View Full Version : Changeling Warshapers?

2010-11-20, 02:53 PM
I was reading through the warshaper prc from CW, it interested me at first only because of the fast healing and the bonus to Str and Con, but then i looked at morphic weapon... if i read it correctly, it gave no mention of a limit to how many natural weapons you can have, so my question is... how many natural weapons can a changeling warshaper theoretically have??? :smalleek:

The Glyphstone
2010-11-20, 03:11 PM
By strict RAW, one of every type. So one tentacle, one claw, one bite, one slam, one wing, one....

That's exceedingly cheesy though.

Angry Bob
2010-11-20, 03:26 PM
Also, ask your DM. It's not clear whether minor change shape qualifies as "a different form" for the purposes of using any of the class features. It would suck to suddenly find out you just lost BAB for nothing.

But yeah. Your DM would want to set the limits for natural weapons as well.