View Full Version : [4e] I need someone to explain Essentials to me like I'm stupid.

2010-11-22, 09:58 PM
OK, so I understand how Essentials classes work on their own, and I understand that the feats and items and stuff in the Essentials books are fair game for normal 4e characters to take. The part that I just cannot seem to grasp is how, precisely, Essentials characters interact with normal 4e material and vice versa. For instance, how much Cleric stuff can a Warpriest take, and how much Warpriest stuff can a Cleric take? Can you multiclass between old and new? How does this work, exactly? I just cannot seem to find a simple explanation of how the old stuff interacts with the new stuff and vice versa. Anyone?

2010-11-22, 10:02 PM
Essentials products work with 4E products. Characters can multiclass.

Essentials products are effectively splatbooks for those who have the 4E core rules.

Mando Knight
2010-11-22, 10:24 PM
For now, the 4e character builder allows Essentials and non-Essentials versions of characters to pick from the same feat bank (except where the feats specify a feature not found in one or the other). Currently, any rules beyond that are semi-classified, with a splatbook (Heroes of Sword and Spell) scheduled to delineate how to blend HoFL classes with existing ones, as well as introducing an Essentials version of the Warlord. Since multiclassing is handled via feats, it works as normal for Essentials characters (except that some of them can't give up Encounter or Daily attack powers, removing those feats from availability).