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2010-11-27, 11:24 AM
The winged creature template from Savage Species, is it better suited as an LA+1 template? LA+2 seems too high when something like the Half-Fey exists, with wings and SLAs, but I'm not sure if flight with relatively easy to get perfect maneuverability and Monstrous Humanoid typing (though I'm not sure how abusable that type is, especially if the creature is not a caster) is really worth only +1 LA.

2010-11-27, 11:36 AM
All told, the Winged template isn't a horrible one at +2.. it's a hard decision to make, but it offers some very nice perks, particularly as a melee-based character. It also grants a free feat, does it not? Plus, perfect maneuverability isn't particularly easy to get hold of, while this template gives a significant dex boost, on a dex-based maneuverability.. very handy.

With LA buyoff, I consider it a strong option, as LA+2 templates go. At LA+1, I'd see almost no reason NOT to get it on any noncaster.

2010-11-27, 11:38 AM
in my experience, it wouldnt be to bad to make it +1. flight isnt useful in a dungeon, which lets be honest is at least 1/4th of DnD. casters also get fly relatively soon, you can get a winged mount as a paladin, you can get animal companions that can fly, you can buy winged boots or a number of other magic items for it

suffice to say, no it wouldnt break your game. heck it will make your fighters more relevant

2010-11-27, 11:54 AM
flight isnt useful in a dungeon flight is incredibly useful all the time, especially when it is non-magical flight

Fixed that for you, gallagher.

Level adjustment +2 for perfect maneuverability, fly speed equal to twice your base land speed, and a significant dex boost? Sounds balanced to me. Run it by your DM if you want, but it's a fair price to pay.

2010-11-29, 12:00 AM
... Its balanced at LA+1.
The dex boost isn't worth LA2
there are better ways of getting perfect flight

In short? Its a trap

2010-11-29, 12:09 AM
Having Played a Winged Templated Ranger perfect flight and a Dex boost was awesome to stay out of reach of most things and rain death from afar (really helped to get the most of Plunging Shot).

I didn't really notice any Difference in having a LA +2 over not having one.

Given a fair chunk of that game was in a area where magic was not reliable having non magical flight was a lot better than worrying about if your item/spell is going to work.

Overall - If you like the idea of it then don't let a piddly LA stop you from achieving your idea.

2010-11-29, 12:12 AM
It would be great for a distance Ranger IMO. You could fly at the back and shower arrows, and don't have to worry about coming into melee range. Would also be cool to use a Fighter with the reach enhancing deformity and a Long Spear, and then fly at 15 feet up and stab down at people.

2010-11-29, 12:46 AM
Dragonborn of Bahamut (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=1109.0) is LA0 and gives short-term flight with no LA at 6HD.

Andion Isurand
2010-11-29, 12:57 AM
A few months ago, I tweaked the winged template a little bit, adding in some feats to represent high altitude capability.. so here's the shameless plug.

Modified Winged Template (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160168)

2010-11-29, 02:21 AM
Basically the Hobgoblin of +2 LAs as far as I've ever been able to tell. Not powerful enough to really justify the +2 LA, but not really fitting in with the +1 LAs.