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2010-11-24, 08:56 PM
Hi guys, Im looking to play a paladin in an upcoming 3.5 campaign. I convinced the DM to let me use the Pathfinder Paladin, but everything else is 3.5.

Ill be the parties primary melee character and want to focus on that aspect.

Heres the fun part, I get one book to use outside of core. Any thoughts?

2010-11-24, 09:02 PM
I might say either Book of Exalted Deeds or Complete Warrior.

2010-11-24, 09:04 PM
Battle Blessing lets you use Paladin spells as swift actions; no reason not to get it. What kind of melee combat? Battlefield Controller, or Ubercharger? Anybody can do either with little more than just feats. Paladins are pretty good at charging, thanks to the Special Mount. If you want to make an ubercharger, then Power Attack + Imp. Bull Rush -> Shock Trooper is a must, as is Spirited Charge and its prerequisites.

2010-11-24, 09:07 PM
Sword of the Arcane Order if you want access to wizard spells, though that adds to the MADness...

Ever considered going Crusader?

2010-11-24, 10:32 PM
If you like ToB, I'd use that as your extra book. Crusader makes a better paladin than Core Pally ever will be sadly.

If your really set on the idea of a playing the actual Paladin class I would use Complete Warrior. It has some good prestige classes for the Pally like Knight of the Order of the Chalice and Kensai. That's if your planning on Prestiging out but since you are using the Pathfinder Paladin you may just want to go straight Pal 20.

Even if you don't want to use any of the Prestige classes in the Complete Warrior I'd still take it as your one book because of the Divine Feats in the back of the feats section. All of them allow you to exchange a Turn Undead attempt to get some kind of effect. Two of them are pretty solid:

Divine Might- Cha to weapon damage rolls for a round.
Divine Vigor- +10 unnamed bonus to move speed and 2 temp hp/lvl that lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Cha bonus.

Divine Vigor is great because as a Paladin it's pretty much a given that your going to be -10spd a round due to Heavy Armor. The extra temp hps are just icing on the cake.

2010-11-24, 11:41 PM
Complete Champion is not a bad route to go for your extra book.

Devotion feats (Travel, Law, and Knowledge are all fun), Battle Blessing, and Awesome Smite are all fun toys for Paladins.

2010-11-24, 11:57 PM
Well, here are two handbooks that may be of help
Paladin's Handbook (3.5) (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19870162/The_Paladins_Handbook_--_2007)
Cryptic's Guide to Pathfinder Paladins (https://docs.google.com/View?id=dcrgj6j5_15cf2jkgfh)

2010-11-26, 02:46 PM
Thanks for all the responses, sorry I havent gottne back before now. Holidays and all.