View Full Version : Redesigning the Dracolich

2010-11-23, 10:39 PM
I am wondering if anyone can suggest alternatives for a dracolich's abilities, in light of the new recommendations put forward by MM5 and 4e (namely to go easy on condition status which effectively remove a player from battle, in favour of penalties).

Basically, I find a 3e dracolich has way too many paralysis abilities. Its gaze paralyzes. Its melee attack paralyzes (and the bugger has 6 of them). Its frightful presence wastes time by making players run away in fear (meaning they must still run back). Either my party spends majority of the battle just standing there, or they are flat out immune (between freedom of movement and heroes' feast). More like the latter.

I am thinking that perhaps the gaze should paralyze (perhaps stun?) for only 1 round, and its attacks could slow on a failed save (as per the spell)? I like the idea of playing it as a debuffer/controller, so would it giving it entangling breath as well.

Should I give it unholy toughness as well? No con score really makes dragons seem fragile. :smallfrown:

I have spent +3cr for what...a bunch of immunities and halving of hp? :smallannoyed:

2010-11-23, 11:49 PM
I would use the petrifying ray of the beholder for the gaze, but instead of taking two turns to turn to stone it works:
1. Failed save 1 is slowed
2. Failed save 2 is immobilized for 1 round
3. Failed save 3 is turned partially to stone; it is immobilized for 2 rounds
4. Failed save 4 is turned to stone.

It takes 4 failed saves in a row to turn to stone and if you get one save you get free and the cycle starts over. The main point is to hit people once or twice, and then once the whole party is slowed start killing people 1 by 1.

Breathe weapon: use the venomous gaze attack but make it a breathe weapon that effects multiple targets.

Essentially you want it to be slowing enemies with its eyes and then blasting them with its mouth. If it can slow or immobilize enough people it can just let the ongoing acid damage take care of the problem.