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2010-11-26, 05:03 PM
What spells would you fine folk choose for an Epic Level Druid devoted to the draconic deity Garyx (as a force of nature)?

2010-11-26, 05:10 PM
All the usual ones, but using Spell Thematics to make them seem more dragon-y. Barkskin takes on a scaly quality. Bite of the werebear gives you a reptilian aspect.

2010-11-27, 07:00 PM
Any fiery/mass destruction magic to look out for?

stabbitty death
2010-11-27, 09:46 PM
at first I misread it gygax, but on topic, do you have draconomicon? If you do you might want to take a look at the section on spells.

2010-11-27, 11:19 PM
6th: Cometfall (SC)
7th level: Storm of Elemental Fury (SC): windstorm, rocks fall, rainstorm, then firestorm; Firestorm (core)
8th level: Bombardment (SC): Rocks fall; Stormrage (SC): fly, immunity to projectiles, shoot lightning from eyes; Earthquake (core)
9th: Transmute Rock to Lava (though its area's pretty small)

Draconomicon unfortunately only has three Druid spells, all of which are in Spell Compendium.

2010-11-28, 06:10 AM
Frostburn has some good high-level Druid spells - drop an iceberg on your foes, freeze a large area (turning those inside into ice statues), create massive blizzards (seriously, 100'/level radius) - the last two could be flavored as the freezing breath of a truly massive dragon. Sandstorm may have some "natural disaster" type spells as well, of a more fiery nature.

Feat-wise, there's Draconic Wildshape. I'm not sure how great a Wildshape form most dragons are, but at least you get some fast movement and armor out of it. Shapechange would be good here though - all the draconic breath weapons, at your disposal.

2010-11-28, 02:16 PM
Stuff like Control Winds makes perfect sense, as does Earthquake. I played a level 15 Druid fluffed as a Dragon Shaman in a one-shot dragon adventure and as magical creatures of immense power, it's quite easy to make any Druid-spell feel draconic with simple fluff. Giant Vermin became Dragonsize :smallbiggrin: