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2006-09-09, 11:59 AM
A hut about 100 miles away from the Town, pretty well hidden. Holds "Blood's Stash," a quantity of about 10,000 gold, mixed in with other random items. It gets larger here and there. Edit: The hut's half-hidden doorway is hidden behind sand dunes and rocks, and now conveniently built into a hill. On the inside, it is a bit larger and looks more spiffy and clean. It gets larger more often now.

2006-09-09, 12:00 PM
Blood appears inside the hut with a small padded armor, which she pushes to a wall for later use. Then she is gone.

2006-09-10, 07:13 PM
Blood appears in the hut, a bit flustered, and checks her coins and possessions, making sure everything is there. She seems satisfied, and then disappears.

2006-09-17, 12:29 PM
Blood appears in her hut, smiling, and grabs her leather pouch, strapping it to her waist. She puts a gold coin in it, and vanishes.

2006-09-19, 11:06 PM
Blood appears in the hut, grinning. She quickly checks her possessions. Seemingly satisfied, she vanishes, knowing that this will likely be one of the last times she ports here from the Town in a while....

2006-09-23, 04:58 PM
Blood appears in the hut. She looks extremely drained as she looks around quickly. She drags a small limp form to the door and then disappears.

2006-09-24, 03:01 PM
Blood and the kitten appear in the hut, and she finishes washing it, ignoring its complaints. They wait for a little while to make sure the explosion in Trog's is finished, and then vanish.

2006-09-25, 09:43 PM
Blood, the kitten, and a pile of bamhacon and a number of dishes full of water or fireamber appear in the hut. Blood sighs for about 3 different reasons, and the kitten looks a bit put out.

After a while, they fall asleep.

2006-09-27, 02:08 PM
A six inch tall rat skeleton walks through the wall. It waits patiently for several minutes, tapping its scythe on the floor. Suddenly, a small rat makes a dash from the shadows on one side of the room for the door. Blood lies sleeping in its path and as the rat attemtps to leap her, Blood spears it with a spare claw and flattens it to the ground. Blood makes a sleepy contented yawn and twitches slightly. The dying rat twitches too. A feeble squeak is muffled by Blood's claw and the small body falls still. A white shimmer emerges from the body and The Death of Rats crosses the floor to it. Squeaks are exchanged, the scythe swings and the shimmer begins to fade. The skeleton waits for it to disperse into the air, and then scurries back through the wall it came from.

2006-09-27, 02:10 PM
Blood's Stash is a small hut over 100 miles away from the Town. It is in a desert, and extremely well-hidden. She doesn't use it for living, as she lives in the Town. It's her storage spot, and it is full of money. Lots and lots of money. I'll probably be double-posting over time, since no one else can get here really.

((Death_of_Rats...please note the bolded section))

2006-09-27, 02:24 PM
((The death of rats can get anywhere it wants to... It is simply an anthropormorphic personification. As for the rat, well rats get everywhere, plus Blood might like the food...))

2006-09-27, 02:25 PM
((Yea..well, as one RPer to the other, it might be nice if you started asking some people before you go into private areas...like this morning with my other character.))

2006-09-27, 02:40 PM
((c'mon man, it's not like it affects blood in any way. i would argue that death of rats isnt a person, and so he can get there as he is a no one))

2006-09-27, 02:41 PM
((I'm not arguing that anymore, I'm just suggesting that he ask people sometimes before say...appearing in their private room at an Inn or Trog's or something))

2006-09-27, 02:43 PM
(( hmm... i reckon he and death should go wherever they please. they don't really affect anyone. especially death of rats. ))

2006-09-27, 02:43 PM
((Except for where I for one don't appreciate someone coming into my character's rooms uninvited.))

2006-09-27, 02:45 PM
((Mate, its hardly private if its posted ina public forum.. and the death of rats is hardly a person...))

2006-09-27, 02:46 PM
(( as i said earlier, he isnt a someone, he's a manifestation of a natural process. anyway, i just realised something. our little arguement has probably made blood's posting more difficult then D o R's original post, as we have made it a double page))

2006-09-27, 02:49 PM
((I don't care what the shock DoR is...Death's not a person, but he doesn't just wander into a person's room uninvited.))

2006-09-27, 02:51 PM
(( I believe the phrase is "Knocking on Death's door" not the other way around...))

2006-09-27, 02:51 PM
((ok calm down mate. this is just an interesting discussion about the laws of posting. surely if you wanted a private convo, you'd do it with Im's. thats what i do))

2006-09-27, 09:12 PM
((It's okay, Kyrian, I don't mind if people get here, as long as they have a reason / way to get here. Thanks though.

What I do mind, is that you played my character for me, DoR.

Blood spears it with a spare claw and flattens it to the ground.

First of all, that wouldn't have been her reaction, and second, it's against the rules to play other's characters for them.))

2006-09-28, 02:25 AM
(( yeah. he is new though. i'm sure he wont do it again. btw D o R its called godmodding and is frowned apon without the person's permission. I just thought i'd add that because D o R might feel a bit under attack, so he might have reacted unreasonably to what you said, blood. I dunno the back stroy on blood, why wouldn't he eat rats?))

2006-09-28, 07:30 AM
((Regardless of what Blood's reaction would have been, it is godmodding to play another person's character or to hurt / kill them without player permission.))

2006-09-28, 11:17 AM
((sorry about that, I was unsure as i was doing it, I was sort of saying you did it in your sleep, without noticing it, i didnt think it would hurt, but sorry))

2006-09-29, 07:39 AM
Blood and the kitten wake from their napping and have a quick meal. Blood takes extra long, and nods to the kitten afterwards. The kitten gives a small smile as they both vanish.

2006-10-03, 06:16 PM
((Blood can't get here anymore, and all her stuff is gone. It's pretty much just a random hut now. But please don't lock it, it could be of use later on...))

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-10-03, 06:55 PM
(Blood can't? Did I miss soething? what happened?)

Daedrous Avari
2006-10-03, 07:22 PM
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2006-10-03, 11:03 PM
(Blood can't? Did I miss soething? what happened?)
((Click the link in my sig.

And Daedrous, what was that? Self-advertisement? Or did I miss something horribly obvious?))

2006-12-04, 12:18 AM
Blood appears back in the hut, grinning to herself. All of her gear and money appears along with her. It magically reasserts itself neatly, and then Blood goes outside to do some quick renovating. The hut's half-hidden doorway is hidden behind sand dunes and rocks, and now conveniently built into a hill. On the inside, it is a bit larger and looks more spiffy and clean. Blood disappears again.

2006-12-04, 10:03 PM
Blood appears in her hut and quickly looks over her stash.

She conjures a comfy bed and tries to match it to Llama, but can't quite get it. Nevertheless, she lies down to sleep on the plush pillows, happy that a goddess can get a break from the Town's drama...

2006-12-05, 06:18 PM
Blood regretfully wakes up and begins to teleport. As she leaves, she takes a bit of gold with her, just in case. She notices that her money seems to be increasing slightly. Smiling, she disappears.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-05-26, 03:09 PM
The air gives a slight shimmer, and with a quick voip! sound two flying carpets appear in the hut. Both are laden with various baggage and coolers packed with llamanade and bamhacon sandwiches; the first bears Alarra with Agneta under her arm, Ala, and Kint; the second carries Blood, the Pirate King, and Egon.

Why didn't we do that like 95 miles ago?
Plot mechanics are strange like that sometimes?

El J looks over to make sure everybody on the other carpet is okay, then gives the hut a quick glance. "I think I can see why you chose to live with us." He gives Blood a wink. "Now then...what exactly are we doing here?"

2007-05-27, 02:45 PM
Tail swishing behind her, Blood walks up to a small stack of platinum and pokes it, letting it fall backward slowly for effect. "This is why we came, Jaspero." She points with a paw toward the piles and piles of gold pieces and other assorted things, and grins. "Do what you want with the money, but some of this is mine." She noses a dusty suit of leather armor fit for a cat, and the old pillow she used, and burrows herself in the piles of money to find some other trinkets.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-05-27, 03:32 PM
Holy cow!

Kint and Ala hop off the carpet and start chasing each other through the piles of treasure, giddily wearing oversized golden crowns and jewel-encrused brooches under Alarra's watchful eye. El Jaspero steps to the floor as well, then gives Egon a hand down. He straightens up and surveys the room.

"I can't even remember, Cat. How much was it you were insisting on paying us, anyway?"

2007-05-27, 05:47 PM
Blood's voice is muffled by the coins and fluffy pillowcase on top of her. "Oh, ahluvit." She pulls her head out from under a long necklace, only to snag her tail in a black, likely magical boot. Where did I even get all of this crap?

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-05-27, 10:19 PM
El Jaspero looks puzzled, but manages to wrangle the kids into helping him start loading bags of holding.

"I don't get it. You're clearing out your secret treasure horde. Why?"

2007-05-28, 11:40 AM
"Why would a cat need treasure?" she retorts, nosing objects she doesn't want toward the bags of holding.

Agneta squeals and finally manages to wriggle out of Alarra's hands, diving into a hat that is apparently enchanted so that she comes out of the ceiling, and falls down into the hat again, and then falls from the ceiling, and into the hat, until Alarra manages to catch her when she falls from the ceiling again. Agneta claps happily and gurgles. "Goodness, that could have gone worse."

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-05-28, 07:42 PM
"Yes," her father mutters wryly, "Unless there's a golden butterfly net around here. Which, frankly, wouldn't surprise me."

Uncle Jaspero?
Can we take these?

El J eyes the glass saucers in the kids' hands with an extremely professional eye. "Well of course you need to check with Blood, but it's just glass with a bit of magic. What makes you want them?"

Twice a day they fill with your favorite ice cream!

Egon snuffles over to Alarra and, after a moment's hesitation she sets Agneta on an exquisite Persian rug so the two can play together while she helps sort through the hoard, looking in particular for any interesting old books or scrolls.

2007-05-30, 03:13 PM
After another couple of hours of counting coins and sifting through lots of stuff, interrupted once by Kint accidentally knocking over one of the bags of holding used to store the counted coins, the total money (in assorted coins) comes to 14,562 gold.

Smiling, the family sets up lunch on the magic carpets. One glance at the items left to sort is enough to make them relax and enjoy the bamhacon and llamanade (or water, because Blood will grumble too much if she has to drink something too sweet). Thoughtfully, Egon drops a strip of bamhacon into the hat Agneta discovered, and the family watches as the hunk of meat falls from the ceiling and into the hat over and over. Ala and Kint are happy to drop more items in to cause a rainbow of falling things into the hat.

Blood groans and chews on her bamhacon while The Pirate King prods her. "Are you sure? It just seems so Out-of-Character for you..."
"If you need confirmation, I am living with you, so some of it will end up helping me anyway."
"Ah, that's why. I mean, you couldn't have been being generous or anything."
Alarra smiles and pats El J's hand as Blood rolls her eyes at both of them, and Egon pads over to them with assorted magical jewelry dangling from his limbs and face, grinning at Ala and Kint and snurfling right up to El J.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-05-30, 04:50 PM
The Pirate King smiles and puts his arm around Alarra's shoulders as they lean back into a stack of cushions to sip llamanade and watch Agneta crawl around the hut.

Heee! Purple lizards coming for us all!

Kint and Ala run up, clearly winded from trying to teach Egon to play tag, despite his clear intention to mostly stand there and watch them run around.

Uncle Jaspero, Egon is lazy!

El J smiles and sets down his glass to ruffle the house bear's fur. "Yes. Yes, he is." He gives a sigh and leans back into Alarra again, his eye closed in contentment until something soft and furry brushes under his nose. "Gah!" he mutters, batting Blood's tail away. "Can't a man take a moment of rest with his family without some heartless cat putting him to work? What's this world come to, I say?!?" With groans and sighs all around, they stow the picnic and get back to the task at hand.

Kitty, asks Kint as he holds up a yard-long glass rod filled with glowing golden crystals. What is this thing? And why is it singing?

2007-05-30, 07:13 PM
"I'm not sure, maybe it's singing 'Happy Belated Birthday, Auntielarra.'"
Successfully distracting both Kint and Alarra as Kint goes to show his new trinket to Alarra, Blood grins to herself, flicks her tail, and "supervises" as Ala and El J put away objects. "'You missed one.' 'Hey, I could still use that.' 'Put that down, you stupid pirate!'"
Egon watches from a pillow, content to be lazy while people work around him and a small baby spews nonsense next to him.

El Jaspero, the Pirate King
2007-05-30, 08:02 PM
"Look, how was I supposed to know a cat would want a set of animated fireplace tools?"

"You never know."

El Jaspero rolls his eye and gives Ala a hand with a copper basin that keeps whatever liquid is placed in it at the desired temperature.

"Ooh! Great for parties."

"Or, say, washing a baby, dear."

"Mmm, that too."

Agneta, worn out from a long day of adventure and random propecying, cuddles up to Egon and falls asleep. He gives her a lick, then falls asleep too.

2007-05-31, 02:52 PM
Finally, after Ala falls asleep, spilling her llamanade all over Kint and causing a grumpy argument, the family decides to collapse the little stash hut beneath the desert sand, and fly the carpets outside.

"We can sleep on the carpets while they're flying."
"Nonsense, dear, we should have slept in the cave before we collapsed it."
"Too late now. The kids, the baby, and the bear are all asleep."
El Jaspero shrugs and smiles, putting a reassuring arm around his wife, who sighs and steps up onto a carpet hovering a foot above the ground. Blood and El J also hop up, and the family starts to calmly zoom away.

Alarra finally manages a smile. "What a beautiful view of the sunset..."
"Not nearly as beautiful as you, dear."
Blood rolls her eyes. "Get a room."

((EDIT: We can switch back to the Desert thread now, unless there's something else you wanted to do here.))