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2010-11-20, 03:30 PM
This was an attempt to use existing Classes (Fighter and Monk) together to make what I feel qualifies as a decent Samurai, as the one offered in Complete Warrior didn't suit my tastes.

Basically, I was trying to find ways to prevent the two Classes from interfering with each other, and instead build on each others' strengths. It seemed to work fairly well in playtests, but I was wondering what other people would think.

Fighter Variant: Bushi
Fighters and monks have abilities that compliment each other well, but their inherent natures conflict too much for them to explore those options often. With a slight change in disciplines, a fighter can learn to incorporate some elements gained from monastic training, allowing both approaches to bridge the gap, and build on each others' strengths.
Class: Fighter
Level: 1st
Special Requirement: Balance 1 rank
Replaces: You lose proficiency with Shields and your Bonus Feat at 1st Level.
Benefit: You may freely multiclass between Monk and Fighter.
At first level, you gain the Bushi class feature.
Bushi (Ex): You retain at least a portion your Monk AC Bonus while wearing armor, so long as you do not use a shield. You may apply your AC Bonus up to (but not exceeding) your Fighter Class Level+1. This ability only applies to the AC Bonus granted by the Monk class, and not by other classes that grant an AC bonus while unarmored.
In addition, you may perform a Flurry of Blows or Decisive Strike while wearing armor, so long as you do not use a shield.
Both of these abilities are still negated when exceeding any listed load limits.
Note: This was heavily based on the "Armored Mage" Fighter variant from Complete Mage.

Feat: Weapon Form
The warrior, armor, and weapon are as one.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +1, Flurry of Blows or Decisive Strike class feature
Benefit: You may use Flurry of Blows or Decisive Strike with any weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, although each attack suffers an additional -2 penalty. With any two-handed weapon, you apply 1 1/2 your Strength modifier (or use Power Attack as normal for a two-handed weapon).
Note: This was specifically intended to function differently than the "Flurry Feats" offered in Eberron, but I tried to make it a point to have a different sort of trade-off, to not overshadow them.

Feat: Second Skin
You are adept at movement while wearing armor.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +2, Armor Proficiency (any)
Benefit: If you have, or later gain, Evasion or Improved Evasion, the ability is not negated while wearing armor heavier than normally allowed.
If you have, or later gain, a Fast Movement class feature that is negated by armor of any type, you may now apply up to 1/2 of it (round down to the nearest 5 ft) while wearing armor that would normally negate the ability. Apply the bonus before modifying your speed because of any armor worn.
This feat does not prevent you from losing Evasion, Improved Evasion, or Fast Movement when exceeding any listed load limits.
Note: This was used to fill in gaps, and my love for other Multiclass combinations (particularly Barbarian-Rogue) had me try and keep it open for others.

Armor Modification: Fitted Armor
Price: +300 gp for Light Armor, +1,200 gp for Medium Armor, +2,700 gp for Heavy Armor
Property: Armor
Only Masterwork Armor may have this modification. It has been specially fitted to a specific wearer, with each strap or lace properly measured, each plate shaped specifically. For that person, the Armor Check Penalty is lessened by 1, and its Maximum Dexterity Bonus increases by one. These changes stack with inherent properties of the armor (such as Masterwork or Mithral). Fitting the armor requires a successful Craft (armorsmithing) DC 25 check.
Anyone else attempting to wear the armor has the Armor Check Penalty increase by 1, and the Maximum Dexterity Bonus reduced by 1, until adjusting it to a more neutral state. Normally, this requires a successful Craft (armorsmithing) DC 15 check and 100 gp in materials, negating the armor's Fitted quality.
Note: Mithral-lite, for when you are on a budget at lower levels. Also good when you intend to use another material such as Adamantine.

Wondrous Item: Shield Sashimono
Price: 16,000 gp
Body Slot: Unconventional (Back, but other items may still be worn)
Caster Level: 1st
Aura: Faint Abjuration
Activation: Continuous
Weight: 10 lb
This banner is worn on the back, intended for identification during battle. It radiates a continuous shield spell effect, under control of the bearer of the sashimono.
Because of the way the sashimono is mounted, it does not interfere or prevent the use of other items worn on the back.
Note: This was admittedly for flavor alone, more or less, while also trying to do something useful.

2010-11-20, 07:47 PM
It seems like a pretty good concept I like the idea of being multi-class feats that allow a Fighter to gain minor benefits from Monk that would normally be impossible.

Biggest problem I see is that someone might just dip monk 2-3 levels then go fighter for the rest of the build. This is especially useful if you go with decisive strike. Though combining the abilities of two less than powerful classes doesn't exactly equal a broken character, especially with a pretty meaningful feat tax to do so.

2010-11-22, 07:14 AM
I actually wanted that to be an option, as there are so many different views on what a "Samurai" should be (as well as other archtypes that could benefit from this).

However, I figure the worst abuse would be 2 levels of Monk, 4 levels of Fighter, and the rest is Cleric. Even that wouldn't be so bad, though, as they'd have to sacrifice higher-level spells.

2010-11-22, 06:36 PM
Actually worst would probably be Monk 3 / Fighter 1 / Psionic Warrior X / Fist of Zuoken.

Also I'm pretty sure what you are trying to do with Fitted Armor is what masterwork is already supposed to represent. Though I really like the idea.

2010-11-22, 09:23 PM
Actually worst would probably be Monk 3 / Fighter 1 / Psionic Warrior X / Fist of Zuoken.

Also I'm pretty sure what you are trying to do with Fitted Armor is what masterwork is already supposed to represent. Though I really like the idea.
Nah. Fitted Armor is like a tailored suit. Masterwork armor is like a suit hand-made by an extremely skilled seamstress. Anyone can wear the hand-made suit (masterwork), but it won't fit absolutely perfectly, though it still fits well. The tailored suit (Fitted Armor) only fits the person it was tailored for well.
That's the difference.

2010-11-23, 07:11 AM
Precisely. I'm pretty sure there is a historical basis for that particular idea, too.

So...there are no actual complaints with these ideas, in one direction or the other? Cool...