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El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-02, 07:37 AM
The frigate speeds along over waters she's just barely left. It's impossible to say precisely when she leaves the waters of Faerun and enters the world of the Town, but those native to either world can definitely feel it now. El J and Alarra stand on the quarterdeck, holding hands and cradling Agneta between them.

"We'll be home soon, it seems?"

"Ba ba ba ba!"

The Pirate King smiles with radiant joy. "Yes, quite soon. Another day or so and we should be home. I'm sure Gaheris and his passengers will be happy."

"Well, good then."


Admiral One
2007-03-02, 07:11 PM
3 junks appear on the horizon. They change course to intercept the Liza Jane. One of them has 3 masts while the others have 2. They are all well built, fast, and are well painted, their cannons gleaming in the sun.

Renegade Paladin
2007-03-02, 07:14 PM
"Tell me aboot it," said Borin from right behind them. The dwarf was better at the business of sneaking about than he looked, it seemed. "The sooner we get ta solid ground, the better. Not to offend ye, Cap'n, but I like the floor under me feet to hold still."

He paused for a moment and looked out past the captain, over the gunwale. "Who's that?" He pointed towards the oncoming ships.

2007-03-02, 07:15 PM
Blood is walking about the deck, now weilding a small pouch wrapped around her stomach full of silver coins that she tricked some sailors into giving her. She is looking confident, and then sees the ships in the distance.

"Jaspero. Look." comes a casual, floating voice that doesn't seem casual for Blood.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-03, 05:27 PM
The Pirate King eyes the approaching ships through his telescope. "Hard to say. They seem to think they mean business, at least." A nod to Janae is all it takes for her to rouse the crew; they appear to be idling about but are in fact coiled for action.

The ship's Weathermaster, the giant Jo-Ligh, strides up to the quarterdeck and readies himself, followed shortly by the master Arcanist Norman Thresk. He concentrates a moment and touches his staff, then nods to El J.

"Ahoy, unknown vessels!" his voice booms across the decks of the junks. "I am El Jaspero, captain of the free frigate Liza Jane. Kindly identify yourselves and your intent."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-04, 04:32 PM
Hearing no response, El Jaspero nods to Jo-Ligh; he raises his massive arms and a sudden, brisk wind fills the Liza Jane's sails, speeding her away from danger. The sailors wave their hats and blow kisses to the junks as they fly by, laughing merrily as they are swept to safety.

Admiral One
2007-03-05, 02:30 PM
((sorry, was shifting around comps all weekend to accomodate my newest addition, couldnt post, but no matter))

The junks continue sailing in the same direction as the Liza Jane, but at an obviously slower pace. Several other ships appear on the horizon, all of them heading in the same direction. Some of them approach each other but never attack.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-05, 04:45 PM
Her prusuit left far astern, the Liza cruises smoothly into the Town's harbor and drops anchor there. El Jaspero strides up to Gaheris with a smile. "I'm glad to say we've arrived safely, and the boats will soon be away. Please extend my warmest welcome to your passengers; if you'll excuse me, I must make my own way to shore."

He bows, then heads to his cabin to gather his family for the trip to shore.

Renegade Paladin
2007-03-05, 04:59 PM
Gaheris nodded his thanks to El Jaspero and then turned to head below to the spare crew quarters they'd commandeered.

He stepped into the hammock-strewn room. "All right, we've arrived. Pack it up, we're heading ashore soon. The captain wants me to welcome you all to the Town for him."

"'Bout time," Kaer groused. "I'm gettin' tired of sitting around in this hole."

"Why am I not surprised?" Gaheris gave the much younger man an amused look. "Come on, get your things." He turned and walked out the door into the corridor outside.

"Ain't that just like the old man," Kaer began to complain to Earin.

Gaheris' head poked back in the door. "For the last time," he said with a distinct twinkle in his eye, "I'm not so old as to be deaf yet."

Mern and Aleena laughed aloud as Earin seized a small flute, somehow getting a most deep sound out of it. (http://www.libriumarcana.com/Uploads/Rogue/Clips/fail.wav) [:smallamused:] Gaheris chuckled and turned to head back to the deck. His people soon packed their belongings and followed him.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-05, 05:29 PM
The Pirate King emerges from his cabin, Agneta tucked in one arm and holding Alarra's hand. They pause a moment, enjoying the familiar sights and noises of the Town harbor, before stepping down into the captain's barge.

Row dry, lads. We've two fine ladies aboard and ain't neither of 'em likes t' be wet.


The sailors burst into laughter, then row their captain and his family smoothly ashore. They step ashore and head into Town as the sailors salute and row back to the frigate.

2007-03-05, 06:05 PM
Blood somehow manages to end up on their rowboat, and squeezes past Alarra only to sneeze over the side of the boat. She glares at El J. "Nearly forgot me again. It's bad enough I have to be this close to the water."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-05, 06:10 PM
El J chuckles and gives Blood a caress as Alarra scoops her up. "Not forgotten, Blood."

"No, most certainly not."


The Pirate King smiles as they turn for home. "We just know you're a resourceful lass who hates being told what to do. Getting yourself off an anchored frigate should prove little challenge to you, and behold...it didn't!"

2007-03-05, 06:26 PM
Blood just glares at him, but says nothing. She nuzzles Agneta a bit, trying to stop her screams of random emotion to spare the poor cat's ears.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-05, 08:11 PM
Agneta gives a squeal of delight, but quickly mellows under Blood's soft touch. The quartet, having stopped along the way for dinner, finally arrives at the gem shop.

"Home sweet home." El J murmurs as he unlocks the door.

Renegade Paladin
2007-03-05, 11:43 PM
The Vara'Dome crew took the next boat off the ship and followed Gaheris up into the slums.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-17, 10:33 AM
The Pirate King, Alarra, Agneta, Kint, Ala, Blood, and even Brin scamper up the gangplanks for a day on the ship. The elf-kids scamper off with a giggle to hear more stories from Gaelon under Alarra's watchful eye, and the cats scramble up into the rigging for a bit of skylarking with the crew.

El J finds himself unsure of where to go, so he heads up to the quarterdeck to watch Agneta wriggle around, getting ever-nearer to crawling, as he recieves his officers for reports.

We're laid-in for provisions, sir, save the barrels of salt. Gunpowder is-

"Dovis! Did you see that! She was up on her arms for a moment there!"

Jolly good, sir! Now, the gunpowder stores...

It is clear from the gleam in El Jaspero's eye that Dovis is going to have a long, difficult time getting much of his attention, but he presses on nonetheless.

2007-03-17, 10:35 AM
Mevlos gets on.
Now, If that lead is correct, the Panda is out and is on this ship... I should be able to find out where my enemy has set up.
He tries to hide in a barrel.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-17, 03:26 PM
There is a knockin on the barrel; after a moment it's opened to reveal the massive bo'sun's mate Lothren with the lid in one hand and a jagged bastard sword in the other. First Mate Janae Lamanderi stands next to him, her lightning musket pointed directly at Mevlos' head.

Is there something we can do for you? she asks in a cold voice.

2007-03-17, 03:51 PM
Yes. I want to travel on this ship.
He climbs out, revealing his blood red greataxe, bloody armor, blood red hair, and blood red eyes.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-17, 04:15 PM
Janae's musket remains pointed at Mevlos' head, and Lothren calmly sets the barrel lid down so he can ready his shield.

Do you now? Pray tell...where might we be bound, that you'd like to visit?

2007-03-17, 04:29 PM
Dunno. Just wanted to try sailing, maybe a bit 'o piracy while I'm at it.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-17, 04:36 PM
Ah. So it's not so that you want to travel, as you want to join the crew. You'd have to talk to the Captain about that. Janae nods over Melvos' shoulder. Cap'n

From directly behind him, Melvos hears a low chuckle and the sound of a cutlass being sheathed.

2007-03-17, 05:05 PM
Meh. I'm just looking for a werepanda. Have any of you seen him?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-17, 10:59 PM
"A werepanda?" El J shakes his head. "Not aboard Liza. Though I think one did shoot a hand crossbow at me in Trog's a week or so ago. I was never clear why, so I didn't bother worrying about it."

He gives Melvos a look. "Well then. Since we've no pandas aboard, and you're not actually interested in joining my crew, it would seem your business here is finished, aye?"

2007-03-18, 05:25 AM
Yes. It would appear it is.
He throws a smoke bomb on the deck of the ship, creating a smoke explosion:
He then tries to run off the ship, but hits the side instead of the gangplank and plummets into the water.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-18, 03:44 PM
With a word from Jo-Ligh, the smoke is quickly blown skyward and away. The crew have a good chuckle at the sight of Melvos trying to swim in all that armor, and get back to whatever it was they were doing.

2007-03-18, 05:37 PM
Mevlos climbs onto the docks, gasping for breath. He coughs up some water.
Who put that stupid low wall there?
He then falls unconscious.

2007-03-18, 11:08 PM
Down on the dock, Renrik kicks Mevlos in the ribs, then boards the Liza Jane, stepping onto the ship with the practiced ease of one who has spent many years at sea. He looks up and down the ship with a long scan.

I fine vessel Johhanson keeps. It should be more than suitable for the trials ahead it.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-19, 04:27 PM
The Liza Jane is indeed in fine trim; clearly her crew has been hard at work readying her for a voyage. New rigging and foul-weather sails fly aloft, and the guns stand freshly-polished on a sanded deck.

Mister Renrik, I believe? Liza's elfin second mate, though diminutive in stature, carries quite a presence even without her crystal-barreled lighting musket. The captain bid me greet you and get you settled in; he'll be along shortly, in plenty of time to catch the evening tide.

She sizes Renrik up with a professional's eye, then nods for him to follow as she heads down the aft stairs.

2007-03-19, 06:38 PM
Renrik scans the fine sails and the hard wood of the boat.

A strong hull and good sails. Those will be needed.

His gaze falls on the cannons

Those, too, shall be needed.

He enters his cabin, and sits down on the stool next to the tiny table, looking out to port-hole across the sea, remembering well the strength of Royal Navy and their ships.

Those shall be sorely needed.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-19, 07:06 PM
Janae smirks. Your approval, though well-intentioned, is unnecessary. We've destroyed Order ships mounting twice our guns, you know. If the Captain says he'll get you there, you'll get there. She nods and steps back into the hallway. She's about to close the door, but stops and withdraws as the Pirate King stops her as he steps into the doorway.

"Renrik, I hope you'll forgive my lateness. I was...that is, I had. Well. It doesn't matter." He looks far from settled. "We'll soon be underway. Is there anything you require?"

2007-03-19, 07:14 PM
Nothing, captain. All I shall need are with me.

Renrik motions to the daggers in his belt, the crossbow near his hamock, and the bag on his belt.

The assassin stands
Though I would like one final look at the Town before we set sail.

He walks out onto the deck.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-19, 07:53 PM
El Jaspero nods as Renrik passe, then makes his way to the quarterdeck. He nods to Janae, and she turns to roar to the crew:

All hands! All hands to unmoor ship and make way!

The frigate is cast off from the wharf, and on a light, gentle breeze she begins her silent glide out into the harbor. The sails set, the hands aloft sing the lovely, yet melancholy traditional song of parting:

It's fare thee well, my own true love, I am going far away,
I am bound far across the seas but you know that I'll return some day.

So fare they well, my own true love, and when I return united we will be.
It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me but my darlin' when I think on thee.

"'Vast that damn singing!" The Pirate King glares aloft at his hushed sailors once, then stalks to his taffrail to silently watch the Town slide away into the darkness.

2007-03-19, 07:55 PM
On the docks, a human strangely attired in teal courderoy jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt watches the ship depart.

Ted wanders off into the night, whistling Blondie's "One Way or Another"

2007-03-19, 07:59 PM
As the ship goes out of the haror and leaves the Town behind, Renrik thinks back of when he first entered the Town, in the small boat he had stolen, and that first night he had spent in the warehouse that even now he can see from the ship's deck.

He mutters to himself:

It's fare thee well, indeed.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-19, 08:11 PM
Once in the harbor, the Liza quickly picks up speed. The crew see to their duties in hushed tones, even among the halflings, casting wary eyes at the shadowed figure who stands at the very end of the ship, watching the land slowly fade.

Make your course west by north.

Aye, west by north it is.

The frigate makes her graceful, silent turn to starboard. The stars wheel overhead, and the sails are shifted to catch the new breeze as she turns towards the frigid Northlands waters.

2007-03-19, 08:17 PM
Renrik looks away from the fading land and goes from the back of the ship to the prow, walking like a practiced sailor along the length of the vessel. He looks up at the North Star with his sunken eyes

I have not been home in a long time.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-19, 09:49 PM
Jo-Ligh, Liza's giant Weathermaster, looks down at Renrik with a sad grin.

Nor I; it has been many years since my comrades and I fled Serran. Perhaps in time we will return. He gives a low sigh. Dragons are, sadly, not known for their short memories.

Far behind them, the Pirate King keeps his silent vigil.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-20, 06:37 AM
Dawn breaks, finding the Liza Jane already far from land; a cold southerly wind is blowing rather a rough chop to the waves. The sailors, bundled against the cold, joke and carouse but are clearly spending as little time aloft as possible.

Far aft, the Pirate King stands, his trance finally broken by the sight of sun on water. He brushes something from his eye and turns to go below, then pauses and pulls a ruby-and-gold medallion out from under his shirt. He gazes on it for several moments, then finally whispers a sentence or two into it, presses it to his lips, and heads below for some rest.

2007-03-20, 12:34 PM
The assassin is found in the early morning hours perching high in the riggings with a casual balance as the waves rock the ship, his cloak wrapped around him to ward off some of the chill he has felt in years. His eyes are northward, looking out torwards the cold sea, scanning the waters.

We should be in the ice floes before long, at this pace...
... should the Royal Navy's patrols be as inconstant as ever in these waters, it should prove an easy voyage to the cover of ice.

As the assassin says these words, he looks outward to the waters, scanning for sight of land, ice, or sail.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-20, 05:00 PM
There is yet no ice, but far astern a small vessel seems to be keeping the Liza Jane's wake.

It's an Order ship, sir, a fast brig, comments the lookout. Been follering us since we left harbor, but Cap'n says t' pay 'em no mind, ain't worth the trouble nor time to heave to for the chase. He scratches his chin philosophically, but shrugs. Seems a might odd way t' run a pirate ship, but I ain't the King neither.

2007-03-20, 09:14 PM
The ship must be fast, replies Renrik, to outrun such a predator.

Let us hope the Order's ship is not likewise gifted. If we can outrun them to the Ice, we should be able to slip into the floes without a fight. If not...

the assassin finishes testing the draw on his crossbow

then one less ship serves the Order.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-20, 10:04 PM
The lookout scoffs. No offense intended, mate, but that lil' barky ain't here to fight. He's here to keep an eye on us, an' that's it. As for speed, don't you fret. He gives Renrik a confident nod. With all the magic's in this ship, and Jo-Ligh to boot, there ain't a vessel that touches water we can't outpace if the Captain's got a mind to.

He shivers in the quickly-chilling wind. If you'll excuse me sir, that's eight bells ringing and my watch is done. Time to catch a bit o' shut-eye and warm up as best we can. Unsure if he should salute, he finally just ducks his head. Good night, sir. The lookout descends, and fifty feet below him Renrik can hear the descending lookout greet his replacement on his way up.

The Liza Jane continues her silent dash northwards, heedless of dark and cold.

2007-03-20, 10:17 PM
Renrik nods as the man goes down, and looks back towards the ship following the Liza Jane
Keeping an eye...
he chuckles, and grabs onto a line, sliding on it out into the darkness, landing easily on the deck and going down into his cabin.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 06:39 AM
Dawn breaks across Liza's bow, revealing the glint of a single ice floe on the far horizon and her captain on his quarterdeck, once again talking softly into the amulet around his neck. The Order brig, either too slow or too cold, has evidently given up the chase for she's nowhere to be seen.

2007-03-21, 09:08 AM
An eerie yellow-white ship emerges from the ice, and tacks toward the Liza Jane. The hull of the newcomer is oddly rough, and disquietingly translucent.

2007-03-21, 10:39 AM
Renrik, having woken with the dawn, looks out the porthole at this ship.

The sailrs tell a tale... strange things roam the North Sea... the frozen dead do not rest easy in the ice.

The assassin picks up his crossbow and goes to the deck.

What ship is that?

2007-03-21, 12:41 PM
As the ship grows closer, it can be seen that those manning her are not exactly human, and the ship itself seems to be made of the fusion of countless tiny objects.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 01:28 PM
El Jaspero and his senior officers stand on the quarterdeck, eyeing the approaching vessel closely. He nods to Norman, who raises his staff and mutters a few words.

"Ahoy there!" the Pirate King's voice booms across the water. "What vessel is that, and where are you bound?" Calmly, quietly, Dovis strides down to the gun deck. He pauses now and then to speak to the sailors milling about. They nod and resume their milling, though perhaps with a bit more purpose and a bit more lingering near the guns than before.

2007-03-21, 01:32 PM
A cold, dead voice replies to El Jaspero's query

This is Naglfar, the ship of doom crafted from nails of dead men, from Muspelheim. We go to a place called "Town"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 02:01 PM
A murmur of concern rattles through the crew. Pirates or no, Town is their home.

El Jaspero speaks slowly, choosing his words carefully. "What is it you seek there?"

2007-03-21, 02:10 PM
A single word rings out


2007-03-21, 02:34 PM
Renrik chuckles and mutters

If one seeks battle in that place, one shall find it.

2007-03-21, 02:45 PM
(( True enough, but I'm just helping out a friendly norse plotline. My folks are busy elsewhere... ))

The demons chuckle and shout omnious curses and prophecies of doom in every language heard in the northlands. The ships pass within a furlong, but the demons take no direct action.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 03:02 PM
El Jaspero watches the ships pass with a grim cast to his face. "The end of the world. Perhaps this day will bring it, perhaps not," He turns to his officers.

"But I will not stand idly by! Fire!" With a roar the Lizas touch their guns and a terrible point-blank broadside crashes into the demon vessel, followed moments later by a barrage of lightning and holy spells. The Pirate King draws his flaming cutlass and leaps up to his quarterdeck; whatever he's yelling into his ruby amulet, it is lost in the din of battle.

((So, yeah...I'm posting from work, this will be quite sporadic from my end for a while. Sowwy.))

2007-03-21, 03:03 PM
As the demon-filled ship approaches, Renrik stares at it with a strange intensity. He sees the demons in the ship, hears the cursing... it brings back memories.. it-

The man clutches his head, a cry of pain almost escaping him to be replaced by a low snarl. The blood pounds in his head as he can feel once more, blow by savage blow, the innumerable and unspeakable tortures of the prison of the demons.

When in Carcerri, he had had the Draegoth to use, the Draegoth to draw strength from and to use... as the Draegoth had used him. But here, on the cold sea, the Draegoth has been banished from his frame, and the assassin feels the pain once more, standing silently at staring onward in the cold winds as inside he feels the blows of abyssal tormentors on his very soul as their kin come closer.

The assassin bows his head, and clutches at his cloak, clutching onto the old peice of bloodstained fabric he keeps close to his heart, and remembers purpose, and, with it, resolve; he pushes the pain from his mind, using the discipline of his craft, and opens his eyes once more to regard the demons coldly.

Filth... he spits out venemously at the creatures,and loads a bolt to his crossbow, aiming it with deadly accuracy at one of the demons, letting loose a bolt.

2007-03-21, 03:09 PM
Cannonballs splinter their way through the woven fingernails and send demons (and fragments thereof) flying into the sea, much to the amusement of the sharks. The hulls of doom are not so easily breached, however, and the gruesome hull repairs itself. Disturbingly, it also rends and absorbs the claws and horns of the fallen demons, augmenting itself with their dead tissues.

Lightning and holy light play among the demons, who seem to have little enough resistance to anything... but there also seem to be rather a lot of them.

A single demon standing near the side is struck in the heart by Renrik's crossbow, his eyes protuding wide in death. "YOU!" Is all he manages before the dead ship tears him apart and drops his flesh into the sea.

2007-03-21, 03:18 PM
Renrik loads another bolt and fires it again, at a second demon.

damned... hideous.. filth!

2007-03-21, 03:21 PM
(( And I will save my undead ship, and fulfil my bargain with Renrik, all at the same time... ))

Opposite the Liza Jane from the ship of doom, a small bubbling ripple barely disturbs the icy surface.

Another Carcerri demon, hearing the "YOU" of his companion, comes over just in time to take a crossbow bolt in the left eye. He clutches at the deadly shaft and falls, with subsequent rending to bits.

2007-03-21, 03:22 PM
From rather far away, from the direction of Town, a horn call is heard.
Considering the clarity and strength of the sound, that was one loud horn.

2007-03-21, 03:25 PM
All the demons turn as one toward the sound. The dead voice booms out again.


(( And... I've got a meeting... back in half an hour or so, I hope ))

2007-03-21, 03:26 PM
Even Renrik's barrage of bolts stops at the sound of the horn and he looks towards the Town for a short time.

that horn...

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 03:30 PM
"Helm hard a-port! All guns hold your fire for the rake!"

The Liza's gunners swab and load their pieces as fast as they can, readying themselves for the next round. The frigate passes her foe and takes a sharp left, cutting across the demon-ship's undefended stern.

As the horn sounds the hands pause, gazing southward in wonder.

"Damn your eyes! Fire as they bear!"

At the Pirate King's command the guns roar out again, unleashing a murderous barrage straight down Naglfang's decks, joined again by a hail of spellfire and musketry.

((No sweat; I'm headed out soon myself, but will be running a series of errands so it could be a couple hours until I respond again.))

2007-03-21, 03:34 PM
Renrik loads another bolt and fires it, but as he does so he notices the ripple in the water.

That's not the ships.

2007-03-21, 04:10 PM
Naglfar is once again torn ruthlessly by the blasts, and demons drop to the decks in heaps. There, the dead ship rends them to shreds to heal itself as is speeds southwards, faster than the wind. Renrik cannot tell if his last bolt found a mark amid the chaos of flying debris.

First one, then three, then many snakelike arms reach out of the water on the far side of the Liza Jane. Longer and longer they stetch: coiling around the rudder, creeping up the bow, and slithering in through the gunports on the side of the ship away from Naglfar.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 04:21 PM
"Helm, make your course east by south! Jo-Ligh, more breeze!"

El Jaspero's commands to pursue are cut off by the cries of panic from below. With a nod, he sends Janae to investigate, then quickly realizes how unnecessary that will be.

"All hands! All hands to defend ship!" With a savage roar born less of defense of his ship than defense of his family, he turns and leads the pack of sailors to begin hacking their vessel free from this tentacled nest.

"Faster, lads, faster!" he bellows, eyeing the fleeing Naglfar. "Faster!"

2007-03-21, 04:28 PM
With a shocking jolt, the arms pull taught, seeking to tip the Liza Jane. The angry head of the great Kraken breaches the surface, beak snapping, giant yellow eyes glaring at the ship.

To either side of the monster, the water swells upward, breaking to reveal domes of force upon barnacle-encrusted giant dragon turtles. On their backs, platoons of trident-weilding Saughain jostle for space with wicked scimitar-weilding sea trolls. A heavily scarred troll with a patch over his right eye shouts gutterally, and the turtles plow forward, mouths open wide to bite a firm hold on the hull of the ship.

2007-03-21, 06:04 PM
As the tentacles and the turtles appear, Renrik swears loudly:

The assassin drops his crossbow and draws out his daggers, running towards the rail, jumping up and using the rail as a springboard for a flying leap onto one of the the oncoming dragon turtle's heads, driving his dirks downward as he lands.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 06:47 PM
The Pirate King stands at his rail, suddenly realizing that this fight is not about beating Naglfar back to Town after all.

"Starboard guns fire at will! Boarders, to me!" Liza's guns belch fire and shot again, straight into the kraken's face. The ship's spellcasters gather in the rigging to dispel as many of the dragon turtles' force domes as possible while Janae calmly fires her lightning musket straight into the kraken's eye. Heavily-armed sailors gather at the railing, ready to meet their assailants' charge.

With a crash of shattering darkwood the turtles slam into Liza, tearing into her railings as they form living gangplanks to the frigate's sides for the troops. The pirates give a wild cheer of their own, and leap across to meet their foes.

2007-03-21, 07:09 PM
As the turtle Renrik is on slams into the ship, the assassin jumps from the head onto the shell, where he raises the blodstained knives and prepares to engage the sahuigans and trolls.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 07:23 PM
((Since Fenric's offline I guess I'll take over DMing the fight for now.))

The sea troops are taken momentarily aback by the ferocity of the assault; they fall back before Renrik's blades, and the Pirate King, with Dovis and Lothren at his side, carves a path halfway to the troll captain.

"Press them! Press on, lads!"

It's right about this moment that a watersoaked Chips comes running up from belowdecks to frantically grab Sebacore and drag him back down, screaming in his ear about Four feet of water in the well, just as the pathways behind Renrik and El Jaspero seal back up with freshly-regenerated trolls. The Pirate King swears loudly and he returns to the attack, a grim set to his face.

2007-03-21, 07:41 PM
(( Sorry about that, but you two picked up what I had in mind well enough. ))

The saughain are nearly all dead, but the trolls are doing better with the lack of fire.

The wounded and engaged Kraken fishes every living thing it can reach out of the water and chomps it with its beak.

One dragon turtle, wounded beyond endurance by Renrik's daggers and the constant pounding of gunfire, crunches its jaws on the hull in its death throes before sinking like a stone.

A disturbance troubles the water aft of the ship and the epic battle.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 08:02 PM
El Jaspero thrusts his fiery cutlass into yet another troll and throws its corpse aside, but the kraken is taking a terrible toll on his ship and crew. Gaelith and Adania scurry about the deck healing what sailors they can and ducking falling tackle, but those swept overboard and into its horrible maw are beyond their reach.

"Dammit! Xanilar, more fire!" A half-dozen columns of fire erupt, immolating a few wounded trolls but it's not nearly enough. Dovis hews his way through two final saughain and finally the bloodied Pirate King and his opposing captain stand face-to-face, even as another ragged broadsize rattles the turtle on which they stand.

El J brandishes his flaming cutlass and readies himself. "What are you even doing here, anyway?" he asks, then calmly draws an ornate flintlock from his coat and fires at the troll captain's heart before leaping forward with his own battlecry.

2007-03-21, 08:07 PM
The sea troll grins

Human king of north want short man on ship. Much, much want. Pay double if pirate king head come too. reeeeeeeenriiiik, steeeeeeefaan.

The troll king cuts off his own finger and lets it sink into the waters.

Now even if you win, I come back

He then swings his scimitar, green with an algae-based coagulant poison, in an attempt to at least nick El Jaspero.

2007-03-21, 08:08 PM
Ceika's knuckles whites as she grips the wheel, struggling against the rage as the black ship's sails breach the horizon. A shrill whistle draws her attention to the crow's nest where the crow is gesturing wildly, conveying a message that Ceika already knows. She nods and silently begs the ship for more speed, as time is of the essence. As if answering her pleas, the Siren's Betrayal lurches forward toward the battle, drawing nearer by the moment.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 08:16 PM
El Jaspero weaves away from the wicked scimitar, escaping with a torn shirt and a light scratch. He can feel the poison's burn, but it fades almost instantly, and he suddenly smiles. And to think...that's how I met her.

He pockets his pistol and draws a second sabre, wreathed in ice, as he dances forward. "Only a fool makes plans to die before the duel has even begun." A quick feint, then he lunges forward with a cut to the troll's sword hand.

A sudden, despairing cry goes up from the ship: Sail on the horizon and closing fast!

2007-03-21, 08:22 PM
The troll shakes his head

More than once your name hear. No fool I. Greedy, yes. Fool, no.

He then lunges again in full attack, trading all his defense for a better attack.

Something is agitating the water aft of the ship fairly seriously. The few living saughain dive overboard. The trolls, down to a mere 20, continue to attack visciously.

A lucky cannonball, burning with magic, flies through the air and buries itself in the kraken's yellow eye. With a deafening scream the giant thrashes about, slaughtering one of the two remaining dragon-turtles and pounding on the upper decks of the Liza Jane.

2007-03-21, 08:27 PM
Ceika keeps her eyes locked on their target as the black ship races closer. Those of her crew would almost swear that the ship pulsed with a heavy heartbeat, echoing their own as their hearts pounded with nervous excitement at the prospect of battle.

GUNNERS! MAN YOUR POSTS! Ceika's voice reverberated through the ship, sending men rushing around to get things ready, though they were still out of firing range.

2007-03-21, 08:28 PM
Supagoof is seen mumbling a few words under his breath. Pirates aboard the Siren feel stronger.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 08:30 PM
El Jaspero takes a wicked stab to the leg, but is more than happy to return the favor with a burst of slashes to the captain's head and arms with his cutlasses as Dovis and Lothren beat back an charge by four of the remaning trolls.


The trio barely have time to duck for cover as Norman detonates a blast of fire centered on them. As they pick themselves up and resume the fight, Lothren shakes his fist at the ship.

I don't have Evasion, remember?

Norman shrugs and ducks a kraken tentacle. Two of three is good enough for me.

El Jaspero, locked deep in his duel, has no chance to see the approaching ship but Dovis dusts himself off with a grin. Black sails, sir! She always one for the dramatic moment. He hefts his axe and dives back into the fray.

2007-03-21, 08:43 PM
The black sails loomed larger on the horizon, the sails preceeding the view of the hull, black as night, an adequate shade to match the captain's heart.

Faster than a ship her size has any right to sail, she races up toward the fray, cannons at the ready. Closing the gap quickly, Ceika offers the gunners a final set of instruction. Spare the ship! Destroy her foe! Flirting with the outer range of their cannons, but trusting the aim of her crew, she proceeds. FIRE AT WILL!

2007-03-21, 08:43 PM
((Oh yeah, almost forgot this guy....))

A familiar scream is heard from the font of the ship.


Followed by the noise sounding like a squishy thwack. Graklok has decided to take on one of the tentacles of the Kraken. The creature reacts by whipping it's tentacle sideways, knocking Graklok back against a rail. A sickening crack is heard., as Graklok's body slumps to the ground. He raises his head, laughing almost as he wipes the blood away from his nose.

You tink you hurt Graklok? Graklok show you sucker thingy.

He gets up and charges again.

((El J, I can't stay much longer, but feel free to use Graklok (All levels in barbarian - cuz I'm simple that way.) as you deem neccesary. Ceika, I'll hand Supagoof off to your capable hands. And if per chance this battle lasts til tomorrow when I return, oh boy won't that be fun! Take care mates!))

2007-03-21, 08:45 PM
The kraken finally goes still, a huge mass of floating meat. (( dun dun dun dun ))

The troll king does very poorly, having given up all defense. El J sizzles and freezes him to bits. There are only five living trolls, and one turtle (under El J)

(( And I honestly hadn't thought of Ceika showing up when I planned this part... ))

As if on cue at the death of the sea-troll; the churning to the aft of the Liza Jane disperses. A large portion bursts off (still underwater) as a dark blur straight toward the Siren's Betrayal. The rest darts toward the Liza Jane (also still underwater).

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 08:53 PM
El J turns to the remaining trolls as he pulls his cutlasses from their captain's chest. He is a bloody, ragged wreck, but there is more than murder in his eye.

"You boys best be going."

As he advances, Dovis and Lothren close behind him, the trolls realize the better part of valor and leap into the water. The trio stomp across the carnage-strewn turtle, stopping only to begin hacking at its head once they get there.

Back aboard Liza the crew cheers heartily as Siren's Betrayal opens fire on the last dragon turtle; the occasional ball passes a bit close for comfort, but Ceika's gunners for the most part aim true. The frigate has acquired rather a list to starboard and the arcanists begin casting furiously, trying to find as many leaks and holes as possible before things get much worse.

2007-03-21, 08:55 PM
Rykk and his gun's crew work to reload their cannon while one of the others peers out at the targets. Seeing the submersed form coming at them, he yelps and ducks back inside. Rykk glances out, then nods grimly and instructs his gunners accordingly. The forecannons next blast is directed at the form in the water heading toward them, as the other gunners take their own aim at whatever foe is within their reach.

TO ARMS! Ceika's voice carries well across the distance of the battle, letting all in the vicinity know her intent. With one hand still on the wheel, she draws her pistol with the other.

2007-03-21, 09:05 PM
The angle of the water and the gun makes the ball deflect off the water rather than punching in.

The two masses reach the ships, and trident-wielding mer-people burst from the waves and jump in arcs into the ships.

Well, well, well... three bounties for the price of one! Have at em!

80 assault Ceika and the Siren's Betrayal, while 20 assault the beleagured Liza Jane.

A spray of magic missiles lash out from the mer-sorcerers to punish the two crews, while the mer-warriors advance with toothy grins.

The tentacles of the kraken twitch in the water, as if being nudged from below.

2007-03-21, 09:13 PM
I'll not fall to a bounty today. Ceika barely speaks louder than a whisper, but her intent is all too clear in her icy eyes. As the magic missiles reach their targets, she levels her pistol and fires, aiming for the middle of the larger group of attackers with a round of exploding shot, then draws her cutlass and charges, with many of the crew following her lead.

The gunners fire off another shot toward the farther foes, trying to aid the Liza's crew.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 09:14 PM
The Liza Jane, though badly battered, still bears potent charms and the magic missles fizzle into nothingness as soon as they cross her decks. El Jaspero turns to wave to the ebon ship on his stern quarter. "A welcome sight as always, Captain Ceiblayde!" He doffs what remains of his hat, then turns to rally his crew against the invading merfolk with a roar.

2007-03-21, 09:19 PM
(( Well, folks... I'm getting to the point that I need to call it a night soon. What would we like to do? ))

2007-03-21, 09:19 PM
((Um... pick it up tomorrow? I'm about to that point as well...))

2007-03-21, 09:22 PM
(( El J just IM'd me similar, so I think we're unanimous. The great, translucent-white word


appears over all.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-21, 09:24 PM
((Sounds grood. I can fire off a post or two before work in the morning and then sporadically through the day.))

2007-03-21, 09:28 PM
(( El J just IM'd me similar, so I think we're unanimous. The great, translucent-white word


appears over all.))

((*giggles* too funny!))

2007-03-21, 10:57 PM
Renrik, finishing cleaning sahuigan blood off of his daggers as he awaits the merfolk coming within his striking range, freezes in mid-stroke as the scene pauses.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 09:14 AM
El Jaspero takes a step to the left, putting his foot on a large green square of the deck marked with a white ">" arrow and the word PLAY. He looks up with a smile just in time to get tackled by one of the charging merfolk as they swarm over the railing.

2007-03-22, 09:18 AM
The miscellaneous monsters look around surreptitiously to see if they can sneak in a bit or two. The Pause appears to be all-powerful, however, and they cannot move.

2007-03-22, 09:46 AM
Not being able to move, Ceika assess the situation, sizing up the opposition and trying to form a strategy for their defeat once the almighty "PAUSE" has relinquished its hold on the world. Until then, though, she waits, mid-charge, thinking and planning, her sword raised and ready to strike.

2007-03-22, 09:57 AM
(( Poor El J... This is obviously a PS2 game. He needed to hit square. Like this: [] ))

"PAUSE" vanishes from the sky, and the exploding bullet from Ceika relieves a mer-sorceror of her head. The others take shrapnel damage but are far from dead.

On the Siren's Betrayal, the snarling band of the mer-warriors surge forward, stabbing with their tridents and slapping with their tails. Another barrage of missiles fly out, but fewer this time as some of the spellcasters work other magic.

On the Liza Jane, pitched battle ensues. The mer-sorcerors there also divide up their work, showering the crew with missiles but also working on something else.

The unknown something in the water continues to disturb the tentacles of the dead Kraken.

2007-03-22, 10:15 AM
Ceika leaps forward, almost dodging one of the tridents that was thrust at her, but she was not quite quick enough. The prongs of the trident rip though her jacket and graze her side, deep enough to draw blood. She growls as she retalliates, swinging her cutlass at her attackers while her crew surges around her, attacking with swords, daggers, and pistols.

The gunners belowdecks fire at whatever foe they can get in range. Rykk watches the Kraken's carcass with a curious eye and loads his cannon with an exploding ball, aiming at the dead sea-beast.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 10:40 AM
With a heave and a shout, El Jaspero shoves his attacker off him, directly into the path of Lothren's jagged sword. He rolls away from a stabbing trident, slashing at merfolk legs as he does.

Norman and Xanilar are still too busy with Liza's multitude of holes to deal with the mer-sorcerers, but luckily Gaelon and his band of halflings are in a convenient position to drop out the shattered rigging into their mist for a wicked round of sneak attacks. The frigate's starboard guns have suffered far too much to do anything to the kraken, were there even anybody there to man them.

2007-03-22, 11:37 AM
Merfolk count: fighters (spellcasters)
Siren's Betrayal: 60 (10)
Liza Jane: 12 (8)

Abord the Liza Jane, the fight goes well. Gaelon and his lads drop down and promptly slaughter fully half the unsuspecting spellcasters. But not soon enough: two water elementals slosh their way onto the deck and start pounding.

While the Siren's fighters numerically take down more merfolk, they do less well against the sorcerers and five elemental join the fun.

The disturbance around the dead Kraken seems to be growing in overall area.

2007-03-22, 11:47 AM
Ceika pauses in her attack, shifting her focus toward the elementals. Using the powers of her siren blood (control of water), she attemts to alter their orders and send them after the magic users as the crew continue slashing through merfolk.

As the fight is pressed further into the ranks of the merfolk, Supagoof runs up to heal some of the injured who have fallen behind. Caught in the fray himself, he swings his warhammer with all his might, trying to knock back one of the foes who leapt at him.

Rykk's cannon roars to life as the exploding shot is hurled at the dead Kraken. Another volley echoes from the lower decks as they follow Rykk's lead. The gunners of the upper decks have abandoned their guns and are making their way topside to join in the fighting, many brandishing newly loaded pistols.

2007-03-22, 11:47 AM
Pulling his knife from the throat of a Merfolk, Renrik looks at the water elementals, and swears. He flips to avoid an attacks, and reaches inside his cloak, pulling out a small bag, which he opens and throws at one of the water elementals. The bag, on impact, explodes into a cloud of fine dust, Dust o Dryness.

The assassin lands from his backward flip and launches himself at the throng of Merfolk warriors, going with his knives for the throats of two and with a kick for the chest of a third.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 11:55 AM
Gah! If only they were plants, I could rebuke them! Gaelith ducks behind a line of Lizas, healing them as the elementals batter them. El Jaspero nods to Dovis as the first mate again hacks him a path.

"Norman! Elementals!" he cries, grabbing a dangling rope to swing himself up to the fight. His harried magister sighs, then brandishes his staff; it crackles and a lances of arcane fire tear blasts into one of the columns of living water.

2007-03-22, 12:13 PM
Merfolk count: fighters (spellcasters / elementals)
Siren's Betrayal: 40 (6 / 5)
Liza Jane: 8 (2 / 2)

Aboard the Liza Jane, Renrik's dust of dryness makes short work of one elemental. Death goes round well, and many merfolk fall. The remaining elemental takes an unhealthy amount of damage, but keeps swinging for another round.

Aboard the Siren's Betrayal, Ceika manages to commandeer two elementals. The others keep pounding away. Attrition is gradually favoring the defenders.

The cannonade rips into the dead kraken, enraging the climax of the battle:

A swarm of small, enraged, pirrahna-like creatures with stubby clawed legs which had been attracted by all the meat swarms out of the sea and up into the ships: through the cannon ports, portholes, holes from damage, and anywhere else the swarm can manage. Individually a nuisance with a painful bite, the swarm is a threat to defender and attacker alike.

2007-03-22, 12:17 PM
Renrik, seeing the oncoming crabs, decides to end the battle with the merfolk quickly. He flips and slices downward at one while atempting to got another, then spins, triping low, and rolls, stabbing at the tripped merfolk as he does so, and launching himself towards another with a strike at the throat.

2007-03-22, 12:30 PM
Turning the two elementals under her control against the casters, Ceika quickly climbs into the riggings to get a good view of the battle to reassess their situation. The ship has sustained some damage from the fray so far, and will need repairs, but the sturdy hull is holding well under the pressure. Definately a stronger ship than the Warsong, I'll give her that... Some of the cannons on the topdeck had been knocked aside so that they strained against their chains, dangling partway over the open water. A few had already broken free. Blood smeared the black planking of the deck, friend as well as foe, and some of her crew were struggling to crawl free of the fray, their wounds too great for them to continue on. Several weren't moving at all.

Goof! The elemental! She directs the cleric, who glances up, nods, then hurls a fireball at the closest one.

Rykk, seeing the creatures coming, orders the cannons withdrawn and the portholes closed, but not before several of the creatures get into the lower decks. At first, the gunners are a bit confused, but it only takes getting bit once before they're back on the offensive, slicing at the crab-like creatures until they stop moving. The upper decks are less able to protect against the creatures, but the crew aren't about to back down from an army of crabs.

Lin, from the riggings, swoops down with a belaying pin and bats a few of them toward the merfolk army before he tries to swing clear of the fray himself.

There is a soft, strange sound on the wind, of indeterminable origin. The allies with calling distance of the black ship seem to move a bit quicker as the sad melody reaches their ears. Any who stop to listen to the song will find that they cannot hear it anymore.

From her perch above deck, Ceika reloads her pistol with another exploding round.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 12:52 PM
El Jaspero pauses, touching his ruby amulet, then he and Dovis throw themselves onto the last elementals as Gaelon's crew mop up the final spellcasters. It is a brutal, desperate fight on the quarterdeck as the merfolk make their last stand but the grim, battered pirates are clearly interested in taking no quarter. Jo-Ligh, a terrible sight in the fury of his battlerage, crushes any who stand against him under his mighty hammer.

Belowdecks, Sebacore looks up at the ship's carpenter with a dismayed look. Something's trying to get in, through the water-wards. The damage crews look at each other in a lingering moment of shared fear, for they can easily hear the scuttling of the crabs as they crawl up the ship's sides.

I really hate swarms, mutters Xanilar as he turns to sweep the decks with waves of fire. The smoke-filled air is momentarily tinged with the pleasant smell of roasted shellfish, and the sailors step forward with flasks of alchemist's fire and torches to finish the job.

2007-03-22, 12:59 PM
The DM grins and bows: a pleasant fight, and I think enough to meet my original charter.

The battle is won. The swarm disperses and such crabs as aren't engaged slide off into the deep to feed on the rich feast already more easily obtained.

On the Liza Jane, nothing escaped the sailor's wrath.

On the Siren's Betrayal, soon only the mer-woman bounty hunter who led the second attack remains, hemmed in by an angry ring of sailors. Cut off from the water and wounded, she is still enough of a threat that they hesitate in charging her.

2007-03-22, 01:17 PM
Ceika drops back down to the deck and makes her way toward the survivor, hatred blackening her eyes. Her pistol loaded, ready, and aimed before her, she steps through the ring of sailors, who part for her passing then close the ring behind her, though she is careful to remain out of the hunter's immediate range.

Bad choice, I'm afraid. Her tone is as dark as her expression. Greed is all well and good, but it's best to know your limits. Your mistake was in underestimating the Pirate King and his allies.

She keeps the gun at the ready, her finger on the trigger, waiting for a response or a movement.

Belowdecks, Hestha wanders around, a pot in one hand, and a dagger in the other. He picks through the creature corpses, occasionally stabbing a piece with his dagger and dropping it into the pot, humming a merry shanty as he does.

2007-03-22, 01:23 PM
Hatred glows no less in the mer-woman's eyes, but it is the impotent hatred of a defeated enemy.

She spits her curse at Ceika's feet "Winds take yer voice, and sea take yer bones, song-witch. I'm not the only one after ye.

2007-03-22, 01:26 PM
Belowdecks, Hestha wanders around, a pot in one hand, and a dagger in the other. He picks through the creature corpses, occasionally stabbing a piece with his dagger and dropping it into the pot, humming a merry shanty as he does.((This explains so much... :smallamused:))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 01:31 PM
El Jaspero leans on his cutlass, catching his breath. His right arm is slick with blood, most of it his own, he's favoring one leg heavily over another, he's got innumerable other cuts and wounds, but he is smiliing.

"Janae, get me a damage report as quick as possible. Dovis, Lothren: get these decks cleared. Adania, a crew report would be appreciated. And Tessa," he nods to his chief gunner. "Let's see what of the starboard battery we can remount."

He turns to the railing and waves to the black ship across the water. "Sirens, ahoy! I need a word with your captain, and right quick."

2007-03-22, 01:32 PM
Ceika smiles cruelly, but there is no joy in her voice when she responds.

No... I'd imagine you're not. And the sea may have me, but it will not be today. Lets hope the next group comes prepared. Ceika takes a step back away from the bounty hunter, and nods solemnly. And it wasn't my voice you heard.

Having no more to say, Ceika's eyes narrow further as she takes careful aim and pulls the trigger.

((Doesn't it though? Well, waste not, want not... he doesn't waste, and we don't want! ))

2007-03-22, 01:34 PM
((Doesn't it though? Well, waste not, want not... he doesn't waste, and we don't want! ))
((Lol, now thats a new way to think of that saying.
*settles back into lurking*))

2007-03-22, 01:37 PM
Not a whole lot to add after that... "Thump" I guess.

2007-03-22, 01:40 PM
((hehehe... yeah, thump will work...))

Hearing El Jaspero's call, Rykk makes his way to the railing and nods. 'Course, sir!

He jogs back to the captain, who is helping tend some of the wounded, despite her own injuries, and, after a brief conversation, she makes her way over to the railing, waving Jesthik up to the helm to steer them closer.

Ahoy, my king!

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 01:45 PM
El Jaspero's relief is evident upon seeing Ceika, but he speaks with some urgency. "Captain Ceiblayde, glad to see you well, and many thanks for your timely arrival. Siren wasn't banged about too badly, I hope?" Behind him, sailors are dumping merfolk corpses into the sea as other crews begin untangling the mess of rigging and shattered spars. Every few moments a wounded sailor is tended by one of the ship's spellcasters and after a few staggering steps they're snagged by a repair crew and put to work.

2007-03-22, 01:46 PM
Renrik kicks a merfolk body off the side, into the water below, and wipes the blood from his dirks.

Bounties I expected, but not mounstrous bouny hunters. The sahuigan and other monsters have ever been a menace in the North Sea, but this I did not expect.

He sheaths his daggers and watches the exchange between El J and Ceika.

2007-03-22, 01:48 PM
No, Jas, she'll be fine, and we're glad to offer aid... Ceika catches the urgency in his tone. You know you've but to ask if there's ever anything...

She lets her voice trail off, not wanting to imply that he needed help, but wanthing to offer all the same.

On her own ship, Supagoof is tending to the wounded, as are any others capable of bandaging a wound. Some are hauled below for rest, while others, with a word to the sea on their behalf, are stitched up and heaved overboard with the rest of the corpses.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 02:02 PM
El Jaspero looks at the wreckage around him with a bit of surprise. "Us? We're a bit knocked about, a few holes below, but we've both seen Liza in far worse shape than this." He leans over the rail, sure he's caught Ceika's eye. "Besides, we don't matter. You need to get back to Town; Naglfar, the ship that heralds the end of days, passed us by yesterday. You need to warn them if you can. Hells, I don't know...that thing might already be there, but you need to at least try."

2007-03-22, 02:09 PM
Ceika swallows hard and nods, understanding the concern.

To race the end of days? Well, we'd best not be wasting any more time with banter, eh? May the Sea King bear you safely to port!

She nods to Jesthik, who eases the ship away from the Liza, and begins the gentle turn back toward warmer waters. Ceika lingers at the rail, in case there's anything else the pirate King needs to speak of.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 02:17 PM
El Jaspero nods, then gives an appreciative wave. "Gods speed and protect you well, Captain Ceiblayde, and many thanks again. I'll rejoin you in Town as soon as...as soon as I'm able." He salutes, then turns to begin directing a team of sailors in the long task of clearing and repairing his ship's mangled rigging. Once they're aloft he retrieves the ruby amulet from inside his coat, speaks a few words into it, and then scrambles up a tangle of ropes to join them.

2007-03-22, 02:18 PM
Ceika returns the wave as the black ship glides away from the Liza (and back to her own thread).

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 03:59 PM
The Liza Jane is a beehive of activity; there's finally enough wood holding her together that pumping can begin, though her leaks are still numerous. The shattered mizzenmast has been cleared of ruined rigging, and the sailors are busy untangling it to see what can be salvaged to repair the other two masts.

The Pirate King himself finally has bandages on most of his wounds, but he's refused healing so far, telling (in fact ordering) his healers to use their powers on his crew. He's paused, taking a drink from the water barrel, when a hail comes from one of the foretop riggers.

Sail ho! Off the starboard quarter and closing fast.

El Jaspero steps to the rail to see what the sea has brought him now.

2007-03-22, 04:07 PM
Far astern, but hauling up fast, is a familiar sloop. The boat slows, taking measure of the battered frigate surrounded by debris, and pulls up on the Liza Jane's wrecked starboard side.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 04:19 PM
El Jaspero looks up with slight amusement and heads to the rail; he momentarily gets a displeased look on his face, then touches his ruby amulet and concentrates a moment. Righting himself, he leans over the rail.

"Ahoy there!" he calls. "We're fine, as you can see, in no need of assistance, though your offer is appreciated."

2007-03-22, 04:23 PM
The response is cold and quick. This is the brig of war Kestrel, of the Navy of the Order. Surrender yourself and your vessel or we will destroy you.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 04:30 PM
El Jaspero looks at the wrecked gunports surrounding him, showing not a single cannon ready for use, the tangle of ropes and timbers behind him, the still-perceptible slope to his deck.

"As you can see," he replies, "I am somewhat disadvantaged. So my own offer will be thusly tempered: my mizzenmast is destroyed, and roughly a quarter of my crew has been eaten by a kraken. Give me your mainmast to replace it, and what members of your crew wish to volunteer and I'll let you live."

He picks up a mess of rigging and begins untangling it. "I'll give you two minutes to consider my offer."

2007-03-22, 04:35 PM
That will not be necessary.

The sloop's guns give a sharp bark, belching fire and iron into the frigate's side.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 04:43 PM
The Pirate King ducks as a twelve-pound ball passes directly overhead and caroms off the mainmast. Light as the sloop's guns might be, they've clearly hurt Liza where she can least take it.

"Hasty," El J mutters. "Norman! You know what to do."

You do realize I'm nearly out of spells?

The Pirate King nods with a smile, clapping his wearied arcanist on the shoulder. "Just one or two more is all, just a few more."

Norman sighs expansively, then brandishes his staff once more. There is a flash of light, and most of the ship's senior officers vanish.

2007-03-22, 04:53 PM
The sloop's captain bellows orders at his crew, demanding as fast a reload as ever they could as he peers through the smoke of his own cannonfire, waiting to see the damage.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 04:55 PM
He did warn you, Gaelon says with only a trace of regret before knifing the sloop's captain in the back. You really should have listened.

"Kestrels!" El Jaspero bellows to the crew from the cannon he is perched upon, his cutlass and pistol leveled at them. "Join me and I promise you a better shake than the Order's pressgangs have given you. Stand against me, and die like your captain." Lothren, Dovis, and Adania heft their weapons as the smoke clears around them while Faelynn and Janae calmly level their guns at the standing officers.

2007-03-22, 05:01 PM
This is a vessel of the Order, and we will never yield to a handful of criminals, the sloop's First Mate replies. And by the Gods, I will shoot the first man who dares mutiny. He draws his pistol and levels it at the Pirate King. Give yourself up, pirate.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 05:10 PM
It ain't mutiny if we ain't yer crew, mutters a deckhand as he picks up a boarding axe. C'mon lads...better a pirate than pressed, I says!

A roar, a crash of firearms, and the battle is on. About half the sloop's crew rises up to fight for the Pirate King, most the rest oppose them, and a handful or two are too conflicted, confused, or cowardly to enter the fray.

El Jaspero springs to the railing and runs along it, charging for the First Mate as Janae's musketry clears his path of those who'd try to stop him.

2007-03-22, 05:15 PM
To the last man! We fight to the death! The First Mate fires his pistol into the mutineers, then brandishes his rapier and prepares to meet his foe. I'll have you know, I was first in my fencing class at the Academy. He lunges, quick and deadly.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 05:23 PM
The Pirate King presses on, taking the Mate's rapier deep in his side. "In that case, I'll have you know," he growls, "I'm a very desperate man in a very big hurry." He grabs the Mate's sword arm in his free hand, then levels a wicked backhanded cut at the man's neck.

2007-03-22, 05:23 PM
Mind If I add to the chaos?

2007-03-22, 05:54 PM
The Mate is caught unawares by the brutality of the attack, and goes down in a ragged, bloody mess. The battle surges aft, sailors locked in fierce struggle with their own messmattes and officers shouting and firing into the mass.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 06:03 PM
((I'm about to head out here, actually, so I'm going to wrap things up but thanks for the offer of additional chaos.))

El Jaspero and Gaelon barely have time to find each other before the battle pours back and nearly engulfs them. The Order fights hard and, as promised, to the death but the promise of freedom and the leadership of Liza's officers prove far too much for them. The last handful of Order officers and sailors make their final stand at the taffrail, then finally throw themselves into the sea rather than surrender to pirates.

El Jaspero surveys the bloody scene of his victory, then nods to the Kestrels who fought at his side. "You sailors, I swear, I'm true to my word. You're Lizas now, full crew and earning a full sailor's share."

He looks appreciatively at the sloop's mainmast and full set of spars. "Now then, I believe I'm due a mizzenmast." He grins and signals the Liza to haul closer, that she might more easily take in this unusual form of plunder.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-22, 08:32 PM
When I was a little boy, so my mother told me:
Way haul away, we'll haul away Joe.
That if I did not kiss the girls my lips would grow all moldy!
Way haul away, we'll haul away Joe!

With a tremendous heave and a fair amount of magical assistance, the Kestrel's mainmast is pulled and set up as Liza's mizzen; it's a bit too short and ruins her famously elegant lines, but it's far better than nothing. Sailors and a host of unseen servants swarm aloft, and before long there's enough rigging and sails to get underway.

El Jaspero, looking thin and worn but happy, steps up to Renrik. "Well, it seems we're set to get underway. Now if you'll excuse me, my son needs me." He nods to Sebacore, and is suddenly gone.

Hoist sails and set your course two points west by north. Sailors old and new scramble aloft to obey Janae's orders, uncertain though they are of what just happened.

2007-03-22, 10:09 PM
Renrik nods, and speaks to one of the crew

The new mizzen will hold fast. It is short, though. An ill fit, but a necessary one. I wish we could stop and fix it. When I sailed these Seas many years ago, we would stop and refuel at Crow's Rock. You, parhaps, and most certainly your captain, know well of the little island den of smugglers and theives that lie in the floes, though I have not seen it in many years. It is a rocky and barren island, riddled with caves and coveswhere the smugglers hide. The Royal Navy never goes there. In these times, though, the ships there would likely attack us. A reward and full pardon are enough to turn many men into traitors.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-23, 05:55 AM
The sailor gives Renrik an amused look. If the jury mizzen's good enough for the captain, it'll be good enough for me, an' it better be good enough for you too. You want t' visit the Rock, best talk to Janae, otherwise Liza's bound straight north, just like we promised.

2007-03-23, 11:27 AM
It is better that we do not go there. Smugglers are notorious spies. It would be a fatal mistake if we allowed ourselves to make port before we reach our destination.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-23, 12:37 PM
No worries there, mate. 'less the captain says so, our next stop is the Northlands.

Sure enough, Liza bears a course straight and true. Rigging continues throughout the day, and it's a striking sight to see such an amount of repair work being carried out on a moving ship. By the afternoon everything's right as it can be, and the sailors settle down in their heavy coats and woolen trousers, girding themselves against the cold as they set themselves to the laborious task of righting and resetting the starboard guns.

Heave strong now, boys, we'll keep doing this until you get it right. Tessa is a demanding taskmaster, but the crews obey readily, eager to get their beloved guns set right again.

2007-03-23, 12:59 PM
Renrik stands on the prow as the ship skims through the ice floes, watcing for threats or movement. He sees a few seals off far to the right, resting on a large berg, and a whale passing below, but other than that does not see anything of concern.

2007-03-23, 04:10 PM
A large Dragon eel that had been watching the ships gets bored and swims away.

2007-03-23, 07:11 PM
Renrik watches as it does so, and chuckles.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-24, 12:12 AM
The ice floes are larger and more frequent the farther north the frigate travels, so Janae cuts the ship's speed a bit for safety. Slower's better'n dead, she mutters, calling for more lookouts aloft.

2007-03-24, 06:24 AM
A large acorn object falls through the sky and lands on an ice floe with a large splash.

2007-03-24, 08:20 AM
A large Ironclad floats near the Liza Jane.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-24, 11:43 AM
The frigate sails on, heedless of these distractions.

2007-03-24, 11:46 PM
Renrik looks at the ironclad. What is the crew, its armaments, and, most importantly, the flag it sails under?

2007-03-25, 07:22 AM
The spore breaks open, and squads of flying creatures fly towards the town.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-25, 10:20 AM
The lookout hails this news down to the deck, and Janae enters it in the log but the ship presses on, picking her way through the increasingly dense ice. One of the arcanists is now always stationed in the bow, ready to create a path or destroy a menacing floe if necessary.

2007-03-25, 04:33 PM
Renrik loos out from the icey lines atop the ship, and peers out into the distance. He looks up at the sun, and nods, before grabbing one of the lines and sliding down to the deck.

It is good. Another day and Rimeholt will be within sight.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-26, 10:23 AM
Janae steps up to Renrik. I have never sailed in these waters, and clearly the captain has not yet returned. Tell me what I need to know.

2007-03-26, 11:42 AM
Leaving the ice floes to the open waters will be dangerous. Rimeholt is on an island, and so we cannot dock somewhere safe and infiltrate it by land. The Royal Navy patrols those waters heavily, with many of their finest ships. If we are identified as pirates, or if we fail to identify ourselves at all, we will be attacked. We could attempt to sneak in, but that would be nearly impossible. We could also attempt a disguise of some sort.

I assure you, you do not wish to fight the Royal navy in the waters around Rimeholt. Such a battle cannot be won. And those who are executed by the Sentinels are the lucky ones.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-26, 02:07 PM
Janae nods. Then we wait. This ship bears many magics, several of which can hide or disguise her, but only her true captain can activate them. She heads up to the bow to speak with the arcanist on duty, then returns to the quarterdeck with a nod to Renrik.

Xanilar has informed the captain of our situation, and he will know where to find us. The frigate hauls in most of her sails and ducks behind a cluster of large ice floes to hide and wait.

2007-03-26, 09:37 PM
While the ship is stationary in the ice floes, Renrik goes to the edge, and hops lightly onto the mound of ice floating next to the ship, and cimbs nimbly up it, making his way to the top, where he peaks out his head, then takes out a spyglass and looks, before descending once more and hopping back onto the ship.

The end of the floes is in sight. I see only one ship, a smuggler by the looks of it, skimming the edges of the floes.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 08:45 AM
"A smuggler? No matter. We're here to do a job, not make a profit." El Jaspero is suddenly on his quarterdeck, a displeased look on his face. "So we might as well get on with it."

He heads below to his cabin, closing and locking the door behind himself. Gaelon gives Renrik a wink. Now comes the fun part. It'll take a while, but before too long you won't recognize old Liza, and then we'll be on our way.

Deep below him, from the very heart of the ship, Renrik can hear a slow but unmistakable groaning and creaking.

2007-03-27, 12:54 PM
Renrik looks about quickly to observe what is happening, his eyes darting back and forth.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 01:54 PM
Over the course of an hour or two, the frigate gradually reshapes itself; a few feet broader in beam and ten shorter in length, she is remodeled under Renrik's feet into a merchant vessel. Granted, a fairly sleek one, but a merchantman nonetheless. Her lovely black-and-yellow trim is swallowed up under a solid coat of reddish-brown, and roughly half the gunports simply vanish into the side.

Ahoy there, watch your step! calls Dovis with a grin. Wouldn't want to drop ol' Bouncing Jenny on ye, now. Under his careful supervision Liza's three dozen 18-pounders are dropped into the holds of holding for storage and replaced with a handful of 12-pounders and a few swivel guns. Heavy arms for a trader, but a woeful shadow of her former firepower.

When the transformation is at last complete, from a new set of sails and pennants to the strange disappearance of her copper hull sheathing, the Pirate King steps onto his deck once more. A few commands later, the ship is again underway with barely more than a skeleton crew abovedecks.

"Don't worry about the lessened crew. Merchants don't carry two hundred fifty sailors, and these are the men that can speak Northernesse." Once again the Liza slips through the icy waters, but considerably slower than before.

2007-03-27, 01:57 PM
Renrik nods, and goes belowdecks, and below decks slips into a disguise of an older traveler, and returns to deck.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 03:11 PM
Renrik comes up to see that El J has gathered his crew for their briefing: delivered entirely in Northernesse, he reminds them that this vessel is Dorotea, stopping off at Rimeholt to resupply before continuing with her cargo of fish for the salting yards in Själlefors.

"And you'd best forget the name Jaspero while we're up here." He smiles, a touch darkly. "I'm Johnasson. Stefan Johnasson. Now back to it, lads. Keep your wits about you and we'll be homeward bound in a few days." The sailors disperse, doing their best to look the part of an idle merchant crew despite their careful watch on the horizon.

2007-03-27, 10:31 PM
Renrik grins a bit from under the brown hood of his old traveler's cloak, huddled over in such a way as to make him look like an elderly man.

You had best not let the Navy hear that name, Stefan.

The assassin thinks for a bit.

I am tired of hiding my dialect. Thiese are my waters. Here I speak as i was born to speak.

Immediately, his voice loses the carefully crafted acccent, the one that he has used for some thirty years, the one that makes it nearly impossible to guess his absolute origin, a mix of regional dialects as it is, and slips into the old language of his birth.

It vill be good, Johannson, to see zhe city of Rimeholt vonce more.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-28, 05:53 AM
The Pirate King scoffs. "It's a common name, Renrik, especially in these discricts. You think they've arrested every man of that moniker for the last twenty years, simply for his name? Besides," he casts his eye to the horizon, nicked now with an increasing number of sails. "Let them know. I am tired of hiding."

2007-03-28, 10:11 AM
Tired of hiding... I know of zhat fatigue. To long have ve hidden. Now, ve return.

The assassin touches the pommel of his knife in anticipation.

And soon, ve hide no more.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-28, 12:08 PM
El Jaspero nods. "Soon indeed. We must discuss your plan at some point, to make sure your...mission...is successful."

The Liza Jane glides onward, joining an ever-increasing flow of traffic bound for the fortess-city of Rimeholt. He gestures to a smallish blue-painted ship halfway to the horizon. "Naval sentry boat. We're close, very close, they can only sail maybe thirty or forty miles out from the harbor. We'll likely be boarded for inspection before long."

Almost as if on cue, the naval boat changes its course to intercept Liza while flying the signal heave to for inspection. A few orders from Janae and most of the sails are furled, bringing the ship to a near-stop.

2007-03-28, 09:47 PM
Renrik sits down on the deck, looking for all the world like an elderly sage or traveler of some sort, his grey hair down in front of his face, with a tattered brown robe covering his lean frame, bent and crooked over the old stick held in his glove-covered hands.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-29, 04:43 AM
The patrol boat sweeps next to Liza and hauls in her sails.

Vhat ship iz dat, unt vhere iz bound?

"Dorotea," her captain replies. "Vid cargo fisch, bound vor Själlefors. Iz Rimeholt near, ya?"


"Vaz lost in schtorm two-three nights. I vould like refit and supply at Rimeholt."

Holt vor inzpection.

A squad of Navy officers are rowed over to Liza; after a thorough inspection of her holds and (false) papers, the officer in charge nods curtly. You go along now; two days, three tops in Rimeholt.

El J bows, ducking his head with a smile. "Many tanks, unt good sailing to you." The ships raise sail and part ways, each gliding towards a different horizon.

2007-03-29, 11:35 AM
Renrik, in his guise as an old man, watches discreetly from his seat, notig the movements and uniforms of the Navy sailors, and noting there to be no Sentinels or other elite agents among them. As they sail off, he chuckles.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-29, 04:52 PM
El Jaspero's face tightens at Renrik's laughter. "Of course that was easy. I've spent nearly two decades doing this, fooling a patrol boat is child's play." He gestures to the northern skyline, thick with ships and, glowering behind them, the slate-grey walls of Rimeholt encircling its harbor. "Now we enter the belly of the beast."

His eye traces the hard spires of the Iron Citadel, looming over the harbor. "You're sure you have the stomach for this, assassin? The King is ringed with steel and sorcery like no other in these lands."

2007-03-29, 05:26 PM
Now it is the assassin's face that tightens, and his eyes grow hard and cold. He replies in Northernesse.

I have sworn an oath, Stefan. What honor is left in this soul must fulfill that oath.

His pale hand holds the bloodstained peice of fabric he cut from Rennir's tabard.

Steel and scorcery cannot stop vengance.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-29, 05:37 PM
Without even thinking, El Jaspero turns to look over his shoulder, back the way they came. Back to his home.

"I have learned...there is more to a man's life than revenge. At least more to mine." He turns his attention back to guiding his ship into the harbor of Rimeholt. "I am not here to kill our King, Renrik. I am here for freedom, mine and our people's. He is but one stepping stone on a long path."

2007-03-29, 05:48 PM
Vengance and honor. I cannot let this oath go unfulfilled. He is a stepping stone, and he is the pinnacle. He shall not outlive the season.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-29, 09:53 PM
"The season?" El Jaspero spits over the side to maintain the look of a merchantman while emphasizing his point. "You heard the man. We have two days, three at most. If you're planning to take more than that, the harbor guards...and my family...are going to expect me on my way, Renrik or no."

2007-03-30, 11:35 AM
Renrik steps to the rail where Jaspero stands, and replies:
It will take only a week, at most. If my memory serves, the Feast of Lords is to commence soon, as it does every year. Every noble from around the kingdom is there. Some are not as easily reconizable as others, and all have some manner of retinue. Infiltrating the fortress would be impossible on any other night.

Can you have the forces of Johannson and his conspirators ready to attack by the Feast?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-30, 03:30 PM
"Lord Johansson and his allies stand ready. They know not what for...to have told him the full tale would be to put him at too much risk. But is prepared to act, once the moment is made clear." El Jaspero looks displeased as the ship hoists her sails and glides to a stop in the harbor's deep water. "A week? We'll have to pull a ruse or two to stay that long without raising suspicions, but it can be done. A newfound leak in need of repair, a stray crewman...we can manage it."

The Lizas drop her anchor and the crew settles in, chatting merrily in Northernesse while the ship waits her turn at the wharfs.

2007-03-30, 07:03 PM
You need not stay in Rimeholt if it would put you in danger. Once the deed is done, it will be much harder for you to escape, and if I am found aboard the Liza Jane...

...you know what the Sentinels do. Rebels, pirates, assassins, and mutineers? Their punishments are not as harsh as Carcerri, but the gallows are a mercy to those cought by the Sentinels.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-30, 08:52 PM
El Jaspero gives Renrik a flat look in the darkening harbor. "We will wait. I do not leave passengers behind, and escape will be easy enough in the ensuing chaos. Once we strike the open sea and I can restore my ship to her previous state, no ship afloat can catch us." He sips a glass of grog and eyes the harbor. "And I do not fear the Sentinels anymore. I am the Pirate King."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-31, 09:20 AM
You dere on deck, t'row us lines! Ve tow you in, slip seventeen.

A half-dozen longboats gather around Liza Jane's bow, each filled with about a dozen dockhands. El Jaspero's crew look at each other with a moment of indignation; the barky ain't never been towed in so long she's had a scrap of sail, but a glare from their captain gives them a stern reminder. This is not a frigate, lads, he says with a cold stare.

Aye, lines coming, calls Janae and before long the ropes are gathered, the oarsmen take up the strain, and Liza is brought into the harbor of Rimeholt and tied up at wharf 17.

El J turns to the old man at his side. "Now your part begins. You have some way to contact me if you need help, I'm sure." For the first time, he offers Renrik his hand. "Gods be with you, assassin. And..." he looks away and brushes something from his eye. "If I am forced to flee before things settle down...please convey the compliments of the Pirate King to Lord and Lady Johansson."

He looks Renrik in the eye, nods, then turns away to begin barking orders in Northeresse to his crew.

2007-04-01, 08:04 PM
Renrik looks at the captain of the Liza Jane and whispers:
Until we meet again, Stefan.
He descends to the docks below.


The assassin passes and manages to avoid a group of dock guards escorting an official coming to document the ship and crew.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-01, 10:30 PM
Vhot is dis schip, unt its purpose in Rimeholt?

"Dorotea, vrom Umeå, Captain Johansson. Cargo fisch in seawater for Själlefors. Tventy-eight hands unt offizers. Pleaz to come 'board."

El Jaspero hands his forged papers to the officer leading a team of eight heavily-armed inspectors. You mens, inspect schip. Six of them fan out to go through the Liza while the other two remain with him to go over the fake papers, bills of lading, crew rosters, and any number of other fabrications Gaelon's made just for this moment.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-02, 04:02 PM
Once the officer and his guards are satisified with their inspection and El Jaspero's "fines" on top of his docking fee, they depart the ship. You keep noses clean, heer? Stay to dockside, clear out in two days, ve got no troubles vit you.

El Jaspero smiles and nods, giving them a slight wave. "Two days, is good." As soon as they're out of sight he gives a slight groan and takes his arm off Janae's shoulder as if he'd been burned. "Damn...that was a good catch. I'd forgotten the custom of Northern merchants." He blushes. "Thanks"

Janae gives him the amused version of her typically frosty look, then gets the charade of loading Liza's holds with food underway.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-05, 04:13 PM
You dere, up on schip! Vot is meaningk of dis? You supposed leave yesterday!

El Jaspero, doing his utmost to look harried, scrambles to the railing. He is soaked to the waist in filthy bilge-water and is liberally decorated with muck and wood shavings. "Ve don't go novheres! Hit piece ice on vay in, iz leak down below...tree-four feets water in hold!" He slaps his knee with a laugh. "Good ting cargo is fisch, eh?!"

You be joining dem in vatter, you not get dis schip underway soon.

The Pirate King suppresses himself humbly. "Yah, ov course. Ve is vorking fast as can, but...iz tricksy. Hopefully fix tomorrow, or day after."

Day after? You still here day after, next time I bring vid guns down here!

The port officer storms off and El Jaspero turns to holler at his crew. Unless you're close enough to see the slight smirk on his face, you'd swear he was in a desperate panic to get underway.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-11, 06:38 AM
Oll hends vor unmoor schip!

Lothren's call summons the skeleton crew still appearing topside of the Liza Jane. El Jaspero gives a wave to the dock officers as she pulls away, but his heart is troubled. The ship-frigate pulls out into the harbor's deep water and, with a show of clumsiness just for the officers, finally manages to raise sail and head back out to sea.

You had no choice, sir. We'd used every ruse in the book...one more day and the jig was up.

El J nods. "I know, Janae. This just...complicates things. The delay, it means Renrik's having problems."

Or he's dead. You've no choice but to leave him behind.

The Pirate King chuckles. "Leave him? Oh, no. I'm not done with him yet." He charts a course that will take his ship past the Navy patrols as quickly as possible, then heads down to his cabin.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-15, 02:40 PM
El Jaspero stands at the taffrail, looking bitterly in the direction of Rimeholt.

It has been two weeks, Stefan. Captain.

He nods without moving his gaze.

Two weeks. The assassin has failed; he is dead, or captured, or fled. The Council of Lords parted days ago, and Lord Johnasson and his allies are already homeward bound.

El Jaspero blinks, then nods again. "You are right, as usual, Janae. We gain nothing here but ice barnacles. Tell Norman to drop the veil, the raise sail and set course for Town."

Janae turns away and begins shouting orders; Norman gives a self-pleased smile and concentrates, and the gauzy veil that had been hiding the frigate from passing eyes melts away. As Dovis barks his commands and the sailors scramble aloft to raise sail, El Jaspero brings a heavy ruby amulet to his lips before speaking quietly into it. In a matter of moments, the ship is underway and southward bound.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-17, 09:37 AM
Several hundred miles south, the Pirate King stands on his quarterdeck with a pleased smile despite the harsh look from Gaelith.

"Just because we're homeward bound doesn't mean I can't make a bit of profit along the way."

That, she repiles pointing to the small flotilla following closely astern, is not a "bit" of profit. The Day of the Green is coming up and you have a baby to raise.

El J nods and smiles. "Your wish is, as ever, my command." He calls for sailors aloft and his Weathermaster on deck, and soon the frigate is tearing along, leaving her gaggle of prizes far behind.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-18, 07:52 PM
As is her fashion, the Liza Jane tears into port under full sails, her crew whooping and hollering from the yardarms, before gliding to a perfect stop at her usual berth. El Jaspero leaps ashore before the ship even stops and runs back up into Town.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 06:30 AM
Auntielarra, why are we here so early?

Alarra smiles patiently and adjusts Agneta on her hip. "Because, well...because he is a pirate, and this is the way pirates do things I suppose."

I just hope pirates make good cakes.

"I'm sure they do, dear."

The Liza's deck is packed with sailors; not only has her entire crew turned out, but dozens if not hundreds more have shown up to celebrate the Pirate King's birthday, overflowing into the rigging and down the gangplank to the wharf. The center of attention himself stands at the center of the crowd, both proud and humbled by the turnout.

Ready now, lads!

Dovis raises his whistle and blows a note to give the key, and the gathered sailors burst as one into the traditional song for a Pirate King's birthday:

Yar, har, fiddle-dee dee!
Being a pirate is all right with me!
Do what you want, for a pirate is free,
You are a pirate!
Despite the cajoling of several crewmembers Ala is disinclined to put on a pink wig and take a dance break, but the festivities are hearty and merry nonetheless. The cutting of the massive, delicious cakes and pies are capped by the firing of a 36-gun salute, one for every year of El J's life.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-24, 06:51 AM
*After the 36 gun salute, Atreyu comes running up the gangplank to enjoy some cake and give his birthday wishes to the Pirate King.*

2007-04-24, 06:52 AM
Kyrian wanders the crowd, looking for his father to give a birthday hug to.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-24, 06:54 AM
Kyrian wanders the crowd, looking for his father to give a birthday hug to.

Nuh uh. The llama finds him first and traps the Saiyan in a wooly embrace before running off to play with Kint and Ala.

2007-04-24, 07:40 AM
Ceika heads over, smiling for once, a fancy scroll case tucked beneath her arm with a blue silk bow tied around it.

2007-04-24, 07:41 AM
Kyrian sees Ceika and tries to stay out of her way, though the big crowd seems to wish him harm, and he finds himself nearby her.

2007-04-24, 07:42 AM
Ceika's expression tightens briefly and she forces a quick nod in his direction.


2007-04-24, 07:44 AM
Kyrian tries to return the nod, but instead looks down at the deck.


2007-04-24, 07:50 AM
She turns her attention to the crowd, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man of the day.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-04-24, 08:24 AM
Ceika is also attacked by a llama bearing a wooly embrace

2007-04-24, 08:32 AM
Lillah appears next to Kyrian with a smile.

2007-04-24, 08:33 AM
Kyrian slides an arm around her waist. Sorry didn't want to wake you.

2007-04-24, 08:35 AM
That is fine.

2007-04-24, 08:40 AM
Glad to see you made it...nice eyepatch.

2007-04-24, 08:42 AM
Thank you. I thought about wearing two, but decided against it.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 08:44 AM
The Pirate King moves cheerfully through the crowd, shaking hands and embracing old friends. Spotting a familiar shock of red hair, he makes his way to Ceika.

"Captain Ceiblayde, ahoy there!" The crowd parts and he gives her a fond hug. "Brilliant to see you, thanks for coming up. How fares the Siren?"

((At work today...my responses will be sloooooooowwww.))

2007-04-24, 08:44 AM
Then you'd just look like a silly pirate, dear.

2007-04-24, 08:46 AM
That is what I thought.

2007-04-24, 08:49 AM
Kyrian chuckles and waits for Jaspero to make his way over to them.

2007-04-24, 08:52 AM
Fenric appears up in the mainmast crow's nest and looks down at the ship.

Oops... pirate day, not disappointed sports fan day.

(( And I don't have access to photoshop from here. *sigh* ))

Happy birthday, El J.

2007-04-24, 09:18 AM
Ceika returns the llama's hug, then turns to the pirate king, embracing him as well. Her smile broadens as she embraces her friend.

Well met, my king! The Siren is as sturdy as ever, though, still no match for the Liza. Happy Birthday, Jas.

She offers the scroll case to him with a slight bow. Upon inspection, the case is made of some kind of dark blue pearlescent flexible shell. There are two pieces of sturdy parchment within: One is an extremely detailed world map with traces of magical esence. Routes marked on the map are only viewable by the creator. The map will also magnify a specific area with only a thought. The other roll is a protrait showing El Jaspero's family and close friends. Below the picture are the following words: "Bonds thicker than blood, stronger than steel."

2007-04-24, 11:13 AM
Alarra smiles a warm greeting to anyone new that happens to arrive on the ship, but mostly keeps off to the sidelines, watching over the children and the like.

2007-04-24, 11:13 AM
Kyrian sneaks his way over to his mother, and tries to surprise her with a hug.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 12:00 PM
El Jaspero gazes at the picture for a long time, visibly moved. "Ceika...you know I can't thank you enough. And this is only a small part of it." He embraces her again, and manages to whisper something in her ear before being swept away once more by the crowd.

"Kyrian, ahoy there lad! Fenric! Glad to see you made it; there's Fox Cola down in the galley!" he cries, waving merrily as he's led away to greet yet another gaggle of visitors.

Auntielarra, can we go up in the rigging?
Xanilar and Sebacore offered to keep an eye on us.
Muffy can come too, he's good at climbing!

2007-04-24, 12:07 PM
Fenric comes down to deck and fetches a cola.

Many happy returns of the day, El Jaspero.

2007-04-24, 12:08 PM

Happy Birthday El J))

A bird flies over, drops a wrapped up piece of parchment on the deck, and flies off.

2007-04-24, 12:15 PM
Ceika smiles as Jaspero is whisked away by the crowd, then heads over to a less crowded spot on the ship, content to watch the festivities.

2007-04-24, 12:18 PM
Kyrian keeps one eye on Ceika, trying not to make it too obvious.

2007-04-24, 12:23 PM
She leans against the forerail, watching. Out of habit, she produces a coin, and flips it along the back of her hand absentmindedly.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 12:34 PM
El Jaspero gives Fenric a fond hug. "Fenric, it's grand to have you here, and many thanks for coming. Inari is well and merciful as always, I take it?"

Gaelon wiggles his way through the crowd and hands El J the paper dropped a few posts above.

2007-04-24, 12:35 PM
The message is simple.

Hello El J.

My Congratulations upon this day. Have a good one.

- From Exachix and all the Temple-Staff.

2007-04-24, 12:36 PM
Kyrian keeps one eye on his father, hoping he gets the chance to come over soon, and the other on Ceika, torn between trying to establish the smallest of friendships with her, and giving up entirely, seeing the situation hopeless.

2007-04-24, 12:36 PM
Fenric nods

Of course. Captured anything interesting lately?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 03:00 PM
The Pirate King chuckles. "Captured? I picked up about half the King's treasure fleet on the way home from Rimeholt, but that was it. Though I was treated to an encouter with a kraken and its friends on the way up. That was a nasty bit of business, and not something Chips would ever care to have me repeat." He shakes his head, remembering the awful feeling of his beloved frigate listing and less her mizzenmast.

"But the King's fleet more than paid off for my damages. He's been quite generous to me over the years. Kind enough that I'll be stopping by to make a donation once the accounts are settled." He grins and toasts Fenric with his tankard of llamanade. "I do hope you'll excuse me, but I see my son trying to catch my eye." He laughs and winks as he makes his bow. "Luckily one is all it takes!"

The crowd is thinning a bit by now, so it's not too hard for El J to make his way over to finally make his way over to Kyrian. "Kyrian, lad. Thanks for coming down, it's grand to see you!" He takes Lillah's hand and bows with a a deep smile. "Lillah, a pleasure as always."

2007-04-24, 03:01 PM
Wouldn't miss it for the world, Dad. Plus, had to try the new outfit. Kyrian grins.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 03:11 PM
The Pirate King gives him a quick appraisal. "Not bad. I'd almost hire you, were I looking." He grins and hugs both Kyrian and Lillah, then his brow suddenly furrows. "You do know how to swab, load, and fire a cannon, don't you?"

2007-04-24, 03:12 PM
Can't be that hard to learn.....you better make sure to teach me when I'm grown.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 03:20 PM
El J chuckles. "It's trickier than it might look, especially since of course we just use bags of gunpower instead of a nice brass shell. But aye, it's definitely a skill my children will learn." He gazes across the deck to where Alarra and Agneta are holding court to a group of adoring sailors. "Though I expect your mother will make me wait until you're at least ten or so. But she's probably right anyway."

2007-04-24, 03:22 PM
'Til I'm ten? Man...that's going to be a lifetime...

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-04-24, 03:29 PM
El J snorts. "At the rate Agneta's growing up, it'll be next week!"

He sips his llamanade and gently directs his guests to the new thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42027).