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2010-11-25, 09:22 PM
While I do like the flavor of clerics and their spell list I sometimes long for them to have a non-wis casting stat. While the Dynamic and Academic priest feats somewhat do this, they still leave DCs left to wisdom, thus, I decided to homebrew a feat that acts as a logical evolution of these feats, which is outlined below:

Name: Chosen of the Gods
Description: While most clerics gain their divine powers through a strong faith in their patrons you have instead gained your divine power due to having a personality and inner power the gods look for in their servants and find worthy of their blessings. In order to cast a cleric spell you must have a charisma score equal to 10+ that spells level instead of a wisdom score of 10+ that spell's level which a cleric would normally need. In addition, all of your bonus spells are based on your charisma score instead of your wisdom score and your spell DCs are equal to 10+ the spell's level + your cha modifier instead of your wisdom modifier. This feat can only be taken at 1st level.

While I am not sure how balanced this feat is I personally feel it is balanced due to the fact that while it is abuseable with Divine Metamagic and other turn/rebuke shenanigans it also is somewhat of a nerf to the cleric since wisdom is generally considered a better casting stat then charisma. However, I am not sure if that is enough to balance this feat due to the turn/rebuke tricks that it may cause so I would like opinions.

2010-11-27, 03:22 PM
Setting a Cleric up to have both its Spellcasting & its Turning based on the same stat doesn't seem like a good idea, unless you don't allow any Divine Feats.

As an aside, I'd think if you were to try something like this, you'd want to set Turn/Rebuke to Wisdom, instead of Spellcasting on Charisma. Tradition, & all that.

2010-11-27, 03:44 PM
I would say it's fine... will saves and Wis-based skills tend to be more important to divine casters than turn undead and Cha-based skills. The boost this gives to turn undead is fine by itself, undead HD grow faster than Cleric levels as CR increases anyway, so the major concern is the other things you can do with turn undead... which you should address directly anyway. If you don't like divine metamagic, ban it rather than nibbling away at things to make it useless/too expensive.

2010-11-27, 07:13 PM
You know about the Favored Soul, right? Cha-based divine spontaneous casting. Limited on which spells he can learn, like the sorcerer (while he stills knows one more spell per level, I think both he and the sorcerer should gain one more spell known per level).
Still, I'd say it's not a bad feat. For Divine Metamagic abuse, just ban DMM.

2010-11-28, 05:49 PM
I know of the favored soul but I dislike the class because it's seriously MAD and will either have ok DCs if you invest in Wis or crappy saves if you don't. Even if you do gain more wis then cha your still going to have, at the least, 19 charisma which eats into wis somewhat. So unless you get a +2 cha race or get creative with point buys your DCs will not be equal compared to any class with one and only one casting stat...meaning your going to be a melee/buff mage. That's fine for some, but I prefer necromancy, personally...so yeah...not a fan of favored soul and I personally prefer high cha to high wis for RP reasons, hence this feat...

As for DMM, most sensible DMs would disallow cheese associated with it and also, I could just say that instead of being used 3+cha per day this feat reduces the turn/rebuke uses to a number of times per day equal to your unmodified cha modifier.