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2006-10-05, 05:15 AM
Away from the docks there's a small natural bay that used to be used until the Town expanded to it's current size and needed a larger Port.

The small bay was taken over by the council and a Desaliniation plant was constructed to supplement the water supply.

The bay has been fenced off where it joins the sea to prevent fish and debris getting into the works. There is a number of pipes laid into the rock where the land starts, these pipes take sea water into the builing overlooking the bay.

The plant itself is a grey blocky building. Most of it is full of rumbling machinery, inside there is a chemical smell that pervades every corner. The office area is on the top floor and combines Administration and Maintenance

There are a number of employees, but the std shift is a single Administrator and a single Techincian.

((Employees are NPC's to be played by anyone. There are No Swimming signs around the bay))

2006-10-05, 06:24 AM
A small white kitten wanders past. It walks over to the water as if its considering to drink it.

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-10-05, 06:44 AM
*Death ppears over the plant and oversees it for a while. After all seem to be going slowly, he has a meat pie witht he workers, discusses cats, and then leaves*

2006-10-05, 06:55 AM
The kitten leans forward and tests it wth its tongue...
And quickly jumps back, its tongue burning from the salt.
It hisses then runs off.

2006-10-14, 09:47 PM
The red thing lands outside the building and walks in

"What do we owe this honour to?" the administrator asks it

"Just a routine patrol visit" the red thing says "All quiet and normal?"

"No problems chief. Don't get many visitors out here"

"Be sure to let me know if anything does happen"

"Will do chief, but don't hold your breath"

the red thing shows him some teeth and leaves the building. Outside it does some low passes over the water, then flys off

2006-10-15, 05:42 AM
Rydia wallks by and overlooks the plant. She hopes that all waste is desposed of in a correct manner. She then continues walking around the Town

2006-10-17, 08:11 AM
A overly large stocky human wanders out of a small shed followed by a small thin halfling
"why are we keeping the stuff here all this salt in the air will damage it "
"for the last time every other cave and abandoned building in the godforsaken town has people going in and out of it every single day i tell you its not right

2006-10-30, 07:44 AM
Helwick leads his horse up to the building and waves through the window to the man inside.

The man walks out to greet him.

"Don't get many visitors up here" he says to Helwick

Town Inspector Helwick says, handing the man an ID card.

The man looks at the card and at Helwick "What've you got in there?" he asks, pointing at the urns

Helwick casts Charm Person on the man
Cleaning Fluids for the machinery he says, taking the ID back

"No problem" the man says and holds the door open "I'll get Norman to show you around"

As Norman arrives, Helwick casts another Charm Person and hands his Id over again. Norman barely looks at it.
"I'll show you where the tanks are" he says as Bob explains what the inspector is here for.
Very good

[Chemical Tanks]
Helwick looks into each tank and dips his finger into the mixture
A small amount in each one and you're back up to the correct levels

Norman nods and helps Helwick dose the tanks with the mixture from the urn. Helwick stands back and listens to the fizzing sound
"Is it supposed to make that noise?" Norman asks
Yes, that's the deposits since the last cleaning being dissolved and made harmless

Norman nods and follows Helwick back up to the office
[Admin Office]
Everything is back up to correct operating levels Helwick says, signing off on a form that Bob hands him I'll leave you to get on with things

Norman goes back into his office, Bob watches Helwick leave

2006-11-05, 10:47 AM
Rumda finaly comes to his senses and manages to sneak out of the small building where he was kept for weeks

2006-11-05, 01:27 PM
Xerillum walks up to the plant, and tapes a keg with a fuse attached to it to the wall. he attaches a device to it, presses a few buttons and walks away.

2006-11-05, 01:41 PM
There is a note: at nooon tomorrow this bomb will detonate if my demands are not met.

2006-11-05, 01:54 PM
A squirrel races up to the bomb, and slices through the fuse with a lightsaber. He then uses the force to throw the keg into the lake and scampers away.

2006-11-05, 02:11 PM
A wallmaster grabs the squirrle, and chucks it away before it dows any damage, the creates a protectoion from jedi field around it.

2006-11-05, 02:13 PM
Unfortunately for Xerillium, the squirrel had already done everything, and therefore prevented someone destroying the plant without permission.
The squirrel chatters its teeth in victory and scampers off.

2006-11-05, 02:16 PM
((hey, that was godmoding, you know. I couldn't respond.))

another note appears. " My demands are simple: I want total control of all lands past the valley, including A twernty mile stretch of water out 10 miles from the docks, so no ships can leave without paying me a tax."

2006-11-05, 02:17 PM
((And you godmodded by putting in the bomb. Balance has thus been restored))

2006-11-05, 02:20 PM
((it's not godmoding if you give a chance to react.))

2006-11-05, 02:24 PM
((You are automatically drawing others into a plot of your creation. Unless you have permission, that is godmodding))

2006-11-05, 02:27 PM
((fine. I'll ask permission...))

2007-11-05, 05:04 PM

The scrap metal giant from the Streets lumbers up to the DeSalination Plant, smashing through the chain-link fence at its perimeter. The creature smashes its way through the large doors and heads inside, flattening itself against the ground to better move through the entrance.

2007-11-05, 05:06 PM
Ruuner, now in the form of an ATV, follows, firing more blasts at the creature.

2007-11-05, 05:07 PM
Inside, the DeSalination Plant is a patchwork maze of pipes and machinery. The thing does not appear to be anywhere in sight as Runner enters the building.

Suddenly, there is a loud crunch as the creature smashes a large waterpipe in half with a swipe of its remaining arm. Water begins to spill everywhere, a gusher of it, and the giant flings one of the pipe fragments at Runner.

2007-11-05, 05:09 PM
Runner follows, still shooting at it.

2007-11-05, 05:13 PM
One of Runner's shots bounces off the section of metal pipe that the giant has hurled. The thing itself disappears around a corner, and Runner hears the smashing of more pipes and the release of steam. A thick cloud of it seeps around the corner.

2007-11-05, 05:14 PM
Runner follows, and will fire more shots as soon as he can see it.

2007-11-05, 05:19 PM
The steam is everywhere, obscuring Runner's vision. The creature doesn't emit heat, only a faint energy signature, and right now the scalding heat is everywhere, so it's hard to pinpoint ....


The giant suddenly leaps out at Runner from the shadows, and its huge fist comes flying at the Autobot, attempting to smash him into the cement floor.

2007-11-05, 05:23 PM
Runner swerves and just dodges the fist. He transforms into his normal form and fires some shots at the giant, while running toward it.

2007-11-05, 05:27 PM
Runner's shots smash into the creature and the Autobot is showered in pieces of burning scrap metal. The thing shudders as though it is about to fly apart, but it manages to stay together and instead charges at Runner, simply trying to tackle him against the cement wall.

2007-11-05, 05:29 PM
Runner collides with the giant, having been running at him. He attempts to beat the giant as much as he can with his fists, which now have covers similar to brass knuckles, except they are formed by two of the wheels from the ATV.

2007-11-05, 05:35 PM
Runner's fists smash away at the scrap metal giant. With each blow, he shears off more chunks of its body, and pieces of metal go flying everywhere.

And then suddenly the thing loses shape altogether, and instead the scraps of metal that made up its skin flow forward on to Runner's. Soon he's coated with the pieces of junk, and he feels a presence from within trying to overwhelm his Spark.

With horror, the Autobot realizes what it's trying to do: the creature has lost most of its body, so to compensate, the thing is trying to take over Runner's...

2007-11-05, 05:37 PM
Runner realizes this. He sends electrical pulses running through his body, in an attempt to stop it. He also goes through many transformations, hoping that will help stop it.

2007-11-05, 05:46 PM
Runner's transformations succeed in shaking off some of the metal, and the electrical pulses help in dislodging even more. Runner hears a loud scream *the sound of metal scraping on metal again and suddenly, the thing's grip on his Spark suddenly weakens.

2007-11-05, 05:48 PM
Runner keeps up his defense, not stopping till the thing is gone.

2007-11-05, 05:52 PM
With a surge of Runner's strength, all the remaining pieces of metal go flying off the robot in disguise, clattering against the wall. The grip on his spark releases altogether, and Runner hears another scream, loud at first then slowly dying away.

A moment later, he realizes the scrap metal giant is dead. Runner has sustained a little damage, but nothing significant.

((The creature is indeed dead. But the Plot is not. Go to the Streets or the Slums if you wish to continue.))

2007-11-05, 05:54 PM
Runner stays in his normal form for a moment, catching his breath, if you will. Then he transforms into the ATV mode and rolls outside, where he transforms into the helicopter and will fly off, searching for Gunther.