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2010-11-24, 03:39 AM
Welcome to the first Character Emporium!


What is a Character Emporium?
A ground to post completed (and static) characters or character concept fluff.


Please start your post with this format:
Summery no more than one paragraph long.

Place all other content here.

-The term "Usage" means how you wish to share your character, this can be written however you like, but there are these terms to clarify it in short:

Free: The term free means anyone is free to use the content provided in the post, but it is requested that you credit the original poster.
PM: The term means to please ask before usage and modification, and requests that users credit the original poster.
Personal: The term means that the concepts in the post's spoiler are personal and sentimental to the user and may not be taken.
Partial ____: The term is added in addition to another term and means that only text highlighted with that color is subject to the additional term, for instance you could term Free, Partial PM and it would mean that users are free to use the content provided EXCEPT the , which would ask the user PM the owner for usage.red highlighted text. More complex variations can be made with multiple colors such as Free, Partial PM, Partial Personal, or custom terms.
Please respect this.

DnD 3.5e
Greyhawk, Ebberon, FR
This is an example character, showing how people can use the Character Emporium to share and discuss finished works or finished character concepts so the community as a whole can view them.

There can be a link to a static copied mythweaver sheet in here, or posters are free to use what ever format they desire as long as the character is completed.

The difference between a character concept and a completed character is that a character concept does not need to involve any form of mechanical rules, instead it can be a literary construct meant to inspire different variations of the same character for people who would like to run with the idea.

Background is HEAVILY important while writing your character, mechanics alone are very helpful to share with the community and helps people run characters with adjustable fluff that are already statted, but for people wanting to share their creations as an RP factor rather than just a game factor you'll have to share with us who that person is before they understand how she acts. You might even suggest how she acts in certain situations to help posters decide how they should play that character.


Let's see if this catches! :smallwink: