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El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 03:31 PM

A modest building has sprung up, conveniently next to Alarra's Gems. A sign above the door proclaims it the Town College of Arms. El Jaspero, the Town's Master Herald, can often be found here consulting with the Town's citizens, helping them create and register their coats-of-arms. There are several NPCs scurrying about under his direction amid the stacks of papers and paint-strewn worktables, but only the female half-elf clerk Ioren can really help you much.

The Master Herald will be glad to consult with you, either in this thread or via PM. As this is often done more easily "live", he also suggests you IM him (<[email protected]> on MSN, <elpuque> on AIM) if that works for you.

As noted in the thread title, the Town College of Arms is presently seeking artists to render the blazons below into actual images. Ideally I think we're talking about avatar-ish sized images, probably in a OotS style, but as in all things it's open to negotiation.

Coats-of-arms still in need of emblazoning:
Gwen (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=169186#post169186)
Argentus (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=169352#post169352)
Xerillum (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1502497#post1502497) (pending motto)
Dispozition (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1616480#post1616480)

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 03:32 PM
The Rules of Heraldry in Town

For starters, I'd suggest checking out a book from the library (Friar and Ferguson's Basic Heraldry or Montcrief and Pottinger's Simple Heraldry are both good starters) or visiting the SCA's excellent online primer (http://www.sca.org/heraldry/primer/).

Please note that I am fairly lenient in matters of charges and colors when it's appropriate.

The minimum submission for a grant of arms is the shield design and a motto, but it may also include the helm, crest, mantling, and supporters if desired. Mottos can be in any language provided they're board-friendly and come with an English translation.

I will be expanding this section as necessary, but that should be enough to get you started.

Approved Augmentations of Arms
Members of the Town College of Arms may bear a chained heraldic rose beneath the shield as a badge of office. The Master Herald's is Or, upon a chain of the same; Associate members of the College of Arms may bear a rose of any heraldic color upon a chain Argent.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 03:38 PM

Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry (http://www.digiserve.com/heraldry/pimbley.htm) online; a wonderful resource for all those funny heraldic words.

François Velde's heraldica.org (http://heraldica.org/) is another great site; his illustrated glossary is very, very handy.

Those creating institutional coats might want to check out the International Civic Arms (http://www.ngw.nl/) website.

Holy crap! A whole lotta heraldry links (http://www.panix.com/~wlinden/heraldry.shtml). Beats me if they're any good.

Latin phrases (http://www.yuni.com/library/latin.html), always stylish for your motto.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 03:56 PM
El Jaspero sits at his desk working on a coat-of-arms. Being the first, it is naturally his own:

Sable, a skeleton Argent playing the banjo and over all on a canton Azure bordured Or three bear's heads caboshed of the third. Below the shield upon a chain Argent a rose Or for his badge of office and upon a scroll the motto AMOR VINCIT OMNIA*.


emblazoned by Alarra

*-"Love conquers all"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:11 PM
The Master Herald hands a sheet of paper to a passing apprentice, bearing the description for Destro's coat-of-arms:

Per bend sinister Azure and Sable, upon a cross formy a skull proper, and beneath a scroll bearing the motto MEMENTO MORI*.

The apprentice returns later and the Master Herald affixes his Seal of Office to Destro's grant of arms:


emblazoned by Destro

*-"Remember that you will die"

2006-10-15, 11:15 PM
((Thanks El J. Now I just have to make that in inkscape.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:23 PM
((Just make sure to send me the picture before you use it, Destro, so we can make sure we're in agreement.))

2006-10-15, 11:26 PM
((Right. The cross should be yellow or white right?))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:28 PM
((As presently specified it is white; if you want gold that's fine, I'd just need to change the blazon to match it.))

2006-10-15, 11:35 PM
Renrik enters the building, looking about at the assorted arms.

Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-10-15, 11:38 PM
((what does one need to make a coat of arms?))

2006-10-15, 11:39 PM
((White is fine.))

2006-10-15, 11:40 PM
((*yoinks &quot;Carpe Diem&quot;*)))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:40 PM
((what does one need to make a coat of arms?))

((some ideas and either a familiarity with the rules of heraldry or a herald and some flexibility, it's just that simple!))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:41 PM
Ioren looks up from her desk near the front door and greets Renrik. Hail and well met, sir. May I help you?

2006-10-15, 11:42 PM
((My family's Coat of Arms consists of three stag heads, facing to the left, two on the top and one on the bottom, bordered by checker-boards. Our family motto is Fotitudine Vincet. We come primarily from the border lands between Leinster and Munster. Cookie to whoever can figure out the family.))

Renrik looks over to Ioren, then back to the heraldic devices, his eyes glazed, his mind lost in a sea of memories.


El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:47 PM
In the shop's background, a herald begins working on Kyrian's coat-of-arms:

Argent, two revolvers in saltire before a sword palewise tip to base, all proper, and beneath the shield a scroll bearing the motto CARPE DIEM*.


emblazoned by Ceika

*-"Sieze the day"

((And it would appear that you are a Doyle, Renrik?))

2006-10-15, 11:50 PM
((Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam - I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head))

2006-10-15, 11:52 PM
((That I am. It's chocolate chip, by the way.))

The assassin's eyes rest firmly on the coat of arms of El Jaspero.

...Johansson!, he mutters. But that means...

Renrik takes one more look to comfirm the sight, and then, suddenly somewhat self-aware, flees the scene.


El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-15, 11:56 PM
Ioren waves to Renrik as he departs.

It's really not that difficult, sir! Just a bit of patience is all that's required...do come back soon!

2006-10-16, 12:51 PM
A shadowy figure moves among the streets, and stops when he comes to the alleyway beind the Arms College. The man stops, and looks about quickly, hiding from a pasin pair of elves. The sneak grins and waits for them to pass, then places his hand on the wall and mutters a few words. He climbs easily up the wall, and sneaks into a window. Ariving in the Master Herald's office, he grins once more, and scans the room. He checks the desk for any traps, then commences to search about. Finding the papers he needs, on family history and genology, he grins once more, finds the part he needs, and scans it quickly. He places the papers back and puts all as it was before, then leaps from the window, dissapearing into the streets below.

2006-10-16, 02:45 PM
Alarra comes in, having finished up work in the shop for the day and kisses El Jaspero hello. &quot;You really are quite the impressive one...running a tavern, ship and this place.&quot;

&quot;I'm just going to sit over at this little table and read some of these books and see if I can figure out what it is you're up to over here, if that's alright.&quot;

2006-10-16, 02:52 PM
Kezo wanders in
I don't remember this being here...I'll look again later...
He heads out of the building

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-16, 04:48 PM
El swings past Alarra's table, his arms draped with books and scrolls. He kisses her forehead and smiles.

&quot;You, my dear, are welcome wherever you want to be. Hell, you could lie in the middle of the floor...&quot; his lapel rose sparkles a bright coral pink for a moment &quot;Ahem. Yes, well...make yourself comfortable wherever you'd like, my staff is at your command.&quot;

He turns to go, but stops.

&quot;It's the strangest thing...I was just upstairs and there was something odd about my office. Almost like it had been rifled and carefully reset. But what sort of fool would search an empty desk?&quot; He shrugs and heads back to see how the apprentices are coming along.

((yeah, sorry Renrik...El J keeps his geneaology in his head, not his desk.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-16, 08:11 PM
El J returns to his desk, and writes out a blazon for Gwen:

Bleu-Celeste, a cloud proper in chief and before all a japanese maple tree upon a mount in base also proper. Beneath the shield a scroll bearing the motto TEMPESTAS VENIT ET PERICVLVM APPROPINQVAT*


emblazoned by Destro

*- "The storm is up, and all is on the hazard"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-16, 08:14 PM
The then writes up a blazon for Fenric:

Ermine, a bend Sable with three fox-heads affronty Argent palewise, and below the shield a scroll bearing the motto GLORIA VIRTVIS VMBRA*.


emblazoned by Fenric

*-"Glory is the shadow of virtue"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-16, 08:28 PM
El J finally buckles down and cranks out a blazon for Argentus:

Quarterly Gules and Argent; in chief two dragons counterchanged, and in base two pairs of sabres in saltire also counterchanged. Atop the shield a knight's helm Or mantled Gules and Argent, and below the shield a scroll bearing the motto SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLVM*.

*-"If you want peace, prepare for war"

2006-10-16, 10:34 PM
((Damn. I guess I'll have to try a more direct approach.))

2006-10-17, 04:17 PM
El J finally buckles down and cranks out a blazon for Argentus:

Quarterly Gules and Argent; in chief two dragons counterchanged, and in base two pairs of sabres in saltire also counterchanged. Atop the shield a knight's helm Or mantled Gules and Argent, and below the shield a scroll bearing the motto SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLVM*.

*-&quot;If you want peace, prepare for war&quot;

((I really like the blazon. Thanks El J :).))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-17, 06:38 PM
((I really like the blazon. Thanks El J :).))

((That's the goal, after all. Glad you like it!))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-17, 07:20 PM
El J sits at his desk. He carefully prepares a new pen, as he wants to get this blazon right. After a moment of concentration, he writes up a coat-of-arms for Alarra:

Purpure, a lily proper and upon a chief Vert four estoiles Argent. Below the shield a scroll bearing the motto ORSA DE NOVO*.


emblazoned by Alarra

*-"Beginning anew"

2006-10-17, 07:21 PM
Ekrath walks in a pastes a sign on the wall

People of the town! A large demon with insane power has escaped from our mansion. We need adventurers to help us. The demon has so much power it has attained divine rank 1 as a demigod. He has about 150 followers. All willing to help meet at my mansion in 3 days. He then leaves

2006-10-18, 03:50 AM
((Just throwing this out there: I'm not a particularily good artist, but I can do heraldry if you need me to.))

2006-10-18, 04:23 AM
((Wait, so I'm confused, we tell you what specifics we want, you design it, and someone else draws it, right?))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-18, 06:33 AM
((Wait, so I'm confused, we tell you what specifics we want, you design it, and someone else draws it, right?))

((Basically, I am here to help you negotiate the rules and language of heraldry, so that you can create a coat-of-arms that is both pleasing to you and heraldically correct. The design is something we work up together, based upon your ideas and/or my suggestions.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:03 PM
The Master Herald walks in and sits at his desk. Dozens of sheets of blank paper return his stare. He picks up a pen but writes nothing and just looks out the window sadly.

2006-10-29, 04:10 PM
((I've run over the rules a few times, and tested out making a few random images, and I think I've got the hang of it. If anyone wants their coat of arms picture-i-fied, I can do it))

2006-10-29, 04:12 PM
Destro pops into existence just outside the college. He pushes the door open and walks inside. Hello?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:16 PM
Ioren looks up from her desk.

Hail, and well met! Welcome to the College of Arms, how may I help you?

2006-10-29, 04:17 PM
Ah, Hello. I'm just checking in to see if my request has been processed yet.

((Finally got around to having Destro collect it IC...))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:24 PM
Ioren smiles. I'll need to check with the Master Herald. Would you care to come with me or just wait here?

2006-10-29, 04:26 PM
I'll go with you. My name is Destro, if that information is required.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:32 PM
Ioren smiles. This is a public service, good sir, not a bank. Please follow me.

She leads Destro through the College, past several tables crammed with apprentices working away at stacks of paper before them. A staircase in the back leads up to a second-floor hallway, and Ioren knocks on the door at the end.

Sir? A Mr. Destro is here to see you regarding his Grant of Arms.

El Jaspero turns from the window. "What? Oh, yes. Please...show him in, Ioren."

2006-10-29, 04:33 PM
Destro walks in. Hello El J. I was just checking in to see if my Grant has been approved.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:42 PM
El J looks at Destro a bit distractedly, then blinks a couple times. "Yes, sorry Destro. I have it right here."

He walks over to a flat file and starts rummaging through it; after a few moments he produces a piece of parchment:

Per bend sinister Azure and Sable, upon a cross formy a skull proper, and beneath a scroll bearing the motto MEMENTO MORI.


He smiles and hands it to Destro.

"I'm sorry I didn't get it to you earlier. It's just...it's been a strange bit here. I hope it's what you wanted?"

2006-10-29, 04:47 PM
Perfect. Thanks El J. Destro takes the parchment. How are you and Alarra doing?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:50 PM
The Pirate King sighs and sits back down at his desk, waving Destro into a chair.

"It's that obvious, is it? Please, have a seat...can I offer you something?"

2006-10-29, 04:54 PM
Fireamber, if you have it. Destro sits in the proffered chair. It was apparent that something was troubling you, though I didn't know what.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 04:57 PM
El J nods and pulls a bottle from his desk drawer. He pours Destro a glass of fireamber and looks at it wistfully, but passes it without pouring another.

"It's...she's worried. This whole thing with that creep Eloquent Rune has her on edge. She's scared that something will happen to us, or even worse to our daughter, that we're fools for thinking we can raise a child here."

He runs a hand through his hair. "And part of me thinks she might be right."

2006-10-29, 05:04 PM
Destro takes the glass. It seems that everyone here has problems these days. I think you'll be fine though. He pauses to take a sip of wine. What's the old saying? Love conquers all? He smiles. I like being able to count myself amongst your friends, El J. If there's any way I can help I will.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 05:09 PM
El Jaspero smiles at Destro's observation.

"That it does, and thanks. It's nice to know I can count on you, and I hope you feel the same."

He sighs. "It's just...I've never done this before. I don't know how to disagree with a woman that I love, that I want to keep spending my life with. I've always just...walked away, I suppose. And I can't do that. I'd..." He blinks and looks out the window. "I'd rather die."

2006-10-29, 05:15 PM
I can't tell you what's right, but I can tell you what I would do. I know you love Alarra, and I know she loves you back. What I would do in your position is just tell the truth. Say that you think it's possible to stay here. You've got friends here that you can count on for help, or just to talk to when you aren't sure about the world. It's a complicated place, and no-one can take it alone for long.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 05:21 PM
El Jaspero thinks a bit, and the living rose in his lapel fades to a soft, deep crimson.

"I know, I know she loves me. I think that's what makes this hard on both of us...the uncertainty, the worry...the disagreeing. I hate upsetting her, I feel like I'm letting her down. And the worst part is that she's right! This Town is a terrible place to raise a child!"

2006-10-29, 05:26 PM
You've got time to think about it El J. Fenric managed it, I think Illias has some kids of his own. If you have to though you could always raise your child somewhere else. You're a sailor, you must have a ship.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 05:31 PM
"I know, that's true. But...but this is where we live. This is our community, our friends live here. I've never had that before, and Alarra hasn't at least since before she was a deity."

He takes a sip from the mug of tea on his desk.

"And of course I'd leave in an instant if that's what Alarra wanted, if that's really what she asked of me. But she hasn't said that. She's just worried, and scared, and I feel like I can't do anything about it."

He rolls his eye. "Hell, I'm terrified to be having a baby at all, much less in this place. I'm going to be someone's father? I can't think of anything I want more, but at the same time it scares me witless. Do you have kids, Destro?"

2006-10-29, 05:39 PM
Destro lowers his eyes. No, I don't. He looks up again. It's been years, El J. Years since I last felt love. I'm probably not the most qualified to be talking about it, but like I said. I'm your friend, and I'll help if I can. He smiles. I think you'll be a fine father.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 05:43 PM
"I'm sorry, Destro. I shouldn't have pried, forgive me."

His eye brightens nonetheless. "You really think I'll make a good father?"

2006-10-29, 05:50 PM
Of course. I always forgive my friends. And I do think you'll be a good father. To tell the truth you remind me a little of mine.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 06:08 PM
El J's eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

"Really? That's a first...usually I remind people of bandits or hillbillies. What was your father like?"

2006-10-29, 06:16 PM
He was a friend to everyone. He never got angry that I can remember, and he usually smiled. Always carried his axe. He was a woodcutter. Sometimes took me with him when I was younger. Destro sips his wine and smiles. That's all I can remember about him.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 06:28 PM
El Jaspero smiles. "He sounds like a good man. I'm sure he was...or is? proud of you, Destro."

2006-10-29, 06:31 PM
Was. Destro stares at the glass of wine. And thank you.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 06:41 PM
El J nods and refills Destro's glass.

"You learn not to make assumptions around here. I keep forgetting that Alarra, though now a mortal, is some-odd thousands of years old."

He chuckles. "It's a funny place, this Town of ours."

2006-10-29, 06:45 PM
It is, isn't it? I'm glad I came here though. My life has become so much more interesting.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 06:53 PM
El J raises an eyebrow.

"Coming from you, that's saying something. You're a powerful and well-traveled wizard, after all. Not to mention the whole, ah...not-being-dead thing."

2006-10-29, 07:02 PM
Yes, although the not-being-dead thing started after I got here. Powerful and well-traveled wizard I won't disagree with. Destro smiles. It feeds my ego.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 07:09 PM
"Really? One gets so used to undead wizards being ancient...there I go, making assumptions again. I'll learn one of these days."

He sips his tea and his face brightens. "How's the document copying business coming along?"

2006-10-29, 07:12 PM
I am only 42. My business is doing fine. I've had a couple orders, but I've mostly just been using it as a house, and somewhere I can talk to people without being overheard. Destro seems to be quite happy with the change of subject.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 07:20 PM
"Only 42? Well you hardly look a day over 400."

El Jaspero chuckles and sips his coffee. "And I'll certainly agree with you, it's nice having a house. I sort of have two now...three even, when the Liza's in port."

He thinks a moment. "I hope they haven't sunk or anything."

2006-10-29, 07:22 PM
Destro laughs. No doubt. I'm sure they haven't sunk though. I think I saw your ship in port once. Was it the one with the Darkwood hull?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 07:30 PM
The Pirate King beams proudly. "Aye, that's the one. Darkwood sides and ironwood beams, fast as a hawk and deadly as one too. It's just strange, owning the boat and not being aboard it. Not that I don't trust Janae, mind you. She's brilliant, the finest I've seen since Ceika served under me. And it's not like I don't have plenty to worry about already..."

2006-10-29, 07:34 PM
It was a very nice looking ship. I suppose it would be odd to not be on it when it's at sea, especially if you're a sailor. I'm not. I've been to sea once and it was an er... "unpleasant" experience.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 07:42 PM
"Unpleasant? I'm sorry to hear that, but the sea can be a dangerous place indeed. I hope you weren't attacked by pirates? And if so I really hope they weren't any of mine."

2006-10-29, 07:46 PM
Nothing like that, my friend. Destro laughs. I got seasick. He sips his wine and grins.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 07:57 PM
The Pirate King joins in the laughter.

"Well, good. Nothing to be ashamed of, it even happens to the occasional old salt now and then."

He looks out the window. "Gods, it's gotten late. Destro, I'm sorry...but I should really get home and see if Alarra's eaten dinner yet. She barely ate breakfast and gets forgetful about things like that when she's upset."

He stands and puts on his coat. "I'm sorry to beg your forgiveness again, and can't thank you enough for talking to me. You're really helped me get some things clear in my head. Please, make yourself at home here; Ioren will be glad to help if you need anything, but I really must get home."

El J tips his hat to Destro and ducks out of his office; there is a clatter of boots on the steps, and then he's out on the streets.

2006-10-29, 08:01 PM
No problem El J. Destro finishes his fireamber and uses prestidigitation to clean the glass. He sets it down on the Desk and stands up. And thank you for the offer, but I ought to be going as well. He pops out of existence.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 10:07 PM
El J and Alarra enter the darkened College of Arms, holding hands and smiling in each other's eyes.

{Celestial} "Let there be light."

The room is immediately filled with a soft light glowing warmly off the various wooden worktables and files. The Master Herald leads Alarra through the work area and upstairs to his office.

"Here we are." He clears off his own worktable as Alarra pulls up a pair of chairs, and they sit down to dinner.

"Alarra," he says as he pours two glasses of sparkling cider. "You seem to have lost your burden of worries. I'm glad to see it, but ...but what changed your mind?"

2006-10-29, 10:36 PM
Alarra sips the cider and gives him a bright smile,
"It just seems silly to worry about this now, I mean, there's still quite awhile before I actually have Agneta and all....and, I upset you, I didn't want to upset you."
It's apparent, even while Alarra smiles and gives El J a kiss, that she is still in fact very much worried, in spite of how she is appearing at the moment.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 10:44 PM
El J hand her a plate of tasty, hot gyro and delicious Greek salad.

"Alarra, darling...please. It's still bothering you, clearly. Can't we talk about this? You mean so much to me, Alarra...I want to... How can we help each other if we hide our feelings from each other?"

He puts a gentle hand on her arm.


2006-10-29, 10:49 PM
"I don't know what there is to talk about, really. I mean, you're certain that she will be safe, and so, I will trust you to make it so. Of course I'm still going to worry. What mother wouldn't?"

She takes her plate and begins to busy herself moving the salad around.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 10:59 PM
"But if you're-"

El J sighs and touches her cheek. "Alarra...we both know I can't protect our daughter every moment. Only a fool would believe that. But I still know she'll be safe."

2006-10-29, 11:03 PM
Alarra looks up into his eyes, the worry she'd been trying to hide all evening, now clearly evident on her face, "How do you know?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 11:11 PM
El J looks longingly into her eyes.

"I can't believe it was right in front of me all this time...it took Destro to point it out to me:

Amor Vincit Omnia

She will be protected by love, Alarra. And not just ours...we are surrounded by people that love us, people that would risk anything for us and that beautiful girl. We aren't in this alone, my love. This place is full of danger and madness...but it's also full of loyalty and love."

2006-10-29, 11:17 PM
Alarra considers his words, thinking of the wolves, leopard, lion, and apparently now terrasque, who have taken to protecting her shop, and how quick everyone was to jump to her defense when Eloquent Rune attacked her.
"There are a lot of people here that care about us, that's true....and anywhere else we would consider going wouldn't be without its dangers as well." she muses.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 11:23 PM
"No, it wouldn't. The Northlands King, or any number of captains or town governors, could come hunting for me anywhere...and we don't even know what sort of trouble might follow you, my mysterious beauty. But a new place wouldn't have Thecla, it wouldn't have Amiria, or Trog, or Destro, or Cathrindir, or Gwen, or Atreyu...I could go on, but I think you get the idea. The love of our friends is a defense more powerful than any wall or ward, Alarra."

2006-10-29, 11:26 PM
A note slips under the door.

To El Jaspero,

I hope this gets to you okay. This is Kenyon, the man you spoke to the other day, with the missing shop. Anyways, I'm assuming that you're busy, but if you have time, I may need some help at the docks. I've found the people responsible for taking my shop, and I believe I'm going to be severely outnumbered. Any help I could get would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


2006-10-29, 11:33 PM
"True enough....and....I would rather hate to leave all of them." Alarra takes another sip of cider.

"Okay...I suppose we are probably safer here than anywhere else, and I should stop this insane worrying. I'll try?"

She smiles up to him, and raises her glass, "To the love and caring inherent in this town, hidden as it may be to the common passerby."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 11:44 PM
El J raises his glass. "And to you, my love, whose concern for her daughter is perfectly reasonable and in fact rather charming."

They clink glasses and sip.

"Now, Alarra, love of my life...will you please eat something? It is, after all, for Agneta's health."

2006-10-29, 11:49 PM
"Oh, right..." Alarra laughs and starts to eat her dinner.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-29, 11:58 PM
El J smiles and, after a moment of gazing upon Alarra adoringly, begins to eat as well.

Thank you.

2006-10-30, 12:05 AM
As the couple finishes their meal, Alarra notices how late it has become.

"Oh, we should get you home to bed....I may have slept the day away, but you were up early."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-30, 12:11 AM
El J smiles as he guides Alarra back to the door.

"Yes, but you're sleeping for two...or something like that..."

He pauses at the door, {Celestial} "Wax off" and the College of Arms is again shrouded in darkness. He closes and locks the door and the pair walk back to the jewelry shop, happily holding hands.

2006-10-31, 11:49 PM
The group of trick-or-treaters don't move far, just right next door.

Oooh, we've never been here before!
It's a new building

Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!

They pound on the door enthusiastically.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-10-31, 11:54 PM
The door opens to reveal a surprised half-elf.

Good evening? Ioren takes in the scene as El J gives her a significant look. Erm, yes...please do come in, children. She holds the door as Kint and Ala bound into the College of Arms.

What is this place anyway? It smells like...paper?

Yeah, and paint or something.

2006-10-31, 11:58 PM
It's the college of arms. El J here, helps people make coats-of-arms, like this... Alarra points out a random drawing that's hanging around. See, it means...

Uh huh....is there candy? Kint interrupts.
Kint! Don't be rude.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-01, 12:05 AM
Ioren shifts nervously.

Candy? I, uhm...we don't have much candy, I'm sorry to say. She quickly steps over to the nearest apprentice's worktable. But we do have, uhm...art kits! Look...colored pencils, paint bushes, bottles of all these colors of inks and paint...

She sweeps a generous pile of art supplies into the two paper bags El J surreptitiously hands her and gives them to Kint and Ala, along with two pads of watercolor paper.

2006-11-01, 12:09 AM
Oh fun! Thanks!
Sure haven't gotten that much candy tonight
Sorry, sorry...thanks, these are very cool.
And you just took half a bowl from Alarra's anyway
Kint just grins.
Thanks Ioren, we'll get out of your way now. Alarra herds the kids back outside.

2006-11-01, 06:42 PM
A NPC walks in and delivers a scroll with Xerillum's coat of arms on it. he then runs away.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-01, 06:45 PM
The Master Herald can hardly wait to see what this coat-of-arms is actually supposed to look like.

2006-11-01, 07:18 PM
it's half gold, half jet black.

2006-11-01, 08:03 PM
((Thats a bit ordinary))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-01, 08:47 PM
((Simplicity in heraldry is a beautiful thing, dear Vael))

El J ponders the image, trying to figure out which way he's supposed to look at it. That would, after all, tell him whether the shield is divided vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and which of the two halves was which color.

2006-11-01, 09:13 PM
the NPC pops his head back in. "Oh, it's vertically divided. I got half my brain sucked out by a mindflayer last week."

2006-11-01, 09:14 PM
((Which color on which side?))

2006-11-01, 09:36 PM
Gold on the left

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-02, 07:56 PM
The Master Herald is glad to write up a nice easy one for Xerillum:

Per pale Or and Sable.

He chews his pen and mutters, "Now if only he had a motto..."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-03, 02:34 PM
El Jaspero sits at his desk, carefully studying a sealed scroll case. After a moment he rises and locks the door. He removes his eyepatch and sits back down, peering intently at the locked box bearing his own name.

2006-11-05, 08:03 PM
A masked figure walks by the colledge, stares at it intently, and continues on his way.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-06, 12:08 PM
El J stands up from his desk and reties his eyepatch. He stretches, then puts the ornate scroll case in his coat pocket and leaves.

2006-11-06, 06:27 PM
Alarra and El J, suddenly remembering they have reservations at the new restaurant down the street, hurry outside hand in hand.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-07, 05:42 PM
The Master Herald stands and stretches, then heads downstairs. "Goodnight, Ioren."

Ioren smiles from her desk. Good night, sir.

El J puts on his coat and heads down the street for home.

2006-11-14, 12:44 PM
A rat scurries into an alleyway on the opposite side of the street. It finds a large nook in a wall and waits there, it's gaze fixed on the colledge.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-14, 01:14 PM
Ioren returns from her lunch break. She looks over her shoulder suspiciously, but can't quite put a finger on what's bothering her.

I'm sure it's nothing. she mutters and heads inside.

2006-11-15, 12:51 PM
The rat continues his vigil over the establishment.

2006-11-18, 06:33 PM
Thecla goes into the College of Arms and crawls under El Jaspero's desk to think for a while.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-18, 07:08 PM
Ioren steps into the office and gives a startled gasp. Oh, excuse me miss. I just thought I heard something up here...and clearly I did. Is there anything I can help you with?

2006-11-18, 07:11 PM
Thecla looks up, I just miss El Jaspero, so I came to lie under his desk.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-18, 07:14 PM
Ioren smiles a bit sadly. We miss him, too. I'm sure he'll be back soon, once he and Alarra are finished doing whatever it is they ran off to do. You're welcome to come and go here freely, of course, Master Jaspero gave explicit orders to that effect. Can I get you anything while I'm up here?

2006-11-18, 07:15 PM
Thecla's tail wags, Maybe a bowl of water?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-18, 07:21 PM
But of course!

Ioren steps into the lounge off El J's office and returns with a bowl of water for Thecla. She gives her a pet as she stoops to set the bowl on the floor, then stands with a smile.

I'll be downstairs if you need anything else, miss. But please, do feel free to visit us as often as you like, and please do let me know if I can do anything else for you. She waves and heads back downstairs.

2006-11-18, 07:25 PM
Thank you, Thecla calls after her. She laps up some water and curls up under the desk.


Later Thecla gets up and laps up the rest of the water and 'ports out.

2006-11-27, 05:46 PM
((I need no motto!))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-27, 05:52 PM
((The Master Herald begs to differ.))

2006-11-27, 05:53 PM
((The customer's alway's right!))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-27, 06:00 PM
((Except when the customer is wrong.))

2006-11-27, 06:03 PM
((but then why do a lot of people say it if the customer, who is PAYING you, might I add, is wrong?))

2006-11-27, 06:19 PM
((Which reminds me. I agreed to do some of these if needed.))
((Is this what you wanted? http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n199/ArtemistheHunter/XerillumsCOA.gif))

2006-11-27, 06:21 PM
((Yep. thanks.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-27, 11:44 PM
((but then why do a lot of people say it if the customer, who is PAYING you, might I add, is wrong?))

((Because bearing a coat-of-arms is a privilege, not just some service you pay for. A motto has been one of the required elements for a complete grant of arms for hundreds of years...who am I to argue with that?))

2006-11-28, 08:49 PM
Gwen walks into the College and finds a seat to wait, Jesion and Bolt follow her in.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-28, 11:30 PM
Ioren returns to her desk, wiping her hands. Gwen, it's good to see you. How may I help you?

2006-11-29, 05:41 AM
((...Ok...How do you do this? Because I sure as hell want a coat of arms..))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-29, 11:32 AM
((...Ok...How do you do this? Because I sure as hell want a coat of arms..))

((It's easiest to do via chat. Ping me tonight.))

2006-11-29, 11:34 AM
to Ioren, Just checking on the progress of my coat of arms.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-29, 07:40 PM
Ioren smiles. Your coat-of-arms is complete and approved; we're just waiting for an apprentice do blazon it well enough to present it. Hopefully it won't take too much longer.

((right, guys?))

2006-11-29, 07:47 PM
Thank you Ioren. I know it'll look great.

2006-11-29, 08:22 PM
((I'll take a stab at it. All I need to know is what it should look like in english. I'm not good with all these heraldic terms. I've figured most of it out, I just need to know what that bit about the mount on base is.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-29, 08:39 PM
((I'll send you an english version tonight, Destro. Just please send images to me before posting them in the thread in the future.))

2006-11-29, 08:44 PM
Wayril comes in from the street carrying two sheilds. I would like to register my coat of arms. I also will plan to register Murbog's coat of arms, but I lost him somewhere in the street. Furthermore I would like to offer his service as an artist if you are in need of assistance. He needs to stop burning up his money in the bar.

((I'm a little confused as to what this is))

2006-11-29, 08:56 PM
Gwen waves goodbye and all three of them leave.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-29, 09:18 PM
The Master Herald bustles through the room. "Ahoy there, Wayril. Give me just a moment if you please."

He hands a piece of paper to a scribe, bearing the blazon for Dispozition's coat-of-arms:

Argent, a pile Vert. Upon the pile an eagle displayed and elevated, a harp and a fusil all of the first, and over all in base a chevronel Vert counterchanged in the pile. Beneath the shield a scroll bearing the motto THE BATTLE WITHIN.

He turns to Wayril. "Now, how may I help you?"

((Wayril, if you do AIM or MSN it'd be easier to do this via IM. If not we can make it work here, too.))

2006-11-29, 09:32 PM
((Sorry I think I offered my services too soon. I'm reading the stuff now. I'll be able to help eventually I'm just busy reading the blazoning stuff. I'm kmartyr on aim, but I think I should figure this out soon. If this involves lots of Latin that'll make me happy because I haven't been able to put my 4 years of latin to good use yet.))

Greeting's Master Herald. I believe I have a pupil who could be of assistance. I will send him over when he returns.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-29, 09:46 PM
El Jaspero smiles and nods. "Most excellent. The College of Arms is open to any and all. Might I ask your friend's name?"

2006-11-29, 09:58 PM
His name is murbog. He's a large half-orc, he will be glad to help out.

((I read the emblazoning thin and I think I know what to do now. I was able to figure out the begginer and Intermediate ones, so I think I'm capable of doing these. I'll IM you tomorrow or Fri. with any questions.))

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2006-11-29, 10:04 PM
((Sounds good.))

"Ah, Murbog. I've heard quite a bit about him. I look forward to meeting the fellow."

2006-11-29, 10:08 PM
((Sorry I think I offered my services too soon. I'm reading the stuff now. I'll be able to help eventually I'm just busy reading the blazoning stuff. I'm kmartyr on aim, but I think I should figure this out soon. If this involves lots of Latin that'll make me happy because I haven't been able to put my 4 years of latin to good use yet.))

(( You can always put Latin to good use. :amused: ))

2006-11-30, 12:29 AM
((I'll send you an english version tonight, Destro. Just please send images to me before posting them in the thread in the future.))

((I will. You weren't on, and I wanted to make sure that was what Zerillum wanted so I could change it if he didn't like it. That particular picture is in OOC brackets, so not official yet. I'll remove it if you want))

2006-11-30, 09:58 PM
Wayril finally walks to the door. I'll send Murbog by when I find him.

((I'm pretty busy with a lot of my own stuff, but I can make coats of arms if you get really backed up))

2006-12-15, 02:12 PM
Thecla comes in and goes back to El Jaspero's desk, she curls up underneath it.

2006-12-15, 02:13 PM
Mik walks in. So what have you been up to today?

2006-12-15, 02:35 PM
My paws felt like wandering so I've been a few places, smelled some different feet.

2006-12-15, 02:36 PM
Mik shifts to wolf, and with a little bit of limping (the arm/paw's getting better with use) he goes over to Thecla. He grins at her.

2006-12-15, 02:46 PM
She smiles back and yawns, I think it wore me out

2006-12-15, 02:48 PM
Would you like your comfy wolf with you then?

2006-12-15, 02:49 PM
Sure, as her eyes slowly close.

2006-12-15, 02:49 PM
Mik curls up beside Thecla, licking her cheek as he lays his head down.

2006-12-16, 10:34 AM
Mik stirs and looks around.

2006-12-16, 04:00 PM
Thecla wakes up, licks Mik quickly and 'ports out.

2006-12-16, 07:25 PM
Mik wakes up and sighs when he finds he's been left alone again, and 'ports out.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-01-07, 01:53 PM
The Master Herald walks in and glowers his way up to his office. Ioren watches him pass in mute surprise, astonished to see him here on the weekend but too scared by his mood to ask him why.


After a couple hours of pointless fretting (and some RL improv auto repair) he gives up and heads home.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-14, 08:28 AM
The Master Herald enters, followed as usual by two elf kids. "Ahoy, Ioren!" he calls to his assistant. "Your charges are here, and ready to begin!" A glance shows this to be truer for Ala than Kint, but at least they're not conjugating Elvish verbs today. Ioren smiles and rises from her desk and the quartet heads upstairs; El Jaspero to his office, and the art class to his studio next door.

2007-02-14, 12:43 PM
Alarra and Agneta wander in quite awhile later, to check on everyone....or rather just cause it's lonely next door.

2007-02-14, 12:47 PM
Renrik lurks in an alleyway across the street, watching the shop's comings and going with detatched interest.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-02-14, 01:00 PM
Luckily there's a kitchen downstairs, and everybody (well...except Agneta) gets to have a tasty lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. This is the first time Agetna's come to the College, so all the various heralds and apprentices gather around, utterly charmed by her gurgling smile and brilliant gold hair.

2007-02-14, 01:01 PM
Mom, Dad, you guys here?

Kyrian enters and looks around a bit, not hearing the sounds of others right off hand.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-26, 02:10 PM
The Master Herald walks into his office to look for something on his desk, then suddenly stops. He stands with his head to one side, as if listening to something, with a look on his face that quickly turns to one of displeasure. His desk forgotten, he turns and walks back out into the street.

2007-03-26, 09:59 PM
Wagner walks into the building, a large sack slung over his shoulder.

"Guten tag, may I pelase speak with the owner or manager of this store?" He asks politely.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 08:40 AM
Ioren smiles cheerily. I'm sorry, but the Master Herald isn't in at the moment. And...this isn't really a shop, actually. It's the College of Arms, where we create and register coats-of-arms for citizens of the Town. Is there something I could help you with?

2007-03-27, 03:48 PM
Wagner looks a bit disappointed, but quickly hides it, "Well, you see, I opened up a shop in Town recently, and I was hoping I could barter my wares. I am sure that many places in Town, especially businesses, could use my special services."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 03:53 PM
"It's certainly not out of the question, I suppose. What sorts of wares and services are you offering?"

2007-03-27, 04:05 PM
Wagner smiles.


El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 05:14 PM
Ioren wrinkles her nose. Homnoculi? How can you sell those, given that they're keyed to the wizard that made them? Besides... she nods to the tables of apprentices in the back. We have plenty of low-paid labor and I've already got a familiar.

2007-03-27, 05:26 PM
"I am not a wizard, ma'am. I am an alchemist. Homunculi are not tied to us. Besides, they aren't low-pay, they are free, given of course the one-time fee of actually buying them."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 07:42 PM
Not tied to you?!? The idea is clearly foreign, if not in fact disgusting, to Ioren. A white squirrel scampers up her chair to perch on her shoulder. How is that even possible? What are you really selling, golems or something?

2007-03-27, 07:44 PM
Wagner is confused by Ioren's outburst, "No, ma'am. They are homunculi, made exactly as tradition says, just like my great great grandfather who studied under Faust. You simply put bones, skin fragments, and semen deposits of whatever animal hybrid you want your little person to be and let it sit in a pile of horse manure for forty days...They are Homunculi!"

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 08:11 PM
Bones? Skin? That makes no sense...not to mention that a true homnoculus requires a pint of its creator's blood, to forge the link that binds them to each other. She pets her squirrel, then shuffles a few papers. Thank you for the offer, but whatever it is you're selling I'm confident we really don't have need of it here.

2007-03-27, 08:14 PM
Wagner clears his throat audibly at the mention of a "true" homunculus, "You have been misguided, ma'am. A true homunculus can only be created by the methods my great great grandfather recorded in his ledgers and notes. The way a mage does it is truly the way that is false. Please, let me show you my Homunculi."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 08:57 PM
Ioren gives Wagner an arched look, and the squirrel's tail bristles. That will not be necessary. You may believe what you wish, but I can assure you that the masters of Oakenrose have been practicing their craft for far longer than that. It is quite probable that my own instructor was raised to Master long before your ancestor was even born.

She calmly straightens her desk. Now. Is there anything else I can do for you?

2007-03-27, 09:02 PM
Wagner stands, obviously deeply insulted.

"I am sorry for even trying to do business with anyone who would dare besmirch the Wagner name like this. Good day, ma'am, I do not want to see you again."

He turns around and walks away.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-03-27, 09:06 PM
Ioren calmly watches him go, then waves an apprentice over to close the door. She mutters something under her breath before getting back to her paperwork.