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2010-11-21, 02:37 AM
Price:1000 GP
1)You are considered to have the feat eschew materials as long as you are holding this wand
2)All spells you cast will now have a Somatic Component this cannot be metamagiced away
3)After you first cast a spell with your wand you cannot cast any spell without this wand
4)If this wand is damaged in any way it cannot be repaired it has to be replaced
5)You can only find a Wand Shop in a area with a Wizards Guild
6)If your wand is damaged roll 1d3 if you roll 1 the spell backfires
7)If you do not want to use your wand any longer do not cast any spells for 1d6 days and you will be weaned of your wand
8)You may apply up to 3 different metamagics spontaneously to any spell you cast you must know these metamagics the wand can store 3 metamagics they can be switched out daily

Mystic Muse
2010-11-21, 02:56 AM
1. Okay, I guess that makes sense.
2. This needs to be explained better. What if you no longer want to use a wand like this? What do you do? Also, that wasn't a rule in the books or movies. Some wizards could cast spells without a verbal incantation.
3.What if you no longer want to use a wand like this?
4.What exactly does this do for a Sorcerer? They already don't have to choose specific spells to use in a day.
5. Does this cancel out all other focuses? Do I no longer need a 5000 GP diamond for resurrection?
6.okay, big deal. They cost 1000 gp.
7. Okay, so they don't even need to buy it. Also, as far as I can tell, nothing stops them from selling said wand.
8. Where was this rule again?
9. this makes sense.

2010-11-21, 03:17 AM
Changed it a bit better now?

2010-11-21, 03:26 AM
Add some benefits. =| Really, why would I pay money for a wand that doesn't give me anything?

The Antigamer
2010-11-21, 03:32 AM
Add some benefits. =| Really, why would I pay money for a wand that doesn't give me anything?

^^^What he said.

Evil DM Mark3
2010-11-21, 04:24 AM
So, for 1000gp, I get a very minor feat that replicates a piece of mundane equipment that means I am one successful sunder roll away from never being able to cast spells again?

2010-11-21, 04:29 AM
Hey read my edit

2010-11-21, 04:35 AM
I can add any metamagic feat? What's the cost? This could also get... confusing, to say the least, for wizards.

2010-11-21, 04:36 AM
Hey read my edit

Assuming you can apply those metamagic feats for no cost, that's horribly broken.

And you still have the issue of having your wand broken, then never being able to cast a spell again, even if you replace the wand, since you don't have the one you cast your first spell with.

Evil DM Mark3
2010-11-21, 04:41 AM
Hey read my editOK, now we have swung the other way. Have all my spells Quickened, Maximused and Heightened? For free? And 1000gp? Yes please!

How about reducing the level increase of a metamagic feat by one level? So a Maximise Want reduces the level increase from Maximised spells by one? That would be closer to the value I think.

2010-11-21, 05:00 AM
Ok, let's try to make this a bit more clear.

Wizard's Wand

A wizard's wand allows the magic-user to cast improved spells with greater ease. A wizard's wand may be used by any arcane spell caster, and only on arcane spells. Upon acquiring a wand, and first using it to cast a spell, the wand bonds with the caster (allowing no one else to use it). All of your spells cast with this wand gain a somatic component if they did not already have one, and this wand must be used for any arcane spells you cast (arcane spells cast without this wand receive an effective -3 CL). If the wand is destroyed, you must acquire a new one. If you no longer desire to use the wand, you may spend 1d6 days in meditation to disconnect yourself from the wand (but may still begin to use a wand again if you choose). You are considered to have the Eschew Materials feat for any arcane spell cast with the wand. Additionally, every day you may select one metamagic feat you have. You may spontaneously apply this metamagic feat to any spell you cast by sacrificing a higher level spell slot equal to the new effective level of the spell. All metamagic feats used in this way have their increased spell level reduced by 1 (to a minimum of +1). This ability may be used 3/day.

Moderate (no school); CL 10th; Craft Rod; Price: 3,000 gp; Weight: 1/4 lb.

The Antigamer
2010-11-21, 05:03 AM
"You may apply up to 3 different metamagics spontaneously to any spell you cast you must know these metamagics the wand can store 3 metamagics they can be switched out daily"
Wow, just...just no.

And he's still only a shatter spell away from losing all spellcasting.

And I have no idea what "It takes 1d6 hours to find a wand" even means.

2010-11-21, 06:14 AM
1d6 hours to find a wand means testing every wand in the shop ow it sounds stupid
EDIT:Does everything in this game has to read like the law?Spontaneous application of metamagic cannot be quickened

EDIT:How do you cauculate the CL and price of an original item?

The Glyphstone
2010-11-21, 11:39 AM
If the 1d6 hours applies to finding a wand in the shop, you might want to say that you can only replace a wand in a settlement with a wand shop. Right now, it reads that you root around in a dungeon or forest for 1d6 hours and happen to find a perfect wand for you lying in the dirt.

Spontaneous application of metamagic cannot be quickened

Er what? Spontaneously cast spells cannot be quickend (unless you have one of a bazillion abilities to negate that). You can already spontaneously apply metamagics (including Quicken) with the Spontaneous Metamagic feat line.

2010-11-21, 02:31 PM
I can certainly see why you might want to do this, but I don't think you can really implement the kind of spellcasting in the Harry Potter books this simply -- you'd probably want to make a new class that focuses on HP-style spellcasting.

Otherwise, there's nothing in principle wrong with the idea of an item that augments spellcasting, but it needs a lot of care to avoid becoming completely and utterly broken.

I think Vaynor's handling of it is about right -- it's nowhere near as hideous as WotC's metamagic rods, which is an improvement.