegiet has a demiplane, called the 'Plane of Gegiet', and he goes there often
-Gegiet seems to be immune to drunkness

Ongoing Storyline
None currently


Stats and Description
[spot reserved for avi]
Name: Iria Zzyzxy
Race: Elan
Class: Psion (Kineticist) 25 (in a arena standpoint. roleplaying she is about 15)
Age: 100 (B-Day Nov 18)
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 96 lbs
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic nutral, Free spirted, care free
Hair: long and red
Eyes: Red
Weapons: Her main weapon is here psionics but has a crystal dagger to resort to if something goes wrong
Familiar: A psicrystal named Ruia. it is a normal psicrystal of a 25th level psion.


Being an elan she does not know much about her past but her brother Gegiet has told her alot about her history. She was a wizard named Ruia, but was not as sucsesfull a wizard as Gegiet. She takes Gegiet as a mentor and when he decided to be tranfomed Ruia wanted to become an elan too and became an elan with the name Iria. As Iria she learned the ways of a kineticist and became one of a somewhat high standing like Gegiet.

Common knowledge

- She likes red stuff
- She finds good use for her psicrystal
- She would rather fight than watch
- She has been many places and seen many things (but not as much as Gegiet
- Iria's mind is built up with a fair bit of uncontrolled psionic energy and during RP she sometimes lets this energy loose.


- Iria talks like this and Ruia talks like this
- She lives in the 'Plane of Gegiet' with her brother

Ongoing storyline
none yet

2006-11-01, 06:50 PM
Finally I've decided to do it.

Race: Bio-Mech
Class: RP guy
Age: Unknown
Defining features:
See avatar- Grey eyes
None known
Common knowledge:
Not yet.

Race: Thri-Kreen
Class: Eldritch knight
Age: 600
Defining features:
Deamundus has black chiten, totally unlike all Thri-Kreen. He also has runes covering his entire body, This possible may be what accounts for his really long life, but noone is sure but him.
This is almost completely unknown, even to Thri-Kreen, but needless to say, he was appointed as an avatar at the age of 15.
Wars and other catastrophies have destroyed the records and Deamundus himself purged large amounts of his memory away for reasons he doesn't understand.
Common knowledge:
He is leader of a Thri-Kreen camp.
He is totally absorbed in the betterment of Thri-Kreen kind.
The leader of a small Thri-Kreen outpost

2006-11-01, 07:23 PM
Name: Shazzam
Race: Human
Class: none yet
Alignment: neutral
Age: 22
Height: 6' 1"
Hair: blonde
Weapons: none yet

Shazzam was an average man who has befallen under a strange spell. he stole a ring from a mage. when the mage found out he took the ring back. and the mage cast a spell on him to never have a shadow. the only way to redeem his shadow is to find the mages son to give it back. but first he must find the mages son. after 20 years of searching he could not find him. and has wandered into this strange town.

Common Knowledge

has no shadow

none yet

Ongoing Storyline

none yet

2006-11-02, 11:49 AM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Ra'Tiel
Race: Deimeir (strongly similar to Drow, but from another realm of existance, pronounced day-mare)
Class: Wizard 17/Sorceror 3/Fighter 4
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral, shifts frequently due to self-serving, generally evil nature mixed with occasional moments of extreme good that redeem him for a time. Extremely selfish, prissy, arrogant, with a strong tendancy towards the verbal abuse of others, Ra'Tiel would be evil if it weren't for his tendancy towards his motivation for positive social change and the few people who he will protect above his own life.
Age: 1,800
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair colour and length: Silvery-white (often dyed black, its natural colour in his youth), short and elegantly coiffured.
Eye colour: Glowing Green
Weapons: A jet-black, vampiric katana the seems to to draw out the souls of devils, specifically, to increase its own power through stealing all of theirs.
Familiar: A large blue-black scorpion. Extremely poisonous, its chiton seems to be stronger than mithril or adamantium in both defense and offense (has cut the limbs from a mithril golem with its claws and reflected blows from an adamantium greatsword). Doesn't do well when exposed to magic or wooden bludgeons.

Ra'Tiel was born the son of a wizard of one of the great Tower Cities of the Deimeir, floating far above the war-torn world below them. His constant criticism of the Deimeir's retreat from the battle and decision to allow the rest of the world to go to hell was dismissed for many years as youthful vigor and ignorance, until it did not go away as he reached adulthood. Given the natural magic power that flowed in his family's bloodline, the ruling council of the Deimeir saw him as powerful threat to their control, and bade his father to slay him in the match of wills required to gain entry into the college of magic. Ra'Tiel ended up winning the battle, leading the Deimeir council to believe his father had been easy on him. After they killed his father, they found out the older wizard had fully intended to kill his own son, Ra'Tiel just had an extremely powerful natural magical gift.
After surviving the numerous assassination attempts made towards him, he graduated the Wizard's college while still very young and lept off the edge of the Tower city, using spells to protect him in his descent.
The army of evil devilish creatures that poured onto the world was too great to defeat, he realized, and instead decided upon a much more drastic course of action; ending their assault once and for all. Shifting himself to the plane from which they came, Ra'Tiel utilized all the natural magical energy he could to amplify his most powerful destructive spell, and succeeded in his goal; collapsing the plane in upon itself.
Fully expecting to die, Ra'Tiel was surprised when awoke in another world, badly injured and severely weakened in magical power, but alive. Growin his skill on pure intelligence with little of his natural magical gift left (although still a powerful amount), he relearned the magic he had once known through conventional means, rather than naturally, and became a powerful wizard once again, using his newfound ability to skip across various cosmos and incarnations of reality to increase his skills.

[Common Knowledge]
- Ra'Tiel's arrogance is fairly legendary.
- That he can shift between realities is widely known.
- It is known that he collapsed a plane upon itself, but not universally believed.
- Ra'Tiel had two wives, previously. Neither had children with him, both are dead, one tried to assassinate him.
- Aercath has travelled across realitues with Ra'Tiel for four-hundred years.
- Ra'Tiel is an alcoholic.

Ra'Tiel rarely uses his magic, anymore, preferring a life away from conflict for the first time in a millenium here in the Town.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Bit dead, as of right now. Just a little.


Name: Aercath (Air-sath being the pronunciation of his first name; there is a cedille on the "c")
Race: Lich King
Class: Sorceror 20/Wizard 20/Dread Necromancer 20

Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral. Aercath views all law and leadership as a corrupting force on formerly good ideals, although he will abide by any law he believes is right, he's essentially unfettered by the laws of society. He's essentially good, however, his constant meddling in the realms of undeath and the selfishness of becoming a lich prevent him from ever being recognized as fully good.
Age: Incomputable
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 80 lbs (he's only bone, after all)
Hair colour and length: None, although when he alters form to appear as a living being, his hair is almost always a dark scarlet, nearly burgundy in colour and falls long and wild down his back.
Eye colour: Glowing an aquatic, slightly greenish blue or simply black sockets.
Weapons: A midnight blue broadsword he rarely weilds and seems to affect purely for stylistic reasons and as a last resort. He holds a pinkish shortsword in a bag of holding for similar reasons.
Familiar: An emerald green skink which can turn completely invisible to all spectrums through a natural, chameleon-like ability that even evades magical detection and can regenerate from utter annihilation back to its full form in less than a minute.

Aercath travelled the usual route to the path of undeath, nearing the end of his natural life and wishing he had more time, not only for his love of life, but also to continue to do good in the world he lived in. An extremely powerful mage and necromancer, he knew well the requirements to become a lich, and the weaknesses of storing one's life in a simple box. Seeking a more powerful phylactery than this weak shell, his eyes found a powerful artifact. The Eye of Storms wasa gem roughly the size of a human eye that fell to earth during a battle between the greater deity of storms and his rival. A powerful artefact, it is completely indestructable to any being short of a greater deity over overgod. Using this is a phylactery, however, lead to unforseen consequences, sending Aercath on a journey through the plains similar to Ra'Tiel's. He met up with Ra'Tiel and made friends with his fellow mage four hundred years ago.

[Common Knowledge]
- Aercath's phylactery is indestructable as far as virtually anyone is concerned.
- He can shift between realities since he unwittingly expelled himself from his own.
- He is a kind and good-hearted individual, although his methods are questionable (to the say the least) to many, and his mere existance a sin to some.
- Aercath was born in a barbarian tribe, and the broadsword he wears has sentimental value as a result of this. The pink shortsword was given to him as a betrothal preasant by the father of his fiance. One of the two blades is thought to hold the eye of storms now as its pommel gem, but its unknown if this is true.
- Aercath has travelled across realitues with Ra'Tiel for four-hundred years.
- Aercath's army of the undead follows him across realities in a floating, shapechanging castle that seems to exist primarily in some sort of void between realities, since it is rarely seen save when Aercath summons it or his undead army.
- Aercath loves to sing and dance, and music in general, very much.

Aercath's love of music is not to be mistaken for bardic talent. His voice is low and crackely (not quite gravelly), and his dancing is slow and strange. He's not very good at either singing or dancing.
Aercath will be the more "main" of my two characters.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Aercath's army of undead is going to participate in the Guild War, but its allegiance is not yet given or known. He will be fighting the Mafia to avenge Ra'Tiel.


[Stats and Description]

Name: Grothak Verskahn
Race: Orc
Class: Fighter/Barbarian/Avenger (CG Paladin)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Grothak is gruff, blunt, and often anti-social, partially because of orc nature and partially because of the horrors he has seen in his own shattered futureworld. Heroic, good natured person, overall.
Age: Permenantly 47-59 (exact age unknown)
Height: 6 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 300 lbs
Hair colour and length: White, including a five-o-clock shadow of a beard with thicker sideburns. Hair mid-length, in windbraids of a topknot.
Eye colour: Brilliant, tangerine orange.
Weapons: A huge, spiked warmace which is enchanted to extend out on a chain into a morningstar. Hugely enchanted.
His left arm is a robotic replacement with unbelievable strength, durability, and abilities he does not know how to use (since he isn't from the same time period as the arm, by any stretch). A skilled worker would find many useful abilities hidden in its chambers.

Grothak was a powerful, respected orc chieftain who won the green-skinned orcs or his plane a nation of their own among the other sentients. He wed and fathered a daughter with a Gold Dragon after defeating her in battle and rehabilitating her paralyzed form. Out of fear of his own death, he had his most powerful shamans send him into the future after his own death, thereby making him immortal. He found himself unable to travel back and the future he was trapped in hellish. He lost at least an arm and an eye (well, two eyes, but it was the same one twice) in that world. It haunts him to this day. It is unknown how he escaped and came to be here.

[Common Knowledge]
- His daughter is a notable Paladin, and he wishes to find her.
- He's an accomplished diplomat, and below all his gruffness, you should watch out for slippery words from the orc. He's been known to let others think he's stupid based on stereotype to come right around and trick them.

Unable to die, by any means or from any force, since his destined death was averted when he skipped over it in time. Can still be injured, as a normal being, though.

[Ongoing Storyline]
He'll find a way to get involved in the Guild War, I'm sure.


2006-11-02, 10:42 PM
Name: Josiah McAndrews
Race: Human with some sort of divine ancestry, see below
Class: Bard 20/Rogue 5
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good, Josiah has a love for life and all of it's existences. He is a consummate artist and believes that conflict and strife are complete wastes of time. He spends almost all of his time either partying with people(whether he knows them or not) and doing some form of art. He has been known to be overwhelminly generous.
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown wavy shock of hair flowing down past his jaw
Eyes: Hazel eyes that shine with life
Weapons: Josiah despises using violence but when pressed will use either a simple set of magical brass knuckles or daggers placed about his person.

Backstory: Josiah has spent much of his life studying and working to perfect his art. During his lifetime he has strugled to survive against the forces that push against him, creating a dichotomous mind. He is Bi-Polar and uses his nature to further express his art, which is the first and foremost love of his life. He cares not for conflict or strife in the least and while not a pacifist, will do anything he can to avoid fights. He has recently walked into town from the gods only know where and has bouht a small house which holds his studio. Josiah is also a drug dealer(recreational use only, not an addict) and this supplies most of the money that he uses to furnish all of his needs. He is free spending with his money and believes that what he gives out to people he deem worthy(which doesn't take much. An hour with him at the bar is enough to gain access to his tab for the night) will in some way or another make it back to him. He is interested in everyone and everything and can often be seen as flitting or short attentioned(ADHD, since things like this aren't really diagnosed in this sort of setting) but is very endearing to almost all he meets and talks with. He is convinced that the beauty of life is everywhere and he is determined to experience it all before he dies. He has no intent to "save the world" or any such thing, and is content with simply being whereever he is and cataloguing it in his art. Also, Josiah is a notorious womanizer. While he respects the fairer sex to the utmost, he finds it highly enjoyable to seduce them. It is a game of sorts. And he is good at it. VERY good. ;)In short, Josiah is most likely certifiably crazy, but he channels that insanity into some of the most beautiful artwork(whether it be drawing, painting, writing, singing or practically anything that could be considered artwork.)that can be found in the mortal world. There has been some debate concerning Josiah's heritage. Some knowledgable persons believe that he has a taint of divine in him due to the fact that no matter what Josiah always seems to come out ok, if not ahead, in practically all situations.

2006-11-06, 03:26 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Ishukira
Race: Kari Dragon
Ishukira originates in an alternate existance, thus here is a description of Kari dragons:[br]A Kari dragon is the largest draconic creature on Krin, the world which they call home. They are the guardians of the Kari Elves, a nation of elves which inhabit the Kari Dessert in the expanse between the continents of Ardath and Chifoldan. Not only do they have inherent magical abilities pertaining to fire, as well as a full immunity to such magics and elements, but once they achieve young adulthood (51-100 years or so) they obtain a single humanoid form which they can change to and from at will, albeit it being a tiring experience. This form is determined by the Kari's current personality when they first take the form upon themselves.[br][br]The size of Kari dragons vary ever so slightly, but they are the largest dragons of their homeworld, ranging between 120 and 180 feet long with a 140-220 foot wingspan. Like the common dragon, the Kari has a breath weapon allowing it to spew fire forth from it's mouth. But unlike other dragons, it is not limited to merely a cone form or a line, they can control the size, depth, intensity, and direction of their attacks with absolute precision, making it harder to defend against their breath.[br][br]While in human form, a Kari's abilities are still fire and combat based, though as a magical creature they are greatly adept at most sorts of magic. This of course depends upon the dragon's own personal preferences when it comes to training in a humanoid setting.
Class: Dragon
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good, though is quick to anger.
Age: 367 standard years.
Draconic Form
Height: Shoulder height - 86 feet. Wing height - 120 feet folded and perpindicular to the ground.
Length: Head to tail, fully extended - 168 feet.
Wingspan: 212 feet.
Weight: Good gods, don't go there.
Colour: Bronze and golden, metallic sheen.
Humanoid Form
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 216 pounds
Hair colour and length: Reddish amber, shoulder length. Gotee.
Eye colour: Golden
Weapons: Twin falchions, engraved in Ornith runes for storage in a shadow plane.
The Ornith are another group of elves on Krin, originating in the forests of Ardath surrounding the Mountain of Keys and the Valley of Kronos. They are inherintly carriers of shadow magic, allowing the most skilled to flicker into and out of the Shadowlands, creating a form of instant teleportation that makes them the most feared assassins of the overworld. A shadow plane is the equivilant of a pocket plane, allowing the storage of something (or someone) until the user calls them back into reality.

Raised among the Kari, Ishukira was constantly treated as royalty. His parents fulfilled their duty of protecting the elves and the Key of Fire, an ancient relic that when combined with the other seven would release the demi-god Kronos back upon the world. Once he reached the appropriate age, about 56 standard years, the Kari magi helped him in obtaining his humanoid form - that of a Kari male.

Unlike his siblings, who were content in waiting for magical prowess to come to them naturally over the next thousand years, Ishukira wished to move at the same pace as the Kari magi whom he had been raised around. Because of this, he took humanoid form for approximately one hundred and thirty eight years, using this time to study with humans and elves alike at the Wizard's Tower located in the eastern Triad.

During his stay he excelled in fire-based magical abilities, learning both defensive and offensive forms. Much to the confusion of the resident professors, he never conjured a single bit of water-based magic, the same going for ice. The only way he could ever accomplish such feats were through runes.

On Krin, there are three forms of magic: Verbal magic, inherent (natural) magic, and runecasting. Runecasting is where a person takes a stick of wax, uses a Runespell dagger to carve the appropriate rune for the spell into the wax, and then invokes the stick, casting the spell.[br][br]This works because the rune alligns the stick to the proper order, and the wax contains the energy through the fats and lipids of the creatures used to create it, be them animal or plant. Once invoked, the rune disapates, filtering the energy of the wax through the rune and transforming it into the energy vortex that is the desired spell. The wax disappears completely.[br][br]Runespell daggers are silver daggers with the Runespell rune magically burned into their blades, in order to make a rune official. Without this, a rune will not work for invocation. This also means that wizards can safely pen runes onto scrolls for teaching other wizards, so they can know devastating spells without necessarily using them.

Eventually, as his humanoid form aged more slowly than even those of the elves within the school, Ishukira was found out and forcefully evicted by the more powerful magi in the school. He ended up on the coast of Wiur, an island nation north of the Triad.

Maintaining his humanoid form, he sought out employment, refusing to return to his dessert home just yet. He found it within the Wiuran Guard, and was shipped out to the Red Isle, where Wiur and its ally, Duridgia, were fighting a vicious island-to-island war against the Ifsori pirates. Distinguishing himself many a time in battle, Ishukira was knighted and became his own commander. His only duty was to seek out threats to the Wuiran nation and eliminate them through whatever means were availible. As his superiors did not know of his draconic origins, he was able to fulfill these duties quite aptly, returning home shortly to obtain twin falchions forged by the now elderly Kari magi whom he had originally worked with to obtain his humanoid form.

For a while, he existed as such. Seeking out evil and destroying it as best he could. But eventually, he became bitter. The world was boring. It was pointless. Few were strong enough to combat a fully grown Kari dragon, humanoid form or not.

So he decided to make a side trip. Stopping off in the Andori villages of Chifoldan, he began obtaining information pertaining to the Mount of Keys and the True Elves, items of folklore within the world's history.

The Andori are another sect of elves, with ice-based inherent abilities.

In doing so, he accidentally decimated a small Andori village, and the poor Andori thought he wanted a sacrifice. They gave him Kelin. Unable to return the boy, Ishukira was forced to 'adopt' him as his squire.

From there, the two travelled to the Mount of Keys.

The Mount of Keys seperates the Overworld from the Underworld. It was errected near the dawn of creation to seal the evil True Elves and their demonic god Kronos in the Underworld.

Ishu and Kelin proceeded to force their way into the Underworld, traverse the True Elven nation, and enter the Fire Realms where Kronos resided by the Tear. They did not make it to Kronos, however, but were sucked into the Tear, which sent them hurtleling through time and space, and across the planes. They ended up in another world, called Arai, where they participated in a global war for a time until a demi-god of that world evicted them, sending them through yet another rift.

They are now residing in the Town, as homeless vagabonds, until they can earn enough money in freak shows or performing on street corners to obtain themselves a home.

[Common Knowledge]
- When Ishu gets angry, things explode.
- If Ishu changes into his natural draconic form, run.
- Do not baste any livestock in barbeque sauce when Ishukira is around.

Not really.

[Stats and Description]
Name: Kelin
Race: Andori Elf
Class: Fighter and Mage
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good
Age: 53
Height: 4 ft 7
Skin Color: Light blue skin
Hair Color: Silver (with an almost metallic sheen)
Eye Color: bright blue
Weapons: A pair of Andori long swords.

Fairly cool-tempered and hard to anger, but it *is* possible. Kelin is talkative, curious, eager but very clever. His mind has a large capacity, though he is outwardly young in appearance. He can be a bit excitable and has a tendancy to hyperactivity due to elvish energy. He can be slightly annoying if he's allowed to get out of control. Kelin has a strong natural ability to create ice-elemented magic. This, he can do with ease. However, he is limited in the use of other elements of magic. Kelin sometimes relies on Ishukira to tell him what to do. He is a very loyal elf and does most everything Ishukira asks him to do without blinking an eye. Kelin is very defensive. He believes in fighting for just causes as well as protecting the innocent.

[Common Knowledge]
- He has blue skin.
- He is annoying.

Looks 14-15 due to slower aging.

Ongoing Storyline:
None at present.

2006-11-08, 10:07 AM
Name: Aust Arrowsplitter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Class: Spell Knight (Fighter / Sorcerer/ Eldritch Knight)
Age: Nineteen

Physical Description:
Aust stands around 5'7" tall, with fiery red hair that won't be tamed. He usually wears a Green T-Shirt that reads “”Go to Hell?” Been there, done that, and, well, you’re reading the T-Shirt,” blue jeans, and a pair of Jump Boots given him by his friend Egon’s adoptive father. His forehead is adorned with a sapphire blue arcane mark, the mark of his family, and the rest of him has light battle-scars here and there. His right arm is a cybernetic prosthesis, he lost his original arm in a fight with a man named Bruiser. He also carries a backpack and a magical quiver.

Aust is prone to cracking jokes or making a witty observation when the blow's aren't flying, and even in the middle of a fight he will insult his foe in an attempt to make them angry. He's usually cool and calm, his training in controlling his sorcerer's gift has given him unbelieveable control over his emotions, and when most people would panic, Aust readies a spell or his bow and smirks, usually cracking some sort of insult. He does have a tad bit of a temper, though, and provocation usually earns the provoker a ‘fireball’.

Bow Charm: A small, bow-shaped charm made from blue crystal, it hangs from his wrist on what appears to be bowstring. It hangs from his left wrist, and far enough that he can easily use that hand to squeeze the charm when it is needed. When the owner squeezes this charm, it transforms into a bow made from a strange blue metal, and is the equivalent of a Mighty Composite (+2) Longbow +2. His original bow, a Composite Longbow he inherited from his father, was broken by Craer the Inept Ninja during a fight in the Ninja Tournament in Chaos City. Aust took up the bow to remember his dad when his parents died fifteen years ago during a random drive-by, and his maternal grandfather (Aust's father's C.O.) taught him how to shoot. Aust has been practicing ever since, and is extremely skilled, keeping his quiver filled with arrows he makes himself. The bow itself has only minor accuracy and power enchantments, most of its power comes from the heavy pull. However, Aust has found a way to merge archery with magic, an ability his grandmother had only seen on the old world. Every nonmagical arrow he fires is imbued with a small amount of power, an amount small enough that it would only affect Aust if he fired a few thousand arrows in the same day (his arms would give out before that).

Quiver: Aust's quiver was made by his grandma just before he left home three years ago. She enchanted it so that, although it looks like a normal quiver, it holds 200 arrows in an extra-dimensional space. When he draws an arrow, another comes to take its place, and as he puts arrows in they are transferred to the extra-dimensional space. This means that, although he is carrying 200 arrows, he only feels the weight of the 20 that are visible. Also, it has compartments that hold his bow (while strung) and his staff, although the extradimensional space enables them not to protrude overly much... just enough so he can grab his weapon and whip it out in a flash.

Jump Boots: Brown leather work boots with anti-slip soles with a special mechanism attached to it. Using compressed air, these boots allow the wearer to jump twenty feet into the air, from a stand-still, and land safely. Useable once every twenty seconds. Made by Que, the Not-so-Mad Mad Scientist of Tent City.

Cybernetic Right Arm: A standard cybernetic right arm, with full articulation and a five-fingered hand. Anything you can do with a regular arm, you can do with this arm, and then some. No strength enhancements or anything, though. Detachable at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Backpack: His backpack contains food and cooking supplies like one would normally take on a long journey. It also holds the tools for making arrows, a few spare bowstrings, and basic survival gear (flashlight, rope, grappling hook, crowbar, etc.)

Gender Bender Belt: When worn, allows Aust to change genders. He keeps it unbuckled around his waist for quick usage, buckling it turns him into a rather attractive female with similar features to those of the male Aust.

Belt of Many Pockets: Lots of pockets that can hold items no larger than a dagger. Slightly magical, because it has sixty-four pockets. It also has item-retrieval capabilities. This belt is kept around his torso, like a bandoleer of sorts.

Masterwork Quarterstaff: A plain, masterwork quarterstaff, made of aluminum. Won in the Ninja tournament, Aust uses this weapon well, but he’s no expert.

Kunai: Aust has five kunai he won in the Ninja Tournament. Useful in melee or at range. Two are carried on each thigh, with a fifth he hid inside his right arm, near the elbow. He fights well with these, but is not a dagger expert.

Ninja Suit: A black leather ninja suit. Great for looking badass.

Special Attacks:

Rapid Shot: At the expense of precision, Aust can fire up to three arrows instead of just one. He cannot move farther than just a few steps, however, and still hit his target. This is useful when his foes are attempting to close for melee and Aust wants to soften them up for his allies who use swords and such. He cannot use this in conjunction with Multi-shot, Sniper shot, or Spell-arrow.

Multi-shot: Aust can also fire two arrows at the same time at different targets. This is even less accurate than Rapid shot, although it allows him to move because he fires two arrows at once. However, they must not be in an obtuse angle in relation to each other and Aust (in other words, Angle EAF, point A being Aust, must have a measure between 1 degree and 90 degrees.) This cannot be used with Rapid shot, Sniper Shot, or Spell-arrow.

Sniper Shot: This is a single shot fired with extreme precision at a target. Aust must focus on just the target, to the exclusion of all else. Although it leaves him open, it can be extremely useful and VERY deadly if he sees the right parts of his target. The target must be within 110 feet, and any farther makes this impossible. He also cannot move, nor can he use a Spell-arrow, as casting the spell splits his attention too much. However, while using this ability, as long as there is nothing to stop the arrow between Aust and his target, obstructions do not matter. For example, a wall with a small window or a crack in it is no obstruction, as long as he can see his target and the arrow can get through. Aust can also target specific vital areas, crippling his target or killing them instantly. Again, however, this leaves him even more open to attacks than casting a spell, although a someone coming at him from the front would cause him to break concentration to try to react to his attacker.

Spell Arrow- basically, Aust takes aim with his bow as he casts a spell. This can be especially great for some spells that require physical contact with the subject, the energy of the attack delivered by an arrow instead of a touch, allowing Aust to stay safely out of reach. It takes about the same amount of concentration as casting a spell, and he can move and use a spell arrow, but he can't get the focus required to aim for a vital point (although targeting oh, say, the torso in general works... and having an arrow explode after it hits you in the torso can be pretty bad, and just nicking them is all it takes for the arrow to go off.)

Aust mainly deals in attack magic. Fire and Air (including lightning) are his specialty, because they both enhance his archery better than the other two classic elements, although he does know a few ice spells in case he finds himself up against a powerful fire-aligned creature. He also knows a few defensive and basic troubleshooting spells. For example, he can teleport short distances, but flight and invisibility are beyond his reach, and although he can conjure up a wall of fire or a small globe of force that can protect one or two people, he cant pull off an impenetrable wall of force or bend light into an impassable and deadly barrier like some mages can. He CAN, however, channel his spells through his weapon, usually his bow (the resulting explosions of fire magic usually discourage melee usage). This can be very useful in some situations, as an arrow charged with a lightning bolt can fly through several targets if the first target dies from the attack, or a fire-charged arrow explodes almost like a grenade, the fragments of the arrowhead slicing what doesn't burn up. He cannot yet channel a spell through multiple arrows, though, and a spell-arrow takes the same amount of time it takes him to fire three normal ones.

Spell List:

Detect Magic: Allows Aust to pinpoint magical auras in about 18 seconds. Works WAY better than his normal magic-sense, especially in the presence of powerful magical items (I.e. Wolf's Zodiac artifacts, staff of power).
Read Magic: Allows Aust to read magical languages he hasn't studied (primarily used for studying other people's spellbooks, etc.). Writing and speaking don't work, though.
Light: Makes any object shine like a torch.
Mage Hand: Allows Aust to exert 5 pounds of force on any object up to 50 feet away.
Fire Shield: Ring of fire surrounds Aust.
Wall of Fire: Wall of fire up to 220 feet long or a ring of fire with a radius of up to 25 feet appears up to 210 feet away.
Fireball: Creates a bead of light that flies up to 840 feet, explodes into a ball of fire with a 20 foot radius on contact. Aust's favorite spell.
Lighning Bolt: 120 foot long bolt of lightning springs from Aust's fingers.
Mage Armor: Creates a tangible force field around Aust, about the equivalent of a normal chain shirt.
Scorching Ray: Fires four burning rays, each with a range of 75 feet. Can affect multiple targets, but if focused on a single target, hurts worse than Fireball.
Teleport: Teleports Aust and three other people (each carrying up to their maximum load) up to 1100 miles. The accuracy of this spell degenerates with the range, and strong magic can interfere with it as well.
Chain Lightning: Affects a primary target up to 840 feet away, as well as eleven secondary targets. The secondary bolts can stray no more than 30 feet from the primary target.
Defnestrating Sphere: ball of howling wind launches towards target, can go up to 220 feet away from Aust before winking out, knocking down and launching human-sized or smaller targets up to 80 feet into the air.
Cone of Cold: A 60 foot cone of extreme cold bursts from the caster's hand.
Thunderlance: A faint, gray shimmering force in the shape of a spear forms in the caster's hand. The caster may freely make the spear grow or shrink anywhere between 1 and 20 feet long. No matter its size, it is always wielded in one hand, and always strikes as if it were made for a Huge creature (a giant). It grants profiency with itself, and only itself, and enhances the caster's strength far beyond normal for purposes of using the spear. It also destroys minor protective force effects , such as the 'mage armor' or 'shield' spells.
Globe of Force: Think wall of force, but smaller and weaker. Can encapsulate himself and three others. It is physically breakable, but it takes quite a bit of force (about a half-ton) to destroy it with no magical aid.

During the Assault on Noctum, during the war against the Lord of the Flies, Aust and a creature known only as Zero Hex (a celestial bound to a suit of magical full plate) somehow accidentally exchanged small bits of their souls, granting Aust these two White Magic spells:

Cure Moderate Wounds: could easily heal 2 or three moderate cuts from a longsword.

Holy Light: Drives off or weakens creatures of darkness (Demons, devils, undead, etc.)

METEOR SWARM: When Aust's life, or the life of his friends, is in serious danger, he can use this spell. It generates 4 2-foot diameter spheres of concentrated fire energy. They fly forward with the force of cannonballs, impacting and generally smashing through anything in their path. They explode at a target point, or, if they fail to smash through an obstruction, they explode there. When they explode, it generates a white hot inferno with an 80-foot radius, and if the four of them explode on the same spot, the temp rises higher than that of the surface of the sun for a fraction of a second. When Aust uses this spell, he passes out for a few minutes, his body not being used to all that energy leaving at one time. He also loses his ability to cast spells for the rest of the day.

Common Knowledge:
Aust is a sorcerer. (He has an arcane mark on his forehead)
He comes from a world with slightly futuristic tech (as evidenced by his arm).
He seems to have combat experience (weapons, battle scars.)
He doesn’t carry spell components for some reason (no component pouch, never seen any from the bandoleer. That, and he doesn’t smell like bat guano and sulfur and all the other nasty things.).
He seems to be ambidexterous. (Often seen dual-wielding daggers or using both ends of his staff).

Backstory (just a summary.):
Thirty years ago, Aust’s world was created by the Lord of the Flies merging two worlds.
Parents died in a drive-by when he was four.
Grandparents take him in, teach him fighting and magic.
Bullied at school because of his powers, he was taken out of school in his sophomore year in high school for some reason.
At sixteen, he left home to strike out on his own.
At nineteen, he became involved in the war against the Lord of the Flies, befriending several people. This ended with a climactic battle in Hell itself, where Egon sacrificed himself to save the world. Both Aust’s grandfather and his great uncle died in this battle. Craer and Aust, knowing the world was safe for twenty years, decided to go off to train so that, when the Lord of the Flies returned, they would be ready to lead the next generation to victory. They each took their separate routes. Aust, seeing nothing left for him in that world, decided to enter the Void, a magical portal that existed in the middle of a vast wasteland, and ended up in The Town as a result.

((You want details? Get to know Aust. I’ll edit them in when they are first said.))

Notes: This is a character of mine from The RP Site. The current server, 2, ends tomorrow, and I thought it might be fun to continue to play this character while I wait for server 10, which is the ‘in twenty years’.

2006-11-08, 11:10 AM
Name: Lucas Fletcher
Race: Male Human
Class: Fighter 10, Order of the Bow Initiate 2
Age: 21
Height: 6'3
Weight: 160 lbs.
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral good. Easy going, loyal, quiet, unsure
Hair Color: Dirty blond
Eye Color: Blue

Equipment: Very little. He is wearing a ragged and dirty uniform of black and brown. He has a wide leather belt. He is carrying no weapons or possessions of any kind.

Appearance: Lucas is tall and thin but well muscled. His appearance is shabby and worn, like he has been on a long journey with little rest. His face is young but lined with years of hard work and care. He has an old, puckered scar that runs from his left ear down his jawline to his chin. He walks with a measured, almost military gait and stands straight, even though it looks as if all the weight of the world used to rest on his shoulders.

Backstory: Lucas has very little memory of his life before arriving in The Town. He remembers he used to have a powerful longbow, he fought many wars and he has several close friends, but he remembers no details. His only memory is the face of a rough but beautiful woman that burns in his mind's eye. He is certain that they were in love but he does not remember anything else about her. He is a man without a home and without a past.

Common Knowledge: He is new to the area and looks very, very tired. He carries no weapons and does not appear to have any money.

2006-11-10, 09:31 AM
Name: Zartok
Race: Dwarf
Class: Blacksmith 8/Ranger 12 (the "smithshooter")*
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: somewhere in the 30s....but nobody really knows
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 113 lbs
Hair: light brown
Eye: dark green...but a little swampier than that...

Description: surprisingly heavyset for a ranger. burly and rough. looks like he could kill an ox by strangling, crushing, punching or sitting on it. Generally calm, but prone to sudden rage. DOES NOT like being called 'Zarty'.

Equipment: a thick black cloak over fairly boring brown clothes. carries a warhammer he also uses for smithing.

Backstory: Zartok was driven out of his distant hometown by a ferocious army of raiders, with only a pack full of typically rock-hard dwarven bread, a good supply of gp and some smithing tools. he had a smithery, and possibly family, but nothing more can be gotten out of him. eventually, he reached the Yaltrik Mines side of the desert, picked up some good ores, and spent almost a year wandering south through the forest before he found the town. now plans on starting a new smithery, but needs a building and furnace.

Common Knowledge: he is very new to town and is a smith/ranger.

*i dont care if there isn't a smith class...I don't play d20.

Lord Sidereal
2006-11-14, 03:21 PM
Name: Marrick
Race: Human
Class: Druid, of sorts. But much deeper, wild powers
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: timeless
Height: alters with mood
Weight: follows height, but always seems gaunt and mal-nourished
Hair: Grey, floppy, thinning
Eyes: Bloodshot, grey. Listless.

Merrick was once a normal, down at the heel market pedalr. However, falling in with a bad mob scene, he eventually found himself wandering the land, in search of a new home. He left family back at his old home, and wishes one day to return, when he can wreak vengence on those who harmed him.

On his travels, he has learn alot of contact of the spirits, and seems to have developed odd powers, at a tilt of normal magic or psionics. His ability to alter nature come not from divine study but neccesity, living as he does as the lone wanderer. He is a master card player, a gunslinger (but with no guns) and a reasonable duelist. However after he discovered his latent powers, he gave all this up for the simple powers of nature.

His companiion, a giant t-rex he tamed in the wild lands, rest soutside the town, hunting what food he can find, ever ready for his matsers call.

Name: Orlo
Race: Human
Class: Agent (15) Rogue (10) Monk (5)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 26
Height: 6ft
Weight: Thick-set
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sunglasses

Daedrous Avari
2006-11-17, 06:27 PM
*If you are wondering why I have made a character redux, it's because I have to modify it while going advanced. Otherwise, it'd be where it normally is. Hopefully, Fenric will find this new one.

Daedrous Avari
Height: 6'5
Weight: 160
Physical Description: The man before you wears a long, black cloak/coat with chains and necklaces hanging down. You can see a black hood down at his back, and an oversized sword in his hands.
Class: Fighter (15) Rogue (5)
Alignment and Personality: Lawful Neutral. He tends to be a bit angsty, but remains himself and enjoys speaking to his fellow towngoers.
Race: Human
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color, Style, and Length: He has black hair, long and over his eyes, but not blocking his vision. It goes down to his neck.

Backstory: Six dark-haired men wearing indentical, black cloaks walked up to a circle. "Are you sure about this?" The lead one nodded. "Begin the procedure." And as he spoke, the floor lit up, mostly around the ritual circle, and began to glow...

..."NO! Don't!" A seventh man with the same cloak rose from the center of the circle. He looked around, and then a sword materialized in his hand. "Who are you?"

The lead cloaked man drew a glowing purple blade and plunged into battle with the seventh. "Nice to... meet... You..." As the seventh's sword came down upon the lead man, he murmured one last word - "Daedrous."

And so, Daedrous was taken from the outer planes and into The Town, the World.

He started off very small, and eventually arrived at the Town after being brainwashed of the above, made to think of other things in a fake past.

And that's that. His deeper history will be explored in the Town. RP with me, you'll find out what happens.

Ongoing Storyline: Daedrous arrived in Town a week or two after Rivik, one of my past character's death. The following is a list of Daedrous's exploits.
Daedrous helped to defeat the Masters, in a plot by Earin.
Daedrous fought off the Skye Armada with many's help in a plot by yours truly.
Daedrous dissapeared then came back with a new hairstyle and one of the cloaks that the Six who Summoned Him wore. He might talk about this later.
Daedrous joined the GUFIPOLICE and sadly recieved some infractions.*By Sneak


Height: Gargantuan, the size of a Wyrm.
Weight: Alot of that.
Physical Description: A red dragon closes its eyes and lands his claw next to you, which is roughly the size of Trog's Tavern. It sleeps on a green gem, protecting the gem with its life.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Wyrm Red Dragon
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color, Style, and Length: N/A

Backstory: Daemorous was born in the far off mountains at the Volcano of Alzora. There, the female red dragon known as Alzora was angered when her mate betrayed her, so she cast all that remained of the dreaded dragon Irav into the center of Alzora, including her eggs. Months later, a single red dragon rose from the flaming pit. His name was Daemorous, the remains of Irav. He killed his mother Alzora for attempting to destroy him and flew off to put his enraged state into action, and only recently arrived at the mountains near the Town.

Ongoing Storyline: Daemorous arrived at the mountains and lives there now.

*By Simius

2006-11-20, 04:53 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Odysseus
Race: Human
Class: Marshal 10/ Fighter 3/ Rogue 3
Alignment: CG
Age: ?
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

For background, check out this site:http://www.mythweb.com/odyssey/

[Common Knowledge]
-He is the king of Ithica.
-He fought at Troy
-He is smart, cunning, and fairly sneaky
-After Troy fell, he wandered for several years, trying to get home, as told in the Odyssey

nothing, really

[Ongoing storyline]
he has arrived in Town.

Acco Spoot
2006-11-20, 08:44 PM
Acco Spoot:

Stats and Description

Name: Acco Spoot
Race: Spoot Halfling
Class: Arcane Hairdresser 17
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good, alignment doesn't matter much to Acco, instead following very loose principles which really only outlaw murder
Age: 16
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 6 stone
Hair colour and length: Colour varies, length remains frequently short and spikey
Eye colour: Purple
Weapons: Magical Scissors of Beautification


Acco was born into the prosperous Bardic family of Spoot, but rather than follow in her fathers footsteps of being a Bard Acco decided to explore other creative outlets, before settling on beautification, she was instantly shunned and sent out by her Father to learn Bardic talents whether he liked it or not, so Acco came to the Town and refuses to leave on the grounds that it may buy into her fathers wishes.

Ongoing Storyline

None..... yet....


Stats and Description

Name: Desanudeis Spoot
Race: Spoot Halfling
Class: Hobo
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral, fun loving and essentially good, do anything for a quick buck.
Age: 20
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 8 stone
Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, long and unkempt, very matted
Eye colour: Purple
Weapons: Rusty old Shortsword, rotting wooden shield
A very haggard and messy looking Halfling, carries a tin mug wherever he goes, constantly begging for spare change, it's hard to find a part of his body untouched by dirt and a smell hangs constantly over him, he rarely changes, dressed in a dark red wool vest, a dark green wool overcoat and a floppy green hat.
Abandoned on the streets by his parents aged ten, Des has picked up the hobo life quickly and fairly easily, enjoying taking little bits of equipment from so many different sources, he still requires spare change to buy the essentials.
Des used to own a dog, which ran away one night after he was arrested for pan handling, he hopes to find this dog again, but mostly just wants spare change for any exchanged task or reward.

Gaia, mother of earth
2006-11-21, 01:23 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Gaia, though she usually goes by Velesai
Race: custom outsider
Class: Druid
Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good, she cares about the world a lot but couldn't care less about laws, she follows them because it's usually easier though.
Age: older than the world, current incarnation is 27 years old though
Height: around 1 meter 50
Weight: 55 kilogrammes
Hair colour and length: Green hair which looks a lot like grass, about a decimeter long
Eye colour: Brown
Weapons: None

Gaia created the world from within the astral plane, the only plane in existance at the time. She created all the planes currently known except a fair amount of demiplanes. After that she died because of the expenditure of power. She was reincarnated as a new Gaia, with powers roughly equatable to humans except for her magical powers. She teached the humans and the elves the lore of the druid and the spells belonging to it. After reaching the limit of human years she died and was reincarnated again, this continued for the entire length of time, never reaching the power she once had again. Nor wishing to as she is content with having the power she has now.

[Common Knowledge]
It can be easily seen Gaia has a deep connection to nature, a knowledge religion, nature or the planes check (DC: 60) might reveal her true nature if she reveals her real name.

She has a wolf animal companion called Ferendela.

[Ongoing Storyline]
None as of yet

2006-11-22, 03:10 PM
[Stats and Description]

Name Markan harad al-Kobi Arakas Azrael
Race Human
Class Warlock10/Wiz3/Eldritch Theurge 10/Archmage 5/Heir of Siberys 3
Alignment Lawful Neutral with strong Good tendencies. He's very orderly and the perfect gentleman. Given most opportunities, he's good to everyone he meets and treats most with respect. He is, however, not afraid in the slightest to justify the ends with the means and sacrifice the good of the few for that of the many.
Age Appears to be roughly 30-40 years old, though he has white streaks in his hair. He is extremely fit, however.
Height Roughly 1.7 meters
Weight 75 kg
Hair Hangs around ears, black with streaks of white and gray. Also has a short-croped neat beard
Eyes Intense, entrancing violet
Weapons "I am a weapon."

After he graduated from the Academy of Rekkenmark in Karrnath (that's on Khorvaire in the world of Eberron; it's the single best military academy within the world) he went on to a remarkable military career. He's a tactical genius, and a master strategist. His warlock powers, inborn, he uses to good effect, and has spent years perfecting his mastery over the eldritch blast he is capable of putting to good use, among a large variety of other powers. Following the development of his inner powers, he proceeded to master the arcane arts, seamlessly blending wizardry and warlock-born strength into a unique whole. After watching the Last War tear his world apart, he decided the people of Khorvaire were incapable of governing themselves and restarted the War. With an army of warforged and like-minded people of Eberron behind him, he one by one took control of every nation on Khorvaire and united them under one government. That, however, was more than 100 years ago, and he has left a replacement behind to govern the land. He's out now, to return to adventuring and travelling as a way of life.

[Common Knowledge]
-The opal ring marks him as an honors graduate from Rekkenmark, for those who recognize it
-Markan is fond of fine wine, strong drink of any sort, and a good show. He has a flair for the dramatic, as well as illusions.
-Markan is surprisingly loyal to friends, suspicious to a point and yet unquestioningly trustful of those he considers friends.

Markan carries an infinite scrollcase at his belt, customized to hold more than 1,000 scrolls of his choosing (as opposed to the normal 50). He therefore has almost any spell he might need on hand in a desperate situation. His rings, armor, and other possessions are all enchanted to serve some purpose or another, and he carries iron bands of bilarro for when a combatant needs to be restrained, as well as several more powerful items obtained from his good friend Gent, of OmniShop fame.

-Markan is a gentleman to the core - he is generally calm to the point of being unnerving and polite to everyone. He speaks in a formal tone at almost all times.

- Markan has an extremely odd case of split-personality disorder. There are four primary personas - the Guardian (LG), the Planner (LN), the Gentleman (LG), and the Killer (LE). They don't vy for dominance, they are just inherently a part of his soul, and he switches between them almost at random most of the time. He is unaware of this problem, and typically, it's not noticeable. Their names pretty much say it all, though the Guardian and Gentleman have a tendency to come out at the same time, as do the remaining two.

[Descriptive Text]
Out of this darkness steps a man dressed in gleaming gold armor inlaid with smoldering runes of fire. A cloak of crimson with gold flames licking up from the golden hem is draped around his shoulders, held in place by two heavy gold shoulder pauldrons. A tight-fitting black hood covers his head, a golden mask with a reflective ruby visor in the shape of a T in its center. he reaches up with a heavy black leather glove, backed by a golden armor plate on the hand and two rings - one a gleaming opal and the other a ruby - and pulls off hood and mask, which are apparently one piece. He seems older than one might expect, with black hair streaked with white and a short-cropped black beard. His eyes are a striking violet, intense and entrancing and containing no small amount of youthful sparkle despite the apparent age of this man. He radiates an aura of calm confidence and carefully controlled power that is almost palpable, but the small friendly smile on his face does a lot to dispel any illusions of evil from him.

[Ongoing Storyline]
-Joined Sauros's Guild of Magic
-Clockwork insects of unspeakable horrors devoured his home plane, and while it was planned to be resolved, it remains unchanged. He seems to have accepted it.
-Planning on reentering the arena battles after being forced to withdraw, in an attempt to stop the sudden uprise of the war that destroyed everything he knew
-Something strange is going on, with him appearing as other people, apparently old friends of his, and not realizing it, then promptly forgetting it.


Name Gavin?
Race Human
Class Ranger
Alignment Neutral Good
Age Seems to be about late twenties
Height Roughly 1.9 meters
Weight About 80 kg
Hair Short-cut and shockingly white, it's also generally messy
Eyes Clear and green
Weapons Efficient, high-quality longbow, properties unknown

[Descriptive Text]

Standing before you is a man of relatively average height, with a tough, wiry build and a shock of white hair and beard, mostly covered by his hood. He wears a deep green cloak, perpetually spattered slightly with travel dust and mud, and heavy-duty yet comfortable-looking leather boots. His shirt and pants are black, but a glint of silvery metal gleams from his neck, and a brooch in the shape of a wolf's head pins the cloak up on his left shoulder. A curved, rune-marked bow is strapped to his back, and a quiver filled with green-fletched arrows hangs at his side. He flashes a smile that stretches up to his clear green eyes as a way of greeting.


Name Unspecified
Race Phoenixborn
Class Something divine-oriented
Alignment Lawful Good
Age Seems to be late twenties
Height About 2.3 meters
Weight 75 kg
Hair Fiery reddish-orange, seems occasionally to actually be fire
Eyes Intense orange
Weapons Phoenix-head staff

[Descriptive Text]
Clad in gleaming white-and-gold armor, accented by red leather in the spaces between plates, this strikingly tall man wears a thin red veil over the lower half of his face, leaving his gleaming orange eyes and fiery red hair uncovered. He exudes a calm confidence, and his reddish-brown wings mark him clearly as someone above the norm. In his hand is a golden staff, its head shaped to look like that of a phoenix.


Name Vythcaex
Race Dragonborn
Class Rgr2/Pal5/VassalOfBahamut10/PlatinumKnight10
Alignment Lawful Good
Age Indeterminable by examination
Height No less than 2.7 meters, definitely clearing 8 feet
Weight 375 pounds
Weapons His greatsword, Dawn

[Descriptive Text]

Gavin is massive, standing at at least 8 feet of height and weighing in at over 400 pounds of battle-hardened muscle. His typical dress is his plate mail, which if examined closely actually appears to be made of solid platinum, the scales underneath the plates a deep blue. He wears a long, flowing cloak with a snowy white hem, completely covered on the back by a midnight image of stars in the night sky, and a greatsword with a blade alone taller than most dwarves, complete with marble white blade and an image of the rising sun on its hilt.

Of course, the most distinctive feature is the fact that he is no longer human, having become dragonborn in service to Bahamut. His head is reptilian, though his face remains friendly most of the time, and his eyes are like pools of molten gold, staring with unmatched intensity from a face too used to war. Concealed underneath his cloak are a pair of majestic gleaming wings he can use to fly at a moment's notice.

He is dragonborn, and the aura of sheer, controlled power and utter grace that surrounds him is almost palpable.

2006-11-22, 08:24 PM
Hey, thought i'd join in since it looks like fun!

[Stats and Description]
Name Vostrey "Grin" Bernhouse
Race Demihuman (Half Devil)
Class Barbarian lvl 2 Rogue, LvL 4
Alignment True neutral with rarely shown but definate good tendancies
Age Appears to be 17 tops, though strange facial musculature makes it hard to tell.
Height Roughly 1.7 meters
Weight 70 kg
Hair No hair, at all, anywhere
Eyes Greenish grey, though burns with tones of red once in rage
Bodily appearence Beige skin, a number of small horns adorn his otherwise clean head. Big ugly grin, teeth somewhat sharpend.
Weapons Sharp shortsword with oddly shaped blade, has holes for poison. Also carries some poisons.

If you ask him to tell you his story, he'd probably just say "I'm noone". But the local barkeeps usually knows who he is. He's that meanlooking bastard who gets into trouble whenever he hits the bottle. His father was human and his mother a devil, some sort of seducive she-devil he supposes, but he wouldn't know.
His father slew the devil as she showed him thier son, and he true nature, though his father didn't have the heart to do the same to him (or for him if you catch him on a low). So instead he left him for dead, just a few weeks old, with nothing but a shortsword. He was "cared for" by the village butcher who kept him in a cellar. The weekly "Freakshow" was the only time he got to see anything but the damp walls of the cellar. Of course, as it is with half-devils one day his claws got to long for his "caretakers" good and he slit the butchers throat with his bare hands.
His last name is the butcher, and Vostrey, is just what it says on the sword.
Since then he's been living day by day, making money from petty thievery or random work and usually spending it all on booze the same evening.

[Common Knowledge]
- Gets mean while drunk
- Otherwise helpful and kind
- Freely shares with the poor, what little he has
- "Tolerated" by the barkeep merly on pity.
- Generally despised by the upper classes.

The sword is infact enchanted, with what and why, he does not know.

[Descriptive Text]
Wears a grey shirt and black pants, and usually a brown poncho. Shoes are broken, the careful observer can see that his toenails resemble claws far more than they should.
Wears a big beige scarf to cover his mouth and a hat to hide his horns. Its wide and sloping, badly worn with many holes.
Nails are very thick, but carefully filed down.
Usually very polite and calm, almost melancholicly so, but tries to look happy to the very few that actually cares, just to not bother them.

I'm perfectly normal
I'm Drunk and has gone inte rage

2006-11-23, 11:03 PM
Sir Olbrecht Corvus, the Raven Knight

Race: Human
Class: Knight/Fallen Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, essentially a high-browed bastard, he follows his god Arbath with fanatical devotion and loathes both Chaos and Evil
Age: In his late 30's
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 190 pounds
Hair: Long black hair
Eyes: Jet
Equipment: Greatsword, his holy symbol (a scale), mirror shield made of mithril, a mithril suit of plate mail

Ostensibly a knight of some prestige from a far-off kingdom.One day he fell from the court's favor, following some lunatic ageda under the guidance of the renegade god Arbath, the Impartial Justice.

Common Knowledge:
- He is intent on following his god's will, and will not hesitate to kill, liberate, curse, or join a group if it will help to achieve this goal
- Olbrecht does not like others in his head or reading his mind.
- He has a rather sour disposition and is a bit judgemental.
- He used to live on Hangman Hill.

Descriptive Text:
An imposing figure approached you, his black hair billowed in the wind, and his ornate armor and intricate vestments did nothing to lessen his power. The great-sword at his hip was clearly visible, and appeared to be wrapped in some form of rough leather. The man carried a mithral shield at his side that reflected the glare of the light back towards whoever looked at it. His chest covered by a faded silver chest plate, with the shoulder plates as the most obvious feature. His cowled face regarded you with a scowl and his gaze centered on you for a few seconds. Satisfied with what he saw he removed his hand from the hilt, yet he still look displeased.

Ongoing Storylines:
- Helping Namesake rid The Town of those he deems to be unworthy- er, I mean evil. Yeah, evil.
- Nothing at the moment.


Myles Asyndir

Race: He looks like a regular old human
Class: Warblade
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 32
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 210 pounds
Eyes: Green


Longsword: An iron longsword strengthened by use in battle, it is his weapon of choice

Zweihander: A massive two handed blade. He usually uses it against powerful opponents. He holds the weapon by grasping the hilt and a portion of the sword by the base where the edge meets the guard which is not sharp. This is a devestating weapon and has some odd enchantments on it.

Silver suit of armor: A futuristic looking suit of armor that covers all of his body save his arms. It protects him against many of the effects of magical attacks, while the helmet partially protects him from the effects of psionics and gaze attacks. Stylish and useful.

Physical Description:
A physically imposing man, Myles stands at a paltry 6 feet 5 inches. He wears a dark green breast plate with strands of silver metal forming a spider web across the armor, with the same pattern continuing on down to his legs and the spiked sabatons that he wears on his feet. His arms are bare but he wears two long gloves that are the same color as the base of his armor. Completely covered by a metal facemask, its only identifiable feature is two rings carved in where his eyes would be, his face is thus rendered completely unreadable. The helmet is directly connected to the rest of his armor.
In contrast to his almost futuristic looking armor he holds a longsword at his hip and a massive zweihander is strapped across his back. His muscles ripple and bulge as his grip tightens on the longsword's handle. The man visibly relaxes and offers his hand for a hearty handshake.

No one knows yet.

Common Knowledge:
- He's... not from around here
- He's a new arrival

Ongoing Storylines:
- None at the moment as I've just introduced him and no one knows his name

2006-11-25, 04:21 PM

Name: Morsus
Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Rouge
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 127
Height: 4'9
Weight: 190
Hair: Dark brown with a Dwarven braided beard
Eyes: Muddy Brown


Weapons: Morning Star
Dwarven Battleaxe forged with Cloud Iron
Armour: Sturdy Dwarven Full Plate
Shield: A Small shield used with his Morning Star
Helmet: A Dwarven Steel Med Helm
A Stipped, Cleaned Out, Fitted Griffin Skull(Beak Included)


Chest Of Æther
Glassmakers Dagger
Boots of Nimbleness
Gloves of Scaling
Gold Pouch holding about 150 gp


Hit Points: 53.5
Strength: 18
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 19
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 14


His clan was attacked by ice dragons in the mountians
and he and his clan mates were forced to retreat after
being defeated in battle. After they had escaped he killed
his surviving clan mates and joined the thieves guild.

[Common Knowledge]

See Ongoing Storylines

[Descriptive Text]

A large dwarf lumbers over to you. You notice an unstable
glint in his eyes, His glance darts quickly from your face
to your pouch, after noticing your weapon you notice his
behavior change. He suddenly changes his expression
and passes by you by, giving you a cold stare as he does so...

[Ongoing Storylines]

None Currently

2006-11-25, 09:39 PM
For pics see signature

Name: Wayril Windrunner
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer 5/Master of the Unseen Hand 5
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Height: 6’
Weight: 150
Hair: Dark Brown combed forward
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weapons: A Butter knife, Bagpipes (brutal sonic damage)

Wayril was born into a middle class family as the son of a sorcerer and a knight. He found that he was skilled with magic, but fearing persecution he often hid it, and engaged in other activities. Eventually he realized the potential magic had in his games, so he began to overpower people twice his size with his natural telekinetic abilities.

Wayril was eventually recruited by a party which had set out to find Cyrrikian, a famous general in their army. They set out as a group of five mostly new warriors anxious to prove their valor. When Cyrrikian was found dead in a pond about 50 miles from the town they realized they had failed their quest. No sooner had they turned around than a giant ape appeared behind them. It was Ukelu the guardian of the forest. The druid managed to slay 3 of the members when Wayril fled. The ape chased him all the way into a bar, where a large drunk half-orc finished him off, by crushing him beneath a massive keg.

Wayril later discovered that this half-orc was a strong supporter of his, who in his drunken stupor had mistaken him for a famous Dwarven brewer. Wayril attempted to lose the half-orc, Murbog, but he could not escape his presence. Finally he returned to his hometown with the half-orc, where he continued learning telekinesis until the murder of his mother, he followed the assassin to the town where he is now hunting, with the perpetually drunk Murbog.

Wayril is a master of manipulating objects through telekinesis and does his best to hide when he is controlling an object. He is trying to stop Murbog’s drinking, or at least reduce it by making the alcohol telekinetically flee him, unfortunately this only encouraging him.
Wayril is always anxious to learn more, and surrounds himself with other wizard, showing off his innate telekinetic abilities that he has perfected.

Common Knowledge:
He walks around in a navy blue jacket and entertains people with small magic tricks and the bagpipes. The only weapon he carries is a butter knife which he also uses it to stir his drinks.

Name: Murbog
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Monk 5/Drunken Master 10
Alignment: (drunk and therefore not subject to one)
Age: 25
Height: 6’9”
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Weapons: Waraxe (rarely used) Improvised weapons from bars (always used) keg straped to back.

Murbog is a character of very little intelligence. Not much is known about him because of this. He began as a member of the theocratic brotherhood, where he studied to be a monk. He progressed 3 times slower than the average student and eventually became so frustrated with his work that he began drinking. He still has not stopped drinking although now he has mastered alcohol. He surprises everyone with his drunken control of himself.


Common Knowledge:
Murbog is a formidable opponent even when he is drunk. Some say that he is a great warrior, but he has been reduced to this through alcohol abuse. He knows how to fight very well with any object he can lay his hand on, and he only fights if Wayril tells him to do so.

Name: Rothorn
Race: Wereraven
Class: Cleric 15/Bloodhound 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 32
Height: 5’ hybrid, 5’8” human, 2’ raven
Weight: varies
Hair: Dark Green (human hybrid) or black (raven)
Eyes: Light Green
Weapons: A bastard sword that he can wield in both hybrid and human form.

Rothorn was abandoned by his parents soon after his birth, or at least separated from them. A thief stole the basket Rothorn was in and while running from soldiers left it in an open field. The baby lay there for almost 3 days before a large raven came by any placing a talon on his chest. The symbol gave Rothorn the power to transform into a raven, and leave the basket.

He spent many years with the ravens before he realized that he didn’t quite fit in. He went to the temple of Agnar where they determined that the symbol on his chest was a gift from Agnar, and that this gift should be used wisely. They trained him in the ways of the priests. Despite all the nurturing Rothorn still did not fit in. He was too violent for the clerical practices. He began to practice with the sword, bringing vengeance to those who persecute him. He was found by Wayril who mistook him for a familiar. When he proved that he could help Wayril in return for his meals, a mutual friendship was born. He is very valuable to Wayril, and one of the most dangerous people to anger. There are very few who can suppress his vengeful nature.

Rothorn functions as Wayril’s familiar when in raven form. He often wonders around in hybrid form, because it allows him many of the benits of both humans and ravens. He hunts those who persecute him to return the favor.

[Common Knowledge:]
Rothorn is very vindictive to those who treat him cruelly, yet very faithful to those who respect him. He is a worshiper of all deities alike. However his patron is Agnar, Lord of the Light, who goes by many other names. Rothorn is often perched on the arm of Wayril. He has a large talon mark on his chest.

Color Code: Something seems to be missing here. (Wayril)
Is it your finger cause it looks like I have an extra one… Wait no (tries to count) Aghhh! I how do you do that… Stupid math… pass me some more dragon’s ale. (Murbog)
Caw (Rothorn)

2006-11-28, 04:16 AM
Name: Kasumi
Race: Human
Class: Bard 20
Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Good. Kasumi has a sugar sweet and congenial temperment, with just a hint of feigned vapidity to hide a secret rapier wit.
Age/Sex: 19/Female
Description: Kasumi stands around 5'8", with jet-black hair that is usually artistically formed into various complicated arrangements, and very expressive hazel eyes. Without her make up, she has moon-pale skin, but the white make-up she applies to her face when she is preforming or entertaining gives her an etherial look and causes her blood-red painted lips and shaded eyes to jump out stunningly. She is slight of build, and graceful on her feet, but there is a certain air of perkiness to her walk and talk that makes her...well, cute as a button. Though witty and conversationally nimble, just a gaze into her large achingly sincere eyes is enough to make most people believe she couldn't possibly have just insulted them. She wears a gorgeous blue and white kimono with a red and yellow obi, and is never without her red and white dancing fans, and her shamisen packed safely in a case.
Backstory Kasumi was born to be an entertainer. Her mother was a bard, her grandmother was a bard. Her aunts and sisters were bards. But, where all of her relatives had been content to stay home and tend to their customers at their teahouses, Kasumi wanted adventure and excitement and to see the world before settling down. Convinced that she could make a living keep those poor lonely adventurers company on their travels (and maybe catch the eye of some brave and daring knight), she set off against her mother's orders, followed soon after by men hired by her mother to bring her back...
Commong Knowledge: Katsumi is very obviously an entertainer and a bard. Her exotic looks normally indicate that she is from very far away indeed.

2006-11-28, 07:40 PM
Name: Rainspattered
Race: Human
Class: Monk/Druken Master/Crooked Monk/Dragon Fist/God Hand
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Almost archetypal for alignment, believe in good but has little use of any sort for rules. He is, however, orderly.
Age: 98
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair colour and length: Grey and Long (Natural) with a long chin-beard and moustache.
Eye colour: Crystal Blue
Weapons: An unenchanted quarterstaff.

One of the most skilled martial arts practioners in his world, Rainspattered mastered all styles of physical combat upon it at a young age, earning the rank of Dragon Fist in all schools at 51, before most people could earn it in a single style. He lived the quiet life of a wandering monk, friend to the peasants and animals, lords and warriors alike, seeking to aid any on their path to enlightenment, until he met one being of such deep evil that there was no enlightenment for it; it was the epitome of all he stood against and all that was wrong. It took the guise of a man until he condemned it for its evil, when it revealed its true, monsterous form. Deflecting its blows until it ceased to fear the monk and convinced itself he would tire and it would kill him before his weak attacks could hurt it, he utilized his own building momentum and actually struck at the creature with a single blow of such purity it slew the demon-god where it stood. Rainspattered was thus destined to be the next God Hand, a semidivine, immortal monk, protector of the innocent and man of peace until cnflict becomes inevitable.

[Common Knowledge]
- Rainspattered is a pacifist.
- He's mastered all forms of unarmed combat he has encountered.
- He once slew an evil god with the purity of a single blow.
- Liu, his hairless chinese crested dog, is fully immortal.
- He can change his appearance, physically (so, magic wouldn't reveal a "true" appearance), at will, although he reverts to his natural appearance after six days constantly in a single form.
- He's an accomplished dancer, in addition to his other skills.


[Ongoing Storyline]
Bit dead, as of right now. Just a little


Name: Yoritomo
Race: Human
Class: Samurai, from the Yoritomo Bushi School
Alignment and Temprament: Honour Rank of 5.8, NG, effectively. Strongly believes in Honour and the code of Bushido, but will not implicitly follow the laws of his lords if he believes them to be wrong.
Age: 26
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair colour and length: Black, wavy, almost to his shoulders, but often kept in topknot. Some five-o'clock shadow to a small goatee on his face.
Eye colour: Crystal Blue/Sea Green (one each colour).
Weapons: An emerald-hilted katana and wakizashi he straps to his back and does not weild unless his wrath is truly earned. Two Kama he can use with extreme skill and speed paired. They are wrapped in the sea-green and black colours of his clan and a symbol of his dedication to the welfare of peasants in his homeland.

A Bushi of the Mantis Clan, he had the misfortune of finding true love in a land where arranged marriage was expected. Avoiding arranged marriage through his relative unimportance, he sought to find the woman he had fallen in love with. He found that she was a peasant, and took to the duty of patrols more readily than would any bushi with an ounce of wits, for patrols were essentially either dull or highly lethal. He strode through the peasant corners and looked, day after day, with more scorn at the way they lived their lives. Not high-brow, elitist scorn, but the scorn of a Samurai raised with the ideas of justice and compassion as two of the tenets of Bushido seeing people so mistreated. He began his career as a Courtier, as well as a Bushi, when he sought a higher-ranking clan official to view the way peasants were treated in his town. The Mantis Clan prided itself on its lack of elitism and peasant origin so greatly that the clan champion herself came to see what he spoke of, and was equally filled with fury. His lord was deposed and replaced with one more worthy, and he watched peasant life improve. Still, though, he knew that his love loved him,, as well, but not that she was in love with him. Seeking to prove himself further and right the wrongs he saw in the world, the Mantis bushi battled by blade or tongue for the peasant classes, gaining a clan and empire-wide reputation for his friendship with the lower classes. He was even asked to attend winter court in place of an assassinated Mantis courtier for his skill in the area. He battled the Shadowlands hordes that attacked that winter court, and eventually, it is said, won the heart of the woman he loved and a charm of great magical power, capable of transporting its owner over limitless distances in an instant.

[Common Knowledge]
- is the picture of non-elitist Samurai honour.
- He is skilled at calligraphy, poetry, and debate, in addition to the warrior arts.
- He's inherently connected to the elements of Air, Fire, and Water, especially the latter.
- He is married to the peasant girl from his homeland.
- His voice possesses an inherent power and lilt that makes people listen. It's an almost unnatural power that applies to speaking and singing, or any other task which involves his voice. If he learned the arts of magic, he'd no doubt be a powerful spellcaster.


K'shakh is a mummy who is based off a custom template I did awhile ago, bnased on the Worm the Walks from the Epic handbook, only with snakes instead of worms. He's Chaotic Good, being inherently good hearted and compassionate, but with quite the flair, some might say obsession, for vengeance. Everything else about him is unknown. He tells people, but for some reason, they just forget, no-matter what. . .

2006-11-28, 09:51 PM
Name: Gixh the Arrow
Race: Githzerai
Class: Monk/Zerth Cenobite
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good
Age: 46
Height: 6 feet, 4 inches
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Bald
Eye colour: Blue


[Common Knowledge]
Not much is known about Kilnore the Arrow, but from his title, it can be assumed that he is either can stop arrows, move as quickly as one, or both.

Gixh speaks in a distant, mysterious voice.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Gixh is currently looking for a powerful monk that is said to be the next God-Hand. The reason for this is unknown.

2006-12-01, 03:55 PM

Name: Guy
Race: Kobold
Class: Rogue
Alignment and Temprament: caotic/good
Age: 17
Height: 2'4
Weight: 35 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Bald
Eye colour: red
Weapons: dagger, short sword, short bow

Guy is a small minded little, backstabbing, Kobold. He is good aligned but prone to bad desicions.

Guy's Kobold tribe was vicously attacked and decimated by a non-descript elf warrior hero. (all humanoids look alike to guy) Guy called on the aid of Kozz a kobold barbarian and Rodd, the tribes ranger and 15 non-descript kobold warriors (ie. cannon fodder) and is determined to track this warrior and seek some back-stabby justice for the honour of his people.

Guy is also quite motivated by the prospect of earning money as these warriors are expensive to feed (and to buy drinks for).

Name: Kozz
Race: Kobold
Class: Barbarian
Alignment and Temprament: caotic/neutral
Age: 22
Height: 3' *HUGE for a Kobold*
Weight: 45 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Bald
Eye colour: red
Weapons: Club w. nail in it.

Guy's bodyguard

Name: Rodd
Race: Kobold
Class: Ranger
Alignment and Temprament: lawful/good
Age: 22
Height: 2'2
Weight: 35 lbs
Hair Color and Length: Bald
Eye colour: red
Weapons: short bow
Equipment: scrolls of healing

Role: Guys scout, healer, and conscience.

Fifteen Unnamed 0 level Kobold Warriors
Weapons: Short spears, shields, studded leather.
Discription: Exist to aid Guy, but are easily bribed, have no will, fort or reflex saves to speak of, and can be manipulated at will. (I expect the #'s to drop quickly)

[Common Knowledge]


[Ongoing Storyline]
Guy has just found his village in ruins, and is gathering his troops to find the elf that reportedly carried out this destruction.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-02, 12:50 PM
Cain, Demon Prince, Despoiler of Worlds, The Shunned

Cain was shunned from the netherrealm of Carcass after killing the current kings 13 daughters in what can only be described as mindless violence. finding himself stuck in the pinch of surreality that is the town, he has (for the moment) decided to make it his home.

Name: Cain
Age: N/A
Height: 5ft
Weight: Immeasurable
Descrip: Appearing as a dwarven half fiend, he is covered in dark, swirling tatoos, has a huge beard and a massize, shing, blad head. His few remaing teeth are sharpened into wicked fangs. His two swrods, Requeim and Fugue, are his only weapons.
Powers: Although a brilliant fighter, cain relys mainly on his brute strength, supernatural speed and sorcerous powers to win most fights

2006-12-04, 01:14 AM
[Stats and Description]

Name: Angelus Arsland

Race: Human

Class: Monk 2/Bard 2

Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral*Quiet, witty, slightly shy (especially with girls he likes),calm, friendly and loyal once he knows the person.

Age: 20

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair colour and length: Brown hair with light red streaks in a ponytail down to the small of his back.

Eye colour: A light crystal blue

Weapons: A hand crossbow, his lute, and his fists.

Angelus was born in to a very wealthy family and was raised to be proper and polite since birth. There were many days were he would watch the children play from his window as he was stuck inside learn various musical instruments and proper etiquette. At the age of 15, he snuck out of his house, not wanting anything more to do with "that type of society". Angelus was always able to see through the facade of his parents so called "friends" and it made him sick to his stomach. He wandered aimlessly for 6 months, stealing from anywhere he could (he has even stolen from powerful necromancers). Until one day he ran in to a monk. The monk took Angelus in to his temple where he would train for two years. But once again, he felt uncomfortable in a world with such uniformity and so left after giving the monk a proper thank you and goodbye. Angelus then began to wander once more with no purpose or destination in mind. After two more months of him playing the role of the nomad, Angelus had run across a bard, who gave him his lute and taught him a few other tricks. Angelus stayed with the bard for 3 years before the bard told Angelus to go make a name for himself. Angelus did not wish for fame and glory, so he just went on his way, still wandering for a comfortable place to call home.

[Common Knowledge]
- Angelus is unusually fit for a bard.

2006-12-04, 05:29 PM
[Stats and Description]
Name Blinkbear, sometimes simply called BlinkSpecies Blinkbear - an abberation brought to life by an Elan, s. below
Class High level Psionic Ranger
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 22 years
Height Nearly seven feet tall
Weight About 300 lb
Fur Dark brown and silky
Eyes Blueish
Weapons Have a look at his paws. Also focus on his claws. Nuff said.
Supernatural Powers Blink and dimension door at will, telepathic communication and simple telekinesis at will. He also has other psionic powers from his class.

About 25 years ago, an Elan decided that it would be fun... err... efficient to have a creature with great intellect, great physical power and psychic might. His first idea was to subject a baby bear to some nasty rituals. So he kidnapped one and tried it out. It worked, but the powers took a year to accomplish. The Elan did never realize that, simply because he grew bored and decided to get rid of the "animal". The funniest thing about this story is that about a week after he got rid of the abberation he had created, mother and father bear invaded his house at night and ate him. The young blinkbear - until today the only individual of this "species" - grew up on his own and developed psionic powers as well as a human-like intellect. Years of adventure follow and one day a teleport goes wrong and he lands in The Town, right in front of Trog's Tavern.

[Common Knowledge]
He is able to communicate telepathically with every being that has something like a brain. He is an optimist. He loves making jokes and enjoys puns way too much.


[Descriptive Text]
He looks like a grizzly bear, but he is only as tall as a human; but otherwise the anatomy is completely bearlike. He normally moves bipedal. His fur is dark brown and silky, over it he wears a heavy cloak that is colored in dark gray and emerald green and a pair of darkbrown pants. He walks barefoot. His clothing is magically inforced to work like armor and even changes to suit him when he is polymorphed, enlarged or the like.

[Ongoing Storylines]

2006-12-04, 07:10 PM
[Stats and Description]
Titles: Knight of Inari, Scholar of Philosophy
Name: Sir Aikidu De'Laurent Veneanar (Aikidu Ven)
Race: Canii
Class Cleric 12/Knight Defender of Inari 5
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 17
Height 5'11"
Weight 113
Hair Red-Brown
Eyes Amethyst-Violet

[Equipment of note]

+1 merciful greatsword of wounding (Sacrilege Blade-Breaker)
Cold Iron Evil's Bane Longsword (Smite)
+1 Anarchic Short Sword (Trust)
+1 longsword of Shocking (Sylva (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d175/Aikiduven/Sylva1.jpg))


Grworll Chainplate
The half-helm of the sun (Torc of Dexterity +2) w removable chainmail ponytail sheatheSupernatural Powers
As described in "knight defender of Inari"
Ability to attract small feral foxes equal to his age plus four in number. The foxes act as cohorts would, and revere Aikidu as a leader.
Ability to transform himself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.


Name: Alraune "Aura" Co'Malan
Race: Canii (Considered Fey) (Cold Subtype)
Class Cleric 15/Rimefire Witch(Warlock) 10
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 20
Height 5'10"
Weight 131
Hair Silver-white
Eyes Icy Blue

[Equipment of note]

+1 Holy Longsword of Mercy (Sacrilege Defender (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d175/Aikiduven/Sacriligebladeset.png)(on the right))
+1 Anarchic Longsword of Wounding (Sacrilege Destroyer (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d175/Aikiduven/Sacriligebladeset.png)(on the left))
Holy Blue-Ice Trident of Elemental Bane


Blue Ice Full Plate
The half-helm of the Moon (Torc of Wisdom +2)
Supernatural Powers
As described in "Rimefire Witch (Frostburn)"
Ability to attract small feral foxes equal to his age plus four in number. The foxes act as cohorts would, and revere Alraune as a leader. This is little-seen in Alraune
Ability to transform himself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

Name Valeria Co'Norget
Race Canii (Considered Fey) (Cold Subtype)
Class Rogue 7/Cleric 6/Rimefire Witch 10
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 22
Height 5'11"
Weight 126
Hair Blue-silver
Eyes Icy Lilac

[Equipment of note]

Shocking Burst Blue-Ice Trident
Masterwork Composite Longbow


Blue Ice breastplate
Supernatural Powers
As described in "Rimefire Witch (Frostburn)"
Ability to transform herself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

[Shared Backstory]
Born far to the north, Aikidu and his mother were seperated from his brother and father when he was just a year old. He followed the church of Growrll from the age of 5 on, and when he was fourteen was sent out to do good in their lord's name.

Having come to the Temple of Inari two years following, he stayed there as a non-priest member of the temple, offering aid and services to the patrons. Some two months following his disappearance from the temple (a month after joining) Aikidu was posessed by the soul of another being. The being turned out to be Alraune Co'Malan, his estranged brother, who had come to be a powerful Rimefire Warlock.

In the time following his separation from his brother through a 'gift of life' spell, Aikidu watched as his older sibling helped return the temple of Inari from a massive debt by mining and smithing blue ice from the town of Winterhearth to be sold at the temple for revenue.

Alraune left the temple some weeks afterwards, and Aikidu the week after that, seeking his brother.

After being reunited with his brother, Aikidu and his group who had been searching for relics of their combined deities were attacked. Aikidu was the only surviving member, fending off the attacker with his brother's trident after his own blade was shattered.

The rift that their attacker had used to assault them took the shards of his blade and scattered them across the plains of this world, and so Aikidu went on a quest to recover the remnants of Sylva, the Rose Blade, his pledge sword, before returning to the temple months after leaving.

He again left with little notice a few weeks following that. For a time nobody heard from him and he is reluctant to talk about it; however many moons after that the dragon Argen started an effort to save Aikidu. Aikidu returned aswell, but his mind was not completely there.

An entity known only as 'the Mind' had taken over his body, and many others. Upon reuniting Alraune, the katana, to Aikidu's side; the sealed spirit forced The Mind out of Aikidu's body. Alraune took control of his brother's form, and told the Inarites of a plot to turn a mortal to a god.

A campaign was started to free the souls trapped in crystals by The Mind, and The Mindbearer was revealed, carrying a wicked blade with a life-force all it's own.

All that is known of the battle is that the souls were freed, and The Mind may still be out among the world, devouring souls and twisting mortal will.

After returning again to the temple, Aikidu and Alraune left a single origami fox on Fenric's doorstep. This note was a message of return. Before they could do that, even; a cloaked white figure appeared, apparently hunting them.

Later revealed to be friend, not foe, Valeria Co'Norget has reunited with her Canii allies and now must prove Alraune's innocence in the slaughter of Winterhearth, lest his life and the life of her Eidolon be forfeit.

[Common Knowledge]
Aikidu is an easy going person, but with a strong sense of duty. His allegiance to the patron deities of the foxes is one with little bounds, and he will fight with all his vigour to defend his friends.

Alraune is a very secretive person, and picks his friends carefully. He has an almost sixth-sense for danger; and thinks things through before barreling into a fight, unlike his brother. He is considered fey due to his achieving a bond with his deity that is so strong as to force him to undergo Rimefire Apotheosis, fusing him with the fragments of his deity's power.

Valeria Co'Norget is not a relative of Alraune or Aikidu; but rather an old childhood friend. Aikidu knew her for a very short time before they were separated. It has been learned that the Canii wolves took control of their village, enslaving the populace and sending her to return Alraune for trial. She is fiercely devoted to her deity, and she will not willingly betray a friend; but these conflict when her Eidolon is threatened. Intuitive and fluid in motion, Valeria grew up as a theif before she heard the call to Faith; and subsequently the call to arms in Hleid's war against Iborighu.

[Descriptive Text]
Standing nearly six feet tall; Aikidu is a young man with long, red-furred, elf-like ears protruding from where his human ears should be, wearing armour of his creation. The 'chainplate' armour bears the crest of Inari, a symbol he affectionately calls the "coin of Inari". His violet eyes are alert and scan the world around him constantly as his red-brown hair falls slightly over one eye. His hair is mid-back length, tied into a ponytail and veiled in a chainmail skirt. The skirt is connected to a torc made of gold that he wears around the back of his head.

Alraune Co'Malan looks much like his brother; standing just an inch shorter. His flesh is tinted a surreal blue, and his hair is white as the snow of his homeland. Across his right cheek is an overturned symbol, a spiral in a triangle; The mark of Hleid. His hair is cut shorter than Aikidu's, but it still hangs long enough. He wears a silver torc, the other half of the set, around the back of his head.

Valeria Co'Norget, just as tall as Aikidu, stands proudly bearing no readily apparent markings. Her skin is an icy sheen of blue and she has the characteristic blue-white hair of a fey. Being Canii, her ears protrude much like the others', from the sides of her head in hybrid form. Her iced-violet eyes seem vivid when engaged; but she always bears a thoughtful look.

2006-12-07, 12:26 AM
Name: Slartibartfast (try typing that 5 times fast!)
Race: Supposedly Human
Class: Ninja 7/Rogue 7/Bard 1 (No, I don't have the stats for the Ninja class. BUT I AM NINJA!)
Alignment: Chaotic Stealthy
Age: You think you can tell this guy's AGE? He wears all black and a Ninja mask 24/7! You can't tell his AGE! But from his hight he might be around 13, or a midget.
Height: A little over 5 feet.
Weight: Skinny. Maybe 75 pounds tops.
Hair: Completely hidden from view.
Eyes: It's a stick-figure comic, everybody's eyes are just little black circles.

Armaments: Two Katanas visible. May have odd concealed weaponry.
Armor: Is he wearing armor? You cannot tell what lies beneath the black.

Backstory: Nothing is known about this Ninja's past.

Flashy Description:
This black clothed...person stands about 5 feet tall and has two katanas in his belt. That is a belt, right? Not a snake? A snakeskin belt? Nevertheless He seems lethal if provoked and has an air of mystery that follows him like shadows. Or maybe those are real shadows following him around?

Common Knowledge: Slartibartfast is a devoted Banjo worshiper and has a tendency twords the dark side. But he fights in the holy name, of BANJO!!!

Interesting Notes: That's all the information gathered on Slartibartfast over his entire lifespan, as soon as his existence was noticed. His tendency to invisibly dissapear into shadows surprisingly halted the flow of data.

2006-12-09, 03:42 PM
Name: Barrik Arsland
Race: Werewolf
Class: Level 18 Wizard
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 Lbs.
Hair: Short black
Eyes: Blue
Equipment: Two rings of soul unity, his journal, and a cloak.

Armaments: He doesn't need any.
Armor: None, not his style.

Backstory: Barrik is currently trying to correct a mistake he made almost 10 years ago. No one knows what he has done in his past, but it is clear that he is troubled by it.

Flashy Description:He walks aroun wearing a cloak with the hood down, and is always carrying his journal.

Common Knowledge: Barrik is an intelligent person, and has a wide array of spells to destroy pretty much anyone.

Interesting Notes: It is rumored that he has made a deal with a devil.

2006-12-10, 12:21 AM
Bel'Gaer Shapeshiftlayre
Race: Umm... Unknown? Supposedly an elf
Class: Transmuter 15/ Master Transmogrifist 10
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Supposedly 263, assuming he is an elf...
Height: Varying
Weight: Varying
Eyes: Always glowing hazel
Equipment: His staff, named Shiftstave.

Backstory: Supposedly an elf, he walked into the forest one day, and when his parents went searchign, they found a multicolored dragon with 13 heads, tentacles, and spines asking them for some supper. Suffice to say, he has spent the rest of his time mastering his powers. The only constant thing about him is his eye color, which is always glowing hazel. He also has a knack for changing other things, in additino to himself. He has been exiled from certain places because of accidents involving loss of control. He is in the town now, enjoying himself. One of his main philosophies is "Law? Who likes Law? Chaos is more fun." No one will really know his full story, not even him.

Common Knowledge: His favorite shape is an elf with raven black hair, wings of shadow, fangs, and silver scales. He pretty goes about without much thought. He enjoys making other people's lives more enjoyable, and has only been seen angry once, and split up the individual particles of someones soul and turned them into antimatter, creating a chain reaction which h would have blown up the world except for the good o'l gods. Since then, they chastized him, and he can no longer make antimatter.

Interesting Notes: Very powerful, with absolutely no control at any time. The fact that he doesn't care somehow gives him control. A paradox? The world may never solve it. Rumors of a lover are unconfirmed.

2006-12-10, 02:04 PM
Epix Apollonius

Race: Elf
Age: 200 yrs
Class: Bard 20 / Dragon disciple 10
Alignment and Temperament: Is neutral/good. He is rather shy around humans and other races. He is naturally courageous, but his association with dragons has added avarice as one of his qualities.
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan
Other Features: Because of his association with dragons, he has a pair of dragon wings sprouting from his back. He usually makes them invisible, so as to not alarm any people he meets. He also has a pair of fangs and claws on his hands.
Equipment: He carries a long svardstav around with him. The svardstav can extend on command and may also call down a bolt of lightning. He also carries a shield and a scimitar. He hides a flute in his jacket, and plays every once in a while.

Epix came from the Moonwood, on the slopes of the Dragonclaw Mountains. He spent his early life in a society of secluded sun elves, until one day he was captured by a group of blue dragons. He was able to wheedle his way out of being eaten by playing incessantly on a flute that he had received as a gift. He spent many years afterward with the dragons, singing songs and learning all about dragons and their many races. During this time, he began to change. The magical aura that surrounds a dragon can change living things, and so it changed Epix. Eventually, he left the cave where he had lived with the dragons and traveled to find a place that was bets suited for him. He used his talent for the flute as a way of earning his pay. One day, he was traveling along the coast when he was assailed by a group of Vikings. They brought him back to their ship, where he once again used his flute to get out of the situation. The captain of the ship, Jander Tarquin, seeing Epix as a valuable asset, then hired him to be their bosun. Epix agreed, and now he sails with Jander and ‘The Black Adder’.

[Common Knowledge]
- Epix has an innate sense of direction, and has a keen sight that serves him well as a lookout.
- Because of his relative seclusion during most of his life, Epix likes to be left alone.
- Due to his traveling, Epix is very knowledgeable in many areas.
Epix likes to hang around Bulzars Brews and Ales. He finds Bulzar very charming and constantly chats with the cat Turamarth.

[Ongoing Storyline]
- Is trying to retreive Alzora’s Gem from the dragon Daemorous.
- Sailing with Jander and ‘The Black Adder’
- Working part-time at Bulzars

2006-12-10, 06:43 PM
Name: Naoli Speckle
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue 20/Shadowdancer 10
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 32
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 32 lbs
Appearace: My Avatar! Short Black hair, tanned skin, blue eyes, handsome face. He wears a black cape with white lines on the edges, a black shirt with a white line going down the middle, black pants and white boots.
Equipment: quite a few daggers, two magic short swords (made from some special metal), two handcrossbows, thieve's tools, a few bandages, cloth, some magical subtance, sacks to hold the items, and a glowing teal sphere that orbits Naoli's head.

About the sphere: His name is Tyranis and is kinda like Naoli's guide to what is going on, what they should do, or whatever Naoli needs to know. He has an inner power to shield himself, have all of Naoli's powers, and give Naoli a small boost of what he needs (Strength, Agility, Intelligence, etc.).

Backstory: Naoli lived with his traveling families during his childhood. He would always get into trouble with others because of his actions. He pickpocketed, stole, and fought in his caravan. When he was 22, everyone decided that he should leave. They gave him a short sword, some armor, and food and left him in an area. When he woke up, Naoli was furious but a bit happy that he had something to eat. After breakfast he chose a direction and went that way. He ran into few caravans, towns, places of interest and many other things. He has been going that way for the last 10 years. He has finnally reached The Town... Of course, no one knows this.

Notes: Naoli doesn't like to be asked about his past, and if he is, he is likely to not answer or just walk away. Naoli will sometimes steal if needs something for himself. Right now he creates bandages with a magical substance that supposedly heals you right up. He is acting friendly right now.

Naoli speaks in Seagreen. Tyranis speaks in Teal.

Ongoing Storyline: Finding out who The Nine are.
Being contacted by a Moon Angel.

2006-12-11, 06:24 PM
Name: Gemini
Race: Celestial
Age: ??
Height: 6'0
Weight: ??
Appearence: Gemini wears a green magus robe (short robe) with golden gauntlets. On his back is a scabbard wrapped in cloth. Around his neck is a blue scarf. On his legs are some white hunter pants, he has dark green eyes and golden greaves. His sword, named, "Heaven's Serenade" is almost as tall as his is. On his ears are two celestial-made earrings.
Background: His former god Valkar, recently sent him on a mission to destroy the slums; because he claimed it unfit for living, and unjust. After destroying half of the slums, Gemini severed the bond between his god. He was then captured and put in prison. The rest is unknown.

2006-12-11, 08:02 PM
Plasma Snake

Race: Human
Age: 31 Years
Class: Spy, Assassin, Ninja, Soldier, Mercenary, Psionic Talent. All of those kinds of things.
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Good. Not a big fan of governments and authority figures, Snake will still work with them if it benefits the greater good.
Height: 6'0”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale
Other Features: His eyes glow irridescent green.
Equipment: Stealth suit, body armour, CODEC, thermal goggles, cigarettes, bandana, FAMAS, SOCOM, PSG-1, Stinger, Nikita, C4, Chaff Grenades, Stun Grenades.

The least-known fourth survivor of Les Enfants Terribles, the series of clones of Big Boss made by the United States government in the cold war, Plasma Snake was the genetic experiment of the group. Given the recessive traits of his clone-father, like his "brother" Solid Snake, but infused the with psychic potential of a russian agent working in the same unit as Big Boss.
His existance "forgotten" in the paper-burning that was used to cover-up the scandal Les Enfants Terribles would create, Plasma Snake was lost in the paperwork cover-up, meaning nobody noticed when he was stolen away from the lab where he was being raised and sent outside for his training. Travelling the world, he is the least nationally associated of his three brothers, and the one most able to remain incognito.

[Common Knowledge]
- Plasma Snake is known as Snake or Reptilus for short.
- He is a clone of a legendary soldier infused with the genes of a psionic talent.
- Despite years of doing it, Snake abhorrs killing and would prefer to complete his objectives with a minimum of it, although he won't hesitate to do it.

Snake mentioned getting away from the "war-torn graveyard of a world" he came from and starting up a quiet detective's agency here in the world.

[Ongoing Storyline]
- Trying to get the funds to start up a detective agency in the slums.


John Gibson Foster

Race: Troll (Shadowrun)
Age: 26 years
Class: Street Samurai
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good. Stereotype of the alignment, really. Think the heroic outlaw cowboy type.
Height: 7’2”
Weight: 280 lbs.
Hair: Blue
Skin: Greenish tint
Other Features: Two massive, unshaved horns atop his head, tusklike teeth in his mouth.
Equipment: Two Ares Predator pistols, a few assault rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, and a good number of grenades. Lined leather duster to hide all of it in, Yakuza-grade body armour, vatgrown muscles, dermal plating, Smartlink, wired reflexes, combat knife.

John Gibson Foster is a Shadowrunner from Seattle who travels down the coast into Mexico frequently on runs. Known for his skill in both legal and illegal jobs, Foster's funds racked up. He fell in love with a kidnapped girl he was suppsed to find in mexico, although she was later killed. He's over it. He wears his hair in a blue Mohawk and is of a much leaner, more agile build than many of his fellow trolls.

[Common Knowledge]
- John Gibson Foster's love of old cowboy movies is evident from speaking to him once. He even hums "Do not forsake me" as he walks into battle sometimes.
- The strength of his plastic dermal plating is enough to deflect bullets better than kevlar. Projectiles of less force are even more easily resisted.
- Foster's not to be challendged i na long-distance fight. He has wired reflexes and computer targeting to make sure he draws first and doesn't miss.
Probably hanging around the slums.

[Ongoing Storyline]
About to get involved with the undead in the slums.

2006-12-12, 09:45 AM
Name: Drarinth Walker
Height: 5 feet, 4inches
Weight: ????
Skin:Tanned white
Other things: Prefers to wear a hat covering most of his face.
Equipment: White leather jacket, white pants. An enchanted sword and a guarter staff (which he can change the shape of at will). Some stuff as I see necessary.

[Backstory] Not much is known about him, he left his home town after doing something that still haunts him to this day.
He travels around, but is now thinking about settling down.

[Common knowledge] He prefers to not fight. He can perform many feats people would think of as in-human. He has powerful psionic potential.
__________________________________________________ ______

Age: Unknown (with orks, its hard to know)
Race:Ork (More like Warhammer 40k ork than D&D ork)
Alignment:Neutral (Survival is what matters, and strenght)
Size: Around 2 or so meters.
Weight:150 pounds.
Hair color: Dyed Red.
Skin color: Green, natural color for orks.
Philosophy: Orks are made for fightin, no humie is tougher than an ork, no ork is tougher then me.

Equipment:Master Crafted Power Fists with Power Claws attached to them. He also is armed with 2 hand held "Kustom
Shootas" and a larger two handed "Bigga Custom Shoota". He also has a set of large, highly protective power armor that is strong enough to stop most conventional weapons and explosives. He also has an implanted targeting system(rare for an ork) that allows him to aim with extra accuracy and see things not normally seen by the naked eye. He also has a set of Powered armor. And many more salvaged items such as explosives and more weapons and machinery. Also all necesary survival gear.

Back Story: He used to be a warlord, leading a massive Waaagh! that was sweeping over planet Kronus before being caught in a massive warp anomaly caused by a breach in the webway gates. This killed most of the orks that Gorgutz was leading but he survived and was transported to the town. He is used to being attacked on sight by humans and holds a grudge against them. He is un-easy about the fact that no one is attacking him. He is now adjusting to life in the town.

Common Info: He is very war ready,always prepared for battle. He is surprisingly smart for an ork, knowing when to back down and when to assault. He also knows some other languages and can learn them quickly.

2006-12-13, 07:19 PM
Name: Shas'O Nukular
Race: Tau
Age: 19 years
Class: Fire Warrior
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Evil, will kill anything that gets in his way.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 107 lbs.
Hair: What's hair? :(
Skin: Blue

Description: Shas'O Nukular is your stereotypical Tau, other than his eyepatch, the scar on his left cheek, and all of the scars on the rest of his body. In his battlesuit, the paintjob is dark red, and seems splattered on, making it look like he's covered in blood from the body of some poor idiot that got in his way.

Equipment: High-yield Plasma Rifle, dual Pulse Chaingun, a Neutron Blaster, Jetpack, Dual heavy missle launchers, and dual large flamethrowers, all installed onto his insanely customized XV22 Battlesuit. He also has alot of stolen weapons not installed into his battlesuit, a heavy bolter, a multilaser, a repeating pulse rifle, and a sniper rifle(with night vision scope. >:) ). And a CD/MP3 player in his helmet. Has a very fresh supply of fragmentation, plasma, photon, EMP, smoke and silly-string grenades, as well as something he calls Light-Snare Traps, which explode and stun anyone who looks directly at the blast. He also has six-dozen robotic worker/fighter drones, fitted with light multilasers. Not really suited for combat, but can fight in self-defense, or establish a light defensive perimeter.

Backstory: This Tau comes from parts unknown, but it's obvious that he's fought and killed in multiple conflicts. He seems almost insane, saying that he likes to kill. He laughs when he causes pain in someone, but he always ends it quickly whenever he's trying to kill something. He doesn't kill people at random, but he says that he'll kill anything that he gets paid for. So, he seems to be a cross between mercenary, bounty hunter, and assassin. He hasn't decided which, but he's got the gear, and training. Need someone terminated? He's your guy. He seems very upset occasionally, but that's almost always when he's drunk on 'inferior human alcohol.' He can be very quiet, despite his armor. His voice is sometimes unsettling. He occasionally growls at people, almost like it's a warning. As for how he ended up out here, no telling. He says he got whacked over the head, and woke up on the outskirts of town. He leads a decent-sized army of Tau soldiers. These people appear to be known collectively as the Crimson Raiders, a mercenary company under Nukular's command. Their last strength count estimate said that the company consisted of 36 Devilfish Ground APCs, 24 Hammerhead Gunships, 12 Skyray Gunships, 100 Crisis Battlesuits, 200 Broadside Battlesuits, 500 soldiers in standard Fire Warrior battlesuits with repeating pulse rifles, 100 in Shas'ui battlesuits with repeating pulse rifles and photon grenades, 70 Stealth Suits with repeating pulse rifles, 30 Shas'vre Stealth Suits with Fusion Blasters and EMP grenades, 6 Drone Carriers loaded with heavily armed gun drones and sheild drones, and 50 armed hoverbikes that can be used for recon and hit-and-run attacks. They have one carrier, with 24 Scarab-class Troop Transports and 2 dropships to carry it all to the surface. Sometimes, they use ODPs, or Orbital Drop Pods, to get troops and supplies to the surface when one particular location needs immediate reinforcements. The carrier also has six wings of five fighters each, and two wings of three bombers each. Finally,they have hundreds of OPDs loaded with anti-infantry and anti-vehicle turrets, which can be launched to give much-needed fire support to troops on the ground. All of this is loaded onto the carrier, and the smaller ships it has onboard. Aside from the carrier, a battlefleet known as Omega is under Nukular's command, consisting of 50 frigates, 30 destroyers, 20 cruisers, 10 battleships, and five dreadnoughts. To top it all off, a warship acts as the flagship of the fleet. All of this is lead by Nukular, and two lesser Shas'Os under his command.

Common Knowledge: Not hard to tell that he's an alien. ;) He likes the theme music from the TV show 'Angel' for some reason. He also has a small army of robotic worker drones he uses to clean up the damages from any chases he commences.

Current Storyline: Finding someplace to plant a landing beacon to get his company planetside.

2006-12-14, 09:12 PM
Name: Dougal
Race: Human
Class: Soulknife
Alignment: Heaven's Exiles (and himself)
Age: 28
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 97 lb

Appearace: Dougal is short and slight of build, with large, dark, glaring eyes, short, jet black hair, and fair skin. His leather armor is dyed light grey, but his boots and gloves are black. There are numerous pouches and pockets along his belt, but he carries no weapons.

Equipment: Dougal's armor is magically strengthened, and he wears a ring on his right hand beneath his glove that allows him to teleport moderate distances. He has another ring, worn on his left hand, again beneath the glove, which summons a horde of dretches and was given him by Cain before he died. He has no need of any weapon other than his mind blade, which he calls Windfall. He also tends to carry a variety of miscellaneous items in his extra-dimensional pouches, which range from ropes to torches to his oft used explosives to soap. On his head, he wears a thin silver headband which he can use to transmit his thoughts to other creatures.

Backstory: Dougal was born in a small backwater human village, and discovered his psionic talents entirely by accident around age twelve. At this point he had an epiphany and realized that such power had much potential for use in bettering his own personal existence. He left his village and went about doing exactly that, treasure hunting in ruins, stealing the poorly guarded merchandise of traders, and hiring himself out to various people who needed something done.

Common Knowledge: Dougal has the look of a thief but carries no weapons openly. He is very softspoken and seldom reveals much about himself personally.

2006-12-15, 08:00 AM
((has anyone made a santa character? and would anyone object if i did?))