View Full Version : What Do/Would Bahamut and Io Breath?

Sang Real
2010-11-25, 11:25 PM
Tiamat breathes five different energies, and has a wyvern stinger. What do Bahamut and Io do, or what would you have them do?

2010-11-25, 11:35 PM
Bahamut is detailed in Deities and Demigods, and I believe has disintegrating breath.

2010-11-25, 11:47 PM
The Dragonfire Adept gets a breath weapon from Bahamut or Tiamat. The Bahamut breath is line-shaped, deals untyped damage and disintegrates enemies killed by it.

And I'm glad you made me look that up, I didn't realize there was an 8/10 psionic PrC in Dragon Magic :smalltongue: