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2010-11-25, 08:45 PM
New Metamagic Feats:
Mass Spell: +4 spell level.
Applicable Spells: Any spell with a range greater than personal, must be single target.
Effect: Causes the newly modified spell to cover all applicable targets within close range. 25'+5' per casterlevel to a maximum of 60'. A spell modified by the Mass Spell Metamagic feat takes up a spell slot 4 levels higher.

Greater Spell: +3 spell level.
Applicable Spells: Spells with any constant. Including damage dice, or buffing spells such as Bulls Strength.
Effect: Variable:
Offensive: Improved Damage Dice by 1 category, such as a magic missile from 1d4 to 1d6. It also doubles the maximum number of damage dice dealt. So, instead of a maximum of 5d4+5 Greater Magic Missile, a fourth level spell, will have a maximum of 10d6+10. This effect takes up a spell slot 3 levels higher.
Defensive/Buff: Doubled Effect in example, a Greater Bull's Strength, a 6th level spell will grant a +8 to strength. While a Greater Shield spell will grant a +8 shield bonus. Such spells modified by this feat take up a spell slot 3 levels higher than normal.

Lix Lorn
2010-11-25, 09:29 PM
...you put Bear's Strength at one point.
Otherwise, looks fine.

2010-11-25, 10:30 PM
Yep, I mean, look in the PHB, they pretty much already are Metamagic feats, just not ones you can use normally. Only problem I had was that I was unable to find a way to mechanically enable alterations to spells such as invisibility. Thinking of making a Lesser MMF as well.

2010-11-26, 12:03 AM
I drool at an Arcane Thesis Greater Twinned Maximized Magic Missile. A 7th(?) level spell that spits out 260 force damage with no save or SR?

2010-11-26, 01:11 AM
>.> Why not quicken it too, for 520?

2010-11-26, 01:17 AM
I drool at an Arcane Thesis Greater Twinned Maximized Magic Missile. A 7th(?) level spell that spits out 260 force damage with no save or SR?

Don't forget metamagic reduction to make that a 5th-6th-level spell slot. You could probably get it even lower than that, though. :smalltongue:

Also, add that fell metamagic or whatever to add negative levels to the mix. Yum.

2010-11-26, 01:20 AM
MM Reduction is outlawed in our game. That's not happening in TODE. There is however, a feat that allows you to use multiple lower level spell slots to cast a higher level spell.

Lix Lorn
2010-11-26, 02:42 PM
I think we're allowed to negate ONE metamagic level...

Cadian 9th
2010-11-26, 07:49 PM
Actually in the Tower, you can use metamagic reducers, but not multiples of the same feat's version, i.e. Practical Metamagic: Extend and Practical Metamagic: Enlarge wouldn't do a -2 to the level if you applied both, rather -1. It's a rather outdated ruling that's quite complex, and from what I see, doesn't seem to affect anything. Doesn't hurt "those" builds.

The feats look good though. I have a feeling the lack of Mass/Greater versions of some spells was an attempt at balance, such as a mass Spectral Hand with a Dread Necromancer enervation touch delivery. (I know that's not the worst possible, but it's the only one I can think off the top of my head.)

2010-11-26, 07:55 PM
Mass wouldn't work in that case though. There is only one spectral hand, it creates something. Rather than merely causing an effect. You could however, mass greater enervation, or mass greater ray of enfeeblement.

Slug Bear
2010-11-28, 08:14 AM
Ralasha, what is the feat of which you speak? The only feat like that I know of is Versatile Spellcaster, it's only for spontaneous casters only.

2010-11-28, 12:43 PM
Admittedly, that may be the very feat of which I was thinking.