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Master Thrower
2010-11-28, 06:07 PM
Just a quick qestion... what is a gish?

2010-11-28, 06:09 PM
Originally it was a Githyanki Fighter/Mage if i am not mistaking.
Today the term is used as any arcane user that is also a fighter (or any melee-class).
Some people use it more generally and include divine caster/fighters.

Aron Times
2010-11-28, 06:20 PM
To elaborate more, a gish is a githyanki fighter/mage or thief/mage, though the modern usage of the term is mostly used for fighter/mages of any race.

Obligatory TVTropes link:


Master Thrower
2010-11-28, 07:27 PM
Ok thanks, i'd been hearing the term and never knew what it meant.