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Arq Kujos
2010-11-24, 11:18 AM
Hey everybody! :smallsmile:

I am working on a hybrid combo that has always interested me. I have a Human Avenger/Swordmage flavored a bit to be similar, though not exactly, like a Jedi warrior. I know the old joke that Avengers by themselves are Jedi, but let's set that joke aside and not worry about it. :smalltongue:

I'm really looking for any critiques at all. Are my feats good? Are my powers good? What could I do better? Simple stuff. :smallcool:

Obviously, if it sucks, give me ways to make it better. If it is good, tell me so. I could always use the encouragement. :smallbiggrin:

I tried to list all feats from all their sources since I used some stuff from Dragon Magazine, but if you want to know where something is from, feel free to ask.

Also, this is a quick question, but does Swordmage Warding and Armor of Faith work together? I built this assuming it did, but if not, then I obviously have some work to do on it. :smallredface:

I have a 1-30 built below. You have been warned. :smallwink:


1st — Bonus Feat (Hybrid Talent (Armor of Faith)), Bonus At-Will (Sword Burst ✦ At-Will), Bonus Skill (Arcana), Human Defense Bonus (+1 Fort, Ref, Will), Armor of Faith, Swordbond, Swordmage Aegis (Hybrid); gain Bastard Sword Proficiency PHB1; train Insight (Wis), Perception (Wis), Religion (Wis); gain (Overwhelming Strike ✦ At-Will), (Booming Blade ✦ At-Will); gain (Falcon's Mark ✦ Encounter); gain (Strength of Many ✦ Daily)

2nd — gain (Ghost Step); gain (Hybrid Talent (Swordmage Warding))

3rd — gain (Sequestering Strike)

4th — +1 to (Int) and (Wis), gain (Hybrid Talent (Avenger's Censure) PHB3)

5th — gain (Lingering Lightning)

6th — gain (Aspect of Majesty), gain (Unarmored Agility PHB3)

7th — gain (Splinter the Formation)

8th — +1 to (Int) and (Wis), gain (Versatile Expertise PHB3)

9th — gain (Blade Bolt)

10th — gain (Leading Step), gain (Improved Armor of Faith PHB2)

11th — +1 to all, Wandering Swordmage PP FRPG; Aegis Insight, People’s History, Teleportation Action; gain (Four Corners Attack); gain (Double Aegis FRPG)

12th — gain (Arcane Tanglestep); gain (Greater Swordmage Warding AP)

13th — replace (Splinter the Formation) with (Dervish Strike)

14th — +1 to (Int) and (Wis), gain (Mettle)

15th — replace (Strength of Many) with (Soul Lightning)

16th — (Learn from Experience); gain (Ironskin); gain (Solid Sound PHB1)

17th — replace (Falcon’s Mark) with (Thundering Vortex)

18th — +1 to (Int) and (Wis), gain (Painful Oath D382)

19th — replace (Lingering Lightning) with (Planar Shock)

20th — gain (Heritage of Blades); gain (Censures Grip)

21st — +1 to all, Avangion DSCS, Avatar of Preservation, Perfection of Mind; gain (Total Aegis FRPG)

22nd — gain (Eyes of the Mage), gain (Hand of Divine Guidance D382)

23rd — replace (Dervish Strike) with (Radiant Shield)

24th — +1 to (Int) and (Wis), Avangion Transformation; gain (Swordmage Implement Expertise D387)

25th — replace (Soul Lightning) with (Executioner’s Justice)

26th — gain 1 epic destiny utility power; gain (Rapid Aegis Reaction D387)

27th — replace (Thundering Vortex) with (Steel Tempest)

28th — +1 to (Int) and (Wis), gain (Punishing Radiance DP)

29th — replace (Planar Shock) with (Transdimensional Invasion)

30th — Avangion Rising; gain (Epic Resurgence PHB)

Last but not least, Thanks to everyone who stops in and leaves a comment.

Mark Hall
2010-11-24, 11:39 AM
Don't have the patience to go through it all (sorry), but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed my "Jedi"... a deva Avenger MC Paladin, named R'van D'arth.

(Yes, I know. I'm horrible at names.)

2010-11-24, 11:41 AM
Fatal flaw there, you can't take hybrid talent multiple times normally.

Arq Kujos
2010-11-24, 11:47 AM
Can you show me exactly where in PHB3 it says that? I looked and looked for that, but I never found it.

2010-11-24, 11:52 AM
Normally you aren't allowed to take a feat multiple times, feats like Weapon Focus are the exception and have to explicitly state that you can take it multiple times. Hybrid talent doesn't say you can, so you can't.

Arq Kujos
2010-11-24, 11:53 AM
Ok, I understand your logic there, but wouldn't Hybrid Talent Feat be exempt because it grants a different feature each time, like Weapon Focus or the like? :smallconfused:

I've never had a DM tell me I couldn't take Hybrid Talent more than once.

Tiki Snakes
2010-11-24, 11:54 AM
Given how underpowered many hybrid's usually end up, I can't help but wonder if they should have allowed it, perhaps.

But yes, as things stand, you can at most get a second one by paragon-hybriding rather than taking a paragon path.

Arq Kujos
2010-11-24, 11:57 AM
I see. Thank you both for your insight. I can see how that might be the intended result, seeing as how the writers did specifically add the rule for adding Hybrid Talent again instead of taking a Paragon path.

Arq Kujos
2010-11-24, 12:04 PM
Ok, for the sake of argument, let's assume that I can take it more than once. I'll worry about making him fit WotC exact rules a bit later.

Arq Kujos
2010-11-24, 12:06 PM
Don't have the patience to go through it all (sorry), but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed my "Jedi"... a deva Avenger MC Paladin, named R'van D'arth.

(Yes, I know. I'm horrible at names.)

I just got that. You are a bad person, sir. :smalltongue:
Still, Knights Of The Old Republic rules.