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El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-27, 08:54 PM

A lovely frigate of 38 guns is docked at the wharf, undergoing a bit of cleaning and repair before her next adventure.

The Liza is painted black with yellow trim and clearly built for speed. Her original, somewhat scandalous figurehead has been recently replaced; though prudish by sailors' standards, her pale blue eyes and long blonde braids are widely believed to bring the ship luck. Her captain's pirate flag (Sable, a skeleton playing the banjo Argent and over all upon a canton Azure bordured Or three bear's heads caboshed of the third) flies proudly from the maintopmast.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King and Alarra can be found here when the ship is at sea, and sometimes even when she's in port.

Notable NPCs of the ship:
-Janae Lamanderi, female elf; First Mate; an excellent navigator and a crack shot with any firearm, she is brusque and all business.
-Gaelon Halfpenn, male halfling; Second Mate; charming, talkative, and roguish, he and his cousin Whistrevanil often lead a team of fellow halflings on missions requiring stealth.
-Norman Thresk, male human; Ship's Arcanist; The academic Norman and his apprentices Sebacore and Xanilar maintain the Liza Jane's magic charms and blow things up in battle.
-Tessa Thresk, female human; Ship's Gunner; Norman's younger sister, Tessa's fiery temper is a perfect match for one overseeing her oft-fiesty guns. Her murderous halfling assistant Faelynn loves nothing quite so much as the smell of spent gunpowder.
-Jo-Ligh, male giant; Weathermaster; Wind and wave are at his command. Well over 8 feet tall, he wields a massive maul with terrible power in battle.
-Gaelith Glorymeade, female gnome; Surgeon; a touch absent-minded and jumpy, but a powerful healer. She and the undead-hating elvish cleric Adania keep the crew in good health.
-Chips, male dwarf; Carpenter; Unlike most of his kin, "Chips" and his crew have a deep affection for things wooden. Nobody knows his real name.
-Dovis, male half-orc; Bo'sun; a tough disciplinarian, but beloved by the crew and famously dangerous in battle. His human assistant Lothren wields a jagged black sword that he (and nobody else) is convinced is intelligent.
-Victor, male human?; Victor has been El Jaspero's loyal steward for years, and mothers him shamelessly. Battered and worn, it's unclear what race he actually is, other than "really old".
-Alilyn Loreweaver, female loresong faen; ship's clerk; Aliliyn is brilliant, charming, and is gifted of fantastic powers of memory, but she's utterly hopeless in combat. Once blades are drawn she is nearly always hiding behind the massive leg of her good friend Jo-Ligh.

A few notes on the Liza Jane:
-The boat is intensely magical; innumerable runes and crystals are inlaid into the various beams and interior surfaces. Her keel and ribs are, according to legend, fashioned from dragonbone and her sides are darkwood.
-Several of her cannons are named and bear various charms of accuracy or lethality. Prized among them is Willful Murder, portside #3.
-The hull, decks, masts, sails, and rigging are charmed against fire.
-The Liza Jane also has 4 permanent unseen servants, which only respond to the most senior officer in a given area. They are typically used for menial tasks, but in battle they fetch powder and shot from the magazines, freeing valuable hands for firing the guns.

((Edit: As promised, deck plans and a cutaway (http://www.wanttaja.com/navlinks/SHIPVIEW.HTM)))

The "Liza Jane" I (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1154288265;s tart=0#0)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-27, 09:00 PM
It appears that Victor has replaced the breakfast platter with a dinner of pasta bolognese, salads, garlic bread, and a bottle of a semi-sweet Italian red wine.

El J sits at his desk, leafing through a folio of maps marked "Hiddle Mirth".

2006-09-27, 09:03 PM
(No....I can't come in here for dinner....I have to study....bad Alarra...no town for you today.)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-27, 09:04 PM
((Good, you go study now. One of the Liza's various enchantments is that served food always stays at just the right temperature.))

2006-09-27, 09:25 PM
(( Tch... Dun worry Alarra, I'll tell everyone to vote for you and me... ))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-27, 09:29 PM
((It should be noted that, being an honorable pirate, El Jaspero has a strict "no whoring" policy on his ship.))

2006-09-27, 09:30 PM
((Go El Jaspero, the Pirate King!))

2006-09-27, 10:00 PM
(Not to mention that there should be no voting for me for anything....I assume you are talking of the council election? I do not want to be on the council)

2006-09-27, 10:01 PM
(... Ye should post that at the coucil pages then... And then tell them to vote for me instead...

And then you can go back to breeding.)

2006-09-27, 10:06 PM
(now now...and why would i tell them to vote for you anyway? and enough of this marring the lovely pages of this ship)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-27, 10:12 PM
((*taps the No Whoring sign and points a cannon at Kerigan*))

Land ho!

El J smiles, giving Alarra a quick kiss before heading up on deck. Though still far off, the headlands of Hiddle Mirth are clearly before the Liza Jane.

"Masterfully done, Janae. As pretty a landfall as ever was made."

Janae merely nods her head in thanks, and resumes seeing the ship to the coast. El Jaspero runs down to the cabin, grinning with pride and...hope.

"Good news, love: we've spied land, and should be in harbor by morning. We should be in Rivendsmell by tomorrow night!" He puts his arm around her shoulders and gives her a squeeze.

"I do hope they got our reservation."

2006-09-28, 12:06 AM
"Oh my, that was much sooner than I'd expected."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 06:24 AM
El J nods.

"Well, the Liza does have a reputation for speed...evidently she's earned it!"

Leaving the business of docking to his crew, El J sits down next to Alarra to watch the sea roll past the cabin windows. Eventually they do, in fact, eat some sort of meal together.

2006-09-28, 08:15 AM
And it's a lovely meal, making up completely for the lack of meal yesterday.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 10:18 AM
As the ship noticeably slows, El Jaspero's eye lights up. He stands and grabs Alarra's hand.

"Let's go up on deck; the sight of an elvish harbor is something not to be missed!" He bends down to kiss her cheek with a grin. "Quite possibly the second-most beautiful sight in the known world."

2006-09-28, 11:25 AM
Alarra smiles and follows El Jaspero onto the deck and stands at the railing, wind teasing through her hair, watching the beautiful landscape rolling ever closer.

"It is lovely."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 12:59 PM
The Liza Jane rounds the final headland into the harbor, and the full harbor comes into view. Tall, elegant spires of ivory and gold reach into the sky, sweeping up from buildings and houses of red and green. The Liza herself, famed for her grace and elegance, is a muddy puppy compared to the artful sweep of the dozens of elvish galleys surrounding her.

El Jaspero takes in the view, but reaches for Alarra's hand. "It's amazing." He gives her hand a squeeze. "But it's nothing to the sight of you. Alarra, I...I'm glad you're here with me. I feel...safe."

2006-09-28, 06:39 PM
"Good." She gives his hand a squeeze as well. "And I hope I can make it that you always feel that way."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 07:21 PM
El J looks into Alarra's eyes, still holding her hand

"You do. And you always will."

He looks to the east, and a dark look comes across his face.

"Do you feel that? There's a power stirring in the evil lands of Floordor. A War is brewing, one that will decide the fate of The Hat and likely myself as well."

He caresses her wind-blown hair as the Liza glides to a stop at the wharf. "Whatever happens in the dire days to come, I will always protect you. And I feel better, knowing that you'll be protecting me." He looks into her eyes and smiles again. "...I think you might even save me."

The gangplank drops to the dock with a thud, and El J turns eagerly to the city before them.

"I'm starved...how's Thai food sound?"

2006-09-28, 07:34 PM
A look of worry passes over Alarra's face at the mention of a war and dire days, but is quickly replaced by calm and strength. "Thai sounds wonderful."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 08:02 PM
His worries washed away in the joy of Alarra's presence, El J takes her hand and leads her through the streets of the bustling elvish port. People of every race imaginable roam the streets; the Pirate King is stopped several times by people who recognize him, or have heard of him. Each time he bows modestly, but shows off his new wife with shameless pride.

"Bah, Fondorians," he says as they walk away from a trio of admirers. "All they want to do is talk about how great they are, and they haven't had a proper King for, like...centuries or something. Ah, at last!"

El J opens the door to an exquisite Thai restaurant; he gives his name and title, and the couple are immediately given a table in a nice, romantic corner. He calls for two menus in Celestial and a bottle of wine, both of which are delivered by a cheerful elf in a red dress.

Care for some appetizers? Spring rolls, perhaps?

2006-09-28, 08:06 PM
"You're certainly well known around here." Alarra smiles at the surroundings.

"Nice place." She glances down at the menu. "Spring Rolls are fine, if that's what you'd like."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 08:16 PM
El J shrugs.

"I've traveled a lot over the years, and being the Pirate King brings a certain amount of fame as well."

He turns to the server. "Spring rolls would be excellent, with plenty of basil. Any recommendations?"

Well, we are quite well-known for our spicy catoblepas pad thai, and chef says the kraken calamari is great tonight.

El J smiles and nods to the elf, and she heads back to the kitchen

"So, tomorrow we'll see Rivendswell at last." He raises his wineglass. "To the elves...and to us!"

2006-09-28, 08:21 PM
Alarra smiles and raises her glass as well, "I can hardly wait,"

She sips her wine, "Oh...this is good. And did she mention calimari? I love calimari."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 08:55 PM
El J smiles. "Then calimari it is!"

He flags down their server, a college-bound young elf named Velia. She smiles as the orders are placed (El J is having roc pad thai, medium-spicy) and heads back into the kitchen again.

"Alarra, my love...isn't it amazing what a simple chance encounter can lead to?"

2006-09-28, 09:19 PM
A large flash happens and a drow with a spellbook falls on the deck by El Jaspero. ...Help...Me... he says before falling unconcious (and thus into negative hitpoints)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-28, 10:04 PM
((Reading the thread might help; Alarra and El Jaspero are not on the Liza Jane, they're at a Thai restaurant in an elvish port city somewhere in Hiddle Mirth at the moment. I'd be happy to help...but I'm away from the ship, and we are in the middle of dinner here.))

2006-09-29, 05:41 AM
There is a brief disturbance at the door, and the maitre De hurries by to show a well dressed diminutive figure to a table in the corner. The shadow seem to draw in to give the figure an air of mystery.

Some small time later a bottle of very fine vintage elvish wine is delivered to the newlyweds table.

There is a simple folded note with the wine, ((the waitress when questioned cannot recall who sent it))

Lady, to gaze upon you is to delight
Fear not pirate king I'm not after a fight.
This gift is to you and your wife
to wish you each joyous life.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-29, 06:42 AM
"Well, this is certainly odd. But the poetry has an oddly familiar ring to it..."

El Jaspero holds the bottle up to his eyepatch and gives it a good looking-over ((detect magic, evil, poison, chaos, law, undead, plot hook: you might just want to PM me the results and the bottle's potential effects, Charity.))

2006-09-29, 10:55 AM
Alarra reads over the note and smiles, "Oh, that's sweet."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-29, 11:14 AM
"Indeed...must be one of the perks of my new title."

Detecting nothing unusual, El J flags down Velia; she returns with a corkscrew and two new wineglasses. El Jaspero pops the cork and pours himself a splash.

"Hmm...interesting. It's nice, plenty of body, a touch oaky, a bit sweet....and pretty strong, I might add."

He pours the two fresh glasses, and hands one to Alarra. "Another toast! To our anonymous benefactor. And to you. Always to you, love."

2006-09-29, 11:48 AM
"Well, best make it to you too then." She raises her glass with an amused smile.
"To us and to getting expensive alcohol from poetic strangers" she laughs and takes a sip.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-29, 01:00 PM
El J winks. "Poetic, boozy strangers: the best kind!"

Dinner is served, and it's truly exquisite. The kraken calamari is perfectly crispy, with a touch of ginger and spice. The roc pad thai is likewise fabulous, though happily for Alarra it's a bit light on the garlic.

Night has fallen as the happy couple make their way out of the restaurant, having left Velia a most gracious tip.

Come back soon!

El J surveys the streets with a contented smile. "Ah, that was wonderful. Would you care for some dessert,or shall we just turn in for the night?"

2006-09-29, 01:15 PM
"Me? Turn down dessert?" she laughs.

Alarra takes El Jaspero's hand and seems practically bursting with a desire to skip, or frolic, or bounce.

"But if you'd rather turn in for the night, that's perfectly alright as well." She kisses him on the nose.

"Have I told you lately how truly truly happy I am?"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-29, 02:50 PM
El Jaspero himself is near-to bursting with gleeful pride; he sweeps her into an embace and begins dancing her down the street, much to the amusement of passersby.

"Not in the last five minutes, but I'll let it slide this time. And as for myself...have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there's no one above you?"

They dance past a conveneintly-placed elvish street orchestra, and the strings swell.

"You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness.
Ease my troubles, that's what you do.

For the morning sun in all its glory greets the day with hope and comfort too.
You fill my life with laughter, somehow you make it better.
Ease my troubles thats what you do.

There's a love that's divine, and it's yours and it's mine like the sun.
And at the end of the day we should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one.

Have I told you lately that I love you?
Have I told you there's no one else above you?
Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness,
Ease my troubles thats what you do."

Their dance has, happily enough, deposited right in front of one of the city's outstanding dessert cafes.

"Well now...that worked out well."

2006-09-29, 04:54 PM
((awww...i've always loved that song...i sing it to chris all the time))

Alarra happily twirls down the street in his arms, laughing, "I love you too!"


She pauses to admire the exquisite display of desserts in the window. The dessert connoisseur would be able to identify, if they happened to be looking in this particular window at this particular moment, a passion fruit ricotta torte, a triple chocolate mousse, tiramisu, white chocolate strawberry praline cheesecake, french chocolate chambord cake, a strawberry amaretto torte, a hazelnut craquant, a wildberry charlotte, and many other confections, some unseen anywhere else.

Alarra pulls El Jaspero inside, pointing out the exquisite selection of puddings.

2006-09-29, 05:05 PM
((I want some good dessert now...))

2006-09-29, 07:08 PM
Bri'el awakes and begins to limp to his house.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-30, 10:01 AM

((Pirate cookie for the extremely obscure reference.))

El Jaspero is happy as a clam to be led anywhere by Alarra. The heady aroma of fine elvish coffee just makes his steps all the lighter. The lovers are seated at a romantic corner table with a window view of the glowlamp-lit street. They hold hands under the table, feed each other spoonfuls of pudding and torte, share drinks, and generally make the readers of this thread ill with cuteness.

El J takes Alarra's left hand in his, gazing at it with a mixture of glee and wonder. "It's...it's really true, isn't it? I keept thinking I'd wake up, but that's clearly not going to happen after all." He brings her hand to his lips, and as he gently kisses her sapphire ring, his lapel rose practically glows a lush, deep crimson.

"Happy one-week anniversary, Alarra." He smiles, looking into her eyes. "I can't for the life of me understand why people would go around talking down about marriage...they clearly don't know what they're missing."

Daedrous Avari
2006-09-30, 10:34 AM
[In an elvish port, eh? Interesting. Daedrous just purchased some elvish blood from the Black Market.

2006-09-30, 12:21 PM
((i've never gotten a reference cookie, i think i'm oblivious))

Alarra smiles, looking down at her ring, "It's really true and I love you so much."

The pair lingers over their treats a few moments longer, but a glance into the street outside makes apparent how far advanced the night is.
"I suppose we should head off soon, as lovely as this town is, we do have a fair bit of travelling to do tomorrow."

They leave and continue down the street, hand in hand, practically oblivious to anyone or anything around them, stopping for the night finally at a somehow both quaint and elegant bed and breakfast which overlooks the water.

((and if anyone hasn't realized this yet, this thread is happening not in real time))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-09-30, 04:41 PM
The Elv Inn is, ironically, run by people who turn out to be fairly tall gnomes, but its accomodations are luxurious and plentiful.

Why, as it so happens, the honeymoon suite is available.

The couple and their baggage of holding is taken up to a delightful set of rooms full of light and air...and, happily, a solid-copper double bathtub. El J grins, giving Alarra a wink and a kiss.

"Darling, we have been traveling rather a lot. You must be worn out. A nice, hot bath will fix you right up. Perhaps you'd like a hand with all those buttons?"

2006-09-30, 05:22 PM
"There are a rather lot of them, aren't there?" Alarra winks.

When the pair returns to the main room of the suite a time later, smelling faintly of lavender, they are met with a spread of champagne, roses, and strawberries.

"Oh how lovely," Alarra laughs, "Not that we haven't eaten and drank enough this evening....but hey, I suppose that's a honeymoon for you."

Alarra smiles brightly and feeds El Jaspero a strawberry.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 09:50 AM
"Delicious," El J responds, as he reaches out to caress Alarra's hair. "And after all...one can never have too much of a good thing. And you, my love, are a very good thing. Very, very good indeed."

Morning finds the Pirate King again risen early, looking out the window to the dense forests beyond the port city. Alarra's approach wipes the look of worry from his face; he smiles warmly and stands to hold her close.

"Good morning, love. We should get our things together...the half-elf is waiting for us."

They kiss, and repack their baggage of holding, then head out for breakfast.

2006-10-01, 11:22 AM
Breakfast is of course delightful, really I don't believe there's a bad restaurant or poor service or mediocre food in this entire city. Lovely place to visit.

The happy couple then continues on their merry way.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 03:22 PM

The road to Rivendswell rises rapidly into forested hills; though the path is fairly steep, Alarra and El J ride hand-in-hand through a fine early-fall day, happy to be in the sun and happier yet to be together. The day is cooling into afternoon by the time their horses walk through the gates of Rivendswell, the beautiful mansion of the forest elves.

The couple checks in at the front desk, making sure to get a password for the free high-speed internet service. They've barely arrived before an elf enters.

Excuse me...you are El Jaspero, correct?

El J nods.

"I am, and this, this is..." He beams with pride. "This is the joy of my soul, my wife. My wife, Alarra."

He giggles. "I'm sorry, dear. I just love saying that."

Charming, sir. The Lord of Rivendswell would speak with you immediately.

El J gives a shrug of surprise and holds out his hand for Alarra. "I guess we'd better talk to him, then."

2006-10-01, 05:04 PM
The couple follows the elf down a long hallway and are deposited in a high-ceilinged chamber.

"Wait here."

The elf leaves the bewildered couple standing in the doorway.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 05:28 PM
The elegantly-carved wooden doors at the hall's back open, and Elwood Third-Elven, Lord of Rivendswell, enters. He strides across the hall to peer at the pirate closely.


Mr. Jaspero. I've been...expecting you.

One of his entourage nudges Elwood and hands him a script.

What the? Oh, fine.


So, The One Dashing Straw Boater to Rule Them All has returned to Hiddle Mirth, and brought to me by a King no less. Have you the Hat, El Jasparagorn?

El J looks around in confusion. "My lord Elwood...I have the Hat, but that is not my name."

Elwood snorts. Of course it is, you just don't know it. You are El Jasparagorn, descended of the Kings of Fondor. Your fate, your life, even your very soul, are tied to that of the Hat. It will destroy you if you let it.

He turns his eye to Alarra. But I see you are not alone in this. The Lady Alarwen, I presume. He thinks a moment. Doesn't that make you, like...my daughter or something?

2006-10-01, 05:40 PM
"Alarwen? Daughter?"

Alarra, having still been slightly preoccupied with the amazingly intricately carved ceiling, attempts to snap back to reality.

She looks to him, having no idea what he is talking about.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 07:39 PM
Elwood rolls his eyes.

Whatever. We'll just let that daughter thing slide. Do you have The Hat?

El J nods, and carefully produced a cardboard box from the pouch of holding at his hip. He looks at it with a mixture of longing and revulsion, then finally sets it on a nearby chair. He at first leans over to peek into the box as Elwood opens it, but one sight of The Hat sends him backing off like he's been burned.

You surely know by now the immense power of the One Dashing Straw Boater to Rule Them All. It is an artifact of great and twisted evil, and even now the Lord of the Hats is marshaling his forces to reclaim it. This must not come to pass; if the Hatlord recovers his Hat, the world will surely fall into fire and ruin.

El Jaspero smiles weakly. "What would you have me do?"

A stern look comes over Elwood. There is only one way to destroy the One Dashing Straw Boater to Rule Them All . It must be returned to the haberdasher's from which it was originally purchased. Ideally for cash, but store credit would be okay. He looks at El J and Alarra. One of you must do this. Or someone else, whatever. I would, however, suggest not giving it to the guy with the Hatlord rattling around in his skull.

El J looks to Alarra in shock, then back to Elwood. "But Lord Elwood...you ask the impossible of us. The Hat is powerful and ancient beyond measure...surely the receipt has been lost by now!"

I'm talking saving the world here, kid. This ain't supposed to be easy! Go round up some friends and form a fellowship or something, that ought to make it easier, right?

2006-10-01, 07:48 PM
((If you form a party, I swear I have to get a character of mine involved...))

2006-10-01, 07:56 PM
((we've been forming parties for weeks....where the hey have you been?))

2006-10-01, 08:09 PM
((Over the last 10 minutes, the weekend, or some other time period?))

2006-10-01, 08:12 PM
((Okay, maybe not weeks....but there's been a thread up about it for 5 days now...but yes, over the weekend...we missed you. ;) ))

2006-10-01, 08:15 PM
((Thursday I was home (I know, sounds odd that I don't have reliable access to the net at home when I do at uni...), Friday I had several classes and left in the evening to basically become a non-deployable member of the Territorial Army - more for the money than anything else really...))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 08:26 PM
Elwood gives Kantur a dope-slap and points to this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1159406772), then turns to El J and Alarra with a smile.

Okay then. Any questions? Nope? Good, good. Have fun, don't screw up saving the world, all that good stuff.

He scurries out of the room, leaving El J and Alarra looking at each other with stunned expressions.

"Well. This guy clearly knows nothing about honeymoons." El J tucks The Hat back into his pouch, then takes Alarra's hand as another elf arrives to guide them back to their suite.

2006-10-01, 09:02 PM
When they return to the suite, Alarra turns to El Jaspero...

"El Jaseragorn? Lady Alarwen? Would you care to explain what on earth he's talking about? Who is the hatlord? A fellowship? And are you sure you should be carrying around that thing...after what happened before?"

2006-10-01, 09:08 PM
(( All really good questions... And I must say Jasper... This all seems very familar for some reason. Er, right.. Fleeing.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 09:31 PM
"GAH! You're right, what the hell am I thinking?!?"

El J bats the belt pouch away from himself, sending it flying across the floor. He looks at it and takes a few shallow breaths, then shakes his head in confusion.

"I...I don't know. The Hatlord, at least, is Mauron. Me, or the part of me that became him, or whatever hackneyed plot device he's supposed to be. As for the rest..."

He looks out a nearby window, and a conveniently-dramatic sunbeam lights his face.

"I think Elwood spoke true. There is a War brewing, and we will all have parts to play. Perhaps those are ours, at least until it's finished."

He turns and takes Alarra's hand.

"And you, love? Will you take the role offered, and join the Fellowship of the Hat, questing to rid the world of its evil?"

2006-10-01, 09:55 PM
"Of course. I'm always up for ridding the world of evil."

She kisses El Jaspero before turning to the discarded pouch, taking out the hat, and tucking it into her own bag.

"It will be safer there."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 10:06 PM
El J can only watch as Alarra takes up the burden of The Hat. Once it's out of his sight, he relaxes with a sigh.

"Love, please...be careful with that thing. It's dangerous, malicious. And ...and not your size."

He takes off his hat and runs a hand through his hair. "Elwood was right. This will be a difficult task indeed. We need to start gathering allies, form them into a Fellowship of the Hat or something like that."

He kisses Alarra softly. "I'm sorry our honeymoon isn't quite what we thought it would be...but on the bright side, it should at least earn us a big chunk of XP if we succeed."

2006-10-01, 10:14 PM
"I will be...and pah....this honeymoon's been just lovely, as is any time I spend with you, especially if we get xp in the process."

She kisses him again. "So I suppose we'll be heading back pretty quickly then, won't we? Needing to save the world and all that?"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 10:30 PM
"Sadly, yes. The Forces of Darkness grow stronger ever day. We should be going as soon as possible."

El J starts running around the room, gathering clothes and laying them out on the bed. The big, comfy bed. He finds his traveling boots over by the bathtub. Elvish double jacuzzi, no less. He blinks a moment and carries them back to the bed. Feather pillows. Silk sheets and all.

"Aw, screw this. One day more or less won't make a difference. Last one in's a Fezgul!"

He strips off his clothes and dashes for the jacuzzi. Halfway there, he turns around, nearly slipping on the floor, and runs back to stripsoff Alarra's clothes, then carry her over to the jacuzzi and jump in.


2006-10-01, 10:58 PM
Alarra laughs and arranges a crown of bubbles on El Jaspero's head.

"There...now you look like a descendant of kings."

"I'm sure leaving tomorrow will be just fine."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-01, 11:32 PM
The bubble-bedecked El J smiles. "Indeed, what's another day? It's not like we have a whole slate of companions lined up, just waiting for us to return."

He chuckles and sweeps Alarra's golden hair up into a pile atop her head. "If I'm to be a King, only the finest and fairest, the wisest and most beautiful in the land will do for my Queen!" He laughs, then kisses her; softly at first, but then again, stronger and deeper as he wraps his arms around her. "Alarra...my soulmate...light of my being and fire of my heart. I love you...I always have loved you, and I always will. I can't imagine my life without you in it."

He stands and helps her from the bath; they make their dripping way to the bed, hand-in-hand. Before long they are asleep, wrapped in each other's arms, wrapped in love.

2006-10-02, 04:55 AM
When Alarra dresses she discovers a note in her shoe.

Dear lady I am forlorn
It falls to me to warn
That in matters of the hat
It is sadly true that
Though your lover he be
His mind is not free

If worried about him you be
Don the hat and count to three

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-02, 06:33 AM
El Jaspero rises early again, and begins padding about the room, gathering things and various pieces of clothing strewn about the floor last night. He turns to start packing and discovers with a shock that Alarra is already awake and gathering things herself.

"Love, I'm sorry. I thought-"

She kisses him on the nose. "I know."

They smile, then help each other dress and finish packing. In a few minutes they are eating a quick elvish breakfast, and are soon on their horses again, leaving Rivendswell for the coast once again.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-02, 06:04 PM
Thanks to her impressive plot-speed drive technology, the Liza Jane pulls into the Town's harbor only a few hours later. Her captain and Alarra step out of the cabin and make their way into Town, hand-in-hand as always.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow," says El J as he drops Alarra off at her shop. "...what a load of crap! I'll miss you until I see you again, dearly and sadly."

He kisses her and gives her hand a squeeze. "I'll see you tonight, love." He tips his hat, and disappears into the street.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 11:57 AM
The Pirate King runs up on deck, hollering for his officers.

"Janae! Dovis, Gaelon! Council of War in my cabin. There's hot business afoot, and I'll not have the Liza caught unprepared."

In a matter of minutes the frigate is once again abuzz with activity. The hands grin with eager anticpation of the coming fight as they prepare the ship for the coming action and tow her out to the harbor's deep water, ready to sail at a moment's notice.

((Ahoy, mates! This will likely be the home for the naval action against the coming invasion. Any Townsfolk interested in signing on to the Liza's crew should just show up here, or send me a PM.))

2006-10-12, 12:20 PM
(Gwen and Jesion would like to join your crew :-) )

2006-10-12, 12:21 PM
(Kyrian will...if he's back in Town when you ship off. Oh, and Bolt ;D)

2006-10-12, 09:15 PM
Gwen, Jesion and Bolt set down lightly on the deck of the Liza Jane and look around. Gwen says loudly for anyone to hear Hello

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 09:23 PM
A cheerful dark-haired halfling steps up and bows deeply.

Welcome aboard, miss Gwen. I am Gaelon Halfpenn, second mate. Though you don't know me, the Captain often speaks of you and how deeply he appreciates your help in reclaiming his vessel. I take it you're here to join the ship in our defense of the Town?

2006-10-12, 09:25 PM
Yes, that's right. I have Jesion and Bolt with me as well, but we can all share one cabin.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 09:31 PM
Gaelon smiles broadly.

As you wish, miss. Certainly a person standing so highly in the captain's eye.. he suppresses a chuckle would be welcome to any accomodations she chooses, but I can appreciate your desire for coziness as well. If you'll please follow me, I'll show you to your cabin.

Gaelon gives Jesion a pat and waits to make sure Gwen is following him.

2006-10-12, 09:33 PM
Gwen follows with Jesion and Bolt

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 09:41 PM
Gaelon leads Gwen below, chattering all the way about the Liza, her equipment and crew, the weather, food, and anything else that comes to mind, finally ending at the door of a cabin on the maindeck.

I wish it were roomier, miss, but a warship isn't exactly built for comfort.

The cabin is indeed tight, but clean and well-cared for, and two portholes let in a pleasant evening sea breeze.

I'll let you get settled, miss, but I'm sure Jo-Ligh would love to speak with you once you've got a moment.

He bows with a flourish, salutes, and returns to the maindeck.

2006-10-12, 09:44 PM
Gwen goes in and Jesion and Bolt follow her in. She sets down her bag, staff, and scimitar and peers out of the portholes and sighs. Well Jesion and Bolt, we'll be here for the next little while. Feel free to explore the ship, but behave yourselves, as she shakes a finger at them sternly.

Jesion and Bolt both nod their heads yes

Jesion curls up on the bed while Gwen goes up to see the deck.

2006-10-12, 09:54 PM
Bolt follows Gwen, and sniffs at the air. He suddenly runs to the edge of the ship, and looks down at the water. A familiar figure is floating slightly above the water, looking up at the ship.

Hey Bolt....

2006-10-12, 09:58 PM
Gwen walks over to the side and looks where Bolt is and sees Kyrian Hello

2006-10-12, 09:59 PM
Kyrian vanishes appearing on deck. He wraps Gwen in a hug.

Good to see you again...

2006-10-12, 10:00 PM
She pushes him back a step and looks at him suspiciously How do I know you're the real Kyrian?

2006-10-12, 10:03 PM
It smells like the real one!

Feel free to cast an alignment check if you need. Um...let's see...I love Ceika, and that'll never change. I sacrificed myself for the people I care about against the Dark Saiyans, and then about a week later, I was returned to Town to help defend it.

2006-10-12, 10:07 PM
I don't have that spell. Where is Aramir at this moment? as she crosses her arms and waits for an answer.

2006-10-12, 10:08 PM
In your gardens, with Rain. He's about to roll over and lick her cheek.

2006-10-12, 10:10 PM
Gwen rushes back over and hugs Kyrian. I'm glad you made it back, I was worried.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 10:11 PM
Gaelon stops by and bows to Kyrian.

Excuse me, Kyrian, sir, but welcome aboard the Liza Jane. I am Gaelon Halfpenn, second mate. The captain has left explicit orders to welcome you, and offer you a rootbeer or anything else you might like.

2006-10-12, 10:12 PM
I'm back for now....I have to find a way to save my mother...

Kyrian turns to Gaelon

That won't be necessary...I plan on going to the Tavern soon.

2006-10-12, 10:13 PM
Your mother? I hope you can, if you need any help, just ask. as she steps back a pace.

2006-10-12, 10:15 PM
I will ask if help is needed. Thanks for offering...and if you don't mind, I'd like to borrow Bolt. We'll both be back to help.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 10:15 PM
Gaelon bows with a flourish. Very good, sir. And might I say, it's a pleasure to see you again. Miss. He nods to Gwen and walks back to his station on the quaterterdeck.

2006-10-12, 10:17 PM
Bolt is free to choose to go with you if he likes. But, I'm sorry but it's been a long day and I'm tired, I'll see you again soon? Gwen gives Kyrian another hug

2006-10-12, 10:18 PM
Yes you will. Bolt, let's go. Gaelon, pleasure to meet you. We'll be back to help with this, don't worry about that...

Bolt rubs against Gwen's legs, and then goes over to Kyrian. Kyrian bends downt to pet Bolt, and they both vanish.

2006-10-12, 10:20 PM
Gwen gives Bolt a scratch behind the ears and watches Kyrian and Bolt vanish. She heads back down to her cabin and cuddles up with Jesion, slowly both of them go to sleep.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-12, 10:33 PM
The Liza Jane rides gently at anchor, her veteran crew full of quiet anticipation of the coming action. They huddle in small groups, talking eagerly of the fun and riches sure to fall their way as they prepare the ship for her glorious outing. By daybreak there's not a square inch of the boat unpolished, unswabbed, or untidied. If the Liza is to go to battle, she'll do it smartly indeed.

2006-10-12, 10:41 PM
((Thriss will join the crew once he's stopped collapsing whenever he tries to walk.))

2006-10-13, 09:02 AM
Gwen gets up early and goes up to the deck. She finds an out of the way spot to watch the crew and the harbor.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 02:32 PM
Before long a massive figure steps over to Gwen. He is easily 8 feet tall and built like a truck. He smiles and extends a hand the size of a dinner plate.

They told me you arrived last night; I am Jo-Ligh, the ship's Weathermaster. I take it you, too are a follower of the Green?

2006-10-13, 02:45 PM
Gwen stands up and offers her daintier hand. I'm Gwen. I specialize in weather spells and I love to garden.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 02:51 PM
Jo-Ligh nods. I have heard of you and your prowess, of course. How do the nature spirits in your garden fare? There are so few here on this ship and of course none in the Town.

2006-10-13, 02:56 PM
I welcome whatever nature spirits wish to dwell in my garden. My garden is a place of peace and joy. Gwen smiles up at him.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 03:37 PM
Jo-Ligh smiles. I must visit you and speak with them, in that case. I have only spoken to spirits of the air and sea for so long. They're friendly enough, of course, but sometimes a bit flighty! His laughter booms across the bay. But in all seriousness, a good long talk with a spirit of tree or mountain would do me good. Yes, even though I'll have to pass through that wretched Town, I really must come visit your garden's spirits once we return.

2006-10-13, 05:41 PM
Gwen continues to smile. You're welcome to visit anytime I'm actually at home. :-) So what exactly do you do on the Liza Jane, I'm curious to know.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 08:33 PM
Jo-Ligh sits crosslegged on the deck to bring himself down to Gwen's height.

I am mostly responsible for the weather and sea surrounding the ship. I generally prefer not to cause too much disturbance in the natural patterns, but sometimes there's nothing for it. I also talk to the nature spirits surrounding the Liza Jane, to keep an ear out for things that might be interesting or dangerous to the boat.

He pats the enormous hammer over his shoulder.

And, of course, in boarding actions I have a role as well. Not unlike the Green herself, I am a servant of both death and life.

Jo-Ligh smiles at Gwen.

Tell me, Gwen, have you ever been to sea before?

2006-10-13, 08:36 PM
I've flown over the sea, but not for any long distances and I've never really been on a ship before. I must confess, I find it rather interesting. Gwen sits down on the deck.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 08:43 PM
Jo-Ligh nods.

My people, the giants of Serran, have long had an affinity for the sea. We once traveled great distances, exploring enormous oceans, but no more...I joined El Jaspero's crew as a way, perhaps, of honoring that ancient tradition. I will confess that sailing in a wooden box is not my ideal way of traveling, but it does get one into the deeper parts of the ocean, where the creatures are ancient and wise.

He smiles.

So, what brings a fellow servant of the Green to this ship in a time of war?

2006-10-13, 08:46 PM
I'm definitely interested in defending the Town, the place I live. I would hate to see it overrun and burned down. If they are coming from the sea, perhaps they can be stopped here.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 08:54 PM
Jo-Ligh grins wickedly.

Much as I despise the Town and its corruption of the natural order, I too would hate to see its people harmed. They're a good sort, generally. Especially for house-dwellers.

2006-10-13, 09:03 PM
Gwen smiles, I would prefer for my house and gardens to remain intact. I have quite a few friends in Town and would hate to see any of them harmed. I have quite a few weather spells that should help if there is a battle in the harbor.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 09:22 PM
I'm sure that will be most appreciated. My powers are much more localized, the ship and a few hundred yards around her at best. Even if we can't stop the invasion, I'm sure we'll make their landing hard-paid.

He pats his hammer and grins.

2006-10-13, 09:24 PM
Several of my favorite spells are best used outdoors with lots of space. Gwen grins at the thought

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-13, 10:26 PM
Jo-Ligh smiles.

Then the sea is the place for you, miss Gwen.

He sighs and stands.

I hope you will excuse me...I really must talk to the sea spirits and see if they've learned anything about this invasion fleet. Until we meet again, I thank you for talking with me.

He waves and walks to the bow of the boat, focusing his gaze out to the water.

2006-10-13, 10:28 PM
Gwen waves as he leaves, she gets up and goes back down below to her cabin. She crawls in bed and cuddles up next to Jesion and they both go to sleep.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 09:55 AM
A boat thumps into the Liza's side and her captain springs aboard, roaring for his sailors.

"All hands! All hands to raise anchor and make sail!"

He gathers his officers on the quarterdeck to make plans as the crew gets the frigate underway. As soon as her anchor clears the sea, the massive Weathermaster raises his hands and a brisk breeze fills the ship's sails. In a mere handful of minutes she underway and cleared for action.

2006-10-14, 09:59 AM
Gwen wakes up and grabs some breakfast on her way up to the deck. She looks around and watches the activity.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 10:03 AM
El J steps down from the quarterdeck to greet the druid.

"Gwen," he says as he embraces her. "I'm so glad you're here."

He waves to the horizon, thick with invading ships. "We seem to have rather a lot of work cut out for us, and we'll be glad for any help we can get. And...and once the dust-up's over...I have another matter I need help with, and I think you're the perfect person to ask about it."

2006-10-14, 10:06 AM
Gwen briefly hugs El J back and says Yup, looks like there is a bit to do out here, glad I came. :-) And of course I'm willing to help with anything you need, just let me know.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 10:14 AM
El J smiles, and then his smile broadens until he's practically glowing.

"Anything, Gwen? Including, say...babysitting?"

Gaelon's ears perk up as he passes by, and he scurries off with a grin.

2006-10-14, 10:15 AM
She looks at him in shock Did you say babysitting? Are congratulations in order?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 10:21 AM
The Pirate King blushes but beams with pride.

"I...I suppose they are. She told me just last night. I can't tell you how happy, how excited I am, Gwen. Every time I turn around she's changed my life in a new and more amazing way."

2006-10-14, 10:28 AM
Gwen smiles widely. I'm so happy for you El J, children add an extra dimension to your life that wasn't there before. I know you'll be floating on air for a long time. Her smile changes to a grin, Until, of course, you're waking up every three hours to feed your child. :-)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 10:53 AM
He smiles. "I know it sounds silly, but I'm looking forward to that too-"

He is suddenly cut off by the roar of a full double-broadside fired from the Liza's own guns. He looks around in shock; not only are they still out of range, but he never gave the order to open fire.

Janae appears from within the cloud of smoke and shake his hand. Many, many congratulations, sir. I hope you will forgive my exuberance.

El J grins and claps her on the shoulder as the crew roars its own salute. "Careful, Janae. You're bordering on a smile." She does not do so, but at least gives him a wink as she turns to order the guns reloaded.

The Pirate King turns back to Gwen with a smile. "We pirates do enjoy our celebrations, after all."

2006-10-14, 10:58 AM
Nothing wrong with a joyous celebration. :-) When do you think we'll be in range?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 11:09 AM
"Not long, now. A ship does make rather good time with Jo-Ligh aboard." He scans the horizon and quickly sums up the growing battle. "The shot will be flying thick and hard for a bit, Gwen. There's no shame if you want to go below."

He orders a slight course correction to the sailors at the wheel, then turns back to Gwen with a suppressed giggle.

"I'm going to be somebody's father, can you believe it?!?"

2006-10-14, 11:12 AM
Gwen gives a delighted laugh, It is hard to believe, but I'm delighted for you El J. I think I'll stay above, some of my best weather magic is meant for wide open spaces.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 11:17 AM
El J nods. "I figured as much, but I'd hate to have you try to stop a cannonball, so please...do me a favor and at least stay down when I tell you?"

2006-10-14, 11:27 AM
Gwen smiles Aye, aye Captain

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 11:35 AM
El J smiles, but there is a professional, serious cast to his eye. The invading fleet is looming closer by the minute, and will soon be in range of the Liza's outstanding gunnery.

"Jo-Ligh, more speed if you can. Helm, hold your course."

As you wish, Captain.

The ship's sails, already filled with a brisk breeze, begin to sing with the added wind pressure and the Liza leaps forward. The crew is at once delighted with the rush of speed and puzzled...the barky is, after all, rushing straight into the enemy's lines instead of turning to meet them. The old hands wink and grin. You just watch, me boys. The King's got summat up his sleeve, he does.

2006-10-14, 11:36 AM
Alarra comes out of their cabin and onto the deck looking for El J.

"Oh good, I didn't miss anything."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 11:39 AM
El J's lapel rose flashes a display of colors as he dashes to meet Alarra and takes her hand, finally settling on a red-and-white checkerboard pattern. "Love, it's...it's wonderful to see you here."

He winces as even his amulet tells him he's lying.

2006-10-14, 11:41 AM
"I'm sorry....I...I wanted to help."

2006-10-14, 11:42 AM
Gwen mentally reviews her spells and prepares to cast one

2006-10-14, 11:43 AM
[Crows Nest]
"Is the captain around?" the red thing says, landing beside the lookout and catching him as he nearly jumps out

The lookout swallows hard "On deck" he says

The red thing nods and jumps over the railing

"Hope I'm not too late to help" the red thing says, braking it's descent and landing lightly on the deck

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 11:47 AM
El J smiles, but worry still creases his brow.

"I know, darling, and I'm glad you're here. Really I am. I'm just..." He sighs and looks around. "I'm suddenly trying to reconcile the ideas of 'mother of my children' and 'flying cannonballs' and as it turns out that's a bit tricky."

He gives her hand a squeeze.

"But I really am happy to see you. You look wonderful this morning, even more beautiful than ever. I won't even try telling you what to do, but please, just...be safe, love."

El J salutes the red thing.

"Ahoy, chief." He nods to the approaching battle. "You're just in time, as it turns out."

2006-10-14, 11:50 AM
Gwen watches as they approach the enemy ships.

((finally I get to do some long range big weather/water spells :-) I won't sink your ship El J))

2006-10-14, 11:52 AM
Alarra kisses El J lightly on the cheek, "Don't worry, I'll stay very out of the way."

2006-10-14, 11:54 AM
Alex appears on the deck in a swirl of ice "Hi all"

2006-10-14, 11:55 AM
((Fireball and Lightning bolt at will should do some damage and red thing will be mostly immune to anything a ship can offer. Makes a change for it not to be up against a god or something similar))

"I've got no knowledge of naval warfare" the red thing tells El Jaspero, outlining some of it's powers that it thinks might help "I'll defer to your instruction in this"

It nods at Alex, remembering him from the drgon fight, but not actually knowing who he is.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 12:00 PM
"For now...stay down, and shoot bad guys if you can."

The Liza rushes headlong towards the enemy fleet, straight for a narrow gap between two battleships.

"Tessa! Crews to fire as they bear."

The ship's gunner salutes with a wicked grin. At last. She turns to the gun crews. Guns to fire as they bear, and an extra share to the crew that gets off two rounds.

((Okay, gang: for the sake of keeping things clean, now that the Liza is in action, all our fighting actions should be taken to this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=town;action=display;num=1160820483;s tart=0) (we arrive on page 3). We'll keep our chatter and socializing to the Liza thread we don't clutter up Clover's plot.))

2006-10-14, 02:41 PM
Gwen lands lightly on the deck of the Liza Jane. Jesion comes on deck to look around and Gwen looks around to see if anyone needs healing.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 02:42 PM
The battered Liza Jane suddenly finds herself in an empty sea strewn with wreckage and ice.

"Gods...look at it all..."

The Pirate King tears his eye away from the scene of devastation and orders the boats away to start gathering survivors.

Veg Sorbet
2006-10-14, 02:43 PM
Val looks around, grinning, taking in more of the detail. He nods. yeah, nice ship.

((wow. just realised how heartless that makes him sound...))

Soon, Val also notices the wreckage in the water, and leaves the ship again, hovering just above the water, searching for survivors.

2006-10-14, 02:43 PM
Cathrindir grimaces at the wreckage of the rebel ships floating away, then watches the Fortunian ships land on shore with a scowl. He begins helping survivors aboard.

2006-10-14, 02:44 PM
Alarra hurries about healing anyone that looks in need of it, and helping out any survivors that are dragged up onto the ship.

2006-10-14, 02:44 PM
Characters in this scene: Nemesia

Nemesia looks around, asking for the captain of the ship, they point her to El J and she heads towards him.

Good evening, captain, I'm Nemesia van den Vechte, paladin of the god of honor and capital punishment

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 02:48 PM
El J hauls a wounded invader aboard and turns to Nemesia, wet with seawater and the man's blood.

"El Jaspero, the Pirate King. You're a paladin? This man needs your help." He turns back to the rail and reaches for another survivor; the Liza's decks are quickly filling with wounded sailors from both sides of the battle.

Veg Sorbet
2006-10-14, 02:51 PM
In a flash of green light a small group of bedraggled, slightly startled, confuzed-looking people appear on the deck.

2006-10-14, 02:51 PM
Gwen walks around the deck, kneeling to heal anyone that needs it.

2006-10-14, 02:55 PM
Cathrindir begins healing any wounded survivors, pulling more up onto the deck.

Veg Sorbet
2006-10-14, 02:58 PM
In the distance, Val can be seen hovering over the water, moving slowly around. Occasionally, a flash of green light comes from his position, and a corresponding flash brings another cluster of people aboard.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 03:03 PM
As the ship continues to fill, El J quickly orders his crew to arm the surviving rebles, and have them disarm the surviving invaders.

"I have no idea what we're going to do with 'em all...but I won't leave them to die out here. If only we'd managed to disable a ship or two instead of just sinking them all..."

Luckily the Liza's boats do salvage a number of boats and even three pinnaces from the sunken fleets, creating quite a bit more room for the surviving sailors.

Veg Sorbet
2006-10-14, 03:07 PM
Val returns to the ship, looking exhausted, and carrying one last unconscious form. he places the body down across the edge of the ship, then falls into the water, as the gauntlets' power is suddenly cut off, and his ability to fly is lost.

Using the last of his own power reserves, Val teleports back aboard the ship, and slips into unconsciousness in a corner.

2006-10-14, 03:11 PM
Cathrindir walks over and heals the man Val placed aboard the ship.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 03:18 PM
Her rescue work at last finished, the Liza turns and makes sail for the Town's harbor, escorted by a cloud of small craft crammed with survivors. Her captain, at last satisfied that his wife is safe and uhurt, walks the ship gathering damage reports from his officers, then searches the ship for Alarra.

((Feel free to 'port back to Town if you want, folks; I will be off for the rest of the afternoon and evening, so the Liza will be at sea for at least that long.))

2006-10-14, 03:27 PM
He'll find Alarra off to one side of the deck, healing the worst of the wounded with whatever power she has left, having by this point healed a lot of survivors.

2006-10-14, 03:30 PM
Cathrindir steps off the ship with a nod to El Jaspero and everyone else, then walks back into the Town.

2006-10-14, 03:32 PM
Alex disappears from the ship in a swirl of ice

2006-10-14, 03:38 PM
Gwen and Jesion go back down to her cabin to rest and recover.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-14, 10:29 PM
The battered yet triumphant Liza Jane at last glides into the Town's harbor. Her weary crew moors the ship and, once the invading prisoners are seen safely away, sets to a well-earned rest.

El Jaspero and Alarra emerge from the cabin and make their way down the gangplank. He's still wearing a bloody, ragged coat and she looks utterly exhausted; it's hard to tell who's supporting who as they make their way down the streets.

Veg Sorbet
2006-10-15, 08:58 AM
Val slowly struggles back into consciousness, and looks around, trying to work out where he is. After a while, he manages to orientate himself, and slowly gets to his feet.

For a while, he stands on the deck, looking out over the sea, then disembarks.

2006-10-15, 09:09 AM
Gwen wakes up and feels the gentle rocking of the ship. She puts one arm around Jesion and goes back to sleep.

2006-10-15, 05:19 PM
Gwen wakes up and goes up to the deck to sit and watch the water. Jesion follows her and lies down next to her.

2006-10-15, 05:23 PM
Kyrian and Bolt appear on deck.

Gwen...I'm sorry I couldn't help in the battle yesterday.

2006-10-15, 05:25 PM
Gwen looks up at Kyrian, So where were you? as she scratches behind Jesion's ears.

Jesion looks over at Bolt

2006-10-15, 05:28 PM
I was helping a friend get used to the Town. Showing them around.

Bolt pads over to Jesion and licks her cheek.

2006-10-15, 05:29 PM
I was helping a friend get used to the Town. Showing them around.

Bolt pads over to Jesion and licks her cheek.

(( Showing her around. Not plural. ))

2006-10-15, 05:30 PM
So you'd rather NOT help in the defense of the Town?

Jesion swats playfully at Bolt

2006-10-15, 05:32 PM
I'm sorry Gwen, I had every intention of coming out...

Kyrian looks down at the deck. Bolt growls playfully, and swats back.

2006-10-15, 05:34 PM
Gwen just stares at Kyrian

Jesion rolls onto her back inviting Bolt to wrestle

2006-10-15, 05:36 PM
Kyrian looks up at Gwen. What?

Bolt pounces at Jesion, growling playfully.

2006-10-15, 05:38 PM
May I ask who this friend was and why they were so important? Gwen says with a stern look at Kyrian.

Jesion playfully turns the pounce into a roll

2006-10-15, 05:42 PM
Someone new. Arha. Asked if I'd give 'em a tour. I didn't want to give a bad first impression, so I agreed.

Bolt growls playfully as he suddenly finds himself pinned by his sister.

2006-10-15, 05:43 PM
Someone new. Arha. Asked if I'd give 'em a tour. I didn't want to give a bad first impression, so I agreed.

Bolt growls playfully as he suddenly finds himself pinned by his sister.

(( >_> <_<

See previous post. ))

2006-10-15, 05:47 PM
Gwen looks at him strange And who is Arha? I haven't seen anyone new around lately.

Jesion licks Bolts cheek and sits on him.

2006-10-15, 05:55 PM
Sensing he's trapped in a corner now, Kyrian sighs.

She said she's here on business. She's seemed really nice too, so when she asked, I didn't really see a problem with showing her around town. Like I said, I didn't want to be rude. I didn't even know the fight was going to happen yesterday until later in the evening.

Bolt squirms and smiles at Jesion.

Ah! you got me! hehe...

2006-10-15, 06:00 PM
Gwen stands up and goes over to stand right in front of him, So, a woman kept you from defending the Town from a large invading force?

Jesion giggles and lets Bolt up

2006-10-15, 06:07 PM
Gwen, I didn't know when the fight was going to take place. I'm sorry. If someone had told me, I would have come....

Bolt gets up and licks Jesion's cheek.

I love you sis.

2006-10-15, 06:10 PM
Kyrian, there was a 125ft tornado in the harbor, you can't tell me you missed THAT?

Jesion lies down and says I love you too, brother. :-)

2006-10-15, 06:13 PM
Sorry..I didn't see it...I bet it was great.

Bolt lies down next to his sister.

2006-10-15, 06:18 PM
Gwen balls up her hands into fists and stands right in front of Kyrian, So you missed the huge tornado, you missed the roar of cannons, you missed the smell of smoke in the air. All for a woman! You are just like your mirror self! She turns and goes over to Jesion, sitting down next to her, burying her face in Jesion's fur.

2006-10-15, 06:23 PM
Kyrian looks at Gwen.

Just like my mirror self...? Gwen.....what did he do to you...?

2006-10-15, 06:26 PM
Her voice is muffled, You should ask yourself what you're doing. Now go away.

2006-10-15, 06:30 PM
Kyrian falls to the deck, his back against the railing.

Gwen...it's not what you think....

2006-10-15, 06:33 PM
Gwen looks up with electricity apparent in her eyes, Go NOW, before I smack you.

2006-10-15, 06:40 PM
fine...Bolt, stay.

Kyrian vanishes.

2006-10-15, 06:43 PM
Gwen stays where she and puts her face against Jesion's fur.

2006-10-15, 06:45 PM
Bolt looks around, worriedly.

2006-10-15, 07:04 PM
Kyrian falls to the deck, his back against the railing.

Gwen...it's not what you think....

a figure stands in a mast, chuckling..
Yes, yes...keep going, Kyrian, just keep on fallling...

Then, the blue-hooded figure teleports away

2006-10-15, 07:34 PM
Gwen finally looks up and scratches behind Jesion and Bolt's ears. She turns and looks out at the water.


After the sun goes down, Gwen gets up and goes back down to her cabin, Jesion and Bolt follow her.

2006-10-16, 05:13 PM
Gwen climbs back up to the deck, she looks around and finds a sheltered spot to watch the rain.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-18, 06:59 AM
The Liza's captain stalks on board in the early morning grey. He goes straight to Janae, and they talk in low voices.

The Winding Deeps it is, sir. But the other part...

"Are you questioning my orders, Janae? I'll not have my decks sullied by either of them."

As you wish, captain. Good luck.

"Good luck to you as well, and godspeed."

El Jaspero leaves the ship, and Janae begins issuing her orders: the Liza Jane is to unmoor and head to sea ((Gwen: feel free to stay aboard or hop ashore as you choose)) and by order of the captain, the crew is to fire upon Kyrian or Eloquent_Rune should they be foolish enough to come in range.

2006-10-18, 10:13 AM
(Gwen will stay as will Jesion and Bolt)

Gwen will spend her days watching and helping in any way she can. She'll change into a hawk during the daylight and spend hours circling above the ship, keeping an eye out for anything hazardous. She'll use her weather sense to predict the weather and use her weather spells for anything they need.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-18, 10:44 AM
The Liza will be at sea for a few days, even with the weather prowess of both Jo-Ligh and Gwen. She's bound for a remote, obscure part of the ocean known as the Winding Deeps; though not the deepest reaches of the sea, their depths are extreme and guarded by a twisting labyrinth of ocean-floor crevasses and canyons.

Jo-Ligh is delighted to spend the time chatting with Gwen about weather and its interaction with the Green. If she's interested he'll happily introduce her to any number of deep-water nature spirits of sea and sky. Janae mostly looks worried, but sees to her duty attentively.

2006-10-18, 11:12 AM
((Nemesia's still here))

Characters in this scene: Nemesia

Wait, couldn't anyone wake me to tell me we're leaving, were are we going?

She says as she stands up from the ground, a serious water victim.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-18, 01:47 PM
Janae nods her head to Nemesia.

I'm terribly sorry you weren't notified, but the captain did order us to sail immediately. The Liza Jane willbe at sea some days, perhaps even a week. Should you wish to return to the Town, I will have Norman teleport you there.

2006-10-18, 10:10 PM
((Hey El J, would it be ok to have Thriss join the crew at some point? Part of his background is an agreement between his tribe and a port city, so he's really quite at home on a ship.))

2006-10-27, 03:56 PM
Gwen enjoys her chats with Jo-Ligh and enjoys the journey.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-27, 05:09 PM
Reduce sail.

Aye-aye, reduce sail it is.

The Liza Jane's sails are slackened a bit, and her speed reduces noticeably. Janae hurls a burlap sack over the side and, along with about half the crew, spits noisily into the ocean.

Jo-Ligh slides up to Gwen.

Don't worry, miss. They're not fouling the ocean, just cursing what has been cast into it. It's a sailor thing, I believe.

The frigate is soon underway again, and turns on her heel to head back for the Town.

2006-10-28, 07:52 AM
Gwen smiles and watches the waves, practicing some of her weather spells.

2006-10-28, 07:56 AM
Nemesia stands beside Gwen, she has removed her armor and is now in clothes similar to Gezina's

2006-10-28, 08:00 AM
Gwen looks over Did you need something?

2006-10-28, 08:02 AM
No, just looking at your magic. I've always been teached to have a healthy respect for druids, first at cleric school and later at paladin school.

2006-10-28, 08:04 AM
Gwen smiles I certainly enjoy casting weather spells. Although I try not to mess with the natural order to much. Mainly I control the weather over the gardens at my house.

2006-10-28, 08:06 AM
I only know how to kill and how to heal.

2006-10-28, 08:09 AM
Those are two very opposite things, killing and healing. I prefer healing and only kill if absolutely required

2006-10-28, 08:13 AM
As the paladin of the god of capital punsihment killing is something I had to learn, healing is almost always preferable.

2006-10-28, 08:16 AM
I didn't know there was such a god, what is this god's name?

2006-10-28, 08:18 AM
His name is erythnull.

2006-10-28, 08:21 AM
Interesting, never heard of him before

2006-10-28, 08:22 AM
The variant this world knows better is erythnull, the god of slaughter.

2006-10-28, 08:33 AM
He doesn't really sound like a god I would worship, no offense intended

2006-10-28, 08:36 AM
Well, technically they are not the same god, mirror world and all. I'm from what you call the mirror world.

2006-10-28, 08:37 AM
Oh, I didn't know that, how do you like this side?

2006-10-28, 08:38 AM
Well, it's different, people are mostly nice to eachother over here.

2006-10-28, 08:45 AM
yes, mostly nice. There is still some crime, but the GufiPolice chase after most of the criminals and then they bring them to my courtroom for trial.

2006-10-28, 08:46 AM
You're a judge? Not a corrupt one I hope.

2006-10-28, 08:49 AM
I don't think I'm corrupt, I let both sides bring their evidence and witnesses and listen to both sides. I only interupt when there is a problem with the line of questioning or the other side has a problem with the line of questioning. After I've heard everything, then I rule on the case. I do my best to be fair.

2006-10-28, 08:51 AM
Most of the judges I've met are fair unless you pay them not to.

2006-10-28, 08:54 AM
I do not take bribes of any kind, not even chocolate.

2006-10-28, 08:55 AM
Chocolate is tasty

2006-10-28, 08:58 AM
I love all types of chocolate, dark chocolate is the best.

2006-10-28, 09:02 AM
I prefer white actually.

2006-10-28, 09:06 AM
I have to say white is my least favorite. I like the chocolate chocolate shakes at the Milk Bar and Trog's has a good Hot Chocolate.

2006-10-28, 09:08 AM
Everybody his own tastes

2006-10-28, 09:09 AM
Yes, that is the wonderful thing about chocolate, there are many varieties to tempt all different tastes :-)

2006-10-28, 09:10 AM
Nemesia smiles and turns quiet

2006-10-28, 09:14 AM
Gwen turns her eyes back out to sea and watches the waves and the weather

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-28, 10:46 AM
Ahoy on deck! Something in the water, hard aport!

Damnation. All hands, look sharp!

A massive head atop a long, serpentine neck erupts from the sea a mere hundred yards from the frigate. It shakes itself in a spray of water and begins closing on the ship quickly.

Victor appears at Gwen's side. Oh, miss Gwen...a dragon turtle, and a big one at that. The Captain'll be annoyed something firece if we let his ship get sunk out here.

The crew scurries about, loading cannons and gathering weapons.

2006-10-28, 10:51 AM
Nemesia looks like she's happy about the distraction and starts to chant. After a while the lethiathan appears.

Good boy, come on, let me on!

Nemesia jumps on the leviathan and directs it to attack the turtle.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-28, 10:54 AM
The dragon turtle gives a startled burst of steam and dives back into the water.

2006-10-28, 10:55 AM
Nemesia casts a spell as the leviathan dives after the dragon turtle.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-28, 11:08 AM
The poor, scared dragon turtle flees deeper and deeper into the twisting maze of undersea caverns known as the Winding Deeps.

2006-10-28, 11:33 AM
Nemesia motions the lethathan to go back to the survace.

2006-10-31, 09:40 AM
Gwen comes out on deck after spending the night below with Jesion and Bolt. She changes into a hawk and takes to the skies

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-01, 11:54 PM
There is a freshening to the air, a change in the tasted of the seaspray. The sailors look to each other and smile, knowing they'll be home soon.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-02, 03:09 PM
"The ship ahoy!"

Ahoy, the boat!

A small sailing boat closes rapidly on the Liza Jane, which slows to intercept the tiny craft. As the boat's occupants are taken aboard Lothren's whistle tears the air followed by the cry Captain on deck!

This is really yours? You're an actual pirate captain?

El Jaspero bows with a flourish. "Aye, that I am." He waves magnanimously. "Ala, Kint, I bid you welcome to the Liza Jane."

It's beautiful. Can we look around?

The Pirate King smiles broadly. "Mister Halfpenn, see to stowing the boat on deck and then kindly give these children a tour of the vessel. Please send Janae to my cabin."

Gaelon gives his impish grin. Aye sir, stow and tour it is. Come along, children! He bounds off, giving the cheering kids a double handspring as he turns to rouse the crew. El Jaspero watches them go with a smile, then turns and heads into his cabin as the ship gets underway again.

((Quick post from work...I'm not actually here...))

2006-11-02, 04:10 PM
Gwen flies down to the deck and wildshapes back into herself. She smiles at the children's antics and goes off to play with them and keep them out of trouble.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-02, 06:25 PM
El J comes up on deck as the Liza glides into the Town harbor. He gives a start and runs to Gwen's side. "Gwen my dear, I had no idea you were still aboard or I'd have come to see you right away. How are you...and where are the children?"


The Pirate King screams in horror as Ala and Kint leap from the maintopmast, only to suddenly slow a few feet from the deck.

Yay, Sebacore is fun!

El J shoots the apprentice mage a withering look and takes the children to the bow, just a touch sternly. "Please, you two...don't ever do that again to me. And whatever you do, don't tell your Auntie Alarra about it. Now come along and watch the ship pull into the harbor."

We're sorry...are you mad at us, Uncle Captain?

The Pirate King takes a breath and smiles. "No, not mad. Just...please, be careful. You gave me quite a shock...and I'm such an old man!"

He grasps his chest and staggers about wheezing, much to the delight of Kint and Ala.

2006-11-02, 06:32 PM
I've been having fun playing with Ala and Kint. They stayed with me for a while. I've really enjoyed the voyage and no need to worry about me.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-02, 06:41 PM
El J groans to his feet and hugs Gwen. "Thanks, it sounds like they had a great time."

She talked to a bird and three fish!
And a turtle, don't forget the turtle.

The Pirate King smiles, listening eagerly to their stories of the afternoon with Gwen.

Drop anchor!

The Liza Jane's anchor drops with a tremendous splash, and the ship soon comes to rest in the Town harbor. El J orders the sailboat back into the water and prepares to take himself and the kids back to shore but pauses before hopping into the boat. "Coming along, Gwen?"

2006-11-02, 06:42 PM
Gwen grins, only if you have space for Jesion and Bolt as well?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-02, 06:46 PM
El J grins. "It'll be cozy, but we don't have far to go."

The kids shuffle around, happy to be crammed in the sailboat with Gwen and the kitties. El J raises the sail and the boat is quickly skipping across the water to the docks.

2006-11-02, 06:47 PM
Gwen enjoys the breeze and Jesion nudges Ala and puts her head on her lap.

2006-11-05, 12:20 AM
Thriss climbs aboard the ship. He seems happy to be on a deck again. He finds somewhere to sit, but helps out if needed.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-05, 12:37 AM
As the ship is docked, and it's night, there's not much going on but several of the hands warmly welcome Thriss aboard and show him around the place.

2006-11-05, 12:42 AM
Thriss gladly goes along with the tours. He's not going to jump off the maintopmast though. :smallbiggrin:

[I guess that's all for Thriss till morning. See you then.]

2006-11-05, 03:55 PM
Having thoroughly explored the ship by now Thriss feels that it is time to talk to Dovis. He walks around the ship looking for him, and asks a couple hands along the way if they know where he is.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-05, 04:02 PM
Dovis is quickly pointed out. There aren't too many 7-foot half-orcs on the ship to begin with.

Aye, so you're the new hand Janae told me about?

2006-11-05, 04:03 PM
Thriss nods. I is. Is told to report to you for work. You need I do something?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-05, 04:11 PM
Dovis chuckles. Aye, that we do. Since the barky's a'port for the time being, the old man wants us to rerig her, top to toe and stem to stern, lines, braces, canvas and all. Gettin' her winter wear, she is. So up you go, lad. The main-truck's callin' your name, whatever it is.

He hands Thriss a marlin-spike and starts climing aloft, not even waiting for him to follow.