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2010-11-27, 02:23 AM
Background: I am running a game of 3.5 and my PCs Kalehn (an illuman paladin) and the other is Enilalis (a hellbred ranger) have aquired a dungeon to aid them in their fight agenst the counsle (they are a shadow army lead by 12 generals each with a dragon mount) the pary has found out that each one of the has some thing agesnt kalehn had his father butched in front of him by the githyanky member and enilalis got eaten but the halflings dragon. the counsle has 12 members one githyanky, halfling, gnome, orc, kolbolt, illuman, dwarf and drow with two humans and 2 elves(this is what the PCs know)

the problem is how to have there dungon that they stole from the counsle raided by assains and the like. I would like advise on how to keep it still themed as a shadow war as all acept the orc (seen as the most uncontrolled of them and when needed to be the hammer) use stealth as they wish to keep their role as heads of state and other important figures.