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2010-11-23, 05:06 PM
Ok, so I was curious. On some lists, it lists the crocodile as available to a 4th level Ranger first getting an Animal Companion, and on others it mentions it as being available at a higher level, is it attainable for a 4th level ranger, or would you have to wait the appropriate levels till you equal a 4th level druid in terms of obtaining it.

Also, it lists "pony" as an animal companion, which is ok but overshadowed by other animal companions in my opinion, the War Pony though isn't super overpowered in comparison, but still pretty nice. Ultimately it's up the GM's discretion, but would it be fair to ask to substitute a warpony for the pony, or to at some point train the pony so it doesn't suffer the penalties for not having such training?

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2010-11-23, 06:27 PM
your effective druid level is what is used to determine animal companions. 1/2 ranger level.

Natural bond increases it by 3 (the same effect as 6 ranger levels) Beastmaster 1 from complete adventurer increases it by 4 (requires skill focus handle animal)

Perhaps apply the Warbeast template to the pony? It's in one of the later monster manuals. MMII if I remember correctly.