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2010-11-23, 12:52 AM
So I recently ran across some Scarred Lands material--specifically, I picked up the Creature Collection II at Half-Price Books and started looking through it--and I actually really like it. The setting clearly has a detailed history and there's a few spell-like abilities of spells I'm not familiar with, though it's based on 3.X. But a Google search reveals no Scarred Lands core book. So...if I need the basic setting information what do I do? Is it only online? Do I have to piece it together from the various sourcebooks, like trying to assemble the Eberron setting piecemeal by reading Magic of Eberron and Secrets of Sarlona, then comparing notes? There has to be someplace where the basic setting and the rules differences from the 3.X system are to be found...so o wisdom-dispensing denizens of the Playground, where?

2010-12-11, 10:36 PM


I believe relics and Rituals is the first "book".

2010-12-11, 11:56 PM
I own Relics and Rituals. It mentions no deviations from standard 3.0 rules other than double arcane spell failure, and it references the 3.0 PHB/DMG constantly regarding rules. As for world info -- no idea, though Khadesh seems to have done a fine job.

Incidentally, almost everything in Relics and Rituals II: Lost Lore is either broken or pointless. Not a good book. Which is odd, because the first RR had lots of spells that were more balanced, fair and well-considered than core while still being very desirable to learn and use.

2013-07-29, 04:32 PM
So I know this thread is old but I had a question about the Book of Eldritch Might for this campaign setting. The Intelligent Item class section states an item can multi-class into other PC classes, they give an example of Rogue. I had an interesting concept I'm trying to work out without bending to many rules. A powerful wizard was crafting an item and accidentally fused himself into the item. My question is can the "Item" through use of spells and feats like Animate/Float, Image, and telikinetic hands; use his Craft feats? Can an intelligent item with wizard levels create a wondrous item for example? Now I know they don't get xp the traditional way through adventuring. But if given XP by people that wanted magic items created for base cost he could essentially, level by starting up a business of item creation. Also, is there any rules stating the item can't dominate person/monster when they are touching the item to give the item all the experience they currently posses in their current level? Seems kind of broke, but its an NPC so I'll allow it :). Thanks for any help!


2013-07-30, 10:16 AM
The setting detail is split up into many different soft cover books. If you don't feel like trying to collect it all, I would suggest you at least pick up Blood Bayou or anything else about The Momus and his merry band.

2016-11-05, 11:57 AM
A family tree for the Gods of Scarn seemed like a very straightforward task, however I can not find references to the creation of Hedrada and Madriel/Belsmeth. The mother of the twins may be Mormo, but I don't entirely trust the source. Can anyone point me to a good reference? Thanks in advance!

2016-11-16, 06:29 AM
The Scarred Lands books were actually based on 3.0, and one of the many ways to tell is the magic immunity trait of golems. In 3.0, golems were immune to any spell not listed in their stat block, which is actually a very good way to keep up with the power creep of full casters, but WOTC backed down from that in the revision.