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2010-11-24, 01:11 AM
I know that weapons and armor for small sized characters weigh half as much as their medium sized counterparts. But does this extend to items made for small size characters as well? I'm thinking of most mundane equipment that would be carried by small size characters and made specifically to fit them. The cost would be the same of course (you'd be paying for the size adjustment over the discount for less materials so you come out even), but what about the weight?

And what about items that are uni-size? Which items would this be? I doubt you'd make a smaller version of a torch, being that you need it to burn for the same amount of time. And things like holy water or bottles of wine should be uni-size as well. What items do you think would be custom sized and which wouldn't be?

Also, if an item's weight is half for being small size but a small character has a carrying capacity of 3/4 that of a medium creature... wouldn't a halfling be able to carry more things than a human? Let's assume the human and halfling both start out with 18 Str before racial adjustments. The halfling goes down to 16 where the human remains at 18. The human's light load is now 100 lbs. The halfling is stuck at a measly 64.5 lbs. The difference is that the human gets to have 100 lbs or less of gear. The halfling gets small size gear, so now he gets to have as much gear as a human could have if they could carry 129lbs. Yeah, you do less damage with your weapons and you suck at grappling, but now you get to have alot more stuff on your back. Stuff that could save your life!

2010-11-24, 01:49 AM
The PHB has a table for mundane stuff, only certain things are marked as being different for small characters. Like rations, or waterskins.