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2010-11-28, 06:52 PM
Hi there!
i have been dabbling around with possible builds and came across the idea of a cleric more or less focused on creating magic items (namely Wondrous Items and magic Weapons and Armor)
I thought of having the character take thos two feats as early as posible but then I though... some of the things I want to build can only be done later...
I still think that it is still a good deal to be able to make your own tools however crappy they may be at lower levels they will eventually grow in power and strenght

But I am still not so sure as to when to take the feats.

So i Ask you all knowing collective intelligence of the Playground, when do you think is a good time to take Craft Wondrous Item and Craft magical Arms and Armor?

Is it Wondrous Items to be taken at 3rd level and Arms and Armor at 6th?
Help me decide plz

2010-11-28, 06:56 PM
I'd take them as early as possible - Wondrous at 3rd and Arms/Armour at 6th. You start getting the funds to do proper crafting at about level 3-4, so it's well worth getting in on the action early.

Also, the earlier you spend the XP, the more time you'll have to catch up (with a lower XP total, you'll gain more XP from encounters).

2010-11-28, 09:15 PM
Well, this thread did not get the love i was hoping for... So i'll resurrect it and try to get some other info.

is there an Item Creation handbook somewhere on the net?

Dusk Eclipse
2010-11-28, 09:20 PM
Somewhat related question.

Is the whole shtick of this character to make magic items? because if so you can do much more better with an artificer...

I think there is a reducing craft time/Xp cost/gold costs somewhere in the Brilliant gameologist boards.

2010-11-28, 09:22 PM
I agree with saph, earlier is better. Yeah, you get relatively weak equipment, but you only spend half as much on it. Also, if you take Wondrous items at 3 and magic arms and armor at 6, you can take craft construct at 9. A homonculous is never a bad thing to have around, especially if you happen to be in eberron.

2010-11-28, 09:25 PM
Warlocks and Artificers make the best crafters, yeah, but Clerics aren't too shabby - they know all their spells, so they don't need to go find scrolls of obscure ones to make cool stuff. Unfortunately, they don't get bonus feats like Wizards do. Erudites are the compromise between the two - they can learn any psionic power, and have bonus feats they can use to pick up crafting.

2010-11-28, 09:30 PM
Well, nice to have risen som interest. I appreciate that

Now. The whole bussiness with this Cleric is really trying to go into Persist Metamagic territory. But the idea of making my own magic items is really nice, in a way if I get enough time I might double on the equipment... of course this all depends on my DM, but is good to have the possibility.

so, the general concensus is that is ok to get the magic items as soon as possible. That's nice to hear.

It may start off weak but as levels go higher everything will get much more affordable.

2010-11-28, 11:46 PM
Remember, people can cooperate when magic items. So long as your <Other Caster Friend> is at hand to cast <Spell>, you can make magic items of or requiring <Spell>.

I +1 the notion of getting an Artificer, possibly a cohort, if your group really wants a personal item creator. An Artificer can make Dedicated Wrights which make things while he adventures. Yay!

2010-11-28, 11:54 PM
Crafting magic items is extremely effective as long as you spend the time to look at which items are worth it. A Sunblade is worth it for a TWF to a greater degree then it is for a power attacker, a Lightning Lance (LoM) is great for a Bard or Rogue that is skill monkey/support but not combat based (3d6 rays aren't fantastic, but for low to mid levels they make nice supplements for none combatants). In short you want to make sure an item will actually benefit you before you make it.