View Full Version : Avangion outside of Dark Sun [4e]

2010-11-29, 12:51 AM
Hi All,

I'm running a paragon-to-epic campaign sort of set in Forgotten Realms (there are drow and daemonfey involved), and one of my players wants to choose the Avangion epic destiny from Dark Sun. In general, I'm not against the cross-campaign stuff (I let another player multiclass into Artificer), but I need ideas/advice for fitting the Avangion into a different setting where there is no arcane defiling or preserving and there are no sorcerer/dragon kings. I was thinking either a celestial-type exarch creature (since Avangions speak Supernal), sort of a cross between an angel and an avatar. Another idea would be a super-powerful archfey, like the Feyliege only not totally underwhelming (the character is an eladrin). Any ideas?