View Full Version : Build help 3.5 translating to 3.75

2010-11-29, 01:41 PM
Well during X-crawl in two rounds my bard was killed. He'll be resurrected but I wanted to build someone powerful and my brother showed me the wrecker and the frenzied berserker.
(We're all at level 17)
My plan is two levels of fighter nine levels of barbarian one level of Frenzied berserker and the five levels of wrecker. I'm just wondering what feats I take, and what kind of items should I be giving him.

I was thinking full plate with a tower shield and a wall blade although I'm wondering what kind of material it should be made out of. My other hope is to have a high hp so what should I do?

2010-11-29, 01:43 PM
What do you mean by 3.75? Pathfinder?

2010-11-29, 01:51 PM
yeah I'm kind of new to it.