View Full Version : Totem Rager. Build and some questions.

Angry Bob
2010-11-25, 09:04 PM
The current character looks like this:

Half-Minotaur Water Orc, LA already bought off
1 Spirit Lion Barbarian, Battle Jump, Martial Study(Sudden Leap)(Flaw 1), Martial Stance(Punishing Stance)(Flaw 2)
2 Totemist
3 Totemist, Multiattack
4 Totemist, +Str
5 Totemist
6 Totemist, Cobalt Rage <-- Just took this level, becomes canon at the beginning of the next session.

Usual Soulmelds: Girallon Arms Bound to Totem(3 essentia), Phase Cloak, Wormtail Belt(1 essentia), Rageclaws

I haven't raged yet(Character has been in the game for one session, and is kind of reserved), so I'm free to select any alternate rage I want, if they're interchangeable for the purpose of Cobalt Rage and getting into Totem Rager. Are they? If they are, I don't know which variant I want. At the moment, I've got Whirling Frenzy written on my sheet, but I'm curious to know what else the playground recommends. Ferocity from the Cityscape Web enhancement particularly looks enticing.

My prospective build from here is as follows:

7 Totemist
8 Totem Rager, +Dex
9 Totem Rager, Extra Rage(Would be double chakra, but stunted Meldshaping Advancement)
10 Totem Rager
11 Totem Rager
12 Totem Rager, +Dex, Double Chakra(Totem)
13 Totem Rager
14 Totem Rager
15 Totem Rager, <Feat>
16 Totem Rager
17 Totem Rager
18 Totemist, Open Greater Chakra(Throat)
19 Totemist
20 Totemist

I've got the Totemist's Handbook (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=2943.0) open in another tab, but I can't find suggestions for the Totem Rager in particular.

Thanks in advance.